Japan Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipinos 2020

Latest and updated Japan Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipinos 2020 – procedures in the Philippines. Also available multiple-entry visa for eligible Filipinos who want to visit Japan. This covers how to get a Japan tourist visa in the Philippines this 2020?

Filipinos love to travel and Japan is definitely listed on their bucket list. We definitely cannot miss a Tokyo drift. If you want to apply for a tourist visa in the Philippines to travel Japan, you must prepare the requirements listed below.

Recently, everyone was thrilled of the great news about the 3-year and 1-year multiple entry temporary visitors’ visa the Japanese embassy is now offering to eligible Pinoys. I am sharing the requirements for the multiple entry visa too.

I was lucky to have been given a 5-year Multiple Entry visa for my first time Japan visa application. Read my blog about “How I got My Japan Multiple Entry Visa in One Shot”

Visa application and processing is done via agencies accredited by Japan Embassy in the Philippines – meaning the applicant doesn’t need to go to the embassy anymore except when there is a request such as a personal interview by a consul.

Usually, Filipinos applying for a temporary visit visa in Japan are required to apply through these agencies except those that are required for direct application such as: diplomatic visa, invitation by Japanese government, education and cultural exchange program, scholarship sponsored by Japan, joint venture or member of Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines, humanitarian related cases and custody cases of Japanese child.

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipinos and in the Philippines 2020

If you are a Filipino tourist planning to visit and travel the beautiful Land of the Rising Sun or you are visiting a friend or a distant relative, you must prepare the following original documents. Make sure these documents are latest and are valid:

  • Passport (with at least 2 blank pages)
  • Visa application form
  • 4.5cm x 4.5cm photo with white background (to be attached on the application form)
  • PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • PSA Marriage Certificate (if married only)
  • Daily Schedule / Itinerary in Japan (TAIZAI NITTEIHYO) – grab a sample here: Japan Schedule of Stay and Itinerary Sample
  • Photos or documents to prove relationship (if you are visiting a friend only)
  • Latest Bank Certificate / Bank Statement
  • ITR Form 2316 (Income Tax Return) – original and photocopy
  • *Invitation Letter from a Guarantor in Japan with handwritten signature (not needed if you’re on a package tour)
  • *Residence Certificate of your Japanese Guarantor (only if you have a friend in Japan who will support your living expenses in your travel)
  • *Guarantee Letter (only if you have a guarantor/sponsor)
  • *Income Certificate (from City Hall) (SHOTOKU SHOMEISHO) from City Hall, Tax return certificate (NOUZEISHOMEISHO: form2) from Tax office, KAKUTEISHINKOKUSHO HIKAE or Bank Certificate (YOKIN ZANDAKA SHOMEISHO)


The last 4 Japan tourist visa requirements are optional and are applicable only if you have a guarantor or sponsor in Japan. To know more about your situation, just phone your local agency. You may also submit additional documents to support your application and visa processing – to prove economic and social ties with the Philippines, medical certificate, wedding invitations etc.

How much is Japan tourist visa fee?

As of now, it’s “gratis” meaning once your visa is approved and granted, it’s free. Yay! However, you may need to pay some fee on the agency where you have processed your application, around P950 or more.

What if your visa was denied? Can you apply again?

If your visa was refused and denied, you can apply again after 6 months.

Japan Tourist Visa Application Procedure:

You must be there at your chosen accredited agency early in the morning around 7am because schedule of acceptance of applications starts only from 8:40 to 9:40 a.m. weekdays. Assuming you have all your documents and requirements prepared and your visa application was filed, you’ll be issued a receipt containing the date when you can verify the status of your application. Should there be additional documents requested, they will also be noted in your receipt. Keep in touch with your agency regarding the status of your visa.

japan tourist visa requirements for filipinos

3-year or 1-year Multiple Entry Visa Japan Requirements

3-year or 1-year Japan Multiple Entry visa can be applied by Filipinos who are:

  • Employed with sufficient financial capacity to support their travel and living expense in Japan
  • Applicants with travel history or with a temporary visit visa in the past 3 years without any law violation during their stay in Japan

Japan Tourist Visa Requirements for employed applicants:

  • Passport
  • Application Form
  • Employment Certificate
  • ITR
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Valid IDs to prove residence in the Philippines
  • Cover Letter why you need a multiple-entry visa – sample cover letter here: Japan Tourist Visa Cover Letter Sample

