Direct Hiring Jobs in Singapore for Filipinos 2015

If you’re looking for direct hiring jobs this 2015, Singapore is one of the most favorite of Filipinos and other people who seek jobs abroad. Not only it is close to home, starting salary would amount to 3 months of salary in the Philippines. Few months ago, salary range increased to SG $2,200 for S Pass while E Pass increased to SG $ 3,300. That is why many Filipinos find employers in Singapore and leave their jobs in the Philippines to earn more and give more for their families.

direct hiring jobs in singapore for filipinos

How to find jobs in Singapore?

How to get a job in Singapore? Filipinos usually find employers by going personally in Singapore and by submitting their resume online to SG’s job banks and reputable online job portals like Jobstreet SG and The Strait Times as it seems to be the most read newspaper in the Singapore. You can also find employers while in the Philippines especially if someone like a friend, colleague or relative referred you for a possible job related to your education attainment, work experience and skills. Pass your CV and resume to companies and employers at these trusted websites:

Those sites are the most reliable and most trusted websites online where you can find direct hiring jobs in Singapore for Filipinos and find latest employers hiring. Some hardworking people also do both – job hunting in Singapore and applying online at the same time. Remember that Singapore still has priority with their citizens so it’s quite hard nowadays but never lose hope as a job will come for you if it’s really meant to be for you.

Tips to be direct hired in Singapore:

The most effective tips are: submit your resume or CV online to many job openings related to your work experiences, degree, and skills even if you’re in the Philippines. The more you submit to companies, the more interviews you’ll attend and the more chance of getting hired easily. Some companies and employers would interview you via Skype or Google Hangout or any video calling mean they are using.

Don’t be too choosy with employers and companies. Why not grab a job offer right away? Besides, finding jobs in SG is very hard nowadays. If you have worked right away in Singapore, it means you have easy access to more job opportunities. You can just level-up your career once you’re living and working there.

Prepare all your original documents and credentials such as diploma, Transcript of Records (TOR), certificates and valid IDs. Also prepare many photocopies of them. I recommend colored-photocopies. Make sure they are genuine and are all valid.

Jobs Hiring in Singapore for Filipinos 2015

  • IT (Information Technology) Area
  • Software Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Banking, Accounting and Finance
  • Business Admin. and Management
  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Design and Architecture
  • Medical, Nursing and Health
  • Food, Beverage and Hospitality

Applying for a Work Permit in Singapore

If you have been successfully hired by your employer in Singapore, the next step is applying for a work permit so you can legally work there as a foreign worker. This will be like your working visa in Singapore. The Ministry of Manpower in SG is strict in hiring foreign workers so if your permit was approved, you must do your best and work hard not only to prove you’re worth it but also to have more chance of having that job for longer time. You might not need to leave the Philippines as your employer will be the one to process your work permit for you. If you are under the workers who receive SGD 2,200, your work permit is called S Pass if you’re under the SGD 3,300 category, your work permit is called E Pass.

Registering as OFW in POEA

If your S Pass or E Pass has been approved, you’re ready to work in Singapore. I’m sure you’re so happy and smiling at this time. It’s recommended that you register yourself as an official OFW at the POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) so you’ll have the benefits of being an OFW. You’ll attend PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) which will help you familiarize yourself about Singapore and living and working there. You also need an exit-clearance before you board your plane at the airport.

Are you ready to work in Singapore? Share your experiences and thoughts below.


    • Joy F.Villacorta says

      Im a dentist by profession at the same time a registered nurse .Has worked in the gov’t for 11 yrs and now im into private dental practice,specializing on Orthodontics,Endo and Prostho .Im 46 yrs old,married and has 4 children.pls notify me of the benefits you can give to an employee if ever hired .thank you very much!

    • analyn says

      Hi,good day,..this is analyn!! I want to work in Canada,,,before 1 month later I read the post in bf for hiring job in Canada for picking fruits.and I’ll try to fill up online application,and then one day have one guy call me he interview me phone call and he ask me if all my documents are complete,then I said yes,then he said just wait to the the process of the working permit and visa permit,then said I need to complete my document.and wait their afraid maybe illegal,..Alltopcompany the agency,.until now they not call me..

    • Lopao says

      Good day sir I interesting to the position. Pls. Email me the qualification and requirements so that I know if I am fit to work with the position. Thank you and god bless us

    • Arnamae says

      Good day Sir,im arna from philippines im willing to apply in your vacant posistion can i ask your qualifications and requirments?

      Good day!

    • Jonalyn Codizal says

      Sir I would like to work on your vacant position. Please send me the requirements that i need to provide. Thank you

    • Angelica P. De la Peña says

      i realy want to work some were in US or canada but im thingking is hard to go and work there without agency but when i see this web a direct hiring i try to email my resume and subscribe and i hpoe somebody will contact me and help me find work in canada

    • Vivian Lauren says

      I will be in singapore by may 15 2014..everything is ready!can you give me any job?im ready for an skype interview if u will a nurse in profession

    • Anthony John B. Mangubat says

      i am a teacher by profession, i can be a tutor for your children and at the same time an office personnel .. just reply to this message.. thank you

    • jestoni n bolonos says

      ineed a job…and irealy want to work.,,,becouse ineed a mony,,,if give me a shance to work in your country……i promise igive my best in my job…….

    • sheryll love gadayan says

      hi my pleasure to read your post. I’m Sheryll Love Gadayan working as execuitve secretary in Saudi german Hospital since 2008. I am willing to apply as AU Pair in your family as my second stepping stone in my job carreer. can you please mail me all the requirements you needed so i can accomply as soon as possible. thank you very much. best regards

    • Edison v gines says

      Do u have hiring service crew any fasfood sir,I want to apply,I have 4yrs Saudi Arabia .and gradueate collage..

