How to Pass the Civil Service Exam in the Philippines in One Take

You can pass the Professional Civil Service exam easily in one take if you follow the tips I am sharing in this post. It is also known as Career Service Exam. I took the examination myself and successfully passed it without cramming my brains out and burning the midnight oil. I had a humble grade of 82.97 and that was not my best shot because taking the exam was just a spur of the moment that time I was working in the government.

And yes, the CSC Professional Eligibility in the Philippines is one of the requirements to be working to many government offices and agencies like GSIS, SSS, BIR etc. If you passed it, you can even be eligible to apply as a police officer and join the PNP. There are so many benefits of being a civil service eligible professional. Make your schedule now and you will love the result.

Tips on how to pass the Civil Service Exam a.k.a. Career Service Exam

Remember, there is also available exam for Sub-professional Career Service exam but I recommend you take the Professional level right away since you know you can anyway. Also these things I’m going to share here are just tips. I’m NOT going to give answers or reviewers for the exam here okay. You can either choose Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) or Computer-Assisted Test (CAT). I did the PPT since I had the test in my province.

Apply early before taking the exam. The Civil Service Commission always posts their announcement for the dates of Professional and Sub-Professional examination schedule. They give exam twice or thrice a year. Apply early to avoid the rush and deadline. This will give you enough time to relax and review.

Review and refresh your knowledge. There is a book Reviewer for the CSC Exam available for all National Bookstore. I bought mine. It’s orange. Perhaps it has another version or edition right now. I suggest you buy one. It would really sharpen up your mind and refresh your knowledge. The book also contains instructions about taking the CSC test. It covers all subjects for both Career Service Professional and Sub-Professional so it’s worth it.

Relax. It is so important to relax and breathe calmly in taking the exam. The exam covers many topics and your common sense and logic will be used so much. Panicking won’t wake your stock knowledge up. Besides, stressing and panicking would distract your mood.

Go to the bathroom before the exam starts. They only allow a certain time for going out the room so it is important to do your bathroom rituals before the test starts. Remember, every second counts.

Enjoy the quiz. I honestly enjoyed the exam and I didn’t even feel I took one. It felt like playing Sudoku game in the ipad and reading some blog posts. The test covers the following and it’s really just the same as taking an entrance exam in college.

  • English and Filipino vocabulary

    how to pass civil service exam

    This is my Career Service Professional Eligibility certificate. You’ll be issued one if you passed the exam. It’s an asset anywhere you apply

  • grammar and correct usage
  • paragraph organization
  • reading comprehension
  • analogy and logic
  • numerical reasoning
  • clerical reasoning, functions and procedures
  • general information questions (about Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, peace and human rights issues, environmental protection)

Have some sweets while you do the quiz. I confess I was eating Cadbury mini chocolates (they are like candies) at some parts of the exam especially on that logic and analogy part. I also needed sweets to wake up my logic doing the grammar and vocabulary. There are so many unfamiliar words and you have to really analyze which is synonymous to what and which not.

Bring extra pencils. Extra pencils can save your time sharpening one. Your time is precious for the exam not some other extra activities.

Avoid shading excessively. Just shade lightly on the paper and your best answer. Never shade everything and answer only the items with questions. Never leave a number unanswered.

80 is the passing rate. Believe in yourself that you can get more than 80. If you do, you’ll likely pass it. Can I say – you know already if you would pass the test from the beginning? It’s true. The 80 percent know it in their bones already; the 20 percent are just not quite sure.

The CSC exam results are posted at the official website of CSC. Good luck and congrats in advance. I hope my tips helped you somehow. If you want to know the requirements on how to take the Career Service exam in the Philippines and want to have a free reviewer, just go to the following page:

civil service online reviewer

The best Online Reviewer for CSE is Free and has it all about taking the exam

Many requested for a book but I decided to make a free website for REVIEWER for Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-professional) instead to help many Filipinos. I will also make a pdf and ebook version soon. I just made the website first for now. I’m releasing it this week.  Always happy to help and spread useful knowledge.

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  1. lilibeth says

    oh the tips that you’ve shared is a great help on my part. Thank you..hehe..i”m going to try eat chocolates too, while doing the exam..Thx again. :-).

  2. joy says

    Hello! is it true that the passing is 80%? I take the prof exam way back 1980’s and I got 75% only. Do I have to take another exam?


      • bryan delgado says

        thanks for your tips..i’m going take the CSE too this coming october..can i ask you something?what type of exam is the CS is? it is a kind of multiple choice only? and how many minutes does it takes in every category?
        tnx po.!

        • says

          It’s entirely multiple choice although there are some categories like reading comprehension, math, logic, general information, grammar etc. When I took it, we were given an hour per subject/category and the others maybe 40 mins. It took a half day. So it’s important you really took your breakfast and bring water to hydrate yourself and chocolates in my case to keep me more alert :)

          • bryan delgado says

            tnx..i’m really willing to take the examination but i feels so nervous as the examination is approaching..ehehehe because i don’t know if i can pass or not..i don’t have any reviewer books..

          • Nicolai says

            hi! hindi ako nakaabot sa registration, alam nyo po ba kung kailan ang susunod na registration for 2015?

          • Fehl says

            It’s not yet released because the last exam (October) is not yet finished. We will post the dates soon once released

          • stellar says

            Hi Po,

            I find this site very interesting as it gives a lot of information and ideas on how to conquer the prof civil service examination. Would you be kind to send the reviewer to my email? I would really appreciate if you can do so…Thanks and More Power. Godbless

          • christian says

            really?? when you took the exam it took a half day?? you mean 12 hours?
            i’ve been planning to take the exam next year.. and if you don’t mind would you please send me a copy of your reviewer? thanks!

      • jestoni de los Reyes says

        maam do u have a pdf? or soft copy?coz i cant find it in natinal bookstore..tnx..thank u for giving us tips on how to pass this csc..

          • Karen Dalope says

            Hi I went to National Book Store and they only have the MSA Civil Service Reviewer by Merle S. Alferez and Amacha A. Feliciano. I bought it and I don’t know if it’s the same. But I still want to have a pdf copy of your reviewer. Please email me when you have one. Thanks for the tips!

          • genuine says

            pwd po b akong mgtake ng cs professional exam khit n ndi ako graduate ng college, nkapasa po ako last april 6 s sub- pro kaya lng kramihan ng open item s gov’t ay prof eligible need… reply u po sana tnx.

          • Fehl says

            Yes, there is no educational attainment required anymore as long as you meet the other requirements

      • Ronsky says

        Hi mam Fel. I took the CS-Subprof exam just last April 6,2014 and I failed. The exam is easy and I thought that I can pass the exam. Please help me.

      • Cha says

        HI Maam Fel,

        Maam pls help may exam ako this oct 2014. And sadly many times na ako nag try pero failed pa rin.PLS..Salamat

        • Fehl says

          Our reviewer is designed for anyone like you to pass the exam in one take. 95% guarantee. Just go to 1taker website to see the PDF

        • Dexter l. Pedeglorio says

          Hi po c Dexter po ito. Pwd din po bang humingi po ng reviwer din… pls send it to gmail account

          MarAMING SALAMAT. God bless.

          congrats din o pala.

          • Fehl says

            Our online reviewer for Civil service is now available at 1taker. See link in the article above

      • lowie reyes says

        hai ma’am can i have your latest reviewer this coming examination OCTOBER 26, 2014 because i want to pass the CSC exam. Thank you !

        • paul says

          hi mam fely, ako rin po ask ng copy sa reviewer nyo for Prof CSC Exam kc this october 26, 2014 exam ko. please out of stock yung sa national kc. I failed last april 6 exam and I am hoping to pass this october 2014, I believe your tips and your reviewer would be a big help for me… please be my guardian angel mam… pls.

  3. lj ramos says

    can i know when is the starting date of the profe level registration and what is the title of the orange bok at the national bookstore?? thanks alot

  4. peechee says

    hi. same pala tayo ng story dito.. hindi ako nakapag review ng bonggang bongga before nag take ng civil service, kasi yun nga, nag wo-work na ako as government employee.. masyado na akong stress sa work para mag enroll pa sa mga review center. yung ginawa ko, instead na mag facebook, nag review nalang ako via online, and gladly kahit sa konting panahon na iyon, malaki ang naitulong nun sa akin para akoy makapasa.. review lang talaga plus samahan syempre ng prayers.. :)

  5. ailyn says

    Difficult ba talaga ang civil service or its just a mindset sa tao… heheheh
    Ill take the exam this coming october. May alam po ba kayo na competent review center…
    Salamat po sa tips… God bless!!!

  6. Peechee says

    common sense lang ang kailangan..:) believe me, mas mahirap pa ang mga questions sa pag review kaysa actual na exam..;)

  7. says

    sa blog ko may prayer before exams, baka gusto niyo.. just visit my blog.. hehe,

    Thanks nga pala admin sa tips mo., pde palang kumain while taking the exam? ngayon ko lang nalaman.. hehe, makadala nga ng pandisal at kape.. lol, God bless sa lahat ng kukuha ng exam, pray the chaplet of mercy, available din ang copy sa blog ko. hehe, pray pray pray..

