Kata Venus 3 Price, Specs, Features and Review – Philippines

How much is Kata Venus 3 in the Philippines? This amazing mobile phone is only P3,999, one of the most affordable and cheapest Android smartphones today. It is funky and badass, I didn’t think you could actually get all those excellent features in a phone introduced with that price of 3,999. It will surely be a perfect Christmas gift for someone wishing for a cool quality phone without too much expense and wallet-stress.

This pocket-friendly phone is too good to be true yet coming from the maker of the famous Fishtab and Maya Atom, Kata Venus 3 is so real bragging about its trendy features and specifications below.

kata venus 3 price specs review

Kata Venus 3 Features and Specs

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS
Dual Core Processor
4-inch LCD touchscreen display
4GB NAND Flash
Expandable up to 32GB
Dual Camera (5MP rear camera and 1.2MP front camera)
Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity

Kata Venus 3 Price in the Philippines

It was introduced originally for P4,999 but it is now on sale with 20% discount off for only P3,999 you can have this powerful smartphone. I don’t recommend postpaid plan for its retail price alone is cheap enough. It’s also available in Hong Kong for only HKD $690.

kata venus 3 price philippines

Kata Venus 3 Review

This phone is simple yet classy. 5 Megapixel main/rear camera is clear and crisp enough just like the other new Androids Jelly Bean mobile phones and gadgets in the market. Perfect for Instagram and Facebook photosharing and other social media like Pinterest. Use Kakaotalk, WeChat, Viber no problem. Light and cool enough to handle in the hand for browsing and typing. Most importantly, you won’t get so guilty of losing it because it’s not that expensive.

Watch their promotional video introducing Kata Venus 3 here:

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  1. Good day! The battery of my kata venus 3 is swelling. I’d like to know where can i buy anothr for my unit.. Im too far from your store.

  2. I own a Kata iDroid which I purchased Oct, 2012 for around P8K, but when I tried to contact Owtel if I can buy extra battery for my iDroid, they said it was already phased-out…. And if I remember it correctly, that was less than a year after they introduced it! Just worried though if same story will happen with this unit.

    But anyway, still wanna tell you that till now, the unit is still working fine though the specs are very obsolete already. I now used it as my roaming phone and kiddie games ^_^


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