How to Pay and Post SSS Employees Contributions Monthly and Quarterly

This page is about paying, remitting and posting SSS contributions of employees monthly and quarterly. As an employer, we are required and mandated to remit payments to SSS of our employees’ premiums either every month or every quarter to ensure complete SSS posting and to ensure our staff entitled for SSS benefits whenever the needs arise.

Requirements in Paying SSS Employees’ Contributions

  • Employer Contributions Payment Form – also known as SSS Form R-5
  • Contributions Collection List – also known as SSS Form R-3or R-3 Diskette/USB File
  • Cash or Check payable to SSS

When and where to pay and remit employees contributions?

Although there is now a special deadline for SSS payments based on the tenth digit of a member’s SSS number, I advise employers to pay like the usual deadline which is on or before the 10th day of the following month because your employees have different SSS number and this is much convenient for you and your payroll staff. I also advise to pay to the SSS branch that handles your company’s records to maintain fast and easy access of records and employees’ applications concerns. Paying to the SSS branch will save your time when you will submit your R3 files too although you can also pay SSS contributions online and to some accredited payment centers like banks.

Steps in Paying SSS Employees’ Contributions

  • Fill out 3 copies of SSS Form R5 and make sure all your company’s info such as SSS employer’s number, company name, type of payor, date of payment, contact number and amount of remittance for social security contributions and employees’ compensation contributions are all correctly written.
  • Count your cash or money or double-check your check or postal money orders before paying.
  • Go to the SSS branch near you and pay.
  • Keep the receipt and have it photocopied for the next step (below)

Steps in Posting Employees SSS Contributions

  • Once you paid your employees SSS premiums, you are not done yet. You still need to submit the receipt together with the SSS R3 diskette or USB file and copies of each month’s Transmittal Certification and Employee File. If you don’t know how to print these documents, please read How to Use SSS R3 Program and Generate File.
  • Prepare photocopies of the SSS R5 (receipt). Prepare 2 copies per month because SSS will keep one copy per month of payment.
  • Prepare 2 copies of Transmittal Certification, too and sign them. SSS will receive one copy each month covered.
  • Prepare 2 copies of Employee File per month of payment.
  • Submit your SSS R3 diskette or USB flash drive for posting and uploading of the collections and contributions. SSS then will save the R3 Collection Monthly List before they will return your diskette or USB flash drive. They will be in PDF format and you have to print these out and keep them for your file reference.

By the way, paying quarterly means paying 3 consecutive months and doing the same submission to the SSS as discussed above. You can pay quarterly so that you won’t be going to the SSS every month but you will have to inform your employees about this option so they will be aware of the deductions from their salary.

That’s it. You’re done. Very easy right?

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with SSS. Just like you, I’m doing this for employer’s SSS report every month. Thought to share this with you to help first time users. If you have personal questions and inquiry, contact the SSS branch near you. If you wanna share your experience using the R3, feel free to share them here. Mabuhay!


  1. dolly says

    what happens when the household employer, has been paying the R5 for 5 years but was not able to pass even one form of R3 sss contribution by mistake? can it still be passed or just pass the recent contributions?

  2. says

    Chances are your contributions will not be posted asap. You can check your actual premiums online via MY SSS or check them at the SSS kiosk by swiping your SSS ID. If you found out your premiums were not posted, bring the receipts at the SSS office and request them to be posted. You must explain them the reason why you didn’t submitted the R3. God bless…

    • r2princess says

      My inquiry is on SSS Payment Loan: the company I’m working for disregarded automatic salary deduction on loans- so I should be the one to personally pay for the monthly dues– I opted to pay at the bank, since many banks allow SSS payments. Question: After paying at the bank and get the receipt of payment, do I still need to submit the form to the SSS branch for posting?

      I have paid for my May bill last May 2 at a servicing bank. It is now June 6, but my online SSS record still does not reflect the payment. And to my surprise, it already incurred P250 interest amount. Gee, do I need to go to SSS branch to discuss about it? Just thinking of the hassle of going through a long pile of customers and malaking abala talaga.

      • Fehl says

        I suggest you submit the receipt personally so the posting will be done sooner. It will also help you to check out your SSS account and reconcile loan balances if any.

      • ninja kid says

        Bring your reciept ML-1/SBR at the nearest SSS branch, then fill up “MAC-101, Go to the public assistance desk/counter and ask for posting of loan payment. Don’t worry about the interest and penalty that accumulated before just because your payment wasn’t posted, as long as you pay on time your loan balance will reconstruct once your payment is posted.
        P.S. – minsan late ang reporting ng bangko kaya di ka agad napopost, i do suggest you can pay at bayad center, o para mas sigurado ka na post ka agad mismo sa sss tellering ka magbayad hassle nga lang sa pila.

  3. eden guino-o galenzoga says

    my mother wants to apply for calamity loan because we are a victim of typhoon pablo, but my mother has no valid IDs, what is the other option? so that she can avail a calamity loan.

    • says

      Bring her SSS ID card, NSO birth certificate and one ID like Senior Citizen’s ID. If she has no ID, try getting a Postal ID but I don’t know if it is accepted but perhaps with more supporting documents like NSO BC, SSS ID will let them consider her application.

      • sicad joseph says

        I would like to know what i am going to prepared if got mistake when computing a contributions or erroneous entry when paying remittance under the bracket and how to adjust it.

  4. Liezl Zamora says

    My mother stopped her sss contributions 10 years ago or more. how will i know the receipt no of her last contribution or a rundown of her contributions via online? unfortunately i cant finish her online registration since it needs the receipt no of her contributions…

    • says

      Yeah a member must be active in order to register at the online inquiry system or should she have paid at the latest 6 months. If you want to check out her contribution history, go to the SSS branch near you. Assist your mom and let her bring valid IDs. She can also continue her contribution by being active again and by updating her membership status

  5. says

    I already filed my sss membership form about a year ago, but I failed to pay the monthly contribution since then. Can I still pay my prevoius monthly contribution? is it allowed? thanks!

      • Jeanneybee says

        Hello, can we clear this out po? Kasi I have a dilemma about my brother’s SSS, kasi last payment namin is March 2014, pwede ko pa po bang bayadan yung last quarter or last month na hindi namin nabayadan? and back to zero po ba ang counting sa “120months prior retirement” Thank you!

        • ninja kid says

          look at the new payment form RS-5, if your having trouble follow the payment schedule, there’s a deadline in paying your contribution. For retirement pension the minimum requirements to avail it is that you have a 120 months contributions(ok lang kung may mga blanko sa hulog mo basta total of 120 months) and your at least 60yrs old (not employed and without any kind of business)

  6. says

    How long will it take for uploaded contributions to be posted under the employee’s name and how many days after should we tell the employee to check online to see if payments has been posted?
    I was told that if you are able to upload contributions online , there’s no need for you to go to the sss office(where you have to go there by 6:30am to get a priority no. to be able to do usb since the sss here in cebu can only accomodate the 1st 100) for transmittal and uploading can now be done in the comfort of home or office.

  7. jerome says

    i registered in sss online as employer, after 2 days i received mail but on list i see only 2 employees listed, how can i edit it? or how can i add an employee in sss online.

    • says

      Yeah you can continue paying your contributions for the present but you can’t pay the ones you have missed. It is advisable to become active especially if you have contributed so much already in the past. SSS is a type of insurance, meaning a member must contribute continuously to enjoy his benefits and to ensure eligibility to benefits such as pension and retirement.

  8. romeo g. lapo-os jr. says

    I’m a simple worker in one company,how much the company should deduct to my salary as my monthly contribution to the SSS?

  9. Marzel Burgos says

    My mom pays whole 2013 my sss contribution but she forgot the I was employed and paying my own SSS cont too. I just to ask if the amount she pays and my end will sum up to my monthly SSS paid?

    • says

      I think they will reflect on your payment history and be counted. If you register at the SSS Online system (a.k.a. My SSS), you can check if both payments have been entered on your account.

      • Maricris Salazar Aguirre says

        Good morning,before i paid my contribution voluntarily. i am now private employed since Feb 18, 2013. Dahil wala pa po kaming deduction ng SSS for the month of Feb and March i paid it voluntarily. Ako po ang gumagawa ng payroll namin. At ang main Brach po namin ang nagbabayad ng contribution namin.From the month of April and May we started our deductions but unfortunately hindi po ako naisali sa pagbayad at kahapon ko lang po nalaman. Pwede ko po kayang mabayaran ang contribution ko ng April at May as voluntary? I really need your reply…many thanks

  10. Belle says

    I’m the one paying for our employees SSS. And two of our employees have no SSS number yet, are there contributions will still be counted if I pass a R3 report with their names. I’m new with this by the way since the former secretary of the company was the one who used to do this things. Thank you!

    • says

      You cannot input their account on the R3 program without their SSS Number. That’s the first requirement to have before anything else :)

    • says

      I have never tried posting R3 reports online because the feature is so fresh and new. Since you have tried it already, did you input there in the system the receipt number of the SSS payment for the month? Wonder why it’s not reflected on the system right away considering things should be considered posted online already. I hope you reply coz I want to try the posting online way. :)

      • rvsolomo says

        yes mam all the information were posted.. transaction/receipt numbers, applicable month, etc.. but when i tried to click “online inquiry->payment history->r3 totals..wala pong record.. but all the payments sa r5 were already posted by the system automatically.. itong r3 na lang talaga ang problem ko.. katulad ng iba pabalik balik ako sa sss dahil di nila maread ang usb ko.. so mas convenient talaga dito sana sa website.. but unfortunately mukhang may problem.. mam by the way..ito palang pinopost ko ay whole year 2012..di po kaya yun ang problem? thanks for replying..

