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Philpad is your pad on anything Filipino.

We publish in-depth articles written by experts in technology, travel, education, finance, web, and Philippine topics.

More than 60 million readers worldwide engage with our expertly crafted articles.

PhilPad was founded in 2012 and is now one of the most visited websites in the Philippines.

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Fehl Dungo

Founder of PhilPad

A published book author and web entrepreneur, her articles were read and visited millions of times already. Fehl is also the creator of DailyPik, a website about investing in the stock market. She loves the beach, Mocha Latte, and traveling.

Cathy Nerujen


Founder of FlashStar Magazine, Cathy is also a dedicated editor of Conde Nast, a big publishing company in the UK. She is also into working her soon-to-be-published poetry book. She is a passionate writer of sexy and romantic poems. This adorable British Thai Indian businesswoman loves crème brulee so much.

Cassy Mantis

SEO Consultant

A Financial XA in a Hedge Fund in the UK, this cheeky babe is also a master of SEO and anything about web building. She is the owner of Webonist. Her high ranked web pages are connected to PhilPad and their partners. Cassy is also into publishing her very first book, Megumi by the Firelight. Other than these things, she loves tennis and paintings.

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