Building Permit Requirements, Fees, Application Forms, Procedure

How to get a building permit in the Philippines? We’re sharing here the requirements, fees, and application procedure for the issuance of building permits in the country.

After saving enough money on your bank account, you finally decided to build your dream house. So you contacted your architect friend to lay out a draft of your floor plans and house design. You realized it’s also the right time when you’re required to apply for your building permit.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is a government-issued certificate allowing an entity to construct a new or existing building in a specific location. It is also a legal document granting permission for the construction of a new house or renovation of a structure.

Why do you need a building permit?

You need a building permit because you want to comply with the proper construction of a house or a building following the requirements set by law or the National Building Code of the Philippines. You want to ensure that all the proper technical, mechanical, electrical, and structural plans for the construction of the building are met.

If you build a house or a building without permission from your municipality, the house construction will be stopped until a permit has been issued or released. You’ll receive a strict notice to apply for a permit.

Types of Building Permit:

  • Residential building permit
  • Commercial building permit
  • Revision building permit
  • Demolition building permit
how to get building permit philippines

Building Permit Requirements in the Philippines:

  1. Properly filled-up application forms duly signed and sealed by engineers concerned:
    • Building Permit Forms (5 copies)
    • Electrical Permit Forms (3 copies)
    • Sanitary Permit Forms (3 copies)
  2. Five (5) complete sets of Detailed Plans
  3. For construction of two-storey building:
    • Structural Design Analysis – signed and sealed by Civil Engineer at every page
  4. For construction of more than two-storey building:
    • Boring and Plate Load Test
    • Seismic Analysis
  5. Proof of Property
  6. Photocopy of Transfer Certificate if Title (TCT)
  7. Photocopy of tax Declaration of Property-lot (Certified True Copy) – 5 copies
  8. Photocopy of Current Tax Receipt (5 copies)
  9. If property is not registered under the name of the applicant:
    • Submit 5 copies of any of the following:
    • Contract of Lease
    • Contract of Sale
    • Affidavit of Consent of the Lot Owner for the construction of building/house
    • Deed of Absolute Sale
  10. Permit Billboard (0.60 X 0.90 Plywood with the following contents):
  11. Bill of Materials and Specification (5 copies) – signed and sealed by an engineer or an architect at every page
  12. Locational Clearance
  13. Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects
  14. Clearance from the DPWH if the construction is located along National Highway
  15. DOLE Clearance

Those are the usual application forms you need to gather and prepare when you’re required to apply for a building permit in the Philippines. Hiring an architect or structural engineer is very helpful in preparing your building permit documents.

Some architects and engineers will provide you with the complete sets of plans needed for your permit. Architectural firms will already provide your blueprints and process your building permit upon constructing your house or building.

Somehow, you need to pay expensive professional fees for the proper structural plans of your house or building. Hiring experts is very worth it, and you’ll have peace of mind because licensed architects and engineers will guarantee the best safety standards.

How to Get a Building Permit in the Philippines (Step-by-step Procedure)

Step 1: Get the Requirements-Checklist and Application Forms from the Office of the Building Official

The first step is gathering the complete checklist of documents you need to submit to process your building permit application. Your architect mostly knows them, but you need to get the application forms from your local municipal’s office because every document must have the official seal of your municipal’s office.

building permit requirements philippines

Then, your architect and engineers will be the ones who will fill out the information on each application form. They know every technical detail of the construction plan.

Step 2: Go to the Office of the Building Official and Submit your Documents

The officers will now check every form you have submitted. They will arrange the documents per set, per folder. Then, they will tell you where to go next, in this case, the Assessor’s Office.

building permit philippines step 2

If you’re in the city hall, they usually have windows where you have to submit each folder of each set of forms. If you’re in the province, each cubicle is generally next to each other if not in the same department.

Step 3: The Assessor’s Office will issue your Acknowledgement Slip

Go to the Office of the Municipal Assessor. They will issue your Acknowledgement Slip. It bears the date of the status of your building permit application. The result of the approval of the application is usually around 10 working days.

Step 4: Wait for the Approval of your Building Permit Application

Wait for 10 business days for the result and approval of your application. Once approved and in compliance with the National Building Code, they will print out an Order of Payment for your application for a building permit.

Step 5: Present the Order of Payment at the Municipal Treasurer’s Office and Pay the Fees

The fees for the building permit range from P6,000 and above depending on your construction size, municipality location, and assessment plan. The costs of building permits in the provinces are usually cheaper than in the cities.

Step 6: Submit a Copy of your Official Receipt to the Office of the Building Official

Photocopy your Official Receipt and provide an extra copy to the Office of the Building Official’s Releasing Section. This is where you will get your building permit.

Step 7: Claim your Building Permit at the Releasing Section of the Office of the Building Official

After 5 business days, the Office of the Building Official will grant your building permit. You can now tell your architect or structural engineer about it so you can proceed with your house construction.

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  1. hi po ask ko lang if may penalty pa rin po ba kung nagpa gawa ka ng bahay kahit 1st floor lang na walang building permit dahil hindi pa nabibigay ang titulo ng lupa?,. magpapatayo kasi kami kaso hindi kami maka process ng building permit gawa ng wala pa ang titulo after 3 yrs pa thank you po sa sasagot

  2. Sino po may kilala dito na pwede gumawa ng PLAN at mag process para sa building permit. Ang location po ay sa Sampaloc Tanay Rizal at ang gagawin po ay 4 Stores (Tindahan) with 15 sqm ang size each. Ang design po ay pang 2 story building pero ang i contruct lang muna ay ground floor lang at ready for second floor in the future. Paki contact po ako sa Email address or you can contact me in VIBER / wHAT’S UP 965-97469855

  3. Hello! I am on the process of building our home. I was able to acquire a help from an old friend who have his own construction and engr services. My plan is to have a 4storey residential unit. It is really narrow with a width of 3.18 and a length of 13. My concern is that my architect is requiring me to get a mechanical design but I dont see it as one of the requirements for getting a building, zoning and electrical permit. Do I really have to get it? I am really on a tight budget and all I would like to have is a standard finish for my home and I am even willing to do all my cabinets and painting just to save more. A place enough to live, the finishing will come later.

    Any suggestions and take on this will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks and God bless

  4. Hello! I can see that you posted permits from Apalit, Pampanga. I have a project there now, but I am based in Cebu, and I am having a hard time acquiring a copy of all the building permit application forms particularly the architectural and structural forms. Is it okay if I can ask for a copy of these forms? Thanks

  5. Hello po, mgkano po ang babayaran ko na building permit for a 2 storey house with 40 square meter lot? Meron bang sample computation as reference?

    • Isa po akong lot awardee of Nha, ask ko lang po if need pa namin mag secure Ng building permit for a single storey house, concrete po sya pero maliit lang since limited lang Ang finances namin.Nasa looban po kame Ng lugar namin.Pasagot Naman po.Thanks and Godbless

  6. hello po good day,ask q po sana ngpagawa po aq ng bahay 2 storey po pero pa unti2 lng po. as in 30 to 40% pa lang po ang nagagawa. hindi po kmi kumuha ng building permit kase mga taga amin lang po ang gumawa. pag kukuha po ba ako ng building permit sa anu po ung manyayari?

    • Hi, just want to asked Lang po, in our 9 units first project apartment we have already building permit. But we have pa po 5 units additional for the 2nd project, do we need to apply again? For this 2nd project building? Eh same site only Lang po.

      • Yes, kung anung scope of work ang sinubmit nyo sa bldg permit un lng po ang gagawin, no more no less, so kung may 2ng phase kayo na di kasama sa unang bldg permit, you need to apply again.

        • Is building permit renewable especially for house improvement only? I understand that bldng permit is valid for a yr, can this be renewed? Thanks

  7. Hello! Regarding po sa requirements for securing Home Improvement Building Permit.. ano po kung patay na po yung registered owner? i am one of the heirs po and occupant of the property since then …pde po ba AFFIDAVIT lang po stating i am one of the co owner yung submit ko? together with the brgy certification as supporting? Instead of submitting authorization of consent from the other heirs? given na complicated po yung status ko against my sisters due to conflict of interest. since wla pong will na naiwan from our late parents.

  8. Sir, is the 2 meter setback still required in Manila? I have a 50 sqm lot (3.3m x 15m) and I am planning construct a 3 storey residential unit. Can I construct the structure up to the property line. Is the 2 meter sidewalk beyond the property line already sufficient? Almost all of the units in the Manila, particularly in Sampaloc, are built up to their property line. There are even some units with canopies encroaching at least 1 meter of the sidewalk. Is this allowed?

  9. We are applying for Mayor’s Permit for our Business.
    Is it necessary to have the Architectural Permit if we are renting in a commercial space?

  10. The house that we made last year was 4 storey building and we didn’t finish the necessary permits to comply for the Building permit. We continue constructions while completing the documents until we finished the house with out complete docs to get tat BP. We got noticed from the municipal office to stop constructions but we are totally done the constructions.
    Do I still have to continue the requirements although the constructions is done?
    I am now hiring an Engineer to provide the permit.
    How much much do I have to spend for the BP?

    • what municipality or city are you securing a building permit po? maybe i can help you po..yes po you still need to provided a building permit…kindly emial me nalang po nag aayos po ako ng permits…

      • Hi po, tanong ko lang if the church will have this minor renovation and minor repairs does it still need to secure a building permit? considering its a ninprofit organization? The area is 100sqm and inside a mall.

        • Hello ask ko lng po if ung building permit cost ay magdedepende rin s number of floors n gagawin..e.g. 5 floors ung ipapagawa nmin 100sqm ung sukat.. thanks in advance

        • Hello sir, ask ko lang po kung how much po ang magiging contractors tax kapag 273.04 floor area and 1million ang bill of materials..or pano po ang computation?

          Thank you.

  11. I purchased a house and then realised that the tax declaration could not be transferred to my name. This was because the house was only declared as a 1 storey but had 2 more storeys added in without a building permit. (Total 3 storey). What can i do now? I was told i would need to pay a penalty of 150K. Will this be the end of my troubles. Please can anyone advise


  13. Hello, I spoke to our local civil engineer in our town, he said no need a building permit for a house building area with 25 square meters or less. Is this right? or can we proceed building our house if the house area is simply 25 square meters or less? Can you please clarify? Thanks.

    • (Building Code)
      SECTION 209. Exemption
      Public buildings and traditional indigenous family dwellings shall be exempt from payment of
      building permit fees.
      As used in the Code, the term “traditional indigenous family dwelling” means a dwelling intended
      for the use and occupancy by the family of the owner only and constructed of native materials such as
      bamboo, nipa, logs, or lumber, the total cost of which does not exceed fifteen thousand pesos (P

      (dont know about the 25 square meter or less, maybe its a local law) if yun ang sabi.. ituloy mo na hehe

      • You mentioned “exempt from payment of building permit fees” if indigenous materials with max cost of 15K.

        Exempt na rin ba sa application of building permit itself, or mag-apply at kukuha pa rin ng permit, libre nga lang?

    • there is no such provisions in the national building code that says building permit exemption, therefore kailangan talaga mag secure ng permits regardless of size or degree of construction or development. kung ang fence nga or even signages kailangan ng permit

  14. Hi po, can you help me to get requirements po for demolition ng bahay located in Manila? May court order na po kami at na execute na ng sheriff yung evacuation ng tenants. Gusto lang nmin gibaen yung bahay nila na old houses na nakatayo. Thanks po

  15. How much pay for building permit are 100sm, then sketch lang ang aking ginawa para maging 4 door , electrical layout ,septic tank,plumbing puro sketch lang, ma aaproved ba ito kasi ang mahal ng singil a DRAWING. total 23/sm ea. room

    • usually they charge 1% from the total project cost-depends upon the class of city you belong to. Best to do your plans on standard drawing requiremnt pra di isauli syo submittal mo. Consult respective proffesionals ; Architect & Engrs for corresponding fees, di nman gaano kmahalan depende yan sa paguusap nyo.

  16. In submitting of drawing plans for building permit, instead of blue print 20×30 inch size. Are the building officials accepting white print 20 x 30 inch?

    • all municipalities have diff. local laws. so you should ask them, sa congested na lugar. they even accept A3 paper kc sobrang dami na ng plano sa munisipyo wala ng mapag lagyan.

  17. ano po pwede i file na complain kung di sinunod ng developer ang nasa bueprint ng bahay .. concrete septic tank ang design plastic drum lang po ang ginamit. Tapos yung adjacent subdivision under construction di po matirhan ang bahay dahil sa kapal ng alikabok na nakasanhi ng hika at napakadumi ng buong bahay. pwede ba mag claim ng damages

  18. Goodmorning. We are planning to have our house renovated but one of the reqts is for all neighbors on all sides to sign permission. Napa sign na namin ung 2 neigbors (right side & back side) for their consent allowing us to for the renovation, however ung 1 neighbor namin (left side) ayaw pumirm kse gusto nya makita lahat blueprints, etc. We already provided him lahat ng floor plan, etc to assure him na wala masisira sa lot nya, firewall, etc. Anu po ba talaga objective ng permission ng neighbor kung nagcocomply naman kme? We also have registered contractor & architect for the project.
    Anu rin po reqt ng homeowner association regarding construction & permit?
    Hirap po na subjective ang maging reason para hinde pumirma ang neighbor at association.
    Kindly inform me naman po anu po ba objective ng mga permission nato?
    Salamat po.

    • Kung interior renovation lang naman hindi na need ng neighbors consent… Ang neighbor’s consent ay para aware lang sila na may construction na gagawin… Ang hinihingi lang naman ng homeowners ay construction bond as assurance na kung sakaling may masira o mmadisgrasya ka na property. Yun ang gagamitin nila pero pag wala naman ibabalik nila sa iyo ang bond after ng construction

      • Thank you for your reply.
        Actually po major renovation sya. Iniipit po kme ng kapitbahay kaya ayaw pirmahan ung consent nila, although ung 2 pang neighbors namin nakapirma, yung side na lang nila kelangan ng consent. More than 4x napo binalikan at yung mga hinihingi nila binibigay naman po namin. Sa consent, inassure naman po sila na kung sakali may masira sasagutin namin. Pero inassure kme ng contractor na sa project plan wala magiging problema sa firewall, etc.
        Anu po right ng neighbor na wag pirmahan yung consent? Malaki na rin po kse abala sa amin dahil pinaparent nila ung bahay nila, okay naman po sa nagrerent. Ung may ari lang po talaga nangiipit sa amin.
        Kindly enlighten me.
        Yung mga naka encounter na ng ganitong case, any suggestions or recommendation on what to do.

        • For rent lang yung left side.. Dun din ba nakatira ang may-ari? Kung hindi naman, pwede na yung nagrerent na katabi nyo ang pumirma… Ang purpose lang naman nyan na maging aware sila na may construction na gagawin.

          Ex. In our case, may project kami sa Sucat at kailangan din namin magsubmit ng neighbor’s consent… yung katabi na establishment na nag-lease ang pumirma ng neighbor’s consent hindi mismo ang may-ari ng commercial building… Bakit hindi ang mismong may-ari ng building dahil ang tatamaan ng ingay ay yung mismong katabi namin..

        • Building Code: SECTION 1202. Excavation, Foundation, and Retaining Walls

          e. Protection of Adjoining Property. Any person making or causing an excavation to be made
          below existing grade shall protect the excavation so that the soil of adjoining property will not
          cave-in or settle and shall defray the cost of underpinning or extending the foundation of
          buildings on adjoining properties. Before commencing the excavation, the person making or
          causing the excavation to be made shall notify in writing the owners of adjoining buildings not
          less than ten (10) days before such excavation is to be made and that the adjoining buildings
          will be protected by him. The owners of the adjoining properties shall be given access to the
          excavation for the purpose of verifying if their properties are sufficiently protected by the
          person making the excavation. Likewise, the person causing such excavation shall be given
          access to enter the adjoining property for the purpose of physical examination of such
          property, prior to the commencement and at reasonable periods during the progress of
          excavation. If the necessary consent is not accorded to the person making the excavation,
          then it shall be the duty of the person refusing such permission to protect his buildings or
          structure. The person causing the excavation shall not be responsible for damages on account
          of such refusal by the adjoining property owner to permit access for inspection. In case there
          is a party wall along a lot line of the premises where an excavation is being made, the person
          causing the excavation to be made shall at his own expense, preserve such party wall in as
          safe a condition as it was before the excavation was commenced and shall, when necessary,
          underpin and support the same by adequate methods.
          f. At an early stage, and before work is commenced, a careful and accurate survey of any cracks
          in the existing adjoining owner’s premises should be made, and, where possible, photographs
          should be taken, recorded, and agreed between the parties concerned. Where necessary, telltales
          should be fixed to cracks with the object of showing any further movements during
          demolition and excavation. Tell-tales should preferably be in the form of fixed points built in on
          each side of the crack and should be capable of being measured by a micrometer or vernier
          caliper. They should be of such a nature that both horizontal and vertical movements could be


  19. This article is so informative. I would like to ask: Can I execute a Special Power Of attorney (SPA) to have someone (close relative) to process the building/house permit application since I am an OFW?

  20. naturn over po ang single attached unit ko march 26. ako po unang turn over unit. bago po ako bumili ng meterial at nag start ng construction for extension. nagtanong ako sa site architech at alam din po ng developer na meron ako gagawin na extension kasi nanghingi ako approval nila na huwag ikabit ang kitchen kasi extend ko sya sa labas which they already approved naturn over bahay ko ng walang kitchen. nung magstart na ako construction with material na rin after 1 week bigla nila pinatigil kasi kailangan daw permit. wala po sila binigay na requirements or nabanggit ng policy deeds of restriction nung nagpirmahan ng turn over . ngayon na gagawa na ako saka sila naglabas ng policy. which parang holdap sa akin kasi bigla na hold ang construction..

  21. Hello!

    Ask ko lang po kung how much po inaabot ng building permit fee for renovation of 33 sqm condominium unit. Minor renovation lang po ito such as partitions, cabinets, etc. And then gaano po pala katagal ang processing nito? God bless.

