How to Become an NBI Agent? – Requirements and Salary

Do you want to be an NBI Agent and work among the awesome team of the National Bureau of Investigation in the Philippines? How much is the salary of NBI agents today? Know the requirements here before your application.

To become an NBI Agent in the Philippines, a candidate is required to be qualified with the strict hiring requirements and process of the NBI. Someone asked, an aspirant need to be a lawyer or a CPA? The answer is, NBI agents really preferred to be CPAs and Lawyers because being in the investigating field is critical and requires excellenct and enough experience in Accounting, Law, Finance, Law Enforcement, Physical Science and the like. However, if you are not a licensed CPA or a Lawyer yet, you may qualify to the entry level – Special Investigator or other NBI staff.

Special Investigator Requirements

  • Must be Filipino citizen and of good moral character, with excellent physical and mental health
  • Must be a Bachelors degree holder
  • Must be a Civil Service Professional Eligible or a Board Passer
  • At least 5’5’’ (males) or 5’3’’ (females)
  • At least 25 years old but not more than 35
  • Must have a very good vision (normal range)
  • Must have a General Weighted Average of 84% in the TOR without any failure or grade
  • Must have no pending criminal, civil or administrative cases and charges and never convicted any crime
  • Must have no tattoo marks or body piercings

See? You’ve got a chance even if you are not yet a Certified Public Accountant or a Lawyer. To become a special investigator in the Philippines is easier than to become a special agent in the FBI as it requires entry program for accounting, computer science, law, language and diversified. To become NBI Agent, you must have the following qualifications:

NBI Agent Requirements

  • Must be a Filipino citizen and of good moral character, with excellent physical and mental health
  • Must be a Lawyer or a CPA
  • At least 5’5’’ (males) or 5’3’’ (females)
  • At least 25 years old but not more than 35
  • Must have a very good vision (normal range)
  • Must have no pending criminal, civil or administrative cases and charges and never convicted any crime
  • Must have no tattoo marks or body piercings

You ask me again why Lawyer and CPA? Simply because an agent must have expertise, knowledge and experience in Accounting, Finance, Law, Law Enforcement, Political Science and Intelligence in solving cases and critical cases. Qualified agents are also sent to special training to prepare them in the field and more diversified experience. They will also be trained to learn more about crime management, investigative experience, military experience, foreign language proficiency, engineering, computer science, information technology, Physics expertise and a lot more skills and expertise to different important fields involved with investigation techniques.

The NBI is a wing of the Department of Justice so expect lawyers, CPAs, finance and political people in your department.

How much is the salary of NBI Agents in the Philippines?

Basic salary of NBI Agents entry level used to be P18,000 per month but now it is in the range of P32,000 for the special investigator and around P37,000 for the NBI agents. Because you are working in the government, you are also entitled to the benefits of a government employee including 13th month pay, allowances, GSIS benefits and retirement benefits, PAGIBIG benefits and the like. Salary will increase as you are promoted to higher salary grade or when an EO (Executive Order) about increase of salary was released.

Where to apply?

Apply at the Personnel Department of NBI Main located at

NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita Manila

or email:



    hello, i’m interested joining the nbi. I am have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, fluent in 3 languages, above average IQ, self learned in psychology, experienced in surveillance. I’m a male and i seem to be able to pass all the tests but not the height requirement. Do I stand chance to get in to the bureau?

  2. shikoy says

    hi….im a degree holder…civil service service passer..5’3′ in failing grade..but im still 22…will just wait till i turned 25 then…hope mka pasa aq kahit wlang backer..

  3. jamil banto says

    maam/sir . Goodmorning po :) ako si jamil banto this coming march 30 ggraduate ako ng Ab-psychology . Ngaun po my chance po ba maging NBI personnel ako ? or kung anu man ung entry level nyo para sakin ?

  4. Aljadid says

    pano po may bagsak po ako na grades sa TOR ko pag bubutihin ko po ang grades ko para aabot ng 84% ang gen. grades ko… MAY PAG ASA PA PO BA maka pasa ang requirements ko?