    • says

      It depends ano kinakain mo. You’re allowed to eat candies or chocolates provided it’s not gonna disturb everyone LOL I didn’t mean a meal or pandesal or kape.

        • Marizette Benosa says

          as far as i know kpag pasado sa PRC yung parang sa teacher, doctor, nurse, etc. ung board, bar exam no need to take csc exam kc katumbas na cia nito..pwede mo na yung gamitin eligibility sa pag-aapply sa government agencies..pero if you still wanted to take the csc exam pwede pa rin naman, dagdag credentials na din.

    • says

      It’s called Professional Civil Service Exam Reviewer. I tried to look at the latest version in National Bookstore but I couldn’t find it. The bookstore in SM near us is under reorganizing stuff

  8. Georgina says

    Where can I file my application? Manila area po ako. then dalawa yung address na nasa website nila. One is in kaliraya st. and the other one is in batasang pambansa, saan po ba dun??

  9. Bernard says

    Ang buong akala ko before i take up the CSC Prof exam, way back Oct.16,2011, monthsary namin ng wife ko at sa susunod na buwan, Anniversary na namin, na mahirap yung exam. try nyo to…

    DAPAT INSPIRED KA BEFORE KA MAG EXAM… Pag wala ka sa mood at hindi ka inspired, wag mo ng ituloy ang mag exam.

    goodluck examinees.

  10. janeth abonite says

    how many times na rin me nag exam, till now di prin me nka pasa what should i do?nag review nman me pro self review lng nman…

  11. Jenli says

    Thanks for this tips bro.. these are just so basic but the most inspicuous and important. I’m just wondering if how much would be the chances that after passing the exam, you’ll be able to land a job in some government agencies?

    • says

      If you passed the Professional Civil exam you’ll be eligible to work in the government. They will issue you your certificate. It’s an asset especially if your average is 90+. Anyway, passing is 80 so it’s fine as long as you passed coz that means you’re eligible and you’ll have all the benefits of being one. You’ll get listed in the Civil Service Commission pool of eligible candidates. It’s gonna be easier for you to get accepted and get hired in any government office/agency because that’s the first requirement of being a government employee. Of course if you won’t apply at those companies, you wont land a job. There are so many government offices you can apply, I suggest you apply to all of them. Benefits are always good since the budget is given by the government. You can work at SSS, GSIS, LTO, Philhealth, Pagibig, AFP, PNP, and a lot lot more. Cheers!

      • esmael a. angagao says

        madam, nais ko sana umingi ng tulong nyo n bigyan nyo ako ng reviewer book para nman pumasa ako s civil service examination. salamat po at hintain ko po ag inyong reply.

  12. Junrex says

    Hi I’ve passed the exam too last April 14, 2013. However, I have no idea how to get my COE. can you give Tips/Instructions how and where can I get it?… A little help would be really much appreciated. Thank you.

    If you don’t mind me asking. How can I apply to the government agencies, is application online available? hehehe.

    • says

      Wait for a letter that will be sent by Civil Service to you. Included in the mail are the instructions when and how to claim your Certificate of Eligibility. You can apply at any government agency you choose provided you are eligible and you meet their criteria for the hiring position. Apply personally by going to their offices. Applying online doesn’t always work because most websites are not updated.

      • Junrex says

        Hi. Thank you for answering my queries. It really helps a lot.

        Anyway, you really have a good article here. It is very concise and precise. In fact, most of what you’ve told here is what I did when I took the exam. Most exams shouldn’t really be a matter of how you reviewed but how you took the exam. The bottom line is “JUST RELAX AND TAKE IT EASY” ^_^

      • Luhhh says

        I guess I haven’t received any e-mail from Civil Service that said that I passed last year.
        I saw my name online though.

  13. gelo says

    alam ko from the start na papasa ako. Pero, bakit ganun? I didn’t. I took up the CS exam last april and it wasnt that difficult.. Im plannhng to get my revenge this october. Hopefully pumasa ako… Region 3 ako nag exam.. May quota ba ito?

    • says

      I have given the tips above which I used from my experience. :) Another technique is, take it easy and don’t sweat (panic). It is kinda tiresome so you really need to have enough energy and power. Don’t go without eating your breakfast, nakakagutom kc

  14. Gil catapang says

    Hello where specifically can i submit d application form? Im wondering if i can submit it in quezon city hall? I honestly dont know what specific office i should submit my application form

  15. Abser says

    Hi! i’m just a high school graduate and i want to take the prof. CSC exam., infact, i’ve submitted my papers to CSC near us, could it be possible for me to pass? can you give some super effective tips just for an examinee has a lowest educational attainment like me? Thank you! Admin.. Basilan area.. ;)

  16. fe ann says

    hi ! ds wud be my 1st tym to take civil service exam for sub-prof ds coming october …
    im so nervous as early as now. .. thanks for the tips .that wud reli b a great help for me and to ol hu will take the exam.
    i know i can do ds ..
    we will just pray and have faith in god..

  17. patrick says

    mam Fehl ung pangalan ba ng book na binili mo sa bookstore ay MSA civil service reviewer(the new millennium edition) by merle s. alferez .?? color orange?,kc nakita ko po dito sa internet ung cover ng book..pakicheck po ng sayo kung ok lang salamat… and kung meron po dyan sa national bookstore sainyo pwede po pa magpabili sayo?,

    • says

      It’s not MSA. I bought it back in 2008. It was orange and the title was CSC Professional Exam Reviewer. I forgot who the author was since it was few years ago already. It was the same book used by my sister too and she passed the professional exam after I had mine. I lent the book to different persons so it is not here anymore. I just hope they return it. hehe I was trying to find it recently at National bookstore but I couldn’t find same copy.

  18. malene says

    less than 60% ratings ko last time 2008..gusto ko lang chance o luck hindi pala, hardwork pala needed…kaya re- take ako ulit this oct 13, 2013 sana makapasa na ako, kahit pasang-awa na lang hope cooperate ang mga good forces sa akin…kailangan kong ma-inlove sa English and Mathematics.

    kulay orange sa National Bookstore Civil Service Examination reviewer by Pangan and Novales.

    Good luck and God bless sa ating lahat!

    • malene says

      thanks sa encouraging words dito sa site…260.00 nga po pala bili ko before ang kulay orange na CSC reviewer by Pangan, Novales.,.nahiya na ako magsabi sa iba na mag re-take ako ng exam this oct, saka na lang pag nakapasa na talaga kasi malaki expectation nila sa akin….whatever outcome of my upcoming exam, I will always learn a lesson.

      • says

        Good news. I found the book reviewer among the old textbooks my Mom kept. Yes the authors are M.S.J. Pangan and M.D. Novales. It was only P175 when I bought it back in 2008 and it’s 2007 edition. The new and latest edition would be worth more. Thanks Malene! I will put the photo of the book in the article today. I’ll be glad to lend my book to interested users for free that is if you’re near where I live (Pampanga)

        God bless and Good luck!

        • malene says

          Thanks, Ma’am. …Php260.00 ( bought 2010). I think it is true that those who improved or good either in English or Mathematics skills have a higher chance of passing the CSC exam just like you, Ma’am.

  19. Liaa Mirano says

    thanks for the tips.. cadbury is an expensive chocolate, can i eat different kinds of choco? just kidding. :) anyway, i’ll take my 1st CSC exam this october :) i hope i;ll pass.. cheer me up :)

      • Liaa Mirano says

        thank you ma’am..challenge po ako this time because me and my dad will take the CSC exam this october and i’ll prove to my dad, i can do it :) thanks again for the tip.. (minsan lang tumaba pero worth it sana) hehe. :)

  20. carmela says

    ano po pinagkaiba ng subprof sa prof sa exam?? ok lng ba khit sub ang kunin pag nkapasa pde pa rn makapsok sa mga government i mean mkapagwork sa gov.?? reply ASAP :D

    • says

      Professional exam is for those who graduated college thus “Professionals” while Sub-professional exam is for those who have completed at least 2 years in college. So if you have graduated college, jump to Professional already and take it

  21. roman says

    Nahuli aq s pagpasa ng req pra s.oct exam, kylan pu kya ulit ang next filling ng exam, and.sana makapasa din aq like you,

    • Severina says

      Hi! The next exam is on April 6, 2014 and the filing for application has already started,just letting you know…

      Im going to apply for it too….

  22. patrick says

    mam Fehl pwede po ba padala mo saken?,dito po kasi ako sa bicol region kung ok lang..anu na po bahala sa shipping fee ng book..then afterwards ipapadala ko po ulit sau together with cash..ok lang po ba mam kc walang wala na talagang stock dito ng reviewer book sa bookstore namen..thank you mam..eto po cellphone number ko – 09069068394..txt mu nlng po ako kung ok lang sau,because i am very desperate to pass the exam..

