SSS Deadline of Contribution Payments – for Employers, Self-employed, Voluntary and Household Employers

Deadline of Paying SSS ContributionsThese are the latest SSS deadline schedule updated 2014 for payment of contributions applicable for monthly and quarterly. I got this list from SSS Pampanga. I thought to share this post because everyone was asking about it and for people’s awareness.

SSS is very important to any Filipino working either from a private firm, household service worker, OFW or working as self employed. It is also so important to keep our SSS monthly contributions continuously paid to assure we will be entitled for benefits.

SSS Monthly Payment Deadlines for Voluntary Members, Self Employed and Employers

Deadline Last SSS No. 1-2 Last SSS No. 3-4 Last SSS No. 5-6 Last SSS No. 7-8 Last SSS No. 9-0
January February 10 15 20 25 last day
February March 10 15 20 25 last day
March April 10 15 20 25 last day
April May 10 15 20 25 last day
May June 10 15 20 25 last day
June July 10 15 20 25 last day
July August 10 15 20 25 last day
August September 10 15 20 25 last day
September October 10 15 20 25 last day
October November 10 15 20 25 last day
November December 10 15 20 25 last day
December January (ff year) 10 15 20 25 last day

Example of paying SSS premiums applying the above information: Let’s say my SSS Number is 0344588312 (note: this is just an example number) and I will be paying my April premium. The deadline is on May 10th. If I was late on payment, I’d be paying penalty fees so I must pay before the deadline associated with my SSS Number.

Note: If the deadline falls on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the member will be allowed to pay the following day.

SSS Quarterly Payment Deadlines for Voluntary and Self Employed Members

  • First Quarter: (Jan, Feb, March) deadline of SSS contribution payments is on April
  • Second Quarter: (April, May, June) deadline of SSS payments is on July
  • Third Quarter: (July, Aug, Sept) deadline of SSS payments is on October
  • Fourth Quarter: (Oct, Nov, Dec) deadline is on January of the following year

Note: See the last digit number of your SSS Number and check the applicable deadline following the pattern on the above table

SSS Contribution Payments Deadline for OFWs

  • Jan – Dec contributions – anytime during the applicable year of contribution
  • Oct – Dec contributions – can be paid until January 31 of the following year

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with SSS. I am like everyone else here who is an active member of SSS and I know SSS is so important to an employee and to retirement so I shared this post so that everyone can’t miss paying their contributions.

If you have personal questions about your SSS account, contact your SSS branch or go there personally. If you wanna share any insights or views, feel free to leave them by commenting below. Thank you!


  1. says

    Hi. Tanong lang sana ako sa R3 File Gen ng SSS, pag nagbayad ba kami from January to March this year eh ano kaya ilalagay ko na Applicable Period? At saan dadalhin yung file na ginawa nung program at saka yung report? Thanks!

    • says

      If you paid January to March, you can make the R3 for January, Feb. and March the pass the generated reports at the SSS. Also photocopy your receipt.

      • Rodelio says

        How about the receipt? If there is only 1 receipt for the 3 months then should I divide it by 3 when generating the report for each month?

          • diego says

            i want to continue my sss contribution as voluntary. do i need to start on january next year?or i can start at any month this year? pwede ko p bang mahulugan ung mga month na di ko nahulugan ngayong taon.?hank you in advance.

          • says

            You can pay the present month but not the passed months you missed. It is important we don’t miss payments so we can be eligible for benefits. If you’re not employed, become a voluntary member and pay contributions still.

          • James says

            ask ko lang po kung pede ko po ba mabayran yung last 5 months na hindi ko po nahulugan sa sss. nagresign kasi ako then nagself employed muna ako. last january lang ako resign and balak ko hulugan yung febraury onwrds.. pede pa kaya yun? thanks

          • James says

            pano kung ang situation ay hindi naghulog yung company kahit meron kaming kaltas then someone told me na pumunta sa employer ko at sabihin na pakiupdate yung sss contribution ko. kung huhulugan nila yun. san papasok yung hulog nila sa sss ko? dun sa year na hindi sila naghulog o sa months this year papasok? thanks

          • says

            You have to make sure your accounts reconcile before you conclude your company didn’t remit. Ask your employer politely and they would gladly assist you :) Maybe they were just late or something. I recommend you register for SSS online member account so that you can view your SSS contributions history records

          • Peach says

            i called sss just now, asked ko un due date b tlga nla is the ff. month ng payment mo, sv ng kausap pde daw un let say mghhulog ako for month of aug. pde ko pdaw byaran un until oct. , sv ko monthly ako ngbbyad ndi quarterly it doesnt matter nman daw.. basta pde xa until 3months late..

          • Girlie Canoy says

            Ask ko lng po,, meron n kasi akong e1 or personal record after a year nag bayad n ako sa bayad center without knowing na kailangan pa pla na e register aq ng employer ko, 4 months lng aq nagbayad pagkatapos ni stop q na,, so for now ni registered n aq ng bosing q wait nlng kmi ng papers kng mgkanu penalty

      • kristin dalangin says

        mam tanong ko lang po ano po ba ang requirements if na self employed po ako may hulog na sya dati ng nag work ako continue q lng as self employed status ko marriage na na i transfer ko na din po. 2) sa mother ko may ss number na sya pero wala pa din hulog gusto nya po sana hulugan as self employed ano po ang requirements 3) yung sa father ko po nag self employed sya kaya lang nag stop po sya gusto nya i continue ang pag hulog pwede na po bang mag direct ng bayad sa western para sa contribution nya

      • roelito yanga says

        ask ko lang po sana.. from my records sa SSS website. Yung previous agency ko pa ang last na hulog. lumipat na ako ng agency mula October-December. May pinapakita naman sila sakin na receipt from SSS na nagbabayad sila. Ngayon direct hire ako sa company kung san nila ko naassign..3 months na ko dito. Ngayon lang po nag check ulit ako ng SSS contributions online..wala pa din pumapasok for the month of September2013 up to now?

        • Fehl says

          Ask your employer from those times if they submitted R3 reports. If they did, your contributions will be posted

      • tessalonica says

        Hi po ate.ask ko lng po may chance pa po ba akong mkakuha ng sss i.d kc po 5 yrs na po aqng d nkkahulog sa nid ko po kumuha ng i.d requurements po kc sa pag kuha ng passport..anu po gagawin ko

        • Fehl says

          You are no longer active if you’re not paying contributions. Resume your contributions by paying continuously then you can apply for UMID Card aka SSS ID

    • joanna says

      I am a voluntary member of sss but failed to pay for more than 5 years. Can still pay my contributions? Coz im planning to get a maternity benefit. Thanks. Pls email me.

      • Fehl says

        I believe you can resume your contributions by paying your present contributions but not the ones you have missed

      • Teresa urcia says

        tanong ko lang po, ano po pwede ko gawin myron ako buwan na hindi nahulugan month of sept, 2012 pano ko po mahuhulugan ano po mga dapat gawin ?salamat po

  2. jem says

    Hi. Tanung ko lng sana, kasi contractual employee aq ng isang govt agency. Nung nagapply aq s sss as self employed, I wrote in my rs-1 form that my net income each month will be 11k and resulted that i have to pay 1,150 each month. Eh kaso nung nagcontract signing aq hnd n 11k ang sweldo ko, mas mababa ang naging sweldo ko. tanung q lng sana magkanu b tlga dapat q bayaran each month. thanks.

  3. Ivy Arce says

    how do we pay sss voluntary contributions? what is the process? thru bank? if yes is that all, how does it get credited to her sss contri record. Thank you.

    • says

      Go to accredited SSS payment centers like banks, Western Union, SM Business Center and many more. Voluntary Members can pay via these payment centers. You can register to SSS Online to inquire about your account anytime.

      • Gina Gervacio Bueno says

        if i lost my card how can i get a new ID? what are those requirements? coz i lost my ID at the airport.
        and i have kasambahay and i want her to have her sss..she had only postal ID,which is I got her here near in our this allowed ID? to make her as a member in sss?
        thank u very much for ur time sir/madam
        God bless u

      • Mhalixe says

        Hi after the remittance of bayad center to sss, how long will it take to registered my contribution to my account?

        • says

          I process employer’s account. I pass R3 reports. For voluntary members who pay at Bayad Centers, I’m not sure if posting is automatic. Ask SSS personally to verify that

          • Vanie says

            Hi maam ask ko lng po . Ng stop ako sa work ng katapusan ng may 2013,then nabuntis ako etong oct.2013 duedate akong manganak july 2014 ngaun lng ako ng self employed ngbayad ako ng jan-march contribution.possible ba may makuha akong maternity ?

