Free Internet for Smart, Talk ‘n Text and Sun Cellular Users

Smart has launched their amazing free internet offer for all mobile prepaid subscribers of Smart, Talk ‘n Text, and Sun Cellular. Now you can use, browse, and surf the internet for free as long as you are an active prepaid subscriber of any of these 3 telecommunication companies.

This free mobile internet will let you access the web anytime for free of up to 30mb usage. Yup, there is a daily quota of 30mb for this cool feature. What can you do with 30mb internet usage? On average, you can use and enjoy access to 20 social media posts with photos such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 50 web pages loads such as CNN, Philpad etc., 20 plain emails like Gmail and Yahoo, and 15 minutes of music streaming like Spinnr, do online shopping from Amazon, eBay, Lazada and the like.

What are exempted for this free internet promo?

This does not include downloading and watching videos from sites like Youtube and Vimeo as they require more bandwidth usage. You can’t also use video messaging apps like Facetime, Skype, Viber and Tango as they also require more bandwidth and faster connection. Other messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Kakaotalk and Viber are also not allowed for this promo. Any other online service that requires heavy bandwidth usage is apparently not allowed. The 30mb rule is a must.

How to have free mobile internet in Smart, Talk ‘n text and Sun Cellular?

Register by sending FREE to 9999. No fees or charges if you register. You’ll receive a confirmation message about your successful registration.

Note that you have to be an active Smart, Talk ‘n Text or Sun Cellular subscriber if you want to use this free internet promo. That means, it’s either you have at least 1 peso remaining balance in your prepaid account or you are currently subscribed to any load bucket/promo.

This offer is available until November 30. While this has only been launched few days ago, many users and prepaid subscribers are already enjoying the benefits of this free internet. I think Smart will keep this promo active in the future permanently like what and how they did with their free Facebook usage. Smart’s big competitor, Globe, has also launched this free mobile web service. Obviously, they want to stay in the game.

This free web access service is not currently available for Smart, Talk ‘n Text and Sun Cellular roaming.

free internet for smart talk n text sun cellular
source: Smart

Have you registered for Smart free internet promo? Tell us how much you like it so far.

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  1. mom ask ko lang naka pag registered na ako ng SSS pero nadi ko ito nahuhulogan, in time nasa abroad ako, ngayon nasa pinas na ako pwede koren bang hulogan at may tuloy ko ito, ngayon ay nag ninigosyo ako dito sa pinas,


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