  22. Good Day,
    Ask ko lang po, isa lang po akong tricycle driver dito sa probinsya, halos butas butas na roof sa bahay ko, wala po akong idea sa mga ganito, gusto ko sanang magkaroon ng tubig at kurente, Ask ko lang kailang pa rin bang building permit? halos 100k na ang magagastos? salamat po

  23. sir, ok lang ba na mag apply ng building permit sa lupa na tax declaration lang ang proof of ownership pero may perimeter fence na ang lupa? Wala pa pong OCT ang lupa pero updated po ang bayad ng tax. Salamat po.

  24. Hello,

    Question lang po, regarding firewall. Bakit po may requirement ang City Hall na kumuha ng consent letter from the neighbor for the firewall before they issue a building permit, if the firewall is to be constructed within the premises of our lot po? Paano kung hindi mag consent yung kapitbahay? Ano po ang rights namin as yung party na magpapatayo ng bahay + firewall?

    • It is required because firewalls are common disputes between neighbors during construction. Since you are constructing on the limits of both your properties, there are possible dangers of collapse, debris on their property, adequate fire protection and such reasons. If without consent, your neighbor can complain you to the barangay or building official which then may have your construction stopped. Best is to talk with your neighbor and assure them, in writing, that you will do your part to avoid damages and inconvenience on their part, and all costs will be shouldered by you.

      • Hello Francis,

        Thank you very much for your reply! Will take that into consideration po, and I suppose it is always best if we are on good terms with our neighbor. 🙂

        Salamat ulit!

    • hi ..paano po if yung title name nang parents pero patay na po? pero walang extrajudicial settlement due to conflict nang magkakapatid? and its impossible to secure their approval.anong ownership pde gamitin nang magpaparenovate? bali yung occupant nang property naka stay na nang 10yrs which is one of the heirs yung magpapa renovate lng yung gagawin..anong proof of ownership na valid po? pde ma present? ????????????

  25. Hi po,

    Ask ko lang po if magkano po magagastos sa building permit at need pa po bang kumuha ng permit if magtataas lang po ng bubong? simpleng bahay lang po!

    Salamat po

    • Good day po.ask po kung need p ng building permit kung renovation ng garage? Giniba po un luma.elevation,tinaas un existing n pinalitan ng bakal un mga trusses.tnx po

  26. hi po.. nag pa process po ako ng building permit sa tita ko po..para po sa e build ko ng house soon.. tita ko ung nag process kasi na abroad po ako…
    nasa 55k na po ung nagastos ko lahat.. akala ko tapos na makuha ko na ung BP ko.. kaso sabi ng tita ko kylangan pa ng building permit fee 15k, ef 1500,and so on etc.. bali po 19,600 total po un..
    nag wonder lng po ako..
    ask ko lng po.. magkano po ba talaga magasto sa para makakuha ng BP..
    para may idea lng po ako..

    thanks po.

  27. Hello po ask q LNG meron po along 31 sqm.n lot pinatayuan q po yun ng my third floor,,ung lot n po un is hinuhulugan q.ung lot po n in is style subd.kaso lht po ng nktayo run at no building permit,,at isa p po d q alm n nid po un.s ngaun po mttpos n un bhy q nag aplay po ako ng kuryente kaso kylngan daw ng BP.hinihingian po kmi ng 30k for BP,,nkikita q po kc s mggndnd subdivision n mggnda at nsa 5k below LNG bnbyran,,smntlng skin no architect at engineers at sobrang laki ng hinihingi s office n hinuhulugan ko ng lote,,tama po b yun

  28. Good day ano ang mga requirements kapag meron existing building and we want to extend the building it’s 5-storey also to renovate the facade. What we should consider to this situation? it’s renovation or addition in applying for permit? and about on the previous architect and engineers we need their consent? thanks po!

  29. Paano po kung walang engineer, kasi kami lang ang gumawa ng sketch ng bahay kung saan ang poste at ilang kwarto na susundan lng ng worker at wlang contractor kasi sa probinsya hndi uso ang contractor maliban sa mga mayayamang tao, at pahinto hnto ang patrabaho namin kasi walang budget pa. kailangan pa talaga nmin magpagawa ng blue print.

    • Opo mam kasi requirement nila na may blueprint. I am a civil engineer mam. pwd ko kayo gawan ng drawings in discounted price. email me

      • Good day po Architect,ask ko lng po sana kung ano ang penalty kung sakaling may madagdag sa pinagawa kong bahay na wala naman po sa plano? idea lng po thanks?

      • To Mr.Arlan Roy Toledo;
        How much po b mag pagawa ng structure ng bahay sa inyo?pra po sa building permit requirements.
        meron na po architectural design.

        • Hello po, I am an Electrical Engineer, kung gusto niyo po pa-design, sign and seal.. Pati na rin po, Plumbing/Sanitary, Mechanical, Structural. One stop shop na.. Thank you.


          • Electrical Engineer KA PALANG ganyan kana sinasagasaan mo nga profession nyo..
            May Professional Electrical Engineer sir.. .
            as per code dont advertise your self ..
            let the client advertise you

          • @ BONG VELEZA CIVIL ENGINEER,Hindi po lahat kailangan ng Building Permit. Construction cost 15,000 pesos and below; or traditional indigenous family dwellings ay exempted po sa BP. see PD1096 Rule II Section 209.
            pati rin ata Public Buildings.

  30. Good day,Nagpatayo po ako ng duplex residential Apartment ang nasa plano po nya ay duplex 1st floor lang,with seperate electric meter and water balak ko po padagdagan ng second floor duplex din ano po kaylangan ko gawen another paguhet po ba ng plano???at building permit??salamat po

  31. Hi po sir,

    Magkano po kaya magpagawa ng structural analysis at electrical analysis. May mga plano na po kami at signed and sealed na kaya lang hindi magawa ng civil engineer na pumirma sa plano namin kasi sobrang busy na daw nya eh need ko na po matapos ang building permit ko ASAP.

    Marami pong salamat

  32. Hi po mga Sir,

    Nilalakad ko po kasi ang building permit namin. Nakumpleto na po namin lahat nung pagkacheck po sa buiding permit need daw po ng structural analysis at electrical analysis. Nung kinontak ko po yung civil engr. na pumirma sa mga plano ko hindi na daw nya magagawa yun kasi busy daw po sya. saan po kaya ako pwede lumapit para magpagawa nito at maisile ko na po ang building permit ko? Magkano po kaya ang babayran?

    Maraming salamat po. Badly need your help po kasi sobrang stress na po at dami ko na naubos na oras panahon at pera dito pero feeling ko hindi po matapos tapos.

    • Hi Reina,

      For the structural analysis services, our professional fee shall be Php200.00 per sq.m. considering the house floor area.
      Thus, the total final Cost for the above shall be determined based from the approved house floor
      plan .

      Engr. Jean

      • total floor area po ba or yung ground floor area lang po ang imultiply dun sa rate? ganito rin po kasi problem ng kaibigan ko. salamat po,sana masagot nyo po

        • Kasama kada floor so kung 100sq.m ang first floor, 200sq.m ang 2floors, bale P200 x 200sq.m sya

          I think mahal ang 200/sq.m.. May gumagawa ng structural plans with analysis na 50/sq.m lang

          • yes po.

            Well actually engineers have different ways of pricing. There is no rule that there is exact cost for structural analysis and design. It’s up to the client kung sino ang pagkakatiwalaan nila para sa structure nila.

          • Civil engineers has a manual of Professional Practice as mandated by their organization PICE (Professional Institute of Civil Engineers). As I understand it, it is 1.05% of total construction cost.
            They only differ as Celine says probably because most are unaware of this manual or because of engineers diving or worse, lowballing, their prices to meet competition which is very unfortunate.

  33. Hi may bahay po sa kami sa molino bacoor na 57sqm tapos pinaslab ko po sya ng walang BP. Mga makano po magagastos ng BP sa bacoor city hall . May nakapagsabi po sa akin na Bacoor regarding sa contractors tax na aabot ng 12k+ na babayaran bukod dun sa mga Building permit fess kahit di ka naman contractor . May nareceive po kaming 1st and 2nd notice.

  34. Hi po!ask ko lang po how much po ang magagastos ko po sa pag apply ng Building Permit?Mag patayo po ako ng bahay 53sqm. valenzuela area. And also iyong sanitary permit, electrical permit etch.

    • Hi Angel…Bilang isang Civil Engineer at Designer, ang pagkakaalam ko sa mga gastusin sa preparation at paghahanda ng mga requirement for Building Permit gaya ng mga sumusunod; 1. Architectural Plans complete with Structural, Electrical, Sanitary and Mechanical (Aircon Units, etc.). Ang mga bayarin ay nakadepende sa itatayo mong bahay kung ilan floor areas nito. May mga bayarin sa mga Professional fees ng Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer at Sanitary Engineer. May mga tinatawag na pre-requisite requirement din na dapat mong ipaghanda gaya ng Barangay Cleanrance, Homeowner;s Clearance (if meron). Mas mainam kung magsangguni ka sa iang Engineer o Architect para ma advise ka nya ng buong detalye. Tungkol naman sa bayarin, Ang office of the building official ang makapagbibigay ng saktong computation.

  35. kung natapos na po ang construction ng second floor pero walang building permit. nasa dead end po ng subdivision yun location ng bahay. ano po ang mangyari kapag nalaman ng munisipyo kung tapos na pero walang palang permit?

  36. Sir ,
    Need p bang kumuha ng bp sa cityhall kung tapos n ang bahay 15years ago,may nagreklamo kasing engr sa kapitbahay namin pati kami damay,di kami magpapataas,cobcrete ang wall pero kahoy ang floors,nember kami ng hoa n narelocate sa QC,,ngayon need magbayad ng 25000 kami tama po ba yun?need p daw namin magsubmit ng location plan at icomply lahat ng sa list eh galing kami sa squatter at nirelocate lang dito at nagpatayo ng bahay untiunti

  37. Ask ko lang po if need pa ng building permit mga 3 meters lang siya na papalagyan ko ng hollowblocks tapos nasa village kami.
    Eh necessary ba na kumuha ng bldg permit?

  38. Hi po, kailangan pa din po ba mag apply ng building permit if patataasan namin yung bubong/ceiling namin? ipapantay din namin yung floor namin sa kalsada.. Nagtaas po kase ng kalsada samin, kaya kailangan naming magadjust.. Thanks

  39. hi po, i just want to ask, for example meron na building 18ft x 10ft. tapos eextension ko siya ng katabing room 10ft x 8ft. need pa ba building permit?

  40. Hi Sir,

    Would like to ask if need pa po ba ng business permit for a 60 sqm, one-storey house located in the province. Malayo po sya sa main road and iyong occupants is nasa less than 30 houses lang. No specific architectural design parang plain house lang talaga. No engineers only professional and experience na panday lang iyong gagawa. Is it necessary pa po na kukuha ako ng building permit? Please advise. Thank you.

  41. Hi Sir Ask ko lang po, we already have approved building permit from the City Hall, and problema po namin ay sa subdivision namin na humihingi ng 1% na construction permit at P75k na construction bond, ang problema po namin ang approval daw po ay 2 weeks pa po eh at rereviewhin pa raw ng architect ng subdivision,eh hindi naman na po kami makapaghintay dahil syempre nag uuulan na , magbabayad naman po kami ng hinihingi nila umaandar po ang araw ,di po ba di nila pwede iistop yung construction dahil me building permit na kami, di daw nila papapasukin yung mga materiales na idedeliver, pano po iyon sir? kindly advise us what to do. ayaw naman nila ibigay contact number ng architect dito sa subdivision at ang presidente ayaw naman makipag usap, yung kausap namin para rin po walang alam

  42. Hello po sir/Maa’m,

    ask ko lang po pano po kumuha ng building permit,? tapos na po ang bahay ko nung 2013 pa at ano ano po ang mga requirements. thank you po.

    • Hello sir, asked lang po kong kelangan pa po ba ng building permit kahit gawa lang po sya sa kahoy/flywood, boarding hause po sya bali umuupa ako hinati ko ung kwarto ginawan ko po ng pwesto.. kelangan pa po ba ng building pirmit?

  43. Hi Sir,
    Instead of purchasing a ready-built Kubo (Nipa Hut) I plan on just building a small cottage at the back of our house.
    The plan is to build it from used lumber – hardwood for the load bearing elements and maybe coco lumber for the rest. Then roof it with fiber composite material.
    The structure I will sit freely on a 4 inch thick concrete slab. Total floor area will probably be 17 square meters.

    Do I need a building permit for this ? If yes , can you advise how do I do I alter the project such that it won’t need building permit anymore. This is just a DIY project for me and would really want to avoid the “hassle of

    Thank you in advance.

  44. Good day. To be considered n sya kasi as new construction or addition.

    If yung ipapagawa mo is included dun s original floor plan mo but hindi mo p sya pinagawa, ang lalabas nun is by phasing yung ginawa mong construction last year, which is, as per building code, within 120 days lang after nung suspension or pagstop temporarily ng construction.

    But since, considered sya as addition, you need to apply it for a new building permit, since below P15,000.00 lang na cost ang pwde maexempt s pagaapply ng building permit for any construction.

    Regarding s layout, its better na to consult a professional since, gagastos ka n rin lang, why not settle for a well-planned layout.

    With the construction, tingin ko short ang budget mo na 370k for 91sqm., since ang lalabas nun,almost P4000+ lng ang per square meter mo, which is hnd mgging possible. Maybe if you can raise, and double your budget and add a liitle more, you can already start your construction, or you can do you construction by phasing, just starting with the foundation and then the ground floor.

  45. Hilo po, magkano po babayaran ng 90.86 sqre mtr and 2 story building.? Its for apartment po, i’m planning to extend my Apartment up to the wall of perimeter fence. Is there any charges computation needed for the extension? I don’t have idea because this is my first time to experience house extension ,perimeter fence and gate construction.I appreciate a lot any tips that you will planning to build a two storey home na 90sqm lang ang overall floorplan.. Kailangan pa ba talaga magbayad ako sa architect para po magkaron ako ng proper design o pwede na un drawing ko lang ng gusto kong design po para makatipid..pls help salamat po ??? bago lang build yung other apartment ko last year August still puede ko pa magamit ang permit ko or kukuha pa ako ng bangong permit at engr kasi maliit n lang ang budget ko para sa extention apartment with office sa baba at natural light lahat maliwanag kung meron po kayong design para sa economical kung puede ko Makita ang design ninyo, ang budget ko lang kung maari sa apartment na up and down 90.86 sq mtrs is P370,000.00 lung puede tulungan ninyo kung saan ako makahanap ng mura lang na gagawa ng apartment ko please. Thanks and God bless

  46. hello po, need lang po ng advice. May bahay kasi kami na maliit tapos may building permit na sya. Pero tinayuan namin ng extesion sa likod ng lumang bahay at sa right side. Bali tatlong bahay na ang nakatayo, balak kasi namin na iiconnect namin yon parang isang building lang ang nakatayo. Hindi ba yon bawal sa law natin? tapos yong fence na hallowbalck wala din ng fence permit. Kung mayron kayong any advice pls..tell me.

  47. Sir, ongoing po construction 3 floors 6 unit apartment with building permit. Kung gusto ko po mag add ng unit na nasa 35 sq mtrs sa ongoing construction kailangan ko pa ba mag apply for building permit for the additional unit? And mga magkano kaya if need to get BP?

  48. good afternoon po ano pong nakalagay sa affidavit of present owner liabilities to the buiding/residential at sa affidavit signed by the concerned engineer architect ? thanks po

  49. Sir, syanga po pala…malawak ho ang area sa plaza kung saan nakatayo ang chapel. mga half hectare po ito. Hindi ko maintindihan bakit pinagpipilitan nila na lahat ng gagawin nila ay sa areang malapit sa bahay namin. May parang secondary subdivision road lang po ang pagitan namin, kung saan makakadaan ang dalawang maliit na sasakyan. May pag-asa po bang i-petition na ipalipat ang chapel nila. Malaki pa naman ang bakante. Salamat po uli.

  50. Greetings. Yung chapel na itinayo sa harapan ng bahay namin was not according to original plan (as to location), Di na lang po ako kumibo kasi ikako simbahan naman, umaasa akong peaceful establishment. But as years pass by nagiging problema sila sa amin. Yung mga officers nila (mawalng -galang na lang po sa mga matatanda na makakabasa nito), parang walang pinagkatandaan. Mag pala-away. Ginagawa nilang pugad ng cjhismisan at pagpaparinig ang chapel. Tapos, halos ubusin nilang ipa-putol ang mga puno sa paligid. Na-save ko lang po ang isa nung habulin ko sa DENR dahil nagsinungaling sila sa reason. Nagpatayo ng CR na walang klarong water system sa area na malapit na malapit sa bahay ko sa kabila ng protest ko. Binawalan sila ng Brgy ngunit parang walang nagawa ang Brgy dahil sa mga matatandang maldita ang prime mover. Ngayon ang nag-iisang puno na na-save ko pinanggigigilan nilang ipaputol. Diyan sila nagpapa-construct ng annex ng chapel nila sa area na malapit sa puno.
    Tanong ko po,(1) may amount po ba na required bago i-subject sila sa building permit? (2) kung parang nuisance sila sa amin, pwede ko po bang i-request na ilipat sa kabilang bahagi ng chapel nila ang construction/development? (3) kung kagaya nung CR na “lightning construction” sa bilis ang pag-construct nila, pwede po ba yang ipa-demolish?
    I was diagnosed with anxiety some years ago. At itong disagreement namin ng mga taga-chapel ay nakaka-apekto sa akin ngayon. ANO po ang mga pwede kong gawin? God bless you po.

  51. Hi Sir! May i request for an info regarding where to secure a copy of the building and occupancy permits wherein the Crown Asia is the developer of the Citta Italia subdivision where i presently lived and was constructed by their contractor. Is it the developer or the contractor who will provide me the said permits? Thank in advance.