          • Mae says

            Hi Fehl,

            Good day to you! When you pay at the Bayad Center, d automatic yong posting. How I wish automatic nga xa! I paid kc for my loan Wednesday last week and now, Tuesday, still has not been posted yet. One more thing, right after I resigned from my latest job, I updated my status to voluntary sa branch nila, but when I checked online, nakaemployed pa rin ako and it has been more than a year since I updated my information. I am afraid ung website d din ganun ka helpful! :(

      • jay-ar reburcio says

        HELLOW MAAM gusto ko lang ho eimform kung pwede ako makakuha ng ID card, matagal na po ako nag member yun nga lang now lang nahulogan. kasi kailangan ko rin po ang binifits nito, dahil punta po ako ng abroad. ilang monht ko babayaran bago ako makakuha ng ID.

  4. says

    tanong ko ng register ako sa sss nung january voluntary member nabyaran ko na ang january , 5 months ay hindi ko pa nabayaran pwede kopa bang bayaran yong 5 months na un?

    • says

      SSS contributions must be maintained and paid continuously to avail benefits in case of need. If you missed a month or more, you surely missed a lot of benefits you are entitled with. SSS is insurance. A member needs to pay monthly premiums in order to keep its status active and in order to be entitled for benefits

  5. Tina says

    re sa ofw deadline of payments i’ve already pay for april and may contributions but i wasnt able to pay the previous months (jan-march of 2013)prior to what you posted would that mean i can still pay the months ive missed?

      • tina says

        I was able to pay for the months I’ve missed (Jan-March 2013).so now I’m worry-free that I won’t be able to comfortably pay regularly coz all the while I thought I’ve missed a lot of payments and won’t be able to get all the benefits that SSS can give me :) thanks for the infos..your blog is surely informative ..keep it up! and God bless!

      • jhanis tagade says

        Hi msm good day po ask ko lng po kc la p ung umid ko nung may 19 ,p po ko kumuwa need ko po un for taiwan sabi sira po ang id center .. ano po dpt ko gwin please help

      • Ariza says

        Ask ko lang po may penalthy na if one day delay sa payment…kahapon ang dead line ko sa SSS sept 10 nawala sa isip ko mag bayad …kaya ngaun ako mag pay sa sa sept 11 mag Kano payment pag one day delay I’m voulontary payment

  6. Briggs says

    I am a self employed sss member. If I pay may contributions thru accredited sss payment centers, will there be any delay in terms of posting day to sss if I pay on the deadline? Kindly advise. Thanks!

  7. diego says

    matagal n ako naghuhulog ng sss, sa palagay ko nasa 98 months n ako at 7 taon diito ay tuloy2 hanggang 2004..kaya lang natigil nung nawalan ako ng trabaho..wala po bang problema n ituloy ito..kung sakali at maghulog ako ngayong taon pwede ko pa po ba huugan ung ung mula jan – june 2013..salamat ng marami.

    • kristallyn says

      Good day Ma’am !!!!

      i need help po ,, hind po ako nakapaghulog since august 2013 until now,, pwede ko po bng bayaran yun na missed kong contribution ,,, im a self emplyoed member .. ano po ba dapat kong gawin ..??? bayaran o continue contribution po ,,,

      maraming salamat po ,,,,

  8. johnny says

    mam Fehl…
    34 contributions na po me…36 po req’d ang minimum sa salary loan right ? ? Ask ko na rin po kasi ung MAY and JUNE ko.wla pang remit ang SSS when i checked online . I checked with our accounting department , sabi po nila nakapagbayad na sila ng premium lage on time …almost 2nd week na ng JUly pero wala pa rin po remittance online …34 contributions p rin ako nung chineck ko sa online system ng SSS . . nagemail n rin po ako sknla and wlang sumasagot…need ko pa naman po magloan kasi may im on a tight budget right now …thanks for reading….

      • johnny says

        tama po kayo sa loan application…employer ko nga po maglalakad nun…nagtanong na me sa mga officemates ko…and sila nga (employer) tlaga ung mag lalakad nun.. pero ung main question ko , about dun sa remittance online ….baket po hndi pa rin lumalabas online ung contribution ko for the Month of MAY and JUNE ….eh july na po…kung wala po ung dalawang month na un..d pa po ako eligible sa loan…currently 34months p lng ang contribution ko….i already asked our HR regarding this , and they said , on time sila magbayad ng premiums nmin sa SSS …

        prang ang tagal magprocess or magremit ng SSS ng payment…

  9. simplerose says

    hello fehl…

    im just 24 years old at nag pa member na po ako ng SSS as self employed.
    sa katunayan naka 9 contribution na po ako kc inadvance ko na ung pagbabayad ko hanggan december nitong taon…..1560 ang monthly ko!!!

    ask ko lng po kung sakaling mabuo ko man ung 120months na paghuhulog sa SSS
    ,magkano po kaya ang magiging pension ko pagtumanda na ako?

    thanks :)

  10. joane says

    hi! my brother in law became an ofw last june.. he still want to continue his contribution.. possible po kaya yun? and how?

      • mhya says

        Hi po.ung uncle ko po ay member ng sss, voluntary po ang status nia. Nag iwan siya ng mga checks foe quarterly payment sa sss nia.ang problema po, na miss ko ung two months ngayong taon na ito. What will happwn po kaya and how much is the penalty?a

  11. Kathy says


    If our employer is paying quarterly, should the deductions be on a quarterly basis as well? Or can they deduct it monthly, and post the payments quarterly?


  12. says

    Hi Ma’am

    I have applied salary January last year and it was approved. The only problem is that my previous company failed to deduct monthly amortization from my salary. I resigned last May 2013 due to high risk pregnancy. Til now I haven’t paid anything. Can I apply for condonation?or just pay in full including the interest?
    Thank you

  13. francis v degollacion says

    I am trying to pay today via internet my sss num last digit is 8 but there is error. Is the sytem down right now. My deadline is still on the 25th of July for my June contribution.. Why is this so.

    Thank you.

  14. karen says

    Hi. I have a situation, my sister is paying her monthly contribution up until dec before she went abroad and work as DH. Now she would like to continue paying but she would want it for whole year.before it was monthly, and its voluntary. Can she pay the month she missed? So that will be jan-to dec. Its hard for her to continue paying since she doesnt have any day off, and shes not into online thing. (not that internet savvy). She already missed jan to june., is there any way around that? Can we pay 1 whole year instead and update her status as OFw along with that? Pls i need to know how we could resolve this. Any advise will help.

    • says

      Now that she’s an OFW, she can update her SSS status as OFW and can pay her contributions every year. If you will update her record on her behalf, she must authorize you to do the filing on the SSS since she’s now abroad

      • elvie barboza says

        Hi, ask ko lang po kapag nagbayad ako ng sss contribution sa isang bayad center, okay lang po ba na hindi na ako gumamit ng rs-5 form ng sss but instead yung transaction form na lang po ng bayad center? Thanks

  15. Joanaliza says

    byad na ako ng for the month of july 2013, mgloloan na po sana ko kaso sabi dun sa sss kulang p ung contribution ko hindi p nkapost ung hulog ko ng july…ask ko lng kelan po yun maipopost at pede b ko mkapagloan khit nka update lng sa system ei month of june? tnx.

  16. says

    hey ask ko lang po sana kasi ang asawa ko ay ofw. nalimutan namin maghulog nung for the month of may. san ko pwedeng bayaran ung late na 2 months na un? thanks. hope to hear from you soon

  17. arnel says

    ms fehl, natigil po ang paghulog ko ng sss nung 1992 pa pwede po ba akong maghulog bilang voluntary member/ at kung meron po bang sss condonation 2014//salamat po

  18. erlind says

    Good day ms. Fehl,

    ask ko lang po sana anu mangyayari if i stopped paying my monthly contributions sa SSS since April 2012… i am now a government employee… can i start remitting again my monthly contributions as self employed with out penalty payments??

    thanks for considering this…

    • says

      Since you now work in the government, you will now be part of the GSIS instead of SSS. If you have been contributing in the SSS for so long, you may wish to ask if you’re eligible for the Portability Law Retirement option (GSIS + SSS) in the future. You can inquire about this by going to the SSS branch that handles your membership

  19. Joanaliza says

    ask ko lng po kung anung date ipo2st or iaupdate ung contribution ko…kasi until now ung moth of july ko nd pa rin nka post sa sss..last digit po ng sss ko ay 1.

  20. says

    paano po ba mag change from employed to voluntary? sabi kasi sakin before automatic na daw yun pag naghulog ako ng voluntary contribution wala ng requirements.

