Nano Sim for iphone 5, ipad mini etc – Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular

How much is the price of nano sim for iphone 5 and ipad mini in the Philippines? Good news to everyone eyeing for the new iphone and ipad because you don’t need a nano sim cutter to cut your microsim to create a nano sim.

Recently, Globe Telecom just announced the availability of that amazing nano sim card which is a junior of the microsim. NanoSim is 40% smaller than the micro sim. As usual, Globe was the first telecommunication company in the Philippines to release the nano sim in the market. The company is known as the first to always release the latest iphones every time.

globe nano sim
Globe nano sim for ipad mini and iphone 5

Things are becoming smaller yet awesome. From the release of iphone 5 and ipad mini, nano sims will be surely in demand. More smartphones, Androids, tablets and other mobile gadgets are soon adapting the use of nano sim so better buy yours now.

The price of nano sim in the Philippines?

For only P40, you’ll be a happy subscriber. Eventually, Smart and Sun Cellular will also release their nano sim cards. It is expected at the end of the year. Yay!

Where to buy Globe nano sims?

You can buy one from any Globe Service Center nationwide. Globe nano sim for postpaid are free I think while Globe prepaid nano sim are P40 each just like the former microsim card.

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19 thoughts on “Nano Sim for iphone 5, ipad mini etc – Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular”

  1. So I still cant use my prepaid nano sim for my Ipad air? I tried and tried. But it seems like Im just wasting my money for load. 🙁 reply pls. Thank you

  2. There is a problem with globe prepaid micro/nano sims . Globe’s system will not allow you to register the sim to the device. This happened to my iPad mini wifi+3G. When I called their customer service about it they said that it’s already been a problem to their system since July 2013 and no news to when it will be fixed. So sad because I am a loyal Globe subscriber. Now I have to settle with another telecom company. SMARTer this time!

    • Yeah I’ve been asking for new Nano Sim for my new phone and they won’t have any stock. Seems like forever. So I’m stuck with the 3G service for now. Big hassle!

    • As to what I’ve read from an article, you cannot convert ipad mini to an ipad mini with cellular connection. Ipad Mini with wifi + cellular is the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

    • Yes they just call it nano because it’s a classification to specify the little sim that came after a Micro Sim. Nano sim is now the latest sim for iphone 5, ipad mini and the similar gadgets that came after them. It’s just 40 pesos. If you are a postpaid subscriber, they give it as free. Globe recently release Nano Sim 4g LTE which can be used to enjoy unlimited time of using the fastest internet connection today in the mobile world – 4G LTE

  3. suppose i wanted to make my old number to a micro sim from globe, is it possible to just make them cut out the sim card? I am a TM subscriber and i just want to fit it on my iphone 4. does globe offer a micro-sim cutting service (or something like that)? I am a little risky about cutting the simcard myself.


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