        • says

          I didn’t try the online way of posting employees monthly SSS payments for the R3 so I really don’t know what to say. Maybe there is a function there that an SSS staff need to approve so the R3 reports will be posted. I will ask about it once I go to the SSS. If ever you did it successfully, please share it here with us. Maybe because the feature in the system is so new so it’s not yet working completely. Let us wait and see :)

  11. ctibtib says

    hi po?askd ko lng po sss po aq..pmunta ako sa main sss pra mgpa i.d pro pnablik po aq s sunod na arw ksi wla pdw akong contriburtion..tinanong ko por cousin ko,sbi nya ngbyad nman po sya unionbnk.nong tinanong ko ulit ung teller,dpo dw mkkita ung bnyad ng cousin ko kc d dw nya na save sa usb..tanong ko lng po,kung gsto kong mg voluntarry,kailngan ko prin po bng mg submit ng usb?or automatic nang mgreflec ung binyad ng cousin ko sa pangalan ko?please po,i need help

    • says

      If you are a voluntary member, you must submit a photocopy of your receipt after paying your contributions at the SSS so that they will be posted regularly. Regarding the USB file, employers do that since they have many employees. To individuals, I only see them submitting the receipt every time they pay. I think SSS will soon launch an online posting for all members to make everything more convenient.

      I suggest you go to the SSS and bring your receipts and submit the photocopy

      • Lou says

        Bakit po kailangan pang isubmit photocopy ng receipt? Di ba may copy na sila ng pink slip? Parang redundant naman ata at nadefeat un purpose ng triplicate copy.

        • says

          I know 2 copies are left to SSS but those are for 2 departments only. The ones who receive the USB files needs the copy of receipt as soon as you submit them. We always need to show what they want. Should you want to justify that with them, I don’t know what would happen. I know someday, paperless would really be paperless…

          • michelle abriam says

            hi, ako voluntary din ako ngbbyad ako ng contribution ko s western union hnd ako ngssubmit ng photocopy ng receipt ko pro ngreflect nmn ung payment ko nung chinect ko online, :)

  12. Jon says

    i was an employee of a private company before and now i am self-employed. my question is, how do i know how much should i pay for my monthly contribution? what is monthly salary credit?

  13. flor says

    my brothers had stopped paying their contribution in 1995 due to the Lahar problem in Pampanga. Now they want to continue their contribution, can they their 12 months contibution as self employed in one time payment?

    • says

      They must update their status as Voluntary Member before resuming their contributions. Go to the SSS to do this and to know the current amount they must pay.

  14. says

    Hi. I am currently employed in a private company and this is regarding the posting dates for loan payment and monthly contributions. I supposed to renew my salary loan online and make it 2-month salary loan but unfortunately I was declined by the system due to 2 reasons:

  15. says

    Hi. I am currently employed in a private company and this is regarding the posting dates for loan payment and monthly contributions. I supposed to renew my salary loan online and make it 2-month salary loan but unfortunately I was declined by the system due to 2 reasons: 1.) it says that I was enrolled in the loan condonation program so my renewal will be on May 2014 ; the things is I never applied for that program. I already sent mail to the sss brach near me and requested to delete my loan condonation application. 2.) My outstanding balance is still more than half of the my loan proceeds and the last payment considered was August 2012; well in fact my payment was updated monthly up to this month March 2013 but still not showing in the system. My questions now are 1.)How long would it be for my condonation application be removed in your system so I will be eligible in loan renewal. Is it true that only tarlac branch has the access to delete this kind of application? 2.) How soon will be my contribution be updated in your system coz according to our company hr, all contributions and loan payment were already transmitted in the sss office and they provided me the proof / documents such as the transmittal form received by the branch? I need to fix those issues in my account, so please let me know on how to proceed from here. thanks

    • says

      Hi there! Honestly, I don’t know what to say because I’m not an SSS employee. I can only share my opinion. It sounds like the control of your account is based from SSS Tarlac. If the SSS employee advised you that, then it’s better to go there and fix your condonation. My grandma’s sister was also processing something in the SSS but she was advised to go to Tarlac because there’s something to be done there which I dont know what exactly. It sounds the same as yours. Maybe your account was originally from there so they need to verify more…

  16. Arlene says

    Hi, thanks for your post. Just want to ask for the following:
    1. Do you have any idea how long would take them to update the contributions online?
    2. Is there any problem if my employer just submit the R3 and R5 form without submitting the R1 and R-1A form? i’ve been working for her as a nanny of her children since 2010 but she just recently offer me that she will pay my sss contribution from the time i started and willing to pay for the penalty also. and in her R3 form she indicate my name as her employee. but she told me to process my own sss since this is for my own benefit and shes too busy at work.
    3. Do you have idea how to compute for the penalty? her last digit is 8?
    Im hoping for your response.
    thank you so much

    • says

      MY answers to your questions:
      1. After I submit the R3 and USB file, my accounts are updated once they gave me back the USB. As to online input, I don’t know yet how long would they be entered. I didn’t try the online submission yet because it’s so new and fresh.
      2.She must also submit a file input of collection list in the form of USB or diskette. SSS have a new online feature but I didn’t try that one yet. Looking forward to try it once I knew the details how.
      3.As to penalties, they count the number of days from the deadline (where your SSS number falls) and the amount of contribution. When I was late, I just let someone from the SSS staff to compute it for me to avoid error.

  17. jovan says

    Good Day! maam ask ko lang po .. what it means na quarterly payment? ibig sabihin is every 3months of the year? TNX po

    • says

      Quarterly means every 3 months yes. It’s exactly this:

      First Quarter: Jan – March
      Second Quarter: April – June
      Third Quarter: July – Sept
      Fourth Quarter: Oct – Dec

      If you are asking about the deadline of payments, I will post them this week here.

  18. Lovemarie says

    Hi! I work in a company and this is regarding the posting for SSSsalary loans, they still didn’t post it from October 2012- December 2012. We give the payment for the three month this January 2013 . Our employees wants to file a salary loan however they can’t do that because there’s no post yet. What do we need to do? Thanks

    • says

      Lots of people have asked same question. I didn’t yet tried posting online because the feature is so new. And since I’m going to the SSS every time I pay quarterly to pass and submit R3 USB file (employer’s collection list), I do the R3 File Gen. way still

  19. Blues says

    hi! can i still pay for the months that i didnt contribute? Wen I became an OFW my SSS contribution stopped 6months until now. I want to continue my SSS and my wife SSS also. Thank you.

    • says

      We cannot pay retroactively or the months that we have missed. Just resume your contributions and maintain being an active member by never missing paying

  20. julie ann alacar says

    Ask lang po ako nag stop po ako ng contribution ng sss ko cguro 9yrs na po or more gusto ko po ito ipatuloy ulit hulugan monthly dito po ako sa UAE ngayon ano po ang pwede ko gawin.Thanks in advance.

  21. says

    I am paying voluntary contribution to SSS. Can I still get a maternity benefit if I only paid a total of 6 monthly contribution? How many monthly contribution is required to avail of the maternity benefit?

    • says

      SSS requires the member to have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth. You have to notify SSS as early as 3 months before you apply for maternity so they know and will process it as soon as you need it

  22. Menervah Roque says

    gud day po. ask ko lang po sana kung paano yung ganitong situation:
    yung employer ay nagbabayad for one of his employees on a yearly basis; meaning, si Pedro (employer) ay nagbayad no’ng january 8, 2013 ng SSS Contributions for Juan (employee) using one R-5 (SBR# ABC120 – example lang po.) for January to December 2013. Pero, may isa pang employee si Pedro na si Jose (another employee). Nagbayad si Pedro ng SSS Contributions for Jose (applicable periods : January to March 2013) using another R-5 (SBR# ABC125) on January 11, 2013.
    Pa’no ko po yon i-a-accomplish sa CREATE SSS Text File. Kasi po, pag pinagsasama ko sila (SBR #s & Dates of Payment), ang sinasabi po ng system ay “invalid values. please correct and try again. for input string “01082013/01112013″.
    tama po bang ipaghiwalay ang reporting ng bawat empleyado niya dahil separate naman ang ORs nila?
    Please help.

  23. jm says

    Ask ko lang po, kelan po pwde iupdate ung record ng isang employee from newly hired “1” to “N”

    Tpos po nag leave po yung isng employee nmn last April 6 kasi po pregnant sya, ano po gagawing remarks dun sa employee file nya and ung contributions nya?

    Meron din po kming umalis na employee last april 2, gnun dn po ang tnong ko, ano po ggwin sa employee file nya?

    thank you

  24. tin says

    Helo. Im a member of SSS as employed. After nanganak ako i filed a leave without pay for 1yr. Now its been 10 months na wala akong na contribute. My concern is,what if i suddenly get pregnant and miscarriage,pwde bang bayaran yong months na hndi ako naka pag bayad to get the insurance?

  25. Ruth says

    Ask ko lang po kapag po ba nagbayad ang employer tru bank and nawala ung receipt, pwede ba ma re.print ulit un sa bangko?? Thank you.. Hoping for ur response?