  23. macon says

    your tips inspire me to continue reviewing kahit nag stuck up na hirap ako na throw back ang lessons ko dati..nakabili ako ng reviewer at ang author is arellano busto…ok lng ba yun?sub pro lng ang take ko na exam kasi one sem nalang graduate na sana ako.if ma pasa ko ang sub pro malkakapagtake ba ako nang professional cse?

  24. lea says

    hi po! ilang oras po ba ang exam at ilang items po? may specific time ba for each category para sagutan ang mga tanong tpos iba na naman?

    • says

      Yeah there’s time allotted for every category. The assigned facilitator always tell the time before providing the test questionnaire. I remember it was like an hour or less every subject.

  25. Gareth says

    Nag take ako nung October 2010 but sadly hindi ako nkapasa. Siguro by nextyr mag tatake ako ulet. Sana makapasa na ako. Thanks po sa mga tips and advice ;)

  26. Jenjen says

    Hello po. Saan ka po sa Pampanga? Taga Pamp. din po kasi ako. Possible po kaya na makapasa ako kahit this month ko pa lang po sisimulan magreview? :)

  27. xandreus says

    ako din mag tatake ng exam sa darating na october hopefully makapasa na sa ikalawang pagkakataon anyway thanks fehl for your tips makakatulong yan para sa akin…… yan din ang ginagamit kong reviewer now ung orange and the MSA…

  28. west says

    ma’am pwedi po hiramin yung book na ginamit nyo? pampanga area lang po ako. thanks! eto po number ko para matext nyo po ako. salamat po in advance! 09066108667.

    • says

      Unfortunately, someone has already borrowed it. I can lend it again after the borrower from Pampanga was finished using it. Perhaps after the CSC ecam

  29. viv says

    Mahirap ba ung math questions?..or basic computation lang ang need?
    Iv’e seen that book here in SM Consolacion, i will buy it tomorrow, sakto pay day.
    Pls. pray for us na maka pasa., This gonna be my first take.

    and lasty..can you still remember the questions that were asked?.. :3

    • says

      Math is not that easy although it requires quick analogy and quick computation to keep up with the time allotted. Besides, no calculator was allowed. I wish it was all Math :) I love Math.

  30. Dys says

    Kakapasa q lng dito last april 2013, Professional. ang saya. Kahit na binasa q lng un MSA reviewer na hiniram q a night b4 d exam. Haha. Busy kc sa thesis nun, no tym to review. Just relax lng, khit na aq nun e kinabahan din tlga. Haha! Tas yung paubos na ung oras pero nasa #100 plang aq tas up to 165(if I’m not mistaken) un exam. Shade nlang ng shade. Nyahaha.

    And another thing, mas ok tlga kung prof na agad un kunin, regardless nman un kun HS grad ka lng or not, pag subprof kc, pang-Rank and file position lng dw. Syempre dba un gusto natin un maippromote tayo sa mataas na position as time goes by. :D

    Goodluck sa mga mageexam this october! :)

    • khalid says

      Naka relate ako sayo.ganyan dn gnawa ko non.last 15 mins na lang.170 items yun na exam.shade na lang ng shade bahala na.hehe.

  31. joy says

    Hi Guys! share naman kayo ng questions about sa mathematics :) meron bang about rational expressions dun? or yung mga mahihirap na equation? thanks guys! let’s help each other to pass the civil exam! aja! :)

    • says

      simple ratios and fractions yeah. Math in the exam is not really difficult although no calcu is allowed. If you understand and know how to add, subtract, divide, multiply and know fractions, percent, decimal and simple Math, you’ll pass it :)

      • joy says

        Thank You for your response. Ahm, Im just wondering if there are math word problems included? Like, distance, age, percentage word problems? been studying for more than a month now. sana makapasa :) thanks again.

  32. Goodguy69 says

    Hey there! It’s so kind of you to share your experience taking your Civil Service Exam. I got a couple of questions and it would be very nice if you can answer some of them, if not all hehe. Some of my friends told me that there are questions related to international law, is this true? Another one is, by general info do you mean like current events, govt abbreviations, activities of the govt, etc? And lastly, i got this civil service practice test booklet by MSA in national bookstore and the words in the vocabulary part’s really stressing me out haha! Do you really need to sharpen your vocabulary to the highest level in preparation for the Civil Service Exam? My apologies for the long message hehe. You seem to be responsive and friendly so i took the chance :) thank you so much! I hope you could answer some of my questions. Have a good day/night!

    • says

      International law? When I took the professional CSC exam, there were questions about law but they were about the Philippine constitution and they were like 2-3 questions only. Don’t worry too much. :) Vocabulary from the reviewer I used were also hard. If you know about consistency, brevity, parallelism in English sentence and grammar application, you can surely pass it. That was one of my secret in finding the correct synonyms and antonyms aside from ‘elimination’ method. Geez, you don’t need to master English words and unfamiliar terms. Don’t worry, just analyze things carefully and you’ll get the best answer. You express your English very good in the comments here, I’m sure you’ll pass it :) Have a good day too!

  33. anonymous1 says

    guys, this is an eligibilty test, its is important for you to prepare at least 3 months before the exam and not rely on the review centers and reviewers alone. stuck knowledge will help and please, read Readers Digest since most of the vocabularies came from RD , there is a section at RD that includes high falluten words which may be given. old issues will do and u can buy at recto to be cheaper, and read with a dictionary with u. math will help you increase the chance so u start practicing the integers, fraction, series and sequences and division of decimal numbers. MSAreviewers doesnt help at all. youre sole knowledge will help you. as i am saying read and practice.never mind the general knowledge, it only covers 5 percent of the whole exam. focus on math and vocabulary. un abstract exam common sense naman. so math lang talaga and english. just saying.

    -civil service eligible/engineer.

  34. miyuki says

    Good Evening, i have a reviewer here but it’s for LET(Licensure Exam for Teachers) 2006 Edition and the authors are same with the reviewer that you have(Marina T. San Jose- Pangan& Mamerto Duque-Novales). Do you think it will help too?

  35. kevincanono says

    Hi! I passed last april’s SUB PROF. exam… tip lang… don’t depend on LUCK alone, it is important to review your basic math and english then most of all, PRAYERS ang mahalaga.. dadating at dadating yung moment na HUHULA ka ng item na di mo masagutan JUST pray na sana tumama yung huhulaan mong ishade. Praktikal lang. :) GOOD LUCK!

  36. MERLYN G. CA-ANG says


  37. Engkantadah says

    I already passed the Sub-Prof exam last 2009 and yes, we share the same experience. There was really nothing to worry about because the exam is purely about analysis if you are not very familiar of the question. Now i am scheduled for Prof exam this Oct. 13, 2013. I wonder how can we apply for a career in a Government institution? Have you tried or are you in a real Civil service right now. I guess those employed at the Govt. agencies are all politicians associates. And i hate to be placed in a position just because of being associated to the elected government servant.

  38. jons says

    hi maam.i jusy wanna to ask something.i took up 3years course which is is possible for me to take prof exam or not?.tanx maam.

  39. Tata says

    Hello poh, thanks for the nice tips you gave. And please help us to PRAY because i’m the one who will take the civil service examination this coming October 13, 2013. Thank you very much. Tata po ito from Mati City.

  40. Iya says

    I saw other post with other books that they are referring.. Can I ask if which is more recommendable? Pretty please? The exam is this upcoming sunday. I haven’t review anything yet. hehe I’m such a lazy cat.

  41. Charisse Reyes says

    Hi. Pwede po ba magtake ng Professional Exam kahit hindi ka pa nka-graduate ng college? I am 3rd year college student now and i am planning to take Civil Service Examination next year.

  42. viv says

    5 days to go, sana maka pasa tayong lahat… ^^

    I did not really study that hard dahil sa work and time ko,
    nababasa ko lang ung reviewer ko mga 3 hours after work
    and I’m just thinking, eenjoyin ko nlng cguro ung exam
    and kung ano man ang result si God na bahala sa akin. :D

    positive vibes <<<
    Goood luck to all

  43. Alvin says

    5 days to go before the exam. Have faith and believe in yourself and everything will follow. God bless Co-examinees!

    • says

      Good luck everyone! I will post the CSC Exam Results here at Philpad too. Let’s pray your names will be on it :)

      It’s the month of Holy Rosary. Why not pray the rosary even just one night so Mama Mary, the angels and Lord God will guide you on the exam. :)

  44. stephen says

    Hi mam fehl.. I would like to take the prof . Exam by next year.. But the qustiion is makakaabot pavah aq sa kataposan pa kac ng march ang uwi q sa next year.. Nandito poh kac aq sa KSA…

      • Rubie Bellista says

        Thanks poh Mam Fehl, hopefully i pass my exam this year.
        even i taken three times nah, i wish dis cud b d last exam/ year dt i wd b taken n life. Hopeless ma iligible nku.
        Thanks to you Mam Fehl, for concerning ol of us here for taking CS exam, I rely appreciated it. Your tips etc.