Tourist Visa Requirements for applicants with previous travel in Japan

  • Passport new or old to prove previous travel in Japan within the last 3 years
  • ITR
  • Bank Certificate
  • Valid IDs or documents to prove residence in the Philippines
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • PSA Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Explanation Letter why you need a multiple-entry visa

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128 thoughts on “Japan Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipinos 2020”

  1. I am already in the process of submitting my lacking requirements and I really want to make sure that eveything will be going smoothly, hence my browsing of blogs in the internet and I’m happy to happen on yours! So I gotta ask, I applied for a Visit-Relative visa in Japan for the first time (first time to go abroad as well) because I plan to visit my Permanent Resident sister for more than a decade (because she married a japanese 10 yrs ago) and a friend of hers(I’m assuming her new boyfriend since she no longer stays with her husband for years now) is my guarantor. I have already obtained all their documents and all I have to submit now is an Affidavit of some sort about proving my relationship with my sister (this is due to the middle name of my father spelt wrong on my NSO. My sister’s NSO got it spelled right). This is what worries me– I initially put “90 days” in my stay. Considering that I am a first-timer (in Japan and abroad), with my sister as my inviter and her friend a guarantor, is there a chance that my application will be denied? Should I lessen my stay to 30 or 15 days instead? Please I need some sort of advise about this ASAP. Thanks!

    • As long as your papers are consistent and genuine, you have nothing to worry about. Also explain or mention in the cover letter why you are opting for 90 days. Perhaps, saying you haven’t been with your sister or haven’t seen your sister for many years would touch their hearts. The Japanese embassy is one of the kindest and most considerate. Complete all the required docs and you have nothing to worry. God bless!

      • Thank you so much for your encouragement! Possibly such reason would not be so agreeable and convincing in my case since my sister just came to visit here for two months last February-April of this year. I am planning to change my stay to 30 days to be sure though.

  2. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    I’m planning to visit Tokyo alone this April 2017. Thank God for a new job for me this November hoping to gather some funds before the trip. My mom will shoulder most of the expenses like the accommodation, airfare, transportation, etc. My questions are:

    1. I will submit my employment certificate but also present an affidavit of support for the embassy to know that my parents will be supporting my vacation in Japan. Would that be fine?

    2. Perhaps I can open a bank account soon for future use and submit my own bank certificate but also present my parents’ just to make sure that I have enough ties here in the country?

    • Yes, if you will use your parent’s funds, you need to provide that. Also you need ITR since you’re employed. Most of all mention on the cover letter about why you don’t have bank account.

  3. Hi po i really want to tour in japan is its my dream place nwey im working online like Odesk home base i dont have ITR hiw can i apply for tourist? Tnx

    • Hi Mitch! Traveled to Japan twice already. I also work online thru odesk. Just print out the certificate of earnings and write down a letter to rhe Japanese Embassy why you dont have an ITR. I still got approved. God bless on your travel plans. Keep praying and submit to God your plans. His will be done.

      • hi po tnx sa reply nakaka excite ur working online also. yahooo can i ask po the requirements and sample ur letter of explanation sa lawyer. hindi ko alam pano mag composed hehe salamat talaga po. God bless you

        • I dont have the letter on my phone po. But you can explain honestly why you dont pay ITR.
          1 birth cert
          2 passport
          3 bank statement
          4 bank cert
          5 itr (letter explaining on itr)
          6. Photo – required size ng embassy
          7. Certificate of employment on our case the cert of earnings
          8. Travels before stamps on your passport.

          There is a higher chance daw of getting approved if you have traveled before

          I think that’s it 🙂

    • You can have Japan tourist visa without an ITR. Just explain the reasons on your cover letter and complete the required documents. Submitting financial docs like bank statement, bank certificates, UITF, Mutual Funds will also help to get approved

  4. helo gudpm inasikaso po kami ng employer namin for visa may agency silang pinagbgyan ng req. namin pero 8 days na po wala padn confirmation ano pa possible na prob dto? tnx in advance

  5. Usually po ba gaano katagal waiting ng visa for tourist kasi yun sa friend ko 1week lang meron na result. If medyo tumagal na ba possible na denied na yun?