  5. amer says

    sir i would like to apply for special investigator i’m graduate of bachelor of science in criminology and board passer

  6. A-game says

    Been following this for a long time, magte take na ko ng CSC exam. Decided na ko mag apply as special investigator.

  7. kokng says

    Hello,I am a criminologist and i ‘m willing to join as an NBI staff, or Special investigator.what would i do? and i am already 38 years old. do still have a chance?pwede po ba mag submit ng Requirements dito sa Region 7 branch sa Cebu City?

  8. Al Rajiv says

    Hi maam, Im a recent passer of CLE. Before i trasfered to Criminology, my Record have INC, Drops and failure. but, In my CRIMINOLOGY Grade. dont have 1. I still have chance to join the special Investigator?

  9. Michael says

    Good afternoon,Can i apply in NBI as an Agent?
    Im 28 years old, A Criminology Graduate and a licensed
    Criminologist. Im a College Instructor in a Criminology School and have units in M.S Criminology.

  10. Jayron Mata says

    Nice post ma’am very helpful…

    Im a CPA however i just turned 24 this november.

    Im very excited to join the NBI!!!!

    For the Philippines!!
    For the Filipinos!!

  11. danilo d. pagulayan jr says

    hi, goodevening Ma’am/Sir

    I’m a Bachelor Degree, I want to become an Special Investigation. ma’am/Sir I’m not an eligibility but im willing to apply in your Good office. how is it Ma’am/Sir?

    Thank you!

  12. she says


    I am interested to know, when will be the next training/exam for applicants? I was informed that the last batch will be graduating this coming December..

    Thank you.

  13. Ramil says

    Hello! I wish to apply as Special Investigator In NBI May hiring po ba ngayon? I’m qualified all of the requirements I’m license criminologist pwede po ba akong mag pasa ng application dito sa NBI office dito sa Cagayan De Oro City or sa Email ako magpas ng application..

  14. eric says

    gud day poh…
    pwede po bna mag apply ang registered nurse??
    meron poh bang medical team o emergency team sa NBI o kaya tulad ng tactical medical team…
    at san po pwede mag apply at mg inquire..

    thank you…

  15. Marichelle says

    Hii There! Im Marichelle and i am a Federal Air Marshall for 3 yrs. Im 24 yrs old turning 25 next year in january. Is there any chances to be a NBI? That was my biggest dreams! Im a Spanish-Filipino but i was born in Cobrado,Spain. Im a Filipino Citizenship now, leaving 3 years here in the Philippines. Although i am married in a Fil. I hope you’ll answer my question! Thank you!!!!

  16. JIM BERNIZA says

    Good Day po.

    ask lang po aku kung pwede pa poba magapply as SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR SA NBI? pero yung average kopo is diko alam kung 84% yun kc yung nakalagay sa certification ko sa GWA is 1.6%.

    ask ko lang din po kun pwede nadin aku magapply 24 y/o. palang po aku next april pa aku mag 25..please inform if i am able to apply that particular position thru my email add. thanks po.

  17. jundriel cartagena says

    hi BEEd graduate po aq, csc eligible din po at nakapasa na po aq ng LET Exam peru hindi ko passion ang pagtuturo….nais ko sana mag apply sa nbi,,,pwede po ba ako dun?22 years old pa lang po aq

  18. JR says

    Good day! Pano kaya kung lagpas na sa age limit,
    pero na meet na naman ang requirements? ok lang yun ‘di ba? Tnx

  19. Marq says

    As a former applicant i suggest do good, and pass the grueling, and killer “Neuro examination” the way i did (modesty aside). Before i took the the exam my schoolmate (who has been in the Bureau ahead of me) advised me to do my best with the Neuro examination because there are also Lawyer and Doctor applicants who fail the examination. If i am not mistaken the examinations is held for three (3) days 8am to 5pm. After completing the said examinations you have to wait for uncertainty, and if one day you receive a call from the Bureau informing you that they would be conducting a background investigation about you (they would personally visit you in your given location, or abode) and be prepared for the background check, just be honest, never attempt to tell a lie, otherwise you are courting disaster. Lastly, PRAY HARD.

