SSS Employee Static Information and Employment History Print and Download

Do you want to have an official print-out or download your SSS employee static information and employment history? Now, it’s so easy and you don’t even need to go to the SSS office to have this document. As of now, SSS only issue these papers via online and the steps are here. In this page, I’ve listed the ways to have those papers easily.

Embassies like Canada, Australia and others usually request their Filipino visa applicants to submit SSS Emlpoyee Static Information together with their SSS Employment history which includes the member details and actual premiums.

Why do we need to pass this at the embassy?

Simply to support more proof of regular employment in the Philippines, financial capacity and also to support that we are coming back in the country after the visa they are supposed to issue expired.

How to Print a copy of SSS Employee Static Information?

1. Sign up or register at MY SSS. If you don’t know how, simply follow the steps here to register your SSS Online Inquiry account and have access to other things like your SSS membership information, Actual Premiums, List of Contributions, Loan applications and many more.

SSS will send your username and password in accessing your online SSS records including the employee static information. It takes to 2 to 3 days upon sign up to receive the email.

2. Log in to your MY.SSS account. Once logged in, you will see the welcome message including your complete name, SSS Number, Member Status and the branch handling your account.

3. On the left side of the window, tap Online Inquiry. Your Employee Static info will then appear in another tab. It looks like the screen shot below. It shows a summary of your membership details.

4. At the lower part of the page, you will see the icon for printable version. Select that to print the page. And you’re done. Simple right?

The SSS Web Inquiry System displays each member’s info and some other functions. The print out is accepted by embassies like Canada. SSS doesn’t allow personal request of these copies anymore. Perhaps, they want their members to get use to the online system. Well, it’s about time. Loan application and printing of contributions list can also be done online already.

How to Print SSS Member Info

Member Info includes the following: SSS Actual Premiums, Employment History, member details, SSS servicing branch and SSS ID card. To print any feature, just do the following.

To print Actual Premiums and Contributions, select Actual Premiums at the tab as shown at the right.

How to print SSS Employment History

Select Employment History. Your employer name, SSS ID number and your reporting date and employment date then will appear on the screen. Tap the printable version at the lower part of the page and then print it. You’re done.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with SSS. This post is from my experience only which I share with you. If you have personal inquiry about your SSS account, contact the SSS branch that handles your membership. Thanks and God bless!

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    • says

      You need to register at the SSS Online Inquiry (a.k.a. MY SSS) to have access with your SSS records, actual premiums, employment history and static information. When approved, SSS will email you your approved username and password. Without the email approval, you cannot yet log in.

          • dionesio says

            gd evning mam, ask lan gpo sana ako ng favor… paki sent sana ng sss information static ko don sa email ko. kinakailangan kasi sa office namin. plz

        • maria joanne angeles says

          tanong ko lmg po kung pano kumuha ng sss static information,loan status contribution & employment history paki sens nlang po sa email ko kailanggan po kc sa work .tnx po

        • jeffrey deleon says

          gud day po ask ko lng po sana kong ppaano po makakuha ng Employment history, kasi need po ksi ng AGENCY ko ppasukan ,, bka puede nlng po pki sent sa account ko,, asap po sana….. tnnx po

      • Ritz michael cornel says

        Maam may experience po ako as an oncall kitchen personnel pero hindi po ako kumuha ng sss number before,,kakakuha ko lang po last october2013 so, nag-apply po ako sa isang shipping agency and they hired me, but my problem is wala pa po akong record sa sss ano po ang gagawin ko maam? Kasi isa po sa requirements namin sa POEA ang print out ng contributions..Please help me thank you..

        • Marifel Dungo says

          You need to become an active member by starting to pay your SSS contributions monthly and avoid missing payment. After that, register for an online account as a MEMBER. We have the instructions here at Philpad if you want to know how to register

          • kristoffer munar says

            maam, mag hihintay pa ng ilang araw bago po mkarecieve ng confirmation sa mail?

        • Marifel Dungo says

          You need to register for SSS online account. One successful, you can log in and you can view your employment history and download it or print it out

          • Karla says

            Ask ko lng anu tlga ang exact website pra mkapg registered na static info. urgent kc. ung papa print w un

      • adrian ondoy says

        excuse for a while… what kind of Employer ID that i’m going to use in order to sign up for SSS Inquiry Online….????

      • joneller says

        maam ,nakalimutan ko po yong sss number ko po , nawala po kasi yong sss card ko,paano ko po malaman ang sss number ko,

        • Fehl says

          Preferred User ID is your username or log in name. You have provided it when you registered at the SSS online. Confirmed password is the password approved by SSS online for your account. They will be sent to you by SSS at the confirmation email indicating your registration was successful. If you didn’t receive an email about successful registration, then you cannot yet log in. You have to wait for that email

      • ronald says

        pero bakit ganun hindi gumagana website nila! nakakainis! … laging hindi magagamit ang website na ito!

        • Fehl says

          Please read the article above, the instructions and steps in getting static info and employment history are there

      • eugeneglenn says

        eh maam how long it takes ba pra mkarecieve ng email? kc three days na din since ngparegister ako.and i need it badly now. pleaaaaaasseee reply!

      • myrna A. Dollete says

        maam gaano po ba katagal bago ma recieved yung link galing sa sss. nag sign up ako 4 employee static information.. ilang hours po ba bago pa forward yong linK???

        • Fehl says

          Which link? DO you mean you registered 4 employees for SSS online account? You need to log in to your SSS account before you get Static Info

      • van mae says

        hi miss, panu po pag fresh grad at wala pang contribution pero nakapag register na sa sss. need po kasi ng compny ng employee static. di po ako makapag register online. :(

        • Fehl says

          What do you mean exactly when you say “nakapag-refister na sa SSS”? Do you mean, nakapag-register ng SSS number or Nakapagregister for online account? They are different

      • andrew says

        mam good morning po ask q lng po qng anu po ilalagay q sa Current Membership/Registration Status at SSS ..?required po kasi un para ma’isubmitt ung application q para po makuha ung static information q ee…tnx po

      • mart says

        Ma’am pde ba ako humingi ng static report sa kahit saang sss branch? At kung pde ba na ung first employer ko lang ung request ko?

      • says

        good day mam,ilang try n po aq ngregister for online membership pra mkalogin sa my.sss kaso ’til now puro link lang ang bnbgay ng Website ng sss pero pagopen q wla nmn po laman ,hnd po aq makacontinue sa registration .klangan q po kc ng ss static asap. almost 5-6 days nq nghihintay wala pa rin .PLEASE REPLY,THANK YOU.

      • ma cristina rtosette says

        My user id and password is invalid. I even reset the password still invalid! i went to SSS Guadalupe Branch. They gave me new password and it’s STILL THE SAME INVALID!! what the?? im getting pissed with this. i needed this tomorrow. I email as well the email address indicate in the email i receive for my user id and password. arg! I need help please. thanks

    • ulyses jozar zaragoza says

      maam tanong ko lang po accidente po nawala ang sss form ko ung ML-1 sa salary loan ko ung mga nakaraan na mga resibo mga anim na resibo po un,pwede po ba humingi uli ng copy sa sss ofice ng secondary copy ng aking mga nawala na resibo…pls reply thanks po

      • ronald says

        you can get your employer id from your previous company… sss id number ng company huh hindi sayo…

        • muning says

          Goodafternoon. Nawala po kasi yung e1 paper ko. Pero alam ko po yung # pwde pa po ba ako makakuha ng copy ng e1? Thaks po

        • marivic says

          mam/sir i need the print out of my sss employment history pls kailangan ko po sa aaplayang kung work pano po ba makukuha?

    • mak anthony amorante says

      mam,,bk8 poh nd magacces a net ang qoh 2loy macontinue ung registration qoh sa my sss,,,klangan qoh pa nman ng esi qoh asap…tnx poh..

    • melanie says

      gud aftie” mam ask ko lang po if ano po ba yun rs5 reciept or otc.? kc po hindi po kami makakuha ng static information kung wala yun.. nawala po kase yun e1 form ko.. san po ba maku2ha yun eser name and password.. kc ginagawa q na sya pero di po inaaccept.. thank you po..

        • rudy says

          Same po kmi ng case ni melanie, pero yun skin po wla pa po ko contribution kya wla po ko otc . Pano po yun mam ano pwede gawin to get static info na wla me contribution,? Thanks..

    • redensan perey says

      maam ask kulang po panu po ba kumuha ng static ngaun?? kc dati po sa sss binibigay lng po nmn yung sss e1 po nmen ehh ngayun po pati static website nrin daw po panu pu ba kumuha ngayun nun static info??

    • niknok says

      good pm mam/sir ask ko lng bkit hnd ako mkpag register s sss ng fill up ako para mka kuha ng account s sss pero hnd ng ako mka register dahil ayaw ma accept ng lastname ko… ano poh b pwedeng gawin ko.. kailangan ko kase ung sss static para s work ko… salamat poh….

