How to Open UITF Account in BDO – Requirements Application Procedure

Here’s how to Open UITF Account in BDO together with the Requirements Application Procedure. If you want to grow your savings in hundreds of thousands and millions, UITF and Mutual Funds are the top options and alternatives since SDA (Special Deposit Accounts) offered in local banks in the Philippines were gone.

If you want to open UITF account in BDO, you must first know the requirements, instructions, and procedure so you will have the idea what will you do and what to submit in the bank upon opening your Trust Fund account. I opened mine in BDO so I’m sharing here my experiences.

BDO requirements to open UITF account. Application of Equity Fund, Bond Fund, GS Fund, Money Market, Fixed Income Fund and Balanced Fund are shared in this page.

how to open bdo uitf requirements application procedure

I assume you already know what UITF (Unit Investment Trust Funds) are even if it’s your first time opening one. If not, you can always read our special posts (listed at the end of the article) about this investment and other related wealth building wheels.

UITF can give you higher return and earnings compared to ordinary savings and deposit accounts. However, there are risks attached because these funds participate to different financial instruments, securities, bonds, stocks, and other funds. UITF can give you thousands or hundred thousands or millions depending on your fund and its performance.

How to Open UITF Account in BDO?

BDO has been the number one among the best banks in the Philippines in terms of deposit, capital, and investment. Their Trust Funds have been and are performing well so it’s my first choice for UITF. If you want to finish your transaction or finish creating your account for the day, come at the bank before 11am because majority of their trust funds have a cut-off time or dealing period before noon.

Bring the following BDO UITF requirements:

BDO UITF Account Requirements

  • 2 valid IDs with photocopy (back and front)
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  • Your money for your Trust Fund

BDO UITF Application Procedure in Opening an Account

Go to the Trust representative or employee (not teller) and tell them you want to open UITF. They will check your requirements and give you UITF Application Kit which you will need to fill out and accomplish. The application kit contains the following forms and statements:

  • Investor Profile Questionnaire (IPQ) /Client Suitability Assessment (CSA)
  • Client Investment Suitability (CIS) /Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Risk Disclosure Statement (RDS)
  • Omnibus Participating Trust Agreement (for new applicants)

Take your precious time and don’t rush reading and understanding the forms because it is important to you as an investor. Remember, opening an investment is a serious business. Don’t worry about filling the forms out because it’s only like opening a bank account except of course the questionnaire which will be your assessment on what type of investor you are based on your investment objectives, risk appetite, financial requirements and goal. The questionnaire and forms will help you understand everything including the different types of BDO UITFs offered to you. There is no right or wrong answer on the questionnaire so don’t you worry.

Types of BDO UITFs and their Minimum Investment and Holding Period

  • Peso Money Market Fund – P100,000 (no holding period)
  • Peso Bond Fund – P100,000 (30 days)
  • GS Fund – P100,000 (30 days)
  • Peso Fixed income – P10,000 (30 days)
  • Peso Balanced Fund – P10,000 (30 days)
  • Equity Fund – P10,000 (30 days)
  • Dollar Money Market Fund – $2,000 (45 days)
  • Dollar Bond Fund – $2,000 (45 days)
  • Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund – $2,000 (45 days)

Investing to UTIFs and Mutual Funds involve risks. Financial experts say the higher the risk, the higher the return. Among the types of funds, equity fund is the riskiest because they are invested in stocks of well-known big companies in the Philippine Stock Market/Exchange chosen by the fund manager. They have high risk because they are too volatile and the market is very unpredictable. You could earn millions in a snap or you could lose some. It depends. How can you earn anyway? No worries, if you maintain your investment for long term period, you will likely win in the process.

What type of fund is recommended for you? Below I have summarized the suited fund according to type of investor and risk appetite.

uitf bdo requirements procedure
“the higher the risk, the higher the return”

Remember you are the best person who knows what you need and what type of investor you are and you are the one deciding your financial goal.

You will be given Certificate of Participation (COP) indicating your Trust Fund account. You will use this certificate when claiming your redemption at the time you decided you withdraw your funds and the profits attached. Profit or loss, I always wish it’s profit.

Use your CMN (Client Master Number) to enroll your UITF account in BDO Online Banking facility so that you can easily monitor your fund performance. Happy investing!

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To sum up,

How to Open BDO UITF Account

  • Prepare your valid ID, Tax ID No. and money
  • Fill out the documents in the BDO UITF Application Kit
  • Choose your UITF
  • Receive your COP (Certificate of Participation)

Disclaimer: This article is only for information purpose and is based from experience. It’s not meant to endorse any investment or a company. Remember, all investments have risks so decide wisely before you invest.

Share your insights about investing in UITFs and other funds by commenting below. Thank you!

Fehl is the founder of Philpad. She has a degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and vlog.

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  1. Hi ms.fel i want to apply also but very confuse about the topic..heres my question uitf/ eip equity fund pwd ka mg hulog ng 5k every month then kpg nka 10k kna new cop un, then nxt pwd ulit hulog then another cop un, kht ilan cop pwd b un? Paano nmn kung ang monthly 10k ang huhulog mo monthly? Ibibigay agad cop mo ? Pano nmn magapply is it go the nearest bdo then sbhn mo lng apply ka ng uitf/eip equity fund ? Kc sa eip dami ko nkita categories kya mas lalo aq nconfuse kung anu dun aaplyan ko,

    • Kapag po ba nag invest ako sa uitf pwede rin po ba na 1k muna ang ihulog ko then to sustain the initial balance maghuhulog monthly?

