J. CO Donuts and Coffee Franchise Philippines

Recently, I’ve published about the branches of the new donuts and coffee shop favorite in town – J. CO Donuts and Coffee. Now, I’m here for those who requested about how to franchise J. Co Donuts in the Philippines. What are the requirements? How much would it cost?

Franchising a business is really profitable especially if the company is known and popular already. It adds more encouragement if the business is a restaurant or a fast food chain. Food business may not have its off-peak season since eating is really a necessity. Jollibee and McDonald’s require huge capital and initial franchise fees to set them up. Also coffee brands like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. Why not franchise something that has both – coffee and sandwiches? J. CO Donuts and Coffee has them both because J. Co doesn’t only sell donuts and frappes. They now added yummy and nutritious sandwiches on their enticing menu.

CC BY SA – mohamednaz flickr Photostream

J CO Donuts is attractive to people not only to working guys and gals out there but also to teens, moms, dads and also the senior citizens. If you’ve been to a J CO branch and tasted their foods and drinks, I say I won’t need to say more why it would click and sell. Of course you must choose your location, too. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising a business, simply tap that highlighted phrase.

J CO Donuts Franchise in the Philippines Requirements

(I added an update to the franchise info of J CO. See it below)

You must be business-driven and wants more people to share the J. Co way. Because J. CO Donuts and Coffee’s first branch was opened in Indonesia, the company’s Headquarters is in there too. Entrepreneur Johnny Andrean founded J. CO in 2005 in Indonesia. Since then, it bloomed to another 100 shops in Indonesia alone. Now it has branches in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and here in the Philippines. Interested individuals who want to open a franchise of J CO Donuts internationally can contact this link – jcodonuts.com

Chairman of manufacturer of Oishi foods, Carlos Chan and Mang Inasal Chairman, Edgar Sia started J. CO donuts in the Philippines. There is no official statement anywhere if these two business magnates hold exclusive franchise of J. CO here. If you want to franchise within the Philippines or somewhere else, you can gladly contact the Indonesian head office to inquire more. Since this company is based in Indonesia and you are opening in the Philippines, it would cost just few millions depending on the size of your shop. All ingredients are imported like the Belgian chocolates they use, Californian Almonds, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Italian Roasted Coffee. I think 5 years from now on, franchise fee for J CO will skyrocket so it would be cool to start your outlet now if you really are thinking about it.

UPDATE: June 2013

I was so happy to receive a message from the marketing manager of Contemporain Foods, Inc (which operates J.CO Donuts & Coffee in the Philippines) and I want to share that their company holds the exclusive franchise for J. CO in the Philippines right now. Cheers, J. CO! Thank you for serving as your addicting treats!

See the current list of J. CO Donuts Branches in the Philippines


  1. Angie Pangilinan says

    Oh thank you very much for your reply, but i forgot to tell you which country i would like to franchise, actually i’m planning to franchise in philippines in Angeles City Pampanga 2 and half hours driving from manila going to north, so that is my town, and there is no J-Co donuts in Pampanga which all my friends and schoolmates likes it, even in facebook i saw them they posted eating J-Co donuts that is the reasons why i had been interested to try to know about the cost of franchising fee and all in details. Thanks for giving me a time to reply all those my questions.

  2. Mark ed lusung says

    Good day! I would like to ask what are the requirements for franchising your product and how much is the franchise fee? Thank you!!

  3. marian buray says

    Good day! I would like to ask what are the requirements for franchising your product and how much is the franchise fee?

