Best and Famous Tourist Spots in Bohol Philippines

In this page, I am sharing the list of best and famous tourist spots to go and visit in Bohol, Philippines. Bohol is one of the most favorite places foreigners and Filipinos love to travel. I’ve been there recently and I loved the nature tour adventure including having a buffet lunch at the popular Loboc River floating restaurant, seeing the cute Tarsiers, Hanging Bridge, Hinagdanan cave, Chocolate Hills, exploring historical landmarks such as Baclayon Church and Museum and relaxing along the white-sand beaches of Panglao Island.

How to go to Bohol from Manila?

Simply book a flight from Manila to Tagbilaran Airport. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Tagbilaran City from Manila. How much is the airfare? It’s around P1,500 for a roundtrip flight on regular days and cheaper on some offpeak season.

How to go to Bohol from Cebu?

There are Roros and Jetty Boats available and it takes only 30 minutes to cross the sea from Cebu Island to Bohol.

If you’re coming from another province like Panpanga, there are also flights available every day to reach Tagbilaran airport.

When is the best time to go to Bohol, Philippines?

It is best to go on sunny days and summer season in the Philippines because the beach will be bluer and more beautiful. Avoid going on rainy seasons from June to September. Weather is fine and sunny during the rest months.

Famous Tourist Spots to go and visit Bohol

What to see in Bohol? Your trip would be so amazing if you visit and see the following places, explore nature and snorkel on the crystal clear water of Panglao beaches.

Chocolate Hills of Bohol

chocolate hills bohol

The little mountains “burol” a.k.a. the Chocolate Hills are one of the best wonders in the Philippines. Don’t miss seeing them. They are located in Carmen, Bohol. They are greenish hills but turn chocolate brown during dry season or when heat season is at its peak – usually April and May. Definitely one of the best tourist spots in Bohol.

Panglao Island

panglao island bohol

Panglao Island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands in Bohol. Don’t miss visiting the white shores of Alona Beach. It has many restaurants, bars, clubs and popular hotels and resorts in Bohol. It is where nightlife is most alive in the island.

Virgin Island or Pungtud Island

virgin island bohol

Virgin island is one of the most amazing island in the Philippines not only in Bohol. It’s a little island in the middle of the blue sea only appearing at low tide. It is also called Pungtud island. Padre Pio statue stands in the heart of the island.

Balicasag Island and Dolphin Watching

balicasag island bohol
CC BY Thomas H. Brown Flickr

After dolphin watching, visit Balicasag island and snorkel. It is also one of the popular attractions in Bohol.

Loboc River and Floating Restaurants

loboc river bohol philippines

Spend your first lunch in Bohol at the Loboc River floating restaurants. They serve buffet lunch with lots of seafood to choose from. There will also be a live band serenading all guests while the vessel sails gently along the green river of Loboc. Experience a taste of Bohol’s delicious foods while enchanted by the beautiful nature of Loboc. Worth visiting and definitely one of the best tourist spots in Bohol!


tarsier bohol philippines

Isn’t it cute? Visit these endangered species and nocturnal animals in Bohol.

Hanging Bridge

hanging bridge bohol
CC BY ND Kittischoen Flickr

Manmade Forest

man made forest in bohol
CC BY Oldandsolo (Shankar S) Flickr

Blood Compact

blood compact bohol
CC BY Oldandsolo (Shankar S.) Flickr

“Datu Sikatuna, who was the Datu (lord) in the island of Bohol in the Philippines, made a blood compact (“Sanduguan”) and alliance with the Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi on March 16, 1565 near the modern town of Loay.”  -Shankar S.

Baclayon Church and Museum

baclayon church bohol

One of the oldest Jesuit-built churches in Asia and the Philippines. Don’t forget to visit the museum too.

Zipline Adventure

zipline adventure bohol
CC BY SA Jerick Parrone Flickr

Hotels and Beach Resorts in Panglao, Bohol

hotel and resorts in bohol

Other places to visit and things to do:

Butterfly Garden

Hinagdanan Cave

Pamilacan Island

Buy Bohol souvenirs and foods

bohol foods souvenirs
Oh I just love this food from Bohol

Tips to make the most of your time and stay in Bohol

Some people usually have 3D2N or 4D3N stay in Bohol so time is really limited to visit all the wonderful places. If you’ll be arriving in the morning, you can use your whole day to visit Blood Compact, Baclayon Church, and lunch at the Loboc River. Then some other places like Chocolate Hills, Man Made Forest, Tarsiers, Hanging Bridge and the like. Then you can rest and swim and enjoy your lovely hotel at night. Have a sumptuous dinner and sleep early so you’ll have enough energy the second day.