  20. dio says

    If you are below minimum of their requirements, they w0nt hire you; the applcati0n pr0cessing is very l0ng; for SI they will pri0ritize those wh0 are a graduate of law, but of c0urse we are all equal f0oting when it c0mes to their specifics. They are extremely fair!

  21. Daemon says

    Mam, alam nyo po ba yung initial requirements na isusubmit sa NBI pag nag apply? Ex. TOR, Barangay clearance etc… Thanks po.

  22. oleg1234 says

    I’m not a CPA nor a Lawyer, but I’m an accountancy graduate who passed the civil service examination(PROF) and currently enrolled at a law school. Any vacant position in the agency? Where to apply and how?

  23. John Chupacabra says

    nakakatawa ang autobiography part ng exam, tackle pati S life. against na yun sa civil rights ng constitution. so to speak, illegal!

      • CodeLight says

        Pano lag bisexual or lesbian do they take it against you? And also, im lacking height!! Im almost 5. 4’11 lng ata ako if im not mistaken. Should they entertain me and have a chance? Gano katagal ang application and may payment na ba once you are in the training? Im CPA and currently taking up law. TIA

        • CodeLight says

          *correction..Will they entertain me?**
          Do i have a chance even im lacking the height requirement?

          *payment-i was referring po sa salary once nasa training na…

  24. Robbydal Urfano says

    I really want to become an agent. I graduated with honors and passed the civil service exam but I’m too young. I’m only 19 years old.

  25. CHRISTIAN says


  26. Jesus Cryst says

    last time i was there, i happen to listen to a conversation between a visitor and a senior official, where the former requested the release of a person suspected for a commission of a crime under a particular agent who made the arrest. iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pera. madumi ang nbi, kung makapasok man ay siguradong pipinturahan ng pula ang likod mo kung hindi ka matalas.

  27. jethro emmanuel B.Montaño says

    good day to all of us, i would like to apply for a fingerprint examiner II ? what i might going to do?
    what is the requirements and,qualification needed,where it should be send? by the way I’m from Cebu. city

  28. alvin calma says

    hello …there…i am studying forensic science and lets say i pass all the requirements can i apply for NBI in the future?

  29. aidin james v. espineli says

    gudeve sir/mam, ask ko lng po kung ung bs public administration pi ba e pwdeng maging nbi agent?!. or CPA and LAW lng tlga ang kailangan..

  30. Gyn Hunter says

    Maam ask ko lng po kung pwede po ba mag apply as nbi agent kahit na may tatoo ako sa likod..
    Security guard po ako…
    Salamat po

  31. Uzi says

    Degrees won’t be an advantage neither intelligence… It’s common that the applicant agents or si’s should have those… But not all are wholly fit as a person for these positions. Qualifying exams are not easy and they will make sure that only deserving applicants will succeed.

  32. Uzi says

    If you’re concerned about the compensation/salary…forget about applying. The position is a public servant! If the government decides not to pay you…they can…

  33. Uzi says

    It’s not as easy as you people think. You may be a lawyer, CPA or whatever educational attainment you have, you won’t get the position if its not meant for you.

  34. dio says

    This is a very inf0rmative bl0g. Btw, I’m a CPA, I will turn 25 this September. If ever I would be able to hurdle the initial exams and be sent to training afterwards, I’m n0t that financially capable to supp0rt the peri0d of training, though for all I know there would be n0 fees to be c0llected. Because in my case, I am the breadwinner of our family. My questi0n is this: would there be any c0mpensati0n the trainee would be receiving for the peri0d of training? Thanks Fhel.


  35. alfer s. enecuela says

    gud day sir! i am a criminologist and 5’4 1/2… do i stil have a chance? i am willing to be in the NBI tnx much ….

  36. alfer s. enecuela says

    sir, wen po ba ang recruitment for 2014? license criminologist po aq and i want to be in the NBI

  37. nady pabayo says

    pleasant day… ask lang po… yung graduate ng master of criminal justice education, do u think, it is related to SI work in nbi? i plan to apply as NBI SI. TNX

  38. Ernesto says

    I have both the qualification of being a CPA and a Lawyer but I’m already 37 years old. What are my chances? Do they put more weight on age in their screening process? My grades were not very remarkable during my studies at the law school in FEU, the same thing when i was pursuing my Accounting degree also at FEU, but nevertheless, i never got a failed rating on any subject.