    • jezza says

      mam gudmorning po ,hapi new year ask k lang po maam kng paano po mag inquire s disability information ng father ko at knyang employee static information kasi gusto ng company n e print at ipasa s kanila.ano po gagawin mam?please help m maam.

          • shella mae libranda says

            maam nawala po e1 ko gusto ko po mag pa print out ng static info..kaso d ko po malaman qng anu ilalagay ko dun sa receipt number or OTC n cnsabi

          • Fehl says

            the receipt number is not found on the E1. The receipt number is found on the receipt when you paid your contributions at the SSS or the number on the SBR or bank receipt if you paid via OTC at the bank

          • dianne says

            hello san pwede magreklamo sa mga employer n hnd hinuhulugan ung sss pero kinakaltasan k nila.

          • KHRISTINE DALUSON says

            I made 1 contribution ( July, 2013 ) but I’m having problem filling out the employee static form because it’s not accepting my OTC#. I already went to the nearest SSS branch to ask for assistance and the person in-charge told me to input the first 5 characters and the last 3 digits of my OTC# only and not the whole 14 digits
            ( D14010700350286 ). Hope you can help me with my problem. Thank you.

          • reynan says

            tagal q na nag re2gister, ula nman po email sa yahoo ko,,,na ganito

            An email has been sent to your email address. Please click the link given in the email to proceed with your registration.

          • says

            Wait for 2-3 days and check your inbox. If you didnt see the message, check your spam folder maybe it’s there. I got mine after 3 days.

          • mayde pahoyo says

            elow,ask qu lng sana qung wen qu mala2man ung username qu and password.nakapag register n qu sa sss,kaso d qu alam kng kylan qu mala2man.nid qu kc ku2ha aqu ng static nformation.tnx…

          • Lawrence says

            good day po ma’am eto po nkalagay sa registration ng my.sss * SS Number has already been registered* (color red pa po) kaso wala nman po sya confirmation na succes/ or has been sent to e-mail add:.. may mali po ba or just wait for 2-3 days? tnx, in advance po, God Bless

          • jessicamarasigan says

            mam panu poeh malaman ang sss empolyment hiistory cuu submition poeh kc namin nq requirments on monday ei.

      • winston says

        mam panu po b un mi dumating na ngang email sa mail box q ksu wala nmng user at pass para mkog log in aq panu po b ang gagawin tnx…mgpapaprnt sna aq ng static form

      • says

        One of the requirements to register for the SSS Online account is the receipt number of the latest SSS payment in the last 6 months. If you are just a new member, you are not yet an active SSS member. You need to have some contributions before you can get the employee static info online.

        • son says

          ma’am fehl pano kung wala ako naging work then… no contribution at all for sss… because I used to be a local missionary then fortunately my cousin help me to find an employer in canada…my open lmo na po.. ano kaya gagawin ko sa sss na yan…?
          thank you

          • says

            You can be a voluntary and pay contribution. Just become an SSS active member. It helps a lot in our security and retirement

        • dennis says

          mam kaya po ba i check ng employer ung mga nahulog nila sa kanilang mga impleyado,…tru online….po….san po ba pede lumapit kung sakali di sila nakakahulog sa amin sa sss contri. sana po masagot nyo

          • says

            Yes, both the employer and the employee can actually check their SSS accounts. If you are the employer, all you need to do is register online and choose EMPLOYER. If you’re an employee, choose MEMBER. Follow the instructions discussed in the article above.

      • precious kerr barca says

        maam good day poh!

        maam ask ko lng poh ano poh yung tinutukoy sa my date of coverage ngregister poh ksi pra mkapgprint out poh ako ng employment history pero hndi poh ako mkapasok dahil sa date of coverage hindi poh magtugma..

  1. jackylou burce says

    panu po un gusto q po makakuha ng static information print out about s sss q kaso d po aq mkpg log in dun s member registration kc wla aq maiprovide n receipt no.or employer no.kc first time q p lng to s work?need q lng kc s work nwala kc ung copy q ng e1

    • says

      If you lost your E1 and you can’t remember your SSS number, go to the SSS and verify it. You cannot create an account online at SSS if your account is not active or you never have contributed yet

  2. michael angelo narvasa says

    bakit wala parin acct ko sa my sss e nakapag register na ako… i need it badly.. patulong naman…. THANKS

    • says

      Did you receive a confirmation email from SSS containing your approved username and password? If not, you have to wait for about 2-3 days for that before you can log in on your SSS online account.

  3. says

    mam ask q lng poh panu mkukuha ung 13 digits ss employer id d kc aq mkpg rgstr sa ss online member kelangaan daw un panu aq mkpg rgster ned q poh kc ung static information ei asap poh tnx

      • clau says

        tanong ko lang po. bakit every time magrrgster aqo sa sss online ,, lagi ko pong nakkakuha ng error message na “Member status is not the same with SSS records.”, kc po kailngan ng comp ko ung online statis info. kc hnd nila nahulugan for 1 yr.. ano po pwede kung gawin.. tnx po

  4. jenelyn says

    mam, pano po kapag hindi pa nakakpaghulog sa sss? kailangan ko po kasi makapag paprint out ng static info wala din po ako previous employment. requirement po para sa trabaho. salamat po ! :)

    • says

      Getting and printing out the SSS static info online requires registration of the MY SSS account. Registration of MY SSS requires latest receipt of contribution. Thus, a member must be active for the latest 6 months.

  5. rosan joe says

    i dont have yet any payments made with my sss. im just newly registered but how could i open my account? there’s something wrong with the or reciept that the application nees to fill up

    • says

      One of the requirements for the online SSS account is to be an active member – meaning you must have paid contributions right now or the latest 6 months

  6. ulysses says

    hi gud am, confirm ko lng mam, ung actual premiums ko sbi dun ‘null’ tpos zero contribution meaning walang naihulog? ung static information ko active and covered sss naman..

    • says

      Did you try checking your premiums another day? Maybe it’s a glitch in the system or maybe it’s not. If you get same result padin, go to the SSS near you and bring your receipt to reconcile your premiums report

  7. ulysses says

    follow up question po. history reveals – reporting date was only dec 12, 2011, i was employed july 12, 2011 – to present (as of march 2013). hence, i am not paid by my employer? by starting 2012 – present?

    • says

      You have to ask your employer if they already submitted R3 Collection list and verify them why your contributions in 2012 are not posted. Only your employer can know the reason.

      • Jerlisa says

        Mam ask lng po paano po Kung walang hulog po ung dating hotel employer ko po sa sss contribution kahit isa po na almost one year ko pong pinasukan..makakaapekto po kaya yun sa poea?ano pong dapat kong gawin dahil nagaaply po ako sa barko..salamat po

  8. ricky ibarra casas says

    gud day po!nakapag regiester na po ako sa my sss,ask ko lang po kung bakit hindi ako makapag log-in para po sa employees static information and employment history?need ko po ito i print-out uli para po sa new work ko.thanks

    • says

      You can log in once SSS sent you an email containing your Log in username and password. You have to wait for them. You cannot login unless you have that confirmation

  9. jade says

    tanong ko lang po sana kasi kailangan ko po ung sss ku sa pagkuha ko po ng visa to work in canada..ok lang po ba kung 3months ku lang po nahulugan?tnx

  10. kazm0t says

    hi mam,ask q lng po if pno q mkkapgprint out ng static info.f frstym q plng mgparegster s sss,i d0nt hve any c0ntributi0n yet.i tried to regster online but they asked username id,dq naman alm ano ilagy me naman po.nid lng f0r recquirements s w0rk.tnx

  11. marilyn jorigue palisc says

    mam/sir gusto me lng po malaman kung nkailan n po me contribution s sss me po kse po self-employd po me s sss salamat po

    • says

      You can check your actual premiums and your complete contributions (since the day you have started contributing until now…) by registering at the MY SSS online system

  12. says

    maam ka2register q lng poh sa MY SSS hour ago.d oh aq mka log in pki verify naman poh ung static info q at pasend sa email ko..nid q lng poh 4 requirements on monday

    • says

      You cannot log in unless you received an email confirming the successful registration. Wait for 2-3 days of that confirmation

      • Meizel says

        Hello, after two days of trying to figure out some of the requirements in applying online membership in SSS esp if you are voluntary, they will require to type your receipt. Kaso I paid it throught bayad center and in the regiatration form they only need six alpha-numerical entry. For example in my receipt it say SSS Con T#1234X567 I keep typing then failed, but when I type the last 6digits which is 34×567. I received a confirmation from sss right away that my application is proven. But at that moment of confirmation note, I log in online. Everytime I log in it say username and password is invalid…I go to the buttom that says forget password but still I can not open. If anybody have encounter like this please let me know. Thank you

        • Fehl says

          You’re not alone, there are many people who encountered same problem. It’s SSS new website that has the issue which is obviously need a fix from their end

  13. Drew says

    hello po pede na po ba ang print out ng EMPLOYEE STATIC INFO sa pagpasa ng requirements sa work?nawala po kc ung COPY Q PO NG E1 FORM..THANKS

  14. Babylin mendoza says

    Good day.Ask ko lang po kasi march po ako nawalan ng work,nung feb me hulog pa sss ko.pwede ko po ba hulugan yung march til april?so galing po ako sa employed magfafile ako ng voluntary? or ok lang po na maghulog na lang ako direcho ng amount para sa voluntary sa mga bayad centers?need your response po.Im confused.thanks.

