BDO Easy Investment Plan Review and UITF Benefits

Why should you invest BDO Easy Investment Plan UITF? What are the benefits compared to regular UITFs? This is my ultimate review and guide about investing and monitoring BDO EIP.

UITFs like Mutual Funds are one of my favorite investment products. If you’re a regular reader of this website, perhaps you know that already. I’m not gonna talk about what they are in this post, if you’re new to UITF and you want to get to know them better, just head off to our Millionaire topics and come back here.

If you want to open UITF by investing set-aside-money every month instead of one-time investment, then go for BDO EIP. BDO Easy Investment Plan as what it’s called completely is a terrific option for UITF periodic investment.

This Trust Fund is like a Magnum Gold with Salted Caramel type of fund because you know to yourself you need to have one. Yes, it is irresistible but it is also a MUST have.

What is BDO EIP?

BDO EIP is an Easy Invest Plan for UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund). It allows the investor to invest on a regular basis or on a periodic schedule instead of one time placement. This affordable way of investing will also help to minimize risk by executing cost-averaging method of investing.

Why I choose BDO Easy Investment Plan?

  • It’s literally savings plus investing rolled into one.
  • I want a UITF product that enables me to invest monthly for 3-5 years or more
  • It’s another way to diversify my funds
  • Earnings are computed using Cost Averaging Method which is cool even though the market is up or down

If you are wondering what type of BDO UITF I use for EIP, I’m using Equity Fund. I know it’s the riskiest fund yet I know EIP uses Strategic Averaging Method in computing income and losses so I’m pretty confident I would earn profit in the long run besides I’m keeping my funds for 3 years or more. To sum up, here are my points:

Why I choose BDO UITF Equity Fund for my Easy Investment Plan?

  • It is majority invested in stocks
  • The higher the risk, the higher the earnings
  • I love BDO Equity Fund’s performance
  • I like its holding companies (PLDT, Ayala Land, SM Investments, Ayala Corp., ICTSI, Alliance Global, Megaworld, SM Prime, DNL Industries, Petron etc.)
  • My goal is long term
  • EIP used Averaging Method (a.k.a. Cost Averaging) so it’s a win win!
bdo easy investment plan review

BDO Easy Investment Plan Review and Earnings Report

BDO UITF EIP is among my newest investments. So far it’s amazing because I can monitor my investment via BDO Online Banking and I can see there all the income incurred every month. Since it’s a new fund, I decided to set aside 2000 a month first and wait for few months to increase my monthly placement. I’m planning to make it 5000 a month perhaps when a plunge this year occurred. They usually come anyway.

bdo easy investment plan review benefits
BDO Easy Investment Plan Earnings Report using 2K per month placement. As you see, it”s only been just few months yet I earned 4,897 already what more after 5 years or so. What more if I made my placement to 5K…

Benefits of BDO Easy Investment Plan

Using BDO Easy Investment Plan is so affordable, convenient and comfortable because no matter what type of UITF you choose, you will feel confident you will earn profit in the long run whether NAVPUs go up or down.

With EIP, you can choose how and when your funds will be invested – 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th of the month your choice. It is an Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) so you can elect how much fund will be debited from your bank account and will be added to your UITF.

BDO UITF Products Available for Easy Investment Plan:

  • Peso Fixed Income Fund
  • Peso Balanced Fund
  • Equity Fund

What are your views about BDO UITF Easy Investment Plan? Don’t have UITF account yet? Go to this page now to know how to open UITF account in BDO before you make one.

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    • Yes, if you make it monthly or periodic investment a.k.a. Peso-Cost-Averaging method. PCA method is a one of the best strategies when investing in stocks or equities

  1. Hi Ms. Fehl, question po regarding my Balance Fund UTIF sa BDO. Nag start kasi ako, 3 years ago, April 2015, 1k per month. Since 3 years and 2 months na ko nagiinvest, ang total ng hinulog ko na ngayon ay Pph 38k. Pero bakit ang investment amount ko is nasa 36k + lang?? Tapos loss ng 2k, kaya 34k+ na lang ang value niya. Bakit pababa ng pababa ang investment amount ko? 2k lang nakalagay na loss, pero ang totoo is 4k na. Di ko magets???

    • Hi there, you need to consider the management fee and it’s tax as well. That will be deducted from the money you invest like mine.