  39. vindex says

    hi mam!

    if my height is just 4’11, can I waived that height requirement if I belong to the minority group?
    I really wanna work to this agency..

  40. jayshree mendez says

    hi mam,

    Good day po, im a fireman and RA1080 but i have a tatoo on my back do have a chance to apply in the bureau??

    • rolando says

      Good day ma’am i am a graduate of electronics engineering, and i want to be a part of NBI as special investigator, am i qualified though i am not yet taking my board exam???

  41. jam says

    are they strict with regard to age? over 35 y/o is an automatic disqualification. I am 38 y/o and still awaiting for the result of the bar this march 2014.

  42. Jp says

    Hi Reman,

    I had tried the same step before. After few months of waiting for their response, they instructed me to report at NBI Training Division. Actually, to show your intent and will to join the prestigious agency, email is not enough, better if you will go directly at the Training Division. I believe they are currently hiring both Agent and Special Investigator, and because of rigid qualifying test, they need more qualified applicant to fill the quota for the upcoming batch of training. Hope you could make it Reman. Good Luck!

  43. reman says

    Hi mam,

    nagsubmit na po ako sa email ad na pinopost mo… sana mabasa nila… im a cpa and a barrister. i have been with private employers for 9 years but i decided to join government. sana lang po, mababasa ni Director ang email ko :( is there a way to find out if they have read my application?


  44. charmize says

    thanks f0r the info. Pwede b mgapply kht d p 25 y/o, i am 24 ryt n0w and wtif the eyesight is n0t of n0rmal range, because i have glasses?

  45. Randy says

    Hello I’m a CPA, and I’m interested working in NBI, but my height is only 5″4 1/2, and im near sighted, I’m used to wear contact lenses though. What are my chances? Hoping for your response, thank you.

  46. Mark John Bolatin says

    Good day, I am a CPA and is considering to apply as an agent. What particular training should im going to undergo during the application process? and how long in months if not in days was it gonna last? thanks god bless.

  47. Mark says

    gup pm, i want to be and Nbi agent, but i dont know what i do?, can you help me? i am a graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in math, this is my cell number. 09487350711

  48. Peter Reyes says


    I would just like to ask if do you have any idea how long would the training be before an aspirant can be a full-pledged NBI agent? When is the start of the training process? Thanks.

      • jared says

        hi maam
        i’m a civil engineer 23 years old
        pwede po ba mag apply sa nbi gaya ko isang engr.
        at anong position ang pupwede sa akin

  49. john herbert maliwat says

    wish i cud still be given a chance to be part of the bureau…i’m an undergrad of political science course,,,i’m 36 of age ryt now…ireally admire u guys,for busting bad guys and protecting the citizens of our country…

  50. Sharmaine Chumayyo says

    Hello po. Tanong ko po sana kung kailangan po bang 25 years old and yung height ay 5’3 kasi i’m 20 years old, 5’1 ang height ko and I am fresh graduate. Thanks and God Bless.

  51. Robert Magali says

    Hi Fehl,

    Good day! I heard that every nbi agent will not be assigned to their home place. I just wanna ask if this is really mandatory assigning every agent away from their own place/ area? I am a CPA by the way and I am quite interested of joining the academy. Thank you so much!

  52. cy says

    hi guys, want to share a little of what i know in hiring nbi agents. there are 9steps to be able to enter this prestigious nbi academy. first is the preliminary medical exam where in they would check your vision and height. 20/20 for vision and 5’3 for female and 5’5 in height for male, no pierce and no tattoo, if you fall short on these you cant enter the academy. next is the written exam covering only english, essay and investigative exam. next is the preliminary interview, neuro, polygraphtest, complete medical exam, panel interview and so on. this process will take 6 to 12 months. seriously..

  53. Jaycee says

    Tanong ko lang po gusto ko po mag NBI agent kaso engineering graduate po ako pero nag kaexperience na po ako sa ibang bansa bilang engineer may chance po kaya ako dun?

