How to Buy, Sell, Trade Gold in the Philippines

Some readers have asked about how to buy, sell and trade gold in the Philippines from the post about ultimate guide in investing in the stock market and making millions. As promised, I’ve made a separate post here to discuss about one of the most precious and expensive commodities of all time, GOLD.

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Brief info about Gold:

Gold – having the chemical symbol AU from the Periodic Table of Elements is the most malleable (soft, bendy) and ductile (elastic) metal and said to be the King of Metals. It marks wealth and elite status even from the earlier times. There was no official person who has discovered gold but it was used even before there was no money to buy and sell stuff.

Gold bullions and gold coins are commonly traded from any market and online. There are also many other gold investment options being offered to commodity markets like futures and derivatives.

Why invest in gold?

Simply because gold is rare and valuable. It’s one of the most expensive and precious metals and commodities in the world. Gold has a long term value appreciation like crude oil. Some investors invest and keep gold to battle economic instability and crisis. If there are stock markets, there are also gold markets and commodities exchange nowadays. Some of these commodity markets offer futures and derivatives contracts.

How to buy, sell and trade gold in the Philippines?

Many readers have asked if we can trade gold in the stock market in the Philippines. Some commodities can be traded in COMEX (Commodity Exchange) or commodity markets but in the Philippines, right now, 2013, there is no official market for gold trading and other precious commodities yet. I’m pretty sure few years from now, that would be possible. Few years ago, there were discussions about commodity trading apart from stock exchange in the Philippines and the plan was said to be ironed out but apparently, it didn’t push through.

Right now, the BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) also known as Central Bank of the Philippines is the only agency that caters gold buying in the country. That is the most legalized way of purchasing big money gold if you asked me.

Some may buy and sell gold and silver and other precious metals via alternative ways like pawnshops or those street vendors you may find near markets but they are freelancers and usually have no official permits so there are no taxes, security, documents and insurance attached when trading gold and other metals with them. Of course security and legality is important so I most recommend you to do it at the BSP.

You can also find online ways to buy and sell gold and other precious metals like silver. Make sure though they are one hundred percent secure and that you’ll get insurance in your transactions.

Gold Future in the Philippines

I just hope there would be a Philippine Commodities Exchange here so trading of gold and other commodities would be more official, well managed and easily accessible. I wonder which companies or who’s the Filipino who has the most gold possession in the Philippines? Hmmm definitely not my grandma. (smiling here)

Thinking about having an official Philippine Commodities Exchange (Commodities Market) here, what do you think will happen? How would this COMEX affect our economy and the people especially the ones saving their gold? Is having gold a privilege or an obligation? I know I have so many questions. I just wanna hear your thoughts on this. COMMENT NOW!

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  1. Hi, I have 2 pieces of gold bar 500grams each, I would like to sell it at a best price possible. Please let me know if you are interested to buy it. My number is 09053687595

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  3. I understand part of the argument for paper gold “Commodities Market” but I am not at ease that these are just paper contracts and no guarantee for delivery of physical gold and silver. Would rate just buy it from a reputable dealer unfortunately I know of only one such legal company that deals with physical bullion not paper contracts.

    • i have gold in Africa 5000kg….price is gross 12% and net 11%…after signing of SPA buyer issues proof of funds …seller issues POP; SKR from international and reputable security company…vidoes and pictures…buyer issues SBLC OR DLC SELLER SUPPLIES WITHIN 10DAYS at buyer designated airport…buyer takes care of clearing ….custom duties …refinery charges and pay 100% within 24hours immediately after assy

      • Hello Ray Jay, Jericho Magbanua here, Philippines. Do you have office in the Philippines?
        I have a friend who claimed to have a buyer.

        My best regards,

        Jericho Magbanua

  4. Hello,

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  6. Hello, i wish to know where i can sell my gold coins in the Philippines, preferably in Ioilo City
    I have a collection of 2x full and 2x half ounce Gold Kruger Coins and 1x quarter ounce and 1/10 ounce.
    They are all proof coins , i have 1 bullion.

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  8. Hello, I am interested to buy a couple oz. 0.999 silver, When the quality is good, we can of course discuss more.