    • Cathlene mae jaugan says

      My name is cathlene mae im a registered nurse by profession and i would like to work in a nursing field as of the moment i am in singapore working as a restaurant manager but i would like to pursue my vocation as a nurse. Kindly send me the necessary requirements for me to apply in canada thank you so much more power .

      • HanaBee says

        Hi mam cathlene,
        Baka may alam po kayo pwede applyan ng sister ko na resto diyan sa sg? o baka may available po sa inyo?Gagraduate na siya this march, she plans to visits sg to find job eh. nakapag ojt na rin siya sa US.

    • Dennis Ibasco says

      I’ve been wanting to go to SG for work but can’t find an employer that will entertain foreign workers like pinoys. Pls Help. I’m a Graphic Designer/Digital Imaging Specialist. you can view my sample works at and


  1. mariateresa manipon says

    hi im here in israel working as a caregiver for 7yrs and housekeeping for 3yrs.if ever i will apply which job will u prefer for me.i graduated BS in physial therapy. thank you

  2. archie says

    i would like to ask if they are particular with the age limit in canada, i am a bit hesitant to apply because i am worried that my age would be a ground for my disqualification for my application. please advise. thanks

  3. jonelyn dalura says

    I am interested working in singapore or canada im a caregiver…im currently working here in qatar aq a nanny/caregiver to a child who has aspecial contract here will be end this coming may 20,2014 so im looking forward to look a job…tnx God Blesss

  4. miko pahayahay says

    hello, im miko pahayahay, iam a caregiver. i looking for a job in singapore. any jobs available for my profesion. plss feel free to email me back plsss

  5. renrissa garcia says

    im currently working here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia as denral assistant and my contract will end this coming march 2014.. im looking forward to find another job… I hope you can consider me…I am interested to work in Singapore and my auntie is living there also..

  6. renrissa garcia says

    where can I send my resume..? for dental assistant in Singapore. .. im here at Riyadh Saudi Arabia. .. thank you and God bless

  7. Joanne says

    Isn’t it the Ministry of Manpower is strict when it comes to foreign workers applying for work in SG since many locals are complaining that they are losing jobs and opportunities due to various nationalities who took their spot?

    If I’m not mistaken the have increased the required salary requirement in order for them to issue work permits.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yup every labor authority is strict in hiring foreign workers because they prioritize their citizens. I just shared this post so Filipinos can apply at those 3 websites. There are still some employers hiring though few. We should never lose hope. :) I believe in Filipinos so much.

      Yeah sorry about that error. I changed it and I hope it’s the latest now. Thank you Joanne :)

      • says

        No worries :) Thanks for the info as well. I do hope that some Filipinos will be lucky enough to land a job in SG as I’ve read before that some of them decided to go back here in Manila after months of searching for a job there.

        • Marifel Dungo says

          Yeah many people say it’s very hard nowadays but there are some who got hired. I think it depends upon the company/employer din. My cousin went there and she had an employer already but her pass was not approved. Oh well, as they say there are still other opportunities…maybe not in Singapore…maybe they’re meant to be in Australia or Canada. :)

          BTW, I like your blog site. It’s lovely. :) Cheers and happy Thursday!

          • Dan says

            seems you two never been here or never worked here in SG before?? here’s the deal i’ve been here for more than 5 years and now a permanent residence here..every first quarter of the year jan-march or sometimes even up to may it’s easier for foreigner to find a job here..don’t come to sg and look for a job from aug onwards coz most most of the companies foreign quota have been occupied by this times, for more info about working in sg you can msg me thanks! :)

          • Joanne says

            Thanks Marifel! :) I agree with you some things are not meant to be.

            Hi Dan! Yeah, I’ve never been to SG even as a tourist. I’m just basing my opinions to the news I read especially with the locals getting irritated and sometimes racist with foreigners working in SG thus MOM set the standards higher in issuing working pass for foreigners. I guess it’s luck, skills and right timing to land a job in SG.

      • LarineMonique says

        Hi, your page is meaningful. I have stayed in Singapore for 11 years and I will be going back to Philippines this month. Just want to share some honest thoughts with Filipinos intending to come Singapore to work. Singaporeans are not racists and can be really nice and friendly. However, they can be demanding and are largely perfectionist. When it comes to work, they are very fair and professional. As long as you perform your job well, there’s no problems. However it is now really difficult for pinoys to find work in Singapore because now the government is favouring the locals. SIngaporeans are given first for everything. They will give a job to an old Singaporean than to a young foreigner. Also, there are now many foreigners competing for jobs in Singapore. These foreigners are largely from Taiwan, Korea, China with recognised degrees and they are often seen taking up mid-skill level jobs like waiters and chefs. And Singapore government and locals has a preference over them.Eventually, filipinos will be push downwards to take on the lowly-paid jobs like maids, nurses and construction workers. Those jobs at the top level continued to be dominated by local Singaporeans. The locals continued to be the bosses. As Singapore government continue to tighten its policy against foreign workers, many companies in Singapore are hiring locals because it is now less costly to hire locals. Also the locals are better educated, so to get a job in Singapore, filipinos really need to prove themselves and work very hard. Unless you already have sing dollars, otherwise I suggest u better not come Singapore to look for jobs because 95% do not succeed after wasting so much money here. There are other options open to filipinos like Canada or Australia. Don’t keep your hopes too high for Singapore because the locals and other foreigners like Koreans, Taiwans, Australians has make the competition very tough.

