How to Buy, Sell, Trade Stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange Market

How to buy shares of stock in the Philippine stock market? In this page, I’m gonna discuss the best and easy ways on how to buy, sell and trade stocks in the Philippine Stocks Exchange.

The PSE (Phil. Stock Exchange) is booming and has recorded magnificent highs starting the third quarter of the couple years and is still climbing the hill chart upward. Financial analysts also has been saying positive feedback and forecasts for the coming years about impressive growth of the stock exchange in the country together with the awesome performance of Peso and the economy as a whole.

Why not participate in the growth and take this opportunity now right? Join the stock market.


This may give you millions of pesos in one shot and in just 20 or 55 pesos but hey do you know the probability of winning the lotto? I say even Einstein had a problem with the Math…”

how to trade stocks philipipnes

People work 8 hours or more a day without enjoying so much the fruits of their labor until they realized they’re already old and couldn’t even travel or ride a zipline anymore. I say if you started early as you started working, saving a generous percentage of your income to invest, you can retire early and enjoy happily what you earned.”

how to trade philippine stock market

You buy the latest iphone, laptop, car even if you don’t really need them, “someday you’re gonna sell what you need.” I say why not hit the latest bull…

Earn extra money or earn even big by trading in the stocks exchange.

Be a stockholder.

How to become a stockholder and trade in the stock market in the Philippines?

You don’t have to be super rich to become a stockholder of a company and trade in the  stock market. However, before you buy stocks, make sure you have enough background about stocks, the stock market, trading, the company you are interested to buy and your time and money to monitor your investment.

buy sell stocks philippine stock exchange

Why not become a part owner of these huge companies in the Philippines? Or better a major stockholder in the future…

How to buy stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange?

Buy or purchase stocks of a company who participates in the PSE (see the PSE company listing). You will be assisted by a broker or a brokerage firm for your trading. You can buy stocks in person or thru phone call or just buy one in a click via an accredited online broker. You can go to the PSE or just open an account online to buy and sell stocks via an online broker. See the List of Accredited Online Brokers in the Philippines here or the Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines.

How much money you will need to buy stocks?

This is self explanatory but for the newbies and starters, some online brokers offer easy investment and trading options for as low as P5000. That is very cool I must say because it is not too risky for beginners. You will start to learn to invest, buy and sell stocks without losing or gaining so much.

You can trade higher amounts and higher stocks anyway as you learn the ways. Knowledge and strategy are powerful to successful trading. I suggest you learn the basics of trading and investing by reading our Millionaire posts. The site has many useful tutorials and training for everyone especially starters.

How to sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Market?

Again the easiest way is through an online broker company since funds and proceeds are transacted directly to the bank account associated with your online account. You can withdraw or fund your account anytime. They also allow deposit of stock certificates, transfer of stock-holding to another stockbroker and portfolio monitoring.

How to earn money by trading in the stock market in the Philippines?

Just like any trading, you gain money when you sold at a higher price than when you bought. You just have to know when to buy, what to buy and when to sell and what to sell. When to buy and sell stocks? What company stocks should I buy? I will discuss those soon so subscribe to us to be the first one to read the new posts from our MONEY topics.

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  1. Hi Fehl. What are your thoughts or advice in using trading platforms like COL, First Metro Sec etc. vs buying stocks via channels like PRU Life that offer VUL. Thanks!

    • Hi 🙂 I like using trading platforms because you own the real stocks, you are in control of your portfolio and you aren’t paying management fees. VUL are managed funds, although your investments can be allocated to stocks and other money instruments, you hire a fund manager for your funds, thus they are in control of your portfolio and you’re paying fees.

      My advice, if you are a beginner and you don’t want to level up your financial skills, hire the experts to manage your funds. On the other hand, if you are a beginner who wants to learn more financial skills, get yourself involved in stocks by investing some knowledge and investing real stocks. I’m sure you will learn from there. I did 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Do I need to have a existing bank account as pinas para makapag fund, and when it come to withdrawal purposes po?

    Base sa form ng COL , asking for bank in phil. For withdrawal purposes. Since wala na po akong active na bank account sa pinas , di rin po ako makapg open online while abroad.
    Is it possible po na international bank po ang ilagay ?

    Hoping for your response ????
    Salamat po.

  3. Hi I want to buy stocks in phil. currently i live in Australia but i want to learn how it works. Could you please give me advice about this?

  4. The long scroll down to comment section is long! I would like to know more about Stock Brokerage in Philippines and would be happy to have a 1 on 1 communication with one of your guys.

    Thanks and mabuhay!