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    • 1500 peso/gram?Is the purity 99.99%? whatsapp+66 917149515

      we are a gold trading company located in Bangkok and Singapore,we need lots of gold (more than 500kg)daily

      • Hello Sir/Madam,

        I just want to let you know we as a procurement company here in the Est African region we have clients/miners who have gold nuggets/bars,diamonds,coltan,etc to offer to your demands.

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  10. Can anyone tell me where can I get my gold bars certified? I am from Pasay City. Please send me address and name of laboratory. Many Thanks!

  11. Dear Mr./ Mrs.
    We’re gold bullion bars broker
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  12. Hi I’m Patrick from Metal Money, a gold and silver bullion shop over in Singapore. Feel free to contact me directly regarding questions on gold and silver. We buy, sell, vault, precious metals and after living in the Philippines for a number of years, yes I am aware of customs and tax schemes in the Philippines. Nonetheless, we have some of the lowest prices in Singapore and I hope to be able to help you safely navigate through the maze of scams and fakes that unfortunately are out there.
    I’m on whatsapp at +6596617123

    We’re also available for interviews when our schedule permits. Let’s do this the right way and insure our money and our future with gold and silver.

  13. Please provide detailed information to my email

    The quantity of the gold
    Where it comes from
    What is your selling price.
    Exit permit for your gold, etc.


    • Hello Daniel,
      the quantity of gold is not a problem, we have gold bars from hongkong and the price ranges from 44thou dollars right now, for permit, we can give you copy of the permits. just message me 09077228964

  14. may pinamana sakin ang lolo ko. kaso takot ako baka patayin ako. isang bakal na kahon. hindi ko pa nabuksan pero may butas sya sa itaas at masisilip mo ang laman. nakita ko na may mga numero at numbers at ibang mga simbolo na nakaukit sa ginto. nakalagay din dun ang bigat. 25kg ang nakalagay. ang tansya ko mga 20pcs ng goldbar ang meron. panu ko kaya ito ibebenta ng hindi nllman ng gobyerno? kabilin bilinan kasi sakin wag ko ipapaalam sa gobyerno,

  15. meron me lupa sa nueva ecija nahukay me ng item na tasa at kudrado na semento kailangan ko ng metal detector para me confirm kung my treasure sa lupa ko my number 09273108897 fr.rowel ng nueva ecija

        • Patatawagin ko sa iyo ang pamangkin ko na may hawak nito pati ang specification and brand. At present narito ako sa States at pamangkin ko ang naghahawak. Actually, 2 ang detector ko.
          Yong isa dito ko binili sa States. Yong isa dyan ko binili sa Phil. made in Germany. Kahit ibigay nya din sa iyo yong binilhan namin.

          Just wait for his call busy din sya.

  16. Hello

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  17. Work with local miners in Ghana and Tanzania to supply top quality gold bars,gold dust and rough diamonds to buyers from across the world. We have enough quality of gold to sell just to serious buyers wishing to come down for Ghana for a face to face trade on cash and carry.

    Product…….Gold bars
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    • Hi, for those willing to buy precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum that are authentic and pure (99.5% or higher), minted by the most prestigious metal minting companies in the world, do check out SilverGoldBull Philippines. I’m presently having good experience with this Canadian based company with their ultra-fast service and quick customer support. Before when I was in Canada I was able to buy the best quality gold and silver coins from them, and I recently found out that they do shipping now globally. I had my 2016 1 oz Canadian Maple leaf delivered at my doorstep just last month.
      Just letting you guys know that they are already in the Philippines, and I highly recommend them.

      • Hi Troy Leal,

        I’d like to buy silver ad gold coins/bars in silvergoldbull philippines but I’m afraid it will be blocked by customs or will make me pay horrendous amount by customs. May I know how it was delivered? Do you have a contact number also? Thanks!

        • Hi miss Lian

          I never had any problem with customs or tax imports charges. They take care of everything. They are delivered by reputable carriers such as FedEx. You can visit their website

          • Read your comment so timely. So you didnt have to clear import tax or duty tax from ph customs? I wanted to buy from silvergoldbull but i have same concern as lian. I tried online tax calculator and my God the taxes are almost same cost and value of goods. Pls enlighten us.

      • I have the same concern. I saw the price and it’s really reasonable but I’m afraid that the savings would just go to the taxes. Have you tried buying in sivergoldbull and have it shipped here in the Philippines?