    • says

      Update your status as Voluntary by resuming your contributions as voluntary. Go to the SSS to make the update and you can then pay to any accredited payment center like banks

  21. anne says

    Nid ko po b mgbyad ng penalty s late payment s contribution d po kc ako nkpghulog agd ngyng quarter pnu po kya un? Tnx po

  22. tintin says

    Hi po.i am a household employee,tanong ko lang po kung anong dapat gawin para maging isang ganap na voluntary?
    Thnk you and godbless

    • says

      To be an official voluntary SSS member, you need to register at the SSS personally. If it’s your first time ever (and you have not been an SSS member before) you need to file E1 and get SSS number then register as Voluntary Member, choose the contribution you’ll pay monthly and pay monthly. If you were an SSS member before and you are just switching to be a voluntary, you just need to update your Status at the SSS too. Bring valid ID and your SSS number.

  23. Don says

    I checked my SSS contribution online and found out that my May 2013 contribution is not posted. As I checked my previous payslip I discovered that they deduct statutory contributions every 15th payroll. Since I resigned last June 9 and their cut-off for June 15th payroll was June 10, they didn’t process my statutory payment. is there anyway I can settle this?

  24. OMS says

    Tanong lang po,I’m living here in canada right now and I want to continue my contribution as voluntary? What shoul I do?

    thanks a lot in advance! :)

    • says

      You need to switch to Voluntary member by updating your SSS status and resuming your contributions. I’m not sure if they allow Special Power of Attorney if the member updating is currently in abroad. Ask your relative or family to go to the SSS branch that handles your membership and verify if you can update by authorizing someone. I guess it works but I’m not hundred percent sure.

  25. Marilou M.Espena says

    gud day po!Dati n po akong member at my hulog n po yong employer q ng ilang buwan sa sss ko po nung 2006.Ngayon po wla n po akong trabaho at gsto q pong magvoluntary paying member. pwede po ba iyon kahit mtagal n po ako na hindi nakapagbayad o nkpgcontribute.tnx po.

  26. Janette Flores says

    Nag umpisa ako mag-inquire ng funeral claim nakaburol pa lang ang asawa ko noong March 26,2012, sa Meycauayan Branch, pinakuha nila ako ng requirements paisa-isa tuwing babalik ako hindi na lang pinagsabay-sabay, at ng makumpleto ko after 2 months, nacancel na ang isang number at tagging naman ng self-employed status ang problema, hiningi ang original RS-1 form na may received na Oct,1999, ang sabi maghintay ako ng notice after 6 months wala pa ring notice kaya pumunta na ako , pagpunta ko ng August 28,2013 wala man lang nabago sa status ng problema hindi pa rin naka-tag ang self-employed status, under investigation pa rin at higit sa lahat nawawala ang folder ng asawa ko at hindi makita sa mga file nila, sa computer file lang ang nakita, kaya sa sobrang dissapointment ko umiyak na lang ako pag-uwi, 1 year and a half ako na naghihintay na maproseso ang claim ko burial claim pa ganun katagal iproseso, at ngayon sasabihin nawawala ang folder anong sistema meron ang ahensya niyo, matagal ko na gusto lumapit sa media pero nagpapasensiya lang ako, pero sa nangyari sa mga naifile ko na nawala parang gusto ko nang ituloy ang pagpunta sa media para ayus ayusin naman ang pagproseso,inintindi ko pa na madami kasi kayong member kaya ganun katagal, pero sa nararanasan kong pabalik-balik ng madaling araw sa branch niyo dahil sa pagkuha ng number tapos gastos sa pamasahe at madalas na pagtitiis ng gutom makatipid lang, malaki na nagagastoa ko bago pa makuha ang BURIAL CLAIM tapos mawawala ang folder…..anong gusto niyong marinig buhat sa akin…MARAMING SALAMAT BA…

    • says

      I’m sorry and sad to hear this. I feel you. I think you’re not alone and there are other members who experience this. I just hope though processing would be much faster. I wish SSS would hire more employees so that service would be faster and more convenient. This is not SSS but I’m sure they already know cases like this. I hope they give them priority. *hugs from me to you and your family* God bless!

      • vanessa corpuz says

        hi ma’am Janet Flores,
        halos parehas tayo ng experience kaya alam ko ang pakiramdam mo. yung sA AKIN naman is about maternity benefits somebody claim it which is whom i do not know kung sino…naka 3 beses na rin ako pabalik2 sa main office nla pero wlang ngyari marami na akong nagasto sa pamasahe kasi taga ilocos sur pa ako at sa cavite ko kasi na e file ung mat2 ko kaya sa main office ako nag follow up if there is a way na ma2longan nla ako ma trace kng saan at kung sino ang nagpa cashed ng check ko. napagod na rin ako at sumoko kasi pinagpasahan nila ako noon sabi puntahan ko sa cavite post office ung check ko pagpunta ko pinasa nman ako sa main post office sa q.c pagpunta ko doon sabi nanman na return to sender na daw sa main SSS pagpunta ko dun sabi nman sa akin bumalik nga ung sulat pero vouncher nlng wla na ung check so dba pinaka ebedinsya ko na un na hindi ko nahawakan ang sulat at check na galing skanila? They advice me to fill up an affidavit with notary pero wla pa ring nangyari dko alam kng tinuloy nila ang investagation or binale wala nlng nila kasi my check is dated Sept,2008 pa last update nila skn na nag investigate daw cla June,2011 pa and nothing follows. last month naalala ko nnman un kasi nagbayad ako ng monthly contribution d2 sa La Union sinubukan ko lumapit sa maternity verifier ngkwento about it sabi nun personnel dun she will try to help me magsulat daw ako mangumusta kng may aasahan pa ako sknila at ipinadala ko ung mga sulat nila skn noon. na appreciate ko nman ung tulong na ginawa sa akin nun taga La union SSS branch pero ung sa main never..Kaya minsan nawwlan na ako ng gana magbayad ng SSS voluntary member na kasi ako ngayon..baka taposin ko nlng ung 120 months din enough kasi nakaka disappoint…

    • Lin says

      Hi Janette like you, ganyang-ganyan din ung nangyayari sa mom ko ngayon. Nung September 2011 nag-file din cia ng burial claim sa SSS Meycauayan para sa namatay ko na stepdad na eventually legal husband niya na kasi nagpakasal naman sila. Hanggang ngayon pabalik-balik Mama ko dun pero wala pa rin nangyayari to think na nakapgcomply na kami sa mga hinihingi nila na documents. Tapos nitong October 4, 2013 bumalik ulit dun Mama ko para mag-follow up ang sabi sa kanya kailangan na naman daw interbyuhin ung mga kapatid ng namatay ko na Stepdad eh ilang beses na nilang nainterview ung mga un. Sobrang nakakaasar na

  27. fatima maglahus says

    hi ma’am..thanks po sa infos nyo..its a very big help..pero ask q lng sana trying to apply for educational loan kc and they require atleast 36 contributions to be able to avail the loan..ngayon po,27 pa lang ung akin and my last contribution is last feb planning on paying 9 contri next month sept para maging 36..pwede ba bayaran ko jan-sept lahat2x?.pwede po ba yon late payments?sana po masagot nyo ung tanong ko..thanks po..God bless!

  28. Joseph Ico says

    Ako pom ay isang OFW pero volutary contribution ang binabayad ko. d ko nabayaran ang april may at june 2013. July onwards lng ang nabayaran ko. Pumunta ang kamag anak ko sa sss at sabi na di naraw pwdng bayaran ang 3 months na past due at pwd lang bayaran un pag malapit na kong mag pension. Ang concern ko baka may interest na yun at hnd naba talaga pwdng bayaran ung 3 months ngayon?

  29. Nette says

    Presently employed ako at nagleave ako ng isang buwan kaya wala akong income, kaya wala din po akong contribution sa sss nung buwan na yon. Pwede bang bayaran ko yon as voluntary member? Tapos yung mga sumunod na bwan ay thru my employer pa rin?

  30. Len says

    Tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko paba bayaran ung July-Sept. 2013 contribution ko? kc nagkamali ako ng nabayaran last aug. ung Oct.- Dec.2013 ang nalagyan ko ng bracket sa RS-5 form ko. kaya nalampasan ung July-sept. contribution ko. thanks

  31. Nhay says

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede ko paba bayaran ung July – Sept. 2013 ng husband ko? My husband is an OFW, quarterly ko sya pinagbabayad ng contribution, then unintentionally ang nabayaran kong contribution nya last August is from Oct.- Dec. 2013 imbes na July – Sept. 2013 . Pls. i really need your feedback ma’m.