  5. Hi Fehl. I am interested in stock investment in the Philippines. Do you have any idea how much is per transaction fee more or less? What brokerage firm offers a flat rate per transaction? How much is the VAT once you sell the stocks? Are there dividend paying stocks in the Philippines, if so, do the investment brokerage allow reinvestment options?

    • Hi, Julie 🙂
      Commission is .25% of the Gross trade amount
      VAT is 12% of commission
      PSE Transaction fee is .005% of the Gross trade amount
      Securities clearing fee is .01% of the Gross trade amount

      Yes, most of the blue chip stocks pay dividends regularly. You can re invest your money, you are in control of it. God bless!

  6. I have a question. I have the original stock certificate but unfortunately I lost it during our transfer of office. What can I do. Thanks a lot.

  7. I am totally glad by what i read here and Ms Fehl am so thankful u are generous of sharing your knowledge about the stock market and so, i should be updated if the col financial is still leading the best broker since ive read your comments is back in 2013 and 14. Thank you ms.Fehl. God bless you abundantly.


  8. Good day ma’am ask ko lng po paano mag start ng investment if dto po ako sa abroad dmi q po binasa at sa haba nd qn mxado maintndhan kung san magsmula kung ppaano mhkanap ng broker? Gusto q po sana JFC, paano po ggwin ko.maam aevice nmn po thank you.

  9. Good day Ms. Fehl

    Newbie here for investing stuff, pahingi po ng advice kung anung company ang para sayong pinaka magandang bumili ng stocks. just for your own opinion. Kudos! Thanks.

  10. Can I buy stocks of PSE-listed companies through my bank?
    I just feel more comfortable dealing with my bank because I can just go anytime and speak with someone if I need updates or advice on how to proceed with my investment.

  11. I am holder of stock certificate and I keep it in a brown envelop. I do not know how to turn it to cash. But I received dividends quarterly. My question is how can I convert it to money without being a daily trader. Do I need a broker to handle the trading or trade it myself? I f I will get a broker-trader, what are their procedures to release the cash without hassle. i see my stocks listed in pse and trading at around P 1,400 per share.

    Are there traders/broker who buy stocks without entering the trading first say I need the cash right away?

  12. Hi Ms. Fhel,

    Good Day!

    I’m looking for an Investment but, I have no knowledge about that I don’t have luscious about investing and how to move this. can you give me some tips or what I need to know about investing of money how to move. I highly appreciated your reply.

  13. Hi Ms. Fehl. I am eagerly and seriously looking for an investment; and I want to buy a stock in PSE. I’m 23, just a beginner. so please help me where to start.

  14. Kumusta po ms Fehl,

    kpag po ba nag buy ako sa umaga pwede po ba ako mag sell sa hapon bago mag closing.

    kung 10am po ako nag buy pwede ko po ba sell ng 10:30 am?

    Thank you po.

  15. Hello there Ms. Fehl,

    I hope you are doing good today, I’m one of the typical newbie for these since I just graduated from high school last year (neophyte, haha).

    Seeing that we are typically on the computer age and in such that brokers (nowadays – seeing the past is a grim task) do have our stock certificate electronically. Can we obtain a physical copy just in case?

    Best regards,

  16. good evening ms. fehl, pag po ba i stop na ung investment eh makukuha ko ung gains ko together with the invested money? thanks:)

  17. hi ms. fehl,

    this asticle is very informative & encouraging. actually, i have already a COL account. it has become inactive since 3 years ago. but prior to that, i was updating it for a year or more. my questions are, given that i am willing to take a calculated risk, what if i want to use some of my cash balance or gained amount for trading daily, would that be fine? then what can you advise? can you please provide any tips? lastly, is it okay that it (investment) became stagnant for a couple of years though invested in mutual funds? i want to know more or deeper in investing and trading also.

    thank you & God bless…



    • Yes, you can use your cash balance to trade again. If you stopped investing, that doesn’t mean your funds stopped moving. Check out your portfolio and see if you have gains/loss. Good for you if you have gains 🙂 My tips are, know your risk appetite, have a goal and follow your strategy. We share stock picks at

  18. Ms. Fehl, anung stocks mo ngaun? i mean sang stocks ka nag iinvest. I’m interested to do long term investing.thanks

  19. Hello ma’am fehl,
    tanung ko po bumili ako ngayon ng stock bali first time kung bumili ,hindi ko ng bago ang term sa long term anung gawin ko kasi ngayon araw ako bumili ngayon din ako dapat magbinta ng binili kung stocks gusto kung long term maam,ang bintahan eh mababa sa pagbili ko kung hindi ko mabinta panu na ang stock ko…thanks maam sana makuha ko sagot ko send po ninyo sa email ko..

