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How to get and request Travel Order in the Philippines? All government officials and employees are strictly required to have a Travel Order to authorize them to travel abroad no matter what the purpose or how long the duration of their travel will be. In this post, I’m sharing a travel order letter sample and the procedures and requirements in getting the form.

According to the Section 1 of Executive Order No. 459 (by ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo), “the following officials shall seek approval from the Office of the President to travel abroad.”

Members of the Cabinet and officials of equivalent rank;

Heads of GOCCs (Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations), GFIs (Government Financing Institutions) under or attached to the Office of the President; and

Heads of agencies under or attached to the Office of the President”

Provincial governors and mayors however shall seek approval from the Secretary of the DILG.

Heads of State Colleges and Universities shall get Travel Order approval from the Chairman of CHED while other officials and employees of these state colleges and universities will get their approval from their respective heads.

The same with TESDA heads, they must seek approval from the Chairman of TESDA.

All officials and employees of government agencies must get approval from the head of their agencies.

In this post I’m sharing how I got a Travel Order for my mom who is a teacher. Since public school teachers are under the Department of Education, I got the approval from the Director of DepEd Region. Take note that every district has a liaison officer who will usually do the paper work with this matter. But because we were in a rush, I decided to be the one who would process all stuff.

travel order form philippines

Travel Order for Teachers Requirements

  • Travel Order Letter – indicating the reason of travel, where and how long (see sample letter below)
  • Clearance from the school where you are teaching – indicating you’re clear from any accountability or liability
  • Latest Payslip
  • Form 6 – Leave Forms (example: 3 copies if your leave is for 3 days)

Travel Order Letter Form Sample

Sample only. Names are not real.

Letter Sample – Source: Philpad

January 11, 2014

Department of Education
Region IX, Division of Santiago
District of San Jose
St. Peter Elementary School

Kellan M. Watts Ed. D.
District Supervisor

Dear Sir:

I am requesting your honorable office for a Travel Order to authorize me to travel in Singapore on February 14 to February 17, 2014. My son has been promoted to an executive position and he will be officially introduced on February 15 on their company’s big celebration. As proud parents, we were invited to witness the special event.
I will be forever grateful of your kind authorization with this matter.
Thank you very much, Sir.

Very respectfully yours,

Anastasia D. Smith

Procedures in getting a Travel Order for Teachers

The process involves 3 endorsement – first from the district office, second from the division and third (last) from the region office.

1st Endorsement – have your papers signed by the District Supervisor

Submit the letter addressed to the District Supervisor together with your latest payslip and Clearance. The liaison officer then will issue you 1st Endorsement Letter and Clearance after all documents has been signed by the Supervisor. You need to bring these forms at the Division Office for all the authorized heads to sign.

2nd Endorsement – you will need to go to the Human Resource Office (H.R.O.) for your 2nd Endorsement. Have all your papers signed and noted by the department heads. Some of the department heads you will need approval from are:

  • Cashier
  • Accounting (Provident Loan)
  • Admin. Officer
  • Supply Officer
  • Schools Division Superintendent

Then you need to go to the Personnel Section for your Form 6 to get verified and signed.

Proceed to the Admin. Officer for your other papers to get signed. Let the Superintendent also sign them.

Go back to the Records Section and submit your Clearance and a copy of signed endorsements.

3rd Endorsement – go to the Deped Region office to have the final approval of your Travel Order. All papers are stamped and singed there so it’s good to have photocopies or self-copies of them as proof or reference.

Wait for your Travel Order to be released.

The original docs will be left in your hand. You’ll need them to show at the immigration officer at the airport upon your flight abroad. Bon Voyage!

Important Notes:

This process was based from my experience getting a Travel Order for my mom who is an Elementary teacher. Some steps and procedure may differ slightly if the applicant has another job or position or is in another department. The Liaison officer in your agency knows the procedure in case you want assistance. Good day!

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