  6. Hello po, dream ko po talaga maka punta ng Japan kaso Ang problema ko Wala ako work. Pero I have property po, lupa at sasakyan. Nakapag travel nrin po ako Maldives, SG, India, Sri Lanka, and more pa. I have a US citizen BF din po Na nag work Sa SG who provide everything at sya din po mag sponsor Sa akin pag punta dun. Enough Na kaya Ang bank cert. At Ung property cert. Pra mag apply? Or kailangan Ung documents galing Sa BF ko to prove sya Ang mag sponsor Sa akin. Pls I need your advice.

  7. hello ma’am..I don’t have any sponsor but i can afford to pay my expences for tourist visa in japan..i am a domestic helper in different country like hongkong and middle east and wants to have vacation again in japan..my last visit there was 2001 as a guardian of one of Japanese friend living in my home town almost 7monts and davao embassy gave me a tourist visa for 90 days and back home before the day laps…i dont have any contack with him since the japanese gone back to the home for the aged..pls let me know…thank you

  8. Hello,

    Good day!

    I’d like to ask if what type of Visa I should be applying for. I have a biological aunt who is now a resident of Japan (naturalized by marriage to a Japanese national). Should I choose the one with the guarantor since she will offer her place to me as well as all the necessary expenses to be incurred there, or do I have to choose the one without the guarantor since I am not directly and legally related to her?

    (I was legally adopted and my surname was changed into a different one, which is not related, in whole or in part, to my biological aunt). I’d be having a sum of money, maybe about 100k for a 15-day stay as show money.

    Another question. in this case, do I have to choose the distant relatives/friends type of Visa or the Visiting relative one? Thank you and I will be patiently waiting for your response.

  9. hi i have concern..
    i was granted a multiple visa and wondering if okay lng b na mag stay sa friend sa japan instead of staying in a hotel pra makatipid sna? will that be possible?

    • Hello. Ask ko lang ano mga requirements mo na na pass for multiple entry? Mag aapply kase ako din sana. Under guarantor. Thanks.

  10. My boyfriend is in the US Navy and we have been attempting to meet up a couple of times already but our efforts always end up in vain and plans got cancelled due to travel restrictions to the Philippines, especially coz I live in the Mindanao area which is currently off limits to military personnel. So we just decided to meet up in Japan. Now, the question is that what type of visa should I apply for? And can I declare him as the guarantor of my trip? He isn’t stationed in Japan but they frequented in Japan because that’s where their ship docks. Our purpose is to see each other. We are both single, never married. Would very much appreciate to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you

    • hi EJ, if u opt to apply on tourist visa and declare with relative ,aunt etc . make sure u have NSO document that can justify as proof of your declaration coz japan embassy relies on document even on distant relative they will ask NSO from u, I suggest apply with Letter of Guarantor and Letter of invitation if u are employed ,prepare COE, ITR, Certificate of leave of absence, bank cert, present all originals but bring xerox with u, they will give u back originals, good luck

  11. Hi guys. Very nice article. 🙂
    Can anyone please help me with my concern? I have a US Air Force boyfriend in Okinawa Japan and he is my guarantor and everything. He recently just got his divorce papers finalized this March 2016 but we have been together for 1 year now. I’m thinking would this mess with the Consulate’s head? Another problem is his Statement of Service doesn’t have his commander’s signature so what we did was he wrote an email with his electronic signature and we attached that to the statement of service. I am a first time traveler and a college student, I have no proof of employment which serves as a strong tie in the Philippines. I have been feeling anxious over the last few days. I really wanna see him for only 15 days. Do you guys think I might get approved? We didn’t submit his bank certificate too only his ITR. Would that suffice? Thanks. 🙂

      • Hi Navy GF. I’m going thru the exact same thing right now.
        I already booked my ticket to Fukuoka Japan. Still dont know what the requirements are from my fiance. i’m only planning to visit for 11 days.

  12. hi po,ask q lng po mag aaply po kasi ako ng visa sa japan as tourist.panu po yon wala me ITR coz di nman po me nag wowork .

