How to Watch Netflix in the Philippines

UPDATE: NETFLIX is NOW AVAILABLE in the Philippines! Whoohooo!

These are the facts, details and tips on how to watch Netflix in the Philippines. Wanna use and access your Netflix account in your TV or any device like ipad, iphone, or any mobile and tablet gadget with fast wifi and internet while you’re in the Philippines? You can surely do this by following the easy tips below.

While Netflix is expanding its services worldwide, it’s now available in the Philippines. That is why when you visit their official website, you’ll see the following PLANS:  You can choose a Netflix plan and enjoy unlimited movies and TV shows in the Philippines.

Netflix Plans and Pricing Philippines

netflix plans pricing philippines

When you sign up to Netflix, you’ll get one month free trial.

How to Watch Netflix in the Philippines?

You will need:

  • Fast internet connection (3mbps and above)
  • Netflix Plan (open an account at
  • Smart TV, Android device, iphone, ipad or any device that can connects to internet

Fast Internet Connection

Common internet connection in the Philippines are DSL and broadband but those usually range from 3mbps to 5 mbps, fair enough for decent streaming and playing movies and tv shows through Netflix. (See Netflix Internet Speed Requirements below).

Netflix Internet Speed Requirements:

  • 3mbps recommended for SD quality
  • 5mbps recommended for HD quality
  • 25mbps recommended for Ultra HD 4K quality

Fortunately, there are now a faster internet plans in the country like PLDT Fibr internet connection and Globe home Broadband Ultra-High Speed Plan. They run from 8mbps and above.

DSL Plans also became cheaper and offer 5mpbs with affordable price. That will work well for watching Netflix movies and tv shows especially HD quality and Ultra HD 4K quality. Wifi is blazing fast for Fiber connection.

How to access US Netflix in the Philippines?

Netflix Philippines don’t currently show all movies and TV shows like that of Netflix USA. When you try to search some movies and TV series, some US content are not shown. Maybe it’s about the license thing for countries.

Fortunately, there is a trick to access all the movies and shows you want to watch by using a VPN. It is very easy to use a VPN, just follow the steps below.

1. Open a VPN account

Netflix traces IP address to grant permission to access their site and services. When you want to watch some films from other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, etc. an IP address in the Philippines will be blocked because Netflix uses geographical web based service. We can have full access by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

An excellent VPN like VyprVPN that has the highest level of speed and security for broadband internet connections. This provides the fastest VPN speed worldwide. Plus I never find a global VPN network which has a server location in the Philippines, only VyprVPN. I love their easy-to-use apps no matter what device or gadget you use – Windows, Mac, Android, iphone, ipad, and internet TV.

2. Set up your VPN connection on your computer

Simple go to Control Panel and then to Network and Sharing Center and select Set up a virtual private network (VPN) connection and type the internet address (IP Address) you wish to connect.

3. Set up VPN on your iphone or Android device

Install the VPN app and provide the required info. You’re good to go.

set up vpn iphone netflix

Another ways to change and mask your IP address is using proxy servers and browser add-ons but we don’t recommend them here because they crash stuff and they don’t work continuously.

Using free proxy services and add-ons are not very safe and does not guarantee fast connection. You will likely have worse problems in using them. VPN is the answer to use Netflix in the Philippines to have all the access.

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61 thoughts on “How to Watch Netflix in the Philippines”

  1. Hello,

    My bf from usa want to create a Netflix account . However am from Philippines. Am I able to use his account even am here in Philippines ?


  2. I think Netflix does quite a good job of blocking VPNs because just a few services work with it. NordVPN has many services in the USA, and I always see that the number is increasing, so maybe that’s why I never have any problems with finding a good working server. So far, just a good experience.

  3. Dear Fehl:

    How much in pesos do you spend in order to watch Netflix in this country satisfactorily?

    I mean, without factoring in your hardware, but including all kinds of software and subscription costs, how much do you have to shell out every month, in order to watch Netflix to your decent satisfaction?

    What about others here in the Philippines?

  4. Hi, Fehl. I’m from the PH. I installed VyperVPN and the Netflix app on my iPhone. When I select a movie, an error message pops up saying, “You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again.”

  5. Fhel,

    I’m Roan from PH and my device is the latest kindle fire 5th gen HD that my sister gave me from Japan. I can’t find the netflix app online even if I’ve tried several sites. My sister also gave me her Japan Netflix paid account so I can take advantage watching movies so to speak. I’m a tech support but my power is diminishing every time I try to solve the issue on my own, it’s really a big headache. And also, where can I DL the vyprvpn so I can mask my IP address?