    • Hi Charles Wood,

      We are a gold bar buyer from Southeast Asia and have an office in Singapore. Let me know if you have gold bar to supply with right price, give me an offer and I can send you our Sales and Purchase Agreement with 1 year contract for your review. Delivery is weekly and volume is 50kg per week to 100kg per week if the price is right.

      Thank you.

      • Hi SY ! Can I have your complete company address and your hand phone number in Singapore as I will be visiting Singapore soon. ?? We can discuss in detail in person.

        I am now in Davao city.
        My Philippines cellphone # is +63 998 972 2728.
        Thanks !

        • Hi Anthony,

          Thank you for your response and may I know if you are living in Davao or Manila.

          My company is SIR in short located in the South of Singapore (Singapore business district center) if you are familiar with Singapore. Here is my email address: please forward me more information to begin our discussion seriously. I have also sent you a short message to your mobile phone and will follow with a call shortly. Please let me know when will you be in Singapore.


  18. Hi, a friend of mine wants to sell 18 karat gold but the interested buyers can’t afford it all its weighs approximately 40-50kg. Now were looking for new buyers

  19. Dear Sir,

    I wish to write you these letter asking for your concern.

    My name is Nana Otibo Emmanuel the third , a sub chief from Wasa Amenfi rural area a mining community in the central region part of Ghana, west Africa.

    Has in my possession 250 kg AU gold dust belonging to the community that we are seeking for urgent interested buyer.

    The purpose of selling these AU gold dust now is to do some developmental projects for the community.

    The price is negotiable .


    Nana Otibo Emmanuel

    Sub Chief


    • Hello Jim,

      I am a precious metals investor for 8 years based in the Philippines and we have a method we teach in our FB Page for FREE.

      Invest in Gold & Silver-Philippines.

      Please look it up, like it and message the page for more details.

  21. irish abear .. my friend have a gold he wants to buy ,,, please help to find where we can sell ,…. call me asap .. 09123448939

    • Dear Sir

      Our company is Mondial Trading Co in Italy.
      Our company is Responsible for sell gold bullion in HSBC HK .
      ((( Shipment have Documents for export )))

      about Commission :
      Discount: Total discount 9% (nine) gross based on the second fixing of London Metal Exchange (LME); net to the Buyer 6% (six).

      1.5 % seller side is for the cost of the Treasury and bank officers and seller mandate.

      1.5 % buyer side :

      0.5 % The bank’s lawyer.

      0.20 % company Mondial Training Co.

      0.8 % For you and mandate buyer
      0.8 mandate buyer = 1600 Kg gold In every 200 MT
      First lift : 200MT (Two Hundred Metric Tons )
      If you agree, I send for you Text loa .Buyer inserts the text loa on The company’s letterhead With a scan of buyer’s passport And be sent to my
      email address .

      Transaction method (swiss process)
      1 – Official FCO
      2- loi
      3- Signed NCNDA
      4- Signed SPA
      5- POP & POF ( Bank to Bank)
      6- MT 799
      8- MT 600
      9- MT 103
      In accordance with the SPA

      According to the rules Swiss process , Buyer must issue a LOA And then sign NCNDA.
      And secondly : SPA will be signed in TTM .
      TTM is in Seller’s country .
      Seller’s mandate convene and meeting with Buyer or buyer’s mandate . And will be signed SPA .
      Then the buyer and seller’s mandate together will move to Hong Kong . The transaction will close in HSBC Bank HK .
      in the presence of officers bullion , buyer and Seller and mandate .

      Furthermore according HKMA it is forbidden to handle documents for a gold business in HK outside the banks. The only possibility to handle this gold deal seriously is to handle it between both bank officers respectively both bullion officers according the offered and accepted procedure.
      Cargo documents ( SKR, CSKR,POP,RWA, … ) Only offered to Buyer’s officer. Bank to Bank And after sign SPA.
      We’re waiting for your response.

      Best Regards

      M. Mizani
      Mondial Trading Co.

    • I don’t no speak English. Tagalog nlang. Mayron ako nakita gold Na Bareta matakot ako pagbenta marami kasi Ito. Takot ako magsabi sa mga Tao baka kunin nila at dilikado pa buhay ko. Kaya hanap ako tunay na maka tulong sa akin.