    • Punta ka po sa DOLE then i-comply mo po ang mga requirements na kailangan. One of the requirement is Safety Program signed by Safety Engineer

      • Sir,
        Good evening po.. tanong ko Lang po paano kung Iba Ang designed ng bahay sa naipasang blueprint?tapos na po Ang bahay ma approve ba yon para mabigyan ng occupancy permit? Thank u po!

  52. Hello Sir,

    Hope you are fine.
    Anong ahensya po ng gobyerno ang magpapahinto sa trabaho pag walang building permit, ang OBO ba o City Engineers?
    Maraming Salamat po.

  53. Good day Maam/Sir ! Ask ko lng po if transferable po ang occupancy permit? example po sa condo .. umalis na yung dating unit at may pumasok na panibagong mag rerent .. pwede po ba nya gamitin yung occupancy permit ng nauna po ?

    salamat po

    • Hello po,

      Ask ko lang what are the requirements to get building permit? Sabi kase ng contractor ko architectural and structural plans daw ok na muna para makakuha daw ng building permit agad, kahit to follow nlng daw yung plumbing and electrical plans nila. Totoo po ba ito?

      • If you are applying for Building Permit, you have to submit complete set of plans…

        Structural, Architectural, Plumbing/Sanitary, Electrical, Mechanical (if applicable) & Fire Pro.

  54. Hi may iaask lang po ako. Required po ba ang buyer ang magbabayad ng as-built plan ng isang developer? Salamat po. God bless!

    • Kung may pinagawa ka po changes sa original plan… ikaw po ang magbabayad pero kung hindi naman wala ka pong kailangang bayaran. Ty

  55. Sir,
    Good day ! Ask lng po if lhat po b ng nag build ng new house needed ang occupancy permit? Any idea how much it cost ?’My house is located in cainta . only 45’squaremeter lng but 4floors.Thanks…


    • Yes. Pag almost finish na po ang construction pwede ka na po mag-apply ng Occupancy Permit. Mura lang naman… 1k for every 1M of the project cost…. Hindi naman per area ang basis ng computation pag Occupancy…

  56. Magandang gabi po! magtatanong lang, ano po ang basis ng mga nag-iissue ng building permit? may mga sinusundan ba silang guidelines kung anong sukat ng bahay na kailangan na itong issue-han ng building permit? Salamat po

    • Any construction, renovation, alteration or modification.

      Yes. Kindly check the latest NBCP (National Building Code of the Philippines). If your floor area is 20sq.m and above, you have to comply Building Permit. Ty

      • Good morning sir. Sang specific section/clause ng building code ko po ito makikita, yung floor areas na kelangan kuhanan ng bldg permit? Thanks.

  57. Hi po mga sir. Newbie here po sana po matulungan nyo ako. Nagpataas po ako ng bakod at papataasan ko din gate namin. Sinita po kami ng baranggay at sinabing kelangan namin kumuha ng Fencing Permit. Kelangan ko ba kumuha ng Fencing Permit or Bldg Permit para sa pagpapataas ng bakod? Ang reason ko lang po kung bakit ko tinaasan yung bakod ay dahil maraming beses na kaming nilooban. As per National Bldg Code po is excempted ang pag repair ng perimeter wall.

  58. May penalty po ba kung di po nasunod ang 2 meter set back requirements ng developer sa mga subdivison.ang lot area ko po ay 80sqm (10m x 8m) sabi ng developer 2meter setback sa isang side at harapan at firewall sa likuran at sa isang side.ang gusto ko sana mangyari sa actual na construction ay 1meter setback sa magkabilang side para may bakuran kahit paano.
    Nakakuha na po ako ng permit base sa gusto ng developer.

    Ma’am/Sir i need your professional advice for this matter kasi sabi ng mga napagtanungan ko go ahead na daw ako kasi pwede ko naman daw pagawaan ng as built drawing.tama po ba sila?

    Waiting for your reply Ma’am/Sir,


    • Hi, setback is for structure of the house only, mean, you still have 2 meters for yards.. Kung ang requirements ng developer subdivision ay 2 meters at 2 meters din ang approved nya. You have to comply. Dahil kahit magpasa ka ng as-built, the developer will not honor the revision. At wala pong as-built for setback dahil standard po yan na kailangang icomply. Anyway, you can check the latest NBCP (National Building Code of the Philippines) for more info. Thank you.

    • Hi Ms Fredilyn, ano po ang ngyari sa case nyo? We have the same problem, hindi namin susundin ang setback requirement ng developer to maximize the lot (but we will comply with NBCP). Thanks.

  59. Good day!

    Nakapag patayo po kami 3 door apartment up and down – 25sqm each, , wala kaming permit kasi paunti unti lang ang pag papagawa namin. pag may budget dun lang natutuloy pag gawa. unfortunately, hindi kami nag comply sa requirement, like building permit and other requirements.

    ano po ung kailngan namin gawin para ma legalize ung pinatyong naming apartment?

    You help is highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Magkano po inabot ng pagpapatayo nyo ng 3rd sa current size ng lupa nyo. Balak din po sana namin. Pero noe inaasikaso n sa cityhall ung rqmnts kasi mas malaki daw penalty kapag inde legal…

    • Hir SIR, you have to comply all necessary requirements in securing Building Permit. Submit all plans, application forms, etc. You can get the application forms and checklist of requirements in your city hall (Office of the Building Official). Ty

  60. Good day po!!

    magpapatayo ako ng 2 storey house at nakakuha na po ako ng permit kaya lang po may konting pagbabago sa plano.pwede po ba na ituloy ang construction kahit may babaguhin sa design?may multa po ba sa ganitong sitwasyon?kindly advise us.
    Thank U.

    • Yes. Kindly submit as-built plan when you applying for Occupancy Permit.

      The basis of computation of BP is total floor area. Kung may nadagdag they will assess the additional.

  61. Hello po, Meron po akong 64 square meters lot, medyo nag-sa-sayaw na ang lumang bahay. Balak ko pong gibain at magtayo ng bagong bahay. Isang kuwarto at cr sa first floor, the rest po open space, pareho rin po ang open space idea second floor at deck-roof. Ang mga tanong ko ay: (1) pagkatapos mabawasan ng regular setback gaano kalaki po ang matitira (from 64 square meters)?; (2) kung ang lahat po ng paperwork ay all in order, meron po bang magagawa ang aking mga kapitbahay na mapa-stop ang construction; (3) row houses po ang location at iskinita lang ang only way in and out, maapektuhan po ba ang cost ng manpower?; (4) nasa pre-planning pa lang po ito, meron po bang standard procedure sa payment?
    At any more tips that you can share on this situation? Maraming salamat po. 🙂

    • Answer:

      1. 55

      2. If you have a permit from City Hall they cannot stop the construction unless they will request to schedule the time of your construction. (ex. kung abala kayo sa gabi, baka pwede kayo mag-construct from 7am-6pm)

      3. No, if you mean is cost per worker. But it can affect the total labor cost kung ang target mong completion of const. ay within 2 months. There’s a possibility na maging mabagal ang transportation ng materials.

      4. Meron. Kindly refer to latest NBCP (National Building Code of the Philippines)

  62. Good afternoon, ask ko lang po sana kung magkaiba pa po ba yung building permit sa fencing permit? Kasi po fence lang po ang ginagawa sa bahay namin sa loob ng subdivision. Meron na po permit galing sa developer and nanghihingi pa rin po ng fencing permit nag Munisipyo.

    • Magkaiba po ang fencing permit sa building permit.

      Ang nag-iisued po ng fencing permit ay ang City Hall hindi po developer. Ang binigay po sa inyo ng developer ay certification na isa sa mga requirements na kailangan nyo pong ipasa sa City Hall. Ty

      • Gud day po sir mg ask lng ako kung mgkanu abutin ng pgawa ng plan at building prmit, 60 sqm un buong bhay n gagwin. Btangas city

      • Hi Sir,magandang araw po sa inyong lahat. Ask ko lng po. Kelangan po ba talaga nang permit galing munisipyo kapag nagpa bakod? Kasi ang Sabi po nang developer sa akin once na take out mo na yung bahay. After 2 years pwede na po mag bakod. Walang bayad.Pero kapag wala pang 2 years magbayad ako nang construction bond sa developer ba 5k.
        Ngayon po kasi more than 3 years na po ako nka Tira. Gusto ko po sana magpa bakod. Kaso they required me to get permit sa munisipyo. Kelangan po ba talaga yun?kahit maliit lng po Yung space sa harapan nang bahay ang dapat bakuran? Salamat po.

  63. Hi Sir,
    As requirement po for building permit kailangan po namin magbayad ng tax sa Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO), Magkano po kaya ang babayaran namin? Non-contractor po kami. Salamat po.

  64. hi good evening po, may problem po kasi ako about sa Signage Permit namin. Medyo naka-locate po kasi yung poste ng Sign Board namin sa sidewalk na. Yung may-ari po ng nire-rentahan namin na commercial building hindi daw po sila ang may-ari ng poste doon. Ano po ba pwede solution para ma-process at makakuha kami ng signage permit. Thank you.

    • Ma’am/ Sir, ano po ang requirements para sa gawa nang bahay 2 storey then mayrong boarding house bale mixed occupancy then mayrong ding extensions na ginawa sa boarding houses halos napuno na ang buong lot.

    • good day po, mag ask lng po ako hndi kc nagka BP tong house ko pero nakatayo na, nagaapply po kc ako ng meralco eh need ng CFEI. Ano po ba mga requirements pra mg secure ng cfei 18sqm lng po house ko skin din po nakapangalan ang lease purchase, nsa community mortgage program pa po k ito, may penalty po ba nito? Kailangan pa po ba mga plano pra sa 18sqm lng na house?

  65. Sir yung location ng septic tank namin is nasa front ng bahay namin which is d pasok sa 3m setback at ung top p nmn ng septic tank is ka level ng road.. Ok lang ho b un o kelangan ko pa po e move papasok property after 3m setback.. Baka ho kasi mag road widening ipa tibag yung septic tank.

  66. Good pm sir.
    Ask ko lang po. Ung sa plano po kasi, ang nailagay na pangalan ay walang middle name at nicnkname lang po sa asawa.. then wala din po sps. Pano po kaya un? Eh may sign na lahat ng plans and docs. Eh needed na ipasa. May ibang remedy po ba for this?

  67. Magandang araw po. Nagpagawa po aq ng bahay around 150sqm, tapos na po, need q po ng BP para sa meralco. Magkanu po kaya ang penalty q. Umabot po ang gastos q sa pagawa ng around 1M. Naka lipat n din po kami mag kano naman po ang penalty sa occupancy. Thanks in advance

    • Electrical Permit at CEI lang po ang need sa MERALCO. Kung nag-occupy na kayo. x2 ng occupancy permit plus 8k admin fine. But it depends to City Hall

  68. Magandang hapon. Paano po kaya kung hindi na posibleng pumirma ang Professional na nagsign sa original bldg plans and building permit, sa Occupancy application form? Halimbawa pong lumipat na ng kumpanya o nasa malayong lugar yung Professional kaya hindi na makapirma sa Occupancy. Pwede po bang ibang professional nalang? at ano pong dapat na gawin? Salamat po.

    • Yes. Pwedeng pwede.

      Kindly submit affidavit of change of engineer. Sa Q.C meron silang affidavit form

      Pakilagay sa affidavit ang name ng previous engr. with details, then reason (ex. nag-abroad). Ilagay mo din ang name ng new engr. na sya magtakeover ng naiwang project ng previous engr.

  69. Sir yung location ng septic tank namin is nasa front ng bahay namin which is d pasok sa 3m setback at ung top p nmn ng septic tank is ka level ng road.. Ok lang ho b un o kelangan ko pa po e move papasok property after 3m setback.. Baka ho kasi mag road widening ipa tibag yung septic tank.

  70. What if shared office space lang po ang pagtatrabahuhan?? For 2 people so 1 table lang po. Mga 10sq/m po ba ang kailangan ilagay dun para makapag apply for locational clearance? Mga how much po kaya?

  71. Hi,

    Mga magkano po kaya gastos sa Building permit kapag renovation po ng gagawing restaurant, two storey po sya, pero po yung first floor lang po ang occupy at rerenovate. Lease lang po ito.

    Thank you

    • Standard po (New Construction / Renovation / Additional/. 23 pesos per sq.m.

      Kapag mag-start ka ng const w/o BP, may 100% surcharge plus admin fine range from minimum of 5k and max of 10k.

      Electrical Permit, depende po sa schedule of loads.

      Plumbing Permit, depende po sa unit installed.

      Mechanical Permit, depende po sa equipment schedule

      FSEC, (0.1% of Bill of Materials)

    • Wala pong bayad ang pagkuha ng DOLE permit pero ang requirements na ipapasa like Safety program ay may bayad. Kung may safety officer si Contractor na gagawa ng safety program ay kailangan pong bayaran yun ng owner, aabot po ng 1 month or more bago marelease ang DOLE permit.

      Pero yung iba, nagbibigay na lang ng 5k as SOP or under the table para marelease within a day ang DOLE Permit.

      • Sir, pag po ba commercial ung building same din ang DOLE requirements?, sabi ng contractor namin 8% daw ng contract value ang magagastos namin sa DOLE…thanks po sa info. Quezon province area po kami.

        • Wala naman pong bayad ang pagkuha ng DOLE approved safety program. May mga nag-aasikaso ng DOLE sa City Hall… Magbibigay ka lang ng representation, minimum of 5k.

        • Standard po ang requirements sa pag-apply ng DOLE approved Safety Program. Mean, kung nasa 500k ang contract value nyo, nasa 40k ang babayaran nyo.. Wala pong bayad ang pagkuha ng DOLE ng approved safety program.. yung requirement na safety program na gagawin ng contractor ay pwede sila magsingil ng 10-20k pero hindi 8% ng contract value…

          • Thanks po sa reply, ung PCAB daw po ang babayadan din sa ibang contractor na accredited…wala palang ganun ung kausap namin na contractor..

          • Hindi po binabayaran ang PCAB dahil si Contractor po mismo ang mag-aapply ng eligibility nila sa Philippine Contractor’s Accreditation Board… License po nila yan kay PCAB…

  72. Hi po! Sir magkano po ba ang mababayaran ng permit sa 2 storey na bahay na may 24 square meters yung laki na gamit po lamang ay lumber at bamboo?

    • Standard Computation pa din po kahit anong materials. Total floor area po ang basis ng computation.

      23 pesos per sq.m for Building Permit

      Electrical Permit, depend on sched of loads

      Plumbing Permit, depend on unit installed

      FSEC (0.1% po ng bill of materials)

  73. Good Morning! taga probinsya po kami, Pano po kung gawa na yung 1st storey ng bahay (supposedly a 2 story house) at hindi po kami nag apply ng building permit. may CE naman po kaming hinire. Yung lupa pong nabili ay nakapangalan pa sa dating may-ari. Ano po ba ang mga kakailanganin namin bukod sa mga requirements na nakapost sa taas.? magkano po ba ang aabutin ng penaltyng babayaran namin? Thank you! Btw, ung lupa po ay forest land.

    • Kumuha ka po ng checklist of requirements sa City Hall, kindly provide the requirements indicated. Kung ang property ay hindi pa natransfer. Kindly provide Deed of Absolute Sale.

      10k ang maximum fee for violation.

      In addition, kindly coordinate your land class kasi hindi sya categorized as residential area.

  74. Hi sir,

    Magkano at pano po singil niyo ng structural analysis and design? May nagpagawa po kasi sa akin. Nagtanong po ako sa iba, ang sabi po 25 per sq. m. kapag analysis and design lang. Pero pag pati drawing at pirma, 50 per sq.m. daw po.

    • What do you mean, 25 pesos per sq.m. or 25k per sq.m.? It depends kung ano ang gagawin mo. Residential ba, commercial or industrial?

      Sample: Warehouse with 1872 sq.m.

      You can charge 80k with the following scope of work:

      1. Structural Analysis and Design Calculations (5sets, signed and sealed).
      2. Structural Plans and Details (5 sets of blue prints, signed and sealed)
      3. Structural Plans in AutoCadd file.
      4. Structural Specifications (5 sets)

      Ikaw ang magpoprovide nung 1-4

      Supervision Fee of Construction not included.

      Yung iba naman, per original sheet ang charging.

      Sample: Yung design mo ng plano ay umabot ng 5shts x 2500 = P12,500.00 (kasama na ang sign & seal)

      Technical Specs & Design Analysis, pwedeng 1 lot = P10,000.00 (w/ sign and seal)

      Note: Hindi mo kasi pwedeng gamitin ang 25 or 50 pesos as basis of computation kung maliit ang area.

  75. Hi Goodmorning sir,

    Tanung ko lng sana sino ba dapat ang mag bayad ng Building permit expenses owner ba or contractor ?

    maraming salamat sir..

      • Good day po tnong ko lng po kung ang bhay po na irerenovate ay NHA housing project kailangan po bang kumuha ng building permit babaguhin po ang bubong at mag papatong po ng 4 na hollow block para mag slanted papunta sa harap ng bhay ang tulo ng tubig sa contract po ksi ay di pwedeng baguhin ang design ng bhay kailangan pa ng consent ng nha nung nkipag usap ako sa nha office Kailangan tlaga ng bp ksi kunwari lng daw iibahin ang bubong pag nataas na maglalagay na raw ng sahig e di instant second floor na daw yun which is totoo pong ganun ang gagawin nmin bago kmi ni relocate 20sq m floor area 30 sq mtr ang size per unit inextend nmin ang front and back approved po sa nha engineer di na kmi pnakuha ng bp tnong ko po is kailangan po ba ng bp or renovation permit hm po kya sa nag alok po sila ng complete docs. Worth 9000pesos w/house plan in blue print then kmi na mag process sa city Hall processing fee na lng bbayaran pero may sinabi pa syang 7000 bbayaran sa munisipyo

        • Yes. Need po ng BP for any alteration or modification. Kung hindi na kayo pinakuha ng BP sa LGU e di mas okay dahil subdivision naman kayo. Kaya lang kung hindi na kayo pinakuha ng BP dapat magbigay sila ng certification na hindi nyo na kailangan kumuha.