        But i prayed for, that ds.year is LUCKY YEAR !!!
        Please pray for me also Mam Fehl…
        Sumtyms kc, Im going down coz ol of my exam is i give ol.
        But why? Huhuhu but God have plan for me I think.
        Thats why I give all now again, even my Mom is not in good condition, I here as my inspiration for this Cs exam again.

        Thanks to you !!!

  45. GEMBERT says

    I’d already took the exam and I didn’t passed….I was surprised with the result because I expect I can make it…The analogy and logic is very hard…What should I do so that I will pass the exam next time….


    • Fehl says

      Practice answering related questions using a reviewer. You really need to focus and not panic in answering logic and analogy questions. You are welcome!

  46. angela velarde says

    2 days t0 go…g0odluck to all of us.. 150,000 will take the civil service exam 0n sunday… H0pe that I will be one of the successful,who will pass the exam…I’m g0ing to take Civil service Professi0nal,,I kn0w that it will n0t be easy f0r me to pass the exam,buT with GOD’s help and guidance..I WILL PASS THE EXAM!!! Yo0h0o! (just b0osting my c0nfidence) hahaha…g0odluck guyz!

    Ms.fehl,thanx f0r d tips…

  47. macon says

    exited na ako di ko masyado pressure review ko and i have faith that i will pass the exam…god bless us tomorrow

    • hreric says

      Republic Act 1080 exempts BAR and BOARD passer from taking the Civil Service, That means, you are automatically a Civil Service Passer by virtue of the RA1080. You just need to go the Civil Service Office and file for an exemption. Visit the Civil Service website so you will know what are the requirements and where to go to file.

      Visit the link below for the full script of the RA1080.

  48. kikay says

    hi..just wanna share that mas madali yun exam ngayon compare last year..hindi ko alam kung dahil ba sa mas relax lang ako ngayon kesa last year..haha.. sana makapasa na !! I’ve already passed the SubProf in one take and now im trying to pass Professsional..Pang 2nd take ko na now..sana makapasa..after 45 days daw malalaman result..

    • Fehl says

      I pray you passed it :) You were relaxed and happy so I think you passed it. :) Some regions were rescheduled on Nov. 10 due to unsatble weather condition so maybe that’s why the result would be after 45 days.

    • Fehl says

      I remember someone who shaded all the remaining numbers thinking there were 200. She ended up failing the exam. Congrats in advance Viv :)

  49. ruth says

    hello po, gud day! thank you po s lhat ng ngbigay ng tips at advise nla to take civil service exam nung oct.13 most especially po kay Mam Fehl.. Thank you po tlaga khit di ko p alam yung results ng exams e npakalaking tulong po ng gnawa nyo..I hope makapasa me…:) thanks and Godbless po..:)

    • Fehl says

      You are all very welcome here :) CSC matters or other matters. You can leave your concern to all my pages :) Mwaaaaah! Cheers! Makakapasa ka :)

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you are already a board passer like CPA etc, means you already are licensed as a professional thus you are already eligible to most of the jobs you want. Same is thru as those who were Magna cum laude, they are considered eligible already. I’ve read that somewhere. I’ll try to search the exact law about that and share with you once I found it :)

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Usually April and Oct. But you need to apply before the exam date. See the deadline for the application from your CSC Regional Office or filed office or from CSC website

      • Michel Cagang says

        thank u mam marifel for the tips… God bless you and to your family. the result is not yet available. i took csc exam last Oct. 13,2013 and i hope i will be a successful passer. thank you talaga sa tips ha? pakiramdam ko mkapasa ako at sana nga mkapasa ako by the Gods grace and to God be the Glory.

      • JOVI says

        Thanks maam..
        waiting for your reply

  50. Edsun says

    Hi, I really want to take exam, is there an entrance fee of this exam? i want to work on PNP or police staff.


    please email me.

  51. Irene Adalem says

    Hi! can you also send me a copy of your book? I really need to review coz I will get the exam this march… Thank you very much…

  52. Neil Gerald V. Jumig says

    Hello Ma’am Marifel, good day. i am interested and also want a copy of your REVIEWER for Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-professional) for my reading purposes and also for the preparation in the near future of my civil service exam. thanks for ;)

  53. Analyn Claudio says

    a happy and blessed sunday to you madam,ask ko lng po sna kung pwede ako mag take ng professional exam instead of sub-professional exam..coz i am only a high school graduate,if i can take it in one shot only,(fighting spirit lng po.. :))hopefully at least d po syang ang effort jst in case n makapasa po,i am an appointed employee already now and been working for two years at a city government…i already have my reviewer book that i bought at national bookstore,its color yellow,been planning to take the exam next year po..thank you very much madam,& god bless po sa ating lahat…

  54. domelyn dilao tabañag says

    gd pm,may pdf file po ba kau ng csc reviewer by Marina T. San Jose-Pangan & Mamerto Duque-Novales?pwd po ask aq ng copy,slamat po. .

  55. sheena says

    hi,. ask lang ako if how ko malalaman ang exact rate ko sa civil service exam.?. I took d exam october 2013,and I passed.. thanks

  56. aix09 says

    i didn’t passed the csc exam last october 2013, can i still take the next exam this april? or next october 2014 pa ulit?

  57. Lastimosa says

    I just have to say, I read this blog a week before I took the CSC Exam Pro, and guess what? I passed! Your tips do work! God speed!

  58. mark says

    gud pm! ask ko lang po kung dapat ba makuha mo 80% per subjects ba kailangan para maka pasa ka or 80% in all subjects po ba?pls reply..

    • malene says

      Sa wakas I passed for the 2nd take..Thanks sa mga tips dito. Thank you God and my mom in heaven for guidance…

      Buy na lang po ng CSC reviewer sa National Bookstore important Math and English i-review. Don’t give-up!

    • malene says

      i think 80% in all subject (not per subject). If taga Amparo North Caloocan or near SM Fairview baka mabigyan ko kayo ng photocopy ng CSC reviewer ko kasi promise ko yun pag nakapasa i-pasa ko na sa ibang talagang gagamit..

        • malene says

          Sir Jonathan (taga-malaria), naku naibigay ko na noong December 2013 sa dalawang k : kapitbahay (original copy) at kakilala (photocopy)..dapat pala nilagyan ko ng deadline dito (lol).. Kailan mo pala balak magtake? in-case mareproduce pero ikaw na ung last mabibigyan ng copy… pero baka rich ka naman baka buy ka na lang……..please give me your email add. para update kita in-case..Peace!

      • pauline says

        Pwde b ako mkahinge ng copy dito lng pu ako guadalupe.. mgtatake ako dis april 6..
        Gsto ko makapasa pra s baby ko..
        Plzz send me
        Thanku n advanced

      • rachel penuliar says

        goodmorning :) hi po :) i’m living near SM Fairview. what reviewer did you use po? para po makabili ako ng katulad sainyo. gamit ko po kasing reviewer is from msa,sub pro and prof book na white and black po. will be taking the exam this april and this will be my 2nd time. hoping for your reply mam. Thank you in advance po and Godbless us all.

        • malene says

          ano po email add nyo? ang reviewer ko by Pangan, Novales.. Any Civil Service reviewer sa National Bookstore puede naman po.I think ok naman po ang MSA. Mas maraming stock knowledge on English and Math, mas maganda..Good luck!

  59. Martin cap says

    Hi, ms. Fehl, pwede ba magclaim sa field office ng cert. of eligibilty or talagang sa regional office lang. Thanks.

  60. jessie says

    hey i passed the cse !! thanks for the advices u wrote here…. with the reviewer . i bought the MSA pro and sub pro reviewer…. it is a good one because it has explanations i mean with the math problems.. and congrats to all passers… its true that u need to relax while doing the test… with me.i was not expecting to pass.. but then when i left the testing roonlm i was all smile… thanks again for the advices..

  61. eric0141 says

    Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!! I passed………………. Thank u poh Ma’am Marifehl sa mga tips nyo…… Nakatulong pu talaga to sa akin ng marami para makapasa……… Thank u Thank u Thank u…….. I passed it only in one take……. :-) very happy……

  62. Mark says

    Thank God I passed. I follow all the tips. I eat chocolate during the exam……..But I know God helped me to pass. Its my 2nd take. Im so very happy. Dont give up……..Theres a perfect time for everything.

  63. jinky says

    hiez good day I plan to take the exam nxt year. But can I ask favor can you sent me a copy of your exam reviewer thank you so much it will be a big help to me.

  64. jean says

    anu pong klaseng answer sheet ang karaniwang gingamit sa pagsagot sa csc? box o circle? thnsk!

    follow up question-
    .. my possiblities ba yung ibang reviewer ay lalabas sa actual exam?