  8. Gre Ann Magarro says

    Hi everyone, I am a civil engineer in the philippines and I am interested to work in Canada. Hoping that there’s a jobs that suit in my profession. Many thanks.

    Gre Ann

  9. Maria Karen Galapin says

    hi. i am interested to work either canada or singapore…i am a registered nurse. may i know where can i possibly apply for this? thank you.

  10. Edwin T. Binungcal says

    hi!!!,i’m interested to work in Canada /singapore,i’mcurrently working at Doha Qatar as a Building Maintenace in Ministry of Foreign affair as category of Electriclal technician, mechanical,plumbing.5years worked now.I’m graduated coures BS Electrical engineering,hoping that ther’s a jobs that suit in my exprience and proffession., thanks EDWIN.any informatin pls. send my email.

    • roland tiu says

      hi maam sir / gud ev im roland tiu 24 years of age im very willing to get job in singapore i hope more apportunities to be given in pilipino people like job hunting apportunity single hardworking honest and flixeble kind of person maam sir plse help me to got a job so that we can help for he poorest people in the philippines like me . ihope oneday god. is fullfill my dreames to got in job its very diffficult to to become independent like me and i hope god to be gavin person instrument to bring me a pitation in the philipipines i hope you reads this massge you have heart to give chance to other people like me tis is my contact no 09098977358 /09306535740 pls help me maam sir to got employer good in all god bless we have more experience job in the philippines for salesman

  11. michelle says

    Hi Everyone, here are the available Jobs Hiring in Singapore for Filipinos 2014:

    IT (Information Technology) Area
    Software Engineers
    Web Developers
    Banking, Accounting and Finance
    Business Admin. and Management
    Customer Service and Technical Support
    Design and Architecture
    Medical, Nursing and Health
    Food, Beverage and Hospitality

    You need to register at Jobstreet Singapore, The Strait Times, JobsDB. Upload your resumes there, search & send your resume for the possible positions based on your field & expertise.

    • aldrin obias says

      I’m an Industrial Engineer with 5 yrs experience in Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing and food processing.

      It’s hard to find a job here in singapore because the government tightens there policies in issuing permits to foreigners.

      I’ve been here in singapore looking for an opportunity for almost 3 months and so for no good news for me.

      My advice to you guys is be very equipped with your expertise, be very patient, and pray alot (because you will definitely need them)

      btw, I’ve done almost everything here, applying online thru numerous job portals, walk ins. newspapers, job fairs, strong referral from past colleagues, agencies, and many more. For your reference.

    • mae says

      Good morning MArifel Dungo and michel, thanks for the info regarding this opportunity, may i ask if we can apply to this website and post are resume here even we are here in the philippines? just in case they notify us , what is the possible scenario? should we go there to SG first or there another way around,, or they can process our application here in the philippines, thank you for your reply..

    • jaena chris petilla says

      Hi. I want to work directly in singapore, is anybody knows who’s looking for hospitality worker, I am graduated of BS HRM and presently I’m working here in Qatar..

    • Sathish Kumar.H.G. says


      I Have 5 years experience in IT Field As a system administrator. Now am working with tata communications as a it executive. Kindly suggest me a better job or any suitable job with better salary in singapore.
      Sathish Kumar.H.G.
      +91 9094788901

  12. Michael says

    Your article is outdated. For example spass and epass rates are way too low. They increased the quota months ago.

    • Fehl says

      Sorry about the error. This post was supposed to be last 2013 and I apologize for forgetting to change the values for 2014. I put $2,200 for S Pass and $3,000 for E Pass now. Thanks Michael! Really appreciate it. :) God bless.

  13. Marvin Oracion Flores says

    Good Day!

    I’m Marvin Flores, 40 years of Age, Currently working here in Doha Qatar as Administration Manager for Contracting Company for 2 years now. I used to work also at Mcdonald’s Philippines and Burger King Philippines as A Restaurant General Manager way back year 2007. My last job in the Philippines before I joined here in Qatar is at Call Center handling a position as Sales Consultant offering at&t Connectech servicing variety of Internet Connections and Phonelines service in the US of A.

    I’m very pleased to join to whatever company would accept my credentials in any field that I’ve mentioned above.

    Thank you very much.

  14. Nadie says

    Hi I am currently worked as a medical secretary here in the philippines and I am interested in applying jobs in Singapore, and open to any position that fits my qualifications. Just email me where to send my CV. Thanks and more power.

  15. marilyn reyes says

    am willing to work in singapore ,am lincensed midwife with expereince in 10 yrs and work before in Al- Mana General hospital in KSA please inforn me thank and bless u all.

  16. alvin says

    Hi i just to ask f have a Autiocad Draftsman operator… m working ryt now here at saudi arabia.. i want to apply to singapore.

  17. Bob Fortune Carbajal Maskariño says

    i am an I.T graduate 2yr course in System Technology Institute (S.T.I) i have a TESDA Certificate NC2 Certitficate. Please help me find a job in need..

  18. Karen says

    When i read the title, i thought there are job opportunities presented on this article. But this is so general and vague. The article does not only applies to Singapore but may apply to other countries as well

  19. Joven R. ballestero says

    Hi’ i’m Joven R Ballesteros. looking for a direct employer in Calgary alberta canada. as a welder, i am serving in the ship as pipe fitter for 20 years. pls help me to find a job. thank you for kind cosideration. have a good dAY..

