How to Apply for SSS Loan Condonation Program Online

If you are one of the millions of people who wish to avail of the SSS Loan Condonation Program, you can now do it online for easy and convenient access. No need to submit documents or going personally at the SSS office just to apply for this chance. SSS has launched this amnesty program for all its members for condonation of loan penalties. This is so amazing and so generous for delinquent borrowers who don’t know how to pay their loans. Now, SSS offers easy options for them to avoid scary penalities.

SSS Condonation Program Online Application Requirements

  • Member has paid at least three amortizations since the date of loan
  • Member has paid at least three months contributions within the last six month before the date of application to this program

Benefits of SSS Condonation Program

90% write-off of accrued penalties for borrowers who settled their amount due in one full payment

80% write-off of penalties for borrowers who chose to pay in monthly installments in a 1, 2 or 3 year period)

How to Apply and Process SSS Loan Condonation Online

Once you have an active MY SSS account, log in.

You will see at the left side on your Profile page the Loan Condonation Tab. Select it.

Then your SSS number will automatically appear. Just tick the option you wish to choose according to your payment capability.

Agree with the Terms and Conditions.

You’re done.

That’s so easy. SSS online system will inform you if you need to comply and submit other requirements such as payments of contributions to qualify for the condonation. If not, that means you are already entitled and you don’t need more requirements anymore.

You will receive an email from SSS once your application for loan condonation has been approved. The email also includes the complete details of your payments due under the Condonation Program you have entered and agreed upon.

Applicants with further document requirements submission need to submit their Condonation Program application form together with the added requirements such as affidavits, pay slips, benefit claim forms and others. These docs are specified in the email reply in case you are among these groups under this category:

  • Members whose employers didn’t remit their loan payment and amortization to SSS
  • Un-posted amortization payments in the SSS
  • Beneficiaries of deceased members with outstanding loans
  • Members and borrowers filing for either total disability or retirement claims

For the above category, condoned penalties range from 50 to 100 percent.

Why delinquent borrowers need to avail this program?

Simply to remove the delinquent status, avoid many penalties and have the full eligibility to SSS benefits throughout their life until retirement.


      • May says

        hi when i tried to click the link for loan condonation it says “error”…tried it several times already it’s not loading…but the other links/tabs are working well…is the loan condonation program still ongoing? thank you

        • says

          There was no announcement yet if they stopped the condonation program. Let us wait and see. Some features in the website were unreachable last week I think SSS website had a maintenance thing. Thank you for dropping by!

        • bernard groyon says

          helo po itanong ko po yung sa condonation kung magkakaroon by next year kasi gusto ko pong mabayaran na yung utang since 2008 pa po lumaki na po ang tubo sana po magkaroon pa po sila ng condonation

        • Rictuozenfra says

          Ako nga rin, also inquiring if magkakaroon pa nga ba kaya ng Condonation Program for year 2014.
          It looks like this program is very quiet kaya parang naiisip ko tuloy na hindi na nga kaya ito masusundan?

          Laki na rin utang ko.

          • tj tj says

            Hopefully sana meron nga this year 2014, kasi ung employer ng father ko since 1998 hindi nagremit ng sss loan payments, kinakaltas naman nila sa sweldo. Hirap pa makipag coordinate sa kanila kahit sinulatan na sila ng SSS. We tried to call on their office pero nagtatago ung taong kakausapin, and same thing happen kapag pupuntahan mo sa office nila. Several years na rin kasi nagtago ang office nila, now that we are processing Pension ng father ko luckily binigay ng SSS ung address ng J/A Cleanwell Maintenance….. sa mga currently employed sa J/A Cleanwell Maintenance, be sure na nireremit ng employer nyo ung mga kinakaltas sa inyo, they did it ONCE, they can did it TWICE.