  65. Blessing Domingo says

    magsesecond year college pa lang po ako, pwede na po ba aong magtake? next year po balak ko…please sagutin nio po question ko ..salamuch! :-)

  66. tes says

    hello. when is the next cse?for 2014? and when is the registration. im planning to take prof exam. hopefully ill pass it in one take. Your tips enlightened me kasi !hehhehe

  67. Wilfredo says

    Salamat sa tips at naipasa ko ang cs prof exam nitong october.ask ko lang sana if nakapasa ako sa CS prof e hindi ko na ba kailangang mag take ng exam sa napolcom?gusto ko sana mag apply bilang police e.salamat po

  68. JL says

    HI there. I plan to take the exam this April (yata) and imma graduating student. i currently am a trainee in BIR RR4 In Capitol Pampanga and i got chance na ma-absorb(hopefully) Sana makapasa ako. and those tips are really helpful. i got my reviewer book na so application nalang talaga.. hehehe. Have a nice day!=)

  69. ZENTINE says

    If may erasure ka sa isang item, would it affect the whole items that you answered on the answer sheet? or only the item that you’ve made an erasure? @@ Im so worried. kakatake ko lg kasi ng exam. pls answer po.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      They use machines in checking the answers on the sheets. So it’s advisable we don’t overshade stuff and erase excessively. Perhaps you need not worry if it’s a neat and light erasure. Be scared if you have made a hole or something on the paper LOL

  70. Nickie Rivera says

    does anyone know when will be the new sched for 2014 civil service exams? gsto ko na kc magapply kaso gulo nung instructions.. di ako makapagpareserve sa OCARS.

  71. Stealth says

    In my case I took the cs prof exams about 6 years ago and I also took it in a single blow. I haven’t had any type of reviewer or paid any review center. What I solely possess is the 1987 constitution booklet and a print out of the RA 6713 from the web. I just read these materials everyday for two weeks without a miss. I did it after my work in a department store as a sales clerk. That’s my secret.

    I passed the exams over the passing grade.


    • malene says

      Word problem(math) and English (Reading comprehension and vocabulary) sobrang important..maganda talaga tandaan ang past lessons para di masyadong mahihirapan . God bless everyone.

  72. hazel karen says

    natatakot naman ako parang mahirap ata yung math. seriously, hindi talaga ako magaling sa math, simple math lang bopols pa ko, like algebra… mahirap ba yung math? pwede bang mag-calculator?

    • Missy says

      Use of calculator is prohibited. Pero basically stock knowledge lang naman. Passed the cse ppt professional last oct2013. Not working in the government though. Goodluck to you guys!

  73. Torions says

    Taga pasig po ko. Saan po pwede magpasa ng requirements para sa CSE? Anong lugar po or any link ng mga lugar na pwede ko pagpasahan. Salamat!

  74. Void says

    Hi. I passed the october 2013 exam. Gusto ko lng po malaman kung kelan makukuha ung certificate of eligibility from the civil service office here in my province. Thanks in advance :)

    • malene says

      For passer who filed in NCR Banawe for Oct 2013 exam, I called their office this morning COE-Prof (Ratings) is now available. But they warned for long queue because it is still peak day of releasing, certificate is just recently available.

  75. Jiecel Guntang says

    Hi, can I borrow your reviewer, I planned to take the exam this coming april 6, 2014 and I didn’t find that book in bookstore… just in case if it still available, can I?

  76. Mary Ann L. Sanchez says

    can you send me your CS reviewer ,once you release it ?
    please lang po . I need your help this time maam, first time ko po itong mag take ng CS SUB-PROF. EXAM this coming APRIL 06, 2014 .. I HOPE SOO effective yung tips mu as an examinee.. PLEASE pray for me nalang poh ..
    GOD BLESS , here,s my email:

  77. Mary Ann L. Sanchez says

    . I am a 2nd year BSCS students po maam . nkaka strees na po maging comscie.. ang hirap talaga .. thats it i decided to take the CS SUB-PROF EXAM . hoping that i can pass it ..
    also i wish that you can send me your CS REVIEWER through my account..
    thanks in advance maam fhel

  78. Ramon Rojas says

    hello maam! :) do you have any copy sa ppt or any reviewer? can you send it to my email? im taking the civil service exam this april 6 2014. send to my email. Thank you and godbless! :)

  79. irene says

    sana maka pasa din ako, I will take the exam this coming April. 2014, can I have also the reviewer.pls…..thanks a lot ….

  80. jejel says

    theres a question in the exam wherein you just need to leave blank the item if you already have the answer for the 1st question. im just confuse do i really need to leave it blank? since it will be machine valited would it take effect on my answers? i am referring to the items 17-20 . hoping for a good feedback

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yes I remember I left mine blank. I think it’s about following instruction and answering the true answer to the questions :)

      • Wendy says


        Your inputs an tips are very helpful. thank you for sharing the information. Im taking my exam this april 6’2014. I really wanted to
        Pass on first take. May i request also for your reviewer? My email address is here
        Appreciate your help.

        Many thanks

  81. Donnalyn says

    hi ma’am, I would like to ask for your help. maari po bang mkahinge ng soft copy ng reviewer nyo? i intend to take csc exam this april 2014. kindly send me a copy. Thank you and God bless. this is my email

  82. Baby Jean M.Regencia says

    hi mam gud pm po pwede po ba makahingi ng reviewer para sa CSC EXAM po kukuha po ako ngaung April pwede po ba pakipasa sa email q maraming salamat po.God Bless us po tnx po ulit

  83. slowboy says

    i hope i passed the examination this coming april ,
    i want to surprise may mother ,
    and i dedicated all this for my father :))
    i hope this tips can help .. :)))
    thank you for sharing :)))
    God Blessed :)

  84. Blessy says

    Good day! ask ko lang kung san pa may available na reviewer na namention (Reiviewer in Career Service Examination by Pangan and Novales) wala kasi sa sm fairview.. pa help naman po. Thanks! :)

  85. Ronah says

    Ma’am can i have a copy din po? Magtatake po kasi ako ng exam this april 6,2014 or available po ba sa NBS yung book? last time po kasi na ngapunta ako sa NBS wala po silang copy eh..

  86. Al Christian Cp says

    Good Morning! :) :) would you mine if you can send me your reviewer to me through email? By the way im going to take CSE this year (April 6, 2014) and im sure this tips will help me to feel relax during exam and to pass the exam. :) thank you for your reply. :)

  87. shogun says

    wether u pass or fail pls post some feed back here ie sample questions etc. it will help others who will take the exams… Goodluck!

  88. Ferlyne says

    Good day!!! I will take the exam this april 6… and I prefer taking the professional. Can i ask for a copy of your reviewers? Please do help me naman so that I will be able to pass this exam .It has a big edge in applying jobs soon..thank you very much..
    Hoping for a response guys.. Godbless..

  89. Blessy says

    meron na po bang bagong edition ma’am yung reviewer na sinasabi nyo, naghanap po ako sa national pero wala.. I wonder kung sa national lang yung ibang bookstore kaya? pa inform nalang po ako. if meron po kayong copy nung reviewer (soft copy) kindly send it naman po sa e-mail ko Thanks po and God bless :)

  90. Bea Juanatas says

    hello everyone.
    can you please share your civil service reviewer at my email ? gustong gusto ko pong makapasa sa examination na ito. im fresh grad in college at gusto ko pang matuto ng marami para po mkapag trabaho po. a tribute for my parents.
    maraming salamat po. :)
    god bless sa lahat. :)

  91. jennifer says

    This blog of yours is indeed very helpful for the examiners! Thank you po.

    permission to post/comment Ms. Dungo
    hello, reviewers for CS exam C:

  92. Irish says

    Ga-graduate palang ako this march31 4yrs course. Binasa ko po at inunawa ang mga tips mo salamat po sa tips sana makapasa ako sa exam.

  93. jong says

    Hello po. pwedi po ako makahingi ng soft copy ng reviewer nyo po? mag exam po ako this april 6 2014. this is my email add po

    • Gerlie Mendoza Butcon says

      Good day poh.. pwde makahingi ng soft copy ng reviewer n ginamit nyo po? out of stock na kc sa book store n pinuntahan ko. thank you po.

  94. Batman says

    Hi, mam baka pwede po na pa send po sa email ko yung reviewer na ginamit nyo.. mag take ako ng exam sa april 6, 2014. I know na malaki ang maitutulong nung book at sympre yung mga tips. ito po email ko

  95. Richard Ancog says

    Good sa lahat ng nagbabalak mag take sa examination this coming april 06
    kasi aq rin mag tatake ngayong taon na ito

    .I humbly ask sana po ay bigyan nyo rin aq ng copy ng reviewer ninyo
    kahit ano
    kahit nka pdf. ito po yung email -add q

  96. Joshua Arnaiz Pangyarihan says

    I prefer taking the exam this October 2014, to have a longer time conditioning my mind and more time to review. I am for sub professional category.
    Anybody here in Bacolod, had in their possession latest reviewers for civil service exam? Just in case you are thru using it, would you let me rent it or buy it? I would appreciate very much, the kindness of csc examinees who can sell or let me rent his/her reviewer. My cp is 09213815038 / 09076702883 Joshua Pangyarihan /email:

  97. Erika says

    Hi Ma’am, Good day! I was searching for an online reviewer for CS Exam. then I found your post. Thanks for this you’re bringing up my spirit that I can also pass the CS. I’m going to take the exam. this coming April 06. Do you already have the PDF copy of the reviewer that you used? Can I also have it? Please kindly send it to my e-mail too.Thank you so much in advance. God bless! :)

    • Marifel Dungo says

      I only have the book but it was borrowed by someone here in Pampanga. I don’t have PDF version. I’m making a page now for a free reviewer. Hopefully it will be available this month. :)

  98. steve ron says

    Very informative tips!
    It is very true that you’re more in control & focus when you’re calm & happy. I took my csc nonprof last 1998 1st time & got 88.8%. Now i’m taking csc prof 1st time this april 2014. Its good the filing was extended from feb20 to feb 27 & i was able to filed feb 26.
    For those on the middle-aged group like me(im 42yo) it is not quite late &there’s no shame to make it still. Though im a govt employee since 2007 a csc passer is a big advantage for promotion too. Hope to make it 1st shot on csc prof next month!
    Thanks for the tips.