          In regards naman sa 9k w/ house plan, kindly ask kung kasama na ang signed and sealed ng Engr. Ask mo rin kung para san ang 7k na babayaran sa City Hall kung kayo naman ang mag-aapply ng permit sa LGU. Baka kasi under the table yan para hindi na questionin ang plano na ipapasa nyo. In addition, bago kayo makapag-apply ng BP, you have to secure first the pre-requisite clearances like Brgy., Zoning & FSEC from Fire Dept.

  76. This is to inquire if the construction of a 3 storey building requires a Structural Engineer’s sign and seal of the Structural Design Plan as a requirement for the issuance of a building permit? Thank you.

    • All new construction of building (all category) are required to submit Structural Plan & Structural Design Analysis, signed and sealed by Licensed Engr.

      If the building is 3 storey and above. You are required to submit boring test (soil testing).

      • How much is the boring or soil testing? My contractor said it’s 20thousand. Is this reasonable price? My lot is in Tandang sora qc

  77. Hi sir, tanung ko lng sino po ba ang dapat mag bayad ng contructor’s tax.. yung mag papagawa poba o ang contractor ? salamat po..

    • Kung kukuha ka po ng contractor at kung sila ang maglalakad ng permit, sila po ang magbabayad kasi part po yun ng permit at kasama na din po yun sa pinasa nilang BID.

      Kung hindi ka kukuha ng contractor, hindi mo na kailangan magbayad ng Contractor’s Tax.

      • sir ung sa amin. kumuha ako contractor pero di ko pinsama ung mga permits at ako n lng naglakad para makatipid pero siningil pa din ako ng contractors tax sa cainta? ganun po b talaga un?

  78. Good day po sir. Taga provincia po ako ng dumaguete, ask ko lng po sana para maliwanagan ako. Ng apply ako nong june pa sa isang subd. Hanggang ngayon 3 foundation pa lng nakatayo, nakadown na po ako nga nasa 205k, tapos ang downpayment po dapat 315k. Hindi ko po muna finull ang down kasi nong nagtanong ako sa bank for the loan financing sabi nila yong unit na gusto kung kunin wla pa sa list ng appraisal unit. Ang unit na kinuha ko is worth 1.5 m, 1 storey nagtataka lng po ako bakit ngayon wla pa din bulding permit na ang tagal na non, tapos kaya nag aalangan ako if ipapatuloy ko kasi nakahold pa din ang loan application ko sa bank. Nong sinabi ko mag back out nlng ako, ang charge daw ng building plan nasa 20k, notarial 30k, tapos may structural analysis nasa 110k, eh 1 storey lng tong bahay.. ano po ba mas magandang gawin? Di ko alam if nagsasabi ba sila ng totoo sir.

    • Mas maganda pong gawin, maghire ka po ng lawyer at idaan nyo po sa legal basis.

      Wala pa po syang appraisal dahil hindi pa po naitatayo ang unit. Magkakaron lang po ng appraisal ang isang building from City Assessor once na ma-build.

      Then, mayroon ba kayong agreement na kapag nag-backout ang isang client ay may kailangan syang bayarang necessary fees like what you said?

      And another, pare-pareho lang ang design ng bawat unit. I think hindi mo kailangan bayaran yun dahil kahit na mag-backout ka, yun pa rin naman ang design sa bagong makakakuha.

      And also, legal ba ang nakuha nyong developer? Napag-aralan nyo bang mabuti ang terms and conditions?

  79. May nagawa na po design ang architect at pirmado na ng mga engineers except civil engineer, Sabi ng architect ko ay meron daw civil engineer na pumapayag na pumipirma lang sa plano for a fee pero meron additional amount everytime na pipirma ulit ung civil engineer during construction of the house.. Tama po ba un?

    also, tama po ba na pag meron bp, hindi na pwede magreklamo ang kapitbahay sa ingay ng construction? Im anticipating na me magrereklamo kasi nagreklamo na din sila dun sa ibang nagconstruct sa area. thanks.

    • Lahat po ng CE ay pwedeng pumirma ng plano lang. Yes. That is right, Kapag may new plan na pipirmahan, new charging. Kaya bago kayo magsubmit ng plan sa LGU make sure na compliance to NBCP ang plano and make sure na nireview nya ang plan bago i-sign and seal para hindi nyo na kailangan ulitin ang plano. Then, kung sino ang pumirma sa plano sya rin ang pipirma sa application form for design.

      Yes. May karapatan silang magreklamo pero kung may BP na kayo wal na silang magagawa. Unless, magkaron kayo ng agreement sa time ng const or pwede din kayong pakiusapan ng Brgy. na baka pwedeng baguhin ang oras ng const. Normal lang naman ang ingay pag may const.

      Ex. From 6am – 8pm, para hindi abala sa gustong matulog.

  80. Hi, this question is on fencing permit, hope you can shed a light.

    My property is in a gated subdivision in Davao. In compliance with the developer’s requirement for fencing, I’ve submitted to them; fence plan with specifications, bill of materials, and construction cost. They likewise issued a certificate to show to the City Engineer’s office that I my fence plan presented has been reviewed and met the developer’s requirements. When I applied for the permit at the City Engineers, they asked for the same things. Is it really necessary when my property is inside the developer’s property? If the developer finds my plan in the right place and clearly did not violate any restrictions of the village, Why does it matter to the City Engineers – it’s not as if my property is along a national road or just some random area.


    • In applying Fencing Permit, whether within subdivision or not, residential or not, you have to submit the necessary requirements like BOM, plans, etc to LGU. Certification from Subdivision is just a pre-requisite requirement in applying fencing permit to the LGU.

      Mean, it like getting Building Permit, before you can apply BP you have to secure first the pre-requisite requirement such as homeowner’s certification (If within subdivision), brgy. clearance, locational clearance, fsec, etc.

      Then, in fencing permit. You will also accomplished the fencing application form, signed and sealed by Engineer.

  81. Hello,may existing house na po sa amin kaso down Lang po,renovation permit na lng po ba need if plagyan second floor?how much po kya in at requirements ? Thanks

    • For new construction, renovation, additional (BUILDING PERMIT).

      In Building Permit Application, kindly check the additional box or kindly specify in others (additional floor).

      The cost may depend in your projected cost and total area.

  82. Hi! how much usually cost a house plan with complete signed with engineer/architect? Im budgeting a 2M for a complete house, could my budget allow me to build 2 stores? my lot is 240 sq M.
    Im currently asking for an unlicensed drafts man and He’s charging me 20K as downpayment for the house plan. Any suggestion? thank you so much!

    • Remember po pag Draftsman lang pinapagawa ninyo cguro ay maganda ang bahay pero ang function ng bahay kng saan dapat maipwesto ang mga areas like saan ang sun path para maka less kayo sa energy consumption ng aircon ninyo ay sure akong hindi nya ma-address ng maayos.

      mas mabuting sa architect talga kayo magpagawa.

      • Hello po magkano po ba usually ang pag kuha ng BP sa Quezon City , bali 3 storey po tapos may structural at design na po. may existing bahay at gusto na po naming ipagiba. and size po ay 34 sq meter lang po isang lote po ito pero hinati po sa anim.

        • Standard computation po.

          23 pesos per sq.m ang BP, pag nagstart ka ng walang BP, may surcharge.

          FSEC Computation point (.1%) of Bill of Materials. Kung 1M ang BOM mo, 1k ang FSEC Fee mo.

          Electrical – depende sa schedule of loads mo

          Sanitary/Plumbing – depende sa unit installed mo.

      • Maraming salamat po. another question po, how much usually cost ng sang house plan in 2M budget? thank you po again.

        • Depende po yan sa kukunin nyong architect na gagawa ng plano. Ang iba po kasi per sheet ang charging.

          Sample: 2.5 k per sheet, layout only.

          • Gud morning pk sir J.B Lafranco….tanung qo lng po kung need pba nh building permet kahit may existing n kming bahay half concrete lng sya plywood lng ang half wall…ngyun ngyun mag extend lng aq ng 1.6 x 6 meter at i papa slab qo lng ang roof…need pba ng building permit? Dto po aq sa negros semi subdivision ang area

  83. Hi po. sino po may alam kung ano mga building permit requirements ng iriga city camarines sur? I tried to search it sa google o website nila hindi ko mahanap.
    Need lang po kase.
    Thank you po ng marame sa makakasagot. Appreciate so much.

    • Hi po..

      General or same lang po ang lahat ng requirements ng pagkuha ng Building Permit sa lahat ng lugar sa Pilipinas.

      5 set of drawings ang pinaka importante

  84. Sir ask ko lng po altered po kc ang unit ko in original plan of the developer it is 40sqm and now as we bought it 80sqm na sya and hirap kmi makuha ang deed of absolute sale ang tagal ng process and even the tax declaration na available is for the 40sqm which is still nkapangalan pa rin sa developer. Now we are planning to put a fence and we are required to process a fencing permit. ang developer inissuehan kmi ng tax declaration na luma for 40sqm. may question po is iaccept po ba un old tax dec for processing ng fence permit? wala rin po kmi DOAS ang transfer title nmn po sa bank nka pangalan as we are in bank financing mode.
    magkano po kaya aabutin ang process ng fencing permit? thanks in advance po sir.

  85. Hello po sir, kailangan ko pa po ba ng BP if lalagyan ko lang po ng pintuan yung likod bahay namin para wala basta-basta makapunta sa likod ng bahay namin? And if maglalagay naman po ako ng naaassemble na pergola sa may Lanai namin, kailangan pa po ba ng BP if maglalagay ako ng ganon? Thanks po!

      • Sir, mag papatayo ako ng bahay around 30sqm. 100k budget. Magkano po kaya ang building permit fees? Thank you po sir in advance.

      • Magkano kaya ang aabutin(fees) ng
        building permit with 30sqm floor area 1bed & 1bath? Pls send me details. thank you & God bless!

        • Est. Budget

          Brgy: 500
          Locational Clearance 375
          FSEC (.1% of Proj. Cost) 100
          Building Fees 6380 (w/ surcharge & admin fine of 5k) if you start const. w/o BP
          Electrical Fees 1500 may vary depend on sched of loads
          Plumbing Fees 1000 may vary depend on unit installed

          Total 10355

          • Bakit walang contractor tax . Sa bacoor Kasi meron o Wala Kang contractor mag bayad ka pa Rin Ng fees. Yung 73 sq m ok singil sakin 9k eh. Tama ba yun Ang mahal

  86. May 17, 2017

    Hi po Sir, Tanong ko lang po if magkano po kaya ang babayaran sa pagkuha o pag apply ng CFEI once na meron ka ng building permit?

    • You have to apply Electrical or Wiring Permit first before you can apply Certificate of final electrical inspection.

      The fee for Electrical Permit depends on schedule of loads. But if you are applying for residential only, it can cost around 1,500.00

      Then, in applying CFEI, 10% of Electrical Fees.


      Electrical Permit = 1.5k
      CFEI = 150

    • Hi sir, ask ko lang po need ko po ba kumuha ng bp. Balak ko po mgtau ng mliit na house sa tabi nung house ng parent ko. 28.8 sq m lang ang laki..thank you po..

  87. Good PM, Ask ko lang po kung may right ba ipahinto ng administrator ng subdivision ang construction dahil merong hindi na-comply sa restriction nila considering na complete yung building permit at sanitary permit ko and approved yung plan ng Municipal Engineer. Nagpalagay kasi ako ng extension room sa second floor and yun ang kino-contest nila na hindi raw pwede, single detach na bahay po ito and kung i-hohold nila yung construction ko ay magkakaproblema naman ako kapag dumating ang tag-ulan, kasi yung tubig ulang bubuhos sa first floor since di pa nabububungan yung room. Ano po pwede ko gawin dito? Thanks.

    • First, pinaalam mo ba sa subdivision admin ang gagawing extension? Kung pinaalam, bibigyan ka nila ng certification. At kapag within subdivision ang nag-aaply ng BP, humihingi ang City Hall ng Homeowner’s Certificate / Subdivision’s Certification.

      Second, may agreement ba kayong pinirmahan na katunayan na hindi ka pwedeng magextend within your property? Kung wala, you can proceed in your construction.

      Third, kung wala kayong agreement, pero ini-insist nila na hindi pwede mag-extend dahil sa rules o restriction na sinasabi nila. Bakit hindi nila ininform ang house owner (kayo) bago ito mai-occupy.
      But if you are aware to their conditions, like no extension, they have the right to stop the construction and you are oblige to follow that even you completed the permits from City Hall.

      Anyway, one of the reason why subdivision not allowing the extension because it is their design and you have to ask permission before you can make any alteration or modification.

      Sample, it’s like a condo unit, you can renovate the interior but you cannot change the exterior or even do some extension. And even you ask condo admin for your exterior alteration or extension, they will not allowing you because it’s their design to be in that way.

      Much better, you schedule a meeting with your subdivision admin to talk about what is the best thing to do as you already completed the permits and already expense for your extension project. Hopefully you will have a good conversation to settle the issue.

      • Thank you sir. Ang sistema sir ay kelangan muna kumuha ng BP sa city hall bago nila approve ng admin yung request ko for fencing and extension, dun sa plan na inaaproved ng city hall nakadrawing na dun yung extension sa second floor which is sa understanding ko pwede naman kasi madami na ako nakitang unit na may extension ang second floor. May karapatan po ba sila ipagiba yung extension ko on my own expense considering na 80% na tapos yung extension bago pa sila nagbigay ng notice, and kung ituloy ko yung extension, do they have the right na bawiin yung unit kahit binayaran na sila ng bangko? Naka bank financing po ako, sobrang nakaka stress po talaga. Hindi po ba dapat nagcheck muna sila at nag-approve ng plano bago dalhin bago pinadala sa amin sa city hall for building permit? Maraming salamat po.

        • Nag-submit ba kayo ng request letter sa admin for your extension, indicating the details? May receiving copy ba kayo ng inyong request?

          Nagstart ba kayo ng construction bago ma-issue ang BP? Nang marelease ang BP, nagbigay ba kayo ng copy sa admin?

          Then for clarification, you mean as per admin regulations you have to apply BP first before they will approve your extension. If that is the case, pareho kayong may pagkukulang. First thing first, the admin is responsible to review the plans first before it will submit to City Hall. Hindi pwedeng si City Hall muna bago si subdivision. You are also responsible to get their approval before proceeding to any construction.

          Nasabi mo din na, yung iba ay single detached na nagpaextend ng 2nd Floor. In this case, you can contest in legal terms pero kung wala kang katibayang nagsasabi na kailangan nyo muna kumuha ng BP bago sila mag-approve. Talo ka sa pagkakataong ito.

          I think gusto lang kayong kikilan ng admin. Bakit kung kelan patapos na ang const. saka lang sila nagbigay ng notice. Samantalang, malalaman nila kaagad kung may const. dahil delivery ng mga materials for const.

          Anyway, you can make a survey sa mga nagpa-extend. You can check kung gaano kalaki ang extension, kung para saan and what requirements they have provided kung bakit sila pinayagan.

          You also said, they want you to shoulder the expenses sa pag-giba ng extension. Both of you will shoulder.

          Then, if they are threatening you, you can also contest to return the money in full amount paid by the bank. But all in legal terms.

          • Thank you sir for your time to reply, nagbigay muna ako ng plan sa kanila for approval so yun nga may correction regarding the 2nd floor pero approved pa rin kaya derecho sa city hall for building permit, I ignored the correction since approved naman and another gastos ulet kasi may revision sa plan, so sa madalit salita naipasa ko sa kanila lahat ng requirements, nagbayad ako sa kanila ng cash bond at binigyan nila ako contruction permit without questioning the correction regarding sa 2nd floor extension, so nakapagstart kami ng construction and tinatanong ko naman yung engineer ko at mga laborer kung may nag iinspection from the admin, ni isa wala naman, until nabubungan na yung 2nd floor sa lang sila naglabas ng notice, so up to now rectification permit lang binibigay sakin to remove the extension na medyo impossible na kasi I already invest a lot. gusto ko lang sana matapos na yung construction kahit di ko na mabawi ang bond.

  88. Sir,
    how long po ba normally ang pag apply ng building permit para sa construction ng new house? kasi po itong permit na inaply ko ay more than 3 weeks na completo naman po ang requirements namin hindi pa lumabas till now pero sabi ng city Engineer pwede na kami mag start which is awkward akong magpa umpisa dahil wala pa ang building permit.

    Thank you for your time

    • Kung complete ang requirements mo at wala namang comment ang evaluator ng plano dapat after 15 days narelease na ang assessment fee (building fees). Then, after mong mabayaran, dapat within the day narelease na ang permit mo. Kapag nag-umpisa ka ng const w/o BP, magkakaron ka ng penalty.

  89. Hi Sir J.B. Lafranco. Good pm. Tanong ko lang po kung how much po yung contractor’s tax kapag papagawa lang po ng covered parking lot sa quezon city. yung area po is around 1000 sqm. Kapag base po sa computation na bigay nyo earlier, almost 11M yung total, kapag minus 2M, 8M pa din po. Parang sobrang mahal po. Mas mahal pa po sya sa construction materials and labor. May bracket po ba para dun? Yung office po ng may ari ng pagagawan ng lupa ay nasa quezon city din. Naghire lang po sya ng labor at sariling bumili ng mga materyales. Pwede po ba mag-apply for exemption ng contractor’s tax yung may ari? Thank you po. 🙂

    • Hi Sir, hindi po tama ang computation mo.

      You will multiply to (point) .75%

      1,000 sq.m. x 15,000 = 15M

      15M – 2M = 13M

      13M x .75% = 97,500

      97,500 + 17250 = 114, 750

      Yes. You can apply exemption to Treasurer’s Office. Kindly submit an exemption letter attention to the Head of the Treasurer’s Office. After 1 week or less, they will provide a certificate of exemption

      • Thank you Sir JB. Clarify ko lang po. Yung may ari po kasi ng lupa na icoconstruct is part owner ng isang business corporation sa quezon city. Pwede po bang macorrelate yung business sa quezon city sa individual owner para sa tax exemption application? Thank you.