      • Leave website address
        Itago mo na muna yan.. Habang tumatagal mas lalo nagiging mahal yung mga ganyan.. Saka yung alam ko. Bangko sentral ng pilipinas ang bumibili ng saktong presyo sa international..

      • kamusta?? teacher ako sa private school dito sa Quezon City.. may tatay ng student ko na bumibili ng maraming gold.. safe at kilalang kilala.. may tunawan sa Bucaue.. if want mo tulungan kitang ibenta khit paunti unti.. 09193764761

  22. my future wife is in Ghana doing business and has 15kg of gold and needs it sold we cant afford to send it to the us shipping to much she has all legal documents that it is her own personal stock we need a buyer to pick it up ther or pay the shipping to sell it to them we both are us citizens

  23. We are Gold agents with direct links to East Africa Gold dealers and

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    • need you to contact me have a business proposition for you have 15kg of gold bars to sell need advise and a buyer are you interested

  24. Dear Sir,

    Am from sierra leone i represent group of local miners in my community, we have 34 kilos of gold dust and 1,543 carats of rough diamonds in stock for sell, our bush price is negotiable and our procedure is very simple. Please contact me for more information.


    • Memunatu-

      Do you think you will be able to send
      Or bring the gold dust to Dubai? We have a gold refinery/smelting facility in Dubai and we wanted to Buy gold.


  25. hello every one, please email me. i want to help my sister -in law to sell her gold bars. i don’t know how much cost of each bar. i’m still to confirm if what is the description of the gold bar on her possession. just need some guidance how to sell it to trusted buyer. thank you.

  26. Dear Sir,
    I have AU gold bullion offer 5000MT in Hong Kong with FOB term.
    Must buyer sign 2 documents (BCL+ Soft Probe Authorization) After that seller will issue invitation for buyer to TTM in Hong Kong and close deal bank to bank.
    If you have buyer interested with procedures inform me.
    Note: I am with buyer side commission, Because seller side is closed.
    For more details and procedures see attached draft documents.

    Mr. Abdullah Mubarak

  27. Good day, Am Mr Odhiambo Kenyatta and My father is a

    miner and he is looking for gold and diamond

    buyer to sell out what he’s got from our mines

    through local mining activity in our community.
    Reply for more details via my Email:

    Your full

    name,Direct mobIle number and your country:

    Mr Odhiambo Kenyatta,

  28. We have available the below specs of gold bars for sale:

    Product: Gold Bars
    Purity: 99%+
    Carats: 22+
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  29. I interested to know where to buy gold jewelries in Philippines 18k to 24k, plan to have resel it online and having pawnshop…

    • hello my friend have a gold bars 24karat gold 99.99% au purity just contact my # 09178664318 and we have to deal with it,,

  30. We are looking for a good buyer and no scams. We have dealth with different buyers here in the Philippines and would like to build our goodwill to you. Can you please text me how much do you buy for 6.2kg gold bullion? What is the procedure? my mobile number is… I’ll be waiting for your response… Thank you…

  31. I’m an American Expat living here now for about 6 years, former stock trader among other endeavors. I have owned gold and silver in the past (in the US) and would like to here as well, however it seems there isn’t much of a market for it here and according to the Customs website, it is strictly prohibited to bring any into the country, but of course no explanation as to why. I have found a couple of ways to get invested into gold that may work….one is BitGold and the other is Bullion Vault. Both companies store your gold shares in secure and insured vaults at locations around the world, closest to us would be HK and Singapore. I still follow the technical charts and both gold and silver are rapidly closing in on what we technical traders call a “triple bottom” and if it holds…’ll be off to the races to the upside. I’m watching GLD & SLV on GLD & SLV are ETF’s (exchange traded funds) GLD price per share is basically equal to 1/10 the price of real gold and SLV is spot on. They can both be traded as shares or with put/call options. The only downside is, you cannot actually take physical possession, so even if one where to make a killing on say a big run up with call options, you would still just have paper “fiat” money. Gold and silver, along with guns, ammo, medicine, food and non hybrid, organic seeds are true stores of value 🙂

    • I am interested in your comments, Wells – and share your views.

      Intend spending time in the PI due to fiance’ being in university there.