  26. Karen Lee says

    I was employed on my new job for 3 months now. My employer already paid my contribution for 3 months also. But i wonder why I’m still “self employed” on my SSS online Account and still haven’t seen my latest contributions for this year. I checked the files from My employer and they have the receipt and the received R3 files. Is it normal to be delayed online?

    • says

      The data entered in the R3 when submitted in the SSS are posted on their system so when you check online, they will also be there na. Are you sure your employer really submitted the USB file and SSS entered them? Check the “received” stamped on your employer’s file copy and check if they also received PDF of the transmittal. Normally, your contributions and your profile will be updated when your employer have those and really passed them.

      • Karen Lee says

        I was the one who submitted the USB and yes we received a pdf transmittal.. I actually have a copy on my USB… and I made sure that all documents have received stamp…

  27. Ruth says

    Is it possible to get for another copy of receipt from the bank where the employer pays for the sss contribution?

  28. Michael says

    Hello Ma’am,

    I would just like to ask what I should do because I missed 2 quarters of payments (last quarter of 2012 and 1st quarter of 2013). I’ve been paying my contribution for 3 years. I would like to ask what will happen to my previous contributions. Would this mean that I’ll start from square one again? And that would mean that the past contributions I paid will not be counted anymore? I am planning to continue paying my contributions, it just so happened that the one I put in charge of paying my SSS contributions didn’t pay the past 2 quarters. I am self employed by the way.

  29. biao says

    hello ask ko lang po kung ano gagawin ko. i am unemployed for 2 years now. i want to continue my contirbution. i have no income, housewife lang ako. i live with my mom, my husband is not a filipino citizen.

    what will i do? anong form dapat isubmit ko for unemployed? magkano ang contribution?

    thank you

    • says

      I recommend you resume your SSS contribution and become an active member again because we need SSS when we retire and at the times of emergencies.. If you have stopped and you’re currently unemployed, you must switch to being a Voluntary Member. You must update your new membership status at the SSS branch near you and pay the present month or quarter. Choose the amount of contribution that you can afford and convenient to pay monthly. An SSS employee will assist you on this and will assist you too in case you are late in payment at the current period. You need to to this in person. God bless!

      • Jina says

        hello po… sa actual premium ko po ma nakalagay na 23 contribution…
        then nag VM Actual Premium po ako… ung 23 kasi ung ung nag wwork pa ako.. ngaun nag Voluntary nalng.. ano na mangyayari doon sa 23 months ko… I aadd po ba un sa VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION ko? or back to zero

        Pahinto hinto po ako sa work… minsan nalalagyan minsan hindi.. dpende if may work..

        thanks po nasa po matulugan nyo po ako

  30. Mike Florencio says

    Hi There,
    Good day! First I’d like to thank you for being so helpful, now I iust wanna ask if it’s to remit the monthly contribution once every quarter or it should be done monthly. thanks in advnaced

  31. says

    Might I just say that after finding How to Pay and Post SSS Employees Contributions Monthly
    and Quarterly on Quick.CMS, what a relief to find somebody who ultimately
    knows what they’re talking about when it comes to this. You seriously grasp how to bring a problem to light and make it crucial. A lot more people should look at this and have an understanding of this perspective. I can’t believe you’re not more widespread, as you most certainly have the gift.

    • says

      Thank you for the awesome words here. Just had to share this coz I had a tough time on the first time of using the posting software from SSS too :) God bless!

  32. annalyn santiago says

    hi. my cousin was employed for 3 years and her company was the one who pay for her sss contribution. she was unemployed now and wants to continue her contribution as self employed. Is it okay that she will pay the contribution quarterly?

    • Rizalina Gatchalian says

      Hi, ask ko lang po. Dati po akong nagwork at natigil na sa trabaho so nag stop ang aking contribution sa SSS ng almost 9 years. Now I want to continue paying my SSS contribution. Meron na po akong small business and I have a 2 employees. Gusto ko rin sila bigyan sila ng SSS benefits. Pano po gagawin ko? pede ba sila nalang magbayad voluntarily as self employed? pero ako po ang sasagot ng contribution nila. kasi 2 lang naman po sila eh. Maliit lang naman po ang aking business. But I want to give them their benefits.

      • says

        Yes you can go to SSS to apply for your employees and start their contributions. The SSS staff will give you list of requirements needed for your 2 employees for the registration and the documents you need for your business too

    • says

      She has to switch from being employed into Voluntary Member before she’ll pay her contributions again. Yes, voluntary members can pay quarterly. Check the deadline associated with her SSS number. I have also post a page about SSS deadline here

  33. Mark Louie says

    if SSS doesn’t accept past months payments… What will happen to those months that you haven’t paid. (in my case, i missed the 1st 3 months for this year but have already paid current up until the end of year). What would be the impact of this in terms of my benefits and pension?

    • says

      Yes we cannot pay the months that we’ve missed as SSS is a type of insurance.. As to the computation of pension and retirement benefit, the total period of contributions is a factor. If you missed just few months, I think it has no big impact. You may ask the SSS to have a tentative computation of your pension in case you want it to have idea about planning for retirement.

  34. mamamikks says

    Hi! Thank you very much for this informative site. I have been a contributing SSS member for years, but it stopped when I worked abroad. I want to continue paying for my monthly contribution now. I tried registering online so i can check all my contributions, but it wouldn’t allow me to put OFW because it is not what was originally written on my application (which was ‘employee.’) I tried changing it to ‘employee’ then, but it would require me to put my employer’s ID no, which I do not know. Is there a way that I can register without having to put any of my ex-employer’s number? I have not been in contact with them for too long.

    Thanks and more power.

  35. says

    hi po pwede po ba malaman kung pwede pa po ituloy ang paghulog sa sss pero na stop po more than10 years ang paghulog? pumunta po kasi kami sss branch dito sa fairview nun nagtanong po kami sa status ng father ko kung pwede pa ya ituloy ng pag contri nya sabi po saamin not qualified member daw po sya. kahit my sss # na sya at matagal na sya member sa sss.

    • says

      Go to the SSS branch that handles his membership and verify if he is still eligible to resume his active status. You need to check his records from the SSS personally

    • Lou says

      Verify kung talagang member sya. dahil kung talagang legit member siya ng SSS, pwede nyang ituloy premium nya. The same was the case of my father. Matagal nawala pero naituloy contribution nya. He is now receiving his pension.

  36. yuna says

    Hi!!Good Day!!ask ko lang what if a company want to file their R3 online need p rin ba iregister online?and if possible pwede po ba magbayad na lang every quarerly kasi nasa remote island yung office nila..?thanks

    • says

      There is a new instruction from SSS and I just knew it yesterday after paying the second quarter contributions. All employers now are required to register online before submitting the R3 file at the SSS. I was given a form for the registration and I have to go back there again for my R3 submission.

    • says

      All employers are now advised to register online before they submit R3 reports to the SSS. I’ve been to the SSS and they asked me to register online as I submit R3 USB reports. I think they want stuff to be online so in the future there will be paperless

      • yuna says

        Re: ” I was given a form for the registration and I have to go back there again for my R3 submission.”-
        Ano po yung form na yun na binigay ng SSS?

  37. Ashiel says

    hi, my employees are saying that their contributions were not updated since march 2012. So i contacted our accountant and she said i should pay up to dec 2012 as my employee wanted a loan. So i paid up to dec 2012. The other day my accountant sent me papers indicating that the contributions that we missed including the penalty. Including one month not paid 10 years ago. In short, the amount was huge. So here are my questions:
    1. she said the contributions will not show up until i pay the penalties, is that true?
    2. my plan is, to pay the present month, and then pay the rest of the penalties, can i do that?
    3. can the penalties be waived, or reduced? at least the one from 10 years ago. because the employees listed at that time are either retired, resigned or dead.
    4. any more advice?

    Thanks very much,

  38. Ashiel says

    HI, got another problem, my friend used to own a store. So she had the sss employer number. After several years, her store got closed and she was employed to another company. The company asked her sss number and she gave her old company’s sss number(yep, the employer number). So she contributes every month to that number. When she got transferred again to another company, that was the only time she knew that she has been contributing for another person. Her old company’s employer number has the same number as another person’s employee number. How can she retrieve all her contributions to that other person to her new number? and WHY sss can’t just have 2 different series for employer and employee?

    thanks very much

    • says

      That sounds like a big error. I suggest you go to the SSS branch where your membership is based and bring your ID and discuss this problem so your account will be properly reconciled with the real account

  39. tolitz aban says

    im a seafarer ive got off from my job last DEC.2012 until now MAY 2013 and this is the time that i did not pay my contribution while im vacationing and my quesion is, if im gonna pay my 1 month contribution this month can i entitled for sss salary loan? and how much loan can i get? thnx in advance.

  40. Lito Acoymo says

    this is the most complicated and time consuming system I have ever seen in my life to file social security payments. Is there a way to file electronically directly?

  41. tin says

    Hi, i pay my father’s sss for the past two years and i currently discovered that his current status doesn’t match to his sss records. I tried to sign up for him to my sss but when i filled up the forms indicated in there, it says that it didn,t match. What shall I do?

  42. yunalyn says

    Hi! ang hirap kasi tumawag sa call center ng SSS i need asap response kasi..about sa e-R3 filing circular 2012-009 na naging 10th day na ang due date after payment date/due. So meaning after payment balik uli sa branch for filing ndi ba hassle yun? instead na quarterly na lng sana…then, another thing about online registration ng employer required ba yun? kapag ba nagregister kaya kmi all transaction like payment and even filing ng r3 pwede na din dun gwin?