        • Corporation po ba ang magpapagawa?

          Kung sino po ang gagawa ng construction sya lang po ang pwedeng mag-apply ng exemption.

          Sample 1: Si Owner, naghire ng contractor, si The Builders. Kung kasama sa contract agreement ni Owner & Contractor ang pag-apply ng permit. Si Contractor ang bahalang mag-apply ng exemption.

          Sample 2: Kung si Owner ay hindi naghire ng contractor, you can still apply exemption dahil wala naman kayong Contractor.

          Kung ang mag-aaply ng permit ay yung mismong owner at hindi sya kukuha ng contractor. Pwede kayong mag-apply ng exemption dahil wala kayong contractor.

  90. Hi Sir!

    Question lang po. Nahati na po kasi yung house namin dati. Tapos, ngayon lang po kami nagpagawa ng wall, firewall. Tapos nagextend lang kami mg unti sa harap to build our own gate. Then papabubungan po kasi namin yung harap na yun.

    May nagpunta po kasing building inspector sa amin at kumuha daw kami ng building permit. Nung pumunta po kami sa homeowner’s association, nagcertify naman po sila na hindi naman kami nagpapagawa ng 2-storey house. Ok na po kaya yun na ibigay sa inspector para hindi na kami hingan ng building permit? Salamat po!

    • It can help. Anyway, in firewall (FENCING PERMIT)

      Kung maliit lang ang extension, like 6sq.m., no need to apply BP but if it is more than that you have to apply BP for extension.

      • Hi Sir!

        Thanks for the reply. Additional question lang po. Do we need to apply for renovation permit kung pinataasan po namin yung bubong namin? Regarding din po kasi dun sa extension sa harap, wala naman pong 6 sq.m., hihingan parin ba ng renovation permit?

        Lastly, magkano po ang bayad pag kumuha ng renovation permit? Ilang percent po dun sa nagastos? At kung nasita na kami, at ngayon palang namin pinoprocess, may fine po ba? Magkano po? Salamat po ng marami sa pagsagot sa mga tanong namin.

        • Kung may maapektuhan na structural sa pagtaas ng bubong, you have to apply.

          You dont have to provide BP for your extension, exempted as per NBCP. Kumuha ka lang ng Homeowner’s Clearance kung within subdivision to certify lang kung ano yung works at kung ano ang area.

          Kung mag-aaply ka ng BP, you have to secure the pre-requisite requirement such as Brgy. Clearance, Locational Clearance, Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (.1% of Bill of Materials). At kailangan mo pang magpapirma ng plano at application forms sa Licensed Engineer. So, kailangan mo pang magpagawa ng plano at iprint sa Blueprint.

          Sa pag-compute ng Building Permit Fees, 23 pesos per sq.m.

          Yes. May fine kayo. Admin fine range from 5k-10k. (10k is the max amount, grave violation)

          Sample Breakdown:

          Project Cost: P500,000.00
          Area: 10 sq.m.

          Brgy Clearance = P500.00 (May vary)
          Locational Clearance = P12.00 per sq.m.
          Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance = P500.00
          Building Fees = P23.00 X 10 sq.m. = P230.00 + 230.00 surcharge = P460.00 + 5,000.00 admin fine = P5,460.00

          Total: P6,580.00

          Hindi pa kasama dyan ang pagpapagawa ng plano at pa-sign and seal sa licensed Engr.

  91. Hi. How long does it take for a building permit to be released in quezon city? My contractor siad that they applied February, 2017 and up to now, building permit is not yet released.

    • Case to case basis po. One of the reason kung bakit tumatagal ang process ng application ay dahil sa mga comments/remarks ng evaluator na kailangan mong icomply.

      Kung wala namang comments sa plan, aabutin ng 1 month.

      Before, I applied BP for residential in Q.C, umabot kami ng 3 months and the other almost 6 months for commercial project. May mga naka-usap din ako na mga applicants na almost a year hindi pa narerelease ang BP nila kahit for residential lang.

      Isa din sa kailangan gawin para marelease ang BP, ay magfollow-up from time to time. Kasi kung minsan hindi napapansin ang application kapag hindi napafollow-up.

      May point din na, nabayaran mo na ang BP fees, and for signature na lang ang BP pero umaabot pa ng 15days and more. At kung minsan pag releasing day na, pag pumunta ka ng umaga, hapon mo na makukuha ang BP. Mean, ganun kabagal ang taga-QC OBO.

        • Anyway, much better pa din sa Q.C kaysa sa ibang City Hall, like Manila kasi hindi nila aasikasuhin ang papel mo hanggat hindi ka nagbibigay ng SOP or under the table. Ang laging reason sayo wala ang inspector o ung evaluator.

          • Sir pag walang building permit, constructon cannot proceed. May sinasabi po kasi contractor na pag may “locational clearance ” na , pwede nang umpisahan? Legal po ba ito?

          • It’s our law to secure BP first before starting any construction. But in some cases, like us, commercial/office project renovation. Nag-istart na kami ng construction kahit wala pang BP as long as na inaasikaso mo na ang ibang requirements or pre-requisite clearance in applying BP such as Brgy., Locational & FSEC and automatic magkakaron na ng penalty kapg nag-apply ka ng BP kasi nagstart ka ng const ng hindi pa nasecure ang permit sa OBO.

            But if you are going to construct a residential, it is better to secure BP first. Why? There’s a possibility na may magreklamo sa inyong neighbors kung maingay ang const.

      • Good day sir.
        tanong ko lang po kung need pa kumuha ng permit yung magpapalit ng bubong trusses po
        gagamitin dati po kaseng kahoy inaanay at magtataas din ng 2 meters na hollow blocks. 100 sqm.
        po ang area. bataan province po.

        • Repair Permit. Kung hindi naman along highway or di kita pwdeng hindi na. Pag may pumuna kailangan nyo magcomply ng permit. Ty

  92. Good day Sir, may we ask how to secure affidavit of consent of siblings for bldg.permit if they can no longer sign due to old age?and how about if the mother is no longer living, is it enough to have power of attorney that he gave power to the one who will build a house?

    • Pwede po kayo magpagawa ng affidavit of consent sa attorney’s public office, kung di na makapirma, thumb mark na lang po.

  93. Hi Sir, tanong ko lang po, kasi townhouse yung bahay na nabili ko gusto ko lang po bakuran yung magkabilang gilid and lagyan ng gate. need ko po bang kumuha ng Building permit?

  94. Hi! Tanong ko lang po. Ilang percent po ba ang para sa assessment sa building permit? Magpaparepair lang po kami ng roof. Ang sabi po 30% daw po ng estimated cost ng materials + labor para sa assessment fee. Tama lang po ba ito? Salamat po

    • Hindi mo po kailangan kumuha ng BP. Repair Permit only.

      As per NBCP, repairs on buildings/structures in all Groups costing more than five thousand pesos (P 5,000.00) shall be charged 1% of the detailed repair cost (Itemized original materials to be replaced with same or new substitute and labor).

      Masyadong malaki ang percentage ng assessment nila for repair permit.

      In getting BP, P23.00 per sq.m.

    • tanong lang po kung magpapagawa ng bahay sa lote na right lang ang papel, walang titulo, need pa ba ng building permit..

  95. Hi SIr,

    I would like to ask if setbacks (e.g. 3.00 m in front side, ) should also be applied in second floor and above?

    Thank you

  96. Sir, magkano po kaya ang reasonable na bayad pag nagpagawa ng house design ng isang 2 storey with roofdeck sa 70sqm na lote? Salamat po.

  97. Hi Sir,

    Meron po kaming bahay sa isang subdivision sa Cavite at bank finance po siya. Gusto po sana namin i-extend yung kitchen. Bale po titibagin yung actual wall para dun sa extension. Approximately nasa 8sq meters po yun. Ang sabi po samin ng subdivision Admin kailangan pa namin mag secure ng building permit para sa extension.. At ang sabi po ng admin kapag sila daw po ang maglalakad ang magagastos lahat para sa permit is 35K. Gusto po sana namin na kami nalang maglakad nun permit, ano po ba yung mga kailangang gawin at requirements?

    Thank you in advance.

  98. sir i need your assistance..with regard to building permit application my property is located in severina paranaque, here’s the computation from engineering dept.of paranaque..

    1. Survey cert. P 5K
    2. Insurance P 2,480.00
    3. BP Fee P 10,000.00
    4. Fire P 8,600.00
    5. Tax P 15,450.00
    6. Electrical design P5K
    Total = P 46,540.00

    Floor area 150sqm 2 storey
    your response is highly appreciated.. thank you ..

    • Area: 150 sq.m.
      Projected Cost/ Bill of Materials: P3M

      Barangay Clearance = P 500.00 (may vary depend on Brgy.)

      Locational Clearance = P 12.00 x 150 sq.m = P 1,800.00 (Makati Computation, may vary, other City Hall computed much lower)

      Fire (FSEC) .1% of B.O.M = P 3,000.00

      Building Permit = P 23.00 x 150 sq.m = P 3,450.00 w/o penalty (P 11,900 w/ penalty and 5k admin fine)

      Electrical Permit = P 1,500.00 (based on schedule of loads)

      Plumbing Permit = P 1,000.00 (based on unit installed)

      Insurance = may vary depend on City Hall (Other City Hall like Q.C, Makati, Pasig do not implement this).

      Contractors Tax = 150 sq.m x P 15,000.00 x .75% = P 16,875.00 (Q.C Computation), more than 2M, minus 2M, you can apply exemption to treasurer office esp. if you do not have a contractor.

      Fire (FSIC) .10% of Building Fees = P 595.00

      Occupancy Permit = P 1,500.00

      I don’t get it what is the purpose of Survey Certificate and what is the fee for Electrical Design? Kay City Hall ba kayo magpapadesign ng plano ng electrical?

      Kapag mag-aaply kayo ng BP & Fire Certificate, magsubmit kayo ng BOM worth of 3-5M, tanggalin nyo ang labor cost. BOM ang basis ng FSEC computation. Mean, kung ang total ng construction cost ay 5M, pwede nyong babaan, gawing 3M.

      Ung sa BP mo na 10k, pwedeng kasama na ang fee for sanitary and electrical and penalty (const. w/o BP).

  99. Hello po sir,

    Ask ko lang po kung ilang years po validity ng building permit? For example po sa sitwasyon ko nka pag file na po ako ng building permit at nkabayad na waiting na lang po sa release.. tapos nagkaroon lng po ng emergency na nagamit po ung perang pang patayo ng bahay.. assumption po na matuloy ung bahay is by next year..


    • No validity date but it shall expire and become null and void if the building or work is not commenced (start) within a period of one (1) year after the issuance of building permit or is suspended or abandoned at any time after it has been started for a period of 120 days.

  100. Hi po,

    Tanong ko lng kung need po sa occupancy permit ang fire extinguisher, smoke detector, at emergency light para sa 2 storey residential house?

    • Gaano po ba kalaki ang floor area mo? Anyway, you dont need to provide smoke detector.

      But you will require to provide Fire extinguisher, 1 for 1st floor & another 1 for 2nd floor.

      Emergency light, not necessarily.

      And also, wag kang kumuha ng requirements sa supplier na ibibigay ng Fire Dept. Double price yun,


      1 unit of Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher – 1.5k, pag sa supplier ni Fire nasa 3k… May komisyon sila dyan.

  101. sir good pm!!!tanong lang po paano po gagawin ko may tayo na akong bahay tapos may mga violation ako does it mean po ba titibagin ko ung bahay ko na nakatayo na. ano po dapat gawin pag ganito

    • Ano po ba ang violation mo? Kung ang violation mo ay construction w/o BP. You don’t have to do that, just submit an application for building permit.

        • Ok. Ano po ba ang remarks? San po bang City Hall

          In legal basis, kung may maaapektuhan, kailangan mong i-comply

          In illegal basis, kausapin ang inspector.

    • Est. Breakdown for 1M Project Cost or Bill of Materials

      Brgy. Clearance = 1k
      Locational Clearance = 720
      FSEC = 1k
      Building Permit = 7,760 (w/ surcharge & admin fine)
      Plumbing = 600
      Electrical = 1,500
      Contractors Tax = 6,750
      FSIC = 986
      Occupancy = 1,500

      Total = 18,830

      Note: This is just a sample breakdown.

  102. Hi Sir kasama po ba ung area ng roof deck at balcony sa total floor area ng bahay?? then nag pa compute po kami sa City hall ng caloocan kung mag kano po ung BP Fee, nag initial po sila ng about 40-35 k na fee for Building permit only di pa po kasama dun ung sanitary at electrical fee..

    • Yes. 23 pesos per sq.m

      If your total floor area is 500sq.m = P11,500 w/o surcharge

      Kapag nagstart ka ng construction ng wala pang permit ay may penalty:

      Sample: 500sq.m = P11,500 x 2 (surcharge) = P23,000 + 5k admin fine = 28k total building fees.

      Kung nasa 35k ang assessment ng Building Permit Fees, mean, nasa 1,000 sq.m. and more ang total floor area mo.

        • Same lang po sa ibang City Hall

          Standard Computation po is:

          P23 per sq.m for Building Permit Application

          For Electrical Permit = based on schedule of loads

          For Sanitary/Plumbing Permit = based on unit installed

          You can check the unit amount in latest NBCP (National Building Code of the Phils.) thru GOOGLE.

          Kung residential area lang naman, Mga nasa 1.5k ang electrical fee & 1k for plumbing.

          Kapag nagstart ka ng const. ng hindi pa narerelease ang BP mo ay magkakaroon ka ng penalty. (x 2 + admin fine).

          Sa pag-apply ng Clearance sa FIRE (FSEC) nakabase ang payment sa ipapasa mong Bill of Materials, kung worth 3M ang const. mo, 3k ang FSEC fee.

      • Sir dun sa no. 10 Photocopy of PTR # and PRC license of all concerned engineers and architects ok lang b yan na e photo copy ko mga yan sa isang papel lang x5 copies tas jan nadin sila mag sa sign per copy.. Bali. Individual po per professional sample x5 sa architect tas sign nya per copy ganun din sa engineer, master plumber, electrical engineer..

  103. Good day po uli! Sir, pahabol po sa una kong sinabi. At kung sakaling pong magpapapermit pa po uli ako para sa second floor, isusubject na naman po ba ako lahat ng requirements na hiningi nila sa akin noong unang pag-aaply ko? Kasi, balak ko pong ako na lang ang maglakad ng ikalawang permit kung sakali mankailanganin ang second permit. Maraming salamat po!

  104. nag-apply na apo ako ng permit at itoy approved na at lumabas na rin. Ang plano ko po talaga ay gumawa ng pang 3 story residential house para sa dalawa kong anak at para sa aming mag-asawa. lahat po ng kailangan para sa pang 3 story ay naihanda o nailagay na. Ipinagkatiwala ko po ito sa isang naglalakad ng permit di po yata na nalinawan ng naglalakad ng permit ko na pang 3 story ang ipinagagaw ko kaya ang naipalagay niya sa drawing ng bahay ay para lang sa 1 story, kaya ng mabasa ko ang permit nakalagay doon na 1 story residential lang. Ano po ang gagawin ko sa ganoong pangyayari, kasisimula lang po ng construction at kaiisyu lang ng permit sa aking ngayong april 2017

    • First of all, before the submission of application to OBO, you will check and sign the plans. I’m wondering kung bakit hindi mo yun napansin. Kung ano ang project name na nasa title block, yun din ang ilalagay sa permit.

      Mean, 1 storey lang ang naka-layout sa plan na sinubmit for bldg. permit application.

      If that’s the case, you have to submit a new application and you have to provide all necessary requirements in securing BP for 2nd & 3rd storey like plans, forms, design analysis, boring test (for 3-storey & above), etc.

  105. Sir kukuha po ako ng building permit kaya lang nag p start n po ko ng construction bali mag bubuhos na po. Ng mga poste.. Mag kano po kayaang mgiging penalty ko nyan if sakali jan palang ako makakasubmit ng requirements for permit.. And what if po may mali sa planna n check pero na construct na ano po gagawin papatibagin po ba alimbawa yung stair ko is nasa sa 20cm rise pina pa gawang 18cm titibagin po ba at mag aadjust??

    • 20cm = 200 millimeters, is compliant as per NBCP. The rise of stairway shall not exceed 200mm… You dont have to change your stairway rise.

      x2 po yung penalty + 5k-10k violation.


      Total BP = 1k x 2 = 2k + 5k = 7k

      • Ano po maganda gawin para ma start na construction kahit wala pa building permit or on going palang kasi d pa po tapos ung plano.. Bali architectural and structural palang po kasi natatapos ung iba wala pa.

        • Sabi po sa cityhall 3k daw po ang building permit so if x2 po un bale 6k po + 5k = 11k po magiging penalty ko? Ano po ung -10k ??

        • Saan po ba ang location ng const?

          May City hall po kasi na hiwalay ang department per discipline.

          Sample: OBO – Plumbing & Building
          Electrical Dept – Electrical Permit
          Mechanical Dept. – Mech Permit

          Kung isang section lang ang all discipline, kailangan mong ipasa ang complete plans. Kung hindi naman, pwedeng mauna ang for Building & Sanitary/Plumbing Permit.

          Or pwede ka muna mag-apply ng pre-requisite requirements for Building Permit like Brgy. Clearance, Locational Clearance & Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance. Architectural lang naman ang need na plans for this agency. Habang ina-apply mo yan, pwede ka na mag-start ng const pero pagdating sa application for Building meron ng penalty.