  99. mary ann says

    hello po im from cebu,may lend the copy of ur revewer mam..coz i wanna take also the same exam..i was inspired by you also ..hope it will grant .it will really help for us like dreamer..and so your achiever..thanks ahead…

  100. JOJO says

    Please pray for me, I/m taking the CSC exam this coming april 6, but unfortunately I am an employee of a private company, so I don’t have enough time to review for the exam, Hope that I can make it to pass the CSC exam. hehe.. GOOD LUCK for those who are planning to take the exam. God Bless and Bless God. Thank you for those who pray for me.. :D

    • richa _angel says

      mmm me too.. i hope i can do also,,,i am working too,, a little time to scan and read my books ,,i pray and hope i can pass it too…GOD BLEES

  101. Christian says

    I passed the CSC prof exam last october 2013. Ang matitip ko lng sa mga kukuha this april..

    * magreview kayo ng mabuti dun sa mga part na mahina kayo.
    * sa pagkakaalala ko mas madali ang Actual exam kesa sa mga reviewers haha
    * KAPAG hindi mo talaga alam ang sagot, sagutan mo nalng wag mong lalagpasan
    * Eliminate mo ang mga sagot, mas madaling mamili kapag 2 na lang ang choices.
    * Wag MAPREPESURE kapag may nagtatayuan, Isipin mo solo ka lang RELAX
    * WAG kabahan!
    * Magbasa bsa ng mga blog at you tube vides na makakatulong sa inyo especially ung mga motivational videos.
    * Wag din kayong magfocus sa isang tanong, umaandar ang oras

  102. wilmer says

    hi mam i need your help can i get a copy for some review magexam ako ds coming april 2014 wala ako mabili reviewer sa national… Thank you. God bless you

          • bet says

            thanks mam, i hope i could pass this exam :) wish me luck, may the odds be ever in our favor. goodluck to everyone. mam how about the numerical reasoning? :D may reviewer din po ba. :D

          • Fehl says

            You’re welcome :) I’m still finishing the remaining subjects. I will post them once done. I’m trying my best to share easy tips and discuss the concepts as easy as possible :) CS Exam is easy however the choices are confusing :D

  103. dharwin says

    Good day mam …ask ko lang po if pede ako magtakw ng cse prof kahit highschool grad lang ako..?

    Hoping for your reply..tnx

  104. Dennis says

    HI! nag exam ako ng PPT Professional nung 2003 and I passed. But then nagtry ako isearch ung eligibility ko online (Online CSE – Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) Result Generation System) but they cannot find my record? appreciate any help. Thanks

    • Fehl says

      Maybe the website just display and saved the latest year or so. If you have a Certificate naman, why have a problem? :)

  105. princess april sarangani says

    hi good day po, ask ko lang.. pwede pa bang magtake ng civil service exam kahit nakapasa na ng LET?

    • Marifel Dungo says

      If you are a board exam passer, you are already a professional so no need to take Career Service Professional Eligibility

    • Fehl says

      Nowadays, anyone can apply to take the CS exam regardless of education attainment. Read the requirements at

    • Fehl says

      Relax the CSC exam is not so difficult. Use our free online reviewer (mentioned in the article) to prepare and pass it :)

      • Meg says

        Ask ko lang, may lockers or iwanan po ba ng mga gamit sa testing places? paano kung may bag ka? pwede mo parin dalhin? (I know it sounds like a silly question but I am thinking about it because I will be taking the test alone and I have no one to give my things to.) :D

  106. richa _angel says

    i take the CSC this coming april 6, 2014,, 6 days to go,,,,, i hope i can pass this….. thank you sa tips…

    • shogun says

      check it on csc website… in my case they taxyed me last week and also veified thru their site… hope dis helps.

  107. abegail says

    Hi Ms. Fhel, nghahanap ako ng review center until i found ur post. I will take the examination this sunday but hnd pa ako ngrereview. 3times nko ngtake ng exam but I always failed. Sna this time makapasa nko. please pray for me and sna makatulong sken ung mga tips mo. i will try to answer the online reviewer you posted here. thank u so much.. god bless

  108. AJ says

    Hi! Just wanna know how long did the exam take? Hoping for your response, asap? Hihi. Thank you!! This is such a helpful post too!!!

  109. Lorie says

    This has been a great help! Thank you to the moon and back. God bless! Please make more blogs for you really help many people.

  110. jay says

    170 items po yung exam diba .yung 20 survey lang .ang kelangan po mkuha 80% .so dpat mka 120 ka out of 150 .tama po ba?

  111. Ronah says

    Thank you for your wonderful reviewer.. It helps me a lot sa exam kahapon at nagamit ko ang mga nabasa ko sa reviewer mo :) Hope makapasa kami

  112. :) says

    mam i just want to thank you for all your efforts making reviewers just for us who took the cs exam. your site helped us a lot lalo na sa mga walang time para magreview :) the exam was not difficult, hindi rin sya madali. nakakalito lang ang mga choices lalo na sa english. not like math including sequence na kung ano nasolve mo andun sa mga choices :) hopefully makapasa before mag graduate sa college para work na agad. wish me luck mam. pray for me, for us :) again, thank you and godbless

    • Blessy says

      Tama ka dun.. thank you talaga ng madami sa site na ito at ang light lang ng dating ng pagkuha ng exam, I mean naeencourage ka talaga na pagbutihin. Papasa tayo nyan, tiwala lang kay Lord :)

    • Fehl says

      Thank you too for the kind words and feedback. I hope you all pass and please give us some testi for my new site :) Cheers! God bless you always :)

      • :) says

        everything that is being post sa 1taker is kasali, except sa clerical and spelling. sa subprof ata yon. may mga ven diagram. which is hindi nasali sa reviewer at nkalimutan ko na din. LOL. may mga logic din, common sense yung iba. like greenhouse:plant:: then ang sagot ko dyan is. incubator:infant kasi ang mga choces. tank:fuel, well:water. sa english, reading comprehenssion nakakalito. ang hahabang ng paragraph pero 1-2 question lang.

  113. shogun says

    hows the exam po? kung minsan tlg shift happens! kahit na marami ka nang na review, un pang di mo npag aralang mabuti ang lalabas sa exam… lalo sa math, ung reviewer dto na analogy and logic, tpos ung sa meaning/ title that best suits the paragraph lng yata ang lumabas of course sa reviewers FORMAT LANG tlga ng exam and essence… this has been a good blog done by ms. Dungo thanks, iv been following this site for almost 2 mos. but of course u can onli do so much.

  114. shogun says

    bakit samin bawal kumain even chocolates or candies? depende cguro sa proctor water lang pwede eh during the exams kahit hanky bawal… nwei sana pumasa tayo…

  115. MARISOL D. MEJECA says

    hi, pwede po mkahingi ng reviewer sa civil service. try ko po mag take ng exam this coming october. thank you and God Bless!….

  116. Richard says

    ang hirap ng exam parang gusto qng bawiin ung 500 pesos q ng maagsimula aqng magbasa sa mga test question.
    Eh ano ba kasing reviewer ung pinag-aralan nyo?
    pahingi nga ng kopya… :)

  117. Don says

    Good day po. Madam Fehl may PDF copy ka po? Kung meron po pwd po pasend ng copy sa email ko. TIA! Gonna take the exam this coming 2014. Di ako umabot nung April 6th. TIA ulit.

    • Fehl says

      Don’t lose hope. Maybe the Universe distracted you so much on that day or you need more chocolates :)

  118. malene says

    try and try until you succeed…success is not losing enthusiasm…if at first you don’t succeed try and try again..

  119. raisamabelle808 says

    Hi! I just wanna say thank you for your tips. I was quite nervous when the results came out last May 19 because I’m a first taker and eerr, there were a lot of math problems, but then my fear turned into happiness when I have passed the exam!!!!!. Thank you Lord! Also thank you again for your generous help. God bless! :D

      • romeo alcantara says

        hi po..may i ask.. kc naguguluhan po ako.. i’ve passed civil service exam professional last april 6 .. but college undergraduate ako.. 3years lang.. may possible jobs bang naghihintay sa akin sa government.. or kelangan ko pa din i-take ung subprof exam? thank you and godbless po.. ur site was quite helpful..