      Please consider being in touch : sailboi at gmail dot com


  32. am direct to seller who has 600kg of gold bars in a European bank looking for a serious buyer ready to do bank to bank business. the deal will be done through bank officer from seller to bank officer from buyer. only serious buyers or their mandate to contact me please. chiwetamining(at)gmail(dot)com.

    also for starter buyers their is 10kg of gold direct from Zambia.

    only serious buyers to contact us.

  33. We are one of the leading gold miners here in Africa, we also have diamond mining units is Sierra Leone, we offer quality services to all our gold and diamond buyers,we have raw gold bars ,alluvial gold dust and rough diamond.
    Interested clients should contact us for more information and FCI/Manifest review.
    Mr.Aboubacar kone
    Secretary General
    Segou Gold Miners

      • I know somebody who is selling a couple of gold bars accidentally dug from their land. These are supposedly from the Yamasita treasure buried here in the Philippines. If you are serious buyer, we can arrange a meeting to show you the bars.

        You can respond to my email.


        • Sir nori please do contact me.

          My japanese boss really want to buy a gold bar do a gold business. This month lang po kami naloko ng mga dealer from bukidnon. Pls do contact me and email me kasi pinapahanap nila ako ng mga gold seller.

          • Hi! price of gold has gone down and still is. The owner, feeling nervous about the world price drop has decided to withhold selling until the price goes up. He wants more money for his gold bars. Sorry about that. But surely, I will contact you once he is ready to sell his gold bars.

          • Hello Loidz,

            We are selling Gold Bullion and I am from the Philippines,The Gold Buillion is located in Indonesia,kung interesado yang buyer mo,madami kami nakaready na ibebenta.pwede mo ko kausapin sa skype,eto handle ko- haven_rain.

            Thanks Rain

          • Right now the owner does not want to sell them yet because the price of gold has gone down dramatically. He is will to sell to Japanese but not to Chinese businessman. He is quite nationalistic. Send me your email and when the time comes I will contact you.

            Thanks for responding.

          • do you also buy sayaysa? I know someone who have that item and wants to sell it. If you guys are interested I can accompany you to check the item. the item is in Surigao by the way, only have a picture on my facebook account. dodongligaya000

          • I have a friend with gold from outside the country and he want to sell it here in our country. Can you help us in buying the items? thanks!

          • Hi..
            My friend has a 10kls of gold bars. We are seeking buyer for her gold bars. Please do contact me if you are interested. 09157786778

          • Hi, Im into buying gold and sell it locally. I am in this business recently about 2months ago. Message me if you want to purchse from me.. I can only cater 50-100grams per week due to limited finances. THANK YOU!

          • hi my future wife have a gold bar nasa nigeria sya ngaun pati yung gold pano ba yun dadalhin dito gusto nya dito nya ibibenta,,give me some advise,

          • Hi Loidz.! It’s been years that I haven’t contacted you. However, I told you I would contact you later. Now, the seller wants to sell his gold bars, Yamasita treasure. If your Japanese boss is still interested then probably we can meet. He is willing to show you and let you test the bar which is 75 kilos each.. He has more, and willing to meet with your Japanese boss. Actually, there is another Japanese who wants to meet him too. However, he is trying to get the best price. World Price of gold at the time of buying is what he is looking for.

            We are serious seller who want to deal with serious buyer. We have a lawyer who is assisting us in this matter.

          • Hi Alfred!

            Sorry, it’s only now that I am responding. It’s Yamasita Treasure recovered in the Phil. I am returning to the Phil. by next month, June, to help sell the bars. Right now, I am still in the US. I am a serious seller and want to transact business with serious people or firm. I am contacting other agents and will try to get current world price.

            Pls. email me once you get this.

      • Hi, if you’re interested in participating in spot trading in gold, please contact me. Our company, Professional Diligence Inc. trades physical gold and derivatives through the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange. One of the oldest depositaries and exchanges of gold in the world. Email me if interested. Our office is located in Makati.

    • Sir,

      We, Bullion Gold Merchants Limited base in UK are owner & direct seller of Gold Bullion Bar and Gold Bullion Coins in small and large quantities.

      We are searching for customers /representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to our customers all over the world.