  32. jeffrey bruan says

    Hi mam fehl
    ask ko lang po if first time ko po maghulog ng sss contribution.pwede ko po ba bayaran ung contribution for the whole year, at kung sakaling makapghulog na ako, pwede na po ba ako magpagawa ng id ? Kailangan ko po kasi ng ng sss id.. voluntary member po ako at may sss number na po ako since 2010 pero wala pang hulog.. thanks

  33. jeffrey bruan says

    Hi mam.ask ko lang po.. kung kailangan may hulog na po ba dapat na contribution para makapagpagawa ng sss id? May number na po ako from sss and di ko pa cya nahulugan since june 2010. Do i need to pay for the years ive never contribute para magawan nila ako ng id? Thanks po

    • Fehl says

      Yup you need to be an active member. You cannot pay the months you have missed in 2010. you can however resume your membership by paying your present contributions and coming ones.

  34. merli says

    hi, i have same question as above pero wala kasing answer.. sana po matulungan mo ko.. im currently employed, pero nagself employed ako last year until may 2013.. so walang contribution yung months na yun,gusto ko sana bayaran yung feb to may. would that be possible pa po ba? thanks!

    • Fehl says

      I know we cannot pay the months we have missed however we can resume our membership or switch status. It is our responsibility as members of SSS to maintain continuous contributions.

  35. Tdanuco says

    Gusto ko mag tanong, I just change my SSS to Voluntary from covered employee just last month then nag bayad ako nang 416 tapos nag bayad then ako this month same date.. hindi ko kasi alam when ako pwede mag bayad uli. Tanong ko bakit di ko makita online na my contribution ako this month? sa SM ako nag bayad..salamat

    • Marifel Dungo says

      The deadline for voluntary are mentioned above. You need to pay monthly or quarterly and not missed payment in order to remain active.

  36. Lyn T. says

    Hi!.i resigned from my previous company last month sept 15,2013. I had a new job opportunity on Nov 4 2013. Which makes me unemployed for the whole month of October 2013. I am planning to contribute as voluntary for the meantime. But is it advisable to pay 104php or just continue the 1560php which I contribute during my covered employee days?
    Will it be okey to change my status as voluntary for October 2013 But I will be an employee again on November 2013? Thanks!

  37. novie says

    tanong lang po ilan na po.kayoyong babayaran ko kc ng apply ako noong july 2011 pa mag sisimula na sana ako magbabayad next month..tnx

  38. Sandra says

    Hi, first of all thanks for your SSS posts they are informative and very helpful. :) I have a few queries for now, if you don’t mind. Do you happen to you if it’s possible to change my declaration of earnings in SSS? I am self-employed but registered as voluntary member and I’m paying the maximum SSS contribution, which is quite heavy. What I’d like to do is change my declaration of earnings (as I am self-employed my source of income isn’t stable) so that I can lower my SSS cont. Is that possible?

    In line with that, I’d also like to know if a higher contribution equals to higher benefits? If that’s the case then I don’t need to proceed changing anything but I’d really don’t know if it is. Please enlighten me. Thanks a lot! :)

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hello thank you for the kind words. :) Yes, if you wanna change anything or adjust anything in your account, just update your membership record at the SSS branch where your account is handled. As to your second question, yes contributions is a big factor in receiving benefits such as retirement because the longer and higher you have contributed, the higher would be your retirement benefits/pension. To other benefits like maternity, the salary bracket is also a factor. To know more about SSS benefits, just visit SSS website and read them there. God bless!

      • Sandra says

        Thank you so much Marifel! I needed a direct answer on this and I’m happy you gave it straight away! :D Websites and other SSS links contain a lot of info which I’m too busy to go through hehe. Good choice of stuff to blog about. :) Again, thanks much! Wish you luck and God Bless too!

  39. Ritz michael cornel says

    Hello maam fel i was working before as an on call kitchen helper..hindi po ako kumuha ng sss that hindi naman po ako pinakuha ng company na pinasukan ko.and now i am processing my papers to work in a shipping agency and they required with a premium contributions that also states that ive been working for one pano po ako makakakuha po nang ganyan?at wala pa po akong contributions sa sss maam..ano po ang magandang gawin maam fel? Salamat po

  40. Emz says

    Hi po,

    yung brother ko kasi OFW..di siya nakapag contribute since January kasi umuwi siya dito sa pinas. Now nakabalik na siya pinabayaran niya sakin dito sa pinas kaso sa BAYAD CENTER ako nagbayad sabi ang pwede ko lang daw bayaran is yung month ng July-Sept. pwede ko pa bang bayaran yung Jan-June? Thanks po!

  41. dexter says

    hi po panu po pag di nahulugan ng company mo ung sss from janury upvto december exceptsa june dahil un lng meron dun sa online ko nung chineck kom. and lgi namn kami kinakaltasan. mahuhulugan pa kaya nila ung mga months na walang hulog if magbabayad na sila ng sss.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Keep your payroll receipt always because they are proofs/evidence about your SSS contributions. It is your employer’s responsibility to submit R3 reports or contributions every month or quarter at the SSS. If you can’t see them posted on your account online, they must have missed submitting or uploading R3 files.

  42. julie calibuso says

    Hi po, ask ko lang po sana, hindi po kasi ako nakapagbayad ng July-September contributions due to some reasons, and balak ko po xang bayaran this december kasama na din yung last quarter which is October-December contributions, so magiging semi-quarterly na siya, pwede ko kayang bayaran this december at kung magkano po ang penalty ng hindi nabayarang quarterly contributions?

  43. nami says

    Hi could you kindly help me with my SSS concern? I just recently pay my monthly amortization for my salary loan at Bayad Center in San Pedro last Dec 19, 2013. I know that my due date for the month of November is until Dec. 20, 2013 kasi 10th digit of SSS# is 5 so Im confident na hindi ako due. But when I saw the printed receipt from that Bayad Center, ang nakalagay na Applicable Month ay December 2013. Does it mean na yung binayad ko last Dec 19 ay pang December 2013 pa? So ibig bang sabihin wla akong payment ng Nov.? Hindi ba dapat pasok ako sa payment due date ko for the month of November 2013 ay Dec 20, 2013? (10th digit of SSS# is 5)?

  44. Jiasmib says

    Tanong ko lang sana kung na reached na ang 120 months contribution kung pwd na stop or ano mangyayare kung tuloy2 pa din hulog aabutin na ng 240 months pag 60 yrs na. Ano ang difference nun.

  45. merlin says

    hi…paano po qng ung nov at dec 2013 hindi mo nahulugan pwede mo pa bang bayaran yun kahit 2014 na ngaun oh hindi na pwede mag start nlng aq ulit sa january 2014

  46. Kaikai says


    Naging member po ako ng SSS last October 2013 as self-employed kaso di ko pa na try maghulog until now. What should I do? Pwd pa bang hulogan yung missed months ko? or yung present na ang pwd?, please I need your help. Thanks :)

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you became a member, that doesn’t mean you’re already an Active member. You need to start paying your contributions in order to become active and in order to be eligible to benefits. I suggest you start contributing and don’t miss any month.

      • Janine says

        hi po. same situation po kami ni kaikai, june po ako ng register, pero hindi pa nakahulog kahit isa. basta maghuhulog lang po ba ako o kelangan pa mag apply as voluntary member? saka pano po malalaman kung magkano contribution kung wala naman po akong trabaho? maraming salamat po.

  47. MJ says

    Hi Maam,
    Can I start paying for my brother’s SSS contributions at any bayad center. He has the e-1 form only that has his account number but it hasn’t been paid since pa. Can I pay for it thru bayad centers or I need to check with the SSS branch pa? Please reply soon. Thanks Maam

  48. Jagon says

    Hi good day po.. tanong ko lang sana kasi voluntary member lang ako tapos monthly ako nagbabayad sa SSS. Pwede po bang direct quarterly na ako magbabayad? or may mga docs or regulations pa akong dapat sundin para yung terms of payment ko quarterly na. Thank you po..

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yup I suggest quarterly payment to save time. It’s much more convenient. Just fill out the dates you will pay in the form. Example: fill out Jan, Feb, and March 2014 if you’ll pay this first quarter. I think there’s no need to update coz it will reflect already on SSS once you paid if you’re a voluntary member

  49. jhay says

    hi good day po.. meron na po akong e-1 number.. as of now di pa sya nahuhulugan. may business na ako ngayon at brother ko lang katulong ko sa business.. paano po ang process if ireregister ko ang business ko at ang brother ko?? at ano mga requirements?? thank you..