        • Fehl says

          Hey there! You are already a Professional Eligible there is no need to take Sub-prof. There is a competition for job positions even in the government – it depends upon the position you will apply. Apply to those that don’t require college degrees. There are still some positions for you just apply and don’t lose hope. What is important is you are eligible. If you can finish college, do so. You’ll have more opportunities then. Good luck!

          • romeo alcantara says

            Thank you Ms. Fehl for your advice.. I did all thostthoughte techniques posted here.. kaso may isa akong hindi nagawa.. ung pagkain ng choco.. haha.. masyadong strict yung proctors namen.. Anyway, I thought you cannot view your examination rating online kapag nakapasa ka.. kasi sa COE na siya mag-aappear.. Pwede na po pala ngayon? Is this true po?

          • Fehl says

            Yes, you can view the ratings and the list of passers at the CSC website. But for newly passers, I think it would take time before they will be view-able and can be posted. Just give time for the CSC to put them online. Congrats!

  120. seohyun says

    Hi! Thank you for the tips & guidelines, I have passed the CSE-PPT exam this April 2014. Thanks!! Can I ask why I can’t access the rating system?, it says that the examiner’s info was not found in the database, and I’m pretty sure that I took & passed the test since my name was in list. Help pls. thankyou XD

    • Fehl says

      You can access the rating system few days from now. Give CSC a break. heheh They need to put the new passers in their system. Relax! You have passed it already! :)

  121. Affur says

    Hi ma’am! I’m planning to take CSE. Could you send me a soft copy of the reviewer? It would be a great help. Thank you! email:

  122. Domingo says

    Tnx po sa lahat ng tips. Nde ko po inaasahan na papasa ako kc sobrang hirap ng exam. High scul grad lang po ako but i was able to make it, professional pa. Tnx po ulit. :)

  123. bea juanatas says

    hi everyone. just to say thanks for this wonderful tips. it made me possibly pass the exam with this article in mind. :) mayy god bless the person wrote this. :)

  124. MYLENE M. PAJULAS says

    Hi! ngayon ko lang nlaman ang site n ito at sayang baka kung nlman ko siya ng maaga eh siguropinlad n akong makapasa. Sana matulungan niyo ako n makapasa i will try again to take the exam this coming october 2014. Kindly email to me the soft copy or pdf reviewer because I believed that it will help me a lot like what happened to others who get some tips and reviewer to u and pass the exam.



  125. romeo alcantara says

    Good Day! I think CSC Notice of Rating for professional level passers are now ready for viewing online. Kindly check yours, to know your scores on different competency areas.

    And one thing, to Ms. Fehl.. Do we have to accomplished the Civil Service Form E-6 revised 2005 upon claiming our Certificates of Eligibility? malaking chance ba yun to get into the government kasi parang synopsis siya ng curriculum vitae.. thank you po and godbless!

  126. buboy catiil nagac says

    Hi ma’am / sir I’m already taking 5th times CSE PROF until now i cant pass pls help me to pass in order to help my family and to work in the govt institutions. Could you send me PLS a soft copy of the reviewer? It would be a great help. I will take ds coming october 2014. Thank you! email:

  127. Domingo says

    Rating per competency areas Verbal-74.88 Analytical-80.08 Numerical-87.05 General Info-75.05, with a generating rating of 80.00

  128. romeo alcantara says

    Hello to everyone. I am just this curious about on how to claim the certificate of eligibility. Do i have to submit first the required documents to civil service regional office where I’ve filed my registration or should i wait for the CSCRO to announce that COE’s are ready to procure? I am quite bewilder to what I’m gonna do to get that certificate. Thank you! and Godbless!

    • Fehl says

      They will sent you Congratulation letter and I think it also says the date when you can claim the certificate.

  129. chucha says

    maraming salamat sa website na ‘to.. buong exam kumakain lang ako ng chocnut at kahit 2am palang gising na ko dahil sa byahe (pasig ako nakatira, sa sta.cruz laguna ako nag-exam), nagising siguro yung utak ko dahil sa tsokolate.. i got 86.90%.. ^_^

  130. lullaby says

    Good Day Mam Fehl, magsusubmit palang po ako ng application for CSC-PPT exam ngayong Oct 2014, undergrad po ako pero graduating na po.. pwd po yung itake ko ung Prof Exam? or Sub-Prof lang yung itake ko? at naguguluhan din po ako sa requirement yung about po sa picture. nagpapicture na po ako, pero yung name tag po hindi sya handwritten, it was computer generated.. tatanggapin po ba nila yun or uulitin ko pong magpapicture? :'( please wla na po akong mapagtanungan ehh :( please feel free to make any replies.. thank you.

  131. lullaby says

    all the comments here will be a big help for me taking the examination, please i’ll be waiting for your reply Mam Fehl.

  132. Diane says

    Thanks for this site. Gonna start reviewing for the October2014 CSE. ;) Thanks much! This could help a lot! :) Mwa!

  133. joanmisty says

    Hi! Buti nakita ko ito. Thank you Ms. Fehl. Nauumay kasi ako sa book na binili ng mother ko for me. Nakakatamad basahin kasi ang hirap intindihin. Anyway, sana makapasa ako kasi gusto kong mag trabaho sa govt :) Thanks again! God bless :)

  134. Mark says

    Good day po Maam Fehl. Sorry for double post. Ask lang po maam if puede po ba ma convert ang APPRAISER into CSC PROF? I’ve heard some rumors po kasi na puede daw. can’t find any FAQ’s on the internet kaya sa iyo na lang po ako nag ask and thanks also for this site. Laking tulong to sa mga kapwa natin. Kudos to passers.

  135. kristine says

    ate fehl wala po ba yung ebook type? para anytime pwede sya mabasa hehe sorry po mejo demanding kinakabahan po kase ko wala pa ko review2 and magtatake na ko this october and i dont have any idea sa lalabas sa exam. nabasa ko tong blog ok na ok sya kaya lang im not always online so i decided to ask for soft copy if its ok ? :) and wala pa man salamat po sa time na pag gawa nito godbless :) :*

      • julius says

        fehl pde po pahingi ng pdf copy ng reviewer kung meron man nkabili nku nung libro gsto ku lng my other source pa ng reviewer tnx in advance :)

        • Fehl says

          I’m releasing the PDF version of our reviewer this week but it’s not free. It has Filipino coverage too plus all the subjects posted in our site at 1taker.

          • chad says

            ma’am ,

            can i have also a copy? thanks.

            here’s my emai add:

            i am a taker for the 2nd batch exam- oct 26, 2014.

            thanks in advance po.

  136. ma. cristina says


    hope to have it!

    thank you so much!


  137. romeo chester alcantara says

    hello po.. san po ba pwedeng i-claim ang certificate of eligibility? dun po ba sa mismong civil service regional office kung san ka nag-filed ng application? thanks po.

  138. Domingo says

    San ka nagfile romeo? Ako kc sa quezon city hall. Sabi ng cs nun available na ng 20 pro nung 2mawag ako wala pa raw.

    • romeo chester alcantara says

      hey domingo, nakuha ko na po certificate of eligibility ko po.. letter A kasi surname ko.. kasi from A-L pa lang ata ang available.. ano surname mo ba?

      • romeo chester alcantara says

        sa CSC NCR ko siya mismo nakuha.. sa kaliraya st banawe qc.. baka andun din ung sau.

  139. Ronnie says

    Thank you for this website because I’ve passed the CS exam Prof last April 6, 2014. I just followed all the tips posted in this site and it helped me to pass the CS Exam. In fact, a week before the exam I answered sample questions on Reading Comprehension Test, Exercises and Strategies on March 26, 2014 at 5:55pm.

    To those who failed the CS Exam for several times, don’t lose hope since this is also my 4th take. Here are the tips which I can share with you in passing the CS Exam:

    1.) have at least one or two review materials – I remember when I took my first, second and third exam, I have five (5) review materials which it didn’t worked for me. By this time, I bought only one (1) updated CS reviewer at National Book Store (color blue). You’ve to read, understand and be familiarized with the subject matters.

    2.) take your time during the exam – make it sure that when you answered the questions, you’re 100% sure. If you’re not sure proceed to the next questions.

    3.) don’t bring your review materials on the day of exam – be confident that you’ll pass the CS exam.

    4.) start your review at least 1 month prior the exam – In my case, I started to review one (1) month prior to the exam. You can review at least 2-3 hours per day and do not push yourself to review everyday if you think you’re not in the mood.

    5.) Don’t pass your test papers if not instructed by the proctor – My seatmate passed his papers 30 minutes before time (badtrip lng kasi kinabahan ako). I’m the last person who submitted my test papers.

    6.) eat chocolates – I eat three (3) chocolates (FLAT TOPS) during the exam.

    7.) bring water and vitamins.

    8.) PRAY before and after exam.

