Stock Market Tutorials Philippines – Complete Guide

A complete guide and stock market tutorials in the Philippines about stock market investing and trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange. This is the blueprint to follow especially if you are a beginner or a starter in investing in stocks.

Following and understanding the fundamental and technical strategies of investing and trading stocks will surely make you a millionaire in a few years time or even a billionaire if time permitted so…

I made this framework of tutorials for everyone especially my avid readers here at Philpad. You know who you are. And for newbies who I want to welcome gladly and chat in the comments and our Facebook and Instagram page. PDF may be available soon too.

Important notes:

Please read the following posts one by one because there is no shortcut in making money. There is no shortcut in learning things. Investing is a serious business and you should know the basics of it.


Keep calm and make millions of money!”

Stock Market Tutorials Philippines 2024

Step by Step Guide in Investing and Trading Stocks in the Philippine Stock Market:

Just tap the links below to visit the pages corresponding to the topics.


how to invest in the stock market

You are involved with investments now. I’m glad you know what you’re getting into and the awesome benefits of it.”

Now what? Geez you’re ready  to surf the waves of the stock market!”

photo credit: Tumblr
photo credit: Tumblr


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24 thoughts on “Stock Market Tutorials Philippines – Complete Guide”

  1. Hi ma’am good evening….I’m interested to much po kya minimum pde e invest? I need to know more about investing po.i hope to hear your advices po.pleas contact me at my messenger Sakura Ella Myprincesses or message me or email. thank you and have a nice day.

  2. Hello po Ma’am Fehl, I’m trying to register on COL financial po pero closed na ang kanilang registration since January 2021, can you suggest any other website or portal to invest in the Philippine Stock Market?

  3. Hi Miss Beautiful may 5k po ako every month ask ko lang po kung pwede ko po itong hatiin sa limang stocks? CEB,SM,GEN,URC,BDO 1k po every month per stocks na napili ko pwede po ba yon? o ano mas magandang gawin nito para mabilis ang profit? thank you.

  4. hello po, im 30 years old and im an agressive a single parent of two kids.whats the best option for me sa investment.and ma’am do you know a reliable local broker of forex?
    Thank you and more power!

  5. Hi mam, tanong ko lang po kung delisted ung CALATA sa PSEI? Ok po kaya maginvest sa company na iyun kahit may allegation daw na tax evation? Salamat po.

  6. Hi Ma’am Fehl, I need some really sound advice with respect to the stock market at present…I have been following your tips and strategies…however, the value of my stocks have plummeted recently – thus, i have incurred a significant amount of paper loss! I did some research and it has been attributed to the devaluation of the Chinese currency… my question is…is it wise to hold on to dear life and hope the stocks will go up again? or just sell now to minimize losses… I value your opinion so until I get an answer from you, I’m holding my depreciated stocks. =(

      • Miss Fehl? CORRECTION? LOL

        KIRBY I short, if you suffered a paper loss, it is already too late to sell but it would have been a good time to invest in more, in your loss, back in August, 24 to 30th but now, as Miss Fehl said, ride it out, unless your favorite stocks are still low, then buy more…A lot of people made a lot of money selling high in August and buying low, August 24th and 25th, even buying their own Units, or Shares, back, after they sold them, 25th to 27th so now you are what is called, a brown bagger, which means you were left holding the bag…Don’t feel bad, it happened to me also

        NOSE BLEED ANSWER: I own what is called, Units, which is sort of like shares of stocks, but my shares are affected, depending on the portfolio, by bonds, money market, equities, stocks, industrial funds, government securities, banking accounts, and bla bla bla, depending on how the pie was baked, to share the wins and losses over the portfolio and I did not have to do all of the work to make what is called a portfolio

        You on the other hand, have one or more shares of stocks, from one or more companies, perhaps bought through a broker…Selling now would only make your artificially low, paper loss, a reality, which is what the market players want you to do, and will, or could incur fees, which your broker wants you to do, plus more fees to jump back in and you will jump back in, which your broker wants you to do, more than likely, when it is on the rise, paying too much, which the market wants you to do….Do as Miss Fehl said, she is correct