  50. grace says

    hello ms fel…balak kong mag start ng voluntary contribution next month, what do you think is the ideal amount of monthly contribution for optimum pension later?

  51. richel says

    Hello po, sana matulongan nyo po ako. Nagkamali kasi ako nang nabayaran. Imbis na 3rd quarter ang bayaran ko nabayaran ko ang 4th quarter tapos na bayaran ulit. Bale na doble ang bayad ko sa 4th quarter. Nag file ako nang request for correction of contribution. Ang problema ay hindi nila tanggapin yung resibo ko kasi sa bayad center daw po ako nagbayad. Ano po ba ang dapat gawin?

  52. richel says

    Gusto ko rin pong maintindihan kung nakapag skip ako nang 1quarter sa contribution. Masasayang po ba yung dating contribution ko? Kailangan ko po talagang malaman. Tanx po

  53. DANICA FOSTER says

    Hi po tanong ko lang pano po kapag hindi ako nakapagbayad ng 4th qaurter last 2013 pwede ko po bang bayaran ngaung january 2014 pero ang deadline pa po is nung 15 meron po bang penalty yun or makakaapekto po ba pag nag-loan ako soon. thank you po.

  54. maydz says

    hi..tanong ko lng po kc ngresign ako s office nmin aug 2013 tapos ung contribution ko dun is hanggang july 2013 lng..tapos po ang ginawa ko ngbayad ako nung for the month of august tapos d n po ulit ako nkapaghulog. balak ko pong magbayad ngaun january for the months of sept,oct,nov,dec.. pwde p po kya un?salamat po

  55. grace says

    hello mam fel ask kulang Pareho kami OFW ng asawa ko din ang sss contribution ng asawa ko nakaligtaan niang bayaran ung yr 2013 pwede paba nyang mabayaran this january 2014 kasi may nabasa ako na if OFW ka at hindi ka nakabayad sa January-December na contribution pwede mopa yan mabayaran in the following year january 2014..if its posible ba na pwede pa..? thanks.

  56. Ren says

    I would like to ask regarding my status in SSS, I applied as Self-employed a couple of months ago. But when I asked authorities regarding the next step, they told me i have to go to my employer to fix things. I was confused since I am a self-employed. From then on, I wasn’t able to continue to process my account. What should I do? I already have my own SSS number, is it okay for me to pay now? Or do i still have to fix something. Please help me. Thanks!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I suggest you verify your account status po. Bring valid IDs and check sa SSS personally before you make necessary transactions or payments

  57. Maria cecilia catipon says

    Good day po. Ask ko lang po kung paano pwede gawin kung self employed ka sa paghuhulog sa sss pero nung nag check ako sa online may 3 months akong walang hulog ng oct-dec 2011.nawawala yung receipt ko ng oct-dec?. Paano po maayos ung contribution ko?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yes you can pay quarterly. I’m also paying quarterly as it’s much more convenient than monthly. I also submit R3 reports every quarter. :)

  58. Jovell says

    Would like to ask if its okay to for Employer to quarterly pay for sss contributions?
    looking forward for your response soonest.

  59. ronald gutierrez says

    tga tanauan po ako,sa city hall ng tanauan city,batangas ako nagpa member sa sss self employed ,ang bdo po ba ay natanggap din ng payment sa sss o pwede kaya sa bdo acct ko na lang ilagay and then transfer na lang nila sa sa account ng sss?

  60. Susana Sotelo says

    I am a government employee working full time for 3 days a week. Can I apply as a voluntary member of SSS? Thank you.

  61. sassa says

    Hi im a voluntary member monthly aq nagbabayad every 25th of the month pro dis month nkaligtaan ko ask ko lng pnu pg d aq nkpg hulog pede ko pb cia byran?tnx in advance

  62. cecille says

    good evening po.. ask ko lang kc self employed ako sa sss.. 2010-2011 pinadla kmi ng company namin sa japan as trainee. putol lhat ng benefits nmin sa cmpany they offer na sila na lang ang magcocontinue muna nung payment sa sss ko. after two years pagbalik ko babayaran ko sa knila..pero ngayong 2013 nag check ako ng contribution ko sa sss online may lapses ako ng oct-2011to dec.2011..pero sabi nila binayaran nila un.pero nawawala ung resibo.. mahahabol ko pa ba un sa sss?..

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You probably can if you will show the proofs/receipts that they paid your contributions during those times

      • alberto b. gatdula jr. says

        mam ask ko lang po nagbayad poko ng voluntary sa sss main office ng loan ko for 11k last october 2012 but when i check ngayon dipo na post yung binayad ko nawala ko napo resibo ko ano po kayang pwedeng gawin para marecover po?

        • Fehl says

          If I’m not mistaken every receipt in SSS payment have 3 copies. If your receipt was lost and you badly need it, you can request the SSS branch to have a copy for you. They have 2 copies since the original is always left at the payer

          • KYNE L. DINGLASAN says

            Good Morning ma’am
            Ask ko po if youre an employer at nawala ma’am ung receipt na pinagbayadan sa SSS for a member contribution anu po bang dapat gawin?

  63. len says

    Ask ko lang po..nkakuha ako na sss number dati pa pero never ko ito nahulugan..currently im a government employee. N0w gusto ko hulugan ung sss ko. Nagtan0ng na ako dati sa meycauayan branch ,self-employed dw aq pero need my business. E pan0 kung wla aq iba business pwd pa ba aq maging self employed at anu magiging basis ng contribution ko kung sakali?tnx po

  64. sharon says

    Hi good day po.. tanong ko lang kung may semi annual na terms of payment ang sss sa contribution? Na miss ko kasi yung april.. thanks po..

    • Fehl says

      As far as I know, you can still pay your April premiums as of now (April 22 as I write this post) and until first week of May

  65. pol says

    May idea po ba kayo kung kelan nag uupdate ng contributions ang website ng sss? It’s already the 24th of April pero Feb parin ung nakapost na latest contribution ko, sure naman na hinuhulog yun ng employer ko ‘coz I’m working in a well known call center here in Manila. The problem is, kelangan ko mag salary loan and my 36th contribution is for the month of March. Nkaka stress na yung araw araw ichecheck ung napakabagal nilang website tapos ang sasabihin sayo eh insuficient contribution kasi for Feb parin ung posted

      • pol says

        i already asked the HR and the answer is yes., hintayin ko nlng daw na iupdate nila ung contribution post sa website nila. And that’s what I’m doing, pero anung petsa na? Hindi parin sila nag uupdate.

  66. karlo260 says

    Hi. Ask ko lang sana kung pwede pa hulugan yung last month. I missed my payment kc for the month of March. Lampas na rin sa deadline. Pwede ba hulugan pa? How? Thanks.

  67. graxa says

    hello,tanong ko lang po gusto ko sana ipagpapatuloy ko sana yung sss ko kaso lang di ako nakapagbayad nung first quarter, ibig sabihin ba nun sa second quarter na lang ako magbayad??kung self employ ka pwede na ba na ako yung pipili ng babayaran ko every month???di ko kasi alam kung magkano babayaran ko per month??

    • Fehl says

      If you want to resume your contributions as self employed, you need to update your membership info at SSS, then pay contributions according to the new brackets in the new SSS Table 2014

  68. Joseph Adto says

    Hi and Good Day Po,

    My Spouse has already SSS number and since she was employed the employer did’nt pay any amount for her contributions and as of now she is married with me and I’m currently working, I would like to ask if my spouse can continue her contributions and what category she will be? because she dedicated herself as housewife and what category she belong if self-employed or voluntary? and do my wife need to update her status from E-1 to E-4 or what will be the step to start paying her monthly contribution, do we need still to go to SSS branch or just we will file and pay the salary bracket that suit for our budget using form RS-05? Please feed us what we will do so that she may start continue her SSS contributions?

    Have a nice day and accept my earnest gratitude and your utmost support.

    • Fehl says

      If she’s not employed anymore and wants to resume her SSS, she can choose to become Voluntary Member. She needs to update her new status at the SSS, submit updating form, valid IDs. Once the SSS employee verified and told her she can pay, then she can pay her contributions. Yes, for voluntary, I think you can pay the amount you choose from the Contribution Table that you’re suited to pay. Continue paying and become active until retirement :)

  69. Fredaliz says

    hi just wanna ask if hindi po ako nahulugan ng employer ko for 4th qrtr of 2013, possible po ba na tatangapin ng sss young payment if this may 2014 po magbabayad yong employer ko?

  70. Sheena says

    Good day :) let me ask something nag bayad kasi kami ng ss contibution sa metrobank and bago na pala ang ss contibution table nyo for 2014 iknow na may penalty na mag kano ko idadagdag ang penalty sa mothly contribution ilang percent?