  20. Ice says

    I am currently working in singapore. Rules and regulations are changing from time to time. There are work pass quota for foreigner .But everyone can always try thier luck. If you plan to go here and walk in for a job , i suggest to be financially prepared specially now. House rental is high and continously increasing. Must be prepared to stay here at least 2 months . You must have a solid experience as well as certificate ( 4 years course graduate) . Finding job here is not easy nowadays.. But nothing to loose if your willing to try

    • Chummy says

      Hi anong work mo dyan SG? Baka pede mo rin ako matulungan makapagwork dyan? If you have time Email me here thanks. Ingat.

  21. Janes Carlo C. Ferrer says

    Interested to work in Singapore. 4years graduate of Information Technology With 3yrs working experience
    Contact number 09165129902

    • Mary Ann Tapuroc says

      Hi, I’m a graduate of BS Computer Science and I have experienced for almost 4 years in government.
      I’m interested to work in Singapore.

  22. ian hazel loria says

    hi im male 24 years old single, registered nurse, ACLS, BLS, IVT, ECG trained, with no working experiences.

  23. Rosella Marie Antonio says


    I am Roselle Marie Antonio, presently working in a hotel industry as Director of Sales and Marketing.

    I wish to apply to any position that my qualification will fit in. I will be very glad to be part of any hotel industry in SG and be able to share all my knowledge and experience.

    thank you and looking forward hearing from any employer of SG soon.

  24. Beng says

    This is a blogger post not a recruitment agency hiring people.
    I wonder, why are readers posting their work experience here and asking the blogger to email them if their is a direct hiring employers. Its not her functions to give you job.
    Just appreciate and use shared information about legit websites where you could scout jobs online.

    Basic common sense is needed for you to be HIRE!!

  25. mark anthony ariles says

    hi im graduate of BSC – Computer MGT. i work for 7 years at amusement center. wat job can i apply their at singapore.

  26. Lovely Co says

    Hi im interseted to work in 2yrs. Course computer programmer..i have a lots experience in restaurant..any position for me is okay…


    hello.. im bob james ullibac currently working here in US as a room attendant and my visa will expire on May 13, 2014.. i work also in singapore last year as a student pass and i want to work again in singapore.. i hope you can help me thank you and have a good day ahead

  28. Anna says

    Wanna know what are the chances most likely of an accountant in getting a job in SG?
    Appreciate your insights.thanks.

  29. annalie says

    i am presently working here in saudi arabia in one of thier hospital and my contract is going to end early of next year.hi! Maam if im given the previlage i want to apply as caregiver in canada as elderly. How may moths i should have to wait and how much i should have to spend for the fees and everything?just contact me:9660534808873or e_mail me at thanks

  30. Andrew says

    Are there any jobs in SG for polymer manufacturing and testing or even R&D …I am currently working as a Research Analyst for the Philippine Government. I have an MS and 3 yrs working experience as a lab chemist

  31. Donna S. says

    Err, because of the title of the blog post, people seem to think this is an invitation to apply for a job. Maybe change the title to say “how to apply for a job in Singapore” or something to that effect?

    I find it funny and I’m probably going to hell for it.

  32. Orlando says

    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.

    thanks a lot

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I created it myself. It’s so expensive to hire someone. But I’m paying a managed hosting package which includes a theme, SEO framework and support which is slightly expensive than a regular hosting. My hosting also owns the site where I bought my theme/layout. It’s called StudioPress. I can help you to build your blog if you need it. You know how to reach me. Merry Christmas!

  33. Suzette Bernal says

    ..I have a TESDA Certificate! Can you help me? Health Care,Nurse Staff in Singapore? Please. I really need to work. Thanks. Please inform me.

  34. Asmen says

    I am willing to work in Singapore please help me how to apply there.
    I am qualified X-ray Tech.please help me.

  35. analyn says

    I am work now here in Abu Dhabi.,on September will finished my contract,that’s why I want to apply in cnada after I finished my contract,I’m a messenger here in office of ministry of public works,and I have tesda certification before I also work in hongkong as a caregiver for 2 yrs and same I work before also in Philippines as a service crew and waitress.hope you can help me… Thanks!! God bless…

  36. leo cerbo says

    ma’am or sir,

    good morning or afternoon,
    I’m leo cerbo from philippines,single,34 years old and I have all ready passport and I try to apply any position or Customer Service and Technical Support and Food, Beverage and Hospitality or low position in your company becouse I’m interested to work there so I’m ask a favor to help me to get a job in your country.
    I’m promise i give my best in my job and hardworking and also I give my honest in your company or country.
    please help me to get or fine the job.

    Is my resume and record in my country.

    thank you so much.

  37. maricel says

    hi goodevening this is maricel caringal graduated at the university of batangas last 2012 studied bachelor of science in information system. I want to apply at singapore or canada which is related my course. I offer my service in your esteemed organization which I can utilize my knowledge and skills for professional enrichment.WIth an extensive and familiarity with common desktop application such as ms word, excel,adobe photoshop, internet and e-mailing and also trouble shooting and cabling. Highly terms of professional and environmental adjustment.

  38. merly atip says

    im merly atip ,im been working for two years in singapore as domestic helper,,so i want to apply any work this is my no,,09151242126,,

  39. ronelie jobac says

    im,ronelie jobac,im working in singapore for 1 year and six months before..and i would like to apply a new job there.i want a sales clerk job.this is my contact number if you have hiring in this position.tnx

  40. Yolalia L Garcia says

    Have a nice day.I am now in UAE working house keeping and Nanny of a special child.I almost finish my contract on May 21, 2014.Im searching work available in Canada or singapore.