    • says

      Yeah the online registration of employer are required now I think it’s because SSS wants everything to be done online and it’s gonna be easier for all of us including employees. Employers will be able to upload R3 once they successfully registered on the online account. I’ve made a page about my experience in registering. You can read it now so you have an idea

  43. melai says

    Hi!!! I would like to ask…since I stop working last 2012 and my last sss contribution was January 2012 and I decided to continue it last January 2013 as voluntary… Is it still possible to file my maternity benefit? my due date of delivery is on August 20, 2013. What will happen to my previous years of contribution??? Is it still counted with the computation?

  44. Lou says

    Hi. I was a former employee in a private company which made me an SSS member. When I transfered to a government office, I automatically became a GSIS member. However, knowing how little GSIS pensions are, I thought of continuing my SSS as a voluntary member so that could have two pensions when I retire . An SSS teller told me there is nothing wrong with continuing since I was a former SSS member. Is that true? I just want to double check and make sure na hindi ako magkaproblema in the future. Will it be okay to continue as a voluntary member? Thank you.

  45. amy says

    our employee will apply for a maternity leave. So on the month that she has no earnings, do the company and the employee still have to contribute or remit for sss? or it will be zero, then the next month only the monthly contribution will be remitted and deducted to her salary? Our HR deducted it double because of the previous month that i dont have earnings.

  46. roxienicolas says


  47. eunice says

    hello po! :) ask ko lng sana paano po pagna.delay ung pg.remit ng contributions? dba dpat 10th of the month? what happens when a week after the due date na naremit?
    help plz…corporation po kc kmi tpos ung employee nmin na gumgawa nito dati eh ng.awol and ako un replacement nya kaso fresh grad p lng ako, no experience yet about these things..tnx po

    • says

      Yeah usually every 10th of the month but there is now new SSS deadline allowed for everyone and it’s based on the last SSS digit (number). I have posted an article about the new SSS deadline here. You can check it out to know when is your company’s deadline. SSS usually gives consideration to late R3 submission reports especially to first timers. What is important is you paid before or on the deadline. Make sure you have paid on or before the deadline to avoid penalties and missing contributions.

  48. Jonnalyn Alamag says

    hi, just wanna know what is the process of transferring my previous contributions of my last employer to the new one?


  49. Merelin says

    I was not able to submit the R3 for my employees since September 2011 but i’ve been paying regularly their monthly contribution. Can I still post their contribution lists online? what would be the date covered?

  50. Jo says

    Hello Ma’am,

    I discontinued my SSS contribution when I stopped working 15 years ago and I still have an unpaid SSS loan. Now want to continue contribution again, as voluntary. How do I do this? Where should I start?

  51. ben says

    hi, i was previously employed in a private company , now a resigned and just payed my contributions as voluntary member , how many days will it be updated on their system because its still showing that i am employed , and i’m trying to apply for as load my previous employers id is still showing, i even tried to check the check the tick box for voluntary/ self employed member but after that nothing shows up .

  52. Karen Lee says

    Ask q lang po about sa situation ng friend q.. She’s been working in a private company for more than 3 years. The company’s been deducting sss contributions from his salary for the past years. But recently, she found out that she didn’t have any contributions on that company and he’s not even have a record of employment based on the online account of SSS. So she immediately asked their HR about it. Their HR officer told her that the contribution was paid on the wrong SSS number (it was actually the sss number of her officemate and the company paid contributions on that SSS number twice every month) . The HR officer sent her proofs of payment bank satements and letters that they sent to sss about that mistake but they haven’t sent any proof that his payment was generated and accepted by SSS. It’s been 3 months now, since she complained. The only progress she sees so far was she was now employed to that company but the employment month was just from March 2013.
    My question is, if it is really possible for the company to fix her problem on her sss account?And if yes, how long will it take for them to fix it? Is it possible that they paid two SSS contributions to just one SSS number at once?
    Thank you.. Pls reply

    • Angeline says

      i have the same problem with the wrong sss number that i paid..hopefully she can answer the same question..i badly needed some advice

  53. imelda says

    hi, im on almost 200 contributions now, some people says continue paying,but some says wag na and just wait for the pension when i reach 65yrs old. pls update me regarding this. ..ty

  54. cathy says

    i recetly resigned and my previous employer is deducting the entire balance feom my last pay. i so not want them to deduct it from my last since i needed the money. but i am willing to pay it voluntary what do I need to do?

    • says

      i just want to ask you if i can update my sss from an employeer to self employed via online. i was working before in a private sector and now im here in abroad i want to continue it here thru it possible to change my status via online?

      • says

        Updating status is done personally because you will be submitting forms which you will sign. You can then pay your present contribution using your new status

    • kenya santos says

      some companies do that because since you availed that loan while you are employed to them, your name is included in the r3 list of your employer and if you did not continue to pay that loan since you are separated, your employer will have delinquent payment that sometimes sss refuses to give yearly certificates to those who have delinquent accounts. But, it is between you and your employer to what both of you would agree.

  55. shelle says

    Hi po.tanong ko lng sana.household employer po ko.tanong ko lng Kung pwede akong mgpa voluntary?pwede po ba un khit may elang buwan na hindi nabayarn?plano ko po kc mgpa voluntary bago magpa i.d.
    Pls replyo and godbless

    • says

      If you wanna be a Voluntary Member, update your status by filling out a form. Choose how much you will contribute per month and start being active as voluntary member

  56. kenya santos says

    ask ko lang po my friend is on a maternity leave for 2 months, and for 2 months wala syang monthly contribution and loan payment para sa current loan nya, puede bang mag voluntary contribution sya for 2months para tuloy tuloy ang contribution and loan payment nya?

  57. Candy says

    Hi Fehl, reading through this was really helpful!
    Would you know how to compute for penalties in the case of our family driver who I am just going to register as my employee?

    Thank you!!

    • says

      I don’t know how to compute penalties. I let the SSS employee compute mine because I don’t wanna put the wrong amount in the form. They are triplicate kasi so uulitin mo pagsulat pag mali amount plus, there is long line in SSS always

  58. rowena says

    hi..please answer me:
    good day..i’m planning to register for sss but im not yet employed. Im 24 yo. i want to ask if it is possible that i can register and how much should i pay when i register.are they open tomorrow. (saturday)
    thank you

  59. Aljon says


    Good day!

    I just wanna ask how long does it take before SSS posts the monthly contribution of the members?

    I need to avail salary loan but I can’t since I need to complete 36 contributions before I could avail the said loan. Currently, I’m already on my 35th Month (april) and I’m waiting for May posting for my 36th contribution.

    It’s already July 11 now and yet my May contribution is still not posted.

    I believe we are being deducted on time but how come the postings are not updated?

    Need clarification regarding this matter.


    • says

      If the employer uploaded the report, then contributions will be posted. Ask your employer if they uploaded the reports already.

  60. Shim says

    hi fehl,..if self-employed po saan magbbase ng monthly salary?s monthly earnings po b ng business nya?halimbawa ang kita ng business reached 15,000,..will she be paying 1,560 monthly based on the schedule of contribution? and is she allowed to pay different contribution as in magddepende s kita ng business?like for the month of january ang kita s business is 4,000 and s february is 15,000 does it mean she’ll be paying 416 and 1,560 monthly contribution respectively?thanks a lot.

  61. lhen says

    hi…ask ko lang po hope masagot nyu.gus2 ko po kasi maghulog sa sss ko kaso di daw pwede kasi wala akong employer..meron na akong sss number..anu po dapat gawin para po mahulogan ko lang ang sss ko kahit di po ako nagttrabaho sa anu mang company??gus2 ko po talaga maghulog..hope u can answer me.thanks

  62. Lou says

    Dear Ms. Fehl,

    I would like to ask again my previous question which you I duno If I missed out your answer. My question is if I am a government employee already paying for my GSIS, is it prudent to still continue my SSS as voluntary member? I work in a private company for few years before finally getting in a government office. Will there be any conflict if I have two pensions when my retirement comes? An SSS teller told me it’s ok. But I want to know the official legal opinion on this. Hope you can shed light on this. Thanks much!


    • says

      One of the retirement benefits of GSIS is Portability Law (RA 7699). I call this GSIS + SSS combine) Under the scheme, you may combine your years of service in the private sector represented by your contributions to the (SSS) with your government service and contributions to the GSIS. There are specific requirements and benefits to eligible members for this. You asked if it’s prudent to still continue SSS? I think yes. It’s like having two insurance plan instead of 1. :) I suggest you go to the SSS and ask about your future retirement having both GSIS and SSS. What I’m sure of is, there is really Portability Law. :) Check out GSIS official website and go to Retirement (on the left sidebar) and go to Portability Law

  63. kenny says

    Hello, I need to show evidence that I have contributed to SSS so I can get a immigrant visa in another country. My employer takes the sss out of my paycheck. What SSS papers can I show for that?

    • says

      Usually it’s SSS Employee Static Info and Employment History Record. You can get it and print it yourself by registering at SSS online as a Member. We have the complete guide here. Just browse it over JOBS category

  64. Remyliza Tejada says

    Hi Mam,

    My mom monthly pays her sss contribution as a voluntary member & always updated. Then just recently she told me that she had overlook the date in one of her monthly payments. Instead of putting July 2013 in the form, she mistakenly write June 2013 w/c she actually already paid last month.
    Does she needs to do a letter to adjust/ change the date, or just let it be like that. Does she needs to go the the SSS to inform them or the SSS system will just automatically update it.
    I heard about double posting…what is that?