  2. Hi im jerruel currently working abroad..i do have a bdo kabayan there any possible way to convert it into BDO UITF account??im really interesred to open a mutual fund account..i know you can help me..
    Thanks and more power..

  3. Hi, Fehl hope all is well to you.
    I am planning to invest to BDO UITF Equity Fund (Peso) and based on BDO requirements the minimum amount will be Php 10K and additional investment will be a minimum of Php 1K and 30 days holding period. My question po mam ay doon sa 30 days minimum holding period. Ang ibig po bang sabihin nito ay after 30 days, it is already my option if I am going to continue my investment or I can redeem anytime I want my investment?

    Salamat po in advance.


  4. tanong ko lang po if i want na magopen ng account sa BDO and student po ako papayagan po kaya ako magopen and school ID lang yung mabibigay kong requirements for ID’s?

    Tanong ko na rin if tapos ko na yung 10k na deposit kailangan ko pa ba maghulog every month or anytime I want?

    Equity fund po sana ipapaopen ko eh pwede po kaya yun?

    First time po ksi ako sa BDO kaya medyo maraming tanong sorry

  5. Hi Fehl, i jist want to ask and clarify this.. I went to BDO earlier to open a savings account for BDO. and i told the rep that i want to join uitf but she told me that i need to enroll online for uitf. But what i know is if you want to enroll for uitf you really need to go to the bdo’s nearest branch to enroll for it along with your uitf’s requirements. Do i really need to do it online to enroll for uitf or i need to go straight to the bank? As what i’ve known they have a cut-off until 11;30am to enroll for uitf but the reo is telling me a different ways to enroll for uitf. What should i do? Thanks in advance..

  6. Hi Ms. Fehl,
    I would like to open a uitf equity account from BDO sana sa baby ko 2 yrs old.. pwede kaya yun under her name? Kase balak ko din mag open ng sarili kong UITF eh.. Nwei nung nagpunta ako sa BDO para mag open ng optimum savings nagtanong ako about UITF pero advice po saken ni Ate sa bdo na wag daw po muna mag open ng UITF ngayon kase di daw po ok ang flow ng stock market.. Diko tuloy alam kung nest year ba ako mag oopen or ngayon na., suggestions po pls.. thank you po..

    • You can open ITF(In-Trust-For) account for your baby’s UITF kasi minor pa siya. Mababa ang market these days so it’s actually good to open UITF kasi mura ang units so kikita ka if magtaas ang NAVPU. Approach the right officer sa BDO. The more you know about UITF and other investments, the more they cannot stop you 🙂 Knowledge is power. Cheers!

      • Hi.happy year end.
        Could somebody advice me what is the best type of investment i will avail for a long term basis. For example i dont have access to my investment for a year.ofw po kasi ako.

  7. Hello Ms. Fehl, for clarification lang.. wala kase akong kahit anong account sa BDO. Meron before pero nako close kc nawiwithdraw (hindi kc nainvest ng tama 🙂 ). Now plan kong mag UITF Equity Fund.. bale ang initial investment ko is 10K pero after a month kong ihulog un balak ko syang dagdagan ng 1k pa every month para mas lumaki.. so ano po ang una kong ioopen? Savings account ng BDO? or UITF na agad? or UITF EIP? nagback read naman po ako nung topic nyo about BDO UITF EIP Review pero di ko po makita exactly ung sagot sa tanong ko. TIA

    • Kelangan mo ng account for your EIP. Savings account will do. Pwedi mo naman open ng sabay, sabihin mo lang wala ka pang savings account so una nila yun ioopen for you then your BDO EIP UITF.

    • Hello. I went to BDO yesterday to enroll in EIP (fixed income). Ive got some clarifications tho. Hope you could help me:) The BDO employee who assisted me told me that my first contribution will fall on October 15,2016 but its stated on the BDO site that the enrollment cut off is 4 days prior to the first contribution., which I want sana to be on September 15, 2016. Anyway I just put oct 15 as my first contribution date as they know more of what they’re doing than me. They told me they will just call me if okay na yung enrollment but wla pang discusision about sa checklist that I answered. 1 more thing tho, Let’s say I got my COP for the first time, the number of units purchased, is it going to vary pa ba on my next cycle or constant na sya? Hope someone could enlighten me hehe

      • Hi po, nag enroll po ako thru online, eip equity , nilagay ko 2k lang per month , pero dun sa CISIPS na pdf po nakalagay minimum investment, ano po ibig sabihin nun ? kalaka ko po yung 2k per month yun na. thanks po sa help .

