How to Pass the Civil Service Exam in the Philippines in One Take

You can pass the Civil Service exam in one take if you follow the tips I am sharing in this post. It is also known as Career Service Exam or Professional Civil Service exam. I took the examination myself and successfully passed it without cramming my brains out and burning the midnight oil. I had a humble grade of 82.97 and that was not my best shot because taking the exam was just a spur of the moment that time I was working in the government.

And yes, the CSC Professional Eligibility in the Philippines is one of the requirements to be working to many government offices and agencies like GSIS, SSS, BIR etc. If you passed it, you can even be eligible to apply as a police officer and join the PNP. There are so many benefits of being a civil service eligible professional. Make your schedule now and you will love the result.

Tips on how to pass the Civil Service Exam a.k.a. Career Service Exam

Remember, there is also available exam for Sub-professional Career Service exam but I recommend you take the Professional level right away since you know you can anyway. Also these things I’m going to share here are just tips. I’m NOT going to give answers or reviewers for the exam here okay. You can either choose Paper and Pencil Test (PPT) or Computer Exam (COMEX). I did the PPT since I had the test in my province.

Apply early before taking the exam. The Civil Service Commission always posts their announcement for the dates of Professional and Sub-Professional examination schedule. They give exam twice or thrice a year. Apply early to avoid the rush and deadline. This will give you enough time to relax and review. Check out this year’s Civil Service Exam Schedule.

Review and refresh your knowledge. There is a complete reviewer for the CSC Exam available online for free. The site is Many people have passed the exam successfully using that online reviewer. Perhaps you will be the next passer. It would really sharpen up your mind and refresh your knowledge. The site also contains instructions about taking the CSC test. It covers all subjects for both Career Service Professional and Sub-Professional so it’s worth it.

Relax. It is so important to relax and breathe calmly in taking the exam. The exam covers many topics and your common sense and logic will be used so much. Panicking won’t wake your stock knowledge up. Besides, stressing and panicking would distract your mood.

Go to the bathroom before the exam starts. They only allow a certain time for going out the room so it is important to do your bathroom rituals before the test starts. Remember, every second counts.

Enjoy the quiz. I honestly enjoyed the exam and I didn’t even feel I took one. It felt like playing Sudoku game in the ipad and reading some blog posts. The test covers the following and it’s really just the same as taking an entrance exam in college.

  • English and Filipino vocabulary
how to pass civil service exam
This is my Career Service Professional Eligibility certificate. You’ll be issued one if you passed the exam. It’s an asset anywhere you apply
  • grammar and correct usage
  • paragraph organization
  • reading comprehension
  • analogy and logic
  • numerical reasoning
  • clerical reasoning, functions and procedures
  • general information questions (about Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, peace and human rights issues, environmental protection)

Have some sweets while you do the quiz. I confess I was eating Cadbury mini chocolates (they are like candies) at some parts of the exam especially on that logic and analogy part. I also needed sweets to wake up my logic doing the grammar and vocabulary. There are so many unfamiliar words and you have to really analyze which is synonymous to what and which not.

Bring extra pencils. Extra pencils can save your time sharpening one. Your time is precious for the exam not some other extra activities.

Avoid shading excessively. Just shade lightly on the paper and your best answer. Never shade everything and answer only the items with questions. Never leave a number unanswered.

80 is the passing rate. Believe in yourself that you can get more than 80. If you do, you’ll likely pass it. Can I say – you know already if you would pass the test from the beginning? It’s true. The 80 percent know it in their bones already; the 20 percent are just not quite sure.

The CSC exam results are posted at the official website of CSC. Good luck and congrats in advance. I hope my tips helped you somehow. If you want to know the requirements on how to take the Career Service exam in the Philippines and want to have a free reviewer, just go to the following page:

civil service online reviewer
The best Online Reviewer for CSE is Free and has it all about taking the exam

Many requested for a book but I decided to make a free website for REVIEWER for Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-professional) instead to help many Filipinos. I will also make a pdf and ebook version soon. I just made the website first for now. I’m releasing it this week.  Always happy to help and spread useful knowledge especially how to pass the Civil Service exam in one take 🙂

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