    • For beginners, you must know these 4 things:

      Basic Knowledge with Stocks Investment
      Your risk appetite
      Your Objective (goal)
      Your Strategy

      If you missed any even just 1 of the above, then you are not ready. Do not start investing or buying stocks unless you know the 4 completely. You can read our guides to learn more 🙂

  20. Hi, I would like to ask if I sell the shares I bought, is it directly be sell and convert into peso? or someone will buy the shares i sell before converting into peso?.. thank you

  21. Hi mam good am po pano po ba mg invest sa stock market ofw po aq dito sa saudi and im very much interested in investing in stock market plss iwill wait for your reply

  22. Hi Fehl, thank you for your helpful articles and unwavering response especially for the beginners like me. May I ask if there is any site that offers free actual experience of the stock markets before engaging to the real stock markets. Meron ba nung site kung saan ka pwede magpractice para mas maintindihan mo yung stock market? para maprepare ka. Thank you so much! 🙂 Godbless

  23. Is shorting allowed through online trading? What are the rules for day trading and how much is the average fee for trading online?

  24. good day..tanong ko lng po.. if i wi withdrew ko ung profit means po ba yun na .i sina subject ko na for selling ung stock ko.. just confused na kung pwede ba kunin ung profit..while not taking any stocks or shares…hindi po bah magagalaw ung share ko if mag wi withraw aq sa aking profit.? .i am planning po ksi to invest.i will work overseas by ds August. and i will usd ds.instead of savings,.tnx.

  25. Hi, I’m not employed, I’m a private tutor, online writer and graphic designer. I’m interested in trading. Can I join in trading stocks? Thanks

      • Hi, are these brokers based in Philippines? Do you know of any Australian brokers that offer to buy stocks in Philippine Stock Exchange? I’d like to open an account from here instead of offshore. At the moment I can only find this site that offers this service, Phillipcapital. Has anyone used this broker before? Do you have any tips or things to note before trading in PSE?


    • The first thing you must do is have basic knowledge about investing coz it is risky. Next, have a plan/goal. After that execute your plan. Read our Stock Market Tutorials and Guide here at Philpad by going to the STOCKS tab

  26. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace
    group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thank you

  27. Hi Ms. Fehl, im intersted in buying and selling stocks online the thing is im living abroad, can i buy it online? Please advice on how i will begin..requirements etc… Thank u very much!

    • Yes you can trade online even if you live abroad. Just open an online trading account from the accredited broker of your choice

  28. Simple Strategies that works for me

    1. Do PCA method and a bit of SAM method
    2. During market dips, you should buy more
    3. If you gained 3% and above then sell and look for other stocks that are in dip but do some research with that stock. it should be bluechips

    To monitor your stocks in real time, just visit

  29. Good day. I have stumbled upon your site by accident. I work in the bpo field and myself and a colleague were just discussing about buying stocks. I really want to get into this but I want to learn more first. I have no financial literacy regarding this at all so your help would be a much appreciated. Thank you in advance

  30. I am 21 years old right now and i want to learn how to buy stocks and how to pick a right company

    im also a call center agent my basic pay is 15k i know thats enough to buy food and to live a simple life

    but every person has a dream and that is to make our family happy and give all they want and the most important is to have saving in the near future so we can able to but things that we wants not only from but for my near future family..

    i hope you can help..thanks 🙂

  31. Hello Ms. Fehl,

    I am an OFW with an average monthly income. I want to open an ITF account in COL Financial for my 3 kids (ages 15, 8 and 6). I want to invest P5,000 alternately for each of them. Will COL agree that my kids have an investment account and their parents don’t? As of this time, I can’t afford to open an account for me and my wife but in the near future, I hope I can have our own account too. Cheers!

    • Yes COL accept ITF accounts. Just submit the requirements so you can create accounts for your kids. If your kids reached the legal age, you can convert their account to regular investor. Yes I think it’s ok even if you don’t have an investment account. It’s a free will 🙂

  32. HI! Are there any requirements if you want to invest on the stock market? I mean, if you’re going to do it as a walk-in client, do I have to bring some documents with me?

  33. Hi. I’m 16 years old and currently a freshman college student. I’m in to investing and business but my parents are the opposite. I want to invest in the stock market but they don’t want to invest. If I get their consent, can I start investing? What I mean is will I be able to independently manage my account? Which stock broker can you suggest?

  34. hi.. being a mother of 3 kids (2 studying & 1 on the way) and living a middle class lifestyle, investing is not that easy. as i was looking for ideas how to invest, your article is the most sensible one i have read…a low funding investment (just dont get greedy)…and the minute i finished reading it i was decided! this is it! got 2 questions for now, 1 could my first buying of stock be made on line or should it be personally? 2 were there specified banks where i must have account for these transactions? that`s all for now..thank you very much for this article.. GOD bless us all.