          • Fehl says

            Let’s wait and see. :) I hope they will give SSS condonation program this 2014 especially SSS had amazing revenue last year

          • rome masancay says

            meron pa po ba neto for this year? o bago mag end of the year?kasi 3k ln nging utang ng papa ko pos nlman nya ngaung mgppension n xa n 55k n un utang nya, naintindihan q n mlki n tubo dhl 20yrs ata syang d ngbabayad, ngin pabaya kc papa ko, nkakaasar nga eh

  1. michael tabios mapa says

    paano po ang proseso ng pag aaply ng condonation.paano kpo pwede maipasok sa agency namin.almost 4 or 5 years npo hndi nbayaran ung na loan ko dati.plz reply.thank you…

  2. Berlyn says

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    I wan tto applay for a loan Amnesty or condonatino program .Please tell me is thsi program still exist thsi year 2013 and how to do the process.

    Hope to receive your reply.

    Best regards,

  3. ricardo tagalogon jr says

    Dear madam/sir,

    good day, i just want to inquire from your good office if this loan amnesty program will be available for this year 2013, and may i know if when. this was in connection with my sss membership status that was stopped since around 2006 and lately i knew that i have unpaid loan contradict to my belief that they are paid already base to the payslip my last employer issued.
    please inform me regarding the availability of this program so that i can immediately process the reactivition of my sss status.
    thank you and more power.

      • gilza pedir says

        Hi.,tanong ko lang po kong kailan magkakaroon ng condonation this year 2014k?,gusto ko po kasi bayaran yong natirang utang ko na hinde nabayaran ng kompanya.,nag resign ako kinaltasan nila ako ng sss meron pa palang natirang 3k since nag resign ako 2002 ngayon ko lang nalaman 2014 kaya lumubo ang utang ko from 3k to 12k this 2014

  4. Baby Lynn Tero says

    I tried to register to the SSS Online Inquiry System. After all information were given and submitted, the system informed me the there is a discrepancy in my first name. How can that be where I based my entry in my SSS ID.

  5. Chenelyn Forte says

    How come there is no condonation tab in SSS Website? Can I make a loan eventhough I haven’t paid my previous loan way back 2011? What shall I do to avail the condonation program? Do I have to pay my previous loan in full? I need your immediate response, thanks

  6. Eric says

    Hi,my total loan obligations went up to 18,000 including penalties and come the interests and penalties are bigger than the remaining amount that i had to pay for my loan?it is so unfair for us normal employees to pay that huge amount of interests and penalties for the loan amount that we have borrowed from our own money.I hope the SSS management will consider decreasing or best removing the huge amount of interests and penalties for the member’s loan amount that needs to be paid.I understand that I have been delinquent for 4 years now but 10k is a huge amount to be added on my original loan amount of 12500.I hope the amnesty program would be better this year and that it would be beneficial fo us members who borrows our own money with very large interests and penalties.What can I do regarding the 10k penalty and interest that was applied on my remaining debts for the salary loan I made 6 years ago?I simply do not have the capacity to pay it in full and even if I do monthly amortizations of 550 pesos per month that will take me 4 years to pay the remaining amount of my salary loan which was just down to 8k after paying 5k in about a year.

    • says

      Most common mistakes people commit when taking a loan is that they forget about the interests and the obligation. If you had a loan it means you have the obligation to pay the amount due before the due date unless you want to incur interest payables and have more of them in the future. Being delinquent has solution and you need to talk to the company who gave you the loan and have a flexible solution which can benefit the both of you. I hope they will grant you generous terms. God bless!

  7. Ramon G.Espinosa Jr. ILOILO CITY 5000 says

    I was employed at SEAFDEC Aquaculture Center an research institution for 16 years Tigbauan, Iloilo nad resigned from the job on September 1990. On August 1,2013 I turned 60 yrs old and went to SSS Regiona VI Office to file for retirement claims. I was horrified to know that I have an outstanding loan of Php.22,000 (!) for loan principal of Ph.3,000 alleged to have been availed in 1991. How could I availed o a loan Php.3,000 in 1991 when I have resigned from the job in 1990 !
    Pls kindly advice me on how to avail of the loan condonation. I was sure that I do not have o/s loan for I have obtained a CLEARANCE ON PROPERTY & FINANCE OBLIGATION when I left my job at SEAFEC-AQD
    Thank and God Bless SSS !

