NBI Clearance Online Application Process Steps and Requirements

Easy and fast way for NBI Clearance Online Application Process, step by step guides and requirements on how to get NBI Clearance online.

Effective last year, the NBI Clearance Processing will strictly implement the “No Appointment No Entry Policy” for NBI Clearance applicants. No appointment will be available on the same day of application. All NBI Clearance applicants are advised to register online and have their appointment date set in advance.

The National Bureau of Investigation has officially launched their online application and service for all of use wanting to process and apply NBI Clearance online. We can now do this process quickly and conveniently at the comfort of our own computer at home, in few clicks as long as we have internet connection.

We are gonna show you the step by step guides on how to get NBI Clearance Online. We will also discuss the fees required for each type of NBI Clearance. Whatever your purpose in getting the certificate, you will see here how much you need to prepare. We also attached the link to download the NBI Clearance application form for your easy access.

NBI Clearance Renewal process is also easier and faster now. You can also do the renewal online following same procedures discussed below.

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NBI Clearance Online Application Process

  • First, go to the official website of NBI Clearance at https://nbi-clearance.com/
  • For new users, you need to register first and fill up the form. Only one valid email account per user or per applicant is allowed. For renewal of NBI Clearance who have already registered online, sign in and enter your registered email address and password to proceed.
nbi clearance online application process requirements
  • After filling out the form with your details, check them correctly and then read and accept the Terms of Service. Sign up to continue.
  • You are now ready to fill up your Online Application form. Make sure that all information are properly and completely filled-out. Then click the SAVE INFORMATION button.
nbi clearance online steps
  • After saving your information, your application details will be shown to you. You may still edit your information by clicking on the EDIT INFORMATION button. Check everything then click on the APPLY FOR CLEARANCE button to continue.
nbi clearance online procedure
  • You will be asked for your Application Type (NEW for new applicants and RENEW for those who have secured a NBI clearance certificates last year). Please enter also your valid ID. For renewal applicants, you may enter your NBI ID number found on your old NBI clearance certificate. Click the I Agree button.
nbi clearance philippines
  • After clicking I Agree, you will be informed of an Important Reminder. Please read carefully. It is available in English and Tagalog languages. Click OKAY.
apply nbi clearance online
  • You are now ready to choose when you want to appear at any NBI centers you preferred. Select the NBI Branch where you want your NBI clearance to be processed. Set the date of your appointment of which you can choose from the blue shaded boxes which indicates vacant slots. Just click on the slot AM or PM
how to apply nbi clearance online
  •  On the PAYMENT INFORMATION, fill out the corresponding requirement. Select the Purpose of your Application and the Detail. Please read important Notes indicated in the Payment Information before choosing your payment option
  • In this sample we are choosing BANKS ONLINE, a pop-up window will appear informing you of the following that appears on the screen:
how to register nbi clearance online
  • Upon choosing your payment option, and completing the payment details you will be notified of your Reference Number.
how to renew nbi clearance online

To verify the status of your application, you may click on the Transaction button found at the left side of the pane. After making payment to your preferred Payment Channel, it is important to check your email for payment confirmation or click on Confirm Payment found at the Status column of the Transactions window. You may also click on the Payment Instruction found at the Message column of the Transactions window for further instructions.

 You are now done and ready to appear on your preferred appointment schedule for the capture of your fingerprint biometrics and photographs.

NBI Clearance Renewal Online

How to renew NBI Clearance online? NBI Clearance Renewal process is also easier and faster now. You can also do the renewal online following same procedures discussed above. Remember to enter your previously registered email address and password. Then follow the rest of the steps.

NBI Clearance Application Form

If you ware looking for NBI Clearance Application Form, you can print it out from their site.

NBI Clearance Fees

NBI Clearance per certificate charges P130. Note that price and fee may change after the publication of this post.

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  1. I am trying to Register As A New Account because this is my first time applying but nothing happens when i press Sign Up. Is the system down?

  2. Is it possible that after paying and getting the biometrics done that you can update the online application? It asked for a foreign address but since I moved to the PH I no longer have a U.S. address so I put N/A. When I went to NBI for my appointment I had to fill out fingerprint cards and the office employee told me to put my foreign address on the cards, but I told her I didn’t have a foreign address since I moved to the PH, so she said to put the last address that I had in the the U.S. I told her that I didn’t put a foreign address on my online application, but she didn’t respond. They definitely need to reword that section for the online application. It should state, last known foreign address, or last foreign address lived at, oh well. I even had to leave their office to go across town to another NBI office just to get fingerprinted and have it signed by someone at that office. When we arrived the only person allowed to sign my cards was out of the office so we had to wait an hour for him to return and then back to the other NBI to finish processing. Now it’s a waiting game for the next few weeks until it is completely processed and ready for pickup.

