Direct Hiring Jobs in Canada for Filipinos – How to get a job in Canada Successfully?

How to get a job in Canada via direct hiring process this 2015? It’s so simple plus you’ll get approved easily than getting a job in the USA and other wealthy countries. The steps, procedures and requirements are discussed in this page so read on…Work in Canada this 2015!

Canada has been one of the best countries where Filipinos love to seek greener pasture plus citizens of Canada love Filipinos too. Many find it easier to get working visas in Canada than getting one from other countries like the US, Australia, UK, Japan and other rich countries. Why is that? Simply because in Canada, there are no TNTs (tago-ng-tago in Pinoy slang). Canada is a well disciplined country. It loves its immigrant workers as much as it loves its citizens.

ofw jobs canada

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OFW Jobs Hiring in Canada 2015

Usual jobs for Filipinos in Canada are in the following area:

  • Nursing – Filipino nurses are everywhere in Canada, if you’re RN you’d definitely get a job here
  • Caregiver jobs – lots of Filipinos find caregiving jobs via direct hiring too as long as they have the TESDA certificate
  • Hotel and restaurant jobs – such as housekeeping staff, bartenders, waiter or waitresses, fast food crew, restaurant managers, cashiers and the like.
  • Teaching
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Accounting – CPAs, auditors
  • Information Technology
  • Architecture

How to get a job in Canada easily and successfully?

One of the great tips to get a job in Canada for Filipinos via direct hiring is to choose the jobs classified under the skilled and low-skilled jobs. Why? Because these jobs are usually hiring and have the most available vacancies. Canada hires foreign workers if and only if they find no citizens in Canada to fill those jobs. If you heard of LMO (Labor Market Opinion) – that’s one of the requirements before an employer can hire foreign workers there. No wonder why many professional workers in the Philippines such as doctors and others leave their jobs here and apply for positions related to their career and experience. Anyway, higher salaries and compensation awaits anyone who will work abroad like Canada. There are also professional positions hiring like CPA, teachers etc although majority of Filipinos apply for the skilled and Canada jobs with LMO.

UPDATE: LMO is now termed as LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced last June 2014 about a big change in their Temporary Foreign Worker Program.  Read the article below and then go back here.

How to get LMIA in Canada – Requirements and Procedure

Online employer

First thing you would do is find an employer in Canada. Some employers post their jobs vacancies online. Remember to apply only to trusted job websites like the following listed below. Note that these websites are approved and recommended by the Immigration of Canada.

Employer agent in the Philippines for Direct Hiring

If you have a friend or relative in Canada, they could refer you for employers provided you are qualified for the position they are hiring. The more you find employers, the more chance you got of getting hired.

You can also apply to some people who conduct direct hiring in the Philippines. These people usually schedule some orientations about their job offers in Canada. These agents are affiliated with Canadian employers who directly hire OFWs. They do the same steps as local agencies do to their applicants. The good thing about them is there’s not much competition from the number of applicants than to other agencies. They will also assist you in processing your documents for the application at the Canadian embassy.

LMO and Employment Permits Processing in Canada

Once you found an employer, good thing for you because they will process the LMO and some documents needed for your employment in Canada. If your papers are ready, you can then apply for your working visa at the Embassy of Canada in Manila (currently at the RCBC Plaza, Makati) See the requirements for working visa application in Canada for Filipinos. You may also need your SSS Employee Static Information as supporting document for your visa approval.

Visa Application at the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines

Good thing about applying for a visa and work permit in Canada is that you may not need a personal interview at the embassy if your papers are all complete and consistent, your visa will be delivered to you so soon. You can apply online or via Call Center. Make sure you personally prepared all your papers and documents for the complete requirements before processing them for application online or call center. You may need to attend an interview if the consul contacted you for one. If they didn’t, then you’re lucky. The Canadian Embassy address is listed below.

Levels 6-8, Tower 2
RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Avenue
Makati City 1200

POEA Registration as Name Hire

After you had your visa approved, you will then have to register yourself at the POEA for Name Hire / Direct Hire to be an official OFW. You will have PDOS (Pre-departure Orientation Seminar) and process your OWWA, SSS, Pagibig, Philhealthpapers too. Once you’re done, they will give you your Exit Clearance which you will use at your departure at the airport when you leave the Philippines and fly to Canada.

Take note that POEA Name Hire has a Direct Hiring limit policy of 10 for every employer.

Now that you know the tips and the procedure for direct hiring in Canada, are you ready to apply? Gather your guts and make your dreams come true. Find an employer now and let that passport have visa stamped :)

Let’s hear your thoughts. Post your messages at the comment box below. God bless!


  1. Din carlos says

    Good day! I’ve heard about that SSS Contribution, I would like to ask if it is a must to have SSS Contribution to apply for a Canadian Visa? My husband worked in Canada and is now returning home. Whne he went back home last year, there’s no SSS requirement yet. I was wandering, since he will be waiting for his new LMO from his new employer here in the Philippines, but this time under an agency (it was direct hire in his previous) will there be a conflict with the embassy if he doesn’t have SSS contribution? My husband is a bit scared it might have a conflict with his application. Thank you and I hope you can help us. More power! God bless.

      • says

        I’m jesa …21 yrs old. I have a work service crew cashier in kfc ,,,6 months na ko nagwowork ,gusto ko tlga makapag abroad kahit house keeping ,,,well sa ngaun nag.-aayos ako ng passport kasi gusto ko kapag na tapos ako sa work ko ,,gusto ko itry mag-aply sa abroad ng house keeping,,,kailangan magkayod for my parents and my self,,,matanggap man o hindi ,,,ok lang lang hind ako susuko na balang araw ung dream ko matutupad din,,,may tiwala ako sa sarile ko kayang-kaya ko to…..

        • leo b. says

          ms fehl naselect po ako ng employer and nag sign ng contract.ask ko lng kung may descrepancy ung certificate of employment ko at information sa static info ko would ground for visa refusal.n

  2. says

    Hi there! The SSS contribution is not really specifically listed as one of the requirements in visa application although nowadays it is being requested…perhaps to those applicants whose application needs more supporting papers. In my opinion, they are requesting it to see the status of the applicant – if he’s employed or self employed.

    I think you must ask an advice from the agency since your husband’s employment is now under them. If you ask me, you have nothing to worry about because your husband was a former OFW in Canada already. Meaning, all he needs now is to relax and submit what is being asked. :) In the mean time, you can go to the SSS and pay his contributions as an OFW. That way if the embassy request his SSS employee static information, you can just get it online.

    SSS is important to retirement. If you are a member of the SSS or your husband, make sure you continuously pay your contributions (with or without an agency’s advice) to be entitled for retirement benefits in the future. Thank you for dropping by and God bless!

    • ruin semic says

      hi Ms. Fehl. Good Day. I’m a Line Cook in Red Lobster Qatar which franchise by Middle East base company from Canada base company. And I wan to work at Canada in same resto. Is that possible for me getting job there. Thank you and hope to from you soon. More power and God bless

      • says

        Of course it’s possible :) Just ask your manager or Head HR in Red Lobster for any line cook position in Canada. If there is a vacant or position related to your current job, it’s will be easier for you since you will apply to the same company and you have same experience too. You may also contact the office in Canada to confirm any position, that’s better if you ask me. :) God bless you too.

  3. MyloveYsa says

    Hi, If anyone can help me look for an employer?… I want to work in Canada as Food Counter Attendant. anyone can help me here, I already applying in, monster. But still no reply yet. I’m still hoping and keep praying. God Bless and More Power.


        • joey rey alera says

          good day

          i am a graduate of BSHRM last year and undergo training for 3 months in USA hawaii in a fast food chain. i really want to apply for a job related to hotel and restaurant business based in canada…

          • Harold says

            I work as a breakfast chef in UK while I’m studying there two years ago… I’m here now in the Philippines and looking an sponsored jobs in Canada… I’ve already sign-up to the websites in this article and submitted some resume online, but non of them response… do you know any agency here in Philippines that can assist me, to get an employer who can sponsor me to do the job there (Hotel/restaurant)… thanks

          • Richelle Ann Lauron says

            Hi poh Miss Pehl,
            May kaibigan poh ako na 3 years working experience in Hotel Industry.Miss pehl Kailangan Nya poh talaga ng trabaho ngayon may ika recomend ka poh ba na agencies? May ika recomend poh ba kayo na agency sa Davao City Philippines? Miss pehl we’re really glad that your helping a lot of people. Can you Email me on this address if you know some agencies. Thanks miss pehl, it would really mean a lot for him. Best wishes for you.:)

          • Aldane says

            Hello ms.Fehl, engineering graduate po aq,gusto ko sanang magwork sa canada, taga quezon province po aq ms.fehl,kahit anong trabaho po sa canada..may alam po ba kayong pwede kong apply-an?
            salamat ms.fehl..

          • Juan miguel says

            Mam tanong ko lang na submit na ung medical ko sa canadian embassy last jan25 la pa rin po reply embassy ung ibang kasama ko mag pdos na ako wala pa may problema kay? Thank you po and godbless

          • says

            Wait patiently for the embassy’s response about your medical. They usually send a mail regarding the status of your application. Are you really sure your medical was forwarded to the embassy already? If not, contact your medical center and confirm if the results are already sent to the Canadian Embassy. If they sent them already, all you have to do is wait for a result from the embassy.

          • Lorena Cantos says

            Hi ms.fehl,
            Thank you po sa response..but pwede ba i direct hire ako ng employer in canada khit wla akong visa here i mean my status is xxx…is there any chance to apply in canada?pls..let me know…tnxxx po ha

          • says

            Anybody with enough and real requirements can apply for working visa. If you will be applying for a Canada job FROM UK, make sure you are a citizen of UK or a permanent resident otherwise you can just go back to the Philippines and apply here.

        • migie says

          Hi Ms Fehl, Will you send me an email on the details of the agency in Pampanga you were referring to…? I would like to try my luck as well! I shall look forward to an email from you! Will greatly appreciate it… Thanks in advance! God Bless! >>> This is miggie, mother of 2 lovely boys…

      • says

        The agency will hire again on May. If you liked our FB page, I will post there the announcement once it is released. Thank you for dropping by! :)

      • ANNE says

        May I know the name of agency here in Pampanga? It’s already April and I need to check and prepare whatever docs needed if ever.I checked your FB page but it’s not yet posted–the name of agency. Hope to here something from you about this querry

      • rodrigo soong says

        hi maam i am rodrigo soong , i”ve been working as a public area supervisor in makati for 5 years, presently working here in saudi arabia as a room attendant housekeeping department my contract end is on aug 24 2013 i am very much willing to apply..thank you so much

    • jay-r villegas says

      just want to ask if where in pampanga you will having an orientation for the next year of may?