      Please, if you are interested in transacting Gold Bullion Bar or Gold Bullion Coins business with us kindly contact me the CEO directly via our email address

      Best Regards,
      Mr. Adrian Hope.
      SKype ID: bullionmerchant
      Contact Phone No: +447924339472

      • Adrian,

        Are your AU physically located in the UK?

        I have a buyer, currently based in the Philippines, that is looking to purchase Gold bars, and they would like proof that the gold literally exists and that it is in fact for sale by the Owner holding title (no third party contracts or banks).

        A warehouse receipt, a bank deposit, and refinery documents on one AU bar is sufficient to begin.

        Is this going to be provided by the seller?

        The buyer is willing to pick up the AU as long as they can authenticate the AU product, and with the right discount on the price.



        I can act as a representative for you, and I have a few local buyers here in the Philippines also.

      • hello sir are you interested in gold bar treasure her in Philippines if you are? contact me to this e mail ill wait for your rply tnx sir

      • Dear Adrian,

        Let me know how you could send bullion to Dubai

        We buy 1 to 1000 kg per day for cash only after the refinery certification.

        kindly send full details.


  34. write me, I may know how to sell your gold
    if you are willing to subject it to tests of weight, and drilling
    or send it to smelter

    problem of buying in Philppines it the high tax on BUYING

    • I am a local miner if you want to buy gold we can discuss about the price and procedure and any buyer who is ready all over the world we deal with them in time of AU Gold

        • My friend wants to sell his gold and diamonds but we don’t know how and where to sell and whom to trust.. We need your help sir…

        • I have gold for sale In Hong Kong, let me know if your’re interested. I have the seller’s draft transaction procedure.

          • buyer requires the following:

            A warehouse receipt, a bank deposit, and refinery documents on one AU bar is sufficient to begin.

            If the seller can’t provide this, buyer will not transact.

            my buyer can purchase @ 1000 MT of AU per month.

            Buyer is in Hong Kong at the present transacting an AU purchase.

          • Yes sharmain inopia i can provide all what you need start from A warehouse receipt assay report tell your buyer to contact me at thomasdonkorgh at yahoo dot com i will be waiting to hear back from you as soon as possible.

      • if you really want to selll your gold I can help

        and what you can do is join Linkedin
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  35. I am buying my gold from ebay. You know the ones minted by Perth Mints of Australia and Franklin Mints of US. As well as from online gold sellers in the US like apmex and wholesale coins direct.

      • you can go on line, kitco gold, and they sell it in many places
        and store it for you

        another is Sunshine Mint in the USA, you can search it online

        they sell silver and gold
        and store it for you, you need to find out the cost of storage

        and, there are many rich Philippine people with gold in the Banks and cannot pay storage, rich but poor

    • Hi! Im fresh to this business and I’m looking for gold buyers! No demand to worry for the authenticity of gold its 100% guaranteed!

      • I am interested in buying bullion gold and silver in small and medium units.
        Please contact me about contract- and delivery details.


        • I have gold for sale, storage in Hong Kong secure warehouse. I also have the seller’s transaction procedure. Contact me if you’re interested to purchase.

          • Sir Michael Perez,

            Are you from Philippines? We have a legitimate buyer that can buy volume of gold bars here in the Philippines. it’s an Iranian company. can i have the seller’s transaction procedure so that I can give it to the buyer? am hoping for your prompt reply. Please communicate me in my email address.

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            JOHN RIOJA

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  36. Hi guys! I’ve been looking around for a step-by-step guide on how to buy gold and silver and secure it, but after a few months of searching, I found only bits and pieces. So I decided to find this out for myself and created The Ultimate Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver in Asia. You will find it useful, because I was once in your position. 🙂

    • Dear Sir/MADAM

      We are into Gold and Diamond business and also an authorized seller of
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      • DEAR SIR


        THANK YOU

  37. If I buy gold from people that’s willing to sell their jewelries for less because they need money, is that a bad thing? I mean instead of buying gold from PSB, I’ll just buy it from people and then sell it in the future. What’s the disadvantages if I do that?

    Nice article by the way :))

    • It’s not a bad thing and it’s currently legal. People do it and honestly I see a lot of people who buy and sell gold for a living. There are some who became rich because of it. I think Gold trade will never die. People from centuries ago were doing it and we still see it alive now. 🙂 The disadvantage of buying big gold outside BSP is the authenticity of the gold you are buying.

