How to Make Money Using Mastercard (Profitable Investment)

I’m going to share this profitable investment secret nobody told you about. Perhaps, you are using Mastercard credit card or debit card. Just how many times do you use it? Or perhaps, you are using Visa instead?

I’ve been using Mastercard as a debit and credit card for many years now. For every swipe of it and for every transaction charged, 4 entities make money – the company you paid, the bank that issued the card, the government who received tax, and Mastercard itself.

What if I told you, you can make money as well by using Mastercard? Read on…

Why is Mastercard Profitable?

Mastercard is one of the best payment technology companies in the world. More than 210 countries worldwide use Mastercard. In addition, the company also offers payment solutions under Maestro and Cirrus brands.

This company has a solid track record and strong balance sheet. Around 34 billion switched transactions were processed in the fourth quarter of 2022 using their services.

how to earn money using mastercard

This excellent payment system has reported $9.93 billion annual net income in 2022. According to Simply Wall Street, Mastercard’s earnings are forecast to grow 13.18% per year.

Along with Visa, Mastercard is one of the most accepted cards by merchants, sellers, hotels, restaurants, traders, and shops. Stability and growth of this payment technology is optimistic. Today, Mastercard has $335 billion market capitalization.

How to Make Money Using Mastercard?

  1. Invest in Mastercard stocks for long term
  2. Trade actively for short term
  3. Receive dividends quarterly
  4. Use MasterCard for your transactions
  5. Enjoy stable income

1. Invest in Mastercard Stocks for Long Term

The easiest and simplest way on how to make money using Mastercard is by investing in Mastercard stocks for long term. You can do this by buying shares of stocks of MA (Mastercard) every month.

I’ve been investing Mastercard stocks using eToro. eToro is very user-friendly and easy to use unlike other online trading platforms. We can also buy proportionate shares of stocks for as low as $10. Besides this, you can start investing international companies like Facebook (Meta), Google, Starbucks, Netflix and many more.

invest mastercard stock philippines

Moreover, investing regularly will help you build your Mastercard portfolio to grow more profit. This method will minimize the risk involved when investing in the stock market because you will apply dollar-cost-averaging technique.

Unlike one-time investing, monthly investing will help you average the cost of buying the shares of stocks of Mastercard. In the long run or in a few years, you will definitely build a profitable portfolio just like this awesome stock chart of Mastercard.

how to make money mastercard philippines

2. Trade Actively for Short Term

Another way to earn money using Mastercard stocks is to trade short term or do active trading. You may buy some positions of Mastercard and set up your Target Profit (TP). Similarly, you may also set up your Stop Loss (SL) as a trigger to avoid much loss.

Following the trends and using Technical Analysis will help and guide you in choosing the correct entry point to open positions when trading. If you don’t know how to apply and how to use technical analysis, you can just CopyTrade an investor.

tradecatalog investments
my Mastercard stocks are all GREEN today. Yay!

Want to copy my short-term trades? Copy Tradecatalog on eToro and you will automatically apply the same method and strategy in trading just like the way I do. It is free and you don’t have to pay anything when you copy my trades.

3. Receive Dividends Quarterly

Mastercard is one of the most outstanding companies in the world. Just like any billion-dollar company, Mastercard rewards its stockholder with cash dividends every quarter of the year. You can take this opportunity to earn dividends when you invest with Mastercard stocks.

4. Use Mastercard for Your Transactions

I know already that people always use Mastercard as their payment system or income account. The more we use Mastercard for our transactions, the more the company generates income. If you are using and investing Mastercard at the same time, it’s a win-win for you.

5. Enjoy Stable Income

Mastercard has stable future earnings growth. This company is always in line with earnings expectations. That being said, investors are also confident that Mastercard earnings will continue to accelerate. Mastercard stock is currently a Strong Buy for many analysts in 2023 with a price target of $410.

Let us enjoy stable income by investing Mastercard stocks and being part of an exceptional company as it continues to grow their revenue faster than the wider market. Mastercard is currently listed in S&P 500 index.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purpose only and should not be taken as expert investment advice. The author owns some Mastercard shares and has no plan in selling them after the publication of this post. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. All investments have risk of losing money.

Fehl is the founder of Philpad. She has a degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and vlog.

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  1. Good morning , Fhel..How much is the minimum for it??..Sa COL kasi is 5T..and Is it really in $$$..??
    How do i start investing??..Pls. advice..

    • Hi Tony 🙂 Minimum initial fund is $200. Yes, in USD. You may start investing by opening an account first at eToro

      Then verify and fund your account. Once successful, you can start investing MasterCard and other companies. See you around! My account there is Tradecatalog

  2. Fhel, natakot ako s nangyari s r&l prang gusto ko na unti untiin iclose mga position ko s COL lipat ko n s etoro. Whats ur say about its case? Sana all audit will turn out well. Niways, were doin great s etoro.Good job fhel! GODBLESS! – @jdnbmjr

    • Hi Jon 🙂 My portfolio in COL Financial are doing good, I still trust them. Focus lang ako sa blue chips and sa Philequity Mutual Fund. I just leave them there and they’re growing. Right now, I’m enjoying trading sa eToro kasi very easy to use and the availability of global stocks are amazing.

      Thank you for being a copier. Our stocks are performing well and we will generate more profit as we focus on our strategy. God bless!


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