    • says

      Hi po :) I suggest you go directly to SSS and reconcile your account and loan so you know the specific details if you are eligible for a new one. They would gladly help you. Thank you and God bless :)

  8. elias s. bentulan says

    sir/ madam paano ba ang proseso nang condonation program gusto ko sana bayaran ang utang ko na 4,500 pesos matagal na utang na ito kaya lang ang laki ng tubo na ngayon umabot na ng 45,000 thousand pesos iniisip ko baka mauibos na pera ko sa sss meron pa bang paraan na mabayaran ko ito na mababa? hinihintay ko po ang sagot nyo .. GODBLESS

  9. Ramon G.Espinosa Jr. ILOILO CITY 5000 says

    Ms.Fehl Dungo, good day!
    This is a follow-up of my Aug.27 query, w/c I would like to further inform that:
    1. I tried to access in the ON-LINE SSS Loan Condonation Program but it does not respond.
    2. I also went to see the Manager of SSS Regional Ofc.VI’ Ms Eva J.Cura – but she told me that SSS Loan
    Condonation Program was last year, and she’s not aware on this ON-LINE Program.
    3. AS I am now 60 yrs.old I will file for an 18-month lump sum (from my pension) and the amount of
    Ph.22,000 to be deducted in my lump sum is so big, unbearable, more so horrible!
    4. I searched on the BSP’S TRUTH & LENDING ACT LAW- w/c provides that that any loan obtained shd not
    incurr interest more than three (3) times of the principal.
    Ms.Dungo, I really need your help and advice:
    a. My SSS No. is 07-o622673-5
    b. if I will allow the amount of Ph.22,000 to be deducted from the proceeds of my lump sum, I will be
    (estopped) say, disqualified to later file for Loan Condonation.
    c. If I will refer this to the Lawyer, it would cost me much more.
    Finally, kindly help me confirm with the SSS Main Office in Manila, if the SSS Loan Condonation Program is
    still in effect, or any latest Advisory on the matter.
    Thank you for time and attention being kind and I believe God will richly bless you in your noble crusade in helping retirees like me- who needs proper guidance and appropriate advices w/c cannot be directly obtained from the SSS office.

    Very sincerely,
    Compania Central
    Molo,Iloilo City

    • Fehl says

      The Loan condonation program is a special program and it’s not always available. If you cannot see it on your SSS profile, then it’s not available. I only shared this post when the program was available last year. Please see the latest updates for this kind of loan at the SSS branch near you. I wish I could help you. Good day Sir.

  10. grace estayane says

    how can i reset my login I already forgot my log in even the email address that is register to this login is not working anymore I would like to reset it how

  11. luzviminda delos trinos says

    hi, I just want to know lng po, kung pwede po b akong mag avail ng amnesty porogram sa loan ko since n nawalan po ako ng job before ngyun okey n po ako Anu po ang gagawin ko this is my sss no., 333-5525-736 thnkd po and
    God bless

  12. annie says

    Hi, I availed the condonation program way back april 2012. I had an existing loan back then, I took advantage of the condonation without the full comprehension of the offer. When i transferred to a different company, my previous company already deducted the loan. I was informed by the sss officers that since it’s already paid in full (07/2012) condonation will not be valid anymore. Now, I’m trying to apply for a salary loan, it’s showing that I’m not eligible since I took advantage of the condonation offer and I will need to wait for January 2017. Until then I won’t be able to take advantage of any salary loan. Would you know how to un-enroll from the said program?


  13. raycel says

    Hi! Ask ko lang, do you have any idea if i am still obliged to pay my principal loan plus interest & penalties kahit hindi na-encash ang SSS check ko? Please advise soon kung ano dapat ko gawin.. and thank you very much in advance..

  14. Glenn genesan says

    hello po ask kulang po kailan ang next SSS Condonation Program ninyo sa 2014. kasi plan ko bayaran ang utang ko ang full. pls reply po sana kayo kaagad.

  15. Bernadette Rivera Palmones says

    Kindly inform me when is the next SSS Condonation Program as I want to pay the full amount of my previous loan.