  13. Hi ng apply ako last Monday Sa agency .. Then Tuesday napasok Sa embassy till now Wala pa din .. Kala ko kasi 3 days Lang .. Usually ilang days po ba malaman ang result ? Thank you

  14. Hi, i planning to take my birthday tour in japan this aug 2016 and plan to stay there for a week only just like what i did yearly in every country i spend my birthday. Do i need to present a bank account or invitation from relative? Coz last year i spent my birthday in UAE for 15 days, the uae said i dont need the invitation or bank account bec of my record every year i take 2x a year an international travel as tourist, besides i have a credit card to use for all i need. Although i dont have work and i dont need too coz my children are all proffesionals and can supply me all my needs.

    Do i still need to submit bank statement and invitation from my niece in japan even i am stay in a hotel in my entire stay in tokyo?

    • Yes, you need to submit the docs mentioned above if it’s your first time to travel Japan. If you have history of travel to Japan, you may opt for the multiple entry visa. just read to article to learn more.

  15. Hi po miss fehl!! 🙂 ask ko lang po if ano po pinagkaiba ng purpose of invitation and background to invitation? kasi po naguguluhan po ung magiinvite sakin. Then ano po ba madalas ung mga reason of invitation. 🙂 okay lang po ba na lagay e for tour ?? thankyou po hope you’ll reply. ?

  16. Kami po ay dapat makapunta na jan sa japan kasu ung papeles namin ay may problema kasi yung aplydo ng lolo ko ay mali ang nakalagay po kasi tanje..dapat tanji kaya hndi kmi makaalis sino po kaya pwd tymulong saamin 2years na kmi nghintay cnu pwd tumulong sa amin na abugado ..marming salamat


  18. Hi.ask Ko LNG po gusto Po sana nmin mg tour nag Japan sa Nagoya po.myron po km relatives dun and pedi nmin mating an di po km Nya guarantor.myron nmin po km sapat na pera para sa pag tour po nmin.pero di po km mg stay sa hotel. ano po spat kong Gawin?

  19. Hi po,
    Gusto ko po Sana mag tourist sa Japan 3weeks kaso wala po ako ITR?
    Un mother inlaw resident po xa sa Japan Anu po ba dapat Kung gawin


    • You can ask someone from Japan to sponsor your trip and make sure he/she submits all documents required to prove they are sponsoring you and that you’re never be a liability and you’ll go back to the Philippines

  20. Hi. Ask ko lang. OFW kasi ako. wala ako ITR, anu po ung alternative ng ITR? at saka po may hawak akong NSO birth cert. kumuha po ako last 2014 for my own copy lagpas na po 1 year ng nakuha ko ung NSO ko, actually twice na ako kumuha ng NSO birth cert. ginamit ko ung una nung graduation ko po. Kelangan po ba na kumuha ako ulit?

  21. I’ve heard/read that the most required minimum is 100K but I just stay 8 days their and I think my money is enough for that no. of days.. however my money is not that much (100K) can someone help me what to do?


  22. elo po .. ask ko lng po if nasa malaysia po aq tapus gusto ko mg visit sa bf ko na hapon pag tapus ng visa ko sa malaysia pwde po ba un direct aq sa japan .. pwede po ba mg submit ng papers ko khit dito p aq malaysia ,,thnx po

  23. gusto kung mag apply ng tourist visa peeo wala akong ITR i have suffecient money to travel pero hindi ako maghotel mag stay ako sa ate ko what should I do?

  24. Hi, tanong ko lang nandto q s japan ngayon at 7yrs n q nkatira dto. Gusto ko sana papuntahin gf ko n nasa pinas, sbe ng mga kakilala ko dto eh mhalaga ang sho money ng magaapply, atleast magkano ang kailangan n show money? Thank u

  25. Hi ,planning to go to sapporo in feb next year with my kids for 5days.I have no ITR kasi housewife lng po ako but every year po kmi nag tatravel ng mga anak ko in asia.i have sufficient fund to cover the travel expences.will we be granted a visa?thank u

    • Hi i would like to apply 3year or1year multiple entry visa to japan..my application is previous travel in japan.i have all the documents required but i last traveled in japan was 5years ago is this still applicable?pls let me know.thanks

  26. Hi Fehl,

    Other that bank statement/certificate, can I also submit my COL Financial certificate showing my stock/equity value to further show them my financial capability and are they gonna consider that?

    Thanks in advance.