  15. ella says

    mam nakapagregister na po ako sa sss online…2 to 3 days po ba un bgo nila iverfy? need ko na po kc??

      • Jennylyn E Gagucas says

        sinususunod nman po nmin mga article nio maam kso wala din poh kailangan poh kc talga nmin sa work ang static info na yan kc yan nlang poh kulang ko wala na poh bang ibang mas madali para mkapagprint out ng static info maam slamat poh ptulong naman poh..

        • Fehl says

          Right now, SSS is undergoing maintenance so we cannot log in in the SSS online MEMBER login page hence, we cannot get static info. The only solution as of now is go to SSS personally and request for it.

  16. John says

    mam nag register po ako sa sss kaso hinahanap yun RECEIPT NO./OTC ok.. san ko ba makikita na lang ng sss ko ang meron ako kasi nasunugan po kami tapos mga almost 1yr di nahulugan.. tanong ko po saan ko makukuha yung RECEIPT NO./OTC na required sa pag register.. thanks po mam sir..

    • says

      A member who is active can register for the online account and they require the receipt or OTC number of the recent SSS contribution payment not longer than the past 6 months. That’s what I’ve read when registering

  17. ronnie says

    pahelp nmn po about dun sa 13 digits ss employer id . 11 digits lang binigay ng employer q panu un slmt

  18. maribeth says

    anu po ung 13digit number ng employer kase chinek ko 10 digit lng nman ung dalawang box sa pagregister s sss online, tpos humihingi ng 13 digit..laging invalid po!!thanks!!

  19. Joyce says

    I’m an active member of SSS. I’d like to know my contribution so I tried to register online. It was also stated that I successfully registered and wait for the email. It’s been 2 weeks and I haven’t receive the email yet. What will I do?. Kindly help, thanks in advance!

  20. riczel says

    thanks for the tutorial. so nice to hear that indeed filipinos are great reliable source and very much willing to help.

  21. Catherine says

    tanong ko lng po, is it possible n makita ng family ng deceased SSS member ang employment history nito.

    • says

      Yeah it is possible if the deceased member have an active SSS online account and a family member knows his username and password.

          • Jeson says

            Hi Ma’am Fhel. What if unregistered online ‘yung deceased member? Possible ba na makapag-register online ng bagong account ang kanyang family member then input ‘yung ID or information ng deceased person? Nasa amin po ‘yung SSS ID ng Mother namin who died last August 30, 2014.

          • Fehl says

            I think it’s not allowed because anyone registering for an account has agreed to the Terms and Policy of SSS that you are the account holder or that you are authorized and under oath you are a signatory.

  22. says

    gusto ko lang magpatulong, and tatay ko member ng SSS JULY , 1960 , hindi ko lang alam ang pangalan sa kanyang employer dahil puro na silang rest in peace…..pero ang employer id no. at ang ER Name ay meron din… pero hindi ko na ma-trace . ano ang gagawin ko…

  23. kmvillaflor says

    mam, tanong lang po, kasi sa sss online active pa ung membership ko yet last payment made ko ay 2010 pa. di na rin naituloy ung sss ko when I finished my work then. ngayon employed na ulit ako mukhang may problema daw po sa sss number ko. Anu po pwede ko gawin?

  24. irene says

    hi good day man tanong lng po sana aq saan po ba aq mag request about my sss id?kasi yung sss id ko na balik daw sa manila sabi nang taga post office d2 sa cebu last august po aq nag file..,sabi nla mag rerequest po daw aq para ma balik d2 sa cebu yung sss id q…,salamat po..

  25. rezty says

    hi mam good day.anu po ang dapat kong gawin para maka kuha ng empolyment history?na try kna mag paregister tru on line but ayaw pa rin.rply nyo asap will be greatly appreciated.

      • rezty says

        hi mam good day again.thanks for replyin by.all is claer to me now.i called already the sss main then they explained to me…ist quite hard on my part but anyway thank you so much for your time and effort.please continue to help others as they raise up their questions on this portal.God bless and stay blessed as you help others unconditionally…

  26. Redd Alcantara says

    Ask Ko Lang po kung pano nkukuha ung link kasama ng static info pag naprint na ?thanks reply ASAP

    • says

      You must read the article above so you know everything. You have to register for SSS Online account (Member) before you can print out static info

  27. sarah says

    ask ko lang po kung pano ilalagay sa member status sa member registration?
    first job ko po kasi ito pero nirequired parin ng papasukan kong company na kumuha ako ng ss static info.
    hindi ko po maituloy yung member registration dahil wala pa po akong RECEIPT NO./OTC or EMPLOYER ID.

  28. mary says

    may effect ba sa pag-a-apply sa canada (let’s say may employer ka na) kung 3 years ka nang di nakakabayad ng sss contribution dahil sa unemployment? thanks.

  29. bon says

    grabe 3 days na ! di pa dumadating yung sss username at password ! kelangan ko pa namn ng static form! anu LOKOHAN lang to?

  30. brandon says

    hello po ma’am.gusto ko lang po itanong kung kailangan parin po ba nang SSS Employment history and
    SSS employee static information? kasi last employment ko last 2005 pa online application kailangan nang last sss wala na kasi ako noon..matagal na kasi

    • says

      You need to register for online SSS account to get SSS employment history and employee static info and you need to be an active member to register

  31. Rich says

    mam, ask ko lng po .. di po makita sa system ung SS number ko .. 2005 kz ako ng start ngwork and natigil ako 2008 . what will i do for this matter? thank you

  32. alvin says

    Hi Mam Fehl. Good to read comments from your site. May tanong po ako na sanay matulungan mo ako. Ano po ba yung reporting date sa SSS static info? Yung print out po ng static info, as it is na lng po ba na isusubmit pag nagapply sa Canada o papipirmahan pa sa office ng SSS? Your response will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • says

      Hello Alvin. Yup, the static info from your SSS online account can be used for embassy request like Canada. You don’t need to have the print out signed by SSS anymore since it’s the new rule. Actually, my sister requested SSS Employee Static info from the SSS branch but the employees there asked her to get it online. She registered and printed out the static info and employment history and submitted it at the consul in Canadian Embassy in Makati. She gladly received her visa :)

      If you print the static info from your SSS account online, the SSS logo is there so it’s authentic. :)

  33. Harvey Villostas says

    Good Day!
    PLs pls send me a copy of my static report to my email pls
    i barely need to it to my job,
    i cant register to sss site coz im still not an active member.
    so pls help me send it to my email…
    heres my sss no. 34-1843882-1

    i need it on Monday pls send it this day or on Sunday pls ,so i can print it out ty/
    really waiting for that Static Report

    • says

      Hi there. I’m sorry to only reply now. You can download and print your SSS employee static info anytime by following the instructions above, If you go to the SSS, they will tell you to register online to get your static info. It’s the same as the instructions discussed in the article. If you are not an active member, you may try to register if you have the SSS payment in the past 3 months. If you can’t still register online, become active again by voluntary member if not currently employed. :)

      • queek says

        voluntary member eh kailan ng otc/receipt no.???? employmenthistory at loan status lang po ang kailangan ko… nag online ako ngunit hindi tinatanggap. ginamit ko na rin ang employer id. waley parin

        • Fehl says

          Check your Receipt number from your latest payment and use it in registration. You need to register first as a Member in SSS online account before you can print Employment History and Static info

  34. adriane says

    Ms. Fehl,
    What is the difference between Educational Loan Form versus Educational Subsequent Loan Form. I initially used the Educational Loan Form for my daughter when I enrolled her in college last June 2013, and I’m planning to continue availing for another one. I’m just confused what form will I use?

  35. Arlene Lambayong says

    good day! i will print na sana ngayon ng statis form kasi tapus na akong maregister the last week. pero d ko alam kung paano ko eprint o saan ako pupunta. please help me

  36. melanie fillarca says

    paano po pag wrong spelling ang middle name? typo error po kasi during registration gusto ko po sana ayusin ma aayos pa po ba yun? paano po?

    • Fehl says

      Geez that’s the last thing any member would want unless you want to encounter a big problem in your SSS records.

  37. pj says

    hi maam,

    ask ko lng how to know the sss no. namatay kong lolo? wala kme ibng mkitang documents kasi ng pgkukunan ng sss no nya.

    thank you!

    • says

      You can ask it at the SSS office. Bring his IDs and birth certificate and your IDs and documents showing proof you are his grandchild.



