Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines 2021

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Released today, the best stock brokers in the Philippines in 2021 are listed here. They are the top online stock trading brokers used by many investors in the country and worldwide who invest in the Philippine Stock Market.

As of May 2021, the total number of accredited brokers in the Philippine Stock Exchange are 125 but we have listed here the crème of the crop in terms of online trading platform. They are 32 online brokers at present.

Because we are in the modern world of internet and the web, it is very important we adopt this new fast technology offered by the online realm.

Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines in 2021

  • A & A Securities, Inc.
  • AAA Southeast Equities, Inc.
  • AB Capital Securities, Inc.
  • Abacus Securities Corp.
  • Alpha Securities Corp. (AlphaSec)
  • AP Securities, Inc.
  • BA Securities, Inc.
  • BDO Securities Corp.
  • BPI Securities Corp. (BPITrade)
  • Coherco Securities, Inc. (CohercoTrade)
  • COL Financial Group, Inc.
  • DA Market Securities, Inc. (iTrade)
  • Eastern Securities Development Corp.
  • F. Yap Securities, Inc. (2TradeAsia)
  • First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp. (First Metro Sec)
  • Globalinks Securities & Stocks, Inc.
  • HDI Securities, Inc.
  • Investors Securities, Inc. (Investors Online)
  • JAKA Securities Corp.
  • Lucky Securities, Inc.
  • Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities, Inc. (MakeTrade)
  • Meridian Securities, Inc. (MSiTrade)
  • Optimum Securities Corp. (Optimum Online)
  • Philstocks Financial, Inc. (Philstocks)
  • RCBC Securities, Inc. (RCBC ezTrade)
  • Regina Capital Development Corp.
  • Timson Securities, Inc. (Timson Trade)
  • Triton Securities Corp.
  • UCPB Securities, Inc (UCPB My Stocks)
  • Unicapital Securities, Inc. (uTrade)
  • VC Securities Corp. (VC Trade)
  • Wealth Securities Inc. (WealthSec)

All online stock brokers are very safe and secure so you don’t have to worry. They all use SSL and TSL Certificate used by major banks as well. They are all very reliable. Investors’ accounts are very well protected.

Most online brokers listed here charge the same commission of .25% on the total gross sales and purchase of shares of stocks. The same fees are applied by each broker such as VAT of 12%, transaction fee of 0.005% and SCCP fee of 0.01%.

Some brokers provide mobile apps since we now use iOS and Android devices everywhere and every now and then. Besides, all businesses have apps nowadays unless they want to be left behind.

What does it say about the stock broker company? If a broker has available app for their online trading platform, they are ahead in the game. Accessibility is always important.

Top 5 Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines:

1. First Metro Sec Pro

The best stock broker in the Philippines right now which is generating great reviews is First Metro Sec (by Metrobank group). The upgraded version of First Metro Sec called First Metro Pro is the most advanced online trading platform in the Philippines.

best stock brokers philippines 2021

I’m actually very impressed with its excellent features. First Metro Sec also offer Mutual Funds on their platform. There is no initial fund needed to open an account if you are a Metrobank client for the starter version of First Metro Sec.

2. COL Financial

COL Financial is this year’s top 2 online stock broker right now for its easy and user-friendly platform. COL Financial also offers mutual funds together with stocks. Its former name was Citisec Online.

3. BDO Securities (former BDO Nomura)

BDO Securities is on the third spot of best stock brokers in the Philippines. What we like about BDO Securities is that you won’t need an initial fund to open an account if you’re a BDO account holder. BDO is known for their amazing market research and updates both for traders for like technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

4. BPI Trade

Another great online trading platform is BPITrade. Same with BDO, you don’t have to deposit money when you open an account if you already have a BPI bank account. This platform has been trading stocks for many years now.

5. Philstocks

Philstocks is another user-friendly interface in trading and investing stocks online. Grab a demo and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Loved by beginners and starters, Philstocks trading platform sure deserves to be on the top.

Top 10 Stock Brokers in the Philippines in Terms of Trade Volume

as of May 12, 2021 (source PSE)

  1. COL Financial Group
  2. BDO Securities
  3. Abacus Securities
  4. Maybank ATR Kim Eng Securities
  5. Asiasec Equities
  6. CLSA Philippines
  7. Philippine Equity Partners
  8. Credit Suisse Securities (Philippines)
  9. Salisbury BKT Securities
  10. UBS Securities Philippines

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116 thoughts on “Best Stock Brokers in the Philippines 2021”

  1. This listing needs updating. AVOID COL AT ALL COST if you don’t want to lose millions. Their website has been problematic and orders are delayed since end of last year up to present FOR EVERY SINGLE TRADING DAY so far. Totally useless and a lot of their customers are jumping ship to other brokers already. Don’t make the same mistake.

  2. First 2 months of trading/investing using FirstMetroSe, Utrade, Gcash Atram (MF), and COL

    My priority was mobile experience and trading on the go. So:

    -MetroSec has the best and simplified mobile experience so far. You’ll wonder what’s taking other broker’s that long to catch up

    -COL has great and free intro workshops + extensive tools inside their desktop site but feels jurassic and outdated. 2 to 3 clicks just to view your portfolio

    -Utrade Sends daily trading guidelines rin. I sent an email clarification and I get a call assistance in less than 30 mins! Utrade has a great functional mobile app but FMSC is 3x better.

    -Have heard about BDO Nomura recently on the community and what I’ve heard is mapapamura ka daw when using it. haha.

    I suggest starting with your Payroll Bank (BPI, BDO, or MetroBank) provider first para madali magtop up / load. Then consider moving to other platforms

    First Metro Sec is the gold standard based on what I’ve seen so far

    Then consider using other platforms.

    Happy trading and keep your accounts safe!

    • Why COL is even on the list?

      The system is always crashing, slow to not responding at all when trading hours.

      Won’t allow you to place order right away.

      And I have a experience a discrepancy not once on my account.

      and when I report to Support I receive no response about it.

  3. hi guys. i am new to all of these. but i started reading and viewing about PSE and investments. and i am interested. can you give me some advice. at kung anong online broker ang pipiliin ko na alam nyong maganda ang pag guide? salamat po.

  4. hi ms fhel. are u still on stock market until now? is COL Financing is still on top? this is my first time to post here. I’ve read all the threads.. I want to invest. and i dont know what is the first thing to do.. tnx

  5. Hi. I’ve been to one of those brokers. And as of now, I’m on the look out for other brokers and compare them specially the services that they offer. Can I ask regarding the services that they offer and why they have been tagged as best brokers? Thank you very much!!!


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