    • They are more into bank certificates. I think there’s no problem submitting additional docs like certificate indicating stocks value to prove you’re financial capacity

      • hi fehl
        hi gusto q po sana pumunta ulit s japan with my 2 kids.nakapunta n po aq dun dalwang beses n 2006 chka 2008 ngyn.kinuha po aq ng mama k nung 2011 lng po aq nkauwi ng tnt po aq dun pero sumuko koh po aq ng maayos.pwde po b aq pumunta ulit for1week vacation.mgstay po aq smama koh ,at pwde ko p b maayos ung japan citizen koh anak po aq ng japanese ngyn hndi q po nkilala ung tatay koh.pero na apply n po lht ng mga requirmnt q nung 16years aq.pwde koh po b mahabol kung sakali.housewife lng din po aq mama koh po ang gagastos skin pgdting q dun.

  27. Hi. What if ininvite po ako ng japanese friend ko. The visa I need is the 90-day one. Eh ang kaso po, balak ko po nun ay maghanap na ng trabaho sa japan. If maha-hire, I will be able to get working visa. Eh ang concern ko po, ano po kaya ang effect nun sa japanese friend ko na naginvite sa akin? Mabablack list po ba sya?

  28. Hi sir/madam galing na po ako jan sa nihon almost 4 years na po.balak ko po sana bumalik.as a tourist ano po ba mga papers na kylangan? Then ano po ba yung 15 days visa? Ano din po ang mga papers na ihahanda?

  29. ask ko lng po kc dati ung nag apply aku for 3 months visa nadenied pro complete naman ung requirements ko now apply ulet aku bago ung 15 days lng.. and may work aku now pro wala pa sya minimum so d pa aku nagtax pro may pera naman po aku sa bank and madame aku relatives sa japan na mga citizen na anu po need for 15 days na visa ty

    • Embassies are really strict when it comes to tourist visa applicants without work or have no close attachment or proof they are coming back to the Philippines.

  30. Hi, ask ko lang po kasi my aunt in japan wants me to visit her famly maga-grant kaya if mag-aapply ako ng 3m0s.tourist visa? Aunt ko po mag shoulder ng expenses ko sa japan..tnx in advance

  31. hi good evening..how if late registered in NSO it will effect to my application as working visa?please i need u’r reply..thanks

    • Yes, coz NSO usually release certificates around 2-3 months from late registrations. That could cause delay in your application

  32. Hi ! just want to ask if personal appearance is required when applying in an accredited agency for a japanese visa 🙂

  33. Hi mam
    Ask ko lng po. Ksi gusto pong pmunta ng fiancee ko po dto sa pinas. Tpos sabay na po kming bbalik ng Japan. By the way kkabalik ko lng po dto sa pinas from japan 6 months work po aq dun, january po ako dumating dto. Ano po ba requirements.

  34. tanung ko lng nag inquire po ako sa embassy about tourist visa sabi po nya sa akin wala na daw visa punta ng Nagoya bakit nong nsa Airport Na ako hind nila ako pina Alis hanapan nila ako visa so hind ba totoo na pwed mag tourist ng walang visa po pls.answer me..

  35. Ask ko lang kasi sa requirements na birth certificate “Negative Results” from NSO lang yung sa father ko kasi 1942 sya pinanganak wala nang record yung mga ganung year di ba? Pre-war tawag nila.. Kino-consider ba nila yun? Pls reply po.

  36. Hi, I just want clear lang po.. My boyfriend invite to visit Japan while he have a business trip there for few days… Can I know the exact requirements I need to pass in the embassy? And I don’t have bank statement but he is the one who will sponsor to all my expenses.. It is OK?

    Please answer me po..
    Maraming salamat

      • Hi! Kanino po isusubmit ng supporter any affidavit? Thank you. I will visit Japan on May, im a government employee but my boyfriend will shoulder the expenses. I just want to be 100% sure that i will be granted a visa, its my first visa application.

  37. Hi. Paano po kung walqng ITR? Ipapasyal lang kame ng kapatid kong naging U. S citizen, tapos balak din namin isama yung pamangkin at kapatid namin parehong 12 yrs old lang.

      • may pinadala kcng mga papeles ung frend ko na japanese gusto nya kc ko mag punta don as a tourist kaso mag tatrabaho ko sa nagoya pano po kaya un mag kakaproblema po kaya ung papers ko yocnagoya?


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