  8. good day,

    i would like to ask if its possible to apply or invest an UITF thru online banking or by phone? i am an ofw in United Kingdom and have a bdo kabayan bank account, at the moment i do not have any chance coming back to the philippines so i would be willing to invest some of my saving in UITF in long term.
    if its not possible could you kindly give me any advice where to invest my savings to earn more interest but again thru online banking or phone banking?

    more power and best regards,


  9. Good day po…. I was just confused…. ex.po..if I have already a UITF account..that uitf account is I can used it in any Bank as many bank where I want.? Or each bank po should have a new UITF account where I want to invest. ?
    In BDO naman poh…ang UITF equity fund nila at Un under EIP equity fund..same lng po ba sila or different…if yes po so means pwd ako mg UITF equity fund and pwd pa ulit ako mg open ng EIP equity fund…

    • Hi, every UITF in every bank is different

      As to your second question, your BDO EIP is also different from your regular BDO UITF account

      • hello mam fehl,
        mam question po. bakit po di pedeng mag top up s uitf ng bdo? gusto ko po sna mgpeso cost averaging every month mghuhulog ako s uitf ng bdo pero sbi ng teller another COP pg gusto m magtop up. naguguluhan lng po ako. kc nag invest ako ng 10k s bdo equity fund gusto ko sna every month gnun pro ang mangyayare dw lageng my COP n ibibigay di pedeng itop up ung initial investment ko n 10k.

  10. Ms Marifel

    Is it more advatange to open an BDO EIP or stay nalang yung deneposit na money at hintayin lumaki? Thank you in advance!!

    • Regular savings account won’t give you much income. EIP is a form of investment wherein you can earn money out of your investment higher than that you earn from savings and time deposits

  11. I wanted to open BDO EIP Equity fund so i went kanina sa SM branch ng BDO here in Lipa. When i told the lady who assisted me sabi nia hindi daw pwede mginvest ang OFW sa ganung fund type. Ang pwede lang daw is money market. Aside from that hindi rin ako pinayagan mgopen sa knilang branch ng kabayan savings account (for ofw) since meron na daw akong existing kaso gusto ko nga iclose ung isa and open a new one. Ganito na po ba talaga ang policy ng BDO? For us na gusto mginvest yun lang talaga ang choice namin? thanks in advance for taking the time to read and answer my post.

  12. Hello po Ms. Fel

    Hindi na po ba pwede magdagdag ng pera pag nadeposit na agad? Kasi tinanong ko yung nakausap ko sa bdo if pwede magdagdag every month kaso sabi niya hindi na kasi yung nadeposit na pera ay yun na gagamitin. 15k yung deneposit ko agad. Bdo equity yung pinaginvest ko. Tsaka sino po magccontrol ng stocks? Yung taga bank or ako po?

    • First time ko lang kasi maginvest kaya medyo di ko maintindihan masyado. Pero super.helpful ng blogs niyo. More blessings to come. God bless

      • Ano po ba yung periodic placement? Tsaka para saan po yung holding period. Sorry sa dami ng tanong. First time ko lang kasi po and 18 palang ako kaya hindi ko po maintindihan halos. God bless po

        • Periodic placement is making investment periodically (ie: monthly, quarterly or during your scheduled dates). Holding period is the period you must follow before you can redeem your funds although you can also redeem before the holding period but you will pay early redemption fee.

          I understand the excitement, as a beginner spend more time to read our other articles to learn more 🙂 It’s free. God bless!

          • mam fehl,

            tama po kayo pero ang minimum ng eip ay 10k lng di pedeng magexceed. mam my mapapayo b kyo sken kng gusto ko 50k a month ang iinvest? thru bank po ha. my eip nko 10k a month and bfo equity fund 10k initial investment. thank u po.

          • Yes, every 10K is counted as regular UITF kaya you will receive a COP per 10K for BDO EIP. If you want to make more funds, I suggest you go for Mutual Funds. Some MF accept 5K initial and 1K or more additional whenever you want. I use Philequity Fund and Sun Life Index Fund

  13. From reading around philpad, I got interested in opening either UITF or MF. But was really bummed with all the prep work. (the printing, scanning, etc.)

    Then last week, I was clicking around BDO Online Banking, and apparently, you now have the option to open a UITF account online.

    You’d first be answering the online risk profile questionnaire and a number would be assigned to you – this might be the CMN. Wait a day or 2 for someone from BDO trust to call. Once that’s done, the option to open a subscription of your choice would be available on your BDO online account. The subscription choices would depend on the risk profile.

    No documents needed. Nothing to sign, nothing to print. So convenient and awesome!!!

  14. hi good evening i’m interested on construction worker to apply on your company if you have a vancant.i have a 1 year experience work in singapore.i’m looking a job already because our company cannot renew as because cannot have project already.thats why i’m here at JB malaysia exit only so than i can find work faster.

  15. Good day, ask ko lang if needed agad ng 10k to open an equity sa EIP or pede 1k muna till it reaches 10k to open an acct? What will happen pag na reach na yung 10k tapos tuloy tuloy ka pa din sa pagiinvest per month, maacumulate ba lahat yung earnings mo? thanks.

    • You can choose to put 1k every month or every 15th, you’ll receive COP every time it reached 10K. Yes, you will continue to put 1k as long as your account is active or as long as you keep it that way. Your UITF will grow more and more. More units = more profit

  16. hi ms. fel. would they still accept my application kahit bad creditor ako before?
    naclose SA ko sa kanila year 2008, i had unpaid credit cards sa other banks na nagclose because of nonpayment.
    currently, i have a SA that i opened last october 2013 and i think better na ung credit card history ko sa kanila since i always pay infull.

    thank you..

  17. Hi Ms. Fel. I am planning to invest po kasi sa UITF equity ng BDO. I am a seafarer po, sa tingin mo wise ba kung mag invest ako ng spot na 1M then i will put about minimum 100k a month for 10 years? sa tingin mo po, ganu kalaki returns at ang risk? I felt amazed kasi nung sinubukan ko yield calcu nila at mataas talaga returns for 10 yrs.. pero siyempre di rin po talaga masabi. Many thanks.. God bless.