  54. says

    hello, maam im BSInfo-Tech Graduate po aq, graduate din po aq sa Masteral of Science in Information Technology and Civil Service Passer din,,am i qualified to be an NBI Agent?
    kasi po sbi nyo CPA & Layyer lang lang qualified, what if masteral degree po,…could it be possible na maging NBI Agent din po or Special Investigator?

    thanks po…

  55. jeff says

    Hi Jerald, since you are waiting for the deliveration, I suppose that you are done with the written exam, aren’t you??

  56. pidiya says

    Wala nang hiring ng SI. Pumunta kasi kayo mismo sa NBI training Division para malaman niyo, ang kulang nila ay mga CPA at Lawyers.

  57. julius LOPEZ JR. says

    maam, how if im a criminology graduate and also a board passer? anu pong makukuha kong trabaho sa NBI?

  58. Jerald says

    Waiting for the deliberation. How I wish I grow 2″ this week.
    Ang hirap pag kinapos sa height. Napapaisip tuloy ako, si Jose Rizal, naging dakila kahit maliit siya.

      • Jerald says

        Thanks Fehl. Ang tagal pala nila magresponse. May idea po ba kayo kung anong month ang training nila? Tinawagan ko kasi kaso hindi masagot ng training division.

        • says

          I’m not affiliated or connected to NBI. It is really better to go there in person to apply for a job. I only shared this post here so everyone can know how to be an agent

  59. gabriel says

    hi, may chance pa po ba ako in case na nagapply ako as S.I. sa NBI? dream ko talaga pumasok sa NBI ever since im a licensed architect @ 26 yrs old… sa lahat ng requirements ng special investigator mukhang sa grades ako mahanapan ng butas nyahahaha…. ask ko lan kung may pag asa ba ako pumasa kahit may failing grades ako? kalungkot naman :(

  60. says

    hello mam fehl… can i ask if ever I was accepted to become a NBI agent because I was able to pass CPA board exam. Can i study in alaw school while having employed as an NBI agent. is there a conflict regarding these situation?

  61. Jerald says

    I just submitted some of the requirements but I need to go back on Monday for vision testing.
    I hope I will be qualified. I’m just 5’3″ without shoes. The 2″ could break my dream. Good luck to me.

  62. jonic says

    i’m an accountancy graduate, but i’m not yet cpa, pero nagtake na ako ng civil service professional at eligible na ako
    would i be an nba agent or special investigator?
    how to apply po? thanks

  63. Samuel Sucalit says


    May i ask sir\mam if their is a special consideration considering that my height is only 5’1 male, but im now a 4rth year law student. my questions is can i enter for the entry level since im not yet a lawyer? ur the NBI would accept only to the height as recommended by this prestigious Agency of the government.

    • aries says

      Hi i po pwd po bng magng nbi staff or agent ang isang bsba graduate major in human resource
      develpment management. I really wntd to become
      Nbi agent/staff.thankyou

  64. Dao says

    As for salary inquiry, if you think you can be a good agent or investigator for sure that won’t be your main concern. But it is right that for S.I. it’s salary grade 18 or about 32K basic salary. Age requirement is peg at an age where they think a person is mature enough to handle the nature of work in the bureau. For NBI agent and Special Investigator applicants go directly to NBI Training Division in their main office at Taft Avenue, Manila and submit your resume there and if your qualified you will be scheduled for an exam…. I am not from connected or anything to NBI, this is just the little knowledge that I got from someone working there. Hope it helps our aspiring agents and investigator out there.

    • taylorgrace1027 says

      hello.. are they strict in there requirements that an applicant should had no failing grade?? please reply .. thank uou

    • Dao says

      Being an elite agency I guess they won’t settle for someone who can’t strictly meet the requirements. Remember that if you become an agent you will not be going after petty crimes like burglary or theft and ordinary neighbor disputes or traffic violators. You will handle cases against military and police personnel? Politicians and High ranking officials? And the most notorious and wanted person in the Philippines? That’s why I think they need only the best and as far as I know if ever you passed the initial qualifying exam you will be sent to NBI academy for your training, and you need to undergo and pass series of exams and test in order to graduate. Battling with lawyers and cpa’s at the same time? wohooo that’s tough! But mind you all…..there is no harm in trying if ever you fall short of their requirements… Good Luck!