  39. narciso says

    i need to get a static information , i tried to register online but i cant successfully finished to create an account because there’s a disrepancy on my last name? what will i do pls help . thanks!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I suggest you go to the SSS office and fix the discrepancy to avoid more problems. Then you can create a clean account no problem :)

  40. Lizzie says

    Hi Marifel! I know you’re not from SSS, but I just want to ask, do you think employer’s can access an employee’s My.SSS account? Like the employment history, static report, etc. Or is it confidential? Thanks!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Hi there. Employers has their own SSS account and log in therefore they cannot access some employees account features such as viewing employee’s static info or their employee’s employment history and records. They can only view Employer’s static info (yes they have their own Static info and records), R3 reports, R5, R3 and R5 reconciliation and balances, loan payments, maternity and other EMPLOYER’s features. Bottom line, employees SSS are only for employees as employers SSS are only accessed by employers. Yup, somebody’s account is always confidential as to the holder and owner of the account. No worries :)

  41. Pao says

    Good day! Tanong ko lang po, kailangan ko kasi ng Employeess static information report from sss, at ginawa ko naman po yung steps. pero hindi ko matapos kasi po wala ako nung sa registration status at sss. pero may ss number po ako. kumuha lang po ako nito noong 2012 pero hindi ko pa po nagagamit sa ngayon kasi po hindi pa po ako NAGWORK. paano po ba ito? sana matulungan nyo ASAP. thanks!!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You need to register first as Member in the SSS online system. You need to be an active member or have paid SSS contributions at the past recent months in order to register because the SBR or Receipt number is needed. After that, you can go to your profile and print or download your SSS Employee Static Info.

      • Pao says

        Hindi po ba ako pwedeng mag punta nalnag sa branch ng SSS dito sa amin para dun nalang kumuha ng Static information at hindi sa online process? kasi kailangan ko po ito ASAP. So ibig sabihin po hindi po ako makakakuha ng static information hanggat wala pa akong contribution? ganun po ba?

        • Marifel Dungo says

          When my sister went to the SSS to get static info and employment history for her Canada job application in the embassy, the SSS employee told her to register online. They didn’t issue her the paper at the SSS coz they told her they don’t do that anymore. So she registered for online account and she got the Static info there after successful registration. It is easy actually and matipid pa kasi you don’t need to go to SSS office anymore. Yup you need to be an active SSS member for you to register SSS online account kasi you need the receipt number upon registration

          • Pao says

            Ah. ang problema ko po kasi is yung sa may phase 2 nang online application. yung sa member status of registration. Ibig po pala sabihin, kailangan ko maging voluntary member then mag babayad ako dun sa mga accredited nilang bayaran, anyways; thank you po sa tulong nyo! napakalaking bagay na may mga ganitong discussion online! thanks po ulit!

          • Marifel Dungo says

            I just published a new post about Viewing SSS Contributions Online in relation to Static Info. You must read it before you register so you can do it successfully. I have shared the step-by-step instructions with screenshots too. Just go to our Homepage and you’ll see it among the latest articles. Cheers!

  42. ann alnajes says

    Good day! Ask ko lng po sana kung gaano po b katagal naaayos ang erroneous entry? Nagkamali po kc ang dati kong empoyer s date ng contribution. They posted aug.,sept.,oct. 2012 but it should be 2011. My maternity claim was denied because of this. My previous employer submitted all the documents needed to correct the posting last May 30 but until now hindi p rin naaayos. May kailangan p po b akong gawin para mapabilis ang process? Lagi po akong nagpa-follow-up s agency pero wala p ring good news. Matagal dw tlga dhil aayusin manually pero should it be this long? 5 mos. n po and I need my maternity claim asap. I already sent an e-mail to sss about it pero
    basic reply lng na-recieve ko. Thanks po & God bless!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I can only advise you and your employer authorize rep to go to the SSS branch personally to make the follow up. Madalas pag lagi tayo makikiusap and follow up in person, doon nila talaga tututukan. I pray maayos na po yung problem nyo coz you deserve it. God bless! :)

  43. joseph sevillano mostajo says

    1990 ako naging member ng SSS at active hanggang 1996,after that i was self employed at hindi ko na nahulugan ang aking contributions hanggang sa nag-abroad ako noong 2002 hanggang ngayon….ang tanong ko po: pwede ba akong mag-register on-line?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I recommend you resume your active status po kasi sayang naman po if you stop your contributions. Starting 2014, SSS will have new Table of Contributions. If you’ll register for an online account, you can do it at SSS personally or online. I think you need to be an active member before you register.

  44. Fernando Fabian says

    Ma’m, saan po pwedeng mag complain tungkol sa employer ng wife ko na walang hulog sa sss pero kinakaltasan sya monthly? pwede pa bang mahabol at maipost yung mga kinaltas sa kanya since 2010 to present? dko po sya matulungan kasi and2 ako saudi arabia.

  45. tayen says

    maam paano ang process ng pagupdate ng mga records?
    ako po kse nakaasign sa office namin na magaayos. tsaka my bayad po ba? ano po mga requirements? and paano po ang payment ng empleyado, my process po ba na sinusod?
    thank you po

  46. Eloisa M.Jeasalva says

    Good evening po, ma’am may itatanong po sana ako dati po may sss# napo ako kaya lang hindi ata nahulugan nung employer ko. ngayon po gusto ko mag hulog paano po iyon? inaalagaan ko tiyuhin ko (caregiver po ako) pwede ko bang gawing emp-loyer tiyahin ko or selfemployed na lang pwede na ngayon mag hulog ng contribution ko? salamat po and godbless.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you will make your uncle as employer, he needs to register pa sa SSS and submit some stuff. As an employer then he is also obliged to pass some monthly reports like R3. He also has shares on paying your contributions. If you are paying alone, become a voluntary member instead. Go to the SSS and update your records. Bring your SSS number, valid IDs and update as voluntary member and start paying your contributions

  47. mitch says

    Hi Ms. Marifel,

    Member napo ako sa SSS when i started working po. Yong 1st and 2nd employers ko was ok…,continous po ung records ko. Unfortunately, ang mga naging employers ko from 3rd,4th and 5th….ay hndi pala pinaprocess ung sss ko for how many years..,may mga deductions sa payslip pero hndi pla nireremit. Kung hndi pa naaksidente ung husband ko, hndi ko pa sna nalaman,kasi mag loan sana ako. Yong status ko from single to married hindi rin nila na process…ako nlng nag walk-in at nag update ng status ko.
    Now, i am planning to apply canada or australia po, affected ba ung application if ever di maayos ung history ng SSS ko?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      What matters most is that you’re an active SSS member right now and you are registered online hence you can get SSS Employee Static Info anytime an embassy request it. I can’t say it would affect your application as SSS is not really a requirement with that kind of application but rather a proof that lists your employment history, hence, it’s important to reconcile your employment history records with SSS to make sure your records are all consistent. Embassies always check consistencies. Sayang naman yung years of unposted contributions mo din.

      • marlon barbacena says

        mam my hinahanap po n employer i.d ehh matagal contractual lang po ako panu po ako mkakapag regester? ska mtagal po ako nawalan ng work

  48. juncel says

    good day to all,bakit until now di pa rin ako nakakarecieve bf confirmation mail from sss?nakapag register na ako pero ok naman yong registration ko waiting lang talaga ng confirmation sa sss naka ilang email na ginamit ko almost 1 week na nakalipas.some advice naman po ginawa ko na lahat wala talaga.i need it asap maraming salamat

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You shouldn’t have registered over and over again. Once is enough. You may have your account registered personally at the e-center at the SSS office near you. Bring valid ID and prepare for your email credentials. Happy New Year! :)

  49. joy says

    panu po ako makaka kuha ng statistic information nag rgster na po ako kaso kaylangan d ng RS5 reciept foem d ko po alm anu un ….

  50. mhae says

    Hi puh ? Ask kuh lng pu pwd npu ba aku kumuha employee static info sheet ??? Nun last june21-dec06,2013 lng pu un 1st work q eh,req. Pu kc eh. Ska panu pu mgprint out ng sss loan verification sheet ??? Tnx pu mur power !:-) w8 4 ur reply!

  51. jackie says

    hi goodpm po. My new employer needs as part of my requirements my sss static info. print out.
    and it is stated that I have latest ER ID and latest ER name w/c is my previous employer.
    malalaman ba nila thru my static info na ndi ko dineclare yung last job ko?
    please help me.

  52. fell says

    Hi Ma’am Fehl, last Jan,08 2014,naghulog po ako ng contribution as a voluntary member kasi matagal kung nahinto ang paghuhulog ko.Ang company na inaplayan ko eh nag rerequire ng Static info.nag lolog in po ako sa website ninyo but everytime na e click ko ang voluntary member,it say’s that my SBR number did not match eh yun yung binigay sa akin ng Sm BRANCH NA HINULUGAN KO.THEN TRY KO NA E select ANg Employed eh at e enter ang employer’s ID,sabi naman eh It did’nt match again….Mga ilang weeks kaya ako mag antay bago pumasok sa database ang contribution ko as a voluntary?ANY SUGGESTION PO,SALAMAT

  53. maw says

    Sir di ako maka create ng account. Pinili ko yung voluntary member tapos humihingi ng receipt number pero ayaw naman tanggapin yung nilagay ko.