On your second day, you can start the early morning around 5am or 6am to island hop and do Dolphin Watching. Then go to the amazing Virgin Island and Balicasag. You can snorkel, swim and do anything you want. You can also visit other islands in Bohol like Pamilacan island. Perhaps you can return at 9am or 10am in your hotel or resort to prepare for your next leisure time.

On your remaining time or days, you can just relax and chill. Visit Alona Beach, swim, have massage, or do anything you want. At least you are not tired anymore because you’re done seeing all the tourist spots.

Bohol Itinerary for Tour and Activities:

These are my suggestions only so you can enjoy, relax and make use of your time without feeling exhausted because some of the famous tourist spots are far away from each other.

1st Day

  • Blood Compact
  • Baclayon Church and Museum
  • Tarsier
  • Lunch at Loboc River Floating Restaurants
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Man Made Forest
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Butterfly Garden

2nd Day

  • Dolphin Watching
  • Island Hopping – Virgin Island, Balicasag, Pamilacan
  • Relaxation, swimming, etc at your hotel or resort
  • Strolling Alona beach
  • Buying Souvenirs

3rd Day

Do want you wanna do – like relaxing and enjoying your resort’s amenities,  before your airport pickup.

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Have you been to Bohol or are you going soon? Share your travel getaways by commenting!

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  1. “I hope you can read this ASAP….. we are planning to do your Day 1 itinerary but we have much questions heheheeheh….. if there some payment in every place that you mentioned like entrance fee or something? and from Manila(actually where in Manila? hahaha), what can you suggest as the best Boat/Ferry that we can ride?… thank you and more power.”

    • Hi, 3k airfare, 16K hotel accom. (4D3N) we were 3 sharing the room. We stayed at Linaw Beach Resort Superior Room (beach front), 1500 for the island hopping

  2. Hi Fehl,

    My family and I will be going to Bohol on the 1st week of December. Did you get a tourist guide when you visited there? Or can we just ask around and find our way to the places you mentioned? Thank you in advance for your tips!

    Audrie 🙂

    • Hi! The hotel where we stayed in Panglao, Bohol has available tourist guides already. I also saw many tourist guides at the beach, they were many. You will see them along the beach, they usually offer people/tourists their tour package

  3. Fehl,

    Your website looks like it has everything that I’m looking to do. I’ll be in Bohol in early September for 5 days. However, what is the best way to set up activities/tours? Should I wait till I get there or do it in advance? Also, do you have any recommended tour operators. I’m single, but like to travel with a group (it feels conspicuous being the only one in a tour bus). Thanks for your time.


    • Hi Jeff. Thanks for visiting. I suggest you set up your tour activities already before going there so that you know how to spend your time wisely. Some hotels already have tour package and they give discounts to their guests. If ever you need a tour buddy, you can join me on my next adventure. God bless!

  4. ..yeah it’s truly great here in Linaw Beach Resort…for sure I remember you stayed family rooms?..last year…good jod for this blog site..:-)

    • We stayed at Linaw Beach Resort which is in Panglao, Bohol. The resort is so beautiful, clean and amazing. The rooms are so big plus they serve foods in the restaurant so yummy and affordable. I will make a review about it soon (this week hopefully) and post pictures of the amenities. 🙂 Linaw staffs were so accommodating. They made sure we enjoy those activities and tour adventure in Bohol.

      • I am traveling to the Philippines with my husband in March 2015. I am from Caloocan and my husband has really been wanting to visit Bohol and see all the sights. I did not catch the name of the resort you stayed at. Would you be so kind as to email the name of the resort you have a photo of up above under the heading “Hotels and beach resorts in Panglao, Bohol” That really looks like a beautiful place to stay and we want to spend at least 5 days, maybe more on the beaches. Thanks a lot!…Hyacinth oakes…BTW…I loved the photos in this site.

        • Hi! The name of the resort is Linaw Beach Resort. I think I will put a complete review about it in this website this week. We had an amazing stay in the hotel. Their official website is We were lucky to be staying at the room next to the pool 🙂 Enjoy your stay in Bohol and happy trip! BTW, the activities we had and tour were provided by Linaw Beach too 🙂


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