  106. hi may tanong lang po ako may teris po kami dahil mainit eh binalak po naming lagyan ng bubong 2nd floor meron pong sumita dapat daw po may building permit. kinukuha pa po ba ng permit yung dating teris na lalagyan ng bubong? at kung ikukuha po anong klaseng permit? bakante po ito ala po syang bahay sa baba

  107. Nagpakabit ako ng solar sa bahay at nagapply ako ng net metering sa meralco. Hinihingan ulit ako ni meralco ng Certificate of Final electrical Inspection (CFEI). Uulitin ko na naman ba yung requirements nung nagapply ako sa electrical permit sa munisipyo?

    Wala naman nabago sa wiring at load ng bahay kasi ti-nap lang sa breaker at naissuehan na ako ng CFEI dati nung nagapply ako ng occupancy permit. Thanks!

    • Just to clarify, what you mean, a new one (not the existing CFEI).

      Kung wala namang nabago sa loads, you dont have to provide a new one, you can give the existing certificate.

      Kung sakali, you will have to provide the requirements. Ask the LGU/city hall what requirements you have to provide to secure electrical permit for solar net metering purposes only.

      • Hinihingan kasi ako ni Meralco ng new CFEI at wala na rin ako nung dating CFEI since kinuha nila yun nung nagapply ako ng service nila.

        Anyway, thanks sa reply. Coordinate ko na lang siguro sa city hall kung may requirements silang bago

  108. hi, sir ask ko lng po need ko po bng kumuha ng building permit kung sakaling pababakuran ko lng po ung bahay na nkuha ko sa isang subdivision, bale mababa lng po muna ung taas nya, at mga abang lng po para sa gate, kung sakali. thank you.

  109. Hi Sir,

    Pano po pala if may complete plan na then magkasama po ang building at fence plan, pero ang ipapagawa muna ay yung fence na part then, wall lang nung building (parang fence lang mangyayari pero nakaabang na for second floor) kasi yun lang yung kasya pa sa budget? Ano po ang kukunim na permit, fencing permit or kahit building permit na po?

  110. Hi,

    I have a vacant lot in Vista Verde Antipolo and need a complete set of planning to get the building permit. Is there any Eng. here to help me about it?

    You may call me or text me at 09778348800


  111. hi! tanong ko lang po kung meron na po sa inyo nakapagpa soil boring test? isa po kasi sya sa requirement para sa building permit? three storey po ang ipapatayo namin. kailangan po ba talaga namin ipatest ang soil?

  112. Hi! Good day sir!

    May nagpapa-renovate po saakin ng office, within a building, more on interior design works. Do I still need to apply for a building permit, as well as electrical, sanitary and plumbing?
    Thank you very much!

  113. Nag patayo ako ng bahay un building permit ko hinde pla kasama un fence pro meron nmn fence un sa blue print. anu po ba mangyayari dto?

    • It’s okay. Naka-indicate nman sa approved plans mo. Unless you required by Office of the Building Official to apply fencing permit, kung hindi, no problem.

  114. Anybody wants to recommend a good arch/engr services to me in Marikina??? I’m planning to build a house on my vacant lot. – Thank you.

    • Hi Sir,

      I’m a civil engineer specializing in structural design. If you want a structural designer, I can provide you design analysis,

  115. Sir ask lang po, may bahay po ako na pinapagawa apat na taon ng tinitirahan.. ngunit noong ginagawa ito hindi po kami kumuha ng building permit kasi nasa isang brgy. kami na medyo malayo sa bayan….kailangan po ba talaga na kumuha kami ng building permit para dito?…ang bahay ay gawa sa concrete po….salamat..

    • Requirements po talaga ang kumuha ng Building Permit kapag magpapagawa ng bahay. Pero meron din namang exemption, kung maliit lang naman, ex. 20sq.m below or the cost of const. not exceed to 15k. Pero ung iba hindi na kumukuha lalo na kung malayo naman ung place, kung hindi naman kita.

      Magastos din kasi pag mag-apply ng BP but this is legal. IF you want you can refer to latest NBCP (National BUilding Code of the Phils.) mababasa mo dun lahat ng requirements pati ung fees.

      • Sir how much po ang cost ng DOLE clearance para makakuha ng bldg permit? Hindi daw po kasi makakakuha sa Las Pinas City Hall hanggat wala nito.

  116. Bumili po ako ng bahay sa Dasmarinas, Cavite. 60 sq.m ang lote at 21sq. m ang bahay. Gusto po sanang gamitin ang buong lote. Balak ko po magpa-extend at magpalagay ng bakod. Ano pong mga permits ang kailangan kung i-apply sa munisipyo? Magkano po kaya ang magagastos ko sa paglalakad.

    May napagtanungan po ako, kailangan ko lang daw po ay fencing permit.

    • Building Permit for Extension and Fencing Permit

      I do not have any idea. Hindi kasi naka-specify kung gaano kalaki ang for extension.

      Bukod sa building permit fees, magbabayad ka for printing, professional fee for signing and sealing of plans and forms. Bayad din sa designer ng plano.

  117. Good day Sir!

    Tanong lang po, Pano po ba computation ng Building Permit?

    Planning to open a small commercial space at South Park Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa. Sa Food Court po with kitchen, sink, exhaust, food preparation area, cashier etc.

    45 sqm yung area. Ako po maglalakad, gusto ko malaman kung magkano aabutin ng BP plus other permits needed.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    God bless.

    • Projected Bill Of Materials = 2M

      Estimated Permit Fees

      Brgy = 1k (May vary depend on Brgy)
      Locational = 12.5 x 45 = P762.5, Makati computation
      FSEC (Fire Dept.) = P2,000 (.1% of Bill of Materials)
      Building Permit = 23 x 45 = P1,035 w/o surcharge, P7070 w/ surcharge (const. w/o BP)
      Sanitary/Plumbing = P1,000
      Electrical Permit = P1,500 (may vary depend on schedule of loads)
      Mechanical Permit = P1,500 (may vary depend on schedule of equipment)

      FSIC (Fire) = 10% of Building Fees (O.R)
      Occupancy = P1,500 (may vary)

      Contractors Tax not included.

  118. sir maam. patulong naman po.. yung pinapagawa po kasi naming bahay pin ah nto ng cityhall wala po kasing BP.. ngayon po ng aaply na kami.. kaya lang po.. ang mahal.. 25k para sa 2nd floor.. at 35k sa wiring permit palang po.. ang bigat po masyado ng wiring permit. wala pa po jan ang iba pang babayaran at ang lagay.. salamt po

        • sir/maam good afternoon ask ko po bale yung lupa ng byanan ko plano ko po patayuan ng 2 story kasa dead of sale lang po yung nakapangalan sa kanila ano po magandang gawin ko para maka patayo ako sa lupa nila

          • If lot is not in the name of the applicant kindly provide deed of sale or deed of absolute sale.

      • You know, you don’t have to give SOP or under the table if you know your applications are compliant to NBCP.

        Once you submitted your application to Building Official you can continue the const. but automatic surcharge w/ admin fine.

        If you mean the 25k & 35k is for design of plans only you can find someone else. I have REE co-officemate or you can ask what is the covered of that amount. Ex. 35k includes of (design, printing, signing & sealing of plans and application forms).

  119. Hi. sir magtatanung lang po ako about sa bldg permit, wala po kasi akong gaanong alm about sa BP , nag patayo kasi kami ng bahay ng asawa ko , nang nagsisinula na kami may sumita samin na tga munusipyo hinahanapan kami ng BP , kasi po daw medyo malaki daw po yung pinapagawa namin, so bale 3 bedroom 1 cr, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, sinukat ko po yung lupa namin sa feet, width : 45ft, height 54ft , 1 story lang na house, hindi ko po kasi alm panu I convert to square meter, tinanong ko po yung tiga munusipyo sabi nya kapag lumagpas ng 40sqm yung bahay nyo need daw issue han ng BP , totoo po ba yung sinasabi nilang 40sqm para sa BP? at yung sukat po ba. ng bahay namin ay aabot sa 40sqm ?

    from paniqui tarlac

    thank you po.

    • Width = 45ft x length = 54ft. = 2,430 sq.ft. = 225.74 sq.m.

      You have to apply Building Permit.

      Yes. It’s true according to National Building Code of the Philippines.

      • Yun po bang 40 sqm is yung sukat po ng loteng pagpapatayuan? Balak po kasi naming magpagawa ng maliit lang na 2-storey house, 36 sqm lang po lote, need pa po ba namin mag-apply ng BP?

    • 2.40 – 4.00 pesos. 6 sq.m house extension, exempted for applying permit. Just get Brgy. Clearance or Homeowner’s Certification

  120. hi magtanong po ako nakabili po kmi lupa ng 63sq lot . napatayuan na po bahay pero hindi pa finished wala pang flooring at cr at lababo magkano po kaya magagastos pagkiha ng building permit ginamt po materyals cocolumber at longspan bungalow stlye lang po expiration po ba ang building permit at kung pagdating araw magpaextend kami ng 2ndfloor another permit po ba? installment po kasi ang gawaan ng bahay namen .salamat po sa reply gma cavite po

    • Thru area po ang basis ng computation ng BP.. More or less 12k, kasama na po surcharge and penalty kung magstart kayo ng const na hindi pa narelease ang permit.

      Nawawalan lang ng bisa ang BP kapag hindi kayo nagsimula ng const sa loob ng 1 year or tinigil nyo ang construction w/in 4 months.

      Yes. Another permit po yun..

      • Contractor’s Tax. Requirements for Building Permit Application but you can apply exemption for paying Contractor’s Tax. The treasurer office will give you certification of exemtion.

          • Yes. Request Letter. Kindly indicate kung bakit ka humihingi ng exemption.

            Sample, like us, we request exemption because our office address is located in Q.C whereas we pay taxes.

            Pag may project kami sa Q.C hindi na kami nagbabayad ng Contractor’s Tax.

            Pwede mo ding i-indicate na wala ka namang contractor… etc..

  121. sir, tanung ko lang po, anu po kailangan sa Occupancy Permit kung yung apartment(2 floors/studio rooms both in 1st and 2nd floor) ay kabibili lang at kaka transfer lang po. pki reply po sana sir.

    • Occupancy Permit Application?

      Building Permit
      Certificate of Electrical Inspection
      Application Form

      You can check to Office of the Building Official of your City Hall

  122. Hi,

    Inquire lng po ako. magkano po kya mag apply ng Building permit for renovation?
    nakareceive kasi kmi ng letter, may violation. pinapahinto ung construction. kailangan dw ng permit.

    bale 1storey building. siguro mga 50sqm gusto sna namin i-slab kasi butas butas n ang bubong. kaso un pinatigil. sa probinsya po ang location.

    salamat po

    • More or less 11k ang BP hindi pa po kasama ang mga ss:

      1. designing of plans
      2. printing of plans
      3. sign and seal of plans, application forms, technical specs, Bill of Materials (by license Engr./Architect)

      • Hi sir, matanong lang po incase na hindi nasunod iyong plan as per building permit na nakuha. ma void na ba iyong building permit na nakuha at kapag nag secure ka ng occupancy permit need mo ulit mag bayad o process ng panibagong building permit at occupancy permit?

  123. Hi sir ask ko lang kung pwede na ba mag start mag construct kung pina process palang yung building permit? Ang sabi kasi sakin minsan inaabot ng ilang buwan bago marelease.

  124. sir, may setback na required po ung dpwh na 30meters from center line along a national highway,,almost half po ng lot yung nasakop sa setback..maari pa bang gamitin ung portion ng lot na napasakop sa setback na 30 meters?


    • Kindly ask kug ano ung purpose kung bakit may setback na 30 meters, masyadong malaki unless kung magkakaroon ng road widening… ung hindi nasakop ng setback pwede mo gamitin..

      Kung for road widening hindi mo pwede gamitin ang setback….

      san po ung specific place nyo?

      • Hi sir,

        Tanong ko lang po kung may makukuha bang compensation once abutin ang bahay mo ng road widening.

        Salamat po sa sagot.

  125. Hi Sir J.B. Ask ko lng po kung how much ang penalty if may ground floor (around 63m2)at nakatira na ung may ari na walang bulding permit. mag apply na ung may ari ng building permit para maituloy na contruction up to 2nd floor. pano pa kung hindi nasunod ung 2m setback sa side e consructed na. ty sa sagot.

    • More or less 17k kasama na ang 10k admin fine with surcharge. Pero hindi pa kasama ang professional fee for signing and sealing of plans, application forms, technical specs, bom.

      Kung hindi nasunod, kausapin nyo na lang ang inspector kung sakaling may comment sila sa plano.

  126. Hello po. Is 25K professional fee for house plan design and blueprints plus 30k to 40k for all necessary building permits = Total: 55k to 65k for a two-storey residential house in a 300sqm lot reasonable? Sa Bacolod City po. Thanks.

    • Yes for new business… including certificate of electrical inspection, etc…. May checklist of requirements ka namang kailangan i-comply pero sa ibang LGU hindi na requirements ang Occupancy Permit.

      Ung iba, ang isa sa mga hinihingi ay mechanical permit, CEI, Barangay,Locational, Sanitary

  127. Good morning po. ask ko lang po kung malaki po ba ang difference sa babayaran sa pagkuha ng building permit ng one storey lang at ng two-storey po? thank you.

  128. ask lang po…
    magkano po kaya aabutin ng lahat ng gastos sa building permit namin?
    26sqr meter.

    may naglalakad po kasi samin sinisingil kmi ng 25k. fair rate na po ba un?
    tnx po…

      • 26sq.m is the total area of your two-storey house?

        Magkano po ba ang estimated project cost nyo?

        Paki-clarify na din po kung ano ang sakop ng 25k:

        1. Kung for building permit fees only
        2. Kasama na ba sa 25k ang signed and sealed ng application forms & plans

        Sample Computation: Est. Bill of Materials is P1M

        1. Barangay = P500.00
        2. Locational Clerance = P325.00
        3. FSEC (0.1% of Bill of Materials) = P1k
        4. Building Permit = P23 x 26sq.m. = P6,196.00 including surcharge and admin fine
        5. Electrical Permit = P1.5k
        6. Plumbing Permit = P500.00
        7. Legworks (Pambayad sa naglakad ng permit) = range from P5k.

        Total: P14, 521.00

        Maybe yung 25k kasama ung SOP or under the table. Dahil maliit lang naman ang area mo, I think no need for SOP.

        • Sir sa qc po how much kaya babayaran ko sa bldg. Permit 141.37 sqm floor area?
          All done with clearances; locational & FSEC, design 5 sets sealed and signed by professionals and meron ng tatak ng BFP at BPLO. For submision na lang para sa bldg. Permit.
          Nerd ko pa po ba mag bayad ng contractors tax? Ala po akong contractor. Ako na lang po kuha ng gagawa.

          • More or less 13k, kasama na ang surcharge and admin fine kung sakaling nagstart kayo ng const.

            Magsubmit ka po ng request letter of exemption sa treasurer office.

          • From 1-6 Meron. Ung 7 pambayad mo yun sa naglakad ng permit kung ayaw mong ikaw ang maglakad. Ty

  129. hi sir ask ko lng sna more or less kno gastos sa occupancy permit..complete nmn po aq lhat ng permits antipolo area po.. and ask ko n sn kung legit b ung mga nglalakad na firm s lbas ng munisipyo

  130. Good day sir,

    ask ko lang magkano ang magiging cost ng application for the all permits (building, sanitary/plumbing, electrical, etc.) for new construction of a 4-storey w/ deck residential and commercial building, right now on process na yung mga permits SOP. wala ako idea kung magkano ang magiging cost of the each permits.

    location: caloocan city
    lot area: 114 sq. m.
    floor area: 489 sq. m.

  131. Ask ko lang, may approved plan(blue print) na ipapatayo sa isang subdivision,
    Lot lang ang nakuha namin sa subdivision then may iba kami contractor for house.
    What if there will be changes sa size (expand) of plan upon construction, what will be the consequence?
    May mga rules ang subdivision n 2m, 2m, 2, 3m for sides allowance.
    What if naviolate tong rules na ito dahil sa change of size upon actual construction, anno po ang magiging consequence.

    • Good say po sir!…

      Need ko po ng help kasi wala po ako masyado alam s mga permit n yan at requirements..nagpatayo po kame ng asaw ko ng bahay within sa co.pund ng byenan ko na wala pong permit mga nasa 60sqm po hindi pa nga po tapos ubgvtaas e may abang lang para sa 2nd flr..wala po xang blue print or anything na ganun po kasi ung kamag anak po namin construction worker po so sila sila n ung gumawa ngayon may nagcheck po na tiga city hall hinahanapan kami ng bp e wala po ako maipakita kasi wala naman po tlga…paano po kaya ung mangyayari dun?…badly need your advice po kung ano dapat gawin salamat po in advance.

      • Stop of Work then may penalty kayong babayaran pero hindi nyo pa rin pwede ituloy ang construction unless na lang mag-comply kayo ng requirements for Building Permit.

        Bago po kasi mag-construct ay kailangan may permit ka or on-process kung sakaling hindi pa narelease. Kindly comply na lang po. Grave Violation po yan. Thank you.

      • At isa pa, kung ipahinto ang construction, hindi nyo rin pwedeng i-occupy ang area kasi lumabag kayo sa PD 1096… Punta ka po sa City Hall hingi ka ng checklist of requirements for securing BP and other ancillary permits (Electrical, Plumbing). You dont need Mechanical Permit kung wala ka namang aircon or kung window type lang naman…

    • i. Buildings in all Groups per sq. meter floor area .………………………….. P 3.00

      ii. Building Systems/Frames or portion thereof per vertical or
      horizontal dimensions, including Fences …….…………………………….. 4.00

      iii Structures of up to 10.00 meters in height……..………………………..… 800.00

      (a) Every meter or portion thereof
      in excess of 10.00 meters …………………………………………………… 50.00

      iv. Appendage of up to 3.00 cu. meter/unit…………………………………….. 50.00

      (a) Every cu. meter or portion thereof in
      excess of 3.00 cu. meters………….……………………….……………….. 50.00

      v. Moving Fee, per sq. meter of area of building/
      structure to be moved …………………..…………………………………… 3.00

  132. Hi sir. may bahay po ako kinuha sa isang subd. sa cavite at 6 years na po sya ready tirhan. plano ko po palagyan ng fence at gate at terrace sa harap para magamit yung sakop ko pang lot area, at yung likod naman na patio ay gagawin ko pong kitchen at may 2nd floor. 4meters po siguro ang lapad ng mga bakanteng area. kailangan ko po ba kumuha ng building permit? 36sqm lang po ang floor are. lot area 42sqm. salamat po,

  133. Hello sir, good day, ask ko lng po kung reasonable ba ung siningil smin ng architect kc nagpagawa ako extension ng bahay 2storey with roof deck about 195sq.m ung total. Siningil nya ako ng 71k lahat lahat na po ung including ung 5set ng mga blue print, sanitary, electrical, etc. With signed and stamped ng mga engrs. Na? Tpos nung nagapply n kmi bldg. Permit siningil kmi ng 31k, pls. Advise kung ok lng po ba eto. Maraming salamat po

    • Depende po kasi ang professional.. Ung iba po 2k to 2.5k ang design fee per sht pero hindi pa kasama ang sign & seal.