  41. moswish says

    Hello Marifel! Thank you so much for this post. It is very informative! I’ll be trying my luck in SG this May 2014. I hope I’ll be able to land an office job. I would like to ask a few questions if you don’t mind.

    How long did it take for you to land a job? Are job interviews easy to come by? Do the employers respond promptly on your applications?

    Thank you very much! God Bless you! :D

    • Yourstruly says

      Office jobs in Singapore do not entertain job seekers who appeared at their doorsteps. U will look very deseprate begging for a job. Do u know that pinoys who are lucky to land an office job in Singapore work like slaves. They are very lowly paid compared to the locals and are given more workloads and work till 12am daily and report work next day at 9am. .90% of office jobs continued to be dominated by Singaporeans and 10% goes to other foreigners from Switzerland, Australia, America, Japan, Korea, Europe and Taiwan. It is confirmed that Singapore has closed her doors to pinoys except for construction and service sectors. Your permit will not be approved since office jobs are jobs that can be done by Singaporeans. U can try to be a construction worker or cleaner, u have higher chance to get your permit approved. Singapore government is now aware that many pinoys are coming here to seek jobs. U may have hard times at Singapore customs. Unless you want to work as a construction worker or cleaner, otherwise I will strongly advised you not to come Singapore to waste your money and your time to find office jobs. Don’t create disappointment and sadness for yourself.

  42. lizel ibabao says

    Hi I’m lizel ibabao I need work abroad.for service crew or sales lady in singapore but my hieght is 5’2 only.
    Ihave expirence in service crew in mr.donut 1year’s and 10months.sales lady is 2months only.
    I hope I’m qualified. Thank you.

  43. joseph s. forteza says

    I joseph s.forteza before iam work in saudi as a rigger A ,,almost 7 years experience’ iam complte requerment thenI need work from singapore pls, email me,,
    Or msg,,my number in the phil.+639393605047

    Thanks for consedaration ma’am /sir

  44. jason ryan ingking says

    Hi, I am ryan 32 years old, I’m looking for a job anywhere in the world, I am a Welder and Pipe fitter 6G… I am very interested to work abroad that’s why I’m here welling to travel anywhere in the world to get a job… Thank u and God bless U…

  45. mohammed shameem p says

    Hii,my name is shameem from india.Currently am working for Howard solutions as desktop and network engineer since 2012 June,and now am looking for abroad job.Actually I completed BTECH in electronic and communication engineering and I did ccna and mcitp.So plz help me regarding my job

    Thank you

  46. Maria Charesse Cachapero says

    Hi! I want to work in Singapore but my only experience is being an Account Executive for almost 2 years. Here is my skype name and you can call me anytime. mariz.cachapero1

  47. lorelie says

    hello po…i experience a hardship..i need to survive all problems financially i want to work abroad.any postion …please help me…

  48. marilyn juntilla says

    A pleasant day!
    I would like to apply in your office for the position with a deep sense of desire and who can be of help in rendering the service in your company. I am MARILYN J. JUNTILLA, a college graduate. taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have a positive attitude and a firm commitment for quality assistance.

  49. cheng says

    hi all

    lets just keep trying there is no such thing as limited
    i was there way back and was get hired by many employers yet i failed in getting the pass.
    Ill be trying my luck again this time. SG is great in terms of the compensation u will get plus the environment.

  50. Lakshminarayanan says


    I’m Lakshminarayanan from India. I’ve finished BBA, Diploma in Computer Application and Typing Higher Grade in English, I can Join Immediately. I’m ok with any kind of profile.

    Kindly let me know if any documents are required.


    Lakshminarayanan. P

  51. marilyn juntilla says

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    A pleasant day!
    I would like to apply in your office for the position with a deep sense of desire and who can be of help in rendering the service in your company. I am MARILYN J. JUNTILLA, a college graduate of Zamboanga Del Sur School of Arts and Trades- Western Mindanao State University, taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I have a positive attitude and a firm commitment for quality assistance.

    I am presently employed in Pagadian City Medical Center, as a Pharmacy Assistant since September 2012 up to the present. As having the determination to apply in your company I would highly appreciate to the opportunity to work in and to contribute its success.
    Attached herewith is my Resume, which highlights my skills and qualification for your perusal. If my application merits an interview for a position or another in your office. I am very much willing to come.
    You can reach me on my mobile number:09469161288

    Sincerely Yours,

  52. Workinsingapore says

    To all who comments applying in this site kindly use your common sense!! It is a blog not a recruitment agency, read the article!! How can you find a job in singapore if you cannot understand the article. Go to sari sari store and buy common sense. Lot of comments applying a job to this blog!!

  53. Elmer says

    Im not leaving a comment, Im seeking for a help,I am 40 years old, Hotel and restaurant management graduate, I have worked as restaurant manager at chowking, hotel supervisor at Sogo Hotel, I really wanted to work in canada, or some other countries. I have several application on line pero wala pang feedback from employers na nasend ko ng application. I hope you can help me, if you can recommend me, Tatanawin ko pong malaking utang na loob. Kapg nakapunta na ko canada at may work na, I am willing to pay for how much it cost you to help me. Maraming salamt po. you can contact me here 0932-2913805 or 0916-2642812. Kung sino man po makasabasa nito,sana matulunguan nyo ko.

  54. christian G. requizo says

    Heay…hi im christian requizo

    Im 20 year s of age …im looking for some oportunities ..
    I want to go abroad ….im open for any trainings to give ….
    I`ll work what kind of jobs if it is not a bad ..
    I want to go abroad to provide a Good salary because if ill stay in philippines i cant found a good
    salary to support of my family needs ….

    Please help me ….