    Wish you can help my mom.

    Thank you.

    • says

      You can call SSS to ask them to correct the double payment. Prepare for the receipt coz they’ll surely verify the number

  65. kim says


    Im planning to pay my full loan balance directly to an SSS branch. I wanted to be able to renew my loan before I resign from my current employee. How long will it take for my payment to post on their website? I’ll be leaving the company a month from now. Do you think it’s already updated before I leave?

  66. Floyd says

    Hi everyone,

    Is it possible that two companies are paying for your monthly contribution at the same time.

    Thank you

  67. Francis says

    Hello i would like to ask regarding with my situation. I was employed in a new company. It was 7 months working with them but “I Dont see my contribution on my SSS acount online.” But i was deducted in my payslip.
    Please advise Thanks

    • says

      The best thing to know the reasons why your contributions were not posted is to ask your former employer. They are the ones who are responsible in posting and uploading R3 in the SSS

      • Arcy says

        Hi I am new member of SSS.Just started for now I only have my SSS number. Just wanna ask if is it ok if i let 1 of the member of my family will go pay my monthly contribution?

  68. arlene corpuz says

    hi good day. Just want to know if how am going to continue my sss since i was member a long time ago because i used to worked in a company but then when my contract ends i didn’t manage to pay it continuosly. Now im in singapore, do you have office here that can help me to activate my account? If there is, what are the requirements needed? thanks :)

  69. Henry says

    Hi! I have a question about RS-5 payments. What if I paid my RS-5 thru a bank, do I need to report or submit the SSS Branch office copy to them?

    • says

      If you are an employer, you have to submit and upload R3 reports at the SSS or online if you already have SSS employer’s account online

      • Henry says

        Thanks for your answer. Let me make a clarification though on my question. As an employer, I report my employee’s contributions thru the R3 file generator in my USB. But I also make contributions as a self-employed member, and I pay them thru a bank. The bank leaves me with a copy of the RS-5 and 2 copies of the Special Bank Receipts, one with the heading SSS Branch Office Copy and one with Payor’s Copy. Do I have to surrender the SSS Branch Office Copy to the SSS or report my payments to them? I ask this because when I asked the same question to the bank employee, he said that I didn’t have to report my payment anymore because it is automatically credited to the SSS database when I pay thru the bank. I just wanted confirmation on this. Thanks again!

        • says

          I’m not sure about the latest processing of SSS posting for self-employed. If you have an SSS online account for Members (not employers) you can check your account and see if your contributions were posted properly. If they are, then you don’t need to submit the receipts to the SSS

  70. marilyn burce says

    i want to pay for my kasambahays monthly contribution since 2011, but i just registered last july. how do i compute the penalty? i dont want to go to the sss already for computation.

  71. Anonymous says

    Hi. I would just like to ask if the SSS allows advance payments for one year for self-employed members? Thank you :)

  72. jeff says

    hi good day.. i just want to ask if how can i get started to pay my contribution.. coz i dont know how much im gonna pay for the contribution.. i just got my ss number.. tnx a lot.

    • says

      If you’re employed, you’ll know it from your payslip. Or just ask your employer. If you are voluntary member, choose your contribution which you can comfortable afford. Look at the latest SSS contribution table. I suggest you go to the SSS if it’s your very first time to contribute so they will assist you with this.

      • RV says

        Hi, im on my 3rd year as a SSS member, meaning i have already 36 months (which is the requirement needed for salary loan) however, my actual premiums are not updated. Is it possible to attach in my SSS loan application the receipt of my employer’s SSS remittance?
        Thank you for answering

          • mark vincent helbano says

            Hi! Good day! I was transferred to a new company. When i was with my previous company last year i acquired a loan which religiously my company is paying my monthly contractual payment. I Checked my loan status online and it shows my recent company is not paying on it. What would i do so that i can bring my salary loan to current.

          • says

            I suggest you ask your recent company to update your loan and reflect payment every payroll. You must tell your recent employer about your existing loan if they don’t know it.

  73. lhene says

    good day…i was applying a loan then I found out that based on the billing statement printed my actual balance is P 1,001.83 only…compared to the copy which is the disclosure statement on loan/credit transaction they give to me the balance showed is P 3,188.03…so there’s a difference of P 2,186.20…My concern is how to get this back if they would deduct the P 3,188.03 instead of P 1,001.83…

    Hoping for your positive response..



  74. maureen says

    hi,gud am,kc kulang ako ng 10 pesos sa pagbabayad sa sss at late payment pa,panu po kaya ang pag compute ng penalty?at saka ilan b dapat numbers ang ilalagay sa reciept no?by online kc ako nag reremit ng r5,tnx

  75. Yanie says

    I was employed last march, and now, when I viewed my contributions online, only my march and april was posted but my employer said that they already paid. can you please give a clear picture on whatever happened to May, June, and July contributions? thanks

  76. kristine says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, first time employer po ako at nakapgbayad na rin ako ng contribution ng payments ng kasambahay ko. paano po ba mag post ng payment online kasi sb skin ng isang taga sss if magregister online khit wag na yun usb. nakapagregister na po ako sa online as employer pero di ko po alam anu na ang susunod kong gagawin at need ko pa rin ba magdownload ng r3 file generator kahit online na ang posting na gagawin ko?salamat po

  77. She says

    Hi, I’ve been paying my SSS as a voluntary type of payor and I have missed paying last month’s contribution. I used to pay via Bayad Centers because the SSS facility nearest me is not that near at all. Can I just pay the month that I have missed in a Bayad Center or do I have to do something else that would require me to go the the SSS office? I am in a bit of panic here and your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • She says

      Another thing pala, I’ve been paying monthly kasi. And as far as I know, the deadline is within a month diba? My deadline kasi is at the end of every month. All that I’ve missed paying is for July. The one for August, I’ll be paying this month. So I want to re-word my previous question. Can I just pay for the rest of the year (July-December) at one time? I am actually having a hard time paying monthly because I keep forgetting to pay for it.

  78. Louise Manuel says

    Re: SSS Benefit on Maternity

    Hi, I am an SSS taxpayer since April 2010. But after separation to my employer this March 2013, I haven’t paid any of my SSS contributions up to now. Will I still be entitled for SSS benefits if I submit a MAT1 Form before my 3rd month of pregnancy?

    Thank you.

  79. marlene lipnica says

    hi just wanna ask lang po about the posting for encoding of DOC kung gaano ktagal kc ngpapa id po ako at first time ko mgpaid. almost a month na kc at kelangan ko kn kc ng aaply ako abroad and i really need to have that unified id. .i hope you know about this case. thanks a lot ..

  80. aloha fajardo says

    good am,

    gusto ko sana i continue ang aking sss contribution, i was employed 20 yrs ago, nahinto ang aking contribution kasi po nag resign na po ako. pls reply thanks

  81. jayann says

    good day, question lng po.. nag file po q ng salary loan, lagpas 1week n po.. nakita q po online n my check n q last sept18 p..till now d q pdin xa narereceive.. pano po kaya yon? is it ok kng aq n mismo kumuha s sss? or i’ll just wait their mail?sana po masagot nyo question q.. thank you and more power

  82. Jop says

    I just wanna inquire about the payment of my SSS contribution.I paid my contribution voluntarily. I already paid my contribution in the month of September couple of months ago,I want to ask if it’s ok if i’ll add additional amount to have a maximum contribution in the month of september? I need the maximum contribution because my wife will give birth in the month of February. Hoping for your reply

  83. Chesca says

    Hi, does the visa officer verify with the sss for your contributions? because there are some months that i haven’t made any contributions. i’m applying for an immigrant visa. hope to get a reply from you. thank you.

  84. riza says

    Im currently onleave and i loan my first salary loan last sept. Until jan i will b on leave due to pregnancy just want to ask who will be paying for my sss contribution and salary loan? Am i th one who will vouluntarily paying for this or my company? I cant contact sss cs. I need answer. What will be the process and docs i need to fillout.thank you!

  85. Raymunda Requiz says

    My Employer paid my SSS Contribution from July 29, 2013 to December 2013, and until now there is no posting of contribution. That’s why I cannot apply for Unified Social Security Card. How long will it take before it is posted?

    Thank you!

    • says

      Your company/employer must post and submit R3 reports so your contributions must be posted. Posting is done automatically once the R3 are uploaded because it is done online. Ask your employer about R3 reports. If you have no clue about it, we have the complete instructions here at Philpad how to do that thing. Just browse over posts tagged as ‘SSS’

      • Raymunda Requiz says

        Hi, and good afternoon!

        Yes, my employer submitted the required documents, and I have xerox copies of everything.

        Thank you very much! :)

  86. jane says

    hi poh!!!
    ask ko lang po ako po ay nagpa register bilang isang household employee,,,,,3 months po kaming nagbabayad bilang voluntary,,,ngaun po pumunta po kami sa SSS pinagawa po ung employer namin ng sulat ng correction para sa nagawang pagbabayad,,ngaun po naipasa na po namin ung sulat sa SSS,,paano po namin malalaman kung pumasok na sa household contribution ung binayad namin?at kailan kami mag su-submit ng r3??

  87. Anna says

    Hi! My parents are extending their vacation trip. I have a sample of their form r5. The problem is their signature. I will be paying in malls. Can I sign in behalf of them and put ‘for” after? Thank you!