  4. Caroline J. Roldan says

    May I know what will be the requirements if and i acquire a franchise of J.Co? and what will be the total costs that I would incur. Please reply through my email address.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Jessica Tode says

    Hi! I would like to inquire for the amount of the franchise fee and its requirement for the franchise of J.Co. kindly reply through my emAil. Thank you

    • says

      Please go to the website I provided for the franchise inquiry page from the J. Co Donuts Headquarters. They will contact you once you gave your interest and contact details. Thank you :)

      • Mark ed lusung says

        Good day ma’am, do you have other website? Because i could not open the given site its always blank orange page… Kindly send other site and please send other contact no. Please reply on my email thank you

        • says

          jcodonuts.com – that’s the only website of J CO Donuts Head Office. Make sure your internet and browser is fast. Wait for the page to load and go over the section for the franchise page. Put there your message of franchise interest, your email and the required info. They will reply when they can

  6. JAYRGO says

    Good day! I would like to ask what are the requirements for franchising your product and how much is the franchise fee? Thank you!!

  7. says

    please go to the J Co Donuts Franchise page to send your interest to franchise. They will contact you once they received your inquiry. the website is mentioned in the article above. Thank you for reading this blog :) Have a great day!

  8. says

    Hi There!

    Me and my husband together with a Lebanese friend are interested in opening a franchise of J.CO Donuts in the Philippines, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Lebanon. Can you please send us the requirements as a start together with the application form and the person we need to contact to discuss.

    Awaiting for your soonest response.


    Maureen Joy Umadhay-Jlailaty

  9. Klint Bautista says

    Hi id like to ask what is the requirements for franchising.. i am interested for this kind of business.. thank you looking forward for your reply.

  10. Klint Bautista says

    what is the requirements for franchise.. i am interested for this kind of business looking forward for your reply thanks..

  11. Winnette Flores says

    Hello, I want to know the requirements for franchising JCO and all relevant information that I will be needed and things to consider including franchise fee, ROI, etc? Thank you!!

  12. Beth Amparo says


    Please enlighten me on the details of franchising J. Co donut in Paranaque, how much money is needed, who do I go with this, will you be the one to look for the place or me? I have noticed there’s none of it yet in SM Bicutan where I live so near, or anywhere here in Betterliving or BF Homes Paranaque, I really am so interested with this.

    I will be looking forward for your kind reply. You can send me details on my email.



  13. Lorna M. Condrillon says

    Please enlighten me on the details of franchising J. Co donut in Pacita,Laguna, how much money is needed, who do I go with this, will you be the one to look for the place or me? I have noticed there’s none of it yet in Laguna where I live.

    I will be looking forward for your kind reply. You can send me details on my email.


  14. christy says

    hi just to inquire about franchising j.co donuts? and requirements please and im out of the country right now but i want to put the coffeshop in batangas area or lipa city. and i.m trying to open the link but it won’t open.

  15. Ann Jimenez says

    Can I ask for the details of the franchise for jco donuts as well as the details in acquiring one. It would be for baguio City. Thanks….!!!

  16. says

    I feel like a donut all of a sudden. LOL.

    This is a great article on a great Philippine franchise, Fehl. If you have a passion for food and coffee, then the world can be your oyster. or even your donut. :)


  17. Isabel P. delos Santos says

    I am interested in franchising J. Co donut, how much money is needed, who do I go with this, will you be the one to look for the place or me? I have noticed there’s none of it yet in SM Pala pala Dasmarinas where I live so near, or anywhere here in . I really am so interested with this.

    I will be looking forward for your kind reply. You can send me details on my email.

  18. Catherine Baldoz says

    Good Day!
    I am currently working as an accounts here in singapore and I would like to know how to franchise JCO donut in Phils. Tarlac City is my prefer area.

    Please get back to me soonest.


    • Cindy P. Dispo says

      Good day !

      I just want to know how much it would cost me if I’m franchising Jco in Pampanga and please send me the requirements I need to provide. I’ll be happy if you could furnish me details of your head office in the Philippines plus the contact numbers. Or I need to contact direct to Indonesia…
      Thanks so much …

  19. Alex says

    To those who are eager to know regarding franchising J.Co in Phil., unfortunately based on the response I got from their head office in Indonesia, Phil. Company is not able to franchise their development rights to third parties at the moment as they are under the obligation to develop the market on their own.