  54. ailyn says

    maam.. ung papa ko po kc na si severino lopez pinapaprint ung employment hisyory nya… pano ko po ba i pi-printout un????

  55. liezl joy trellier says

    ask ko lang po.nkapag regester na po ako last year at MY SSS. ang problema po kc nkalimutan ko na po ung email add ko po at password kung saan si-send nio po sa akin ung email pag may info. pong dumarating. Gusto ko po kcng mag print ng static info ko po kc need ko na bukas kaya po pumunta po ako sa malapit na sss branch reset po ung password pero pag ;nag na po ako not allowed ang lumalabas sa computer.ano po ang dapat gawin?pwedi po ba na sa halip sa old email add ko ang i access hetong bagong email ko nlng po ipalit?salamat.hope u can fix it as long as u can.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You must reset your account by requesting a reset on SSS eCenter section. They do the resetting. Just bring valid IDs and prepare for your email and password preference.

  56. Mark magallanes says

    im filliing up the form online and then after sending it, it says that my ss number is invalid, how it will happen since it is the number being issue to me when i get my sss no last year? This is the no. where my previous company pay my contribution. pls help me , what to do?

  57. ac says

    hi good evening i hope you can help me understand further regarding the Employment history basically it will reflect all the employers i’ve worked for right?! because i kind of not disclosed all my prev employer with this company i’m applying for….the SSS employment history form is part of the requirements for the position i’m applying for and it scares me that because of this i will no longer be considered for the job…please enlighten me po or anyone here.. thanks in advance..

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Your employment history will display all your employer records in the past where you have contributed at SSS monthly. If you were working at those employers in the past and they deducted your salary for SSS contributions, then they will reflect in the history record. If the company didn’t deduct you for SSS and didn’t submit monthly SSS reports, then those records will possibly not reflect.

  58. Marya Anne Reyes says

    Mam jobless po ako for almost 7 months now.. i resigned frm work last August 15,2013.. nagfifill up po ako ng member registration para makapag print out ng static information na hinihingi sa akin ng new employer ko… receipt no/otc found on the RS5 receipt paid at least 6 months prior saan ko po ito makukuha?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      The Receipt number is on your receipt when you paid SSS for your last contribution. OTC No is the number used when you paid Over the Counter. Make sure you are an active member to register successfully.

  59. zhelyn says

    ma’am ask ko lang po .. di po kase ako makapagregister thru online sa sss .. kase po hinihingan pa ko ng OTC no. e di ko po matandaan kung ano inilagay ko dun sa registration ko .. at di ko po nahuhulugan ang sss no. ko . ano po bang dapat kong gawin ?

  60. mary jean gutierrez says

    mam..bkt po ang tagal ata dumating ng email at pass ko??kailangan ko n po kasi ma print ang contribution ko…2 days n po ndi p nadating..p help naman po..tnx and more power to sss online..

  61. emilyn a.magbanua says

    good morning mam/sir tanung ko lng po anu po b ang mga kilangan kung requirmnts pra s pag self employed,kc compny po kc b4 ang nag babayad ng sss ko my work p po kc ako b4 tpos ngaun po wla n gusto ko lng po ipagpatuloy .
    tnx po

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Just bring your valid IDs and your SSS number at the SSS office, tell the staff you will update and switch to Voluntary Member because you’re now unemployed, then they will give you form to fill up, then pay the contributions you have chosen

  62. Myra says

    I just want to ask po kc hindi po ako makapag register online. Nagbabayad po kamo thru bayad center. Pero pag nila lagay ko po sa OTC number Sinasabi po na sbr number is not in sss record. I need to print po my actual premium contribution. Thank you po,.

    • Fehl says

      I haven’t experienced using the SBR (Special Bank Number) since I pay my SSS contributions at the SSS office itself. The numbers to be used can be found on the receipt and they will be approved easily. So I suggest you use a receipt from the SSS. Bayad centers receipt numbers are confusing



    • Fehl says

      Go to the SSS branch that handles your account and submit your NSO BC and request to change your gender. If you’re employed, you can ask your authorized company representative to process it for you

  64. Billy says

    madam ask kolang po bakit po ito ang pilit na lumalabas pag nag rereg ako ” * Member status is not the same with SSS records.* anopong dapat kong gawin?

  65. Lan says

    Magandang araw., ask ko lang po gusto ko sana mag pa change name sa sss dahil yung nkaregistered na name ko dun is mali po., gusto ko sana itama na yung name ko.,madali lang po ba pag pinabago ko yun? Maa-update kaya agad agad yung name ko once na pina bago ko na? Need ko paba mghintay nang mga ilang araw bago yun ma update? Thanks and best regards

    • Fehl says

      Just bring your NSO Birth Certificate to adjust your name. As to the time frame, it is uncertain. Only the SSS employees know how long

  66. caren tejo says

    mam ask po if d po aq makapag pa print ng ESI list of employees q online kc now lng po aq nagparegisterd knna lng din kc aq ng aply…hiningi po skin ung print out ng esi q ay wednesday q po dpat ipasa…since po 2 -3 days pa bgo mag aprove ni rigesterd q…pwede po ba q pumunta nlng sa sss branch na malapit skin para dun nlng mag pa print? hopping 4 rply po kailangan na kc talaga sa myerkules tnx po

    • Fehl says

      Last time I heard, employee static printing are done personally now since online na nga :) When my sister requested a print from SSS, they didn’t give them instead she was advise to register online and print one herself

  67. RIA says

    nakapagpa register na ako…gustong ko lang malaman kung panu at san ko makikita yung tungkol sa SSS ID/ UMID CARD INFORMATION ?… un po bang makikita dun yung detalye kung kelan, saan ginawa yung card….basta po lahat ng detalye about sa Card…..wala po kase dito ,sabi lang sila (empleyado ng sss) ng sabi na magregister sa site ng sss at dun pwede na makita at ipaprint pero wala naman…

    • Fehl says

      Once they issue you the card, the official letter contains the date when it was issued, the card bears your info including CRN

    • Fehl says

      That means, you have already been registered before. Probably by your former employer and you forgot it

  68. Rayandrew says

    pano po makakakuha ng sss static record copy… di ko ma complete ung member registration dahil need ng employer id or reciept no.otc,ang previous work ko kasi colorum wala silang sss,,,ngayon sa bago kung work need nila ng sss static record copy,,ano po ang dapat kung gawin para makakuha ako ng copy kahit wala akong emploter id before,,sana matulungan nyo po ako,salamat..

    • Fehl says

      Register as MEMBER not as an employer. You only need your latest receipt number. You don’t need employer ID

    • Fehl says

      Read the Related article above entitled “How to view SSS online account” the steps to register for Static Info are discussed there

    • Fehl says

      It’s in the receipt you used when you last paid your SSS contributions. If you didn’t pay, then you have no receipt. If your employer paid it, ask your employer about your latest receipt

  69. nhick says

    How long will it take for an email confirmation? I’m done signing the registration form, and it said to wait for the email confirmation, for I cannot sign in as long as I haven’t receive the specific email. but it doesn’t notify me for how long it will take. Thankyou

    • Fehl says

      Yes you have to wait for the confirmation email as it contains your login credentials (username and password). It confirms that you successfully registered your SSS online account. It has been Holy Week. Wait for few days. It usually takes about 2 days in my experience

  70. khelly alabas says


    Bkt d p ako mkapg online hnd k po maopen ung sss online inquiry.kailangan k po kc ng print ng stitic info k,nkpgregster na po ako kaso ayw po eh!anu po dpat gwin?

  71. lucy says

    Good Day Ma’am,
    ASk ko lang po bakit ganito ang lumalabas tuwing mag pa register ako ng account

    *Member status is not the same with sss records*
    Ano po ang problema?

    • Fehl says

      Your number might be wrong or you may not be an active SSS member. To know what is exactly wrong, go to the SSS personally and verify your account

  72. rafael says

    pano ko po malalaman yung employer id para makapag register ako ng account… hindi ko naman po alam yung employer id namin kasi wala na ko dun…

  73. catherine says

    hi good day mam. my ss num, is already registered kaso po hnd ko po matandaaan ang user id q at password need q na po kase sa monday,, thanx mam

    • Fehl says

      YOu should have listed your username and password so you won’t forget them. They are bloody important. you can reset your account by going to the SSS eCenter

        • Fehl says

          You can log in anytime, any day except when the website is down or there is a server issue. If the site is live, you can log in for sure.

  74. angelica says

    ma’am, nkpagregister n po aq s e-center, when i opened my yahoo, i got an e-mail n po from sss that i’m successfully registered, finollow q po ung link but unfortunately d nman aq mkapaglogin, bkit po ganun, hindi po accessible ang website, badly needed po yung static info printout, d po aq mkapagstart s work application q because their asking for it po. tnx mam..