    • edita says

      Tanong ko lang po sana kc ung sss ko nahinto ko po ng 1 year dahil sa haba ng pila kong sunday dto sa lucky plaza .pwd ko po bang ituloy ang paghulog sa sss at paano ung una kong naihulog..

      • Fehl says

        Yes I always recommend resuming your contributions and staying active member to enjoy benefits. Go to the SSS and resume your membership

  71. Rhythm says

    hello!!! paano ba ichachange ang contribution as self employed into voluntary? kailangan ko pba pumunta ng sss office or in case na mgFill up ako ng rs5 piliin ko na lang ang voluntary, then matik na un? thank you ng marami!

  72. rosalie calambro says

    Hi Ma’am/Sir,

    Self employed po ako. Nagsimula po ako humulog noong may 2012. Minsan humulog po ako, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Pero this year 2014 di po ako nakapag hulog dahil sa nagbago ng contribution. Pwede ba ako maghulog nalang for this year 2014 for whole year? kailangan ba na sa sss branch office kung saan ako nag register doon din ako mag inquire or mag update ng status ko? please response naman po or sa any branch. Many thanks.

    • Fehl says

      You need to resume your contributions to become active member again. Go to SSS and check your profile

  73. rai says

    Hi mam, nagself employed po ako year 2012 at naka state po dun sa trabaho ko na dineclare ko ang monthly net earnings ko was 5000 at ang contribution ko ay 520 ang problema ko po hindi ko naasikaso yung paghuhulog at nakalimutan ko na yung way ng pagbabayad na tinuro saken sa sss branch dito sa lugar nmen. Ang concern ko po ngaun ako po ung form na ififllout ko? san ako pwd magbayad? at tuwing kelan ako dapat magbayad? samalat po.

  74. yheng says

    What if i forgot to pay my contributionon the assigned date and falls on friday…can i still pay my contibution on on monday? Thanks.

    • Fehl says

      If it falls on Sat, Sun or holiday, SSS allows the next day for the payment. But if it’s Friday, it’s not unless it’s holiday. You will have penalty for late payment then

  75. cathyrine ballena says

    goodmorning im a new member off sss. I do registered as self-employed but on my 1st   Contribution i do wrong coz i put voluntary . When i go to sss diliman they give me small pieces of paper put COD OF DOC is it need to wait for 4weeks to make that ok .. i need to apply for umid id early as i can but why it tooks long for that matters? I hope u do answer thank you.

  76. Mik says

    Good wife’s last digit number is 7 and paying contribution and loan for the month of june.when is her deadline.if thru bayad center,eg. Bank,posted po ba kaagad?

    • Fehl says

      She must pay contributions on or before the 25th of the month. For June contribution, deadline is on or before July 25

  77. weng says

    hi, just wanna ask..I paid my june july contribution last june 27 however my SSS online acct. is not yet updated. what’s the timeframe for banks on posting payment. I reall need to change my status na kc para makapagfile na aq for Maternity, employed parin kc dapat daw voluntary.

    • Fehl says

      Posting really takes time especially to voluntary members unlike employed, once the R3 reports were entered, it will automatically post online

  78. Confused says

    Hi po, ask ko lng po.. Paano po kpg self-employed tapos nabayaran nya na lahat ng dapat bayaran sa salary loan nya thru condonation. Ano n po ggwn? Irereport po? Paano po un? may copy lng po sya ng bnbgay sa cashier at saka ung may tatak. Kung ilalagay po b un sa ML-1 ung total amount n po ba ung ilalagay nya n nabayaran nya na? Un n po un?? Salamat po.

    • Fehl says

      If you have active SSS online account, you can check there if pumasok na full payment mo and naipost na. If you have UMID card or SSS ID card, you acn swipe it in SSS Kisok to check your account too. If not, the best way to make sure pumasok na payment mo is to report it by submitting the receipt at SSS. To register for SSS online account, read this, it will help your registration:

  79. Sheila Arcenio says

    Hello po. I got confused lang & I need your help regarding the SSS contribution of my husband. na change kona po yong status nya to OFW before. Ang tanong ko lang pwd ba magbayad sa contribution nya for 1 yr pagdating nya sa December 2014 or kailangan every quarter yong pagbayad?

  80. Mary Grace Dy says

    Hi asked ko lng po kasi nagpa self-employed po ako s sss this January 2014 pero hindi po ako nkapaghulog ng contributions pwede ko po bang hulugan pa yon? I mean from January to July po? tnx…

    • Fehl says

      You are very late already. YOu can resume your contributions and pay July and the upcoming months. Never waste your money, continue your contributions until you retire

  81. lene says

    hi, do you know how to compute for the penalty of sss. i wil be paying for my feb 2014 – june 2014 premium. my basic salary is 4000.00. my last digit is 8 and 25 is the deadline.

    -is it 3% every month since your due date? let say im going to pay before july 25, 2014.

    penalty computation:
    450.00(TC) * 3%(penalty) * 4(# of months late) = 54.00 ? feb premium
    450.00(TC) * 3%(penalty) * 3(# of months late) = 40.50 ? march premium
    450.00(TC) * 3%(penalty) * 2(# of months late) = 27.00 ? april premium
    450.00(TC) * 3%(penalty) * 1(# of months late) = 13.50 ? may premium
    450.00(TC) * 3%(penalty) * 0(# of months late) = 0.00 ? june premium

    can u please check if my computation of penalty are correct? or if not please do help me coz i need it very badly.

    thanks so much

    • Fehl says

      It’s tricky so when I had penalty, I just let the SSS employee to compute it for me coz I don’t wanna fall in the long line in the Cashier having written in triplicate copies the wrong amount.

  82. jaypee says

    Nid ko po b mgbyad ng penalty s late payment s contribution d po kc ako nkpghulog agd ngyng quarter pnu po kya un? Tnx po

  83. Emmanuel Abaigar says

    Hi, may I just ask if there’s any reason for me to demand from my employer to update the posting on my SSS so I can apply for educational loan. They were just able to update my account up to january 2014 but the required latest posting for educational loan must be 3 months prior to the date of application. I think even if my employer is paying quarterly, they must have paid it up to june because my SSS account number last at “1”. I am expecting that my SSS payment must be updated as of now. Am I right?

    Please explain to me, Thanks!

    • Fehl says

      Yup it’s their responsibility to submit the contribution reports to SSS so everything will be posted accordingly. If they don’t submit reports on time, your contributions and payments will not be updated in the system.

  84. Rainer Deer says

    Your article above does not mention any annual payment for voluntary member – only quarterly and monthly. It appears that annual payment is only applicable for OFWs.

    I keep on missing my quarterly payment so I’m intending to pay my annual obligation every December. Is this possible?

    • Fehl says

      Right now, employed and voluntary can pay monthly and quarterly. Not yet possible for advance annual payment but I hope it will in the future

  85. perla alberca says

    ask ko lang po,umalis na asawa ko punta abroad.ok lng po ba na this month or maybe next month magstart ng payment for monthly contribution ulit?kc po nagverify kami ng total contribution ng asawa ko para mkpag apply ng loan,51months npo yun,at need daw ng latest six months contribution,ok lang ba na next month magstart ng payment?

  86. christine bulfani says

    Maam bayad na po ako nung june25 tapos po nitong july24 nagbyad ako june po naisulat ko pano po un maam ..nadouble po ako ng byad ng june pero pra po sa july un.maililipat ba nung payment of july un.ngaun ko lang po napansin na nagkamali ako ng sulat sa payment slip

  87. faye fabrigas says

    Good day po!
    Katataggap ko lng po ng UMID Ko this day po ,kasi inupdate ko po status ko at surname.Then from employed to self employed/voluntary .pero d pa po ako nkkapagbayad sa contribution ko since 2009 po .Paano po ako magsstart ng pagbayad for my contribution po. kailan po ako magsstart ng pagbabayad at magkano po.Then is it ok po to pay sa mga bayad centers kasi medyo malayo po ang SSS office sa amin.Salamat po.GOD Bless po :)

    • Fehl says

      Update your membership if you wnat to change status to voluntary member. Go to SSS to do this and submit member’s update form. Check the SSS new Contribution Table to know how much you want to pay and contribute monthly

  88. ril pascual says

    Itatanong ko lang po,kasi sa company na pinasukan ko, ako naglalakad ng sss namin,bago lang po ko diko pa alam masyado.
    Nagbayad na po kmi 2nd quarter,na encode ko na din sa r3, di ko pa napapareceived sa sss one month na rin kasi dapat july ko pa received nagkaproblema naman sss r3 system, e tinanong ko po ung magrereceive pano pag late na diba magkaproblema un, sabi nya wala naman dw po,.. Nag aalala po ko kasi isang buwan na.ano po ggwin? salamat

    • Fehl says

      Ok lang kahit late ang R3 submission pero wag naman sobra late. They consider few late months. What is important hindi late ang payment ng contributions

  89. Ching mejares says

    Hi po ask ko lang po im a seaferer from 2005-2010 then i stop then i worked last year from dec to march 2014 so those times my sss contribution ako by april i went home kasi buntis ako i continue to pay may sss contribution on april 2014 for a self employed status but i thought i can pay may-june this month but d daw pwedy so i paid the july-sept2014 already tanong ko lang po maka avail po ba ako sa loan?if yes po kailan Ako pwedy mag apply..salamAt po

    • Fehl says

      I think they require continuous payment because SSS is an insurance company. Members must maintain active status and continuous contributions in order to be eligible for benefits like salary loans and retirement pension

  90. Antonette Pabro says


    I just want to ask kung pwede ko pang bayaran ung 2 months delay ko?

