My Bro 499 Abot Kaya Wireless Home Broadband: Wimax Internet PLDT Smart

One of the hottest wireless home broadband today is My Bro Abot Kaya 499 from PLDT and Smart. It’s in line with Smartbro’s products and internet services of wimax pocket modem and PLDT’s Home services. For just 499 per month, you can have fast internet browsing and surfing with a speed up to 512kbps. I made a review about this fresh wimax product.

My Bro 499 Wireless Home Broadband Review

When I went to Smart Service Center recently, I noticed a lot of people were inquiring about the new wimax pocket modem – My Bro 499. While on queue waiting for my number to be called, I noticed majority of the interested users were kids, grade schoolers, tagged along their moms and dads asking about Mybro 499 abot kaya (affordable in English). I noticed too that after the Smart employee discussed the product’s features, some of the customers ended up with the Plan 999 Smartbro Canopy product. Ironic because I was there to close my contract with that Plan 999 and there were some customers too who were there complaining about the intermittent internet connection of Smartbro. Hands down with Smartbro, it was really fast especially with my first 2 years of using it. It was strange though it was too slow recently so I decided to end the deal.

my bro internet wireless home broadbandMy Bro 499 offers Wimax wireless indoor modem that’s why it’s called wireless home broadband . It means, internet connection is wireless so signal is not so fixed unlike DSL. My Bro also offers up to 512kbps speed of up to 3GB capacity monthly – meaning it’s not unlimited like the Plan 999 1mbps.You can use wifi yes but with this kind of speed, it’s really recommended for light internet users who research and surf the web, do emails, Facebook, chat lightly but this is not recommended for downloading and uploading fast or live streaming videos and downloading music. If you are a heavy internet user, the Plan 999 which has up to 1mbps speed is right for you or go for the faster speed like PLDT Fibr which uses fiber optic network and connection capable of fast and stable internet connection.

My Bro 499 is really abot kaya. But for a wise user, using the unlimited internet product is wiser.

My Bro PLDT Wimax Features:

  • Wireless internet connection
  • Free installation (around 3 days upon application and payment)
  • 2 years contract
  • Unlimited internet surfing but with 3GB monthly volume allowance

My Bro 499  Internet Requirements:

  • A valid ID
  • Proof of billing or latest credit card statement
  • Credit Card if you’ll pay via it
  • Cash of 499 for the first payment

What do you think about Plan 499? Join the discussion below. If you have personal questions about this product, call *1888.


    • says

      As to internet connection, both are very good and stable since they are DSL. It depends on the traffic of the website you visit too.
      As to availability, PLDT has wider coverage so if you don’t live in the city, you can still avail while Globe DSL doesn’t have as much area coverage. We have to wait for them to add more sites to use their DSL service.
      As to price, almost same lang

      • Lloyd Aguirre says

        HI.. nag pa kabit ako ng MyBro, and sa first month na experience ko putol2x araw2x ung internet kahit nka direct na ung linya ko putol2x prin. d q na nga ginagamit ung router ko. ilang beses na rin akong nag complain tungkol dito pero pa ulit2x lng ung pinapagawa sakin, restart daw pc unplug ung adapter at pag na restart na isaksak ulit ung dapter. may nag punta na rin d2 pra ayusin ung connection pero pag dating ng ilang oras lng putol2x ulit ung linya. nag sawa na ako sa pag tawag sa kanilang helpdesk. walang kwenta connection ng my bro buti pa nga nag Globlines nlng ako kahit maliit lng ung area coverage nla pero sure nmn ung connection.

          • lydy says

            Meron kmi wimax super sakit sa ulo halos walang connection kc ..trying to secure a stable connection…6 months na ako nagbabayad ng 999 a month pero ayoko na…paulit ulit lang snasabi sa customer service na sobrang hirap tawagan and hintay ka ng 2 hours kung punta ka sa office nla…sbi nila paconnect nalang ng my dsl…kaso this time 3 years ang lock in period. Takot ako bka ganun din problem..tapos bayad ka ng pretermination fee…cno ba masmagaling na internet provider? Ituloy ko ba umg pldt my dsl or iba nalang? Help please?

          • karen says

            bakit po hangang nagun di pa PO dumadating ung wimax ko ang sabi po 24-48 hrs. lang kya naenganyo agad ako mag pakabit til now wala pa din.

        • PaulCy says

          Some areas are overloaded beyond their capacity pero this same areas din ang until now me high concentrated sales ng mga devices and promos just to have more users. On my area, one base stations is heavily overloaded serving 98 – 152+ subscriber on one node alone. It used to be 38-60 with 50 as the threshold of a fast connection.

        • KHRIZ says

          Ok naman connection sa amin.. ang biLis nga ee :D ask ko Lang san kau nagbabayad ng biLL sa 7-11 di niLa mapasok.. keLangan ng no. ung broadband samantaLang router Lang un.. binigay ko na account no. ganun pa rin may hinahanap pa rin siLa.. sa cebuana naman di niLa aLam ung my bro.. smart bro daw ung binabayaran sa kanila, tas ako paLang daw unang magbabayad ng my bro dun

        • jordan says

          naku.. pwd ba ipaputul nalang/.. kakaasar lang.. sayang ang pera, ang kuryente at nakakaubus ng pasensya.. di nain ngagamit ng maaus.. solid.. badtrip..