    • Hi. If you’re into equity make sure you are aware of the high risk and you are most suitable to earn if you invest for 3-5 years. I still suggest you diversify and other investment instead of putting it all on Equity Fund

  18. Hello ms fhel,

    Meron na po akong SA sa BDO. Kaso kailangan ko mag maintain ng 2K. Call centre agent po ako at sumusuporta sa pamilya. What if mag agree ako ng mag hulog ng 2K /month. Suddenly nag kaemergency at 2K n lng natira sa SA k. Kukunin pa rin ba yun ng BDO para ihulog sa EIP UITF tulad ng nasa agreement with BDO?

    Thanksa so much.

    Kind regards,

    • I think makukuha padin yon unless you stop the ADA (Automatic Debit Arrangement). If wala ng laman ang SA mo, masstop din EIP mo. You have responsibilities to maintain your banking account to make sure it meet your needs

  19. I haven’t saved a single peso before and I want to start now. I am still a student and I’ve saved up 5k and I’d like to use the EIP program. I don’t think I can get a tax identification number. I don’t have an income but I do get an allowance. I don’t understand anything about taxes. How do I apply for a Tin?

  20. Ms fel,
    i have 2 kids girl and boy but they have a savings account for BDO. As of now the age of my two kids the girl 15 and boy is 11…so pwede ko bah ipasok sa UITF..ang savings ng kids ko…thank you po..

    • Hi. You can set up UITF for them by opening ITF (in-trust-for) account while they’re still minor. Not sure if their SA can be used for the UITF but you can use yours instead

  21. Hi Ms. Fhel! Una sa lahat nagpapasalamat po ako for such an informative site.

    Gusto ko lang po i-clarify kung tama ang aking pagkakaintindi. Ito po kasi yung interpretation ko rito.

    Kapag sa BDO EIP, hindi kailangang may 10k ka na instant. For example, kung 50,000 ang laman ng savings mo, periodically ay babawasan nila ito ng 1k until it reached 10k for uitf. So if ever po na 3 yrs ang EIP mo at assuming na di nadagdagan ang savings, 36,000 ang mababawas sa 50k para mapunta sa BDO EIP.

    Tama po ba ang aking pagkakaintindi? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!

      • Maraming salamat po sa inyong feedback! I just enrolled my SA to BDO EIP. Medyo natawa lang ako sa teller kasi nung sinabi ko yung EIP, ang inoffer niya ay Generali Insurance. Mabuti na lang at nakapagresearch ako sa site mo at ako pa ‘yung nagpaliwanag sa kanya kung ano ito. She then referred me to her senior.

        I’m actually excited sa magiging resulta nito. I planned to invest for more than 5 years para sigurado ‘yung aking profit.

        Thank you so much and God Bless! Your site is actually helping me to gain financial freedom. ^_^

      • Hello Mam. Grabe. Naadik na ko sa pagbabasa ng mga blogs and reviews. hehe. Share ko lang po yung experience ko sa BDO. I applied kasi for EIP sa SM Valenzuela. At hindi din masyadong familiar ang teller. So pinapili nya na ko kung anong klaseng investment gusto ko. I was so confused that time so parang narush lang ako na ilagay nalang sa Peso Balance Fund. Not knowing that the NAVPU of Peso Balance Fund is more than 3k. So pag naglagay pala ako ng 2k every month. on my first month, wala pa kong mabibiling units. So I decided to go to SM VAL BDO para sana ipachange, pero ayaw nila. Kesyo may charge daw at di pa daw pwede kasi wala pa daw akong nahuhulog. Sa June 30 pa kasi ang first contribution ko. Then I read sa site ng BDO, may early redemption fee lang ng 0.5% ng original contribution. I am planning to unsubscribe it sana pag nadebitan na ko ng 1k sa June 30, then magsubscribe nalang ako sa equity fund nila. Is it practical na mag unsubscribe ako sa Peso Balance nila then magsubscribe agad ako sa Equity nila? Thanks Mam Fehl.

        • I think you cannot redeem yet if 1K palang ang nahulog mo since wala kapang nabiling units 🙂 What I can suggest is open a new account nalang for Equity Fund. Redeem your Balanced Funds when it reached 10K na or when you received your COP na. This way, you win 🙂 No loss, all gains 🙂

  22. mam fehl , ok pa rin po ba ang profit if 5years investment ako sa eip uitf 10k per month, pero after 5 years mababa naman navpu? and sa profit nayun less bdo bank charge and bir tax na po bayun?salamat po at pagpalain kayo

    • There are still risks involved. Usually you’ll have profit already if invested for 3-5 years. UITF are reported on NAVPU meaning all charges and taxes involved have already been deducted

  23. Hi ms fhel,,
    Thanks for the info about investing, I read comments here and your other topics and nagkaroon ako ng idea about investing,, ask ko lng since may account ako sa bdo,, and I want to open uitf equity fund,, pwedi b ipasok ko lahat ng amount sa savings account ko kasama ang maitaining balance,, which is 10k ang maintaining balace sa bdo?