    How much would be the penalty for my 330 contribution?

    My delay months are July and August?

    Hope to have an answer.

    Salamat po.

  91. Che says

    Hi! I resigned from my job last june 30. This is also the last month of my sss contribution. I’m planning to pay the 3rd quarter july-sept by oct.20 as voluntary member. What if i will find a job and start by sept. of course my new emoloyer will pay sept. Contribution will it cause problem bcoz my sept contribution will be doubled. Thanks for your reply.

    • Fehl says

      If you paid September, tell your new employer. It won’t be doubled if you made them aware of it. Of course, it is both your responsibility to know which month to start

  92. Lee Dizon says

    Hi po. As of now po kc down ang online members login ng sss. Hinihintay lng po nmin madeclare ang september contribution (as 6th month Active contribution) ng sa husband ko. Kelan po kc xa maddeclaire? Nd pwd b dumerekta ng apply ng loan, ano po requirements? TIA

    • Fehl says

      Yep, SSS is having website maintenance in the moment. You can requests posting by going to the SSS personally and submit your receipt of payment

  93. marvz says

    hi Ms.Fehl ask q lng po ofw po ako at month of march 2014 lng yung huling nahulugan ng kapatid q so pwede q pabang ipagpatuloy at bayaran ko yung april,may,june,july 2014 to the present,,and panu po ba ang tamang contribution ko let say na kumikita ako ng 15,000 a month here in abroad,paki sagot po slamat…

    • Fehl says

      If you are not an OFW anymore, you can update your membership status as Voluntary Member instead since you no longer work abroad. You can then resume your contributions by paying monthly or quarterly. Just check out the SSS Contribution table 2014 to know which amount suits you

  94. Tet Rodriguez says

    Hi Ms Fehl,

    Question po, is it okay po ba sa isang bagong company na magdeduct ng SSS Contribution sa mga employees kahit hindi pa registered ung company sa SSS? on process pa lang po kc.. pero nagtitrain na po cla ng employees, so mi bayad na po un.. kaso hindi pa ok ung registration. ang problem lang po, once na nagdeduct cla, panu po magreremit ung company? Thanks po..

    • Fehl says

      Employer/company cannot pay SSS yet because it has no SSS number yet. Wait for the SSS to give you the number and certificate of registration, then you can start to deduct and pay the contributions

  95. Arnold says

    Gusto ko po sana makapag renew ng LOAN sa SSS. but when I checked online I am ineligible for the following reason/s:

    * Member availed the Individual Loan Condonation Program, can renew loan after : 09-01-2014
    * No six Contributions for the last 12 months. Last Posted Contribution considered : 12-2013

    I’m paying on a quarterly basis, if I pay my contribution for the 3rd and 4rth quarter (July – December 2014) this month, how long will it take for my contribution to be posted? How soon can I apply for a loan again?

    your reply is much appreciated.

    • Fehl says

      If your employed, contributions will be posted as soon as your employer submitted the R3 reports to SSS. If you’re voluntary, it’s either faster or it takes time.

      • Kate says

        Hi, My dad is already 60 y/o and we checked his sss contribution for the benefits sana. We’ve confirmed hindi nia natapos ung 120 contributions for the benefits sana, 73 pa lang pala contributions nya.. Now, we would like to continue his contribution to avail the benefits, may I just ask can we pay the 47 mos. agad? Ung imbes na 550 lang per mo., ang bbyran na lang nmin is 1100 para times two agad ung bawas sa 47 na kulang. please reply, i badly need information. thank you.

        • Arnold says

          Ang alam ko pag ganyan, SSS will ask you if gusto niyo nalang makuha ung lump sum. OR if you want to continue paying para ma-complete ng dad mo yung 120 contribution. to get his monthly pension. Even if you double the amount for the monthly contribution it would still be counted as 1 contribution. You can pay less than 550 I think (depende sa bracket ng contribution ng dad mo)
          Ang ginawa namin nun for my father is hinulugan namin ung remaining months niya to complete the 120 contribution (yun nga lang though we paid in advance) we still have to wait for those contributions to be posted which took almost 2-3 years din since almost 30+ contributions din ung kulang niya. I’m not just sure if same pa din ang process ng SSS pag dating sa ganyan that you have to wait for all contributions to be posted or you may file for the Pension Benefit once you paid for the 47 months in advance.

  96. Helen says

    Hi poh tanong kulang isa akong voluntary member ng SSS, nag start ako nag hulog ng January until now 2014. Last day nag apply ako ng SSS ID.ang sabi Hindi ako pwede mag kuha ng I’d kasi bawal daw kc voluntary member ako.bakit ganun?

    • Arnold says

      When a person has secured an SS number does it mean that one is already an SSS member and therefore has the right to social security benefits?

      No. Securing an SS number does not automatically mean a person is already covered as a member. One is considered a member when the employer has reported one for SSS coverage by the employer and has paid at least one month contribution as an employee.

      You should be a covered employee first, and your employer must at least paid one contribution, then you may continue as a voluntary member and at the same time continue paying for your SSS contribution as a voluntary member. Saka ka palang papayagan ng SSS to get an SSS ID.

  97. pia carmen says

    hi mam.. Ask ko lng po ung asawa ko po kc nakakaltas ng ss tru his employer bale 2 yrs xa nkalatas dn bale matagal n ng stop un tpos he wants to continue pro nasa abroad xa today pero malapit na rn kc xa mkauwi.ok lng ba kung
    voluntary ang bayaran nia.. Saka ok lng ba magbayad tru mga bayad centers..

  98. pia carmen says

    Hi mam ask ko dn po pnu un i want to pay my ss tru metrobank online kaso nid pa ng account #. Alam mo b anu account sss. Tpos pnu ung contribution nun kc monthly ako ngbabayad voluntaty member. 330 per month pnu i lalagay dun.. Tnx po ng marami..

  99. Vinz says

    Question, what if i pay my contributions monthly, like jan, feb and march, then april di ako nagbayad kasi i want mag quarterly, will i get penalty for the month of april?

  100. Que says


    • Fehl says

      If you have your own business, you can register as Self-employed buy if you have no business or a job, just register as voluntary member.

  101. james says

    pano po pag nabago ang monthly na binabayaran ko….ok lng po? kc mataas dati ang hinuhulog ng kmpanya ko. ngayon ofw n po ako..thanks

    • Fehl says

      Yes, it’s ok as long as you update your status as OFW and pay contributions according to your salary bracket

  102. cristy Climaco says

    good morning..2004 nagpamember po aq as self employed, then ever since po wala pa po aqng naging contribution,.anu po ang gagawen ko??gusto q pong magcontribute, sss number lng po ang meron aq..thanks po..

  103. Nick says

    Hi! Kelangan pa po ba magregister sa SSS para maging voluntary member? Or is it automatic na kapag nagbayad ako sa bayad center at nilagay ko VM ako. Please respond po.

  104. Joanne says

    I have a quick question sis in paying SSS contributions since I’m a voluntary member. Pwede ko bang bayaran ung SSS contributions ko for 3rd and 4th Quarter on December of this year? Thanks po

    • Fehl says

      You can pay Nov and Dec. on December. I don’t think you can pay the 3rd quarter coz the months are already late and you may have to pay penalties

  105. Rona Joy San Jose says

    Hi. pwede ko pa bang ihabol this month yung hulog ko for the third quarter? Oct. 10 and deadline ko, pwede pa ba ako mag late payment? ok lng naman kung need ko magbayad ng penalty. thanks.