    So, there you go guys. I felt very much devastated myself.

    Have a good one.

  20. arturo sanares says

    Contemporain foods inc. (oishi) is the lone and only franchisee of j.co donuts here in the philippines. Chan family is close friends with johnny andrean the founder of j.co in jakarta, this means that franchising here in the philippines is impossible. So might as well set-up a franchise j.co in other parts of the world (its easier) than here in our homeland.

  21. Jendra says

    Oh hi.im here in Philippines and so so interested about how and how much is the franchising of j.co donuts.

  22. John Perry Espino says

    I’m planning to franchise. how much if I want to franchise JCO? in Quezon city Philippines?

  23. Michael John Maypa says

    Hi there! good afternoon… can you kindly please email me the requirements and how much is the estimated price in franchising JCO here in Metro Manila? I just want to see if it’s worth to invest in..

  24. Bart M Surio says

    I am interested in Franchising J.CO Donuts, can you please provide me information about this? The Terms and Condition, in particular. Many Thanks….

  25. bong danganan says

    hello there,

    I saw a very long line of customers in front of SM Mall of Asia yesterday, very impressive . J.Co is open for franchising in provincial operation/outside Manila?

    Im a businesman here in Baguio City engaged in Automotive Servicing. We’ve been planning to venture into another business.

    I would appreciate your immediate reply.

    Thank you.

    Bong Danganan

  26. Caesar says

    May I know how much would it cost to franchise J.CO? I would like to open a branch here in Las Pinas, preferably SM Southmall! Thanks

  27. Alvene Ngo says

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Glaze morning!

    I am Alvene Ngo, marketing manager of Contemporain Foods, Inc. which operates J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Philippines. On behalf of our team, I’d like to thank you for the special highlight of J.CO in your blog. Seeing as there has been a lot of interest in the franchise information for J.CO, I would like to share with you that our company, Contemporain Foods, Inc. is the exclusive franchise license holder of J.CO in the Philippines. Currently, we are not yet sub-franchising the brand to other parties.

    We look forward to your continued support and interest in J.CO.

    Thank you.

    Alvene Ngo
    Marketing Manager
    Contemporain Foods, Inc.

    • says

      It’s a pleasure to be hearing from you Sir Alvene Ngo. I myself was surprised of the comments here :) More power to J Co and more long lines of happy fans :) Cheers!

      I’ve added the info about Contemporain Foods, Inc to update my blog above. Thank you and glaze morning!

  28. Vangie sampaton says

    Good day! Just wanna ask how much is the franchise of j.co donuts and whatarethe requirements.
    Thank you and God Bless!

  29. says

    Nice to see the blog getting the attention of the Franchise people, Fehl. This is a terrific feature on successful franchising, and how to make a great product go global, which they invariably did.

    Hugs from me today :)

    • says

      When I’m in malls and see long lines of people, I already know it’s J. CO Donuts and Coffee :) They have millions of fans. How can business minded people not want to franchise one? :) *hugs and kisses and donuts for you today*

  30. says

    Good day! Me & my boyfriend would like to know how to franchise j.co donuts? how much would it costs & all the details/requirements because we are planning to open a branch here at San Pablo City, Laguna… Thank you!

  31. Jobel Lapinid says

    Hi. I just want to ask how much would it cost to franchise your product? Is it possible just to have a stall and to dispense donuts first? How much would be it’s cost? I’m an OFW who is planning to go home and settle permanently in the Phils. I’m looking for a good business to start. Kindly send your reply to my email. Thank you so much.

  32. yolanda cho says

    hi may i know how much it will cost to francise a small outlet for j co donuts and what are the requiirements.please let me know and my target place is here i lipa city batangas philippines tnx

  33. says

    hi, I would like to ask how much the cost of franchising J.CO donuts here in the philippines near manila place specifically in cavite area if posible we prepare to have one inside SM mall.. hope u could post me the detail as soon as posible. thanks so much for your attention..