  24. Hi Ms. Fehl ,

    This is my first time to invest and base sa mga nababasa ko mukhang maganda yung UITF EIP ng BDO , I plan na mag equity fund 2k per month my question is how do I start ? without knowledge in investing po

  25. hi ms fehl,

    I also got the idea of investing to BDO Equity Fund. Question lang po regarding sa risk assessment. I know i’m a conservative type of investor but i want higher returns.
    If yung po risk assessment ko ay mag fall sa conservative type, pwede po ba pa rin ako mamili gusto ko po sana ay BDO Equity Fund.

    thanks to your blog.

    • You have the final say what type of UITF you will choose even if you fall on the conservative type. You are signing up that you know the high risks and you know what you are getting into

  26. hi. gud day po. its gud na nbasa ko to. ‘). ask ko lang po. kpag po ba naginvest ng 10k or any amount. within months or kpag nag eearn khit konti pwde na po ba kumuha sa interest? or will have to wait for years to get some?. thanks po! at pwde po ba yung maghuhulog lang ako kpag meron? ano po bang klaseng fund tawag dun thanks! and magkano po mg open ng bdo acct. thanks! *-)

  27. Hi. Itatanong ko lang po kung saan banda nakikita sa Certificate of Participation ung CMN? Parehas lang ba ung Confirmation of Participation No. at CMN?

    • There is no CMN on the new COP. You need to ask your BDO banker for that. It’s a 4-digit number. CMN is different from COP number

  28. Hi Ms Fehl,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge for newbies like me, I’ve been reading your posts about UITF’s lately and my ignorance about such investments vanished. I’m planning to invest in BDO Equity Fund once I turn 18 since I have enough savings to invest, and it will be this year and I’m really excited! But at that time, I only have 1 valid ID which is my College ID. How is that if the requirement is 2 valis IDs?

    • Hi Kent. Banks usually look for supporting documents if the applicant lacks valid IDs. Try to bring your school registration form or any document that shows your name, birthdate, address. I also suggest you get a passport coz it’s considered as primary ID everywhere 🙂

      • Thank you for responding Ms. Fehl! I hope you continue posting such informative articles. I’m actually sharing your posts to my friends for them to be informed too. I forgot to ask regarding the Tax Identification Number. Where do I get that? Is it possible for me to have that if I’m not yet a regular tax payer since I only save money through my monthly allowance? I hope you’ll reply. THANKS!!!!! 😀

        • You can actually get TIN online via BIR website. 🙂 I got mine online when I was still a student applying for work. I think you can also get one even if you’re not yet employed

          • I tried getting a TIN online but it says “This section is to be filled up by self-employed individuals only”. 🙁 Is TIN strictly required in opening a UITF in BDO? 🙁

          • hello poh im here abroad so how i can apply TIN online is there any requirements in applying the TIN

  29. interested po to open a uitf equity fund account in bdo. after po ba nung investment na 10k is my monthly deposit pa po? if so, how much po? will be waiting for your reply po.thank you and more power to you and the site 😀

      • Thank you for your reply Miss Fehl.

        Another question; If I’ll open an EIP and deposit monthly does it have to be the same amount? To elaborate, if I deposit 2k this month, does it need to be I need to exactly deposit 2k for the next months? Or can I deposit whatever amount as long as it reaches the minimum of 1k?

        Thank you very much. I’m still a student so I have to get as much knowledge I can get from this site to convince my parents 🙂

        Looking forward to read your next articles. God Bless.

  30. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    First of all, thank you for educating us about investing. I plan to enrolled in Equity Fund with minimum
    investment of 10,000. Do I have to invest monthly with the said amount, or right after enrolling, I could
    just wait for 3 years to received my profit?

    Please enlightened me Ms. Fehl.

    Best regards,

  31. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.. Me and my cousin are now planning to invest BDO Equity Fund. We have question lang kasi medyo nalilito lang kami. Should we invest 10k right away as initial deposit or daan lang sa EIP for 2500 per month until it reaches 10k? we plan to continue until 5 yrs para maximize un earnings.

    Also we tried the BDO calculator and computed 5 yr.napalaki ng income na lumalabas.nakaka inspire talaga. is it really true eh 150k lang total investment?

    Pasensya kana sa question namin kung masyadong noob.

    Sana di ka mag sawa mag share ng knowledge mo.

    God Bless po

    • Hi! BDO EIP is an investment plan of fixed amount placed regularly according to your set schedules. I’m not sure if they allow 10K initial and additional 2.5k monthly because that would be a regular UITF then. If you’re planning 2500 per month and want to redeem in 5 years, that would total 150K plus the gains you will earn. God bless you too 🙂

  32. Good Day Ma’am

    Ask ko lang po kung okay din po ba mag invest UITF ng BPI? Like BPI Short Term Fund and ALFM Peso Bond Fund.? Thanks for enlightenment.

  33. Hi Ms. Fehl question lang I scheduled the auto debit of my BDO EIP 20th and 5th of the month so supposedly na kaltas na siya sa account ko nung 20 pa but it’s already 22 and still hindi pa rin nakakaltas sa account ko. Is this normal? If the collection date natapat ng weekend, what time of the following weekday usually nila kinakaltas? Sorry for the noob question but I’ll really appreciate it if you would reply hehe. Thanks!

