J. CO Donuts and Coffee Franchise Philippines

Recently, I’ve published about the branches of the new donuts and coffee shop favorite in town – J. CO Donuts and Coffee. Now, I’m here for those who requested about how to franchise J. Co Donuts in the Philippines. What are the requirements? How much would it cost?

Franchising a business is really profitable especially if the company is known and popular already. It adds more encouragement if the business is a restaurant or a fast food chain. Food business may not have its off-peak season since eating is really a necessity. Jollibee and McDonald’s require huge capital and initial franchise fees to set them up. Also coffee brands like Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. Why not franchise something that has both – coffee and sandwiches? J. CO Donuts and Coffee has them both because J. Co doesn’t only sell donuts and frappes. They now added yummy and nutritious sandwiches on their enticing menu.

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J CO Donuts is attractive to people not only to working guys and gals out there but also to teens, moms, dads and also the senior citizens. If you’ve been to a J CO branch and tasted their foods and drinks, I say I won’t need to say more why it would click and sell. Of course you must choose your location, too. If you want to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of franchising a business, simply tap that highlighted phrase.

J CO Donuts Franchise in the Philippines Requirements

UPDATE: I already mentioned from the update below that Contemporain Foods, Inc. holds the exclusive franchise of J Co Donuts and Coffee in the Philippines. So to those who are interested to franchise this famous brand, it won’t likely happen. Read the message I got from Alvin Ngo, Marketing Manager of J Co, below:

“This is Alvene Ngo from Contemporain Foods, Inc, the master and exclusive franchise rights holder of J.CO in the Philippines. I would like to reiterate that as “exclusive franchisee” of J.CO in the Philippines, we are not sub-franchising the brand and its related products and services to third parties in the Philippines.

We hope for the public’s kind understanding in this.

We thank everyone for the continuous support of J.CO and hope that J.CO would always be your choice for donuts and coffee.”

Old article: You must be business-driven and wants more people to share the J. Co way. Because J. CO Donuts and Coffee’s first branch was opened in Indonesia, the company’s Headquarters is in there too. Entrepreneur Johnny Andrean founded J. CO in 2005 in Indonesia. Since then, it bloomed to another 100 shops in Indonesia alone. Now it has branches in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and here in the Philippines. Interested individuals who want to open a franchise of J CO Donuts internationally can contact this link – jcodonuts.com

Chairman of manufacturer of Oishi foods, Carlos Chan and Mang Inasal Chairman, Edgar Sia started J. CO donuts in the Philippines. There is no official statement anywhere if these two business magnates hold exclusive franchise of J. CO here. If you want to franchise within the Philippines or somewhere else, you can gladly contact the Indonesian head office to inquire more. Since this company is based in Indonesia and you are opening in the Philippines, it would cost just few millions depending on the size of your shop. All ingredients are imported like the Belgian chocolates they use, Californian Almonds, Japanese Matcha Green Tea and Italian Roasted Coffee. I think 5 years from now on, franchise fee for J CO will skyrocket so it would be cool to start your outlet now if you really are thinking about it.

UPDATE: June 2014

I was so happy to receive a message from the marketing manager of Contemporain Foods, Inc (which operates J.CO Donuts & Coffee in the Philippines) and I want to share that their company holds the exclusive franchise for J. CO in the Philippines right now. Cheers, J. CO! Thank you for serving as your addicting treats!

See the current list of J. CO Donuts Branches in the Philippines

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