  2. Goodmoring po, tanong ko lang po yung every 3 months may bbasan po ako ng 7500 ung sa Peso Moderate Fund and Peso Dragon Equity Fund. OK din po ito investment 1stym ko po kasi sa BDO po yan. Then halimbawa po Oct 24, 2017 po una ko hulog ng 7500 kailn po ito mbbwas sa debit acct ko ang another 7500 namn po? May mag eemail po ba sa kin o mttngp ako na txt na binwas na po sa debit acct ko? Salamat po Mam

  3. Dear Ms. Fehl,

    Good day!

    Really glad to read your blogs and really encouraged me to explore more about possible investments in the future. And just recently, I have invested in BDO Peso Balance Fund.
    Just confused po what will be the next step I should do once I reached the 10,000
    Whether it will gain or loss. I don’t have any plan to redeem since I set my self to invest for longterm
    but my question are……?

    Do I need to pay 2,ooo monthly continuously ? or BDO will stop debiting the same on my account automatically?
    Pano po ba yung computation ng earnings if ever I will invest 2000 monthly for 3 years?
    And what will be the best time to redeem my investments after that period?

    Looking forward your favorable response.

  4. hi ms fehl..
    is it possible to redeem EIP as per the COP issued? I’m just curious because when i try, it shows only the EIP account number, which means if i redeem it all outstanding EIP’s will be sold. Please enlightened me…

  5. Hi po maam

    Kaka sign up ko lang din po sa Easy Investment plan.

    Ask ko lang po pano i view online yung earnings ng or any transactions for the EIP?


  6. Miss Fel! I am interested on investing. But I don’t have enough idea about it. Is there any crash course or orientation I can attend po so that I can learn everyhing about investing or stockmarket po?

    • Hi, go to the menu above and find our Stock Market Guides and Tutorials 🙂 You can also attend seminars sa broker companies where mo like mag-open ng account.

      • HI Miss Fehl,

        I wanted to buy uitf, but the trend are at its peak. is it ok to invest now or wait for it to lower? do i base uitf on their navpu values? thanks!

      • Hi Miss Fehl
        I am a seafarer and planning to invest in EIP for 5 years, to start 200k then 10k/month. Is there any advantage to start at higher ammount?

        Please reply…thanks.

  7. i have lump sum 10k for bdo peso balanced 1 month now.. i want to change to equity.. if i unsubscribe, will it cost me?? and i want to change to monthly contribution.. can i do it online??

  8. Hi Ms. Fehl!

    i’m interested in investing too, kaso madami pa po akong di alam although madami na akong nabasang blogs. Gusto ko po sana i-try yung Equity Fund, is it safe? 1k lang po kaya ko per month.

    • Yes, Equity Funds are suitable for long term investing (3- years or more). It is safe and I have been investing on Equity Funds for 4 years now. My money still growing. You don’t need to panic when the market is down as it will recover again

  9. Subject: Change in 15% Single Exposure Limit Policy
    Dear Valued Investors,
    The current Declaration of Trust of the BDO Equity Fund (the “Fund”) adopts a maximum exposure limit of 15%
    to an entity and its related parties. This is based on Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Circular 447 (issued on 3
    September 2004). This circular has been amended by BSP Circular 577 (issued on 17 August 2007) to relax the
    maximum exposure limit for equity investments:
    “X410.8 Exposure limit to single person/entity. The combined exposure of the UITF to any entity
    and its related parties shall not exceed 15% of the market value of the UITF: Provided, that a
    UITF invested, partially or substantially, in exchange traded equity securities shall be subject to
    the 15% exposure limit to a single entity/issuer xxx”
    In order to be consistent with the above provision and to provide the fund managers with additional leeway in
    managing the equity and balanced UITFs, BDO’s Trust Committee and Board of Directors approved BDO
    Trust’s proposed amendment to the 15% Single Exposure Limit Policy. The proposed amendment was
    subsequently approved by the BSP on 5 October 2016.
    ano pong ibig sabihin nito

  10. Hi Ms. Fehl,
    I would like to ask what’s the difference between the two EIP: Peso Fixed Income Fund and Peso Balanced Fund? Thank you!

        • On the application form you filled up when you opened the UITF, you have an option either by pick up at the BDO branch or mail delivery. COP can also be downloaded online if you have BDO online banking

          • hi ms. fhel. i need your opinion. nag open kasi ako ng uitf account sa bdo last year amounting to 50k, nagwo worry ako kasi almost 7k na yung nababawas sa investment ko. gusto ko na sana i-withdraw kasi baka maubos lng ng hindi ko namamalayan.

