40 Romantic Ways to Say “I Love You” in Tagalog (Filipino)

How to say “I love you” in Tagalog or Filipino? And how do you express it using other terms of endearment? What is the best way to show love to a Pinoy husband or wife?

“Mahal kita” is the exact translation of “I love you” in Tagalog, the Filipino national language.

It can be hard to articulate how you feel in your native tongue. But you don’t have to fret about it anymore because we’re about to walk you through 40 ways of expressing your love and romantic feelings in Tagalog. We’re sharing here all the deep Tagalog words and phrases for love.

how to say I love you in Tagalog Filipino language

40 Romantic Ways How to Say I Love You in Tagalog

Here are 40 ways to express your love in Tagalog with English translations and meanings:

Tagalog TermsEnglish Meaning
Mahal kitaI love you
Mahal din kitaI love you, too
Mahal na mahal kitaI love you very much
Mahal na mahal din kitaI love you very much, too
Mahal kita sobraI love you so much
Mahal kita habambuhayI love you for life
Mahal kita magpakailanmanI love you forever
Iniibig kitaI’m in love with you
Labis kitang mahalI’m so in love with you
Iniirog kitaI love you
Sinisinta kitaI love you
Gusto kitaI like you
Gusto kitang makasamaI want to be with you
Gusto kitang pakasalanI want to marry you
Sinasamba kitaI adore you
Hanga ako sa’yoI admire you
Nahuhulog na ako sa’yoI’m falling for you
Minamahal kitaI’m falling in love with you
Ikaw ang lahat sa akinYou are my everything
Tinamaan ako sa’yoI’m smitten with you
Nababaliw ako sa’yoI’m crazy about you
Iniisip kitaI’m thinking of you
Ikaw ay laging nasa isip koYou’re always on my mind
Ikaw lang ang tangi kong mahalYou are my only love
Ikaw ang buhay koYou are my life
Espesyal ka sa akinYou are special to me
Ikaw ay may espesyal na lugar sa puso koYou hold a special place in my heart
Ikaw ang tinitibok ng puso koMy heart beats for you
Ikaw ang sandigan koYou are my rock
Mahalaga ka sa akinI cherish you
Sa’yo lang ang puso koMy heart belongs to you
Pinapahalagahan kitaI care about you
Sa’yo lang akoI’m only yours
Sa’yo ako magpakailanmanI’m yours forever
Ikaw ang pangarap koYou’re my dream come true
Miss na kitaI miss you
Miss na talaga kitaI really miss you
Ikaw ang hiling ng puso koYou’re my heart’s desire
Ikaw ang mundo koYou are my world
Hindi ko kayang mabuhay ng wala kaI can’t live without you

How to Say I Love You in Tagalog Without Saying It?

You can let your special someone know how much they mean to you without using the magical words. Surprise your sweetheart or spend quality time together. Hold their hands or embrace them. If you want to say “mahal kita” without actually saying it, you can say “gusto kitang makasama,” which means you want to be together.

How do you say love in Tagalog or Filipino?

Love in Tagalog is “pag-ibig” or “pagmamahal.” There are also other terms in Filipino with similar meanings to love, such as giliw, sinta, mahal, hirang, and irog. The Filipino culture places a strong emphasis on love, respect, and family, and these values are often reflected in the language.


How do you respond to Mahal Kita?

If you want to reciprocate the feeling and express your love back, you can respond with “Mahal din kita,” which means “I love you, too.” Sweep her off her feet by replying, “Mas mahal kita,” which means “I love you more.”

How to say I like you in Tagalog?

Say “gusto kita” if you mean to say you like the person. If you want to express your admiration to someone and you want to use the Filipino language, say “hanga ako sa’yo” or “hinahangaan kita.”

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Final thoughts:

We can show our love and appreciation to our beloved ones every day. The act of showing your love to another person is a beautiful thing. We hope you learned the different ways to say I love you in the Filipino dialect.

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