  55. cecille says

    Permission to post : Please beware of scammers! I have been a victim of one of the post here for urgent hiring . It is so sad to know that there are people who collect money from the applicants and after they get the money agreed , they will ask another fee for the visa processing . They will refer you to an immigration agency which is not real . Please be mindful in applying to job offerings . Thank you .

    • Fehl says

      Yes always be cautious and careful in dealing online transactions not only with job and employment but also anything online involving money and personal info

  56. anna santos says

    hi, im anna and i live here in the philippines. i need a job with a customer service related. im a graduate of bs in international relations. if job offers are available in these countries: singapore, dubai, u.s.a., canada, and italy, i would love and highly appreciate and thankful to someone who would offer me a job to those countries. kindly send me an email:

  57. John kennon Chumacera says

    hi sir/ma’am..I am a painter (construction/building),and I really want to work abroad..I am also an SMAW can I apply for the position..thank you

  58. yasi-jaren says

    Ive gone nuts reading all the post here reciting people’s wanting a job. This is not a recuitment agency this is an informative article to people who wants to work in SG. Please read and understand carefully guys! Xx

  59. Joy says

    Hi, im from Philippines, i am interested to apply in Singapore. What job opening? And, is it possible to have internship job for me.

  60. Vivian Lauren says

    Hi! Im a 24 years old nurse. I have experienced local and abroad..please kindy notify me how can I apply in Singapore.Im interested.
    Thank you and Godbless!

    Best Regards,

  61. gem marcel claudio says

    i want to apply job in singapore, but i dont know how…pls contact me in my email acc. am a graduate if hospitality management,,,

  62. blue000 says

    Hi Ms. Marifel. Thank you for this blog. Very helpful :) I believe you’re also the on who wrote the blog about direct hiring in Canada. I just want to ask, considering Canada and Singapore, which one would be easier to land a job? I am an Electronics Engineer graduated last April 2013 and passed the board exam last December 2013. I only have 4months experience as Systems Engineer and i want to work either of this two countries. Will i be able to get a job even if i have less than a year of experience? Would you please give me an advice? I would really appreciate it. Thank you :) God bless!

    • Fehl says

      The way I see now, it’s easier and faster in Canada than Singapore but those jobs are not under the Professional types

      • blue000 says

        thank you for your reply po. meaning i can get a job but not as an engineer? if ever in Singapore, will i be able to get a professional job there?

  63. Angie says

    hi, im wiling to work for abroad as a tutor or any work,i experienced 2 years in teaching(private school), so im willing any work that is related to my course. im waiting for ur reply thanx and GODBLESS!

  64. Angie says

    Good day and good morning sir/mam, I’m ANGIE D.BAN-HAN,a single and Filipino citizen..I got an opportunity when i browse your website so I’m trying to send u a massage or a li’l background.I’m so interested and willing to work abroad any work that is related to my course BACHELOR IN SECONDARY EDUCATION,im willing to work as a secretary or office work and a tutor,I experienced 2years in teaching in a private school(SAINT WILLIAM’S ACADEMY)here in Philippines.If my application merits an interview for a position or another in your office. I am very much willing to come.
    You can reach me on my mobile number:

  65. jesus amurao says

    Gusto ko mkapagwork sa Singapore nandun kac misis ko machine operator ako ng plastic injection at packaging streching film palletizer at labelling oprt contact number

    • Doke kee says

      I am Singaporean, looking for maid for my family.
      anyone interested, can email me at doke.kee at

  66. Edgar Allan B. Polido says

    Good day Sir/Madam, I’m Edgar Allan Polido Filipino Citizen. My Course Bachelor Of Science In Accountancy, I have a 10 years solid working experience in various company, and i was currently employed . I want to work with your prestigeous company, and i’m willing to work in singapore.

  67. ALFRED B. ORINION says

    hi am alfred a fresh graduate of college and i want to work in Singapore please help me to find a kind and direct employer. thank you!!! :)

  68. Terence Gil S. Tarrosa says


    Good day! I’m Engr. Terence Gil S. Tarrosa, 28 years of age, a Registered Electrical Engineer. I’m currently working in DMCI Power Corporation (27MW High Speed Diesel Power Plant) here in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines as a Operations Supervisor.

    I’m would like to apply in any position that would fit in my qualification.

    Thanks and More power!!!

  69. Ivy says

    hello sir
    im willing to apply,I am Ivy 24 yrs old and i was once a student trainee there for six months under giordano…pls help to find a job in singapore.
    Thank you so much and more power,
    God Bless

  70. yhanzky says

    This is not an agency po
    Try po ninyo or andun po lahat ng categorles ng job hiring.
    You can even browse for a job at jobstreet with your preferred salary.
    Guide lang po at ideas ang andito para mejo hndi tayo nangangapa..
    Goodluck po sa lahat. :-)

  71. Ellen R. Gregorio says

    I’m planning to work in Singapore but I’m here in Abu Dhabi for 5 years. Can I apply from here to Singapore?

  72. jessa demerin says

    Hi im jessa interested to work in Singapore as a Maid .I’ve been working here in Phillipines as a maid for 14 years…I’m also a college level (undergraduate taking hotel and restaurant management).

  73. jether jorim jayoma says

    Hi ….I am a fresh Graduate of AMA Computer Learning Center Holding a Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and also im a NC2 (Computer Hardware Servicing) passer …
    i really want to experience working abroad..
    I have 1 year working experience as an IT Administrator of Barangay Dadiangas West GSC. I created several CMS websites and im a Music Director of Calumpang Foursquare Gospel Church, General Santos City.