  3. Nag apply na ako, nag bayad na, lumabas na ay paid, pero walang section kung saan pipili ng Date at branch, bakit ganun? Naprint ko na din ang Applucation form, nakalagay langv alid unti march 23. Di ako pinapili kung san branch at araw.

  4. bakit ganoon I tried to edit my information for renewal pero ang lumalabas sa application ko ay “New”. what I am supposed to do? paano mag renew, I tried going to the home page but “inaayos pa daw nila ang service nila”. I tried to call din sa help desk pero walang sumsagot. Somebody please advice naman po. this is an asap requirement. Thank you

  5. Do senior citizens need to apply on line? Sa passport kasi no need. Just go to DFA and you will be given priority. I need NBI learance for correction of clerical error in my name. Thanks.

  6. Napili kong mag bayad sa 7 11 pero most of them offline walang click..pede ko pa bang mag palit kung saan magbabayad ng Registration.i.e. bayad center.?

  7. Kaylangan.pa po ba ng police clearance sa pag apply ng nbi? Yung reason kasi na nkalagay sa police clearance ko ay for local employment.

    pwede po ba yun?

  8. hi,
    what if i already had an NBI and i had registered online before, year 2016.but i forgot the email and password. i tried to register again, but it always says that the email is already taken. what should i do?

  9. Hi just wanna ask i havent renewed my NBI (last renew was 2009) and i tried it online and i couldn’t make it and i check and stated a note: Applicable only on 2014-2016 NBI Clearances. What will i do? Pls help!

  10. I registered a couple of times. Nakailang gawa na ko ng yahoo account kasi pgtapos daw ifill up yung registration form, i eemail yung verification code pero nkailang gawa nako ng yahoo account wala parin ang verification code. Can someone tell me, bakit ganon? Ano ba ang may problema ang website ba?

  11. parang awa po paki ayos na po yung website. lagi po siyang down. background picture lang ang nakikita at walang form o kahit anong fields. dati pwede dun mismo maka accomplish ng form pero kung totoo na no form no appointment… paki lang po. hindi po ako maka pasa ng requirements dahil wala ako nitong nbi clearance na to.

    • Hi Inday,

      Its 9:57 pm today and I did not encounter any issue with the site. I was able to close the transaction in about 15 minutes. This includes online payment.

      • Yas. Tapos na magload yung website, background lang po ang lumalabas. Bakit ganern? Dapat ba sa mismong computer ‘to gawin?

  12. Sir, hndi po aq mkapagrenew st amapunta sa next step, ok naman po ung connection, pero pag natapos ko ng fill-upan yung yung para sa old registration form. lumilitaw agad yung ‘Either we are updating the website or you have an internet connection problem.’ pano po kya ito?

  13. so I have girlfriend in phillipines she has passport,what does she need to come to Australia a visa I suppose and nbi clearance how much will they cost please

  14. my NBI na po ako dati kaso nakalimutan ko ung NUMBER ko at mgchange din po ako ng status to married po paano? what po need na requirements?

  15. 2 days na akong nakababad sa computer at sa awa ng maykapal ay hindi ko Makita yung form sa pagkuha ng clearance…

  16. I tried using my desktop, laptop & mobile phone… still not working.

    Then WTF is “No Appointment No Entry Policy”

    This site can’t be reached

    clearance.nbi.gov.ph’s server DNS address could not be found.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

  17. Hi,
    Paano po kung yung mag aaply ng nbi clearance is an OFW and doing this on her behalf. Pwede po ba yun?

  18. Question lang after ko i-print yung appointment form nagbayad ako sa BDO over the counter. May babayaran pa ba ako pag punta ko sa branch pagkukunin ko na yung nbi clearance. Salamat.

  19. what if you miss showing up on your set appointment date?? are you still able to come in on the following days?? Thank you

  20. maganda yan..d kagaya dati sa robinson cainta my mga special na nauuna..kawawa lage ung mga nagbayad sa lbc.,inaabot ng hapon pero ngaun nag iba iba na..nung huling renew q mabilis na ang transaksyon..cguro mas madali na ngaun dahil may ganyan na utos..


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