  106. angelo says

    Hi, ask ko lang po kung pwede pa bayaran 3 consecutive months na d binayaran? like from July-September? Pwede pa po ba bayaran un? thanks and God Bless.

  107. Dhie says

    Hi, ask ko lang madam. Ang annual payment ba applicable lang ba tlga sya sa OFW members? hnd ba pde sa annual payment ang voluntary members? please response thanks in advance!

  108. rendel says

    gud day! kakapa-member ko lang sa SSS as Self-Employed nung monday Nov. 10, 2014 kailan po ako mag babayad?gusto ko po quarterly ako mag bayad kailan po ang start ko? 2 ang last 10 digit number ng SSS ko.thanks and god bless.

    • Fehl says

      You can pay every month before the 10th day of the month to avoid confusion. You can also pay quarterly at the 10th day of the quarter month

  109. carl says

    Mam , ask ko lang po, kase sabe ng employer ko binabayaran daw nila yung sss namen at di sila nalalate ng bayad its just tht na di pa daw posted sa sss ..pero nung chineck ko 1 year and 8 months na, di padin posted sa sss contributuon ko ?dun parin po ako ngtatrabaho hanggang ngayun.legit po ba yung ganun?? ..SALAMAT AND MORE POWER MAM

  110. cath says

    Hi, Ask ko lang my mother registered in SSS last May 2006.
    Pero Naka 3months na hulog lang sya and until now hindi na rin nya nahuhulugan.
    Gusto ko sanang ipagpatuloy ang paghuhulog, posible pa ba yun kahit shes already 55 years old now? babayaran ko ba buong year?

  111. regz says

    hi ask ko lang po sana what if i missed the month to pay during my deadline is it possible to pay it the next day after? nakalimutan ko kasi.. thanks for the reply.

  112. sheina says

    Ask ko lang po kasi hindi pa ako nakabayad this year for my monthly contribution sa SSS . member po me ng SSS and na update ko as OFW just last year 2013. pwede ko pa bayaran ng bou ang sss contribution ko from jan – dec 2014 ngayong december?

  113. Jhoana says

    paano po ba kung ayaw pirmahan ng employer yung application form para sa loan? mag-iisang buwan na pong nagpasa ng form pero hindi ako pinapansin ng amo ko.

  114. merhama says

    Hi po.ask ko lang sana kase ung acct info ko sa sss na chinek ko online nakalagay ung total number of contribution ko is 11 lang fro2013 to june 2014 eh nung june 2012 pa ung date of coverage ko and from den nagbabayad naman po ako.I have my receipts naman po.what should I do?

    • Fehl says

      You can verify your account at SSS and check it. Then show your receipts if you found any discrepancy or unposted contributions

  115. Julie ann says

    Nagpa update po aq ng SS contribution q dto s hk at ang binigay n braket sken ay ung 1760 not knowing n may mga braket braket pla but since they told me to pay the month of dec pra maumpisahan q n bnyaran q nman n agad and when I asked mh mom 840 lng pla monthly nya, ang tanong q po pwede q p po bang baguhin ung monthly contribution into lower braket kz maxado pong mabigat ung 1760, but I already paid this month of dec 2014…

    • Julie ann says

      Nagpa update po aq ng SS contribution q dto s hk at ang binigay n braket sken ay ung 1760 not knowing n may mga braket braket pla but since they told me to pay the month of dec pra maumpisahan q n bnyaran q nman n agad and when I asked mh mom 840 lng pla monthly nya, ang tanong q po pwede q p po bang baguhin ung monthly contribution into lower braket kz maxado pong mabigat ung 1760, but I already paid this month of dec 2014…

  116. Geronimo M. Abad says

    Ask ko LAng if ano ang effect ng late contribution.example po and deadline is 15th of the month but I only paid on the 20th.

  117. thea says

    Hello po! Ask ko lang about sa pagbabayad ng contribution sa SSS thru bayad center, kasi po nagbayad ako last october and yung applicable month ng binayaran ko is from July to September… So next ko bayarin is October to December which is im planning to settle this month thru bayadcenter. pwede po ba yun? Kasi di ba bawal ang magmiss ng month? Huhuhuhu hirap kasi pumila sa SSS nagwork din ako M-F office hours so di ko na sya maabutan. Salamat sa rereply po

  118. sheena says

    ask lng po dati kumuha po ako nang sss number pero nd po ako ng contribute ma deactivate po a yung kinuha kung sss number or i need to get a new one para maka contribute po ako as a self employed or voluntary. thanks po:)

    • Fehl says

      You don’t need to get a new one. All you need to do is update your membership status into voluntary and resume your contributions to become active again. We are only allowed 1 SSS number for life

  119. nicole says

    hello poh mam/sir… isa po akong ofw for s loob ng 5yrs na yun d po ako nghulog. now po i want to continue my sss contribution as ofw.. kc this year aalis na naman po ako. pwede ko p bang mahulugan ung mga taon na di ko nahulugan? and mgkanu po yung penalty na bbayaran ko???thanks po in advance..

    • Fehl says

      You can resume your membership and become active member again but I don’t think they allow you to pay the years that you have missed.

  120. earah says

    Hi ma’am. I’ve read a lot in this page and It’s very informative kaya lang I didn’t see situation like mine para di na sana ako tanong. :) anyway, here’s my case po. I stopped working last May this year and since then hindi pa po ako Nakapag update.. I’m currently 8 mos pregnant and planning to submit Mat-1 kaya lang since nag stop ako nung May hanggang dun lng hulog ko. When I checked my account ang nkalagay po na status is active member and employed.. Ano po kaya pwede ko gawin? Will I still be eligible for maternity benefit? Thanks a lot. Godbless

    • Fehl says

      A member is qualified to avail of maternity benefit if:

      -She has paid at least 3 monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage.

      -She has given the required notification of her pregnancy to SSS through her employer if employed; or submitted the maternity notification directly to the SSS if separated from employment, a voluntary or self-employed member.

      Note that a semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of sickness.

      • earah says

        Medyo nalilito po kasi ako dun sa quarter of contingency. My due is on Feb 2015. Hulog ko is until may 2014 only. I’m planning to pay yung last quarter this year and based on my sss number kung hnd po ako ngkakamali my deadline for paying will be on January 20. Mgging valid po kaya yun even merong missed months na walang hulog since May? Maraming salamat po.

  121. Desere Cobacha says

    Ask ko lng po mam. Kasambahay po ako nd po hinuhulugan ng amo ko ung sss anim na buwan na. balak ko po mag self employed pwede po ba yon para cgurado mahuhulugan ko ung sss ko thnz po

  122. Desere Cobacha says

    Gud afternon mam ask ko lng po mam. Ung sister ko po isang kasambahay.may sss po sya nag umpisa hulugan ng amo nya ung sss nya nong october 30. Nong pumunta sya ng sss para mag aplay ng sss id ang sabi po nd pa raw na huhulugan ung sss nya. Nagtanong sya sa amo nya kung nahulugan ung sss nya ang sabi ng amo nya nahulugan na raw. Ano po ba ang dapat gawin plz pakitulungan po kame salamat po

  123. elbert guiang says

    Nagbabayad naman ako quaterly pero sa bank ako nagbabayad. Problemako po ay may receipts na binibigay for SSS sa copy sa bank. Di ko naibinibigay sa sss ofis mga receipts kasi po malayo ang sss sa amin. Ok lang po ba na di maibibigay mga receipts sa sss?

  124. gene dela cruz says

    hi po…ask ko lang po, my cousin is OFW. pwede po ba daw sya magbayad ng for the whole year(2015) na contribution sa SSS next year 2016 ng full?

  125. Irene Gizelle says

    Hello, good day!

    I availed of salary loan in September 2012. I personally claimed the check at our local post office. I failed to submit my loan check voucher to my employer and as a result, my company wasn’t able to deduct the monthly amortization from my salary since 2012. I understand that I could not reapply for a new salary loan because of my previous loan balance. Now, is it possible for me to personally pay half of my balance and then reapply for a new loan? Or do I need to pay the full amount considering that my loan payment is already past due? I am still connected with the same company and my contributions are updated. Please advise.


    • Fehl says

      Hi, I suggest you check and view your account at SSS to know your latest SOA. SSS will also advise you the best way for your situation

  126. Rose says

    Hi po ….active member po ako since 1988 to 1991 but since i got married i stopped working and na stop na din po ung contribution ko nakapagloan din po ako for calamity gusto ko po sana ituloy as voluntary pero gusto ko lang po malaman if ung contribution ko b4 is counted pa rin or panibago na po kung iupdate ko as voluntary member?

    Thanks po and GOD BLESS!

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