    • Fehl says

      Have you done phase 2 of the registration yet? Did SSS already confirmed your username and password?

  75. kenneth john fernando says

    Hi ask ko lang nakapagregister na po ako sa My SSS waiting nalang ako ng email.Sabi dito 2-3 days but im waiting for 5 days wala pa din paano po kaya to?hihintayin ko pa rin ba? O uulitin ko ulit?urgently needed ko na po kase yung static info at statement of account thx sa reply.

  76. ronald asia says

    mam,panu po un d po ako makapag regester sa sss static ayaw po tangapin ung ss number ko invalid daw po panu po kya un e,kailangan kona po para sa pag apply ko po ito po ung ss number ko … thanks for your consideration,,i need ur reply po tnx.

    • Fehl says

      Please verify your number at the SSS to know why it’s not a valid number. Maybe it’s on hold or something or maybe you are not currently active

  77. antoniochua says

    I have already registered at MY SSS account but have not receive any confirmation from sss. I need my static info on my work history & contributions. What shall I do now? Please help.

    • Fehl says

      Please follow the instructions discussed in the article above about getting and printing SSS static info

  78. kenneth john fernando says

    Maam until now wala pa din pumunta ako the other sa mismong SSS ang sabi nung nag assist skin di daw ako nkapagregister pero everytime i register as a MEMBER the site replies to wait for the e-mail.Sabi rin skin nung nag assist mag fill up daw ako sa EMPLOYER.Tama ba yun?Member lang ako di ako employer at binigay din niya skin yung Employer ID ng nakaraang work ko.Ginamit ko yun at ang lumabas ID is already used.I dont know why but SSS is just so inconvinient as if i have a choice.Wala ding emails sa spam ko hayss..Does MY SSS regristration really works?Sorry but im so frustrated kase almost a month na yung application ko baka mapanis na yon thanks for the reply last time i hope someone could help me for this problem i just need my STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT urgently.Thanks

    • Fehl says

      Geez that is strange. You will only register as Employer if you’re an Authorized signatory of your employer and if you are registering for your company. Question is are you registering for your employer or for your self? If you will register as a Member and you are having problems, there is a section in SSS for those who wants to register. Go to eCenter section and they will entertain you gladly. :)

  79. Vernon Bugarin says

    good day,
    ask ko lang po matagal ko na kc di ma-access ung online sss ko, bale yung unang employer sa pilipinas sila po ang gumawa ng email ko at nag register sa sss online ko kaso nakalimutan ko na poh ung binigay nilang username at password, kaya po pag nagtry akong magregister lagging lumalabas ay ” sss number already register” panu po ba ang gagawin ko? nag try akong magtanong noon sa mga branch kaso ang sabi sa hotline ako tumawag, at ngayon po nandito ako sa ibang bansa gusto ko sanang mag updates ng hulog ko kaso di naman ako maka access.anu po bang magandang gawin? Thanks

    • Fehl says

      The only solution is REset your SSS online account by going to the SSS eCenter section. Bring 2 valid IDs and prefer your email address and desired password

  80. jahnine tolosa says

    maam asked q lng po ung sa sss q e-1 po na nwla po kc una e-1 q po alm q nman po ang num nia then pwd po b un mplitan ng bgo??

  81. ALVIN BAYONA says

    Hi good day ask ko lang po kong papano po makakuha ng emloyment history actally po ang hirap po kasi po sabi nyo “how to print employment history” eh lahat po ng hinihingi nyo na requirements about employment history meron po ako… my problem is ” sabi nyo print papano mag print eh ayaw nga ma view ung snsabi nyo select employment history..ayaw po!!need kona kasi tom,,haits ty

    • Fehl says

      Chill out and relax po. I don’t know why you’re having a problem.
      Go to Employment History. Yoour employer name, SSS ID number and your reporting date and employment date then will appear on the screen. Tap the printable version at the lower part of the page and then print it. You’re done.

  82. jhoie says

    how will i have my date of coverage if i’m a new member and started to pay my premium for jan-mar 2014, last march this year..I’m a self employed. thanks

  83. Jellius says

    Ask ko lang po, kailangan po bang active member ka bago makapag register sa online? tnx. kailngn ko kasi yung static info and hindi ako maka pag reg plus merong discrepancy sa last name ko

  84. King says

    0 contribution ako untill now!! Kailangan ng employer ko ngayon yung proof na 0 contribution ako ma bibigay kaya agad sakin yun pag pumunta ako ng SSS at any branch??? Thankyou

  85. lyka mae says

    nakakaasar nd ko maalala yung username password ko dati nag sign up nman ako ayaw nman gumana dahil nakaregister na daw dati pa ung sss no. ko anung dapat kong gawin

    • Fehl says

      You don’t need to sign up again because you already registered. All you need are your login username and password. Of course you are the only one who knows them.

  86. roland bernardo says

    hi po. nagregister po ako, approve na po ba un pag na send ko na tapos bumalik po ulit sa blank fill up , un po ikc ang ngyari mam

    • Fehl says

      You have to do the Phase 2 registration before you will be approved and before your log in username and password will be sent

  87. loi says

    Gud Pm. I just want to ask.. If I am the employer, how can I check my employee records online and How to delete the employee if he / she already separated from the company?

    • Fehl says

      Make an Employer account online in the SSS website and you can then check everything about your employees contributions, reports etc. You can also put Remarks with your employee if he is already separated from your company. You can do that online or in the R3 program. See our article about R3 Program and Uploading R3 reports online at the related articles above

  88. narvin mason says

    mam gud pm po nais ko lng po malaman f pde po ako kumuha ng sss card i have a sss no. but dko n po nahuhulugan since 2008 of sept. the question is pde po ba ko makakuha ng ss card.. saka ang alam ko po nahulugan po yon ng dati kong pinasukan na company.. plz reply asap tnx…

    • Fehl says

      You’re not active right now, so you cannot get UMID. You must resume being active by paying your contributions monthly, then apply for SSS UMID card after 6 months

  89. emilyn magbanua says

    gud pm po ask ko lng pd ko po bang maipag patuloy ung contribution ko s sss num.ko at anu ang mga requirments pag mag self employed kc wla n akong work ngaun…

    • Fehl says

      Update your membership status as Voluntary Member then pay your monthly contributions. See the SSS Table to know how much you want to pay

  90. emilyn magbanua says

    yes maam/sir i want to have an official print- out my sss employee static information and employment history..

  91. Renan Amancio says

    Hi po mam.I would like to ask .I,m already registered online and have emeail verification about my account but when I tried to log in.hindi po ako makapasok.TY

    • Fehl says

      Did they send you your username and password already? If not, you are not yet successfully registered yet. You need to do Phase 2 of the registration process

  92. eunice says

    Hi! thanks sa info. pero I’m having problems signing up. yung first name ko kasi is Ma. , so I typed it as is Ma. then my second name. kaso lang ayaw tanggapin nung system. nagkaka-error ako sabi *Has discrepancy in first name. ti-nry ko pong tanggalin yung tuldok. ayaw parin.

  93. mark says

    Hi Ma’am, Ask ko lang paano ko po ma check yung sss contribution or kung ilang years nakapaghulog ang father ko….kase hindi ko po ma check dahil 9-digits lang po yung sss number niya so lumalabas po is invalid sss number….paano po ba yun ma check mam???

  94. LESTER SAWIT says

    kumukuha po aq ng static online kaso hinihingan aq ng receipt number eh wala p q nun mg aaply plng kasi aq ngayon at requirements un..anu po b gawin q.ndi tuloy aq mkakuha

  95. mariano terencio basilio jr says

    gud pm po mam/sir….ask ko lng po bakit di ako makapag log in magprint sana ak ng static info i need it asap for applying my job……thanks….d kc inaccept yong emaill add ko…

  96. mark says

    ask ko lang po.nag-work po ako sa company,kinaltasan ako sa sss.2 months po ako sa company na un.then nagkaroon ako ng new work,hndi ko po nasabi na may contribution na ako dati sa sss. ok lang po ba na hulugan ung sss ko kahit hndi merun na dating hulog? continue po b ang count ng hulog or back to zero ako?

    • Fehl says

      I think you’re ok since your contributions are continuous. What is important is you used your one SSS number

  97. Raymart says

    Why is it I’m having an error of “Invalid Employer Number” and the form in the website is asking for a 13-digit number while my employer number is only 10-digit number (03-9242673-2)? I already asked our HR Department about it and they say that it is the employer ID that they are using.

      • LOVE says

        my receipt payment covered 4 months.. april, may, june, and july 2014.. i submitted april with the amount of 1110…but in may, i can’t receive the printable msg that my contribution collection list (R3) file was successfully sent due to the sama SBR date and Sbr Receipt no.. but in 1 receipt, it covers 4 months payable.. how can i solve this proble so that i can sent my R3 file on may, june and july.. i need help..