    • Yes, it’s normal especially when the days falls on non-banking day, it usually rolls on the next banking day. Is this your first debit for EIP? If it is, then it really takes few days before they will debit you coz the Trust department needs to approved everything regarding your UITF account first. You also have to consider last Friday typhoon effect, some companies in Manila didn’t have regular working day so all transactions for that day were resumed today (Monday)

  34. HI Miss Fehl. By reading your blog posts, I got interested to invest as well. When I was still not married, hindi talaga ko makaipon. But now that I have a baby, I thought na kailangan ko na din magsave for her. So since I am working as a freelancer, why not invest for the future. I would just like to ask, what if maginvest ako ng 10k one time na hulog sa BDO Equity Fund, okay lang ba un? Ayoko kasi maghulog every month at para makuha ko din agad yung COL. Let say, may 10k na ko sa investment ko then by Dec gusto ko ulit magdagdag ng mga 5K dun sa 10k na yun,pwede kaya?Medyo magulo ata. Let me know po kung what masasabi nyo. Okay lng sa kin mga 5-10 years bago magredeem. And need ko ba din ng BDO savings account kahit na wala nman ako monthly na ihuhulog?Thanks in advance and more power po.!

    • If you want to invest one-time placement, you don’t need a savings account. Open a regular UITF. If you want to invest regularly, you can open EIP UITF but you need to choose what date you will be placing funds regularly. It’s either you invest once (one-time) or regularly (monthly). Choose between the 2 to know if you need a regular UITF or EIP UITF

  35. Hi Fehl

    Thanks for these infos on your blog regarding UITF.

    I have 2 Questions regarding this.

    1. Meron akong officemate na may minamanage na sariling stocks sa COL Finance. And i asked him kung gaano nya kadalas ito minomonitor, mga twice a week daw. With the help of an advisor from COL, yung officemate ko na ang namimili at nag bebenta ng kanyang mga shares, basta sya na rin nag tatanya. Very hands on i must say. Now, kung sa BDO ako mag iinvest, kailangan ba eh ganon din ako katutok? or di na? Bahala na ang mga fund managers ng BDO ang didiskarte sa perang ininvest ko.

    2. Yung fee para sa mga nag manage sa invested money ko, malaki ba? Sabi kasi ng officemate ko na to, (actually tinanong ko sya, mas prefer nya para sa akin na mag sunlife na lang kesa mag BDO kasi sa BDO eh mahal ang fee) Wala pa rin naman akong nakaka usap ng sunlife advisor, pero dahil sa blog mo, mukhang mas doable for me ang mag invest sa BDO since may existing na akong savings account sa BDO) – naiisip ko, baka naman kumita nga ang pera ko sa BDO pero ang laki naman ng “management” fee.

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 UITF investment is different from investing at the stock market.

      1. Investing in COL Financial is investing directly in the Stock Market because you buy shares through the online broker (COL Financial) and you must be knowledgeable in what you do otherwise you will lose much money. Trading is very risky. UITF investing is different because you just open your trust fund meaning you trust that the fund will earn money in the long run. You don’t need to be knowledgeable and you don’t need to monitor your funds every now and then unlike in trading in the stock market. UITF has fund managers who are experts and they manage your Trust Funds.

      2. Sunlife offers Mutual Funds. Again that is different with UITF although related. MF and UITF have different fees. As a beginner, I recommend you invest Mutual Funds first then UITF, then stocks. These are different types of investments. Please read our MONEY topics here to learn more. Have a great day! 🙂

        • They are actually the same in so many ways except the performance and management of the funds. It’s like same type of car, the only difference are the brand, the wheels, the speed and the driver. 🙂 I hope it makes sense. Please read about our Mutual Funds vs UITF post to learn more about the differences about these 2 investments

  36. Hi, Fehl!

    Based on Return of Profit and Risk, which do you think or where do you think is better to invest?

    Directly to Stock Market? or Equity Fund(UITF)

    Thank you!

    • It’s both good. I also love direct investing via stock market because you will learn to trade personally and you’re more in control. If you want to use PCA method, top brokers also offer Easy Investment plan.

  37. Hi Ms. Fhel thank you ..

    Ask po ako ulit sa General santos city n BDO pwede mag open ng UITF EIP kc po may nabasa ako makati , cebu at davao lang..thanks

    Ms. Fhel,

    Ask ko lng po pala kung may maintaining balance ang pag apply ng UITF sa bdo halimbawa po nag apply ako doon sa EIP EQUITY FUND 5k a month para safe since long term naman sya..kung may laman po ang saving account ang kkunin lang po ba nila ung 5k a month lng for EIP..THANKS

    • Your savings account must have enough funds and you are responsible for maintaining more funds in it to make sure the EIP UITF is well accounted for. You must update your savings every now and then and check if the funds are enough to sustain your UITF. Parang cheke lang yan, if walang funds ang checking account, magbabounce or magkakaproblema ka. You will have a bad credibility and you never want that to happen.