  4. Davie Ann Ore says

    hi, i am currently working here as a caregiver here in london but i want to work in canada and i am looking for an employer, can you help me?

    • says

      You have 3 ways: either you apply at agencies there in London or find a friend in Canada who can refer you for a job, or apply online to the trusted websites mentioned in the article.

      • xai garcia says

        hi just want to ask if how long it will take to process my papers if Im going to work in canada say for example I have my friend in canada and she found an employer for me..

        • says

          If you have the LMO already, the employment contract and the necessary requirements, you can apply at the embassy. From my sister’s experience, once her papers are in (at the embassy) after 15 days she received a letter via Air21 confirming about her application and a confirmation that they received her documents. After another 2 weeks, she received another letter containing forms for her medical examination so she did the medical test to the Accredited Clinic. The said clinic will be the one who will forward the result to the embassy. After few more weeks, she was called for an interview and additional documents so she attended on the date assigned. My sister was nervous and so were her co-appliacants. Fortunately, they felt the interview was positive :) They received their visa after two more weeks (if I’m right)

  5. jaila says

    Hello…I am very much interested to work in Canada as a Service Crew,I am based here in Pampanga,may i know where the Agency is?pls help me ….tnx!

  6. Jonnipher says

    Good Day..i want to work as a Company Driver or Service Crew in Canada..any one help me where to apply and what name of agency and location?if any one that interested in me you can text me 09467451458..God Bless and More Power…

  7. Michelle says

    I am interested in working at Canada, I am a fresh graduate with no experience. Am i qualified to apply? Thanks!

    • says

      I think it depends on what you’re applying. If you had OJTs and some related job experience even if you’re fresh graduate, it will help more of getting accepted.

  8. angel says

    hello i am currently working now in Kuwait as teacher in English School and I am planning to apply in Canada,do u think i can easily get a teaching job there or should I consider applying other skilled positions? I have also experience on sales associate and as cashier but I have more experience in teaching and I am a licensed teacher.So what can you suggest? And do you an agency that is based here in Kuwait just asking maybe you know I just started this plan so I am just starting to gather ideas.
    Thank you very much.

    • says

      Why not apply as a teacher? You are a professional teacher and the salary is tripled compared to low-skilled. :) Start looking for hiring at those trusted websites mentioned in the article.

      • Dave says

        As a Canadian, I must say a few things about teaching jobs in Canada. I have 2 family members who are teachers there, both are Canadians and both had to wait over 5 years for full-time jobs. During those 5 or 6 years, they worked 1 day a week substituting for sick teachers, maybe 2 or 3 days a week if they were lucky. A fulltime elementary teacher earns approximately $75,000/year, these high paying jobs are held for 25-35 years before retirement. New teachers not only need to fall in line for 5-6 years, they must also make good impressions to the school superintendants and school board. New teachers must also balance those good immpressions with the union and fellow teaching staff who constantly quarrel with the government and school boards. In other words… a teaching job requires you to be a diplomat between coworkers and government firstly… teaching quality is unfortunately secondary.

        Unless you have a working spouse/family member to pay the bills and support you during these 5-6 years, it may be better to find low skilled employment and only submit your degrees and diplomas as extras. Once you have work in Canada, then pursue the teaching career. Obviously, full command of English is nessisary but if you also speak and correspond in French, it may push you forward faster. Canada is a bi-lingual country, i.e. English/French. It may also speed up your full-time teaching career if you start out in small towns before moving to big cities… Sorry if this dicouraged you, I only want to inform you.

        • says

          Hi Dave :) Thank you so much for sharing teaching experience and jobs in Canada. Teaching is one of the most precious professions in the world. I salute all teachers because it’s a very tough job especially if you are a full time mother and housewife. I think if a Filipino got a teaching job in Canada, that would be a great blessing knowing it is not so easy to get a position. My Aunt is a teacher in the USA and she’s been working there for almost 5 years now and was able to get her family to live with her. She has two children and life there is just as good as her life here in the Philippines because her husband is not working in the US. Well he can’t work ’cause she’s the only one who has work permit. I heard from her that she may qualify for a pension of maybe 700 USD/month if she goes back to the Philippines and that money is more than enough if you are living in the Philippines. I wonder how long would a teacher in Canada be granted a pension benefit like that of the US? Must be so awesome :)

          Filipinos are majority fluent in English. Knowing French would be a plus. :) Thank you for sharing some helpful information here. God bless! :)

  9. sarah says

    Hello.. May I know of any agency or canadian employer offering direct hiring for nurses like me? please help.. I will be 2 years of being a nurse this march.. Thank you!!

    • says

      If you are in Facebook, there are lots of agencies hiring nurses for Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Search it on fb nurses for Canada or Australia

    • Melvie says

      Hi sarah! I’ve seen advertisements online regarding sa mga job offers for nurses, but sometimes those jobs are not really like “nursing jobs” if you know what I mean. Most of the time, they end up working as a Nanny or a Caregiver. Wala namang masama doon, its just that sometimes it is misleading and hindi sinasabi agad na its like that though nasa field pa naman natin ang child care and elderly care. As an internationally educated nurse, you need to undergo assessment and exam muna dito sa Canada. Although you can apply in the skilled worker but they will consider your year of experience. I’ve met a nurse from Cebu sa facebook, magkasabay kami halos dumating dito sa Canada. She has experience, may masters pa and she’s USRN as well. But the thing is, Canada has their own regulations. So she still need to undergo assessment. I’m a nurse too, and eto still on the process of getting my license here. It’s not that easy kasi you need patient, time and money. Hindi naman sa dinedescourage kita, im just sharing my experience.I’ll post a links which will help you understand more on the process of getting licensed here.. And keep checking the websites ng mga regulating body each province kasi they keep on changing the rules.every year yata may bago..

      lots of informations regarding nursing here in Canada. Hope it helps :)

      “Filipino Nurses are the best nurse in the world” according to a Russian Doctor that I’ve talked to. ;)

  10. krista says

    Hi Good evening!.I’m Krista Ezra 26 years old, from the Philippines. I had a 5 years worked experienced from Singapore as a waitress. please kindly help me, how can I apply work in Canada? or any agency that I can visit to give me some more information. thanks

  11. says

    hi Ms. Fehl, may i ask, is it possible to apply directly in Canada without any agency or employer here in Philippines?. cause i’m kinda confuse., and do you know how to know if that agency in Canada were legal? thanks! :))

    • says

      Yes, it’s called direct hiring. If you have an employer already in Canada who wants to hire you, they must first process your permits in Canada and some papers like LMO. They can also ask assistance in POLO in Canada. Once the papers there are settled, you need to apply at the Embassy of Canada in Makati for your working visa. The requirements for the visa are listed on their official website, and also the steps… If your visa was approved, you need to register then at the POEA as Name Hire to be an official OFW and have your PDOS and exit clearance which you will use when you leave the country. Have a sweet day! :)

      • says

        thank you for your that infor ms. Fehl, i’m a fresh graduate, i’m wondering if they are accepting a fresh graduate like me?.. coz i really wanna work in Canada :D

  12. Fe Rosa Campos says

    Good day! I’m Fe Rosa Campos. Where can I find Canadian Employer offering direct hiring for caregiver.

  13. Giovanni says

    Hi Ms. Fehl!

    Thanks for this informative post of yours. I would like to ask if you happen to know where to apply here in Dubai like reliable agencies that offers job in Canada coz I’m really having a hard time looking for it on the internet or if you know any agencies there in Canada? Thanks again!

  14. Wilson G. Relox Jr. says

    hi ms. fehl I’m Wilson and a graduate of clinical psychology and currently teaching english for koreans for about 3 years now. I’m looking forward to be working in canada for better job. I really dont know when to start applying just i saw in your ads about the possible way to go to canada. Is it really possible that we can locate employer in the given site?thank you so much and godbless

    • says

      Hi Wilson :) Yup you will have more chance if you apply both online and in person. Find the job relevant to your experience and education and upload your resume to the sites like monster, workopolis and jobbank. Also apply personally to agencies accredited by POEA. Lots are in Malate or Makati. I suggest, you check your prospects first and list them so that you can go to all of them in a day. Also prepare lots of resume and copies of your credentials so you can submit and apply to many agencies as you like.

      • Frederick J. Fabellar says

        Good day! Can you help me to find a job in Canada i am enthusiast work abroad, I am a technician i hope you can help me.

  15. says

    Hi! Good day! Would you mind if you can help me to find an employeer in Canada. I just want to help my son for his job application as a Registered Nurse. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • says

      Good morning. :) You can find an employer at the job sites I listed in the article or to When you go to workabroad website just choose Canada as the country and you’ll find the available hiring agencies for Registered Nurses. I recommend he apply to each personally and bring his resume and credentials. Bring many copies and apply to other agencies. Also if your son has already 2 years or more experience being an RN, I think he will be hired easily. If you know a friend or a relative in Canada, they can also refer your son to RN jobs. If his visa was approved, he can register at POEA as on official OFW :) Good luck and more power!

  16. Welliam D. Espina says

    Good day ms fehl. i’m welliam espina from Philippines, and graduated of Computer Technician, i had 2years worked experienced from Saudi….and i want to work in Canada as waiter. thank you very much!!!

        • Renee Rose Operario says

          Hi, I am a civil engineer from Philippines, now working as a quantity surveyor for 2 years here in Indonesia. I am somehow interested working in Canada. Would there be a chance or an opportunity for me? If I do, would anyone send me reference.. i would really appreciate it..thank you.

    • says

      hi ms fehl, iam former OFW working in KSA before, i really want to work in CANADA in any positions, my profession is Crane Operator, kindly give me some suggestion please.. thanks

      • Cherry Bea says

        Hi! ms Fhel! Im a chemical engineer and i had work in Coca bottlers for almost 3 years.. It’s so gratefull i l searched this website, Im willing to work in Canada and be an immigrant there. I’ve an auntie living in British Columbia with her family. She advice me to have a schooling of caregiving course here in the Philippines. She will be my employer because she had 3 kids to attend.. My question is do I need to have a working experience here in the Philippines as a caregiver? Is the OJT enough for the experience?

          • Aya says

            For example i enrolled for a 6 months fulltime classroom training and passed the certifiation, do i need to still have at least 1 yr experience. Is it a pre requisite to have an experience aside from completing a 6 months full time classroom training?