        • Fehl says

          No worries, I also experience the same every time I upload 3 months using 1 receipt number. SSS system currently don’t accept similar receipt number. What we can do for now is to submit R3 using USB at the SSS personally if we paid some months in one receipt

  98. annabelle says

    ma”am pwede po bng mgtanung kc po nkpag register n po aq about s static pnu q po mllman kng pmxuk n saken ung massage s sss kylngan q n po kc ung static for requirments as soon as possible tnx po

    • Fehl says

      You can print out static info and your SSS contributions when you login in your SSS account. You mentioned you have registered already, so log in :)

  99. Isaiah says

    paano makakapag register ung mga bagong member na walang pang RECEIPT NO./OTC: help i need to print my static and employment history

  100. ferdinan says


  101. bryan ogalesco says

    bakit po required sss employer number ay 13-digit..pero 10 digit lang po yung binigay ng employer…di ko po tuloy ma register kase di sya tinatanggap..salamat po

  102. Kjell says

    Mam ask q LNG po qng pwd q bng ereklo sa sss employer ?kc 1 yr na po aq kht isang hulog WLA po ng verify kc aq khpon,,tapos tumawag po aq nw sa employer q, naifile na dw sa sss ung loan ,,pno mangyayari un ei WLAng hulog sss q. Sa welcome rotonda sa samploc SSS branch nla nilakad,,bgyan nyo naman aq ng idea qng pwd qng ereklamo agency q sa SSS or explain nyo po qng pwdng gwin ng SSS un na mpg loan po aq kht kk file LNG dw pp ung contribution q ng isang taon

  103. Emmz says

    Hi MAm.,
    Ang SBR/TR date po ba na naka indicate sa online inquiry para sa salary loan. halimbawa po ang nakaindicate dun ay 8/10 ibig sabihin po ba nito ay month of August payment or July payment. Kindly explain po. ty

  104. shane says

    my sss account cant open. but i remember my i.d number and password. pero hindi po ako makapag log in. paano po sya maoopen iulit? need ko po bang gumawa ng new account? almost 1 year ko kasi syang hindi na update. thanks.

  105. andrew says

    wala p po kasi aqng work ngyun kya wla po aqng mailalagay sa employer id panu po ang gagawin q ?kailangan po kasi sa requirements sa work n inapplyan q po…replai po kyo mam asap …salamat po….

  106. rose ann says

    Good day Ma’am. Pina-reset q na po ung account q sa sss branch pero nung ginamit qna ung binigay nilang user i.d and password invalid pa din po.. 2-3 days din po ba un bago ma-open? Tnx po..

  107. jade says

    hello po! ask ko lang po f makikita po ba based on the employee static information alone yung employment history or previous employer? pls do reply. tnx po!

  108. jograd says

    3 days n po aqng nag antay para sa next procedure kaso wla pa pong lumalabas sa email q anong dpat qng gwinn

    reply plzz nid n po kase

  109. mary rose rivera ignacio says

    good afternoon mam nakapag register na po ako sa static information ..ilang days po ba bago i email ung account ko ..thank you po need lang po kasi..

  110. christian says


    ask ko lang po … nag sign up na po kasi ako sa sss….

    employment history po ung kinukuha…

    hinihntay ko po ung isend sakin ng sss.. nasa 2nd step na po kasi ako .. kaso pang 3 days ko na po nag aantay wala pa din po nag ssend sa email ko .

    pa help nmn po … 1st day ko po sana kanina ,, dahil po sa sss hstory …na void ako

  111. Mark DC says

    Hello Maam. Ask ko lng po, may SSS number na po ako at ever since na kumuha po ako nito noong Nov. 2005 hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa po nahuhulogan ng kahit singkong duling kasi hinde po ako hinuhulogan ng kumpanyang tina trabaho-an ko po dati. Ngaun po gusto ko lng po malaman kung makakagawa po ba ako ng account sa SSS kahit SSS # lang po ang meron ako? Di na po ba kelangan ang Employer’s ID # kasi di nman din nila ako hinulogan? I would appreciate hearing from you Maam! thanks in advance sa reply nyo po.

  112. karein says

    Maam, gusto ko sanang magregister online to check my contributions, kaso lang hanggang ngaun wala pa po akong mareceive na email to continue my registration, gaano ba katagal bago makareceive ng email? mag iisang buwan na akong pabalik balik magregister, pero wala talagang email na galing sa website.

  113. lhay says

    good eve… I received the verification of my User ID and Password in my email, but when i tried to log in , nothing’s happen. Can you help me to log in. My ESI is badly needed.Thank you in advance.

  114. Mark Cartel says

    Good day Maam Fhel, I just have a concern po. Kasi po yung pinag trabaho-an ko pong Firm ng almost 9 years ay hindi po pala sila active member ng SSS, meaning hindi po sila naka rehistro. Ngayon po kukuha po sana ako sa any Branch ng SSS ng “certificate” stating na ang Firm na ito ay presently existing and doing business everyday but for the long time ’till now ay still they are not registered as an employer sa SSS. Nagbibigay po ba ang SSS ng ganung CERTIFICATE po? Thanks po in advance sa reply nyo po it will be highly appreciated.

    • Fehl says

      SSS issue certificate and plate bearing the SSS number of the registered employer/company. If that is what you are looking for, you can request that to your employer. If you request something like that from SSS, they would ask your ID and ask if you’re an authorized signatory of that company.

  115. Ivan Eudin says

    I successfully registered my account to My.SSS. But, when I click ‘Online Inquiry’, the page automatically redirects to employer login page. I have already gone to Ecenter.

  116. christian says

    MaaM .

    na recieve ko na po ung registration na send sakin ng ssss….

    pero ng ma filled up ko na po …

    eto po ung nilalabas ..


    ano po ibig sabhin nun … mag hintay po ako ulit ng comfirmation na successfully registered yung account ko ????

  117. lailanie esquierdo says

    panu pu ba un ang hirap mag log in sa member log in ..
    pwede pu ba makuha sa main ng sss ung static info ??

  118. she says

    nkaregister na ako online natanggap ko n din ang confirmation from sss pero di nman ako makapag log in. invalid daw username at password eh thrice ko try ayaw eh.

  119. irish says

    hi po, may account na po ako online sa SSS, pero hindi po ako mkapag-log in since walang log in for employees, or in any case po ba, may bagong way kung pano mag-log in? pls help. thanks.

  120. cath says

    .mam pa help dn po kami kasi kailangan po sa requirements ng husband ko static information, my account na po cya pero ndi nya maopen..

  121. omg says

    Hi ma’am kindly help me please. In employer sss # id, I only have 10 digits from my employer but on the online website, it requires 13 digits? I called sss and they said to enter the 10 digit with the dash, I did but it is still invalid. Any advice please? thanks.

  122. jasper daryl obligacion says

    hi.everytime i log-in, instead of the new tab that shows my employment history etc. another log-in will appear that shows employers log-in..?why is that.?thanks

  123. Jaira Aux says

    Ma’am, nirerequire ng employer ko yung static info, e hindi pa naman po ako naeemployed ever. Pano po yun? Nagregister po ako pero hindi sya pede sa employed kasi hindi pa naman. :(

  124. anthony lauherta says

    maam/sir bkit po everytime na select q po ung online inquiry dapat po static info q ung naka appear pro ung lumalabas sa new tab ay employer log in e d nmn po aq employed sa SSS? pls need q po ASAP nang response nyo TNX po………..

  125. christian says


    bakit po ganun ang nangyari sa sss account ko..

    kahapon lang po ako nakapag pa print ng sss history..

    tapos ngayon po ng mag log in ako sa site ng

    d na ako maka log in ..

  126. Gelene Principe says

    mam bkit po kpag ngtype po aco sxa ss# co lumalabas invalid crn/ss # ? ska po sxa user id di po acu mklog in

  127. JOICE says


    • rojane reyes says

      panu po kumuha ng static?? at sss history??? sa sss history po ba?? makikita kung awol or terminate?? ka??

      pa reply nman po sa fb account ko pls.. slamat god bless po??

  128. eman says

    mam bakit po ganun, paulit ulit ung email sa member reg hindi nmn inaacep, pero pag ung ibang email na nagamit na sa ibang account nagrresponse na “already in use”. minsan po madali mag register minsan mahirap, pero ngaun buong araw na ayaw padin.

    • Fehl says

      That is why I want to wait for the complete upgrade of their website. I asked SSS employee and they told me no definite date yet.

  129. abigail says

    hello po,,ask ko lang po if bakit ung posting po ng SSS contribution ng company namin is kalahati naka post, ung kalahati nkalagay “for posting”..? half ng employee po namin di pa din mkapag loan dahil di pa pumapasok ung contri nila ng september dhil for posting palang po..nailaglag nman na po sa bank ung contibution nmin..

    • Fehl says

      It’s your employer’s responsibility to submit the R3 reports and collection list every month. If they don’t your SSS contributions will not update on time.