  39. Hi Ms. Fhel wow mas malaki pa siguro kung ang 600k i invest pa ng another 5 years..halimbawa na ung profit lng ng pera ang kkunin pwede po ba yan tapos i invest ulit ung naipon? thanks

  40. hi ms fhel thank you..

    yes gusto ko long term 5 years and more so pwede pala un nasa savings lang tapos debit ng bdo every month 10k..after 5 years sa 10k a month malaki n po ba un kaysa nman po ibbusiness na wala nman kasiguraduhan..db po thank you sa advices buti anjan ka nakakasagot sa mga katanungan nmin lalo sa mga wala pa idea tulad ko

    • Hi there! Thank you for visiting again. 10K a month will be 600,000 in 5 years. Yes malaki nadin yun and assuming the fund growth is 20% you’d gain around 150,000 or more. I’m only assuming here. There’s no guarantee in investment with risks

  41. Hi Ms. Fhel,

    Excited nko mag apply sa uitf bdo equity fund uuwi kmi n october 29 this year please advice kung ok ba month of november magstart mag invest kc first time ko lng mag invest ano po ba mas ok 10k a month or 100k agad iinvest one time..hintay ko po advice mo ms fhel tnx so much…

    • BDO has another new Equity Fund. I will post a review about it in this site too. September is the usual low price so it’s cool to invest during Sept. 100K agad if the NAVPU is low or had a jump. 10K periodically if you opt for safe and long term investment

  42. Hello Ms. Fehl ,gusto ko rin magopen ng UITF sa BDO at may savings na rin ako.Kaso hindi na ako makaonline dahil na blocked yata.I even wrote a request to them customer care pero wla rin nangyari.I called their international toll free and suggested to fill up the log in of your email address and accdg to them they sent the username, then from that user name again i will request for the password…At the end wala pa rin silang respond.BDO customer care are not good to respond your problems unlike the PNB , BPI and DBP…ok sila..Pls advise

    • For password and account issue, they will always tell you to fix it in the bank personally for security. If you want to open UITF online, it is easier in PNB. BDO has no UITF online opening yet.

  43. hello ms fhel.

    for almost a month now mejo nagu2luhan p ako, pero compared to last time n nabasa ko isa sa mga posts mo, i’ve come up with this ( very stupid ) question.
    with the spoiler above ( which is an actual link of one of your posts in this blog site), nakita ko dun na 2,000php/mo ka sa UITF-Equity fund mo pero d2 sa blog mo, 10,000/30 days. will this mean na monthly 10k ang ibababa mo sa kanila ? what about the screenshot dun sa link mo ( 2,000 php earning every 3 months ).

    • would like to edit my reply/post/comment pero wala plang ganun service dito ( noob p ako sa blogs. nsanay ako sa forums ).

      well anyways, yung mejo malabo lang talaga sakin is ung 10,000php/30 days for UITF-EIP. sama mo n din ung 2,000php monthly placement mo for the said fund. yun lang naman. nagkamali din ako, di pala every 3 months ung earning mo kundi every 4 months ( based on the graph ).

      hoping for your kind reply though. d ko alam if mag-iinvest n ba ako or not. im planning to go abroad kasi mejo maliit pa ang kita ko dito sa pinas. i’m also planning on investing on stocks or mutual fund under PhilEquity. kaya naghahanap ako ng options ngayon pa lang. mejo matanda n ako at ngayon lang ako nagkatrabaho kaya eto’t naghahabol ako.

      • Sorry that I’m only replying now, there was power outage the past days due to the typhoon. I will reply to your other comment. If you’re confused whether to invest or not, that is normal. I always say before you invest you must have these things:

        risk appetite

        The first one, you’re already getting enough of it while you ask questions here and read our posts. The second one, you mentioned you don’t have much earnings yet, you can invest small amount of money periodically as a beginner. Third, you must know whether you’re conservative or aggressive type of investor based on your take on risks and type of funds you wish to invest with. Fourth, you must have a target (goal), know your plan and know how long you want to invest your money (5 years or so).

    • Hi Jheno 🙂 The 10,000 amount in this post is the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT for UITF Equity Fund and the 30 days is the MINIMUM HOLDING PERIOD. It means, you need at least 10K to join the fund and you can redeem your fund after 30 days if you want. Early redemption is also allowed but you need to pay early redemption fee.

      As to my other post BDO Easy Investment Plan, it allows small investment periodically that is why it’s called Easy Investment Plan. Example, invest 2K monthly or twice monthly whichever you prefer in your plan… Your investment will roll then as regular UITf when it reached the required amount -example Equity Fund – 10K, so you see in the report, the 10K placements.

      You also can invest higher amounts 10K or 30k your wish. My screenshot is just an example and based from my personal experience 🙂

      In UITFs, you can invest at once or periodically (example monthly). It’s up to you. Just choose the UITF product or plan that suits your status. God bless!

  44. Hello mam, first timer po ako gusto ko mag enroll ng trust fund sa bdo online meron na po ba dito nkapag try? Is it safe po ba wlang hassle? Currently dito po kasi ako ngaun sa barko ofw po.

    Many thanks

    • Forex trading is very tricky because currencies are too volatile. I prefer using High-yield currency deposits instead than opting for Forex and have a real-time trading platform

  45. Ms. Fehl,
    We want to invest our saving in Stock but my concern we have zero knowledge for this kind of investment. As i read your blog we decide to open a MUTUAL FUND but our problem we are her in abroad there is any way to apply for this.
    I want to try to apply in COL even i don’t good knowledge in running the stock,please advice if this of kind decision we help us?

  46. Thanks you very much i pray that more OFW like me to read your blog so they can spend there money wisely. GOD BLESS

    • My pleasure. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, or email to let them know. Or they can also subscribe in this site to never miss any post related to Money and Investment. 🙂 If you share great things with people, your blessings will multiply. God bless!