    These are the list of my skills
    • Video Editing (Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects)
    • Photo Editing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Xara 3D)
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office
    • Web Developing (Content Management System)


    . I shall be very glad to be interviewed at your most convenient time.

  74. Rowena Bautista says

    Hi, I am interested as well but I have observed that online applications are taking too long. I am currently in Manila, do you think my chances of being hired would be higher if I would stay in SG for a month to look for a job? Thanks in advance!

    • Fehl says

      Some are going to SG personally to apply and some got hired but some end up going back home. It’s really hard to tell although personal application is always better. I say, go take the risk! After all, life is a big adventure :)

  75. JINKY says

    Hi i am a Marketing graduate student last April 2010.But my fist job is a Document Controller in Construction Corporation and Im willing to work in Singapore.

  76. maidelle says


    I graduated last year and I don’t know if my work experience here in Philippines is enough to find a job in foreign countries like Singapore and Canada..I want to work abroad please help!..

  77. Jomary says


    this September will be my graduation. I would like to find a job either to Canada or Dubai. I know that I have already the skills because I’m having my OJT for almost 1 year and 8 months not just for OJT position but I’m an exposed also in the documentation and designing side at One of the growing firm Engineering company here in Cebu.


  78. Erika Mae Obillo says

    I want to work abroad please help me. Please give me your email so that i can send my resume. Thank you in advance! :)

  79. froilan o.balmonte says

    Hi im froilan o. Balmonte working in negara brunei darusslam as a shift manager in kfc brunei sdn bhd for almost 6yrs , looking for a job and exprience in the field of restaurant or fastfood chain, hoping u can help me.

  80. Ruel Roca Dalde says

    I am willing to work in Singapore, I graduated as Bachelor of Science In Information Technology. I have experience in technical support for 2 years and 6 months as a machine processor..

  81. darwin m. barril says

    I am willing to work in singapore, I am computer graphic artist at bus company.i have 3 years experience up to present.

  82. edralyn says

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    i am Edralyn i like to work in Singapore i finish caregiver i have already the NCII Certificate i hope you can give me a chance.. Thank you

  83. Rovelyn says

    I will never lose hope that someday I can work in Singapore. If opportunity arise I hold it and embrace the chance. This is my greatest wishes to my birthday.

  84. Gallardo C.Dalhag says

    Im Mr.Gallardo Dalhag I’m willing to work to Singapore as a MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST/LABORATORY TECHNICIAN id been working for almost 12years as a LABORATORY TECHNICIAN in KUWAIT if you want know to more information about my status and you want me to be apart of your good office ill be waiting for your respond godbless

  85. Ronald P.Bolotano says

    Im willing to work in there as an office staff or any vacant position of a company and i am willing to learn.

  86. genevieve says

    hi Im Genevieve, Im a Civil Engineer here in the Philippines w/ 2 years experience as a Quantity Surveyor. Im intersted to work in Singapore.Is there any job opportunities for me?


  87. Gandieh Golbe says

    Im Gandieh Golbe chef cook lm welling to work in singapore…after finest 2 years working Saudi I’m welling to applying for chef cook pls contact these my no: +966549765505 I’m pilipino……

  88. sheryll padillo says

    hello mam sheryll padillo po ito puede po bang mag apply ng welder female po ako 32 years old graduate po ako ng smaw welder my certificate of license po ako high school graduate lang po ako salamat po

  89. joeddy says

    HI IM JOEDDY IM A IT ADMINISTRATOR AND COMPUTER TECHNICIAN AND PRINTER TECHNICIAN here in the Philippines w/ 10 years experience Im intersted to work in Singapore.Is there any job opportunities for me?

    THANK U….

  90. Rochelle Faye M. Bello says

    Good Day! I’m Rochelle Faye M. Bello fresh graduate from tarlac state university taken the course Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management. I’m here at Singapore now and willing to get a job related to my course. Thank you

    • justin rellon says

      i am willing and interested to apply to your company, i am i.t computer maintenance or sales about computer networking.

  91. Jay says

    C’mon guys! The author is not running a recruitment firm here. its flooding non sense posts and questions here. She can’t give you job, the author is sharing us tips what to do and even gave us link where to post or send our CV.
    If she didn’t respond to your question, maybe because it is out of topic and this is very disappointing.

  92. delima rosauro says

    I want to work in abroad in abroad like Singapore , Canada ect. I graduate as agriculture I experience to work as clerk ,

  93. shiv raj says

    sir i want o work in singapore ,i did bachlor degree in air line tourism and hospitalityindustry ,master degtree is continosly going ,last sem is going on ,i have on year experience in cafe coffe day also .so what are the procedure please tell me briefelly in my email id
    shiv raj 7508628682

  94. Eileen Joyce L. Arcenal says

    Hi, I’m Eileen Joyce Arcenal from Philippines a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Please Notify me if you have job vacancy. Thank you.

  95. yolanda f. felices says

    hi I’m yolly willing to work in Italy,can you help me?i can speak Italian specially napolitan,I love to take care the elders,because I was with the elders for 10 yrs in Italy living in the convent.I am an ex sister I hope you can help me.I am a little bit ground with my age because I am turning 46 next year,but Im not losing hope that someday my dream of coming back in Italy will come true.THANK YOU

  96. Lilia says

    Dear sir,ma’am
    Im interested to apply as receptionist in medical center,im a bachelor of science in nursing but no license.

  97. Jessica cabuhat says

    Jessica cabuhat
    Morning sir/madam am very interested to work Singapore as s receptionist/hotel house keeping am grad.pls hired me to ur company thanks good day

  98. Ginalyn Beltran says

    I am a teacher and been teaching for almost 10 years in the Philippines and I am currently looking for a teaching career in Singapore. I am waiting for your reply, thanks.