  88. mhai says

    Hi ms Fehl,
    Ask ko lng po ung pag magbbyad n ang employer s SSS,
    Sa isang teller ng Branch ng SSS mag pacompute daw ako, nung nag ask n po ako, hinihingian ako ng payroll.
    dba po R5 & R3 lng, oo nga din pla last december2012 p ung walang hulog. papano po kayo un.?
    tnx po and God Bless

  89. Mars says

    Hi I would like to apply for a salary loan but when I checked for eligibility it says the following :
    * Not Employed by Certifying Employer : 04-1244761-7
    Latest Employer in Database : 03-9190373-5
    * No six Contributions for the last 12 months. Last Posted Contribution considered : 06-2013
    * Employer not in ER Database. (If Member applicant is Household Help, Application should be processed as SE or VM )

    I’m just got hired this October. I had a loan but was able to pay more than 50% of my loan. I’m delinquent because I failed to submit the statement of account to my previous employee. I only had four contributions within this year (March, April, May, June). My question is, what do I need to do in order for me to be able to apply for a salary loan or how many contributions do I need to pay. Thank you very much.

  90. paola dela vega says

    hi. is it allowed to pay in advance> i mean advance contribution? like we are planning to pay a year in advance, is it allowed? how long is the maximum months/ years of advance contributions allowed? ofw member btw.

  91. Dyan de la Cruz says

    i have my company paying for my sss contributions for the past 9 mos, it’s just that recently i have found out that the ss number being reported by the company has a typo error, 2 digits are different from my original ss number which means that my contributions been given to the other person. i’ve come to the sss office in order to correct the ss number being reported by my company and submitted all the requirements so that the contributions intended for me will be put under my name. my question is how long does it take for the sss employee to facilitate and address my problem? thank you. hoping to get an answer.

    • Fehl says

      Hi there! You can check your contributions online and see if the correct contributions have been posted already otherwise you need to follow up why they didn’t yet corrected it.

      • Dyan de la Cruz says

        it’s been 2 weeks since i submitted all of my documents, and i’m checking every minute with the website, but still, there is no positive response with this. i guess i have to go to the sss office and follow up with it. anyway, thanks to you.

  92. jay quimson says

    hi, here is my case, i stopped working for almost two years due medical condition because of that, i wasnt been able to pay my sss contributions for two years. I know, i can still continue paying by reactivating my old account (same sss number) but, my question is, will all my previous contributions be counted or will it be forfeited like in the banks if the account gets innactive?

  93. Maih says

    This is a very informative post–thanks! :)

    One question though, what if an active voluntary SSS member retires this year (2013) but e/she had made sure pay for an entire year’s worth SSS contributions until 2014. What will happen to the contributions made in advance? Will SSS add the extra year’s worth of contributions to their pension?

  94. mebmeb says

    hi. i have an exisiting SSS loanmade last 2010. i was able to start paying it by salary deduction but stopped after I stopped working. I haven’t paid the remaining balance of it. I do not know how to proceed then. please help. thanks

    • Fehl says

      Please go to the SSS branch near you to update your account and know your balance. They will gladly help you how to pay in your convenience. God bless!

  95. Kate says

    Hi, What happens if I stopped paying SSS because i quit my job and studied for a while. And now I’m working again.. I stopped paying for about 6 months, does this mean that all my previous contributions are considered void?
    Thanks! :)

  96. Dustin Sicat says

    Ms fhel, I am trying to register a barcode for our product. and then may binigay sa akin ang GS1 philippines na certificate that “we cannot submit SSS R3 and R5 to GS1 Philippines” then it requires me to right down the reason. anu po ilalagay kong reason? patulong naman po…. salamat ng marami

    • Marifel Dungo says

      hello Dustin. Why cant you submit SSS R3 and R5? Sorry I don’t understand your situation. Can you explain further

  97. Dustin Sicat says

    I really need it now, dahil yung gumagawa ng package ng product namin, barcode nlng hinihintay, sana matulungan nyu po ako. ms fhel

  98. malyn says

    gudpm, just wanna ask lang po panu makikita ung list ng contribution ng mga employees when you already post it online, wala po kasi dun sa online inquiry eh..and one more thing, napost ko na po un but when one of our employee checked it on sss they said na wala pa daw pong contribution. bakit po ganun? thanks..

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If your employer already uploaded R3 then it would always automatically be posted. That’s so strange with your case. If you are the authorized officer of your company to do the uploading, you can check it on your employer’s account. Or view if the R3 and R5 are reconciled. If there are balances, then there are months that were not yet posted

  99. mariz de luna says

    maam fehl tanong ko lang po if we could still pay our september and october as a self employed , contribution namin to ng asawa ko..can we still pay kasi worry konti,ngaun lang kami na late magbayad due to our buzy days with our childrens activity in school..thank you ma’am hope you will answer our question!

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You can still pay October. Check out the deadlines associated with your SSS number to know if you can still pay for Sept

  100. Francis Mijares says

    Hi mam,

    We have already paid for all the SSS contributions but due to the issues in the SSS website, we have not yet been able to post the contributions to our employees. Does late posting to employees have any penalties or as long as the receipts are dated accordingly, we do not have to pay anything else right?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Late posting doesn’t have penalty fees (as of now) however uploading and submitting contributions and collection reports is a must for every employer to ensure updated posting. If there is web issue right now, we can still go to the SSS and submit USB or diskette reports anytime.

      • Francis Mijares says

        Thank you mam for the very prompt response!

        Also last time I went to SSS they told me that due to my employee digit, I am only allowed to transact during Fridays. Does this hold true for just posting of payments?

        Also do they entertain such transactions on the new Saturday schedule?

        • Marifel Dungo says

          Not that I know any schedule like that because I don’t transact as self-employed. Maybe there is now a rule like that. I hope not. I only know those SSS digits correspond to deadline of payment

      • theff says

        hi ms. marifel, may problem po kasi ako, galing po ko ng SSS last month , I attended the meeting, online na po kasi niirequired smen for posting, hndi ko po ma upload yung r3 sa online submission of collection list, invalid format po, pano po kaya yung? Thank You po.

        • Marifel Dungo says

          I also went to the SSS and ask same thing. The employee told me I can’t upload R3 online yet because it can’t be done yet. So I just submitted my USB and they uploaded the R3 like before. They also now require all employees and employers to register an online account.

  101. maki del rosario says

    maam fehl my cousin asking me if she can still pay her september contribution coz shes out of the country for 1 month na for medication….but i have paid her october contibution..pwede ko pa ba daw mahabol bayaran kahit with penalty na? thank you maam fehl sana masagot mo ang tanong ko kasi shes waiting for the result..thank you and GOD BLESS!!!

  102. jaireh says

    Good day po,

    Just want to ask po, kase ung nasa sa R3 naming is hindi balance sa resibo. I mean may mga empleyado kami na walang SSS number at terminated na so we can not go about them na po. however we paid po for their contribution. And now ayaw tanggapin ng SSS ung R3 naming kase hindi nga balance ano po dapat at tamang gawin? :(

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You must still list them on the R3 if they paid contributions and tick the remark of Separated (number 2 ata yon) and place there the date of termination

  103. ivan javier says

    for household employers paying via automatic debit arrangement do they still need to submit the quarterly contributions?

  104. lei says

    Hi po,

    I have my sss number since 2004 pero di pa po ako nakakapagcontribute..pwede po ba akong magbayad as self employed via bayad center or do i still need to go to sss branch?.thanks po!

  105. yuna says

    ask ko lang pati po ba pagbayad ng SSS ML-1 form (salary loan) by the company ay kailangan na rin gawan namin ng R3 reports? i thought it’s for contribution only. Please help..

  106. Maine says

    Hello po i need some help po ksi po first time ko po kumuha ng sss number nung kumuha nmn po ako hindi ako tinanong kung voluntary or employment ba bsta bngyan nlng po ako hindi ko narin po nasabi ksi d ko rn naman po alm nung magaaply n po ako ng work pra sa ibng bansa one of their

    requirements is to have a umid card nung kukuha n po ako sa sss dagupan ayaw po akong bgyan ksi wla pa daw contributions ung sss number ko so pano po ung inaapplyan ko kung ndi ako bgyan ng umid card please po help me regarding’t possible if papalitan ko nlng po instead of employment gawin ng voluntary ung sss number ko?thank you po godbless

  107. tere says

    Good day ma’am

    I would like to know kung paano magbayad ng voluntary.hindi pa ako nagwork ever since nung kumuha ko ng ss number nung college days ko pa. May kailangan p ba ako ayusin sa main office or can i directly pay na lng sa bank? Thank you.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      You need to update your membership as Voluntary Member by going to the SSS branch near you. Bring valid IDs and cash in order to start paying your contributions. Take care!

  108. fidesmwaaah says

    hi i want to ask if may nakapagpost/nakapagupload na ba ng R3 file using R3 File Generator?
    trying to use the website para hindi na ako pumila sa sss just to post my contributions thanks!

  109. Joan says

    hi…..ask lng po…what if ur paying ur sss contribution then u stopped po for a month or more….ano po mgyyri s mga pasts contributions mo?ang sbi po kc skn n mbbliwala n dw po ung mga pasts contributions….so if mgcontinue ka ult ng contribution like back to zero po?

    pls po let me know kng gnon nga po….thanks!