      Sample: 2.5k x 5 shts of Architectural = 12,500

      Sign and seal fee = 500 – 1.5k per original sht., ung succeeding set is free of charge.

      Sample: 500 X 5 sht of Architectural (5sets) = 2.5k

      Kayo po ba ang mag-aaply ng permit o sila?

      Kung kayo po ang mag-apply, ang permit fees nyo ay 25-30k for 195 sq.m. (Building & Occupancy Permit).

  134. Hi, I would like to ask lang po..
    1. Meron po ako nabili house & lot sa may Sta. Rosa Laguna kaso lang wala pa syang gate sa may parking area katabi ng bhay ko ung car port area is 12.31 sqm. pero gate lang ipapalagay ko sana and ung fence na sa harap ng bahay w/ estimated length of 3.5meters lang ang haba…

    kailangan ko pa ba kumuha ng permits para sa gate kahit sa subdivision private naman & covered sya ng lot area ko? how much if ever? what are the procedures? medyo msyado mahal po yung sinisingil sa akin ng contractor dun na gumagawa sa subdivision 90k daw ksama na window grills & mga permits…

    di po ba hindi na kailangan ng permits yun wala na ako need bayaran sa cityhall & subdivision?

    2. Plan also to extend also my kitchen para ma-cover ko ung lot area ko sa likod na may vacant space pa…dun ko na lang sana ipapalagay yung kitchen ko wala na sa loob parang magiging wala na yung kitchen sa loob… roofing lang yung extension hindi na slab…ano ano pa po ba need ko permits & how much fees pa ba need ko bayaran if ever ako magaasikaso sa cityhall?

    3. Yung carport area ko po dun sa bahay na binigay ng Developer medyo may problem din kasi kapag pinasok mo yung kotse halos hindi ka na makalabas sa sikip…pwde ko po ba ipabago yun sa developer kpag nireklamo? feeling ko parang wala kasi sa standard yung mga sukat na ginwa nila ang nasa contract ko is Lot area is 80Sq. m and Flr. area 78 sq. m 2 storey…

    4. Yung perimeter walls nila dun sa property ng subdivision is beside the SLEX… pwde o po ba palagyan ng additional fence & hallow blocks yun para tumaas? hindi kasi nila dinagdagan na ung existing na walls dun sa perimeter mga 7ft (existing lang andun) db dapat sila ngpapagwa nun kasi safety ng mga bumili ng bahay sa kanila yun…

    Hoping for your immediate reply…


    FYI – for move-in na po kasi ako sana nextweek kaso madami pa rin mga minor na kailngan ayusin sila dun before ko accept ang unit… baka kasi hindi na nila gawin ung concern ko sa parking area kasi gawa na…

    • 1. No need to apply permits. Minor works, exempted. Ang kailangan mo lang i-comply ay Construction Bond (Subdivision), anyway, it is refundable in full amount kung wala kang na-damage na property..

      2. Gano po ba kalaki? Sanitary/Plumbing Permit Only. Wala pang 500 ang permit fees. Mahal lang magpagawa ng plano and professional fee ng signing Engr. Much better, kindly coordinate to your City Hall. Kung maliit lang naman, I think hindi na kailangang kumuha. At baka i-required ka rin kumuha ng extension permit for roofing.

      3. Yes. Pwede po. Standard size 12ft x 20ft.

      4. Depende po yan. Kung government po ang nagpagawa ng perimeter fence. Kailangan pa nilang maki-pag-coordinate sa government. Magastos din po, kaya isang factor na din po yun kung bakit hindi nila pinadag-dagan..

    • Malaki po ang lot area mo. Kung same ang floor area ng 1st and 2d floor, mean, 39 sq.m each… May 41 sq.m ka pa dapat na vacant lot… Baka matulad ka sa co-officemate ko na iba ang actual lot area kaysa sa napagkasunduan. Pasukat mo po ung total lot area mo kung tama dun sa napagkasunduan nyo.

      Dapat 9m x 9m ang sukat nyan or equivalent, depende kung anong side ang mahaba..

      • pwde ba ako magpatulong sa cityhall ng sta. rosa para sa pagkuha ng exact measurement na ginawa nila dun? If ever nga na mali ang ginawa nila… san ko po ba pwde magreklamo dun kung ayaw pumayag ng Head office ng developer to change it? mas tama kung actual ko pasukatan kesa dun sa blue print plans nila na ipapakita.. tama po?

        • Pwede po kaya lang may bayad po yun, pero ok po yun kasi parang gagawan ka na rin nila ng lot plan.. or else ikaw na po ang magsukat o pasukat mo sa Engr..

          Sa Building Official ng City Hall. Kindly coordinate na lang po.

          Yes. actual po talaga dapat ang measurement.

  135. paano po kapag naitayo na yung bahay 40 sqm with slab na.abang lang sa 2nd floor nakiusap po ako na baka pwd temproray lang inisuehan naman ako CEI til jan 2017 yung binigay na palugit sken para kumuha building permit.need ko pa ba kumuha?nasa magkano ba magagastos ko po.dito sa cabuyao laguna po ang loc ko

    • Building Permit & Occupancy Permit Fees = almost 15k kasama na po ang surcharge and admin fine.

      Hindi pa po kasama dyan ang plano, specs., at pirma ng engineers/architect.

  136. Hi Sir,

    We razed down the old house and built a new one back in 2010-2011 without a building permit (at least we couldn’t produce one). We took out insurance on the house and we got flooded recently. One of the requirements for the insurance claim is a building permit and we were told we may have to spend around 50-60K to retroactively get a building permit. Is this doable? Also, what other situations (apart from insurance claim) that you know do we need a building permit e.g. to sell a house? to use it as collateral? etc?

    Thanks for your attention and hopefully response.

    • Yes, it is possible.

      No need building permit to sell a house or use as a collateral.

      FYI, ang building permit po ay ginagamit lang during construction. Pag tapos na ang construction wala na pong silbi ang BP. Occupancy permit na po ang kailangan mo.

  137. magtatanong po sana ako regarding sa pagtatayo ng bahay sa subdivision. hindi pa po naitatayo ang single detached na bahay na currently binanayaran namin monthly. bale 2 na bahay po ang nakuha namin. corner lot po na back to back. gagawin po sana namin na isang buong bahay ang 2 na bahay na magkatalikuran. ang sabi po ng management ng subdivision eh ifile ko daw po sa munisipyo. anpo po ang dapat naming gawin? may mga plans na po na nagawa ang engr at archi namin. naka blue print na din po at ready nang ifile sa munisipyo. sa bulacan area po ako. baka mtulungan nyo po ako kung ano ang dapat namin unang gawin. salamat po

    • Just to clarify, ung plans ay galing sa subdivision?

      Kung OO, magpagawa ka ng plano (according to your design) at yun ang i-file sa City Hall.

      • Hindi po. Pinagawa ko po sa friend kong archi. As per management ng subd ok lang naman daw po yun. Gusto ko lang po iconfirm ang tamang process

  138. Hi sir,

    How much na lang po if ako mismo magpaprocess ng Building Permit? I have signatories ie PEE,Mechanical. wala lang civil engr. and architect. Blue Print and Plans sakin din.
    My lot area is 50sqm and my floor area is 80 sqm.

    Pag pinalakad kase 80K daw.

    by the way I live in Rizal makati.

    P.s magkano kaya budget for construction fully furnished na po?


    • Almost 20,000 ang permit fees (Official receipt).

      Budget for Construction, depende po kung anong materyales ang gagamitin, area, etc.

  139. Good day
    Sir nag-aapply dn po aq ngaun ng building permit samen, nung ipinasa q n sa kanila ung mga requirements may idinagdag sila na requirements p ung “Short Circuit Computation” para san po un?
    ung building per it po ay gagamitin q sa pagapply ng meter base sa meralco. tnx

    • Requirements na po yan sa Antipolo at sa ibang City Hall. Commercial po ba yan?

      Electrical Permit po ang kailangan sa pag-aaply ng meter base sa Meralco, hindi po Building Permit.

      • Hi Sir,

        Nagpaplano po kmi magpagawa ng bahay sa Antipolo, Rizal ng simpleng bungalow house lang. Light materials lang po balak nmin gamitin. Itatanong ko lng po sana kung kelangan pa namin kumuha ng building permit. Building permit po ba ang kailangan pra makapagpakabit kmi ng kuryente sa meralco kpag gawa na yung bahay?

        • Gaano po ba kalaki ang ipapatayo ninyo? withins subdivision po ba?

          Electrical Permit po and CEI (Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection)

  140. Hi po ask q lng po ano po ba first step kung mag papatayo ng bahay at mag kano gagastusin po sa permit kung ako nlang mag lakad ,at ano po requirement na dadalin nrin kung mag aaply ng permit lot area q po 175 pero 70 sqm lng paptayuan ko sana sa antipolo po yung lot tnx po sana masagot tanong q

    • First, know your budget for construction (designs, labor, materials, permits, etc.)

      For 70 sq.m, more or less 15,000 for permit fees (Building & Occupancy Permit)

      For Checklist of Requirements in applying building/occupancy permit, punta ka po sa City hall ng Antipolo. Hingi ka po ng application form for Building, Structural, Electrical, Sanitary & Plumbing. Makikita po ung mga requirements na kailangan mong iprovide.

      Standard Procedure:
      1. Brgy.
      2. Zoning/Locational
      3. Fire Dept. (FSEC – Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance)
      4. Building Official (Building, Electrical, Sanitary, etc.)
      5. Fire Dept. (FSIC – Fire Safety Inspection Certificate)
      6. Building Official (Occupancy Permit, CEI)

      Note: For sign and seal of licensed architect / engineers
      1. Application Forms
      2. Technical Specifications
      3. Bill of Materials (Total Project Cost, exclude the labor fee)
      4. Plans
      5. Photocopy of valid PRC ID & current PTR

        • . Sign Fees:

          i. and anchorage of display surface,
          up to 4.00 sq. meters of signboard area…………………………………… P 120.00
          (a) Every sq. meter or fraction thereof in
          excess of 4.00 sq. meters………………………………………………….. 24.00
          ii. Installation Fees, per sq. meter or fraction thereof
          of display surface:

          Type of Sign Display Business Signs Advertising Signs

          Neon P 36.00 P 52.00
          Illuminated 24.00 36.00
          Others 15.00 24.00
          Painted-on 9.60 18.00

  141. Good day po, ask ko lang po. Nagpatayo po kasi ako ng bahay sa vacant lot ng father ko noong 2009, actually parang extension lang. Pero pina-abangan ko ng second floor mga 30% lang naman yun and now plan namin ituloy na at mag-aapply po kami ng BP permit, paano po kaya ang first na gagawin? since na hindi naman kami ng-apply dati. mga 40sqm po yung lot.. thanks

    • Ilang sq.m naman po yung extension?

      May existing Occupancy Permit po ba ang house ng father mo?


      Magpagawa ka ng plano (as a whole, reflect the existing and new “Proposed construction”).

      • Good day po.
        Bale mga est. 100sq m. ung floor area ng house ng father ko po. Then, nung 2009 noong mgkawork ako. Pinatayuan ko ng vacant lot sa tabi ng bahay no father para nka.bukod ako mga 40 sqm un, then, my abang ng 2nd floor po eh. Now, po ksi gusto na ituloy ung 2nd floor ko po. Pg.nagpagawa po b ako ng bldg permit at sabi nyo mgpagawa ng plano need p rin isama ung bahay ng father ko?
        At hnanapan po ako ng bp nung ng.apply ko ng submeter sa meralco. Kaya till now nka kabit prin elec ko sa bahay nila.
        Salamat po.

        • Just to clarify lang, hindi extension ng house ng father mo kundi nakabukod na house?

          Kung sakaling ganun, magpagawa ka ng plano nung 40sq.m kasama na yung 2nd floor. I-reflect mo ung existing floor area ng 40 sq.m including yung ipapagawa mo pa.

          Pagka-submit mo ng plans then pag nag-inspect yung taga-Building Official at nakitang may existing structure (40sq.m.). Pwede nyo sabihin na hindi nyo nakunan kaagad ng building permit at dahil sa itutuloy nyo na kaya kinuhaan nyo na… Ung existing nyo, automatic yan may 100% surcharge including admin fine (max of 10k).

          San po ba location nyo?

          At dahil lot property ng father nyo ang pinagtatayuan ng structure, you have to provide CTC of transfer certificate of title ng property.

  142. Good day. Tanung ko lng po, magpapaextend sana kami ng bahay sa kusina namin slab yung gagamitin ang sukat is 4×4.2mtrs. Kailangan pa ba ng building permit? If ever na kailangan talaga magkano naman yung bayad ng pagkuha ng building permit ? Not include design & sign .Location Calamba, Laguna.-Thanks

  143. morning po ask ko lang po kung kailangan pang ikuha ng building permit yung ginagawang bahay namin ang sukat po ay 24x26ft???

    kung ikkuha po magkanu naman po ang magagastos ko…. bulacan area thx po…..

    • Yes. 58sq.m.

      Sample breakdown:

      Barangay (P 500.00)
      Locational Clearance (P 725.00)

      FSEC (Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance) (P 1,000.00) 0.1% of Bill of Materials

      Building Permit (P 7,668.00) (Included penalty- starting of const. w/o BP)

      Electrical Permit (P 2,000.00)

      Sanitary Permit (P 200.00)

      FSIC (Fire Safety Inspection Certificate) (P 966.00) 10% of Building Fees

      Occupancy Permit (P 1,500.00)

      Grandtotal: 11,893.00

  144. Gudpm. Tanong ko lang po kung pagawa ko ang bubong ko at itaas ko pa ng dalawang hallow blocks ang taas dahil mababa at maiinit kailangan pa ba ng permit. 48 sqm ang floor area sa isang subdivision sa QC.Thanks.

    • Kindly coordinate na lang po s subdivision nyo… Kung sakali, repair permit only… pero pwede hindi na kunan basta makipag-coordinate ka sa subdivision nyo… Kung sakali din, magbibigay ka ng construction bond sa subd. then after nun ibabalik yun sayo ng buo kung wala kang nadamage na property.

  145. gud day sir, ako po ay nag rent sa lupa at at pinatrabaho ko na light material lng coco lumber LNG lang gamit ko na materials at yung poste LNG ang concrete.. adviceable din ba siya sa building permit o kailangan PABA? help po,.thanks

  146. Good Day Sir,

    We are planning to build an open type warehouse on manila, with an area of 3,672 sq.m. What should be the cost of contractors tax.? Do we have any brackets for pricing as per type of building or house to be build?


    • Meron po yan sa Tax Division…

      Last year, nagbayad kami ng 153,000.00 na Contractor’s Tax, 2,000 sq.m. yun. (O.R talaga yan).

    • You don’t need to pay for the contractor’s tax if your construction firm is registered in the area of the construction. Parang double tax ang binayad mo. This contractor’s tax are for contractors who are NOT registered in the City kung saan sila magtatayo.

    • Wala akong basis ng computation ng contractors tax sa Manila. Magulo kasi sila….

      Q.C Sample computation

      P15,000.00 X total sq.m x 0.75% – 2,000,000.00 = answer

      15,000.00 x 50 sq.m = 750,000.00

      750,000 x 0.75% = P 5,625.00 Contractor’s Tax

      Pag umabot ang computation mo ng 3M above. kailangan mo i-minus sa 2M.

      Sample 2

      15,000 x 500 sq.m = 7,500,000.00
      7,500,000 – 2,000,000 = 5,500,000.00
      5,500,000 x 0.75% = Php 41,250.00 Contractor’s Tax

      Then, may additional pa yan na 17,250.00 in Q.C

  147. 18k po na charge para sa 109sq meter 2 story house construction, lahat na po kasama, buildin, zoning , electrical, etc( lahat na daw po ng papers para sa construction permit) , reasonable po ba yung price?

    • You mean. Building Only not included the application for Occupancy? Kung Building Application lang (Brgy., Zoning, FSEC, Bldg., Electrical) , including signing and sealing of application forms (design and in-charge).

      I would like to clarify, sa 18k kasama na ang processing fee (Liaison officer), permit fees and professional fees for signing engineer?

      Reasonable ang 18k for processing and permit fees pero hindi po reasonable kung kasama sa 18k ang bayad sa signing engrs. kasi masyado namang maliit yung 18k….

      Kindly clarify sa mag-aayos ng permit nyo kung kasama ba ung signing and sealing o kung kayo ang magbabayad sa signing engrs.

  148. gdpm mag ask lng po kng mgkno aabutin ng bayarin para s building permit kng ang itatayo ay resto cafe and travellers inn? thank you

  149. Hi.

    Bakit kaya ang mahal ng singil ng contractort sa processing ng building permit sa amin?
    Location Makati City: Pembo
    Residential ( 3 floors – 1st floor finished na, idadagdag na lang ang 2nd and 3rd floor) 45 sqm per floor.
    Hiwalay ang singil nya. Plans (PHP 30K). Building permit, Locational Clearance, at FSIC (PHP 60K).