        However, I not see it as a correction…You cannot correct the market, when everyone is doing their best to manipulate it, including myself…Money does not have a brain, people do, and money is not greedy, people are, and money prefers to sit and do nothing, smart people do not. In the old days, there was a lot less stock market volatility because the rise and fall of the market was based on profit and loss, selling and buying of stocks, and so on, meaning it was based on sound, or bad business practices, but now, it is done, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over the internet as a buying and selling game, using horse racing tactics and if what happened in 2008 happened in 1920’s, people would be jumping out of buildings again.( some people did frankly in the Philippines)

        Unless you watch the market, closely, and not listen to what people say, about why the market did what it did, the fact is, it did it…It’s done, It is too late…The August crash, was because of the US FED’s, cowardly act of talk talk talk and do little nothing, and the big boys and girls jumped out, called a paper tantrum, and then bought back in, making a ton of cash…Only you and me failed, because we did not have a cash reserve to buy the shares sold, and falling to a wonderful low price.

        China had nothing to do with the CORRECTION LOL it was stock manipulation, because of the FED, first and foremost, causing a paper tantrum by the big players, it is well known here in the USA, also corruption in financial matters in Brazil, the VW scandal, was breaking wind, yahoo and Alibaba, tax, sell off fiasco, the US dolor went way up, although I was glad, yes China helped, some, with their economic stimulus, but if people had not screwed around with their stocks, companies, and governmental budgets, all at the same time, China would have helped matters, not made matters worse, so tell your friends they are wrong. China, was the least of our problems

        But stay in, but low and sell high

  7. hi miss Fehl, ask ko lang if gusto ko ibili ng stocks yung baby ko na 3 year old and planning to use COL financial. sya ba dapat sa secondary account holder? Kaka-download ko lang ng forms and yung ITF. Thanks po.

  8. HI FHEL! If I open using col and my bank is bpi. would i still be able to fund it? or you recommend that i just open with bpi? thanks

  9. Hi Fehl!

    I am totally brand new in this game. I have already started with COL financial. I really don’t know if this is a stupid question or if it was answered already in your website. i have been into a lot of your stuff in Dailypik but I could not find the answer. Here goes… Who buys the stocks if we are selling at TP of a certain stock or if it is at its peak?

    • ROUTIN: There are never stupid questions in this game, only stupid moves, stupid actions, with our hands. The only time a questions can be labeled as stupid, is when we ask, over and over again the same question until someone tell us what we want to hear..The good question is, will the answer, which we want to hear, be the best, or even a good answer?

      If someone, and i am not referring to you, but if someone already has burned into their brain, an answer, but they continue to ask people, places, and professionals, the same question, until they get THEIR answer, why did they do this and why did they not use their answer?


      We all know right from wrong, smart, or stupid moves, we all know how this market game works, the only thing we not know is will a bunch of morons sell, or buy an investment and cause ours to go up or down, artificially and what will you do about it, before, or after it happens

      Money is not stupid or greedy, people are, so shares of stocks, bonds, or money market funds, go up or down, because of business success or failure but with the invention of the computer, day trading, and fund managers, people cause things to move

      Volkswagen sales had nothing to do with their stocks tanking, greed and dishonesty did
      I hope this point of view helps….God Bless

  10. nalilito ako heheheh ang daming tutorials sa mga blog posts mo. Pwede ba malamn kung san ako pupunta para makapoagstart to buy stocks? I already have sunlife and manulife. I just want to buy stocks irectly via BPIII fopr mula mo kya lng nalilito ako kung san ako pupunta sa office ba ng mga companies like URC? Godbless you ang galing mo you are really a blessing!

  11. hi Ms Fehl. I have a question regarding COL Financial’s EIP using peso-cost averaging. What if I decided to stop funding my account and stop buying stocks at some point. Would COL require me to sell my shares right away? or can I just leave my account there, say for 5 years to take advantage of stock price increase before selling it?

    • Hi, only you have the power to buy or sell the stocks you have in your account. If you stopped funding, I suggest you stop the EIP and just invest whenever you want to

      • Hindi ba compounding interest sya, so even if you stop funding it, the previous amount of money that has been deposited will still gain interest?


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