    • Joan says

      saka po kapg po ba calculation ng lht ng contributions m continuous and not maa accumulate b ung mga pasts contributions kht ndi continuous ang hulog once n mgpension n po?

  110. Eloise Verona says

    I’m a voluntary member and paid my Dec. 2013 SSS contribution at LBC last Dec.2013. Until now it’s not posted. What happened? What should I do? That was my first time to pay at bayad centers. Thank you.

    • Jam says

      Hi, I also paid last dec 2013 for my kasambahay at BPI bank. Up til now, it’s not also posted online. I called all the SSS call centers but all the lines are busy all the time.

      Is it okey to post the R3 after many months have passed? If it doesn’t get posted, I’m planning to visit the SSS branch and report there.

  111. rome says

    hi! thanks for this helpful post. my case is about my first salary loan, it was 15,000 minus the advance interest so i en-cashed 13,350. filed it on October 2010 but I figured out my company’s not paying my monthly amortization. problem was fixed though and 1st payment was a year after, October 2011. had 3 months missed payment because of maternity. now it shows online my total payment amount is 15,750. it was fine for me though it’s over the original amount loaned thinking it might be some kind of a penalty. but there still shows online that there was a past due and still a Total Amount of Obligation is 2,926.97. i dunno where there is coming from. just afraid that i have to pay that amount when i should be done with my loan payments. have any idea what was that for? this would really help a lot. tnx

  112. la-arni says

    pls help me, i just transferred to a new company, pregnant and will be due on april 2014. I dont how to claim my maternity sss contributions are updated until dec. 2013 from my previous employer how will I claim my maternity benefit?? To whom will I submit my notification since my previous employer didn’t submit maternity notification for me??? pls. need your help asap, Thanks.

  113. Janis says

    Good day. im a first timer in SSS processing. Ask ko lang sana kung ano yung gagawin ko kasi nagbayad ng SSS contributions for Jan 2014 ung accountant namin. then included pala dun sa binyaran nya sa Jan 2014 is ung contribution ng 2 employees namin for december 2013. Paano ko po eseseparate un and e enclude sa encoding sa R3 kasi magkakaroon ng discrepancy sa total amount paid na nakastate sa SBR.
    2. and pwede pa bang magsubmit ngaun sa SSS ng usb report kasi ang alam ko sa online na ngaun?

    Hope you could answer my inquiry. kasi d ako makapaggenerate ng report kasi may discrepancy sa amount and di naman pwede na double ung contribution ng 2 employees namin for jan 2014.Thanks.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      There is now a new SSS contribution table for 2014. You must use the new brackets/values in generating reports. We have the Contributions Table here you can print it out. We also have a new post about doing the New R3 Reports. Just check it out and follow the instructions. Yes, we can still submit USB to SSS. Kakasubmit ko lang this month.

  114. kaye says

    hi good am, tanong ko lang makakakuha pa ba ako ng benefits if hindi na ako babalik sa work. parang diretso resign n din.pero i filed naman na the mat 1. hope for your quick response.Thank you…

  115. arlyn balicot says

    can i ask what is the formula in computing the penalty of sss contributions and loans of an employer? please reply. thanx :)

  116. mjay says

    I would like to ask if I can renew my SSS salary loan if I voluntarily pay half of my first loan?
    Thanks in advance for the reply.

  117. vanessa says

    Hi! I just wan to know if I could still pay for last year’s (2013) quarterly contribution? would they impose a penalty? hoping for your quick response. thank you very much!

  118. harlene sumanga says

    hi!. i would like to ask because we already paid the contributions of our employees and while doing the r-3 report i’ve found out that our payment is greater than what we should pay..what should we do???because the r-3 and the r-5 is not tallied??

    • Marifel Dungo says

      print the collection list to check which account went wrong then correct that corresponding wrong account

      • rean says

        hi, wanna ask kung pede pa bang i adjust ung sss deduction ng isang employee? semi-monthly kac ang payroll namin. mejo nagkulang ang total deduction ko sa second half as based sa monthly salary credit nya. maii adjust ko pa b un sa nxt payroll? for remittance na po un by next month, papaano po ba maiipapasok ung kulang? bothered lang, hope you can help. tnx

        • Marifel Dungo says

          Request your HR or payroll officer to adjust it for you, they will need to reconcile the amounts sa SSS

          • REAN says

            paano po ba gagawin ung adjustment kung nagkulang ung deduction. sa first half po sakto ung deduction, kaso sa 2nd half po nagkulang ung kaltas, kaya pag ito-total ung total deduction nila hinde sya tutugma sa monthly salary credit nila, paano ko po ba maipapasok ung sobra at kulang na deduction sa kanila. thanks again. will wait for your reply.

  119. cheryl jane says

    hai, i have a question.. i already sent the loan collection list for this month of february 2014 and after i have printed the transaction, i found out that i there is a mistake of the employee’s number and name.. how can i change it? please help me ASAP.. thank u and God bless..

  120. Charlene says

    hello.. magtatanong sana po ako… OFW po ako at naka base ngayon sa Canada. Ang last na contribution ko pa ay sa Hong Kong noong April 2012. Ano po ang pwede kong gawin para macontinue ko yung contribution, paano ko po malalaman kung magkano ang babayaran at saan ako pwedeng magbayad dito? salamat.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Update your membership status as Voluntary if you are not OFW anymore. Then pay your contributions (ask yourself how much you can afford every month) make sure you continue paying contributions para di maistop pagiging active mo and so that you’ll be eligible for retirements benefits in the future

  121. czarina says

    Good morning po….itatanong ko lang po tungkol sa maternity benefits….expected date of delivery ko po ay sa November, 2014…Ang last contribution ko po as an “employed” member ay noong May, 2013. As of now, I’m self-employed since online teacher po ako.. Gusto ko pong malaman kung after ko pong mag-change ng status/membership ( from “employed” to voluntary/self-employed” at ipagpatuloy ko po ang contribution ko starting April this year…maka-qualified pa rin po ba ako for maternity benefits? Maraming salamat po.

    • Fehl says

      According to SSS Maternity Benefits a member can apply if she has contributed at least 3 months at the SSS within the 12-month period immediately before the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage. Take note of the following:

      -A semester refers to two consecutive quarters ending in the quarter of contingency.

      -A quarter refers to three consecutive months ending March, June, September or December.

      So you must have contributed 3 months BEFORE the 6th months (semester) prior your due date. All in 9 months before your due date in my understanding…

  122. Angie says

    hi Miss Fhel..

    I have this problem about my mother’s sss. I only paid one contribution last year. and just resumed paying the contribution this January. I’m wondering what would happen with her pension when she retires? sa pagkakaalam ko tapos na ung 120months niya, pero continue pa din niya pay ung contributions niya. but then, hindi ko nabayaran ung iba last year. maapektuhan ba ung dating or amount ng pension niya?

    thanks a lot in advance for your reply.

    • Fehl says

      Once she reached 120 months, according to SSS, she may be eligible to receive monthly pension when she reached 60 years old. The computation of amount will be based on the contributions she has made and CYS. SSS will show you it once you will apply for retirement pension

  123. Drew says

    Good evening,

    Tanong ko lng po how long will it take pra ma post online yung voluntary payment ko for April May and June. Knina ko lng po (April 04 Friday) binyad sa sss branch sa Angeles Pamp. Ngkataon nwal po yung receipt ko pauwi. Chinecked ko po onlibe pero wla pong nkareflect n payments.

    • Fehl says

      Try checking after more weeks. For voluntary, I don’t know how long they are posted but for employers, it’s automatically posted once the R3 were entered online

  124. Jina says

    Hello po paano po if may 23 months ako na contribution sa SSS.. pero may gap un dahil minsan may work ako.. minsan wla.. pag walang work.. wla ding hulog… ngaun naisipan kong mag VOLUNTARY…. nag bayad ako sa BAYAD center… nito lang when i check it online..pumasok sya sa VM Actual Premium HINDI doon sa Actual Premium noong may employer pa ako. Ganoon po ba talaga?

    Bale wala na po ba ung 23 months na contribution ko? if nag VOLUNTARY na ako?sayang naman un.

  125. kyleshane says

    hi ms fehl would like to know kung pwede ako magbayad ng loans ko voluntary instead yung company namin kasi lagi po kasi sila late magpay nagkakapenalty kami kaya naisip ko po kung pwede voluntary ako?pano po magbayad if ever?saka pagbayad po ba mapopost agad?posting rin po problem ng company kaya nagkakapenalty

  126. Nor says

    hi, good day, ask ko lang anong link ng blog mo nag eemphasize kung pano ang step step posting ng salary loan payment?

  127. Eljohn2487 says

    Hello po. I have been paying my SSS contribution for about 4years from my employer before. But then, as soon as i have resigned from my past employer, that was March 31, 2013, i have stopped paying my contributions at exactly 1year and 2months now. I am planning to start paying again this coming June 2014 but for now, as self-employed. Can i still pay those unpaid months of contributions? If not, what will i do? Please, i need your expert advice about my case.

    • Fehl says

      Resume your contributions by going to the SSS and update your membership. I think you cannot pay the old months anymore but you can resume your contributions

  128. ishopph says

    thank you for sending the R3 File Gen 2014. I have not opened it yet, but your blog is really useful!


