How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines – Adoption Requirements, Procedures

Because everyone deserves a loving and caring family, I decided to share this post today about adoption – how to adopt a child in the Philippines? What are the requirements and procedures?

If you are a Filipino citizen or an alien (currently not a citizen of the Philippines) who’s interested to adopt or looking for a foster child to raise and to love as a family, this page is for you.

First, I’d like to give the credits and warm thanks to DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development) for sharing the requirements and process of adoption in the Philippines. They recently gave free consultation and entertained free inquiries related to adopting a person.

We all know that the DSWD is currently the generous department assigned and given the power to protect and care for the welfare of neglected and abandoned children. This agency is mandated to find suitable permanent home and loving family for those children so they will live a normal and healthy life and relationship.

The requirements and procedures are based on the Domestic Adoption Law (Republic Act 8552) in case you still want to go deeper the complete article and browse its sections. Domestic adoption is also referred as local adoption.

Who can adopt in the Philippines?

According to this Law, any person can adopt provided he or she is a Filipino citizen or alien residing in the Philippines who:

  • Is of legal age.
  • Is at least 16 years older than adoptee, except when the adopter is the biological parent.
  • Has the capacity to act and assume all the rights and duties incident to the exercise of parental authority.
  • Is of good moral character and has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Is in a good position to support, educate and care for his/her legitimate and illegitimate children and the child to be adopted.
  • Has undergone the pre-adoption services.
  • An alien may adopt if he/she has diplomatic relations with the Philippines, has been certified by his/her diplomatic or consular office or any appropriated agency that he/she is qualified to adopt in his country, and that his/her government will allow the adoption.
  • An alien has been living in the Philippines for at least three (3) continuous years prior to the filing of the application for adoption and maintains such residence until the adoption decree is entered

Who can be adopted in the Philippines?

  • Any person below 18 who has been administratively or judicially declared available for adoption.
  • Legitimate son/daughter of one spouse by the other spouse.
  • An illegitimate son/daughter by a qualified adopter/s to improve his/her status to that of legitimacy.
  • A person of legal age if, prior to the adoption, said person has been consistently considered and treated by the adopter/s as his/her own child since minority.
  • A child whose adoption has been previously rescinded.
  • A child whose biological parent/s has died provided that no proceedings shall be initiated within 6 months from the time of death of the said parent/s.
how to adopt a child philippines

Know more about Domestic Adoption Law in the Philippines by going to R.A. 8552.

Adoption Requirements in the Philippines:

If you are a foster parent or a couple interested to adopt a qualified person, you may prepare the following documents.

  • Authenticated Birth Certificate
  • Authenticated Marriage Certificate
  • Written consent to the adoption of the legitimate, adopted or illegitimate children living with the applicant who are aged 10 years old and above.
  • Health Certificates of Couple and family members
  • NBI Clearance or Police Clearance
  • Latest ITR (Income Tax Return) or any proof of income
  • Three Character References
  • Statement of Acceptance from Designated Guardian
  • Latest Family Picture and Home Picture
  • Home Study Report

Adoption Process and Procedure in the Philippines:

  1. Attendance to Adoption Counseling
  2. Filing of Application for Adoption
  3. Preparation of Home Study Report
  4. Approval/Disapproval of application
  5. Matching or Family Selection
  6. Pre-placement of the child with the prospective adoptive parents
  7. Placement
  8. Supervised Trial Custody
  9. Finalization of Child’s Adoption
  10. Issuance of the Adoption Decree/Certificate of Finality
  11. Issuance of Amended Birth Certificate
  12. Provision of Post-Adoptive Services

For inquiries and further details, please contact DSWD at MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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  6. Hi,
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        • ok po maam..maraming salamat po sa tulong nyu po at mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ang anak ko sa poder nyu.ituring nyu po cxang turing na dugot laman.. Makakaasa po kayu na aalagan ko ng maayos sa sinapupunan ang baby para healthy ang baby.