          • leo burgos says

            hi nag work po ako as service crew 10yrs. ago then nag nag put up ako ng sarili ko business pero wala ako contribbution sa sss pwede pb ako for canada?as kitchen helper? restaurant po business ko

  17. ben says

    hello good day maam, can i ask? how much money did the applicants cost for processing they’re requirements for you to be able to work in their a fly now pay later here?

  18. xhane says

    Hi miss fehl, I just wanna know if it’s possible that I could apply as a Caregiver in Canada even if I didn’t pass the NLE? or if I’m a Registered Nurse here in the Philippines and aiming for a Caregiver job/position what will be the requirements? Do i still need to obtain or undergo TESDA for the supporting documents, even I finished Nursing? Thank You and Godbless!

    • says

      If you are a Licensed Registered Nurse with at least one year of full-time paid employment, including at least six months of continuous employment with one employer, you are considered for the job even without a Caregiver Training from TESDA. Your experience must be within 3 years before you submit your application of work permit.

  19. Rodg says


    I just want to ask something. I aso want to work in canada. As of now Im working as Payable Analyst in BPO Company here in Makati while taking my training of ROOM ATTENDANT. Is it possible to to apply directly to employer or its much better if I will apply in agency? also, I will have my 300hrs OJT next month while working at night, is it enough experience to qualify to work in canada?


    • says

      Hello Rodg! You may apply directly to employers and apply at local agencies too. Whoever replies first then reply to their interest. Room Attendant are always hiring in Canada especially hotels. There are also lots of agencies here that look for room attendants, bellboys, housekeeping staff and receptionists. Having an OJT is good too but working in a hotel in the Philippines adds more chance of getting hired. I heard many OFWs who work abroad as room attendant get so much from tips. Wow that is awesome! :) If you will look at agencies in the Philippines, just walk along UN Ave, Pedro Gil, Taft and Malate you’ll find lots of agencies hiring for Canada there.

      • Rodg says

        Thanks Fehl for that info…

        hhhmmm…. do you know any agency located on you said location who hires Room Attendant? Do you have any friend working in hotels in canada who can refer me directly as Room attendant or admin staff or any job?


        • says

          Just go to the places I mentioned and you will find agencies hiring for Canada there. I don’t refer agencies here and I wanna keep it that way. I hope you understand :)

  20. Sherma says

    Good day po,

    Seafarer po kmi mag asawa for about 8yrs now, we’re planning
    to work on land base na po at gusto po namin makasama ang anak nmin
    habang lumalaki ang anak namin, do you think mabilis po kmi matatanggap with our sea experience? Carpenter po sya at night auditor naman po ako. Thanks po in advance!

  21. leo burgos says

    hi! the paper that i have is certificate of employment dated 2004 wala po ako papers sa present na business ko like sss contribution.pwd pa rin b ako mag apply for canada?

  22. says

    Hi am very much interested to work in Canada if you can help me find a construction or carpentry jobs.My sister is already there married with a Canadian man. she said she is trying to apply me online but it does not get trough to the site.I am presently working here in Malaysia as construction worker. would you please help me for this. Thank you and God bless!

  23. cindy says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, I applied caregiver in Canada and been elderly caregiver in Israel for 6 years. I did not keep my records except letter from my other employers and my first contract only and my old passports. I submitted the documents via air21. I followed the instructions in the website. Secondly, I had wrong entry in the application and I faxed a letter addressed to the Embasy of Manila. I dont know if they receive it. What makes me so nervous is that my documents from my former employers are not than consistent. I called my last employer if she could send a letter of confirmation of working with them for 3 years untl her mother died that ends my visa. The embassy might ask it. I am really nervous for the interview and asking additional documents I might dont have it with me.

  24. Ms. L says

    Hi miss Fehl. Im a registered Nurse with just a volunteer experience in the hospital and another 6 months contract in DOH at rural health Unit. Tinatangap po ba ng canada kahit volunteer experience lang? qualified po ba ako kahit caregiver dun? Slamat po. :D

  25. says

    Hi miss Felh. good day po. RN po ako dito sa Pinas. Meron po akong 6 months Volunteer experience sa hospital at 6 months naman pong contract sa DOH (RNHeals) na assign sa mga center. Qualified po ba ako sa canada kahit caregiver? Thank you po!

    • Fehl says

      Like I said earlier, if you are already a Registered Nurse you may qualify even if you won’t take a caregiver training anymore as long as you have related and enough experience. Thank you and God bless :)

  26. Pierre says

    Hi! Mam I wanna apply as a fish plant operator in Canada . the agency required 3years experience. I have a wide knowledge in various fishes and has strong ability in fish cutting and cleaning because I’ve been a fish vendor / dealer from 1996-2007 in our province.. Apparently i cannot provide documents needed .I just still have the mayors permit of 2003 and 2004. I lost some other permits an I dont have a fish cutting and cleaning certificate, I just learned it through co vendors and just looking to my parents on how they clean, cut and fillet fish. Now am currently working as a call center agent for more than one year . i just finish one semester of my college without failed grades.Will I have the chance to be hired and get canadian working visa as fish plant operator?

      • Pierre says

        Hi,! Mam thank you for your response. I just have follow questions , what If i ask for a copy of my records in our province would it be a great steps? Do you think mam having five years experience with employment certificate for the position am applying is enough already even without training certificate . I have also call center experience for almost 4 years in international American base company here in manila. I’ m jobless now for almost 3 months because am seeking for abroad job. These are my basic and key information.. Your reply mam will be appreciated again.. Thanks

        • Pierre says

          Would I have also a chance even I just attained one sem of my college, but I have wide and variety of experiences, four years experience in call centerand more than five years as fish store supervisor

          • says

            It depends on the job you are applying. If it’s fish store staff, your 5 years experience could support your eligibility and application and you may not need a college degree is you are applying in that position although you may need a training certificate from TESDA. Check the requirements by asking your employer about that position. Many jobs have specific and different requirements

  27. marian says

    hi fehl…how are you? i just want to ask about applaying to canada, it is possible i could apply there as a waitress coz im graduated 2 years hrm and i have experience only 1 yeAR coz mostly some hotel they are hiring with 2 years experience….hope you please answer my question thanks in advAnce GOD BLESS..

    • says

      If you have 1 year experience as a waitress and you are applying the same in Canada, that experience can help you. I suggest you also have a current job related to fast food and food service to support the enough requirement

  28. Kaye says

    Hi Ma’am, I’m a certified public accountant here in the phil. and I would really want to try my luck in Canada. Would you suggest finding job at those listed mentioned above or thru agency? if ever this is my first time to work abroad.

    • says

      If you are a CPA, I suggest you apply directly at Auditing Firms. I think they post their vacancies online from their official websites. Good luck! :)

  29. rona says

    Hi Ms. Fhel,

    I have a lola living in Canada? Can she sponsor me? How much will it cost for her to sponsor me?


    • says

      Do you mean sponsor as a live-in caregiver? Yes she can. But you have to meet the requirements first to apply for a working visa as a live-in caregiver. I have mentioned the link earlier to someone who asked about it before. Just read the previous comments :) Good luck!

  30. Lawrence says

    Ms. Fehl I would like to know if I can apply for CT/MRI Technologist in CANADA? currently working in Jeddah KSA.

  31. Matot says

    Good day po Ms Fehl

    Seafarer po kmi mag asawa for about 8yrs now, we’re planning
    to work on land base na po at gusto po namin makasama ang anak nmin
    habang lumalaki ang anak namin, do you think mabilis po kmi matatanggap with our sea experience? Carpenter po sya at night auditor naman po ako. Thanks po in advance!

  32. Kofi Solomon says

    Good day Ms Fehl. I graduated B.S. Nursing way back 2009 but I don’t practice, i’m currently in a real estate industry as salesman for 3 years here in Manila. I’m planning to move to Canada for new career opportunity and maybe engage in sales and marketing after a year. Is there anyone or site or org who review resume and assign to job suited for my background? Thank you and God less Ms. Fehl.

    • says

      Sales and marketing are always hiring but I barely see some under the real estate category. Search jobs at the trusted websites hiring in Canada. They are mentioned in the article. Thank you and good luck :)

  33. jz says

    Hi feh..just you know the Vendiola family who already leave in Canada? They advises me to look for “Feh” if i want to apply jobs there..

    • says

      No, I don’t know them. But sounds like they know me? hehehe Perhaps they read this post and just follow the tips here and also the comments as a guide. I’m glad they are now in Canada :) I honestly don’t know anyone (who commented) personally here.

      • says

        Hi ma..can I ask u is possible Kung mgcross country ako dto ako ngyn sa bahrain my work xperience ako sa hotel sa Philippines 3 yrs now sa Bahrain Nman..

    • yani says

      Hi Ms. Fehl, kindly e-mail me as well. I’m also interested on working in Canada. I am an accountant here in the Philippines and I really wanted to pursue careers in Canada. Thank you Ms. Fehl for this
      very useful site.

  34. Janine says

    Hi miss Fehl, Can you recommend any agency that can help me land a job in Canada?
    Im a registered nurse, but I am open to any related position there is. Thanks!

  35. doinador l ancheta jr says

    hello! i in canaam curenntly working now in taiwan as factory worker.i am planning to apply in canada.can you help me to find a employer or agency.i have a tesda training certificate in welding

    • Fehl says

      You may apply to the trusted websites I mentioned in the article or go to Malate or Taft Ave. in Manila. There are lots of agencies which hire factory workers for Canada. If you know Robinsons Place in Ermita, the agencies are everywhere surrounding that place.

    • Fehl says

      Neither. Sometimes I talk to travel agents though because I love traveling. I just shared this post to hear more insights and experiences about direct hiring in Canada since my sister was hired and is now working there. I’m happy to know this page has inspired a lot of readers too and has helped some. I’m not an agent and I will never be :) But I will always be here to discuss and exchange info with everyone

  36. samuel says

    Good day! I graduated in BS commerce major in accounting. Presently working as bookkeeper in lending company here in the Philippines since 2010. . i had also working experienced for 16 years in different field areas like, collector, auditing , bookkeeper. Do i have the opportunity to work in canada? Am I qualified? since my age is 43. Please let me know.. Thank you and God bless.