  34. judith ibea says

    good day! kindly email me on how and how much will it cost to franchise j.co. im from pangasinan.. i appreciate if you could answer me back as soon as possible.. thanks j.co

  35. Francisco Rondolos says


    Please send me complete information on how to franchise J.Co Donuts and Coffee in the Philippines, Rosales or Dagupan , Pangasinan area. Thank you very much.

  36. baltazar isip says

    Good day!

    This is Alvene Ngo from Contemporain Foods, Inc., the official and master franchisee of J.CO Donuts & Coffee in the Philippines. Our company has been monitoring a “J.Co Donuts & Coffee, Philippines” Facebook page which has been claiming that it is the official representative of J.CO in the Philippines. I saw your post on its wall. However, please be advised that the page and whoever its moderator(s) or administrator(s) are, they are not in any way sanctioned, connected, related, or authorized by Contemporain Foods, Inc. and J.CO Donuts & Coffee International (Jakarta headquarters) to run such a page. Please beware of any information it has so far released and of any communication that you might have had with it/them. Please do disregard any and all information it has released, so far.

    However, after the fact of this unfortunate occurences, I, in behalf of Contemporain Foods, Inc., greatly appreciate your interest and excitement over J.CO’s opening in the Philippines. We’d also like to inform you that our opening has been moved to March due to some internal delays. In the meantime, please visit and like our official page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JCO-Donuts-Coffee-Philippines/362077767139247 and keep posted on all up to date news with us or contact me or our company via the details below.

    Alvene S. Ngo
    844-84-41 loc. 114

  37. Maria Lourdes Baniqued says

    I am very interested about franchising J.Co Donuts and coffee. i am looking to open your donut/coffee store in “the Fort area” or in the nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna area. Please provide me with all the necessary informtaion i need to know about the franchise. Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated as i want to do this in the soonest possible time.

    • says

      Contemporain Foods, Inc. currently holds the exclusive franchise of J Co Donuts and Coffee in the Philippines so we cannot franchise it unless you deal with them.

      • princess tan says

        hi just want to inquire if pde magfranchise or sub franchisee ng j.co outlet booth style sana ang plan ko dto sa bulacan in san miguel and baliuag area, plan ko simultaneous opening ng booths sa bulacan area, how much and panu po ang delivery? for d meantym mdame dto nagpapaorder and shipment thru bus lang ang gnagawa kaya plan ko mag outlet nlang.. tnx

        • says

          Contemporain Foods Inc holds the exclusive franchise of J. Co in the country right now so franchising J Co is not possible unless you deal with CFI

  38. nacelle abrogina says

    Hi, in interested 4 franchising j.co doughnuts. How much is the cost? Here in lipa city po sans. Kc super lakas tlga ng j.co at super sarap. Wait k po reply nyo.tnx

  39. Charina says

    Good day! I would like to ask what are the requirements for franchising your product and how much is the franchise fee? Thank you!!

  40. Nestor says

    Hi, pls send me details and frachise fee on J.Co donuts and coffee for franchising your product in booth form.
    My location is in San Pablo City, Laguna. thanks!

  41. Lilia T. Granito says

    Good Day! My name is Lilia T. Granito and I am very much interested of franchising your product the J. Co Donuts and Coffee. I would like to know if how much the franchise amount and the requirements thereof. Thank you very much if you could pay attention on my request and replying on it. God bless.

  42. JL Solano says

    I would like to know how much is the franchise fee and how can I start it. Please send me via my email the full details. Thank you very much.

  43. Evelyn says

    Good morning!!

    Im planning to franchise JCO donuts cannot open the website. Please let me know.
    Im really interested. I want to open in Pampanga or zambales whatever place still available
    Thank you look forward to heard from you

  44. E Esguerra says


    I would like to know how much is the cos to franchise or how much do I need to open with the renovation etc. Please send me via email the full details. Interested to open in Dau mabalacat, Angeles and San Fernando, Pampanga Robinson.