    Bakit kaya? Salamat in advance sa response.

    • Follow up comment:

      Hindi yung contractor ang mag construct ng bahay. Sila lang ang mag design at maglalakad ng mga permits.


    • It’s too much for a total of 90 sq.m in applying a Building Permit Only not included the application for Occupancy Permit. Isa sa mga reason kung bakit mahal ang singil for processing application ay nagbibigay ang naglalakad ng SOP (under the table) sa Building Official Engineer para mabilis lumabas ang permit at wala nang masyadong comment sa plano at the same time para hindi na din magbayad ng contractors tax… pero masyadong malaki ang 60k for 90sqm..

      Ang 60k budget is for 500sq.m project tulad ng sa amin.

      • sir j.b planning ako mgpaextension ng house ko sa bacoor cavite ngaun may existing bungalow na 25 sq.m and lot area is 68 sq.m ngaun gsto ko pa 2nd floor so plano magtotal sya ng 80 sq.m floor area mga how much kaya abutin un bldg permit nun includng zoning,fire etc.

        ang singil naman sakn sa extension plan ko is 15k andun na mga electrical, sanitary, etc at mga pirma. and lot plan is 1,500 so total of 16,500 para sa plano ng house. sulit na dn b?
        so sa bldg.permit kaya mga magkanu?

        • Mura na po ung 15k for design of plans (Architectural, Electrical, Sanitary & Structural) w/ sign and seal of Arch./Engrs.

          80 sq.m

          Sample Breakdown:

          Barangay (P 500.00) – may vary

          Locational Clearance (P 1,000.00) (Q.C Computation)

          FSEC (Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance) (P 1,000.00) (0.1% of Bill of Materials – Project Cost)

          Building Permit (P 8,680.00) ( I Included the penalty – start of const. w/o BP)

          Electrical Permit (P 1,500.00)

          Sanitary Permit (P 200.00)

          FSIC (Fire Safety Inspection Certificate) (P 1,380.00) (10% of Building Fees)

          Occupancy Permit (P 1,500.00)

          Grandtotal = 12,880.00

    • Hiwalay po talaga ang singil sa plano, dahil sila ang magdedesign at pipirma ng plano…

      At isa sa mga reason kung bakit 60k ang singil nila ay baka kasama na rin ang pag-sign and seal ng building application form (Design and incharge). Mahal po kasi ang bayad sa pag-sign and seal ng form esp. sa in-charge of const. although hindi naman ang signing engineer ang in-charge sa supervision…

    • Pa-clarify mong mabuti o pa-breakdown mo sa Contractor kung ano ang included. Kung kasama na ba sa 60k and signing and sealing ng engr., SOP, etc. I’m not sure din kung required pa kayo kumuha ng Contractor’s Tax.. If you want pwede naman kayo ang mag-apply ng permit nyo…

      Sample Breakdown: (not included the Professional Fees; signing and sealing of Engr.)

      Building Application
      a. Brgy. Clearance P 500.00
      b. Locational Clearance 1,125.00
      c. FSEC (Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance) 1,000.00 (0.1% of Bill of Materials, assume est. proj. cost is
      1 Million)
      d. Building Permit 9,500.00 (P25 x 90sq.m x 100% surcharge + 5k admin fine)
      e. Electrical Permit 2,000.00
      f. Contractor’s Tax 10,125.00

      Occupancy Application
      a. FSIC (Fire Safety Inspection Certificate) P 1,150.00 (10% of Building Fees)
      b. Occupancy Permit 1,125.00
      c. CEI (Certificate of Electrical Inspection) 00

      SOP for Building Permit P 10,000.00
      SOP for FSIC 5,000.00
      SOP for Occupancy 10,000.00

      Legworks P 5,000 – 10,000.00 ( Fee para sa nag-asikaso ng permit)

  150. Ask lang din po, magpapaextension lang po kami ng room sa taas ng garage maliit n room lang with terrace (43sqm lang ang total lot area, 2storey townhouse) Need pa po ba ng building permit?

  151. hi, tanong ko lang, on-process yung building permit namin sa cityhall. however, nakita na walang scale indication sa mga blueprints (dapat daw may 1:100M). in meters naman lahat ng sukat sa plans and indicated naman. possible ba na isulat (handwriting) yung scale sa blueprints instead na mag pa-reprint and mag pa signature ulit dahil medyo time consuming.

    any other remedy for this? pwede ba isulat yung scale and then may notarized declaration from the engineer?


  152. Good day po.
    inquire ko lang po sana re building permit vs. partial occupancy permit.
    nag franchise po kasi kami at kami po ang magko construct ng branch. yung branch naman po ay nasa isang building na po na kailangan lang namin renovation comporme po sa standard ng franchising company. Before dw po kami mag construct nung site, we need to secure those permits. Pano po namin masi-secure ang mga to? pwd po ba ito kahit wala pang MOA at Lease of Contract?

  153. Sir ask ko lang, magpapatayo kami nang bahay, the plan is post at beam ay gawa sa concrete pero native house po ang design, I mean half (3 patong na hollowblocks) is made of hollowblocks then gawa na sa native kawayan ang dugtong. Kailangan rin ba nang building permit? Salamat in advance.

  154. We are rebuilding our home and we were able to secure 2 storey residential with 3rd level (open-air) building permit at Muntinlupa City. Approximately we have 145sqm. Construction is almost done, but we received a violation because we have a room on the 3rd level. My parents asked assistance from the engineer to approach the City Inspector, and settle pertinent documents needed, so they can continue and complete the construction. But I honestly feel it’s a bad idea because he was asking too much money from us (almost a price of a brand new car). Do you have any estimate of the penalty for that violation? Maximum amount for a residential house? And any recommendations on what should we do to resolve it?

    Thank you so much!

    • FYI, during building permit application, inspector will conduct an inspection to know if the construction is already started or not… if they found out that you construct w/o building permit (not yet issued although on process) they will give you an administrative fine with 100% surcharge included in their assessment… the maximum admin fine is P10,000.00, so if your total area is 145 x P23 per sq.m = P3,335.00 x 100% surcharge = P6,670.00

      Admin Fine = P10,000.00
      Building Permit w/ Surcharge = P6,670.00
      Total = P16,670.00

      And if I’m right, you are preparing for occupancy application now?

      During inspection, if the inspector found out the actual site is differ to your submitted construction plan he must advice you to submit as-built plan to reflect the changes so he will assess additional fee for your application. And may I know the total sq.m of your room @ 3rd level? And I do not consider that is a violation. It’s a very common that your construction plan may differ to actual plan. That’s the reason why we have as-built plan to submit during application for Occupancy Permit.

      Note: Standard Fee is P23 but other city imposed P30 w/c include the electrical fee.

  155. Hi, pano pag papalitan lang ng kisame, lalakihan ng konti ang CR, papalitan ang mga beams (kahoy) na nakain ng anay at papalitan lang mga pinto/bintana? kailangan pa ba ng building permit?

    • Repair Permit Only. Pero pwedeng hindi ka na kumuha…. Kuha ka na lang ng Barangay Permit / Homeowner’s Permit kung nasa subdivision ka.

      Thank you.

      • Hello sir JB Lafranco, pwede po ba maka hingi ng contact number sa office of the building offical ng maynila? regarding lang kasi sa setback along laura street. thank you..

  156. Hi! Ask ko lang, our house will be renovated. gusto sana ng lola ko is to build as a whole dahil luma na ang bahay and nagccrack na ung walls, so need idemolish. We are located at residential area and eskinita ang immediate access and dikit dikit ang bahay. The area is roughly 25sqm and balak sana namin gawing 3 storey from existing one storey with mezzanine level. Need pa ba ng building permit.. Thank you!

    • PS. If partial po muna ung pagconstruct namin,like kunyari ung 1st floor lang po muna, then after ilang months na po ung 2nd floor, need pa po ba ng bldg permit. Thanks

      • No. You have to secure permit…

        Classification C – Division C2

        Kindly refer to NBCP (National BUilding Code of the Philippines) Building Classification.

        Thank you.

  157. sir good pm po ask ko lang magpapahukay kasi kami para sa poso negro sa lupa na bili ng kapatid ko sa gilid ng bahay namn kelangan pa ba ng permit para sa ganun thank you po in advance

  158. Hi po ma’m fehl tanong ko lng po kahit ho ba magpaterrace kailangan pa po ba nang building permit Kac po bahay po ito nang kapatid nang mister tpos po binenta po sa amin pro indi pa po nakapangaln sa amin kc tpos ung hulog namin ang nangyari po Kailan lang pinadugtungan po namin nang isang kwarto ang Kalahati po Ai terrace ano po ang ggawin namin gusto po naming ayusin bago namin maitransfer sa pangalan namin need help po ma’m

    • No need na po ng permit for terrace pero kung may changes na kayong ginawa bago matransfer. Kailangan nyong ideclare yan sa City Assessors….

  159. Sir, balak ko kasi na i-extend yun townhouse unit ko at lagyan ng isang room pa sa taas at yun sa baba kitchen area more or less mga 30sqm floor area lahat. kailangan ho ba ng building permit at architectural plan at magkano naman ho babayaran kung sakali. Dito po ako sa loob ng BFRV las pinas. Salamat po.

    • Makipag-coordinate ka po muna sa subdivision admin nyo…. kung maliit na renovation lang naman kahit hindi na…. residential area naman yan….

  160. sir good day po… ask ko lang po kung may exception po ba ang pag kuha ng building permit po… here at San pascual batangas po. ang size po ng floor area is 7.5m x 9m po. ang bahay po ay na katayo na po at need na lang po ng plastering po. mag papa contador sana po kami … thank you

    • =67.5 sq.m… kung magpapakabit kayo ng kuryente mag-apply kayo ng Electrical permit kumuha kayo ng checklist sa Electrical Distribution Company (Ex. Metro Mla, Meralco). Hindi naman need ang BP sa pag-apply ng kuryente. Ty

  161. Hi, 10 years ago pa natapos bahay namin, tinitirhan na nga, pero yung kapitbahay biglang nag reklamu kasi wala daw building permit yung time na nagpagawa kami ng bahay. Pwede ba yun? may penalty ba kami babayaran?

    • Hehehehe,.. Ask mo sya kung bakit ngayon lang siya nagreklamo….. Mean, wala ka ring binabayarang real property tax sa pinagawa mong bahay?

    • Yeah. Ang Building Permit ay requirements for Occupancy. Much better pumunta ka sa City Hall at i-ask mo kung ano ba ang mas mabuting gawin…Tulad ng sabi mo matagal ng tapos…. Like in PEZA, pag matagal ng tapos pinapaprovide lahat ng requirements… sabay ang pag-apply ng Building & Occupancy (Shortcut app), pero ang ini-issue na lang ay Permits for Occupancy (Occupancy, CEI, etc)… Ang Building permit ay ginagamit during const.

      Pumunta ka sa City Hall Building Official kung saan ka sakop at saka humingi ng chrecklist of requirements…. dahil sa matagal ng tapos yan,, as-built plan (Actual plan) na ang ipoprovide mo… magpapapirma ka sa engr or arch. ng plans, forms, specs, bom, etc.

  162. Hi,

    Ask ko lang, 1 storey yung house namin balak naming magpaadd ng room na ilalagay sa 2nd flr. need pa ba ng building permit? o pwede ng hindi? sa subd kami nakatira.

      • Maraming salamat po sa very helpful advises ninyo:)

        My neighbor po is planning to build a Deepwell na gagamit po ng portion of my Driveway and they are claiming that space is still part of their property line..Kelangan po ba ng permit yung paglalagay nila ng Deepwell with this measurement:
        2.69 m Height x 1m Width x 3.19 Length ?
        Worried po ako na ma block yung aming driveway at hindi rin po ako sure if my neighbor’s claim is correct dahil wala po sila pinapakita sa amin ng TCT and they are insisting to start building the deepwell..Pls advise po..Thank you.

        • Kung wala syang maipakita, Ikaw ang magpakita ng title or property verification kung hanggang saan ang sakop ng property mo… Pwede kang kumuha ng property verification sa City Hall Assessor’s Office….. They need to secure Sanitary Permit for deepwell….

  163. bakit wala k u architectural form sa downloadable forms nyo para sa building permit? d b kailangan?
    may ilalakad sana ako building permit dyan san fernando pampanga, taga tarlac ako.

  164. Good morning po,

    ask lang po sana ako, kasi po my bahay kami sa isamg barangay mga 300 mtrs away from national road. Size po ng house is 5×7 one storey lang po sya ngayon magpapalagay sana kmi ng electricity kaya lang ayaw pumirma ng municipal engineer dapat daw my building permit kami na nka blueprint. Need po ba talaga yun kahit na maliit lang yung house then sa probinsya nman po kami? thank you po.

    • What do you mean na ayaw pirmahan? application mo for wiring permit?

      Then, wala pong building permit na naka-blueprint. Plano po ung naka-blueprint.

      Then, may exemption naman po ang pagkuha ng building permit, esp. province naman kayo.

      Kung mag-aaply ka po ng electricity. Punta ka po muna sa distributor ng electrical power. Ex. here in metro manila, we have Meralco… Humingi ka ng checklist of requirements sa kanila kung ano ang need mong i-comply. Kung isa sa mga requirements nila ay Electrical Permit & CEI, kailangan mong kumuha ng permit sa City Hall Building Official pero hindi mo na po kailangan magprovide ng building permit.

    • Total 8.5 sq.m.

      Kung maliit lang naman hindi na kailangan. Like in Q.C, pag 20sq.m hindi na nila pinapakuha ng Building Permit. Kung sakali, sa loob ng subdivision, ask your homeowner’s association na may gagawin kayong additional work…

  165. goodmoning!

    sir/mam, ask ko lng po kung okei lng na mgconstruct ako ng additional perimeter fence( concrete w/ railings) sa on-going contruction (2-storey residential), initially hindi siya kasama sa BOM ko na pinasa sa cityhall. need ko po ba ng another permit? THANK YOU PO…..

    regards po pla sa website na to sir/mam, marami po kayo natutulungan. ako rin po ung last time ngtanong dto regarding sa electrical design analysis. 🙂 Godbless po!

    • You mean not also included in the plan? May I know the lineal meter of additional fence?

      You have a two option:

      Option No. 1 – Get a fencing permit for additional concrete fence. It’s just P3 – 4 the cost per lineal meter or fraction thereof.

      Option No. 2 – Kapag mag-aaply ka na ng Occupancy permit magpasa ka ng as-built plan (include your additional in your as-built). The purpose of as-built is to know if there are changes from proposed to actual construction. The inspector will inspect the site and assess the necessary amount for occupancy permit, kapag nakita nila na may additional ka idadagdag na lang nila un sa assessment. Anyway, in applying Occupancy Permit, merong details dun na kailangan mong iprovide like proposed expenses to actual expenses, etc.

      Thank you very much! 🙂

      • copy sir! 🙂 regular lot po, 15x8m, minus 15m-firewall on left side and 5.6m-firewall/garage on right side, approx. 25meters. tama po ba? o as in 15+15+8+8= 46meters?

  166. good day,may pinatayo po ako na bahay pero hindi pa lumalabas yung building permit,na check naman po ng engineer ng munisipyo namin.ang sabi po ng taga munisipyo meron naman po option tulad ng in build o gawa na ung house tsaka lalabas ung building permit..tama po ba un?

    • Ha? Depende po yan sa location. Kung dito ka sa Metro Manila baka tapos na nga ang bahay mo hindi pa rin lumalabas ang permit.

      May procedure naman po yan… 10 days of evaluation. Kung wala naman problem ang nasubmit mong plan, gagawan nila un kaagad ng assessment.

  167. We recently purchase in Pampanga an adjacent house and lot next to my in-laws residence and planned of demolishing the old house (recently purchase) before building a new one and at the same time do some renovations to the house of my in-laws which will include a construction of a swimming (lap) pool in between the 2 lots.

    Question: Can we obtain a single permit for the demolition of the old structure and considering that the new house will be pre-fabricated from another site and the construction to be done on site is only the site preparation (foundations and excavation and construction of the swimming pool along with some landscaping) How will this affect the building permit to be applied, being that the other property is in the name of my father in law and the other one under my wife’s.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

    • No.

      Accessory Permit:

      Demolition Permit for demolition of existing structure.
      Ground Preparation & Excavation Permit for excavation works and foundation.

      Building Permit for Swimming Pool Construction.

      You have to provide the both CTC of TCT, both lot plan signed by geodetic engineer and the proposed plans must be signed by both owners. You may also provide agreement between the two owners.

      For more info. you can ask the Building Official in your City.

  168. Hi po, im about to build a bridgeway connect ing two houses owned by the same person, the length of the bridgeway would be 10 meters and about 3meters in height.. does this type of construction needs a building permit?

  169. Good Day Sir,

    Ask ko lng po, We are planning to build a new warehouse and we are only renting the lot. Sa mga permits saan po ba dpat mag sign ung lot owner?


  170. Hi… Plan to get BP pero yung construction pa unti lng muna… Like 5 years ko cya matapos … 120 SM floor area…May expiry ba ang BP? Thank u

    • A building permit issued shall expire and become null and void if the building or work authorized therein is not started within a period of one year after the issuance of BP, or is suspended or abandoned at any time after it has been started for a period of 120 days.

  171. Sir ngpatayo po kame ng house with 36 sq meters po.1st floor is cemento po then s taas po ginamit is furring lng po and hardiflex lng po ilalagay we need a building permit?pls help from zamboanga

  172. Helo sir…yung 45 sqm ba na native house kukuha pa ba ng building permit?bali mga 5 patong ng hollow blocks lang po…and the rest is amakan na po

    • Section 209. Exemption. (Nat. Building Code of the Philippines

      Public buildings and traditional indigenous family dwelling shall be exempt from payment of building permit fees.

      As used in this Code, the term “additional indigenous family dwelling” means a dwelling intended for the use and occupancy by the family of the owner only and constructed of native materials such as bamboo, nipa, logs, or lumber, the total cost of which does not exceed fifteen thousand pesos.