    • vicky says

      i read your comment, hope i can have it this time I’ll take the exam this October 2014. This is my 3times of trying i just hope this time i could pass it. I’ll pray :)

  140. franz lozada says

    whoah.. nKapasa aq, di ko inexpect un kc naratel aq sa math part.. Haha 10 mins nlng item 6 plang aq ng problem solving at my mga items pa aq sa ibang part na wla pang sagot. di aq nasurprise kung bakit ang baba ng average q .. 80.04% lng. Haha, pero chokay lng, passer na nmn aq, kht di aq nagenrol sa mga review centers samin.. Self-review lng. :) gudluck sa mga magtetake sa oct.!

  141. cristy says

    Good day planning to take the cs this october for the 2nd time around and hopefully i will pass..hehe..I red those tips you posted and it boosted my confidence…Big thanks and God bless….

  142. jeffrey says

    kasali rin po ba sa po ba ang mathematics sa civil service exam? ask ko lng po ka c nagre- review po kac pra next year.

  143. cristiAN says

    hi guys .im planning to take the exam dn sna ds coming oct..
    can i ask for an pdf of the reviewer?sinu meron?
    pa email naman .malaking tulong :D

  144. Emelord P. Aninipot says

    Glory be to God. luckily i took the exam last October 16, 2011 and luckily hit the passing grade..Glad to be one.. Nag-iiba kac ung binibigay na scope…kaya dugong-dugo talaga ung exam..I studied different old reviewers pero hindi lahat ng scope nung 2011 examination lumabas. Good luck guys…Have faith in God…

  145. nica ondra says

    may nakita po akong book n reviewer s cs s pandayan mas ok po ba n bilin ko un oh ms ok sa online reviewer?:)) sa oct mgtetake ako mejo kBdo po :(

  146. imee says

    Hello. Can you help me? Kasi I took the exam na siguro 1984, 1985, 1986 e. Saan ko ba makikita yun kasi naanod ng baha ang mga files ko noon when I was still working sa Manila. I took the exam sa Cabanatuan City since I am from Nueva Ecija. Pls. Maraming salamat and GOD bless.

  147. Rachel says

    Please naman po paki-email sa akin yung sample ng reviewer magte-take po ako dis october 2014 nawa po at makapasa na ako God bless Thanks

  148. celine says

    Hi Ms.Fehl! I appreciate your effort in providing us this online reviewer. This will be my first time to take the exam this coming October. I am not really good in Math and seeing those equations and math problems drive me nuts :( but still I will try my best to pass the exam.Your tips really helps a lot to boost my confidence. Thank you so much.God bless!

    • Fehl says

      What a great comment to receive from you, Celine. Thank you and I’m glad our Math strategies and tips help you. :) Best of luck!

  149. wilfredo nicolas jr says the way thanks for the will help me a lot for my second take.hope makapasa na.hehe

  150. Leo Dizon says

    Ms. Fhel could you kindly send me a copy of your reviewer, i will be taking CSC Professional exam this October at thanks po!

      • azzryhk says

        maam fhel can you pls give me a copy of the latest reviewer that is mostly related to the actual exam.i am planning to take the computerized examintaion (COMEX) this coming September, 2104.pls send me to my email address:please ma’am do help me.tnx and Godbless!

  151. Anne says

    Hi, ask ko lang po. Undergraduate pa lang ako, pero i’m going to graduate na this May hopefully. I’m planning to take the exam on october. Pwede na ba akong mag take ng exam for professional? Since ilang months na lang graduate na din ako. :)

  152. Noralyn S. Raraco says

    kailangan ko po ng reviewer for civil service.. kasi mag attend ako this coming october 26, 2014. so I need reviewer as early as posible. thanks po.. may allah bless you more.

  153. shee says

    Good day maam. I misplaced my examinee number kaya di ko ma-check ang rating ko. i took the exam last april 6 and unfortunately, I failed.
    I just wanna know my rating so that I can cope up with my mistakes. Where and how can I get it?
    thanks you maam Fhel.

    • Fehl says

      No worries, the rating will be printed in your Certificate of Eligibility. Wait for the official letter the CSC will send you when you can claim the certificate

      • jamil says

        tanong kulang po..kung hanggang kailan yung last filling at ano po yung mga requirements para makakuha ng form..tnx po

  154. jaime chop-eng says

    mahirap pala ang civil service halos math lahat pero i do my best pass this civil service as a professional someday………………BY: its me JMC

  155. jamil says

    sino tiga pasig dito..baka nman pwed nyo ako pahiramin ng reviewer criminology graduate!!im taking csc this coming october..many thanks and advance sa mgpapahiram skin!!!

  156. eenah says

    Maglalabas po ba kau ng PDF copy nung reviewer niyo or iyopng online na lang po talaga? Sana po may PDF copy na rin para kahit walang internet makapagreview kami. Thanks!

  157. Mon says

    I actually take the test and I think the best way to pass the exam is to remember what you learn when you’re still in school and read something, it might help you on vocabulary. It’s too broad to study specific subjects.

  158. Iddier says

    I’ll be taking the exam this October and I’m actually aiming for the top ten. Is it possible or it’s just me being a jerk? anyway, your tips and reviewer really helps that made me think that I might actually make it. So thank you very very much, God bless you always.

  159. Misa says

    Hi! Could you site an example question for general information about Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, peace and human rights issues, environmental protection?

    I’m quite curious what kind of question do they ask about those X

  160. Lance says

    Hello maam fehl. mag tatake po ako ng civil service this oct. 26 habang palapit na yung exam mas kumalaki ung kaba ko haha any way thank you for the tips. i hope this works for me! :)

  161. Jovy says

    I actually find this blog very interesting I read this before taking the exam last Oct. 26, 2014 waiting only for the result, Several techniques I learned from this online reviewer and hope it will bear fruit this December hehe. I have simple worries in my General Info. because I only scanned it and find my answer not so sure..

  162. Potrena says

    Good day maam. I passed the October 2014 examination, pero the hnd po mhanap sa Result Generation System ang percentage na nakuha ko. Any alternative way po to check my score? thanks

  163. Stephen says

    Hi !

    I passed the exam! Thank you! Isa po ang website ninyo sa mga pinag rebyuhan ko hehe. (actually two sites lang. :D)
    kelan ninyo pa po ginawa tong site na to? Sana nakita ko to nung first take ko edi sana pumasa agad ako gaya ng iba haha

    pang-second take ko ‘to.

    sinunod ko yung payo niyo na kumain ng chocolate haha effective nga :D medyo nangalay lang ako kasi po kaliwete ako, tagal ko ng di naupo sa mga upuan ng school, pang kanan kasi arm chairs e haha

    thank you! :D

  164. jenycielflores says

    gusto kuding makapasa kagaya ninyo kahit mahirap gagawin ko kasi pangarap ko na to ehh. diko kayang bikuin ang aking sarili kahit matumba mn ako pipilitin kng bubangon hanggang maipasa ko ang esam nato .gusto kng maipasa ko ang xsam nto sa isang subok lng. aaralin kutong mabuti ang 1taker mo ma’am maraming salamat po alam ko na bata pa po ako i all most 15 years old pero gusto ko kapag naipasa ko ang xsam nato wala naakong problema gusto ko madali lng ako matutu kagaya ninyo gusto ko malaman kng ano ang screto ninyo bakit madali lng ninyo maintindihan ang reviewer kahit gaano kataas bakit po maam ??? gusto ko png malaman kasi gusto ko balang araw maging isa po ako sa inyo na maraming natutunan at maraming nalalaman gusto kupong gayahin ko po kayo maam maraming maraming salamat po kahit hindi pa po ako natake ng xsam gusto ko na pong magpasalamat saenyo dahil marami napo kayong natulongang mga taong nangangaelangan sa reviewer mo gusto ko po na matulongan nyo din ako kng pno makapasa kng paano magsikap at kng paano ko mamimintaine ang mga grades ko???????????????? :)

  165. Jex says

    Good afternoon ma’am!! wala po talaga akong idea kung saang office po ako mag aapply para sa civil service exam… di ko po alam kng saan ako pupunta?? suggestion po please!!! sorry po

  166. melogen grace canlom says

    good morning poh…
    pwede ku pwede po bah manghingi na copy for the reviewer …
    i hav no money to buy a book.
    i want to pass the civil service exam to find work …
    usefull po kc pag nakapasa ka ..

    pls send me in my email maam ..salamat poh ng marami.

  167. Girim T. Infornon says

    Mam Pwede po ba makahinigi ng reviewer u po PDF lang po. gusto ko talagang makapasa at gamit ang po mam maraming salamat po!

  168. Kcirtap says

    Please ma’am Fehl Send me a copy of PDF file of CSC Reviewer. Here my E-mail add po ..

    Thanks and More Power po ..
    This site is very informative :)

  169. Cris says

    Good morning, ma’am pls: email me your civil service reviewer i need to past c.s. Ito po ang email address
    Maglalabas po ba kau ng PDF copy nung reviewer niyo or iyopng online na lang po talaga? Sana po may PDF copy na rin para kahit walang internet makapagreview kami. Thanks!

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