MERS-COV Update Prevention, Symptoms, Cure

WHO (World Health Organization) has named MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus the new virus in the family of SARS this week. The said virus has infected 49 people mostly from the Middle East. 27 of them have died according to the update.

Prevention is better than cure so it’s important to be cautious, vigilant and prepared about this new illness. Get the latest news and update related to this disease in your country.

mers-cov symptoms and prevention
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The recent update said cases of Mers-cov has been detected in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Tunisia, Germany, France and UK.

Mers-cov Symptoms

This virus is part of the family called corona viruses which cause illness that is common to SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome. But it is not SARS as there is no definite claim yet what is really it and where it came from, how it spread and how it can be cured.

From the recent cases, symptoms include severe fever, cough, and gastrointestinal illness such as diarrhea. Such symptoms can lead to pneumonia and kidney failure if it became more severe.

Mers-cov Prevention

Transmission is still unknown as of now although it is important to have strong immune system to prevent severe illness from the virus. Even though there is no official evidence yet as to how the virus spread, it is also important to be prepared to combat the virus.

Have a flu vaccine after all it is cheap. In the Philippines, it only costs around P1500. Aside from the flu vaccine, have pneumonia vaccine too. It’s around P2500. Take vitamin C regularly and maintain your strong immune system. Exercise daily and avoid going out if you’re not feeling well. Drink enough water.

Mers-cov Cure

There’s no treatment or vaccine yet for this specific type of coronavirus. Scientists and medical experts are still in the lab stage as of now. Patients are given treatments to relieve symptoms for now. Wait for the official announcement from WHO for the latest update and news about this virus by going to WHO website.

Take care everyone and stay healthy!

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    I would like to ask where can we get the vaccine for mers cov. I called RITM in alabang and they said they dont have the vaccine . I also called San Lazaro Manila and they dont know where they can refer me. I called St.Lukes and they ask to provide the doctor that gives the vaccine.


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