Top 20 Best Free Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini 2015

Cheers for the top 20 best free iphone, ipad and ipad mini apps to download in 2015! The must-have apps are here. Another year of Apple I must say, not only because it became the world’s most valuable business, worth $153 Billion overtaking Google, worth $111 Billion, I read from a partner website of Webonist, Apple Inc. has also reached another milestone of having more than 10 billion apps downloaded. Wow!

These apps are totally free. I have compiled them all combining all genres –games, social media, photography, music, kids apps, finance, travel, news essentials and the like. Of course the default apps from Apple are separated from this list.  Definitely billions of users have downloaded these apps. They are the most downloaded and most used apps to iphone and ipad users. See what you’re missing.

best free apps 2013 for iphone, ipad and ipad mini


facebookFacebook, being the second top websites in the world next to Google, will obviously top number one not only from iphone apps users but to other mobile and web devices as well. iPhone’s Facebook app is totally free and everyone can’t miss this app. We always want to be connected and updated wherever. If you still don’t have this valuable app, you can download Facebook iphone app here. Connect with us ok.

Temple Run 2

temple runThe success of Temple Run 1 was terrific. Thanks to Imangi Studios for providing us another free Temple Run 2. This one is much exciting than the first. I love the zip line and mine adventure. With over 170 million downloads, this app must surely in your gadget.

Instagram / Instapad


Instagram and Instapad would be one of your essential apps especially if you love using the app every now and then. Millions of people including celebrities use this app more than Facebook now.


Instapad is for ipad.



Ibooks is not yet automatically installed in your gadget so I have listed it here. This app is a must-have for everyone who loves reading and buying a book in the Appstore. iBooks will be your shelf containing all your downloaded books.


twitter for ipad

Yeah add this if you love tweeting or just love seeing people’s tweets. Set up your account by going to your gadget’s settings.


bible app

Read the Holy Bible anytime for free by installing this app. There are numerous versions to choose from. I love reading few chapters per book every day. This is totally in my list.

Find my iphone / Find my iPad

find my iphone

After setting up your iCloud account, this app must be added too so you can Find your device in case of loss. To set your iCloud account, go to Settings > iCloud and Find My iPhone or Find my iPad



A free encyclopedia app. It’s the Wikipedia app actually. Searching will be much easier having a wikipanion.

Adobe Reader

adobe reader for ipad

This is so reliable for viewing PDF documents across all platforms and devices. No PDF reader could beat Adobe Reader.

Google Search

google search for iphoneSure we couldn’t live without Google. Not juts it’s the number one search engine in the web, but because it’s so useful. Like I always say, “if I don’t know a thing, I ask Google.” With Google Mobile apps, it will be easy for us to access and sync in to youtube, gmail, Google Earth, Google search, maps, buzz and the amazing Google Goggles. I doubt that you’re missing this must-have free iphone and ipad app.



shazamAnother lovely music app for iphone. Shazam released their latest version with more improved Friends Features. Now, we can see what our friends are tagging – listen to previews of their tags, buy the track, watch videos and more. If you want to have a Facebook like Music book, download this free iphone app in  itunes or via Shazamitself.


imdb iphone

Oh yeah definitely can’t miss IMDb Movies and TV app. I love trailers and seeing the latest movies. This free app for iphones, ipad and ipod touch lets us find showtimes, upcoming movies and DVDs, top box office, and reviews. This app was among the Macworld’s 20 Best Apps last year 2012.

The Weather Channel

weather channelWe don’t wanna be guessing the weather whenever so the Weather Channel app is really functional and helpful for us to be updated. New version has been released. This cool app offers efficient weather forecasts, full screen maps, weather alerts, full screen and interactive radar maps, and pinpoints your location at launch. It uses Google Mobile Maps for faster zooming and panning. The latest version shows updates and news from The Weather Channel.

Google Earth

google earth appThis is one of my favorite past times – googling the earth. Google Earth is now developed to a new level. Now we can’t only navigate and explore the earth but also go beyond the ocean, the sky, the moon and mars. When you download the latest Google Earth software, it comes with Google Sky, Moon, Ocean, and Mars. What more can you ask for? Let’s wait for goggle universe in the mean time. It’s amazingly free.



Bump is also on my top coolest free iphone apps. Before, it’s like bumping into each other’s iphone and sharing messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, apps and more. Bump Technologies LLC has released their Bump app new version and long-distance “virtual bump” can now be enjoyed, too.


skypeWe all know what Skype is. Now video calling, and instant messaging will be perfect with Skype app for iphone and ipad. Definitely, it’s free as it’s free in the desktop and other computer devices. I heard, Skype will be available in Facebook soon. Let’s see.

XE Currency

xe currency

Oh jeez I can’t miss this useful app. I always need to know the exchange rates. If you are into Forex or simple want to know the current exchange rates between your currency and the others, download this app.

Clash of Clans

clash of clansThis is one of the most addicting games for iphone, ipad and ipad mini. And boy, it’s free. Build your clan or join other clans. This game will let you build your online friends too.

McAfee Antivirus App

 mcafee for iphoneThis free app will let you know latest vulnerabilities as being updated. All gadgets must be protected with an anti-virus software. I’m glad there is a free app like this although Virus Barrier is amazing too but it’s a “Paid App”

 iTunes U

itunes U

From Apple, this one is also included in my list because it’s not yet automatically installed just like iBooks. One of the most favorite apps of students.

There are more cool and useful apps free to download however, I just listed the first 20 people often download after buying their new iphone, ipad or ipad mini. Just visit your App Store to add some more.

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