How much is Razer Edge in the Philippines – Price, Where to Buy

Razer Edge Pro is one of the most wanted game gadgets today. It’s so far the best Windows 8 tablet. If you’ve been to CES, I’m sure you were one of those people who are eyeing to have it. It’s the World’s First Tablet Designed for PC gamers. As their teaser says – “it’s a tablet. It’s a pc. It’s a Console.” That means, you can use it as a tablet, as a pc, and game console. And oh even home console too as it has HDMI which you can use to do all things in the bigger screens such as your huge theater screen. Just link it and you’re game. What more can you ask for?

Razer Edge Pro Features and Specs

Intel Core i7 Processor with Hyper Threading Base 1.9GHz/Turbo 3.0GHz

NVIDIA GeForce graphics (2GB DDR3, Optimus Technology)

Windows 8 OS

10.1 HD multi-touch display

8GB DDR3 memory

128/256gb SSD (SATA III) storage

HDMI 7.1 Codec support

HD Webcam (front-facing 2MP)

Dolby Home Theater v4

With stereo speakers and microphones

USB 3.0X1

Audio Jack



Where to buy now? In the mean time, shop and buy it online only at Razerzone Online Store. This product is available for $1299 in the US.

Price of Razer Edge Pro in the Philippines is expected to be P52,599 and it will be available to gaming centers and game consoles shops in SM and other big malls nationwide. The gamepad controller, docking station and keyboard dock are sold separately. Price may change as new products and versions are released.


  1. Elton says

    the only sad thing about this product is its battery life.. but nonetheless, its still the best gaming tablet so far. Pre-orders will be available starting march 1 for US and canada, so it will probably arrive in the philippines around 2nd-3rd QTR. additionally, adding the electronic tax we have here in the phil, i’m guessing it will be much more expensive than 52k..

    • says

      This is PS3’s rival at the moment :) Yes it’s so expensive because of the amazing specs and features. Ohkay I will grant your request. Thank you for dropping by!

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