  37. Gabriel says


    Is there any work opportunity for Customer Service/Front Desk/Call Center in Canada? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

    Best regards,


  38. kaye says

    hello ms. fehl!

    kindly also e-mail me once the agency in pampanga you’re telling to will start hiring on MAY. wanna know also if you have any idea if what kind of job they usually open?

    thanks much! ;)

  39. LEA says

    Hello Ms. Fhel! I Your page is of great help to those who’re hunting for job as “DIRECTLY HIRED”. I am a preschool teacher and an MA graduate of PNU. I had experienced working in Singapore last year, but sad to note that my course wasn’t recognize by MCYS of Singapore, so I decided to come back in the Phil and currently I am searching for related job with my course. Is it possible for Early Childhood Teachers to get hired? Please inform me on how to go through the process. Thanks

    • says

      Someone have commented about teaching jobs in Canada here. See the previous comments. Thank you for your great words in here. You have MA and your teaching experience record sounds so impressive. I think you must not only look opportunities in Canada but try USA as well. :)

  40. Ahakz says

    Hello ma’am.

    Im a working student now. Im still 22 yrs old, can i apply under any caregiver jobs? Eventhough i dont have any experience or tesda certificate? Im a 2nd yr college student taking up BSIT at the same time works part time as a SEO. Please pm me ma’am.


  41. arwin says

    Hi Ms Fehl, I am curently employed as Sales Consultant for heavy equipments here in the Philippines. I would like to inquire what are the websites for canada that needs salesman for cars or heavy equipments? pls email me tnx and more power!

    • says

      You may check the mentioned websites in the article and just find your chosen job. I recommend you apply personally to the agencies you found in the Philippines too because majority of them prefer personal application

    • says

      If you use an agency in the Philippines, there may be placement fees but if you will be hired via direct hiring, no processing fees will be charged since you will process your papers yourself and you are juts dealing with your employer, Canadian embassy and POEA.

  42. imelda basco says

    hi mam fehl dungo
    mam gustong gusto po ng anak ko ang mgtrabaho sa canada as costumer service representative,nagraduate po xa sa collegio de dagupan ng 4yrs course na bachelor science and information technology.nawowork po xa ngaun sa teletech as a costumer service representative 1yr and 6 monhts n xa doon,nakikiusap po aq sa inyo mam fehl,na sana po tulungan nio po kami,kung papano po ang pag aaply,at kung saang agency s maynila xa dapat mag aply,pano po mam kung ala naman po kaming kakilala s canada n pwedeng tumulong sa aking anak para makapunta doon,pls, mam tulungan po ninyo kami,sa sm lipa city,batangas po ngwowork ang aking anak,maraming salamat po mam,antayin po namin ang inyong reply,
    mrs imelda basco from pangasinan

  43. Rolyn says

    Hello Ms. Fhel
    Can you please e-mail me aswell once the agency in pampanga you’re telling to will start hiring on MAY. And also can you give me some idea that what kind of jobs they have usually to offer?

    thanks you! :)

  44. aiah says

    Hi Miss Fehl!
    Good day! I read this blog and i really appreciate it coz it gives so much important information. :)
    anyway, i too have some queries that needed your professional opinion.
    I am aiah, 23 y/o. i am RN and an EMT. but as of now, i dont have any employment history. my sister is in canada together with her husband and children. she’s pregnant now for her 3rd baby. she’s looking for the one who will take care of her children (aging 5, 3, and next) while they work, and they want it to be me.
    my question is, can they be my employer? if yes, what would be the process to be undertaken by me and them?
    ^_^ Thank you!

    • says

      I think you can apply for the live-in caregiver program offered by Canada. That is offered by Canada to those who are interested to work as a nanny, caregiver or au pair. Read this page to know more what you must do when applying to that program in Canada. The requirements are all listed on that page. Good luck!

  45. jho says

    Hi,i just want to ask if there’s an opportunity in canada i’m working as a supervisor for almost 8 years engaged in buy and sell of raw materials for export.I have also a brother in canada working in a fast food chain can he able to help me also to find an employer with the same field or any position? he is direct hired he’s already 1 year in canada.thanks & more power

  46. Alison Manantan says

    Hello Miss Fehl,
    I am new here I just found this website today.
    I am a massage therapis for 5 years now and I am looking for agency that has direct hiring in Canada or ageny but I couldn’t simply find it in work abroad, mostly it’s in Australia. I am currently here in netherlands until end of march so by april i will be in the philippines. i am undergraduate in Engineering but I work as a massage therapist when I stop college, my previous work is in International Cruise Lines (Costa Cruise Ship) for 2 contracts lets say almost 2 years, But I wanted to work also as a housekeeping room attendant which I plan to enroll for housekeeping when I come back Philippines for another possibilities at work, I enjoy working in different job because I always care for clients . I speak fluent in English, basic Italian, basic French and basic Netherlands. How will I proceed miss Fhel?

  47. Alison Manantan says

    miss Fhel ,
    San po mga agency ang pwede aplayan po sa Canada. As a massage therapist, thank u

  48. ched says

    hi, i am a CPA, two years in service, i also want to apply and moved to Canada but i do not specifically know what to do first or whom to contact first. any help? thanks

    • says

      The first thing you would need is an employer in Canada. Then the rest will follow. Prepare your credentials and papers then apply to all possible employers. If you are a CPA, apply to Auditing or Accounting Firms. If you are currently working in one, you may ask your HR or boss for possible position in Canada branch. There are many possible jobs for CPAs because all companies need accountants, CPA or just accounting staff. Apply to all the websites I mentioned so you’ll get more replies. :) Good luck!

  49. Vince V. Valmores says

    Hi Fehl, just dropping by. Just asking if do you have any idea about a certain agency here in Manila hiring a fish worker job in Canada? How about MMS? Hoping to hear from you soon. Godspeed!

    • says

      Hi, Vince! Nope, I don’t know any agency at the moment that hires fish worker. Check the name of the agency and verify it at POEA or check it at workabroad website to see if their license is still active. God bless and Happy Valentine’s!

  50. myren says

    hello,,,just want to ask,,, is it possible for me to apply work in Canada even though I’m currently employed here in Qatar.Do I have to go back in Philippines for me to process my application?

    • says

      Yes, you may apply there in Qatar provided you are working and living in Qatar officially. Also make sure you are complying with your employment contract in Qatar. If you were hired by a Canadian employer while you are still in Qatar, I think you may process your papers there at the Canadian embassy. Tell your employer in Qatar about your application to another job so they are aware of it.

  51. Elle says

    Hi Fehl! I’ve been here in Canada for over 2 years now. I had my SSS Contribution when I started working in the Philippines since 2007. When I moved here in Canada I didn’t notify the SSS that I won’t be able to continue my contribution starting 2010. So my SSS account has been dormant for over 2 years. My concern is that would I be able to access that contribution when I plan to go back home? Hope you could help me.

    • says

      If you stopped contributing, you must resume it. Sayang naman. Just update your SSS membership status as OFW and pay your contributions to become active again. I suggest you process it once you went back home in the Philippines. Bring your valid IDs. You can access your SSS account online anytime then if you became active again and if you register at the SSS Online Inquiry System (a.k.a. MY SSS)

    • Mike says

      Hi Mam Fhel, as I am reading this conversation, it helped me to have more ideas and urge to apply in Canada. I have tried so many times to look for agency or websites of company hiring for driver positions.
      I don’t have lots of credentials like my school records, I’m not even a high school graduate, only 3rd yr but I have experience as a driver for more that 15 yrs. I heard that Canada is also hiring skilled workers now .Is it possible for me to be qualified and where can I find the job opening?

      thanks.. and God Bless!

      • says

        Skilled workers must also have required training and courses like those given by Tesda. If you had those and relevant experience to the job you are applying and you have enough education (usually they require high school graduate for skilled…) then you have a chance. Don’t lose hope, find local agencies near you and apply.

  52. bethlog says

    Hi Miss Feh,
    I just asked help from a friend in Canada and she called me and told me she will hire me as caregiver. She also asked me to send my CV and then she will send me a contract.
    What are the things that she needs to to do? on my end, what are things i also need to do? thank you very much.


    • says

      Please read the page I have mentioned from a previous commenter who asked about the requirements for the caregiver program. Everything you will need to expect are there. Thank you and I hope you’ll get the job ;)

  53. boj says

    hi, I’m a registered nurse, but got a minimal experience can i apply for caregiver or nursing assistance in Canada.

  54. Shobe says

    Hi Fehl,
    Your blog is very helpful for those seeking jobs in Canada. My agency here in Cebu already processed my papers to Canadian Embassy. Do you have any idea if Philhealth and Pag Ibig is one of the requirements? I’m working in a company where SSS is the only statutory benefits. We don’t have Pag-ibig and Philhealth, will this lead to visa refusal? Or do you think we should do a voluntary contributions instead? Just to give you an idea, we are working as homebased previously and just processed SSS recently. That’s the only deduction that we have right now.
    Your inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • says

      The Canadian Embassy requested for my sister’s SSS Employee Static Information. I think Pagibig and Philhealth are not really among the pre-requisites. Just relax, pray and smile everyday. Thank you and good luck!

  55. says

    Hi Miss Feh,
    Dahil syo nagka idea me mag apply directly sa mga website na binigay mo. Katatapos ko lang magsend after ko nakita ung match na job for me sakto they need Garment Pattern Maker. Sana ma-aaproved application ko . Matagal ko na hinahanap ung direct hiring no placement fee kasi yon. But I was thinking may age limit ba 30yrs old na me pwede pa po ba yon. Thanks much..

    • says

      Hello Jasmin! Wow, I’m glad. Age limit requirements are different. I think it depends upon the job. The usual age limit for skilled worker range from 23-35. You will see naman what is required at the job offer when they post it. Best of luck and I think you’ll get it. :)

      • Rubby Rose says


  56. johann says

    Hi! my cousin went to canada last january 2013 and still looking for a job there. is it possible that they can have a direct employer for me even though they just arrived? thanks

  57. Lorena Cantos says

    Good day po..ask ko po kc nandito po kmi ng partner ko sa po nming mag-apply ng Canada,but my question po is,is that possible as we have no visa here…wat i mean po is from here(uk)direct to Canada…could u let me know nmn po please….like direct hiring (employer)or someone will invite me like auntie…thank you so much….

  58. Michelle says

    hi ms. fehl good day , can you give me an idea where to apply even nanny or caregiver to canada.. ? and wats ur fb add? Im working as a nurse here n makati for 2years. Thank you very much ..

  59. marianne says

    hi ms fehl, im glad to read your article. It help us to have an idea how to get a a job in canada. I just want to know if there are employers who are willing to hire directly from Phippines? I posted my resume in all the websites you suggested in this article. I hope i get a positive respone. God Bless!