      • Ah ok. So basically as long as I know how to check the quality of the gold then it’s all good right? Thanks for the reply! :))

        • Yes as long as you’re sure it’s really gold. If you’re into big time transactions though like buying gold bars and huge bulk of gold, I suggest you use the most secure way. If you happened to be a treasure hunter, you’ll surely be blessed more if you share your blessings LOL

    • most gold rings and necklaces are not pure gold
      be careful some is just coated

      you can get burned, on the gold ones it should be stamped as the
      percentage of gold, like for instance 50 percent is stamped 12 K
      pure is 24K

    • not all jewelry is pure gold

      if it does not put the on the back something like 12k
      18k, 24K is pure
      jewelry is in the eye of the beholder


      • Dear Sir /madam,

        We are looking for partner in building a local mining company or
        serious cash buyers of AU Gold and rough and uncut Diamond, my father and others are local sellers and miners of Gold and Diamond here in Cote d’ivoire, they want to get money to help our families as you know here in Africa we have many people in our families, they are counting on some people who went to school to help them but these people just want to steal their products even the government promised to help our community but since my father gave them produts they’ve been just telling story every day, every time. This is the reason why our community decided to contact the good people.

        Due to the way they are mining their products many people are trying to teach them because they don’t know the world market even some mandates and buyers rep have come and carried their products on credits and they have never come back to pay their money. Right now i want to get them serious people who can help them to sell their products following the market. At the moment they have GOLD DUST / BARS and ROUGH/UNCUT DIAMOND in large quantities for sale at cheap price.

        They need people like you, people over there to help them develop
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        Hope to hearing from you soon.

        Thank you,
        Miss Antonet Kone
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        Man Gold and Diamond local
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    • the government must be notified and you must have a permit to seek the Japanese treasures

      if it is on government land they get the lions share
      private 50/50

      • I am a local miner and looking for buyer for AU Gold bar all over the world if you are interested get back to me as soon as possible

    • first you must find them, the laws keep changing

      private land the government wants 50/50
      state land 30/70

      and it is not their gold…it was stolen from lands the Japanese raided
      and the rightful owner is not the Philippines as the USA paid them for the
      the war debt in money, and lives.
      but that is the law

      and you need to check, the last I heard the Central Bank of the Philippine is not buying gold, because the government put a tax on
      buying gold.

  38. We will be establishing three major exchanges (COMEX, SMEX and INSUREX) in the next few years subject to regulatory approval and licenses.

    • Hello Elmira Colicol,
      I am a gold dealer and looking for buyer all over the world if you can let us hookup so that we can discuss about the price

        • I’m interested that you have contact all over Asia, I’m also into Gold Trading, I’m in Zamboanga Peninsula. My only concerns is How secure dealing with your contacts?

          • Abad,

            well im into gold and im an end seller of gold, if you really want to do gold business
            then you can let me know and we talk about business, and make sure you are safe.
            connect to me on skype, with this id mybusiness.chart
            and let me know you are the one ok,

          • Hi Raul,

            We are representing a local buyer of AU, our buyer can buy up to 400 MT at any given time.
            If you have AU to sell then contact me.

        • We are GOLD AND DIAMOND Seller from West Africa pls let me know if you
          are interested,and we need a good buyer for a long
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          Regards Abednego

      • Hi Fred no secret that gold and silver prices are manipulated however soon the LMBA will have Little influence as economy’s like Russia,China,India,Brazil, South Africa are buying it in record volume I believe the Quantative easing by USA,Japan is only delaying a huge global market correction. Precious metals will be the winner and safe investment. Some governments are using photos copiers to print money. the result of printing billions of notes with out sufficient hard asset like gold or silver will eventually lead to a global financial crash. I expect gold and silver to remain low over next year but when USA debt reaches 18 trillion dollars at end of this year and when Japan Stops it Quantive Easing we will see modest rises in gold and silver. Cheers

    • Hi, I’m selling my saudi gold right now it is a necklace w/ anchor pendant 90.02grms. if you are interested pls. don’t hesitate to let me know just pm me in fb orly mejia

  39. Hi Fehl, I love this feature about gold and buying and investing in gold. You explained a lot in this so well. I enjoyed this article. your blog is totally awesome as always.

    Have a sweet day, honey. 🙂


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