  99. Toshi says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to ask if there’s a job opportunity in Freight Forwarding company that was looking for Document Processing Officer (Air Freight) / DG Specialist.

    I am very interested to works in Singapore.

    Thank you!

  100. Alexander vitao says

    Hi mam this alexanderbitao hiring as hairdresser stylis I’m very interested to work in Singapore plz this may number 09997097730

  101. Grace says

    Hi, I am a Registered Nurse but worked as Cardiac Technician for 4years, I’m interested to work in Singapore, please let me know the procedure. Please email me. Thank you

  102. KALAISELVAN says

    I have finished my BE Electronics and communication Engineering with nearly 2 year experience in GPS industry as Technical consultant engineer.Now am searching for any job in my domain.


    good evening im looking for job at your country (Singapore)i taking a course nursing aide i looking for caregiver job.pls help me to have an employer to help me. for my application thank you,

  104. Aries B. Maristela says

    Hi, I would like to apply for any IT job vacancies. I’m a licensed Electronics Engineer here in the Philippines. I also have Cisco Certification (CCNA). Please email the requirements need to apply for jobs in Singapore.

  105. rjkumagal says

    Duh? PEOPLE!!! This website is not a recruitment firm nor affiliated to any hiring companies in singapore. It is not even a singaporean website. This article is just giving us hints on how to land a job in singapore. Why are you asking the author for a job? Di ba kau marunong magbasa? Of course the author would not entertain your posts or questions kasi out of topic. Ridiculous.

  106. edwin p. silvan says

    hi sir im edwin p silvan, from philippines im a experience for welder and tig welder, im willing to apply and go to your good and beautiful country. pls help me to go your country… thank you for your consideration and read my simple message….God bless and merry xmas

  107. Marinel R.Calizar says

    Good day! Hello maam/sir im willing to work in singapore bilang isang bookkeeper. Tawagan niyo po ako kung sakaling kailangan niyo ng accounting staff. Salamat po sa lahat.

  108. willy salarza jr says

    Im looking for a employer in Singapore construction worker….m#97430330518. .present wrk her in qatar.

  109. Michael Cayanan says

    Hi Sir,

    I am interested to apply for IT Professional. I am currently working as an IT Network Engineer and seeking a job in Singapore and/or Canada. Please send me more jobs opening there. Thanks in advance. Happy New Year

    • CelineM says

      Hundreds of job openings in Canada has opened up for Temporary Foreign Workers this 2015!

      Fast processing times of application (3-6 months, varies on each application)

  110. april lareza says

    Hi Im 29 years old and Im BS Tourism Management graduate. I just want to ask if is it possible for me to find a job in Singapore if im 29 yrs old already? do u have any recommendation?

  111. RGD says

    interested to apply in singapore.,, computer literate., data entry., graduate BSN.,, im not choosing in kind of job.,,, ,,,

  112. IAN ENSOMO says

    good morning sir., im looking for job at your country (Singapore)i taking a course IT(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) i looking for caregiver job.pls help me to have an employer to help me. for my application thank you,.any work(IT (Information Technology) Area & Customer Service and Technical Support ) VISIT IN MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT…. THANK YOU SIR,.

  113. brian says

    Belonging to a reputable company where I can apply my knowledge skills, and jobs skills, thus enriching the information and expertise to my good personal and performance, and similarly, to collaborate in the development and growth of the company in providing my service. I been work for 3 years in saudi arabia King Abdulaziz airport as a food/ catering services, and 3 months in singapore as a bartender, i need to work in singapore as a permitted to work and end of contract. u can hiring me as long possible. please contact me. +639262960978 and email/

  114. hopeless_romantic says

    to my fellow co-workers!

    for reference lang po ang forum na ito!…hindi po ito recruiting firm!
    binigyan lang tayo ng guidelines on how to apply in singapore!..
    don’t just waste your time to say na your looking for job!

  115. Azell Cybil Tumampos says

    Hi sir/mam.

    I am interested to apply for a job vacancy in singapore. I am a bachelors degree graduate. I am interested to apply for jobs such us clinic nurse assistant, or any job oppenings available. Do you mind sending me job vacancies/hiring? Thank you and God bless

  116. himanshu says

    hii…i just complited my computer engg from india now i want to do a jon in sigapore how i can find job,,,can u plz guide me\

  117. Bella Tresvalles says

    Im 30 years old. Graduated of of Computer Secreatary. Is there any available job that suitable for me n Singapore.Thank you so much & God bless

  118. khen says

    Hi 5 years grad ako computer engineering, patulong nman kung saan pwede magapply sa SG, Canada,
    my present work is solar company.
    Tnx sa mga tumutulong..

  119. mjs says

    Helo gud day to all..please count me in if there is any job available for my qualification i am two years graduated as computer based accounting and had experienced as data entry/encoder for 2years hoping for response thanks

  120. Ronald Allan Trinidad says

    I am a young professional with vast skills and experiences in customer support, travel and tour operation, sales and marketing and other admin tasks. I possess an array of experience across various industries that when combined define me as a well rounded candidate with a holistic approach to company development.

    *Work Experience : Over 11 years, local and abroad.

  121. Ronald Allan Trinidad says

    I am a young professional with vast skills and experiences in customer support, travel and tour operation, sales and marketing and other admin tasks. I possess an array of experience across various industries that when combined define me as a well rounded candidate with a holistic approach to company development.

    *Work Experience : Over 11 years, local and abroad.

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