    Thank you very much. Loof forward to heard from you.

    • Jenalyn tagliaferri says

      Im interested to franchise jco donuts in SM ROSARIO CAVITE.Pwede po’ bang kmuha ng appointment..or number ng head office.thank you.

  45. Jeffrey says

    Hi, where do i need to send my proposal for a SALE commercial unit here at Chino Roces Makati near San Lorenzo Village, a best shot to put your business J.Co donuts and coffee. Appreciate your reply. More Power. Thanks.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Contemporain Foods, Inc. holds the franchising of J Co in the Philippines. So you need to talk to them. Their office is located at 2225 Tolentino St. Pasay City

  46. MEnbelyn Joya says

    Hi Im menbelyn Joya I want to franchise j.co donuts in Tagaytay we have a place in Tagaytay and we want to have business with you. We are very interested. Can you pls contact me with this number 09228290010.
    Thank you very much

  47. Cathy says

    Good day! I would like to ask what are the requirements for franchising your product and how much is the franchise fee? Thank you!!

  48. Vivian Macaraig Molinyawe says

    Happy New Year! I just want to request also the requirements on how to franchise from your company I want to put it up here in Batangas. I hoping for your reply and having good business with you..
    Thank you and more power.

  49. Bassam says

    Can you please guide me to the contact telephone number and email address of Johny Andrean who is responsible for the franchise of JCO Dounuts?
    i have been trying to reach him but i was unable to do so.

  50. Linadeth dowding says

    Hi , my name is Linadeth dowding Filipino housewife marriage to British national. I am interested to join to your company as an franchising applicant , please let me know if how much the franchising fee to start my new business in Philippines.if I am lucky this is my first business in Philippines .i have no Idea how to start the franchising business.hopefully you can help me in this matter. Many thanks Linadeth

  51. Cherry Leeh Diaz says

    Hi, I am interested in franchising J.Co Donuts here at Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Would it be possible? Then, May I have the privilege to know the details of how and what. Please include the requirements and total cost amount. Thanks

  52. kate says

    Good day! I am interested in franchising J.co how much is the cost and where?hope to hear from u soon.from Philippines.thanks


    hi, we are interested in franchising jco donuts, planned location will be in Cabanatuan, kindly send us a copy of terms & conditions and cost. appreciate your reply at earliest.

  54. Lucia Gozon says

    Dear Marifel,

    Can you please send me any information regarding J.CO Donuts and Coffee Franchise, as I am interested to open one in Roxas City, Capiz. How much is the cost? Etc.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Lucia Gozon

  55. mico pineda says

    I would like to know what are the requirements and the amount in franchising JCO, can you send me the full detail.

    Hoping for your considerable response…


  56. MR GABRIEL says

    Inquiry on how much to franchise j co. I will try to open a franchise at SM Bacoor.

    Hoping for your quick respond regarding this matter.

    God Bless.

  57. edna ramirez says

    i am interested to have a franchise of j. co donuts in Bulacan, I already sent an email to thru their web site until now no response.I hope they respond to my inquiry soon.

  58. Rizza says

    When you mentioned “Contemporain Foods, Inc” holds the exclusive franchise of J.Co in the Phiippines, does that mean we contact Contemporain Foods, Inc if we want to put up a branch in other cities in the country?

  59. mico pineda says

    I would like to know what are the requirements and the amount in franchising JCO, can you send me the full detail.

    Hoping for your considerable response…


    • wozzy says

      Contemporain Foods, Inc holds the exclusive franchise for J. CO in the Philippines right now so they’re the only ones who can open J.CO stores in the entire Philippines.

  60. says

    Good day!

    I found your company and products profitabe and interesting. Me and my brother wants to franchise J.co donuts and coffee as soon as possible here in Bulacan somewhere in Malolos. Please send me the details on how to franchise, what are the requirements needed, the packages and how much will it cost.

    Thankyou and Godbless! I’m looking forward for your quick response.

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