  130. aprille lorraine G. Angeles says

    Asking for your assistance. Can you direct to send me my employee stat info and sss contri. .And how come it”s hard to log in at sss website? Result is always error not found..
    Need those requirements asap for my maternity loan…Expecting a response from you..Thank You. . .and God Bless ….

  131. JP Martin says

    Bakit hindi ako makaregister sa SSS for my employee static sheet. Every time na select ko yung submit button nagloload back lang siya sa registration form. I tried to check my email kung nasend na ba yung link and password ko pero I got no messages from SSS. Tama naman SSS number ko, name, middle name, password and birthday.

  132. kristine says

    pano po malalaman pag successful yung registration? after nung pop up message na isesend daw yung info sa sss and if gusto ko icontinue, pag kinlick ko yung ok. Nawawala lang yung pop up then nothing happens. Pag nireload ko mawawala lang yung sa confirm email and the code. so and tendency inuulit ko lang. Paulit ulit lang po ako. Wala man lang confirmation na successful yung registration? pls. answer.

  133. enrique lapetaje says

    gum morning ! mam ang SSS id ng asawa kinuha at papalitan na daw ng bago, kaya pumunta sila sa SSS office dito sa Cebu City last May 10, 2014 para at nagpa picture taking bakit hanggang ngayon di pa . umabot sa kanya. at bakit sa address namin sa bahay ipadala at di sa company nila. ang SSS IID ng wife ko ID # 06-1224068-5 employed at NKC Philippines, MEPZ-2, Lapu lapu city.

      • enrique lapetaje says

        thank you pero sabi nang taga SSS, sa bahay talaga i deliver hindi sa company, para segurado matanggap personally kaso walang tao sa bahay monday to friday

  134. Cristine Centes says

    Good day. Ask ko lng po kung may mas mabilis na paraan para maitama yung birthday ko sa sss.. Mali kasi yung pagkaencode ng birthday ko imbes n April naging January.. Hassle tlga kasi sabi 1 month p daw bago ako mkpagprint ng static via online.. Kaso need ko n kasi di ipaprocess ng employer ko kpag di naitama yun… Please help.. Tnx

    • Fehl says

      Go to SSS personally and submit NSO Birth Certificate and request correction of your birthday. SSS will follow what’s on your NSO BC

  135. Anabelle says

    The member inquiry under e-services is always down, hindi ko tuloy makita ang loan contributions ko.

    Not Found

    The requested URL /sss-selfserve2/controller was not found on this server.

  136. girlie salcedo says

    Hi can I get a copy of my static info?pls send to my email here.
    My name is ginalyn s. Soretero and my sss number 3402439030..thank u…hoping for your kind responce ..godbless

  137. Bessie Rabao says

    ask ko lng po sir/mam pang 3days ko na po ngaun ng ngregister aq sa sss to get my user id and password bkit po wla pa din napasok sa email ko nid ko po kc ung static info.ko

  138. James says

    mam tanong lang po! pwee po ba magparegister ulit khit na my previous registration ako ? para lng mkakuha ng bagong acct?

  139. winston says

    Mam tanung q lng nkpag fillup n po aq nung form inacept q n din ung terms and condi. Tas ngdisplay n un log in bar ung nga lng d p din aq mkpg log in. Mam. Merun pbng confi. N eeemail skin pra mkpg login n aq..

    Khpun kc pumunta aq ng sss brnch po pra qmuha ng static info. Ksu venirify lng kainis po kc print out kylngan q verify lng binegay.. Nkaka aduwa nmn..

    Help mi n mn po tgal q n kcng d mkpg start sa work dhil dun herap nmn kc sa online ambagal ng net. Ngderikta sna ksu sblay nmn hai…

  140. rodel camingay says

    gud eve //maam .. bat gnun pag ako nag sign up. ..s my sss .. d po sya nag function.. d po sya nag sasuccess.? ned ko kasi static?

    Online Member User ID Registration
    *Required Field
    Please supply the following Information as reported to the Social Security System
    *CRN / SS Number:
    *First Name:
    Middle Name:
    *Last Name:
    *Date of Birth:

    If your email address is other than, kindly inform your network administrator not to block mail from
    *Email Address:
    *Confirm Email Address:

    Enter the code as it is shown:
    This field helps prevent automated access.

  141. zduhc says

    Good day,

    I wanted to print my SSS contributions, I followed the steps as well on how to print it online. But there’s just no option for that to happen. I can’t see anything that says printable version or downloadable version of it. Hope you could help me out. Thanks in advance.

  142. Robert says

    Everytime na isusubmit ko may napapop up lang then pag inok ko na wala naman pong nangyayare? Pero chineck ko yung email ko then meron binigay na link tapos pagkatap ko wala namang lumalabas eh. Pero ang sabe ayun yung continuation ng pagreregister ko. Wala namang lumalabas. Please reply po. Kailangang kailangan lang po

    • Fehl says

      You better do the registration personally at SSS. Prepare to bring your valid IDs and your preferred email, username and password.

  143. gail says

    Hi there
    ano po gagawin ko kung 10 digit lang ss employer number
    trinay ko na po ung 3 zeros at the beginning pero ayaw pa din

  144. jasmin says

    Good day po, ask ko lng po kasi monthly po ako nag pay ng sss before pero na stop na. At ngayon i continue ko na nmn mo. pwede ba mag register online ako? nag try po kasi ako, may sinend sakin na link ang sss kaso wlang nakalagay pag i open sabi for secong processing pero wla po tlagang mag appear pag i open ang link. Thank you.

  145. carol says

    I just want to ask if it’s possible to apply for a salary loan when I already applied and used the educational loan for my brother?

    • Fehl says

      You don’t need it unless you’re an authorzied signatory of your employer or you are registering an employer account

  146. Malou says

    I registered in MY.SSS account a while ago but i did not receive any confirmation aside from the first one they sent me which is the continuation of my registration. I’m sure i registered it successfully. My question is, how long they will send me a confirmation? How many days do I have to wait before I’ll be able to “log in” in MY.SSS account?

    Thank you.

  147. Emmarie says

    Hello Mam, ask ko lng po, nagregister na po aq dun sa my sss, my response po sa side ‘This action will be supplied information to sss. “do want to continue.” Sbe po mag email 2 days na po wla pa rin email sa akin for confirmation. . Hindi pa po aq nkapgproceed sa Ph2. .Need q po kc sss employer static information,Help nmn po please. Thank you

  148. Arnold M. Calica says

    mam pano po ba kumuha ng employee static info. pra po makita yung mga nahulog mo na sa loan , kce po hanggang ngaun kinakaltasan pa rin po cko sa sweldo ko sa trabaho ey .. paki send na lng po mam sa FB Cu .. Thank You ..

  149. henry m. ramos says

    mam/sir nag sign-up po ako pero my problem.. ang sabi MEMBER STATUS IS NOT THE SAME WITH SSS RECORDS..ano pong ibig sabihin nito help me…asa ibang bansa po ako self employed ang pagbabayad ko..limang taon na ako ngbabayad…kailangan ko po tulong nyo salamat po…

  150. jethro says

    maam, ive been trying to register in mysss and i received an email from @noreplysss. i still couldnt verify my registration sa email. how long would they said me a note that i can now register?

    • Fehl says

      I suggest you resume Phase 2 at SSS eCenter personally because it seems that SSS website login etc. are not working till now

  151. renato says

    mam pwede humingi advise? ganito po kasi, First job (JOB A) ko po natapos ko contract. tpos nagkaron po ako isang work, nag awol po ako dun (JOB B). Ngaun po hinihingian ako ng 2316 at ng sss static contribution ng bago kong pinasukang work (JOB C). sa resume ko po, ang diniclaire ko lang ay c (JOB A), hindi ko po dineclaire c (JOB B). Si (JOB A) po TIN lang ang pinakuha skin date, wala pong SSS,PHILHEALTH,PAGIBIG na pinakuha skin. tpos yung payslip ko po sakanila wala kong nakikitang deduction ng kahit TAX or sa TIN BIR. as in wala pong nababawas sakin s deduction corner s payslip ko po. anu po kayang magandang gawin ko dahil hinihingi ni (JOB C) yung SSS contribution ko at 2316? maraming salamat po.

    • Fehl says

      Hi, since you didn’t contribute at SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth, you’re not an active member of them so you cannot get static info of SSS. Since you didn’t pay tax when you were working, you cannot provide 2316 as well. You need to explain it at your new employer

      • kris salazar says

        hello po ask q lang panu pag nakapagregister kna before ..tas kukuha ka ult ng STATIC INFORMATION., ang sv crn ss number has already been registered panu po un?.,

  152. Sandy says

    hi there. what if nakalagay sa tseke na ni-release is yung kung ano lang ang nakaregister sa sss website? my name is too long at di kaya nung 15-character text field, kaya bitin ang name na naka-print sa tseke. mapapalitan kaya yun? or pag hindi, what to do? sa cavite pa yun na-apply for loan, sa pampanga ako naka-base. sa cavite kasi yung agency ko. pls help. thanks and more power.

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