    • Dao says

      Application for Agents is being handled by NBI Training Division and the Personnel Division handles applicants for regular office job at the bureau. And as of now their advisory is they are only accepting Lawyers and CPA’s who wants to become an NBI Agent and no recruitment for S.I. yet.

  65. Dao says

    Just wanna share the little knowledge that I know about NBI agents and Special Investigators. For Lawyers and CPA graduate you can be an NBI agent, for non-lawyer you are only qualified to as a Special Investigator. Even if you are a Law graduate and you haven’t pass the bar exam yet, you can never be an NBI agent.

  66. Douglas says

    Hi Fehl! Here once again for your expert advice. Though I haven’t received a feedback from you, I just want to know if the NBI have a sort of program wherein its SI’s or employees are given the opportunity to pursue law?

    • says

      Hello :) I’m not an expert really and I’m not from the NBI so I don’t know the answer to this question. I think though just like other companies here, they offer chances for their employees to climb up the career or corporate ladder. If there are no programs, at least they give advices as to how you can pursue higher position or your dream position. Once you worked in a company, you can always know how to go further…

      • Douglas says

        Hi Fehl! So delighted to read a response from you. Thank you for that opinion. As a personal circumstance, I am an officer of the Philippine Marines trying to explore options beyond service in uniform. I took up Political Science and History and a lucky CSE prof holder too. Do you think that my military background will be helpful in my application if ever? I really appreciate every response you give. Thank you and God bless.

  67. Jerald says

    Thanks Fehl.
    I’ll apply next week. I hope they will consider.
    Hmm.. Just want to know if you have an idea on how long is the processing upon submission of the said requirements mentioned above?

    thanks again,.

  68. Emerson says

    Hi Fehl,

    Good afternoon! I just want to ask what particular month NBI is hiring an agent? Or is is a whole year process?

    Thanks and regards,


    • says

      I don’t know if they have grand recruitment period or whatever they call it.. but I think they’re hiring different positions any day. You must check out their “Career” section of their website although right now, it’s not yet available. I guess their website is still under construction. You can contact their personnel hotline anytime anyway to inquire for any opening. God bless!

          • Douglas says

            Hi Fehl. Do you think an applicant with a military background would have an edge over the others given that all of the requirements are satisfied? Does the NBI have a sort of educational program for those SI’s who want to pursue law or something to that effect?

  69. cy says

    hi fehl, remember me? ask ko lang uli do you have any idea about their exam coverage? i just only knew its essay and investigative type, do u have any idea? pls help me..thanks much!

    • says

      Hello Cy :) Yes I remember the name but cant remember what post we talked before…hehehe I have no idea about the exam coverage but IMHO it would really tackle investigative and logical things. Watch some shows like CSI Miami and indulge with Horatio Caine on weekend so you could say much things on the essays. You can surely learn a lot just by watching a full episode :) DVD is P50 only hey! LOL

  70. Jonelle says

    thanks for the information. it would help a lot. may i ask if there’s an AGE requirement? I’m a CPA, 5’6 in height but I’m only 22 years old.

  71. Aba says

    hi! NBI is one of my dream.. I will be finishing my BS-Accountancy this coming October.. i had failing marks but i took the subjects again (re-enrolled) and i passed.. can i still be qualified?..

  72. says

    Good Day to everyone. i want to become a NBI agent thats why i studied Bachelor of Science and Accountancy. and to take board exam on October 2013, But as i read this blog. There is a problem. It is my Eye sight. and is not a normal range now due to my studies. Please reply or quote this post. is it possible that i can still be an agent? is it contact lenses or eye glass can be the remedies?

  73. taylorgrace says

    I’m interested to become a NBI Agent but I have astigmatism(farsightedness).
    Can I still have a chance?