  60. chyx says

    hi mam, i would like to asked if you know an agency who can help me to work in canada im a bachelor degree major in comp. engineer…

  61. Celeste says

    hello ms. fehl thanks for all the info in this article just wanna ask if those website will give sponsorship because im here in jordan working as hotel housekeeping attendant and i already send my application in related jobs that im applying. thank you and godbless!!!

    • says

      yeah in direct hire usually employers will be the one who will process everything. The role of employees are the registration here at POEA when everything else are processed

  62. Genlor says

    Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Is there an opportunity for an IT jobs in Canada. Based on the NOC for 2013 Information Technology is not listed. Also,I would like to ask if there a list of agencies for may refer? Thanks.

  63. MELANIE says

    Hi! Ask ko lang po if pwede ako maga-apply sa Canada even if I am only 21years old. Graduate po ako ng 2years Nursing then nagtake po ako ng Professional Caregiving for 6months. Thank you po :)

    • says

      Your background could suit the Live-in Caregiver program of Canada. However, you need to have enough experience related to the job you are applying. Please see the complete requirements on the page I have given someone from the previous comments.

  64. Red says


    I am a Technical Writer/ Systems Analyst in an IT Company for 3 years . I am wondering if you know any company that have heaps of opening for IT people.


  65. says

    I don’t know any agency hiring IT right now. You may try the job bank and work abroad for Canada sites. IT is a professional career, if you are already working in an IT company, find out if they have branches in Canada perhaps you could go there :)

  66. Maricel says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, Just wanna ask lang po kung pwede pa mag apply ng work sa canada ang 48-49 y/o as a hotel crew(room attendant) may hiring pa po ba na available dun sa age. tnx

  67. jan says

    hi…may i know if a person like me will be hired immediately in canada because my husband is a canadian citizen…or do i need to follow the steps in applying a job?

  68. Angelique D. Malangsa says

    hi mam fehl i just want to know if im qualified to apply as cashier in canada. im an assistant restaurant manager for 9 mos only and my previous job was sales clerk that last 3 years and half. do u think am i qualified? thanks..

    • says

      I think if you will be applying for a service crew or restaurant staff, you are qualified. Anyway such job include cashier in the fastfood chains and restaurants. If you are working in a well known fast food right now, I think you would be so qualified

  69. dan says

    Hi Fel, can i apply directly on these job sites ( and jobbank) and what are my chances of getting hired when I am here in the Philippines? I noticed that these sites are posting more job vacancies other than the agencies we have here which are limited to skilled jobs. hope to hear from you. thanks.

  70. Nikkiy says

    Ms. Fehl, I am a registered pharmacist here in the Phils. and i am looking for a job specifically in canada., will i find a job that is related in my profession? bec. in canada i have to study and take a state board exam before i could work as a pharmacist.. i know i can pass the exam its just that it will take a great amount of money.. thank you.

  71. melai says

    hello ms. fehl :-) ask ko lang kung reliable po ba ang mga migration agent like visassimply..may mga processing fee po na hinihingi like sa australia assessment skills, and sa preparation sa tingin nyo po ba is legitimate tong mga ganito?thanks in advance:-)

    • says

      If they have a real office in the Philippines and registered with DTI and other governing bodies in the country, they may be genuine. Also check their records like how many people they had helped with visa assistance and hear some feedback from their clients to know if they are really reliable. Be cautious to online visa assessment offers. A website which collects personal information is usually safe if the URL starts with https. If they don’t collect your info they, you’re safe

  72. ronnie says

    is it possible to migrate directly from saudi to canada???and what are the requirements?

    • says

      Oh that David Cohen is one of those spam emails millions of people receive everyday so we must not believe them for they are too good to be true. Remember, don’t reply to job offers you never even applied for or knew before.

      • ronnie says

        thank you miss fehl…..i ah d another question if u you dont mind………i am here right now in KSA and i am working in saudi airllines as a admin secretary,i want to migrate to canada directly along with my wife,,,,can you please give us a suggestion….

        • says

          If you are permanently working in Saudi, you may apply your visa at the Canadian Embassy there in Saudi. Make sure you complete their requirements. I wonder if there are close travel agencies near you coz they can assist you well with your application. Are you applying in Canada as immigrant worker?

          • says

            You need an employer first and an approved job from Canada. Your employer will be the one who will process the needed papers for you before you submit them together with your requirements at the embassy there in Saudi

  73. Roxanne says

    Good Day po miss fehl..i just wanna ask sn po pwede magapply for work in canada?…HRM grad po ako…thanks po…GodBless

  74. acies says

    hello.. im working as a child caregiver for about 2 years here in manila . graduate ako ng nursing but not yet a registered nurse . and i was luckily that my relative in canada found me an employer . my employer process my lmo
    last month. my questions are how long will i wait para sa lmo ?and pwede ba akong mag hulog sss as voluntary wala pa kc me hulog nun ei. am i qualified even im not a license nurse..anung next step pag napadala na ang lmo sa pinas ?

    • says

      LMO result usually comes in 3 months from the time of application of the Canadian employer although some receive them earlier or later than that. I suggest, just pray and work happily while waiting for it. And make your SSS active by making sure you contribute and pay every month. If you are employed, make sure your company is remitting your SSS contributions. If you are not employed, just pay as a “voluntary SSS member”

  75. angie says

    Good day,
    Graduate po ako ng Psychology and working as hr in a retail company am i qualified in skilled worker at canada is their any possibility that i could work in Canada even i will not apply as a caregiver. mag aaply po ako as direct hiring can you give me some info na pwedeng mag qualified sa course ko and working experience.

  76. Raynes C. Miranda says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, I am working in a hotel/resort for 8 years now and i am 29 years old. I started here as Banquet Secretary, then transferred to Golf Front Office, after 2 years i applied internally as Account Executive and My present position is sales and marketing officer, is there any chance to be in canada with that kind of qualifications? Please help me. Thank you and God Bless

  77. Grace says

    Hi Fehl,

    I received an email from the employer in Canada, asking me on how I can obtain work permit in the country. I mentioned to him all the requirements needed like job offer. Apparently, he sent me an email saying that they can’t provide job offer but he keeps on asking me what is the best way to get the visa. He also sent me an email that he can only arrange an interview through skype once I know what are the requirements. I don’t know what the employer wants me to do in order to get this done. I have limited information to this as I don’t have relatives in Canada. Hope to hearing from you.

      • Grace says

        Thank you for your response. I’m applying for hotel staff position. The employer told me that they can’t provide sponsorship. He also informed that I’ll need to apply for BC residency 10 months and that’s the time they can provide a letter of proof and verification. I really don’t understand what he wants me to do.

        • Grace says

          Although, I can say that it is legit because I applied directly to the company’s website. Actually, I sent my resume tthough email.

        • says

          That employer sounds so vague to be dealing with. Real employers know what to do already. First, they would interview you and not ask any money because Canadians are so kind and decent. Second, they would tell you about your job, your benefits and the contract. If they liked you, then they will send you the employment contract (already containing your name, their company profile, your job description, benefits etc) This contract which you will sign must be sent back to them so your employer can apply for LMO. If your LMO was OK, things will be happening smoothly until you need to apply to the embassy of Canada in the Philippines. If your employer still dont know what to do, Gracey just let them read this webpage

          • Grace says

            This is extremely helpful! Thank you so much. Just one more question, do you know how long it would take to obtain work permit for Canada?

          • says

            You are welcome, Gracey. My sister got hers in less than four months. Others got theirs in 3 months. My sister repeated her medical that’s why her visa timeline was extended lol It really depends on things required I think

          • says

            The only update I know so far is that the agent is in Canada right now and the current batch are in the process of application.

          • kaye says

            thanks ms. fehl! i hope this coming month of May they will start hiring again. may i just ask if that agency have processing fee?

          • says

            Yes they do have processing fee but they only collect them once the applicant has a visa and airline ticket already.

          • kaye says

            i really do appreciate when you reply….thanks much! ;) just a follow-up questions pls… do you have any idea how much would be the processing fee and what kind of jobs do they usually offer?

          • says

            I don’t know the processing fee coz I’m not affiliated with them. The jobs are usually fast food service crew

          • Arlene Ibon says

            Hello Ms. Fehl,

            Good evening!

            Thank you so much for the Info that you’ve shared to us here very informative… I just want to ask also for the agency in pampanga…or just send me the name in my email please… now, i’m still looking for a job thru the websites that you give us here… I hope and pray that one of the employer in Canada will hire me also.

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

            God Bless!!!

          • says

            You are welcome :) And thank you too for the warm words here. I will post the info and announcement for their next recruitment on our Facebook page. I’m not sure if they will recruit this May kasi so I can’t post anything in the moment. Please apply to many agencies as possible. :)

          • says

            good day ms.fehl….Im studied housekeeping before under the program of TESDA and do my on the job training at Taal Vista Hotel as a room attendant but that was almost 2 months and a half because the hotel only requires 300 hours for the OJT. If I want to apply directly as a hotel staff (housekeeping),does their requires a year of experience in a hotel before they hire me?Please help me…Thank you..

          • says

            You have to check your employer requirements although usual requirements are at least a year of continuous paid job experience and another year of related experience.

          • nilda prio says

            Hi miss fhel,am working as a beautician her at riyadh city for five yrs.
            And i have experience as food server possible i can work at canada?
            And i can find gud employer?with out a lot of expenses for procesing tha papers?
            Thank you so much.

          • mechelle reyes says

            hello ms. fehl gud day po..

            i’m a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and have my 2years volunteer nursing experience as well in a certain provincial hospital in our place.And now poh i’m here in italy dahil sa petition ng hubby ko.And i’m planning to apply my profession poh as nurse or caregiver in Canada.Where i can find a good employer?What are the things i need to do?

            Hoping for your response ms.fehl..thanks

          • Francis says

            Hi ms. fhel, ,may chance po ba ang mga freshgraduate na makahanap ng direct employer?. .if nakapagwork po sa US for 4 months advantage po ba un/

          • says

            I think there are no advantages or chance that are clear. What matter is you meet the requirements in applying for a job if you are a foreign worker. Complete and genuine papers, enough education and background plus enough work experience

          • Lee says

            Hello, may I ask if it’s possible for me to get a job in Canada? I’m a CNA and looking for a Caregiver job. I have a year experience cause I worked as a Call Centre agent after 1 year.

      • Grace says

        I’m applying for hotel staff. He informed me that they can’t provide sponsorship. Although, he wants me to apply for BC residency 10 months and that’s the only time they can provide a letter of proof and verification. He has this condition before we can talk to skype for an interview. I really don’t know what he wants me to do. Any advise please. Thank you.