      • Gusto na namin magkababy ng asawa ko.. kaso po di po siya magbuntis.. Gusto ko na rin magkaanak.. Assistant manager po ako ng company.. pede ko po buhayin at bigyan ng magandang buhay ang magiging anak mo… eto po yung email address ko..

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      • elow po. ng hahanap din po kmi..
        willing tlga po kmi mg adopt. i read your post. sasagutin po namin ang hospital bills ninyo..
        Wla pa po kming anak. guzyo po naming mag ampon ng new born baby or baby na po.
        sana po ay ipagkaloob po ninyo samin na maging magulang.. interesado po kmi alagaan at bigyan ng maganda buhay itutureng namin syang sariling anak mas higit pa.. pls contact me

        • Hi marz, pwd tayo nlang magpalaki sa magiging anak mo, at ituturing ko nring tunay n anak ang magiging anak mo, government employee ako, at regular sa trabaho, I’m Ramer..

    • Ma’am you can go to the nearest Local Social Welfare and Development Office and inquire about the requirements and the process on how can you be a Prospective Adoptive Parent.

  8. Paano po ba kung yung Tita mo gusto kang iadopt pero NASA america siya at gusto mo siya maging mommy dahil siya ung nagalaga sayo noon bata ka pa. Paano po ba?

    • Is your tita’s habitual residence is in America? if Yes then your tita must go an Accredited Adoption Agency in USA for her to be aware of the whole Inter-country adoption process.

  9. Serious Gay couple here looking for a baby to start a new family, I’m 37yrs from UK with good situation and my partner is in his early 20 also with work, I often come to the Philippines to visit his family, this is a very serious offer, we will pay for all hospital treatment, medication and needs for the mother. Thank you ?

    • Gud day po.. Nghhnap po Ako ng willing tlga mg adopt ..actually 1month old npo sya.. Buntis palang Ako may nakausap napo Ako kaya lang nagbackout po biglang di napo nagpakita saken.nagbago po ata isip..actually my 3 kid sya puro boy kaya gusto niya DW ng baby girl.Kaso HND na nagoakita sken bka nagbago isip. Wala pong dapat ipag alala ung mag aadopt na baka bawiin ko.yan po ang Hinding hindi mangyayari.kasi ung baby po ang dahilan kung bakit di Ako nakauwi sa mag ama ko.lumayo Ako sknila para magbuntis ..HND pwd malaman ng family ko na nabuntis Ako.kasi nbuo ung baby sa kasalanan.gusto Kong bumalik sa asawa at anak ko pero diko mgwa kc NA saken pa ung baby..ayokong malaman ng asawa ko na kaya Ako lumayo kasi nabuntis pala willing pls contact me 09201307063

      • kung dahil sa baby kaya hindi ka makauwi sa pamilya mo at handa mong ibigay si baby ng walang kapalit na pera, handa din akong bigyan sya ng magandang kinabukasan, buong puso ko syang tatanggapin na parang galing sa akin. email mo lang ako,

      • Hello I read your post. We are willing to adopt your baby. I am Filipina but my husband is American. We are Calidonia base couple. Please contact/ email me We will promise to give a better future sa baby. Thank you and May God bless you!

    • You’re better off buying one. By the time dswd finishes your paperwork your child will be ready for college. If you want to adopt a child the Philippines is not the place. We’ve been waiting on dswd for three years to approve our adoption with no end in sight. Then who knows how long I can will take. The girl we are trying to adopt already lives in our home in the Philippines with our relatives. She is already seven years old. We tried hiring a lawyer in manila and even he said the system is broken and he couldn’t help us. Find another country.

      • Yes be careful bec we are a victim from a lady.. We met the prégnant lady here claiming n d daw alsm ng family nya that shes pregnant so she want someone who is willing….same story as everyone is posting here. We made an arrangement from macau to phils she went home witj our care. We rented a place where she said far from her place. To shorten the story aftet we prepate all n gagamitin nya n manganak she left without letting us know. All we saw in her room is a note that she left. We then concluded that she may only want money in exchange for the baby and who knows after n maibgay ang pera maybe she will still run away wd the baby..