  74. sarah freyra says

    hi 😀 i am an undergrad. soon to be cpa.well, hopefully next year. i cant see myself working all day on an office full of books and journals… im looking for something na hindi ako mbbore and also exciting work. can you please advise me what preparations should i take while im under the age req? thank you for this blog…

  75. Jerald says

    Thanks Fehl.
    My list of pending items are the NBI Clearance, resident certificate and the statement of assets and liability.
    Is resident certificate pertains to brgy. clearance?


    • says

      Resident Certificate is also known as Cedula. Barangay Clearance is another document. You can get them both from your Barangay Hall / Office of the Barangay Chairman/Captain

  76. Ping says

    Hi Fehl! I’m a new lawyer and I’m considering the NBI as a career option. I have three questions that I would like to ask (please bear with me):

    1. Among the requirements is that you should have no “tattoos”. I have body burns (fraternity-related), does that come under the prohibition?
    2. Another requirement is that you must have good eyesight. I am currently wearing prescription glasses (I’m near-sighted) but I plan on undergoing Lasik corrective surgery next month. How does that affect my application?
    2. How about Senate Bill No. 2970 (NBI Reorganization / Modernization)? Last I heard it was already approved on third reading. What could be its effect on the salaries/benefits? I’m hoping for a salary grade increase for entry level agents.

    Thank you very much!

    • says

      Hi there Ping :) Let me say, congratulations! The Bar Exam is one of the most difficult…

      I can only share opinion here. The no-tattoo requirement seems mandatory when applying to a job here in the Philippines. I think it is tied with being decent and looking decent and neat however I think it’s not really a strict policy especially if the tattoo is just little or it’s underneath our clothes or not really exposed. If they asked you if you have a tattoo, of course we must always be honest. Honesty always excels. As to the eyesight, I think if you passed their exam, you’ll be fine. LASIK treatment is a good thing as it brings back a 20/20 vision or almost :) I’ve never heard of that SB yet, thanks for mentioning that here. It sounds amazing. I love watching CSI Miami. I wish NBI here will be as modern as that.

  77. Jerald says

    So, there’s a great possibility that I may not be considered because of my height? Well, that’s the only requirement that will ruin my dream.

  78. says

    good day sir/madam,

    May i apply for special investigator? I am a graduate of BS-Forestry and Bachelor of Laws at Mindanao State University,also a criminology board the same time a police officer II for the position of Municipal Police Station Investigator from Lanao de Sur, PRO-ARMM. i will be 35 this coming September and i have my poor vision due to my day and night daily reading in studying of LAW. I’m almost nine (9) years in the PNP service.. Request further Acknowledgement.

  79. chris says

    gud a seaman and a board passer on my course,can i also be qualified as special investigator?eventhough my work is no related at all.pls give some advice…tnx……….chris

  80. Michelle says


    I have a bachelor degree with honours in Psychology with Criminology and currently undertaking my Master degree in Psychology. One of the requirement is must be a Pilipino citizen which im not as i am British citizen but i was born originally in the philippines. I have a small tattoo in the back of my hand, will i still be eligible to apply?

    If i was to be accepted, does the company have a fix contract in terms of how long i have to work for the company until i can announce to resign.
    Or does the NBI allow a work experience for at least 2 years as part of my practice study?

    Overall of the requirement list above, if i had a reference or recommendation from an NBI Agent, can that be use as support of my application in terms of being able to partake the physical, psychological test?

    I hope you can answer my questions


    • says

      Good afternoon. :) I’m not affiliated and connected with the NBI so I can only share my opinion here. If you are a British citizen, you can still apply although priorities are for Filipinos. Who knows they need British staff for a special assignment. We never know :) So apply :) If you wanna be part of the NBI for work experience or study, just get in touch directly to the director and ask about any available position for you. Your credentials are impressive by the way. Best of luck :)

  81. Mage says


    I really want to work a NBI since I passed the CPA board exam last October2012, but I’m in doubt to apply for I was not fit to the age requirement of 25-35 years old.Can I still apply? Nagbabakasakali po. I really want talaga to work at NBI.

  82. romeo says

    Nice INFO.. i’m interested to be an NBI agent. I”m college graduate w/ s degree of BS Commerce. and a Napolcom passer. Am i qualified for that position or even other position in NBI?