  78. melai says

    gud day!ms fehl ask ko lang kung legitimate ba ang visas simply, isa raw sila sa mga migration agent..thanks!

    • says

      I don’t know if Visassimply is legit because I’ve never dealt with them yet. I can only suggest people to NOT give their personal info unless they talked to the agents in person or if they have been in their office.

  79. joey alera says

    hi miss Fehl,

    one of the employer in Calgary, Alberta canada emailed me and she said im going to call her on march 13,
    coz i applied for a service staff. plss… give me some advice for this.

  80. Mark Louie Ordonez says

    Good day! Ms. Fehl, I am a BScomputer science graduate, and I am looking for a job in canada. Do you think an employer can accept my application even though I don’t have an experience jobs abroad.. Thanks and Godbless..

      • Mark Louie says

        Good Day Ms. Fehl, opo ma’am may job experience na po ako as computer encoder for 1 year and IT Staff for 2 years and 6 months as Computer Laboratory Facilitator.. Panu po ba ko makakapagapply sa mga company sa canada.. tumatanggap po kaya sila kahit wala pang experience abroad..? thanks po..

        • says

          If you will apply for IT jobs, that’s under the professional categories and you’ll be so lucky if you really find an employer and get hired. Usually for ITs they require 2-3 work experience and it would help if you worked from a well known company related to IT or computer

  81. wilhilma magsino quinoneza says

    im here in israel and i am a caregiver here, what is the best way for me to do to work in canada. thanks

    • says

      First look for an employer (family, friend, or relative or anyone who needs a caregiver or nanny). Then they would apply your permits in Canada. make sure you have all the necessary requirements to apply. Due to lots of queries about caregiver jobs, I will post a separate page here soon about it. Hang on :)

  82. Vocky M. Guiao says

    Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Just read your blog today and I find it very useful and informative. I am 36 years old, married with a 5-year-old son and a Registered Nurse in our country and currently residing in Pampanga. I want to work in Canada and I would like to ask whether you know a certain agency that offers caregiving jobs in canada? Please help me. May God bless us always with a pure heart. Shalom!

    • says

      Check out that building near intersection in San Fernando I know they hire caregivers and nurses for Australia and Canada. The building is where UnionBank is located.

  83. aiza etoquilla says

    can i apply? i graduated information technology III years, i got ncII from TESDA. Can i apply as cashier or waitress? please reply.

  84. Mrs. JV says

    hi! just wanna ask if there are an available jobs abroad that fits me? well, i’m a simple employee now. but before, just a plain house wife for 10 years. I’m 34 yrs. old now, have 3 kids. I have lots of small tattoos exposed, and most of the time, that’s my problem when applying for a job. I’m here to seek help from you. I’m having trouble in applying because most of the companies doesn’t want tattoos. Hope i could hear from you. Thank you in advance. God bless & more power!

    • says

      Yes local employers here are very particular with tattoos and piercings so it’s really a turn off. If there’s a way you can erase them, maybe you can find a right job here. In abroad, tattoos are no big deal but the person must still look decent and neat. I think, it depends on the tattoo


    good day mam! i would like to ask if this set-up from a referal is okay. the situation is; a broker from canada arrived to fetch 7 caregivers for their company. I was refered by my aunt’s friend to that person. i am from the province and i was requested to bring 50k for the processing of our papers and for the medical. my aunt’s friend says that upon arrival in manila we shall give the 50k to the broker and we will head right away for our medical then, we will have our training in tesda then we will go to poea, owwa and to the embassy. can I trust this set-up mam’ please give me some advise to secure my 50 thousand pesos. thank you!

    • says

      In my opinion, I should ask about the broker first – her address, her company, her affiliations in Canada, and your job offer in Canada. Did the employer interview you? Did you talk face-to-face or on video perhaps? There are strict requirements for caregivers in Canada. And the TESDA training centers must also be accredited by TESDA and the embassy of Canada. The persons who are applying for caregiver must also have enough experience like 2 years job related to care giving and nursing.

  86. Raquel Gonzales says

    Hi Ms Fhel,

    I am from Pampanga and I am interested in living and working in Canada, I am a graduate of BSBA Major in Business Management. I have worked in the call center industry for more than 4 year and I am now working as a freelancer/independent contractor in a established online workplace. You mentioned about an agency in Pampanga. Can I have the address please. Thank you :)

  87. :) says

    hi m now in jeddah saudi.m about to finished my contract in 10 months now.m planning to have the application from here..can you help me about it.

  88. ralf deguito says

    hiii im ralf from davao i want to look a job hiring in canada because until now wala p akong permaninting trabaho dito sa pilipinas gusto ko sana makatrabaho sa canada kahit construction woker maam help me. thanks

  89. Geeyoh says

    Mrs. fehl pwedi ba kitang i add sa FAcebook? para po dun sa UPDATED HIRING SA MAY? salamat….

  90. mitch says

    Hi, just asking lang po. Student pa po ako 3rd yr college, possible po ba na my job ako na maaplyan in canada.? Baka kasi po magkaroon ng problem if anung skill ako pwede. As far as i know kasi, some of the employe need nila yung may maraming alam and at the same time graduate din. And yung may experienced. This is my first time kasi.

    Thank you!

    • says

      Yes they are particular with enough skills, experience and training for the skilled applicant. Check the job requirements for that job you will apply, some skilled accept applicants that are undergraduates but with enough training course

  91. says

    Hi! fehl.. Can u help me pls…I graduated way back 1996 ..Im a registered midwife with 8 months Volunteer experience in Military Hospital after that I dont practice my proffesion anymore,,,, 2008 Im a Brgy Treasurer for atleast 3 yrs… my husband is now workind in canada pag ako ay na punta po don may makukuha po ba akng work.God Bless!!! Thank You very much

  92. Arnel Dizon says

    how to apply or how the procedure for applying im here in dubai?
    thanks and more power

  93. Carlos N. Juanico says

    Good day,i’am a garment sewer i am interested to work in canada,i have 6 years working experience gulf country as a sewer,i have complete all my document,sss,est.please help me to find a job.thank you very much…

    • says

      First, you have to find an employer who hires Garment Sewer. Since you have same experience already and for 6 years, I think it can help your application better

  94. says

    Hi Ms Fehl. my name is maribel..
    gud day!
    i have read a lot from your articles today and they all sounds good to me
    since i am also one of interested individual who wants to work in CANADA.
    I do have relatives currently in ALBERTA & WINNEPEG in MANITOBA
    my aunt advised me to apply on line but i do not know what WEBSITE?
    Can you help me ?

    • says

      You can apply at the trusted websites mentioned in the article. They have the latest jobs for Canada. What kind of job are you applying?

  95. jasper wilfred mallonga says

    Hi there my senario is im now in canada working in cargill as a contract worker, I would like to look for another job, in cargill im a meatcutter, my work experience are as follows 3 yrs meatcutter at the same time worked as customer service for other comapnies also im a nurse by profession with some experience as well, what can u advice? Can you help me find a new job ? Waitng for your response, tnx

  96. venus says

    hi there..

    i was able to read your blog and i find it interesting and informative.. im an icu nurse here in saudi and about to exit, im just waiting for my contract to end mid this year.. i just wanna ask if you have known any direct hiring employers, wherein i can find a job according to my credentials.. since your the one knowledgeable enough with this matter id like to ask some help for any website other than what you have mentioned..

    tanxs a lot and hoping for a response s00n..!


  97. says

    hello there ms. FehL ,, I had just came across your web site and i got the idea to apply for another country,, i’m here right now in Thailand and working as an english T. just recently i received an email from a hotel in canada and their wanting for some applicants that meets their standards,, and lucky i am that i qualified for it. I just wanna ask if i can have my application for visa here in TH.? since i was here already, do i need to go back in our country and have my application there or shall i do it here? is there an embassy for canada here in asia aside from our country?

    • says

      I think you can apply there at the Canadian Embassy in Thailand if you are a resident of Thailand and you have permits to work there. Yes, the Embassy of Canada in Thailand is located in 15th Floor, Abdulrahim Place, 990 Rama IV Road, Bangrak, Bangkok

  98. kenneth vargas says

    hello maam fehl!maam can ask if what im going to do,because i want also to work in canada!i am a civil technology graduate!i have a sister in law in canada!maybe they can help me to therein canada?as of now im here in saudi arabia!im working here for more than two years!

  99. juanito limbaro jr says

    maam ask lng po san tayu makakuha ng requirements applying for canada in canadian embassy makati??pwede sabay kami ng asawa ko mag apply?my wife is a nurse in Saudi and ako isang seaman…thanks

  100. tori says

    Good day Ms. Fehl! Kamusta po?
    Thank you po for your post and for patiently answering questions here. I am thinking of working in Canada and it’s funny because I never wanted to work abroad before, now here I am looking for employment out of the country. I realized I have to be brave enough to make future plans come into a reality. Now I know that applying for a working visa won’t take that long because I thought it would take years and years to wait for it as what was mentioned to me before by a relative. Nabuhayan po ako ng loob, thanks to you.=)
    I know that the topic is about direct hiring in Canada but I thought maybe I could try asking you about something else since you seem like a very generous person in sharing knowledge about working/applying in/for Canada. I would just like to ask po if a career in Special Education teaching or in Behavioral Therapy is lucrative there. I tried looking for the said jobs through the websites you posted but didn’t find much job postings related to it. A relative there though says that those jobs are lucrative there now, is it true po? Or maybe just true for some provinces in Canada?
    Thank you po for your answer in advance Ms. Fehl. God bless!=)

    • says

      Hello :) Thank you for the kind messages here. In my opinion, Special Education in Behavioral Therapy is not so common and there are only few people who are on that field. Thus, it may pay well in terms of salary and it may have low competition as to applicants. Use that and your experience on that career as an advantage :)

      • tori says

        Thank you very much po for your response Ms. Fehl!
        You do have a point, those careers seem to be very promising indeed :)
        I certainly hope to find a school or centre that offers direct hiring ’cause the ones I see on the net are mostly posts from agencies that requires a processing fee, which is beyond my financial capability.