    Hi Ms. fhel gusto ko ipagpatuloy ang OFW SSS ko kaya lang ung pinapadalhan na malapit sa amin walang RS5 pwede po ba un..thanks

    • Fehl says

      I suggest you resume it so you will enjoy your benefits and retirement benefits in the future. SS requires at least 120 months. Sayang naman yung dati if you will stop. Download the RS5 form online if you don’t have a copy anymore. :) See the latest SSS Contribution Table in our posts

  130. ja tan says

    Hi Ma’am! Found your post very helpful but can i ask just a few questions?

    1. Should i attach the SBR (Special Bank Receipt) and the R5 to the receiving copy?

    2. In the Transmittal Certification who will fill up or sign in ‘Received by:’, ‘Date Received:’, and ‘Transaction No.:’?

    3. If we were to fill up the above, can you give a sample on what should be put in?


    • Fehl says

      1. Yes you must attach separate copies of receipt for the receiving copies
      2. That must be signed by the Authorized Signatory. If you’re not authorized, file SSS Form L-501
      3. You mean screenshots of my answers 1 and 2?

  131. Trishia says

    Hi. Is there an App for Loan Program too? Like the “SSS R3 File”? Pls reply. I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

  132. ben says

    Our company is located in Consolacion, Cebu. Why is it that SSS Lapulapu can’t post our loan payments? Their last posting date for our loans payments was… January 2014!!! Our workers are now complaining and blaming our company since they can’t apply for new loans.


  133. anne says

    Good day. Mam ask ko lng panu kapag employer ka tpos may mga nkalimutan bayaran. Pwede kaya matangal ung penalties? Kc ung ngaayos ng sss nmen may mga hndi pala sila naihulog ngaun lng namen nacheck.

  134. ma. dolores c. santos says


  135. cccc says

    Hi. Do you know what will happen if I fail to submit an r3? I havent submitted any r3 since January 2014 by mistake. Will there be any penalties or whatnot?

    • Fehl says

      The contributions (January to present) will not be posted in SSS database. Currently, there is no penalty but your employees would get mad and their SSS contributions would not be updated

  136. belle says

    Maam hello po.Ok lng po ba na aq ang mag update nong contributions ko?bali binigyan aq ng employer q ng copy sa usb nla tapos ipinag photocopy nla aq ng hardcopy na receipts nung payment nmin.plano ko po lasi mag loan.sabi ksai ng employer ko na update ndaw nla umg payments pero pag tingin ko dooon sa cntribution ko eh wla pa kaya aq nkng sna mag uupdate.salamat po

  137. belle says

    Nakalimutan ko rin pla itanong ano po ba ang pdf file and ano po ba ang dpat qng eexpect na laman nung usb?ksi noong nakita ko ung laman ng usb ng employer ko pareha lng nman din yob sa hard copy na receipts na may nka tatak na received ng sss..nahihiya nmn po kasi aq magtanong sa ofis nmin baka sabihin nla makulit ako.ksi qng na update na nlng ung payments nmin bakit hanggang ngayon wla pa din..patulong nman po..salamat

  138. belle says

    Maam hello po.Ok lng po ba na aq ang mag update nong contributions ko?bali binigyan aq ng employer q ng copy sa usb nla tapos ipinag photocopy nla aq ng hardcopy na receipts nung payment nmin.plano ko po lasi mag loan.sabi ksai ng employer ko na update ndaw nla umg payments pero pag tingin ko dooon sa cntribution ko eh wla pa kaya aq nkng sna mag uupdate.salamat po

  139. Nobs says

    Hi Everyone,

    Would just like to share how SSS computes for the penalty when SSS contributions have been delayed. This was how I derived it based from when an SSS accounts admin did a statement for me. It’s best described through the example below:

    Penalty Rate = 3% (the current rate I know of)
    Cutoff Day = 10th (i.e. Employer SSS Number ends in 1) Day of the following month
    SSS Contribution = 845.00
    Applicable Month = Jan 2014
    Due Date = Feb 10, 2014
    Target Payment Date = May 14, 2014 (i.e. the date you plan to pay your SSS contribution plus penalty)

    No. of Days Delayed = {(# months difference between [Target Payment Date] and [Due Date]) * 30} + {(# days difference between [Day of Target Payment Date] and [Cutoff Day])}
    = {(# months difference between [May 14, 2014] and [Feb 10, 2014]) * 30} + {# days difference between [14th] and [10th])}
    = {(3 months) * 30} + {4 days}
    = {90 days} + {4 days}
    = 94 days

    Penalty Amount = [SSS Contribution] * [Penalty Rate] * {[No. of Days Delayed] / 30}
    = 845.00 * 3% * {94 / 30}
    = 79.43

    Hope this helps, or comment for any errors.

  140. dandan says

    Hi! good day. I have resigned on my company effective dec. 3, 2014. I still have sss loan balance. If I’m not mistaken it will be deducted to my final pay. Can pay the monthly amortization myself to sss so I can get my final pay in full.

  141. mav says

    good day ma’am! ask ko lang po.. kapag magfifile na po ng retirement, makakahingi po nung list of contributions? and kasi po yung employer nakamiss po ng pagbayad. pwede pa po ba? kunwari po jan-ma bayad po yung june-july hindi tapos august-sept bayad tapos ung october hindi.. pwede pa po ba yun? thank you.

  142. Mae says

    Hi Maam! Just want to ask. Quarterly po nagbabayad ang boss ko ng sss contributions po naming mga employees nya. ngayon po pag ginegenerate ko po sya sa offline r3gen, sa SSS Create text file/payment record, pag iniinput ko po, laging nagpa-pop up na ‘Payment is greater than the Encoded Amount’. Kailangan po ba ilagay lang ang exact amount ng dapat bayaran? Pano po yun kasi Quarterly sya, iisa lang pong receipt ng payment namin? Thank you and GOD Bless

  143. Vanessa says

    Ask ko lang po yung tungkol s contribution ko.. Nagbayad po kasi ako ng contribution ko as Voluntary member, pero hindi po ako nag-apply ng Self-Employed, panu po yung nahulog ko? Mababalewala po ba yun? Ano pong dapat kong gawin? Nabasa ko po kasi s Internet na maho-hold lang yung hulog ko kung hindi naman ako nag-apply as Self-Employed…

    Sana po masagot nyo asap.. Need ko din po kasi sa maternity ko baka wala po akong makuhang benefits..

    God Bless!
    Thank you po!

    • Fehl says

      Self-employed means you have a business you own, you’re a sole proprietor etc. Voluntary can also be just ordinary people like housewife etc. I think you’re good as long as you pay contributions regularly. I suggest you register for SSS online account so you can monitor your contributions better. God bless!

  144. greyz says

    gud pm ! naghulog po ako ng 660 oct.2014 , akala ko po kc total ng 3 months (july,aug.,sept.) ung ilalagay pag quarterly,, pwd ko pb hulugan ung nov. ? as quartely ?

  145. ca says

    where I can report my current employer is not paying our benefits contribution like sss, pag-ibig and philihealth, as I check my sss this morning the last contribution being paid is last march 2013, im planning to loan for my sss for some purposes, how can you help me?tnx…

    • Fehl says

      First, ask your employer kindly if they report. Maybe there are reasons, maybe delayed lang. Then if nothing talaga, go to each agency – SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth, baka naman dipa po sila member kahit kinakaltasan na kayo ng contributions

  146. ca says

    as far I know medyo nalugi ung company last yr pero imagine lugi nalugi na pero ng hire p den ng tao tapos pg-umalis ka at kukunin m ung record sa sss, pg-ibig at philhelth oofferan ka na kung gus2 mo ibabalik nya nlng ung dineduct sayo (di kasama ung hulog nya dapat as employer), db lugi k po, meron na ren samin na-ospital di nagamit ung philihealth kasi di nga nahuhulugan, nahulugan naman ung philhealth hangat jan dis year kasi manganganak na ko, dun lng inasikaso pero other benefits p like sss & pg-ibig wla pa ren, panu q ngaun makakapg-loan, pede ba ko mag-reklamo sa mga agency like SSS, philhealth & pag-ibig, na di malalaman ng employer q na aq ung ngreklamo sknya?

    • Fehl says

      Yes, you can file a complaint sa SSS, Philhelath and Pagibig if your company don’t give what you work and contribute for

  147. ca says

    pede ba ko mag-reklamo sa mga agency like SSS, philhealth & pag-ibig, na di malalaman ng employer q na aq ung ngreklamo sknya?

    tnx po sa comment

  148. Lucy Manco says

    hi im not yet a member of sss however i plan to avail the maternity benefits because i am pregnant of 4 months and delivery date is june, 2014. pwd pakaya akong makahabol if I will register and pay this january, 2014?tnx…

  149. Vaning says

    Hi Ms. Fehl, just wanna inquire my husband is an OFW and he wasn’t able to pay his contributions for more than 2 years. The question is,

    1) can I just pay based on the SSS PAYMENT TABLE or should I still go at SSS branch to ask for reactivation of my husband’s membership?or my husband should be the one to update his membership?

    2) Whats the difference or benefits if my husband declared himself as voluntary membership or as OFW?


    • Fehl says

      You must update his account first to resume contributions in order to reactivate his account. He can authorize you since you’re his wife. You need authorization letter from him. The benefits are the same as far as I know. The difference is that the minimum salary credit (as of now) for OFW is 5000.

  150. Cris says

    hi po, inquire ko po if may format po ng paggawa ng letter of explanation sa SSS. kasi po nawala ng employer ko yung R-5 form na nabayaran na tru bank last quarter of 2014, kaso lang hindi pa namin napareceive sa SSS. tanx

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