How to Earn Money in Nuffnang by Blogging

How to Earn Money in Nuffnang by Blogging? I’ve been a Nuffnanger for two years now and I could say it is really rewarding. Bloggers can earn money by writing what they love.

Nuffnang has started being the leading blog advertising in Asia Pacific and now it grew big time and expanded in the UK – where its roots actually began. It’s really great news not only to advertisers but bloggers as well. I took that opportunity to start serving Nuffnang here as I’m happy and excited.

I am sharing how to earn money in Nuffnang by blogging because I know many readers and loyal subscribers will learn and use this to earn extra income. By the way, you won’t only earn cash from this advertising company; you can also get rewards like gadgets and a lot more of cool giveaways every month.

You can also get opportunities to do reviews on products and services and be the first one to try them before everyone else. You can also gain access to exclusive events, product launch or hottest parties in town. Not to mention, you’ll meet cool fellow bloggers and Nuffnangers. Before I discuss the ways how to earn, first you must know about the company.

earn money in nuffnang blogging

What is Nuffnang?

Nuffnang was the first blog advertising community in South East Asia that launched and began in Singapore and expanded to neighbor countries. In 2012, it was serving around 1 million bloggers around Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Their advertisers include blue-chip companies like Nokia, Citibank, Nike, F&N, Disney Pictures, Samsung, Proctor & Gamble, Honda and a lot more. In 2013, it conquered its origin – London, United Kingdom. I know it would conquer the whole world soon.

How to earn money in Nuffnang?

It’s totally free to earn money in Nuffnang. All you need to have is your own blog site or website with original content that you own and that you live in the countries that they accept bloggers from – Singapore, Philippines, Australia, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China (right now).

Then you can join at, choose your country and start serving their ads and start having all the benefits of being a Nuffnanger. You can earn by serving different kinds of ads campaign such as CPM, mCPM and CPC campaign.

What is a blog site?

A blog site is a website or domain you own and maintain and you the blogger publish content in this blog site. You ask what content? Original content that is never published anywhere. Commonly, bloggers just post anything that interests them like:

  • fashion if you love fashion, clothing, accessories and the latest outfit and trends
  • travel if you are passionate about traveling, out of town and out the country trips
  • foods if you are someone who loves culinary, new recipes, new restaurants, or just love anything about eating and dining
  • technology if you are into new gadgets and computers
  • photography if you are passionate about photography and pictures
  • poetry if you are romantic like me (smiling here)
  • and many more hobbies, interests and passions…

If you are clueless and wondering what to blog, ask yourself – what is your passion? What are you interested about? Geez, perhaps you’re into yoga or staying fit, you can also maintain a blog site posting informative and original content about that. There must be something so special and unique about you that you can share the world and everyone – write about that.

By the way, I suggest you join Nuffnang after you have built your blog site completely – with at least 8-10 posts and useful widgets on the sidebar or wherever along the main blog posts. That might help you get approved easily. Some blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger are not free when you want your own domain. However, Tumblr and the other allowed sites for Nuffnang are free as of now.

What kind of blogging platform works with Nuffnang ads?

  • WordPress (if it’s a paid version or you own the domain using
  • Blogger
  • ‘the old look and feel’ version of Xanga
  • Tabulas
  • Tumblr
  • Diaryland

The list above are allowed in Nuffnang as of now.

Do bloggers need to post every day?

Not really but remember, the more content you have, the more chance your blogs will get traffic. Also make sure your content including photos and videos are original and not published anywhere. To know more requirements, read Nuffnang Terms and Conditions.


This is just a way of earning extra income. There are so many ways to build money aside from having a regular job. If you wanna know more, just hop in to our MONEY category. Thanks!

Fehl is the founder of Philpad and has been writing online for 12 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and discover new places.

26 thoughts on “How to Earn Money in Nuffnang by Blogging”

  1. Hey! Can you give an average amount of money you can earn in a month if I register to Nuffnang? Also, can new blogs be registered or is there a requirement of visitors per month? Thanks!

  2. How to apply as bloggers in nuffnang,,I’m here in saudi I like to express my life as ofw and a lot of pinoy here

  3. Hi! I’ve been using nuffnang for almost 3 weeks I guess and I get a lot of views but I don’t understand why there are still no ads. Here’s my blog:
    Maybe you can tell me what’s missing and why are there no ads yet. Thank you!

  4. I’ve heard it’s a slow earner, though I’ll likely use it to monetize my Tagalog posts. It’s free and there’s no quota, right?

  5. hii…i have started my blog since 2 months ago…i have registered nuffnang about a week past..but..i log in to nuffnang still i havent earn any money..its show $0.00…i try look to my blog its gaining more viewer but nuffnang still not gain any money…can u help me with this..

    • How many views were you talking about? Nuffnang don’t display ads right away, wait for few days before you see everything working

      • hi. my domain is fineviewfromthetop using, using happenstance theme. when i add the nuffnang codes, it doesn’t appear upfront on my site. the nuffnang logo or box does not show. would you know why?

  6. Is nuffnang for free?? cause when i try to register you have to indicate the address then above it said that “Your payment will be sent to the address below. Please complete all fields that apply to your address, such as a full name, full street name and house or apartment number, and accurate country, postal code, and city.” ..

    • Yes, it’s free. I think what you’re seeing is the Payment Settings. That is where they will send your earnings to you once you reached the threshold

  7. Hello. I am a newbie blogger. What would you suggests to me since I joined yesterday in Nuffnang. Can you give me some suggestions for my blog. Thanks. God bless!

    • Post regularly and post only original content. Write what you enjoy writing because you won’t get tired of doing it 🙂 Make your website mobile responsive because nowadays people use phones and tablets in viewing the web. Good luck!

  8. Hi,

    Have you already actually earned from Nuffnang (cashed out)? If so, how were you paid?

    I just reached my threshold kasi and I cashed out my earnings but it didn’t ask me for my bank details. Based on their FAQ, their methods of payment are either pick-up or bank deposit. But it didn’t ask me for my bank details when I cashed out…

    • I stopped using Nuffnang on my major sites because it was kinda slow to earn for me. I’m only using them to my blogspot site and earnings is around 970. Still waiting to reach their threshold hehe. There is no section in the Account settings about Payout info of the member but it is stated in the FAQ they provide the options (bank and pick up) when a member reached the payment threshold already. Did you contact Nuffnang about it?

  9. But why are you not using Nuffnang Ads on this blog? Can’t help but notice that this website of yours is not served with Nuffnang Ads but is rather populated with Google Ads.

    • Hi there. I use Nuffnang ads on my other blog site. I stopped using them here because I don’t wanna clutter stuff. I prefer minimal things in a site – minimal plugins, ads, photos etc because page speed is too important nowadays.

    • They accept bloggers from 8 countries right now including Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Australia and the United Kingdom. I know blogspot sites are good


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