        Sana nga po one day swertehin =)

        Maraming salamat po ulit Ms. Fehl and more power to you! :)

  101. says

    gud day po ms feh,

    me nag alok p s aswa k ng trabaho s canada as Lineman, nabasa k po ung direct hiring process ng canada, direct hire daw po, me kaibigan daw cia n taga canadian gov. nag hahanap ng mga skilled worker dito sa pinas, at cia ay canadian citizen gusto lng daw tumulong sa mga pinoy… kinakabahan po ako n baka pag dating dun ng asawa k ala pla tlagang trabaho.. tapos kng me trabho man iba indi lineman, pinag pasa cla ng resume, at mag training daw ng 3mnths ng english pamangkin nya mag turo ala dn daw bayad donation lang, wala dn daw placement fee, procesing fee lang daw n 5 dollar, ala po kc kmi alalm sa legalities ng mga magtrabaho sa canada at ung mga ganito alok,,anu po ba dapat naing gawin ? pano p namin malalaman kng totoo ung alok? pls. ms feh sana po masagot nyu po ito.. maraming salamat po! ayaw k po talaga n mapahamak ang asawa k…sobra thank you po talaga!!!


    • says

      First, know the employer if they are legit and if the company they are associated with are real. Did they interview your husband face-to-face? Did they check his requirements and credentials? Did they discuss the contract? If they did, then it might be a real job. If they don’t ask money, it may likely be real too.

      • says

        ah opo! he interview my husband face to face, he ask for the requirements, and he is the one (the kababayan who is canadian citizen) send his requirements via email to his friend in canada,that is work in canada government, regarding the contract as my husband said, pasok daw po cia as temporary worker, under skilled worker, just wait for the LMO, and apply for visa in makati the kababayan said just 3 to 4 months he will be there, he did not ask money just for processing fee, he also want my husband to undergo training in english.. thank you ms. feh for the help.. may God bless you more wisdom and the heart to help people like us!

        • says

          I think your husband’s Canadian job application is going smoothly and safe from what you tell here :) If his LMO is ok, then I’d say early congrats! :)

  102. Russell says

    Hello, just wanna ask, im a direct hired employee, i already have the LMO and EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT, what are the other documents or requirements i need to fill up? And what is the next step i need to do? And what are the requirements i need to pass for getting visa? and how and where? Please help.. Thank u verymuch

    • says

      You must apply at the Canadian Embassy in Makati. You can also have your checklist requirements online. Visit

  103. christiana maramara says

    hi i am willing to work in canada,,i am a high shool gradute.i’v been work for 2 years in qatar as a house maid and now im here in singapore with they same job.if ther is possible have an employeer needs a house maid can you give my email..i finish my contract this comming january 2014.thanks and god bless.

  104. melody says

    i have a friend in Canada.. he help me to find employer there.. and i have already an employer.. and they told me to work to his mother as house helper or domestic helper.. what will be the next step.. my employer will do.. ? who will work for the LMO? make it more clear to me. thank you so much

    • says

      The employer is the one who will file the LMO and other papers in Canada needed for hiring a foreigner like you. Not all jobs require LMO though. Your employer in Canada should prepare all requirements like LMO before you proceed to apply for a visa in the embassy in the Philippines. You must wait for the LMO result before going further the next steps in applying as temporary foreign worker in Canada

  105. mimi says


  106. Joy says

    HI! Ms. Fehl,

    I am an HR personnel and interested to work in Canada with any job vacancy suitable with my skills and qualifications. I read about the upcoming orientation on May in Pampanga that you mentioned. Please send me information about that orientation. I am very interested to work in Canada and that is really the desire of my heart. Kindly refer to my email address. Thank you very much and you really inspired me today.

  107. DC08 says

    Yes you need to have completed six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or twelve months of full-time paid employment, including at least six months of continuous employment, within the past 3 years, with one employer in a field or occupation related to the job you are seeking as a live-in caregiver.

    -hi ms fehl pls advise me, graduate po ako ng nursing- pero ande pa ako nkpagboard exam (im working sa bpo, alam nyo namn po na mahirap ang buhay dd2 sa pinas- so need din ng mejo nice n income)
    -gsto ko nlng po magaaral ng caregiver for 6 months. pra kcng madali kesa magboard tas hanap work as nurse here (mukhang nahihirap po ako sa gnyang income- d po tlga kkyanin)

    anu po ba dpat gawin sa situation ko? actually po meron n akong LMO..super gulo pa rin kng panu ako ssimulan

    -dba sabi po sa taas n requirement 6 months schooling plus at least 6 months work experience as caregiver?

    -meron ba kaung massugests na caregiving work dito sa manial? prang wala kc..

    *thanks in advance po sa advise. very helpful po mga advises nyu n nbasa ko…:)

    • says

      Yup the school/training center for the caregiver training must be accredited by Tesda and Canadian Embassy. If you want to go schooling and training, just go directly to Tesda and ask a reputable training center. Much better if it’s near where you live. I don’t know any caregiving job but the training centers usually know some. Ask them and maybe they could refer some. You are welcome and good luck!

  108. Marckie26 says

    Hi There,

    I just want to ask if there is a chance for me to work in Canada. I can’t find any vacancy related to my experience. By the way, I started as a call center agent and currently position as a Workforce – Real time Analyst on the same Call Center Company.

    Or is there any vacancy that is not requiring any experience?

    Thanks in advance!

  109. CATHERINE says

    hi im interestd tom apply and work to canada im anurse midwife..anung agency po ung pd applyan?

  110. belen says

    good pm ma’am,
    ask ko lang kung may age limit ba kung mg apply as caregiver sa canada?
    54 yrs. old na ako ngayon.
    maraming salamat and god bless!

  111. stargazers says

    hai ms.fehl just want to ask if you have any idea of any recruiment agency here in dubai
    i am working for alomst 6 years in retail industry.thanks a lot

  112. Mary joy says Fehl .Have a good day I want to apply going to Canada but what I will do because Now I’m here in Abu Dhabi UAE I’m working, and I want to exit going to Canada frome here.can you give me pls some tips or instruction what I will do, I’m working here almost 4years.thank you very much I hope u will help me.God Blss

  113. Manuel Yuamador Jr. says

    Hi there have a great day,I am Manuel Yuamador Jr. currently working in Galaxy Hotel Macau as a Cook for 2 years and 1 month but I had same previous experienced in hotel in the Philippines.I want to work in Canada but I dont have any idea where can I apply ,do I have a chance to work in canada?please help me..Thank you and Godbless

    • says

      Go to Malate, Taft Ave. and along UN Ave and Ermita, I know lots of agencies there have hotel jobs for Canada. Dont forget to apply to many agencies as you can and bring many copies of your resume and credentials to avoid going back again. Good luck!

  114. Jessa says

    Hi im jessa from phil. Our papers is on process for immigrant visa (family). do i need to search for jobs online here or do i have to wait till i get there. If ever do I still need the LMO. I’m afraid of going there without job as they said houses are expensive to rent. any advises?

  115. kristelk says

    good day po

    my inapplyn po ako thru internet paputng canada ng email po sila na i need to send some documents and i have to pay. please i need your advice. ng email po sa akin overseasmanpower. thank you po
    good bless

  116. Anne says

    @Fehl Dungo, Hello how are you? I just want to ask if how i can apply to canada, if i am working here in riyadh? is it possible for me to apply to canadian embassy, or i do need first to have an employer if i will apply in canada for working permit? Or how about application for immigration too? Because i dont know what are the steps to apply. Can i apply in riyadh since i am working here in the hospital as a nurse.. Thank you

  117. jane says

    Hi Ma’am,
    Pa help po ako , im woking po sa office, shipping & documentation po, pwde nyo po ba ako mabigyan list of agencies or employers na may hiring….thank u.

  118. Anne says

    @ Maam Fehl! Hello again maam just want to ask if where and how i can apply to canada in riyadh.. ? thank you very much

  119. lizel gagelonia -santiago says

    Hi miss fehl,
    I am an ex ofw and i just came home from riyadh ksa just this jan. I worked as a there for 3 yrs. But I am also a graduate of nursing and an RN only i do have work experience as a nurse yet.. will i be qualified?

      • lizel gagelonia santiago says

        i mean i don’t have work experience as a nurse because the time i passed the board exam for nursing i got hired in KSA for a job.. can i be qualified? please help me

        • says

          If you’ll apply as Med Tech, that’s related. If nursing or caregiver, you need job experience as a nurse or caregiver

  120. says

    Hello ms fehl, just wanna know if you any idea how to apply in canada if based in riyadh, are there recruitment agencies there or is it possible to apply direct in canadian embassy either WORK PERMIT/IMMIGRANT?
    Looking forward for your response maam, im really interested to apply in canada but i just dont know how and where..Thank you

  121. irene v tadeo says

    hi Mam im trying to get a job in canada at the moment mam im working here in the hotel ,my other experienced in Mc.Donalds Bahrain,

  122. jennifer de dios says

    hi ms. Fehl.. good day, please help me get a job for canada. i’ve been medical representative for 8 years,. maybe you could help me find a job commensurate to may qualification.. tnk you and god bless

  123. caca says

    hi ms fehl gud day kasalukuyan po aq nagwowork sa isang fastfood chain dito sa middle east,at nagaantay nlng ng LMO at Contrata sa emplyer q sa canada direct hire po aq,kaya lng may problema aq kase undergrad aq ng highschool nkapagabroad aq dahil sa sikap at sa hrap ng buhay sa pinas,sa tingin nyo po ba madedeny aq sa embassy ng canada pagdelaire q na undergrad aq?pagmeron npo ba LMO may posibility pa din na madeny?

    • says

      It doesn’t mean that you have an LMO already, your visa will be approved. The final decision will be from the consul.

  124. adora gorospe says

    I work in a government office for 25 years now. Is there a chance for a 54 years old like me to still work in canada?

    • adora r. gorospe says

      hi miss fhel…..may chance pa kaya akong makakita ng work sa canada….i am 54 years old already works in a government office for 25 years now, pero madami na rin akong working experiences from different offices…..salamat po…

      • says

        The usual age bracket for jobs abroad is 22-45. But don’t be discouraged though. Great things happen for those who are persistent. Bless ya!

  125. Dennis says

    Hi! Just got the info through this site. I want to work in Canada in any manufacturing companies. I’ve been working in Malaysia since 2010 as a machine operator. Will it be possible to get a job in Canada as the position I have mentioned even though I am still in Malaysia or Do you have license agency from here that can hire a job to Canada?

    Please tell me more what should I do?

    Thanks and More Power Folks!

    • says

      Yeah it’s possible if you would apply for same job. You can apply at the Embassy of Canada there in Malaysia if you already have been hired by an employer in Canada and have the necessary papers. You can apply personally without using an agency. Your Canadian employer would tell you what to do

  126. kat says

    hi miss fehl, i just want to ask. what if wala pang job experience is it possible na makahanap or may tumanggap pa rin sakin if nag apply ako na mag work in canada? or kailangan po talaga may experience na? thank you :)

  127. caca says

    hi ms fehl ask ko lng po sna kung pwede kba madeny sa embassy kung hindi ka highschool grad pero mern kna LMO at Contract?