  11. Hi ms fehl.,
    I’m trying to figure out how to do the stock trading until now but girl, isaksak ko man SA kokote ko di talaga pumapasok. Anyway I already have an existing investment in UITF and MF , so far it’s getting better unlike before .. Anyway I have a question ms fehl, I have bdo equity fund , eip with 5k monthly.. Diko nacheck online na Hindi pala enough yung money na andun SA account ko that day.. 13th. Then I deposited money on the 16th .. Anong mangyayari SA investment ko? Continue pa rin ba eip niya? I’m so worried and confused. I work overseas. Pls advice me and thank you.

    • Hi Yasi,

      I started UITF because of ms. fehl’s blog also and I would love to help you with your problem. If you’re account balance does not much to your monthly investment in UITF it will skip even if you deposited on the 16th. It will be deducted to your account to next month. Don’t worry to much as your EIP will still be continued unless you asked the bank to stop your EIP. Happy Investing! Hope it helps!

      Tezah Zulueta

      • Hi Ms. Fehl and Ms. Zulueta,

        May worry lang po ako. I invested at BDO-EIP as inspired by this blog. I chose BDO Balanced Fund and I decided na 1k/month muna since naguumpisa pa lang ako. Nagtaka lang ako kasi wala silang binigay sa akin na contract. Pinapirma lang nila ako and then umalis na. Though, nagrereflect naman sa passbook ko na binabawasan nila. Sadya bang wala silang ibibigay na parang proof of agreement?

        Plus, is there anyway para mamonitor ko ‘yung aking investment?

        • Hi Arlo,

          Yes wala sila pang ibibigay na contract but don’t worry too much about it. They will give you Certificate of Participation(COP) number when you reached 10k of your investment.

          Yes you can monitor your investment through bdo online. If you don’t have online account in bdo you can always create one. I monitor mine through there.

          Happy Investing. 🙂

        • You will receive your COP once you reached the minimum amount required for your chosen UITF. In your case, Balanced Fund, you need to reach 10,000 pesos. You can monitor your UITF performance at your BDO Online banking

  12. Good eve. I would like to ask Ms.Fehl is there an option where we can invest anytime we want? Like for example I schedule my contributions every 5th of the month at 2k what if I want to invest again the same month, let say I want to invest 5k anytime. Is it possible? and if it is, how can we do that? Can It be done through online also? Thanks for the response and but the way Thank you very much for sharing to us your knowledge and know-how. In fact you(this blog) have inspired and encouraged me to invest plus on how to spend/use our money wisely. Thank you and continue in your work. God Bless you richly!

    • Yes, you can invest a regular UITF anytime you want. If you have existing UITF with BDO, you can add another UITF you want using your BDO online banking. I will also publish a post about that here soon 🙂 God bless you, too.

  13. Hi,.

    what type of UITF you are referring to this is this the Equity Fund or a balance fund?

    “BDO Easy Investment Plan Earnings Report using 2K per month placement. As you see, it”s only been just few months yet I earned 4,897 already what more after 5 years or so. What more if I made my placement to 5K…”
    thank you

  14. Hi po mam, im planning to invest 10k monthly to bdo eip balanced fund, it means po na monthly rin ang release ng cop ko? kung ganun po mam pwede po ba na hindi ko muna kunin yung mga cops, ok lang po ba na banko muna ang magtago, then pag naka bisita na po ako sa branch nila bago ko kukunin, pwede po ba yun, malayo kasi sa city ang work ko, thanks po

  15. Good day po i just want to seek advice po i invested po kasi sa bdo eip peso balanced fund last january 2015 as of today po may na loss na po na 9000 sa investment ko nag gain lang cya kaso wala pa 1000 lagi na lang po nag loss…ano po pwede ko gawin? Withdraw ko na po ba then invest in another plan? What can you suggest po? Im afraid po kc na baka hindi na mag gain sayang ung nainvest ko

    Hoping po for your good advice
    Thank you very much po


    • Hi, im just wondering kung ano na nangyari sa investment mo. As far as i know, bdo equity fund is getting better nowadays…

        • I just started investing sa bdo eip equity in april 2016, this ia my 3rd month so far im gained a little alr. I invested 1k monthly since im only experimenting, but i must advice na you should wait until your shares hit a gain especially that the stocks is now booming. All the best to us!!! Cheers!!!