    • You must first sign up for a Vyprvpn account (link is in the article above) then download the Vyprvpn app from Google Play (if you’re using Android) or Appstore (for iOS). I wonder if Kindle has its own app for this or you’re using Android? Log in to your Vyprvpn account and choose the server you wish to connect (ie: Los Angeles)

  6. I have a devant smart led tv which netfkix are already installed…I have a good connection by wifi or LAN… the same problem occurs “unable to connect to netflix. Please try again or visit:

    how to resolved this problem…also I have already a plan account,,,,

    Hope I can get a feedback…TIA

  7. So hold up, can I give my sister my netflix account? I’m in Texas and she’s in the Philippines. Will she be able to use it?

    • yes ,she can be able to use it as long as she also had a vpn or a smart DNS (eg. UNOTELLY or UNBLOCK-US) account. coz she needs to have a US IP Address for her to access your US Netflix Account.. and a VPN or Smart DNS will mask her location..making netflix to believed that shes in the US.

    • yeah netflix works here in the philippines but sadly not all the tvshows and movies are available example there’s no The walking dead and family guy at


  9. As of today VPN to USA based Netflix no longer works through my IPVanish VPN. However my USA Netflix account works with the Philippine Netflix without VPN. The Netflix regional video offering here in the Philippines is presently so limited compared to the USA. For anyone looking for a VPN service here is a good reference/starting point. This website lists and reviews VPNs. IPVanish has been for the last two years the perfect solution. They have servers in many countries. Connections to USA Amazon video and BBC in Great Britain still work. I’m a retired US expat living in the Philippines looking for another work around to regain access to the USA Netflix offering.

  10. I am planning to purchase the Roku 4 w/c is a 4k streaming box. And wouyld like to play other channels like Hulu and HBO wc are not available in the Phils. Do you have an idea what would be the speed of the vyprVPN if i already have an internet speed about 30MBPS. I just want to make sure I can play 4K movies.and would still be capable to use the optimum capability of the Roku 4.

  11. If you’re in China, you must need VPN in order to watch Netflix.

    There’s no Netflix exclusively in China, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea.

  12. Hi, does this affect your internet speed and hit bandwidth cap? Are there any risks on using netflix in the philippines? Im just worried about the casualties it could cause for watching too much shows esp. most ISPs here have bandwidth cap.

    • Go for the Unlimited Internet plan offered by ISPs. They are very cheap 🙂 Starting 1300 pesos and above per month, you can already enjoy unlimited internet

  13. hi – so i have a netflix subscription and i recently moved back here sa philippines. regarding the vpn – do i have to pay for the vpn service? i got confused when i go on the vpn link you posted in your article. Thanks so much!

  14. Hello, tried this and i was able to sign in with netflix. The problem is i cant watch it with my iphone and asus because it redirects me to dowbload the app itself, there is no way to download the app in the i already paid for both netflix and vpn.thanks

  15. I am able to watch netflix in philippines by using hola installed on a Xiaomi box and samsung s4.I use the subscription of my brother simcee he can open two screens on his subscription i use one of them.i let hola stay in us so i get more out of hola.i also airplay from the s4 to appletv and xiaomi box bit the best is to use direct from the xiaomi works perfectly.i wanted to make a video on youtube but have problem to find screen recorder app on android for free. will make a video when i get an app

  16. Hi! so connected nako sa vyprvpn. My IP address is actually from the USA na.
    Pero when I opened netflix I still need to pay for me to sign up.
    Do I really need to pay for me watch on netflix?

    • Hi. Yes, you need to pay subscription fee if you want to use Netflix. Vyprvpn and Netflix are different companies. You need them both if Netflix doesn’t serve your country, in your case, the Philippines.

  17. Thanks Fehl.
    I hope I’m getting there.
    Both my laptop and Smart are connected to same router through wifi.
    If I want to use my TV as my laptop monitor that is the challenge for me.
    I am using an LG Smart TV.

  18. Please help.
    I’ve been figuriing out if netflix can be watched over Smart TVs (2014 edition TV).
    I’ve been watching netflix already on my laptop.

  19. Thanks for the article Marifel. Netflix app is great on iPhone. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix on your iPhone.

  20. I do agree with you that VyprVPN and hidemyass seem the only few VPN providers that have servers in Philippines. But too bad, hidemyass isn’t very anonymous ( read the part “why don’t use hidemyass”. I am currently using IpVanish and I am happy with it. I had a problem with Vyprvpn when using it in the past. After i disconnected from their VyprVPN software, my Internet connection would get lost.


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