  16. shinel says

    Mareng Fehl, mangungulit na naman ako sa site mo :D

    Last 2012, di kc ako naka-avail (or kinapos pera pambayad :D ) sa condonation program ng SSS bago ako nagbakasyon. Kelan kaya sunod na Condonation Program ng SS? meron kaya ngayong 2014? hay naku, ang loan ko na P24k (take out P21,360) nung 2009 eh nagng P 41,663 na as of today! maygudness! Tsaka, kapag sinabi bang 90% write-off sa penalty eh yung penalty lang talaga? Hindi kasali ang interest? kc 10k+ penalty ko at 7k ang interest kaya naging ganun kalaki ang utang ko >.<

    • nessyq says

      i’m also waiting for the next condonation program. same story as above, i was not able to avail last time na may condonation. sa 21,000 na utang, naging 50,000. I tried to pay 10,000 a month para mabawasan. hanggang naging 20,000 na lang ulit at natigil ko na naman ang payment dahil sa kakapusan. now it’s 30,000+na naman. lesson learned. magbayad sa takdang panahon..pero kung wala naman kasing pambayad talagang uunahin muna ang pang araw araw na gastusin..i will await then the next condonation program.sana this year..ang ssabi sa provincial office namin, ayaw na daw po ng Presidente…hmmm…

    • maria says


      I think it would be better not availing the condonation program kc it would restrict you on your next loan eligibility. Might as well just pay half of your original loanable amount and have it posted ASAP so you could file another loan wherein the remaining half of your original loan will just be deducted there… i hope it helps somehow :)

  17. marie says

    Ms.Fehl Dungo, good day! kindly give a light to some of my query:

    1. do u think SSS will offer a loan condonation this 2014?
    2. will it also help if i pay some of my 5 year loan amount since i have no capacity to pay it in full even if i became an ofw while waiting for the loan condonation program? sobrang laki na kasi ng interest and penalty. or shall i wait until they offer one and pay, what can u suggest please?
    3. why is there both a penalty and interest on SSS salary loans?

    thanks in advance.

    • Fehl says

      Hi Marie!
      1. I hope so because SSS had awesome revenue last year.
      2. I suggest pay it in full because interest grows every time. Time is money. Besides, condonation is not always offered
      3. Bad thing about loans is their interests and charges. Even banks implement those fees. That is why I always suggest – don’t ever take a loan unless it’s 0% interest or you’re not sure if you can pay it in full in short time

  18. Ramelo Bechayda says

    Good day po Ms. Fhel,,,

    Tanung ko lng po, ako po ay my previous salary loan sa SSS last 2009 pa at hindi ko na po nahulugan til now, makaka,avail kaya ako ng Condonation program? at kelan po pwding magfile ng condonation program?…

    Thank you po in advance hopping for your advice Ms. Fehl….

  19. charlyn b. bajar says

    good day po ma’am tanung q lng po kung kailan po kya magkaroon ulit ng condonation program kc po ung asawa q nagloan sa sss nung year 2000 hndi po nya nhulogan hanggang ngaun po

  20. Julius P. Flores says


    Just visited the SSS Online Inquiry System today (August 29, 2014) so as to apply for the loan condonation program. But in the Main Menu, there is no longer a “Loan Condonation” sub-menu under the “Transactions”. Why is this, Miss Fehl?

    Oh, how I wish there would be a Loan Condonation or Amnesty come 2015.

    Thank you!

  21. ysa says

    Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Ask ko lang may balita napo ba regarding loan condonation as of now? Gusto ko lang kasi na mabayaran yun sa father ko. Salamat

  22. Rosalie Golim says

    Is there a possibility na magkaron po ulit ng condonation program for sss member na may existing loan na hindi nabayaran for a long period of time? please advise.

  23. Elisa Ikuse says

    good day, I would like to enqure if there is sss housing loan condonation next year 2015? because I would like to pay my remeaning account of my house next year… Hope you reply me..

  24. Elisa Ikuse says

    I think that is program is very important for us pilipino because our economy is still striving ,a lot of people don’t have good job, they just earn a litle but government get big taxes.. it unfair for us, we need help sometimes. So for us we really need anamnesty condonation to be contenue… please help us.

  25. allan del rosario says

    Hi po…naku 1997 pa ung utang ko..4k ung principal gsto ko ayusin wla ako naibayad kahit isa pwde pa ba ako sa condonation program? Sana pwde

  26. leticia hirang says

    may utang ako since 1992 may condonation program ba ngayong year 2015 I want to avail the program. salamat po

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