    • says

      Approval has no assurance always. Like I said the final decision is from the consul. Check out your job description requirement to know what specific educational level is required.

  128. Daisy says

    Hello po..
    Management graduate po ako mam.. 5 months experience lang po ako sa office staff.
    im 20 years old.. pwd po kaya ako maging cashier or crew?
    thanks po

  129. rey says

    Hi Ms. Fhel, thank you for this informative forum. I got a lot of ideas regarding on how to find opportunities in Canada. I just only want to ask if I need to take up IELTS to improve my communications skills? And it is part of the requirements working in Canada? Thank you.

    • says

      Professional jobs like nursing requires the candidate to have IELTs specific score.. It really depends upon the job you are applying. If you went through an agency, they usually tell you it :)

      • rey says

        I am civil engineer by profession but my current job is estimator and quantity surveyor working in construction company here in ksa in almost 3yrs. And 3yrs. also back in the phils. I found many jobs suited to my career and work experiences to those websites that you referred to us. But, I have a little doubt that my credentials would not be good enough if I don’t have training like IELTS as my few friends told me. Please give me additional information and advice..Thank you so much. God Bless!

  130. Sheena says

    Hi, im a nursing grad, I also take up a TESDA training course in housekeeping, I’ve work also as a private nurse here in our town for 2 years, can it be considered as a experience even if there’s no company involve. I also wanted to work in canda, any kind of work as long as there is a good salary, can you advise me on what to do, I really need to earn money for my baby..

  131. kaye says

    hi ms. fehl!
    i just wanna ask regarding sa common reasons why some applicants for canada are being
    denied sa mga visas nila.
    thank you and hope to hear for your reply..

    God bless!

    • says

      Common reasons why visas are being denied are: incomplete documents and requirements AND inconsistent documents and requirements

  132. lloyd baluyan says

    good day lloyd,26y/o nursing graduate with 5yrs hospital experience..i have a friend in canada so i told him to find me an employer,now he sent me the LMO together with the contract signed by my employer,the LMO is for live-in a little bit confuse about the live-in caregiver program and work permit,both need LMO from am i right?but the live-in care giver program needs work permit too however it has longer processing time which is almost 2years compared to work permit with LMO that takes only 6months or less..

  133. allien abejuela says

    hi im allien i want to know if the crews for mcdonalds are still availabale i work at mcdonalds for 6yrs i want to work at canada and i want to get ajob that suits my knowledge and ability thanks

  134. Mervin Cabuang says

    Hi…ms. Feh I really enjoyed reading their comments from u, also I got more ideas from it.. I presently work at the government hospital as I.T. For about 6 year.., I heard ms. Feh that one of the requirement when applying to Canada is SSS contribution., as a government employee we are member of gsis (government security insurance system)..ok LNG po ba un”? To work in Canada is my greatest dream po..mas ma22lungan ko po pamilya ko…


    • says

      SSS static info is really not one of the primary requirements. They just request it as additional supporting document for the employment records of the applicant. If the embassy saw your current job is in the government, they would know you don’t have SSS. They MAY request your GSIS statements instead and some other docs about your job

  135. marilou zozobrado says

    Hi mam gud day!ask lng po ako sa cebu meron din po na agency for hiring for canada? Tnx en God bless

  136. rufino dela pena jr says

    hi po miss fehl…may itatanong lang po ako sa inyo kung meron kayong alam na agency or direct na pwede mag work sa canada….isa po akong ordinary seaman sa isang barge na pag mamay-ari ng mga italiano…SAIPEM company ung name nila..$1,365 monthly,,consolidated na yun..wala rin kasi nangyayari kasi pag bakasyon kami mga 2 months ubos din yung ipon….sana matulungan niyo po ako…bread winner po ako..sakin lahat umaasa..god bless po…more power….

  137. eddie escobar says

    gud eve gus2 ko din po sana magaply abroad if there any vacancy sa mga hotel khit ano 1 year nadin aq stambay umaasa sa part time job ko online selling

  138. ryhzz says

    hi mz fehl.. education graduate po ako… 34 years old… pero gusto ko po mag work sa canada as a House keeper or hotel attendant… housekeeping NC11 po at Food and beverages Nc11 din po ako.. please pd po ba malaman kung paano thnx…09465639853

  139. Donnaville says

    Hi ma’am .. I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and I’m so interested to work in Canada.. Please help me to find job or employer. Thank you

  140. leo b. says

    hi ms. fehl ask ko lng kung gano kalaki yung chance ko mapunta sa canada,nkapasa ako interview at nag sign ng contract.nid po b sa embasy orig na certificate of employment? gano pakatagal ung visa

    • says

      The decision will be from the consul. Chance is really not known until you passed your documents at the embassy

  141. zhelle says

    Hi miss fehl,

    I just wanted to ask if may direct hiring for customer service associates in canada? i’ve been working as a customer service representative for almost three years now. I’m an IT graduate. I am really interested in working in canada. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Just apply at the websites I mentioned in the article. You can know then if there are any employers for that position. Good luck!

  142. Jo-an says

    Pls enlighten about this. I have tried submitting my papers under the Federal Skilled Worker program since 2010 with no luck. I’m a registered nurse in the Philippines and I’m very interested to have an empolyer petiton me. May I know how can I find one and how can I be eligible. Thank you.

  143. Chef Edgar Fernandez says

    Hi Fehl,

    I ‘ve worked with Walt Disney Cruise line for almost 15 years as a Sous Chef, I am in charge of 50 cooks in my department and servicing 4000 guests. 10,000 meals everyday
    I am interested working in one of the best Hotel in Canada and I am more than happy to share my experiences by joining their workforce.
    I do appreciate if you could assist me with this regard…
    At present , I am on vacation and to keep me busy I put up a restaurant.
    Many thanks in advance. God bless

    Culinary Regards
    Chef Edgar Fernandez

  144. Kim Asuncion says

    Guys! May mga Job offers for filipinos din ba under Arts/Graphics/Designs/Advertising?
    Currently working here in Singapore as a Designer.


  145. Whengkai says

    Hi Ms Fehl,

    I am wheng, a registered nurse in the Philippines and currnetly here in Dubai. Can you please help me find an employer even for caregiver or home nursing position. What are the agencies hiring nurses there in Canada? Thank you. :)

  146. tristan says

    Hi! Ms. Fehl, I’m cristan, i really want to work in canada, as waiter/food counter attendant.
    How can it be possible? what should i do? what websites will i search in the net
    . I’m currently working as waiter at max’s restaurant now.
    I’ve worked at Jeddah,KSA as waiter/butler for a prince for 2 years, i just came back last year September.
    I worked in a 5 star hotel at Makati(Dusit Thani Hotel) while also working at a fast food restaurant(Jollibee).
    Ive been into fast food restaurant for almost 4 years it was continuos.
    Do you think my experience will be qualified to work in canada? Thanks a lot Maam!!!,
    Im looking forward to read your suggestions and opinions. :)

  147. Katherine says


    I’ve been looking for a teaching job in Canada for a year now. I’ve already submitted my application to some of the employers there using the But still, I am having a hard time to look for an employer who would be interested to hire me. I am a professional or licensed teacher here in the Philippines, I have had a thought that it may be really tough for me to look for a teaching job in Canada for they require an equivalent to obtain ,so I tried to submit an application for Receptionist, Administrative Assistant or even secretary positions. There are employers who just emailed me that they really admire my credentials or my experiences but then since they need an immediate employee they can’t hire me for I still live in the Philippines. It will take long to process my papers going there.. Actually I have relatives in Canada that has been residing there for 20 years… hmm what can you advice me then miss ’cause I really wanna work in Canada…

    _ katherine

  148. says

    I truly enjoy reading on this internet site. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts about canadian jobs. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon! This post shows a report that is tighten to common. credible strategy of countenance resulting from which cause your post turn so informative.

  149. Pamela Barrientos says

    Hello Ms. Fehl,
    I was an ex-ofw from Canada. I worked in Alberta for 2 years. After my 2 years, my employer extended me for another year, then I took a vacation. It was more than a month so my employer asked me to make up a story when I get back to Canada if ever the immigration people asks me why my vacation took too long. It was my first vacation after 2 years. In short, they were asking me to lie and my lady boss even told me to say that my parents got seriously ill so I won’t be able to go back to Canada right away. I didn’t like the idea so when I came back, I decided to try putting up a business here with my savings and I emailed my boss a resignation letter. Unfortunately, my mom suffered from stroke, last 2012 which made me decide more not to go back ’cause I am an only child and no one will take care of my mom but me and my dad only. To make the long story short, after a year, I tried applying again thru an agency but I was told I was never chosen by employers. Funny because I already had experience working in Canada as a food and beverage server. I also had a lot of experience working in a fast food chain here in the Philippines before. Now, I was not able to apply for work here since unemployment is one of the biggest problems here in our country. I would like to apply for work back in Canada again, I am 34 years old. Could you give me an advice on what to do? I already have a long gap with my employment. I am currently doing a home based online pastry business. I bake pastries, cakes and cupcakes. So what should I do? I’m scared I won’t be qualified anymore. But I do have a lot of certifications in Canada. My boss before by the way are Chinese couple. They also are not offering any sponsorship in Permanent Residency. I hope you could give me an advice regarding my problem. Thank you!

    • says

      Don’t lose hope besides you already worked to Canada. It’s hard if people give up. If you would strive more, you’ll get it.

  150. says

    Hi! there..
    I’m education graduate 35 years of age and almost 7 years experienced in teaching also have 2 years experienced in factory, looking for job in CANADA, Honestly I’m prefer to work in factory, how can find job directly in Canada (anywhere).

  151. Steph says

    Good day!
    Ms. Fehl, I am currently employed here at Dubai, U.A.E. I’ve look some agencies here in Dubai who can give me a job in Canada but it seems too expensive to process the things without any assurance that they would give you positive feedback. Plus do hope in applying thru online, sending my CV in diff. site but they still didn’t reply. Do you have idea how to get easily job in Canada while im working here in Dubai. (Secretary cum Receptionist).
    thanking you.



    • says

      Getting a job around the world is never easy but if you’ve got experience and the job you’re applying has not much applicants, you’ll have more chance. You need prospective employers and you can find them online or thru friends and thru agencies. Choose all the ways and you’ll have more chance. Good luck :)