    • Hi. Thank you 🙂 If you choose an online broker, yes trading is done online. It’s more accessible and easier. We’re in the computer age now so I recommend online trading. Check though if the Online Broker is accredited by PSE. We have the complete accredited list here in Philpad. 🙂 My answer for number 2 question: No worries, almost every online broker are partnered with major banks here like BDO, Metrobank and BPI. I will be posting more about buying and selling stocks here soon. I’m currently migrating my website so it may be next week. Cheers!

  35. Hi Fehl,

    Your post were really awesome. I just heard it from my cousin that stock market is a good way for investments and since last week I’ve been researching until I found your articles. I’ll probably will be able to gain at least the basics with the help of your articles. Hope to read more of your very informative work.

    Just one question, for an OFW like me would it be advisable/safe to open an investment through online?

    • It’s a pleasure to share useful articles here. I love my readers and I’m happy to help and share knowledge and experience. An OFW can open a broker account. Just make sure your broker is accredited by the PSE. We have the list of accredited online broker here in case you wanna see them. I advise you open an account when you got here in the Philippines so you can sign and fund your account easily.

  36. I was planing to buy stock now as early as 22 years old I hope to invest my money as early as possible. I’m trying the co financial. Hope it works

    • Col Financial (Citiseconline) is one of the best online broker in the Philippines. Good luck and happy trading and investing! 🙂

      • Dear Fehl,

        What if the COL Financial got trouble and closed. Where do I sell my stock or take the money back I invested.



        • Have your certificate of stocks and sell them using other brokers but I think in that event, COL will notify all investors on the best convenient ways possible before the will close

  37. i got an investment in bpi asset management..i started at 20k 2 years ago. and investing like a thousand whenever i have extra money. now it grows up to 35k already. i just wish i had a hundred thousand or more.. ang ganda talaga ng performance ng stock market now a days. para mas malaki ang return. kesa po naka deposit lang sa bank ang pera natin.. try investing in stock market. God bless

    • Yes I know what you feel. I always check the NAVPU (Net Asset Value per Unit) of the UITF Equity Fund I just joined recently and I am always amazed what if I invested 100,000 earlier last year pa. I could have earned so much hehehe Anyway, just keep them there and focus on the long term strategy. God bless you too! I always love your comments here 🙂

      • Eto ba yung mutual fund?

        Im planning to invest. And i dont know whether on trading or on mutual funds. Pahingi naman ako opinion nyo oh. Thanks in advance. Btw, Ms. Fehl is awesome 🙂

        • This post is about investing stocks directly in the stock market. A Mutual Fund is another investment wheel. We have another post for that here. Please see the related articles above so you can read about Mutual Funds 🙂 Thank you for the kind works. God bless!

  38. I’m interested to get into stocks. Can I get into stocks despite being a student? What’s the minimum money needed to get into stock trading (is that the right term?). And where do I go to get into the whole stock buy and sell in the Phil Stock Exchange market?

    • If you are 18 and above, you can open an account and start investing. COL Financial EIP (Easy Investment Program) is for students and starters. I recommend it to everyone. It’s so easy to open an account online. For EIP the minimum money to start is just P5000. It’s the lowest I’ve seen so far from all the online brokers out there. COL Financial has been one of the best online trading broker in the country. Read and learn more about their company here If you need to know about investing and trading as a starter, everything is there. Tell us and come back here about your experience ok? 🙂 Congrats in advance for starting your wealth so early! Cheers!

      • And yes, I will share my experience when things turn out good for me with my stock market investment plans! You are surely paying it forward Ms. Fehl sharing your knowledge to everyone! God speed 🙂

        • Hi, JD! I am a marketing management student at some random college here in Tarlac. I just wanna ask how’s is it going on your stock market investment plans?

    • Yes it’s a very practical way to profit and break even at the start. I think every trader and investor has a target line that reminds them when to buy and to sell. Thank you for sharing your insights 🙂 The Philippine stock market is getting more interesting and exciting today. I hope I get to hear more insights here from readers, investors and starters. Have a great day!

      • Hi Fehl, I new here in this site, And I want to ask some question about investing money in stock market.

        I am interested to invest in the stock market , although I don’t have any Idea or knowledge about it. I had read all your article and I enjoy & Love it. I hope You can answer all the question below.

        1. What are the procedure for investing money in stock market ?
        2. How to start in the stock market ? And how much money could I invest ?
        3. How we or I earn money on this investment ?
        4. What are the risk factor in the stock market ?

        I am OFW and wanted to learn more about it. and I am coming for vacation next month.

        Kind Regards,


      • Hi ms a seafarer and im very interested in investment but i dont have any knowledge in the stocks market, do you know anyone who can teach me or do you engage for actual experience. Email me here


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