  83. Benjie Punongbayan says

    Good afternoon, Sir/Mam, i am fresh graduate, and taked course of, office management technology, can i work in nbi office as clerk, or staff?

  84. Mohican Nohicam says

    Just asking how does the “Age Waiver” works in order to apply as NBI Agent even if I am below 25 years old. I am a CPA but sitting around tables and everything everyday makes me sick.

  85. Ivan says

    Good day! I am a former seminarian. I finished Ab Classical Major in Philosophy. I recently took masters in theology yet not done for I decided not to continue priesthood. I am planning to apply for any positions available here in NBI. Could it be possible that I will be taking chances at NBI while presently taking up Law?

  86. Caleb says


    I am interested in Special Investigator post.
    I wonder if there is a way i can be qualified.
    I am a BS Computer Science graduate and failed one subject twice.
    Please give me ideas.

    Thank you.

  87. ayie says

    hi, i am not a cpa but i finished Master’s degree in Forensic in London.. I am not intending to work here in london but in the Philippines. I don’t know which area I can ask for any vacancy related to my field when i come back to philippines on March 2013. Please advise. Thanks.

  88. says

    Im Errol Flynn Canete, licns crimnlogst. Sir/Maam i would like to ask f evn im still 23 years old, can i apply NBI in any temprary vacnt position?eithr utilty man r striker…And if i reach 25 i will apply as regulr personnel that fits my course. Ok lng p b kung ganun po?

  89. Fehl says

    Thanks for the heads up. I have updated the salary range in the article and mentioned your name as appreciation. :) God bless you!

  90. dave says

    for the information of everybody: the starting salary IS NO LONGER 18,000…..BUT 32,000 PLUS FOR THE SPECIAL INVESTIGATORS AND 37 THOUSAND PLUS FOR THE AGENTS. THATS THE BASIC SALARY ONLY…

  91. says

    Hello there :) the 18K is just the range, it may increase anytime if there is a new EO. Of course your salary will increase as you reach a higher salary grade. In the government, usual positions require full time commitment. If you want to do sidelines, ask your director about it. You are required to fulfill your duties sworn. Having works outside the agency will only cause conflicts and you must specifically ask your boss’s permission before that…If you wanna be working in the NBI, you must remember their motto in your heart, Nobility, Bravery and Integrity and practice that in your career and duties.

    Working in the government is always a public service. If you want higher and grand compensation, choose a private entity though your contract will not be as solid as working in the government. A private entity is likely to go bankrupt while the government will forever have budget no matter what. Just saying :)


    hi.. thanks for all the info… nice one.
    I just have some questions. I hope you would mind in helping me.
    Is the Php.18,000.00 basic salary fixed for the entry level irrespective of the work experiences you have?
    Are you not allowed to demand higher compensation?
    Is it possible to become an NBI agent at the same time working in other company?:)
    How long does it take to be trained as an agent?

    hehe… sorry if I have a lot of questions.
    I’m just so interested in joining NBI.
    But of course I am also considering the compensation I would receive. A compensation that is at least the same if not higher than the compensation I am currently receiving.
    thanks a lot… GOD BLESS…;)

  93. Cy says

    Hi, I’m a CPA and interested to be an NBI Agent but recently I gave birth via c-section, can I still be accepted to apply as NBI Agent despite I’m operated? I’m just 24 though, still have 1year since age requirement is 25 to 35. I hope you’ll answer my question. By the way very informative blog, keep it up. Thank You!

    • says

      Hello :) Yes you are very much qualified because you are a CPA. Giving birth is all part of being a working woman. Any company understand that besides they also offer special maternity benefits for women. As long as you meet the NBI requirements and training, you have a chance. Just think that you are a CPA and use that edge to pursue your dreams :) Good luck! God bless. Send my hugs to your new baby :)

          • james says

            hello mam can i ask if ever I was accepted to become a NBI agent because I was able to pass CPA board exam. Can i study in alaw school while having employed as an NBI agent. is there a conflict regarding these situation?

      • Giovanni says

        Is it ok if I’m only 5’4″ in height and have eyeglasses but physically fit? I’m a CPA 24 yrs old going 25 and want to enter the world of NBI agents.

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