          • Duterte’s term has started brighter days in the stock market. I hope it will continue for a long time 🙂 Cheers to us all!

  16. hi good day gusto ko sana mag invest kc natutulog lng namn savings ko sa bank i want to plant invest for equity fund initial deposited is 150,000 and monthly is 10k for 5 years do you think this is good can you give me an advice regarding sa return of investment after 5 years im work abroad please help me ragarding my plan
    thank you and god blessed
    this is my email

  17. Hi po Ms. Fehl! I am an ofw for 2 years now. And i decided to try to invest in EIP. Is it a wise decision to invest 10k a month for 3-5 years duration? Is it too much an amount? Is it too risky. If u were me, Would u invest that much considering i am only new to this.?

    And by the way, when i reach the 3-5 years duration and decide not to redeem the money but to extend for more years instead, would that be possible? Or i will need to start anew?

    • Yes, 10K a month using EIP is a great plan even if you are a beginner as long as you can take the risks. Follow your plan of 3-5 years as equity funds usually see more earnings on those time. It’s always your choice when to redeem.

  18. Hi Ms. Fhel,

    I have a question. I started insvesting BDO EIP Balance fund last April 2015 with an amount of P1,000 per month (10th of the month). So it means that my total investment amount today should be P11,000. But when I check my account in BDO online, the invested.amount is only 10,079.58. And I gained P28 in my amount but for the past 10 months are always loss. I am checking regularly online my EIP account.. I am wondering why the invested amount is lower than it should be? I don’t know if it’s just a glitch or I lose my money. Kindly explain this to me. Thank you in advance.

    • Because of the equivalent units bought every month are not the same and they should reflect the current NAVPU, too. NAVPU today will also differ tomorrow or the next days. Your gain today also changes another day

      • Hi Ms. Fehl!

        First and foremost, thank you for sharing your insights! Blessing talaga ang philpad at dailypik. By the way, here’s my concern, I also invested 1k/month in EIP Balanced fund last June 2015. April ko pa ba makukuha yung COP. What if hindi umabot sa 10K yung investment sa april dahil sa volatile ang market (low NAVPUs) ?Will they still give me CMN para mamonitor ko ito online? Thank you in advance.

        • Hi, thank you for visiting. Since BDO Balanced Fund requires 10K minimum, you need to wait for your EIP to reach 10K or above before your fund can be considered as a regular UITF. Gumamganda naman ang performance ng market ngayon, I’m sure tataas ulit ang NAVPU, yung ininvest mo, mas lalaki ang value

  19. Hi fehl,

    First thank you for posting. You’ve been such an inspiration to me. I’ve started to invest in bdo uitf-eip after reading your post. Just a little question what if your cut-off date falls in weekend when will bdo credit my bank and transfer to my uitf account?

    Thanks in advance!

  20. hello po , tanong ko lang mas malaki ba ang tubo sa direct equity fund o same lang sa EIP let say pariho ako nag invest same date tapos konin ko after 5 years. same lang ba ang dividend?

    • Hi, regular is 1-time placement while EIP takes periodic placement. If nag-invest ka ng 50K sa regular UITF and 5K every month sa EIP, syempre mas malaki ang makukuha mo sa EIP method in 5 years

      • mas okay nga pala sa EIP nag invest na po ako 2k lang muna per month, doing good naman sa january ako nag umpisa ngayon naka gained na ako 354 hehe di na masama , 3-5 years mas okay ba konin? 🙂

        • pero pag nag bigay ako nang 5k per month in 5 years
          total nang nabigay ko ay 300k , pero pag nilagay ko po ang 300k ko in regular UITF which is 1 time investment mas malaki po ang tubo right?

  21. Hi Fehl,

    I invested in 2014 for UITF., that time I don;t have any idea about it though I have heard of it from my friends. My UITF I is invested in equity where I have to deposit 30K monthly for 5 years. Now, I’m confused how it is different with the other investment with 2K a month.Also, I am confused why they offered my the Generali Insurance?

    • It sounds like you have taken Variable Life Insurance. You mentioned Generali, they offer VUL (insurance with investment). the 2K per month you were referring may be from BDO EIP (read article above to learn more about it)

  22. hi! thank you for posting this! really helps! im planning to make a long term investment na din since i got my own business, 🙂 godbless!


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