      • John I suggest you get your act together,myself and my wife I am British took care of a child introduced to us by DSWD last feb2017. We started the adoption procedure ,court hearing Aug 2017,
        we then asked the judge if we could take the child to UK to visit our home for a holiday,girl is 4 tears old. Judge granted us a court order,immediately, we applied for her passport the following thursday received same within 4 working days. Applied for a visit visa from British Embassy, received a 6month multiple entry visa within 8days. Spent 3months at our home in the UK, returned in Dec 2017
        next hearings already sheduled before we left for UK, for feb, mar, and april, all proved straight forward adoption procedure completed, Certificate of finality promised within 2 weeks.
        Not sure what country you are from but the system is simple, however it has to be followed correctly. We never paid or were asked for Bribes.
        If you are a foreigner resident in the Philippines you need to get a Certificate that you are eligble for adoption, this can be obtained via your Embassy in the Philippines.
        Adoption procedure in the Philippines is registered with many countries under the Hague Convention. DSWD were very supportive but ask them to recomend a lawyer who has a record of adoption procedures.
        Hope you manage to sort it.

        • Hello Ian,

          I found this very comforting. My partner and I both British are getting married in the summer to return in oct to find a permanent home with the hope of adopting a child in the Philippines. We plan to return to the uk every uk summer , will this “break the 3 continous years ” needed for adoption? Do you have contact email/ no. For dswd? Do we just go to British embassy for certificate?
          Many thanks for any support

  10. Hi! Im 7 months pregnant and im looking for someone to adopt my baby. I am not financially and emotionally prepared for it. I need someone who is more than willing to take care of my hospital bills and would be willing to take the child right after giving birth. Im from metro manila.

    • Hello gypsy..want to know the gender about ur baby cuz me and my partner is looking a baby to adopt…contact me please sa number na ito 09082975570 thanks

    • Hello Ma’am!
      Ask kulang po Sana if pwedeng ako nlng ang mag adopt ng baby nyo?
      Sasagutin po namin ang hospital bills nyo
      Pag na ipanganak na ninyo ang baby.
      Here po ako sa Malate Manila.

    • Hello GYPSY nabasa ko po ang yung reason kung bakit mo ippaampon yun baby mo at naintindihan kita. Ako po at yung asawa ko ay willing po mag adopt ng baby po. Sana po ay e consider nyo po kami na mag aadopt sa yung bby. Ito po contact number ko po. 09165122133

    • Hi Gipsy!
      Sakin mo na lng po ibigay ang baby mo, kc wala pa akong anak na girl if girl ang baby mo!
      Eto po contact no ko 09454899082
      Willing akong magbayad lahat ng gastusin mo sa hospital!

    • Hi there! We’re a childless couple and we’ve been married for almost 12 years. We like to adopt your baby and love as our own. Please contact me at 09997731760. Hope you consider us.

      • Sa mga gusto mag adopt ng baby with legal adoption papers pwede kayu lumapit sa worldwide baby adoption safe guarantee and free hassle

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  13. My husband and I are seeking our first child to love and care for in the Name of Jesus Christ. The lord blessed you with a child to care for and love.

    Please be a blessing with your child and provide the child with a blessed home that will educate, inspire, provide direction, purpose, motivation and true love from the soul. We are God fearing people and believe strongly in our faith to adopt a child in the Name of Jesus Christ our savior.

    Please email if you would like to speak with me in reference to adoption of this great baby child..” All things are possible with the lord and pleasing to the lord with faith.” Take care and we look forward to speaking with soon.

  14. Hi po.wala pa po kaming anak ng asawa ko,gusto po sana naming mag ampon ng new born baby.sana po ay ipagkaloob po ninyo samin na maging magulang kami at ibubuhos po nmin lahat ng makakaya namin para sa magiging baby namin.
    Maraming slamt po.godbless


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