  47. Ms. Fehl,
    When i read your blog about money matters i got interest to open UITF in BDO and PNB
    There is any way to open the UITF outside Philippines? How about the age requirement to Open UITF because we are planning to Open for my 13 years son also they required for TIN no. and source of income when you opening bank account. It possible to my son to have this type of invest even his under ages(student)?
    Awaiting for your reply

    • Hi Johnson. Thank you for the kind words here. As of now, PNB allows online UITF opening so yes, it is possible to open anywhere you are as long as you have internet connection and PNB Online Banking account. UITFs applicable for non-residents will display in the application process. If you want to open a Trust Fund for your minor child, I think you can do so. You can then turn over the full account in his/her name when he/she reached 18 years old.

  48. Hi Ms. Fehl,
    Thanks a lot for the info and I am actually interestested to invest on EIP. I just would like to ask what does the meaning of holding period? Looking forward to your response. Thanks a lot and Have blessed day ahead.

    • Holding Period is the minimum length of time the Fund is required to be held. Example, for Bond Fund the minimum holding period is 30 days. If you want or need to redeem/withdraw your funds before 30 days, you will need to pay Early Redemption Fee. If the fund stays 30 days or more, you wont pay Early R.F. anymore.

  49. It’s my rest day today and i think i’ve been on your site for not less than 2 hours now and counting 🙂 Really appreciate all of the information you have shared and i’m sure will continue to share w/ us about investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds and UITFs ( the ones i’ve read so far ). Even the comments section are very informative. Thank you so much for taking time to discuss all of these very helpful information to us as these are really very helpful especially to us new in investing or our kababayan who wants to invest but don’t know where or how to start. More power to you and God bless 🙂

    • Wow thank you so much for the kind words here. It inspire me to post more and share more articles about finance. I will put new one soon…done by my friend in London… 🙂

  50. hi marifel,

    I applied for uitf last january 2014 at bdo. Then I tried to enroll the uitf thru bdo online banking. Unfortunately I was not issue with the cmn and the bank told me that they’ve already stop generating cmn. So now I can not monitor my account. Do you have update on this matter?

  51. Hello Mam, I’m an OFW, I just want to know, is there a possibility to apply or open an account for UITF even if we are outside the country.. Do they accepts (BDO) application electronically like how we simply open an account in COL wherein its all done thru email? Thanks…

    • If there is a BDO there abroad you can but if the person applying for an account is not present, I don’t think it’s possible right now. I myself thought of opening Trust accounts for my parents as Christmas gifts but it was not possible.

      • Hi Fhel,

        Thank you for all the information you have shared. I would like to ask you in line with the inquiry above. I currently work in Thailand and I will be coming home to PH for a week. Do they allow OFW’s to open an account as long as they are the ones who will open it regardless if they will again leave PH in a week?

        • Yes they allow anyone who’s willing to invest provided you have the necessary documents they require. If you want to open an investment when you got here in the Philippines, go early in the morning in BDO. It takes around an hour to discuss the stuff…have assessed etc unless you don’t wanna discuss further. And you need to have your account opened before 11:00am

  52. Hi Madam, halimbawa 10k equity fund after 3 or 5 years i cash out ko na, may possible ba zero balance ang 10k ko, dko sure kung tama pagkakaintindi ko, dba habang tumataas NAVPU ay nadadagdagan ang unit or percent ko,,, at kapag bumaba nman ay pwede maging zero,, d ibig sabhin po ay d pla nakukuha sa patagalan ng years kailangan ko pla ay bantayan ang market, at nagsasabi ba ang banko agad kapag tumataas ang pera mo,, gaya nmin OFW dkami makapunta sa banko if ever na mag cash out kapag tumataas. need po ng advise maraming salamat.

  53. May I ask if there would be any difference on the result of my investment in UITF equity and balance fund if I will one time funding compare to continuous funding via EIP? Im planning to withdraw it 10years or more.

    Also,do I have to personally come to BDO to open an UITF account because right now Im working abroad. Thank you.

    • Yes there is a difference on the result because in EIP they use Average method in computing the result while the regular UITF, they base on the NAVPU on the day of redemption.

  54. How much will be the monthly fund if you’ll choose EIP ?

    and If you don’t mind me asking,

    Did you also invest in VUL insurance and Mutual Fund? I just wanted to know from your experience which of these three really worked great.

  55. Hello Miss Marifel,

    Thank you very much for the information you post here po. Ask ko lang po if in case po mag start ng Peso Fixed Income or Peso Balanced Fund, kailangan po ba mag continue ka ng hulog every month of the same amount? Thank you in advance po.

    • There are 2 ways to invest – either one time funding or continuously via EIP. Check the minimum investment amount for Fixed Income and Balanced Fund. If you chose Regular UITF, it’s usually one-time funding and you don’t need to fund your investment every month. If you chose EIP, you’ll usually fund your investment account on monthly basis.

  56. “Remember you are the best person who knows what you need and what type of investor you are and you are the one deciding your financial goal” very well said 😀 Very informative for people like me who is conservative 😀 once again thank you for sharing this to us. Kudos!

    • Thank you Penny. 🙂 It’s cool to be conservative. It shows you care about what you have and that you are not greedy. God bless and Merry Christmas!

          • Mam pahelp naman po every month aq nghuhulog ng money s banko pero..kso ilang taon n ang baba lang ng interes please help me nmn po kung panu ko mapalago ang ipon ko

          • Savings account has low interest rate so it won’t really give you high profit. Try other investments like UITFs and Mutual Funds. Before you do, you need to get to know them first and get to know the basics about investing. No worries, our MONEY topics here at Philpad will help you on that. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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