          • eunabels says

            anung update sa connection mo tama nakakaubos nang pasensiya 1 month nkong walang mtinung connection.. halos ndi n nggmit..pnu gnwa mo… kelangn dw bayaran yung pinaka lock in period mo.. 2 yrs OMG

          • Fehl says

            I know the feeling. I suggest you complain directly at the office of the CEO of Smart instead of their Call Center Support. I heard someone before who straightly sent a letter of complaint directly at the Big Boss office and she was entertained well. Her iphone was replaced. :) You can also file a complaint at NTC

        • divine says

          Subscribed ako sa “up to 2 mbps”.un ang binayaran natin.. ung “up to” dahil ni hindi umabot ng 1.5 mbps ang connection ko. La wenta. Tama ns ung 1 year kayong kumita sa ken. Magpapakabit na kami ng globe kaya i cancel nyo na subscription ko. Divina celis to. Sakit sa bangs ng internet nyo, first month lng matino, ningas kugon.

      • maryjame buesing says

        may booth po kasi ng pldt dito sa amin, naengganyo akong magtanong tungkol sa mybro dahil mura nga.. and we end up na nag apply ang nanay ko ng mybro and naningil agad sya ng 499 and we paid without receipt and sabi nya after two weeks pa daw makakabit… And my question is, is it really that long para makabit ang mybro, parang nagdududa na tuloy kami kung legal nga yong mga agent… Mark Anthony Villamor ang name ng agent at Implicare InternationalMgt. Resourcesang agency nya

          • clarissa caraig says

            matagal sila magresponse sa complains mo.tulad samen nagreport na wala internet pero after 15days p bago npuntahan at icheck tpos magbbyad ka ng buo para sa service na di mo nakuha…wat is this pldt…?is it all about advertisement only

  1. says

    ammm how much the installation fee…and this promo will be extended or not … i want make sure that will be takes a years before gone

  2. pspipes says

    question. bakit biglang bumagal ung internet connection ko this past few weeks?.. smartbro plan 999 po ako. pag apply ko neto 2mbps pa ung 999 ah… ngayon kahit ung 3 minute video sa youtube kapag mag buffer mga 1 hour bago matapos. Tinawagan ko ung csr sabi daw may limit na ung speed. unli net nga pero limited ung speed per month.. ano un? wew

    • says

      I heard same things and same complaints. Smartbro used to be so fast and stable then it changed…so I closed my contract with them. as for the reason, even them don’t give clear explanation about it

      • Ronell Caderao says

        Paano po e Closed ang contract ng Mybro . Gusto ko kasing ipaputol yung sa amin . ang bagal kasi . Please po Reply . Tnx . :)

        • JimmyL says

          Prove nyo na di sila tumutupad sa kontrata. Lalo yong inavailability ng service.. Saka kayo sumingil ng danyos perwisyos…

  3. says

    Don’t avail of it including Smartbro canopy, they added a cap usage and most of the support people even have no idea what is the cap amount. They breached all existing user’s contract and they are very happy to announce that they can change the fair usage policy without ever informing anyone about it and still using the “unlimited uncapped” promo. Phone support is capped (first time in the world, their call centers also respond on the call between 5-55minutes), services is unstable.

    Currently they are over selling every myBro/Smartbro connection everywhere with free movie passes, free groceries and others knowing the network is heavily congested with a huge volume of over the capacity subscribers.

    If you fall as a victim of Smart’s/PLDT’s schemes, file a complaint here and call the NTC office which you can find at the same website.

    • says

      I already closed my Smartbro Plan 999 due to intermittent connection. It was really wasting my time and money. I had days when I only have internet connection at night and I had days when I had to call their customer service just to fix the problem but they always apologize and explain maintenance stuff.. I need internet badly so I closed my contract and just avail Globe and other companies.

      • pspipes says

        ask ko lang po if ok ung pldt mydsl plan 999? thinking na same company sila.. baka may limit na din ung connection?

        • says

          Yes, Capped din sya. myDSL 3mbps and walang capping for now. Pero since nagawa nila sa Smartbro na me contract that it won’t be capped ever for long time subscribers, are you willing to trust that myDSL 3mbps won’t be capped? Maraming areas din na walang service or putol putol and myDSL at wired na sya dapat walang connection timeouts but they have high timeouts. Maswerte ka pag napunta k sa iilang areas na hindi overloaded and system nila.

          • says

            I’m still searching about which is the best internet and broadband to use. Almost everything are not stable. I hope they stop accepting users if their system is bloated and congested already

        • says

          Yup MyDSL Plan 999 is unlimited meaning you can surf and browse the web with no limits, you pay only 999/month. While My Bro 499 has a capacity of 3GB per month so like I’ve said in the article, it is not really unlimited.

          • Are Bergonia says

            Pano po malalman kung nakapagconsume ka na ng 3GB a month?, meron po bang signal na mauubos na ung 3GB mo?

      • says

        The call agents at the call centers are trying their best to solve the issues, the management and internal tech team refuse to address the issues.

  4. geri911 says

    Worthless, 3gb? I can consume that much bandwidth in less than 1 day tss. Though this was a good deal but apparently its not. =P

  5. joan says

    paki check naman po ung payment ko last april 12, monthly naman ako nagbabayad pero ung dumating na bill kahapon is nasa 1997.90. and then bakit late dumating ang bill tz nakalagay pa na kailangan bayaran on or bfore april 30, tapos kahapon lang dumating ang bill.paki check po.thx.

  6. Jemrie nicolle cuyugan says

    Pwede po ba to sa ipad? Db for single user lang? Is this a pocket wifi? Reply pls tnx

  7. michell says

    how to avail this? do you have any phone number so that i can talk to you regarding this.

  8. says

    hi..tanong ko lng po pano magbayd ng mybro na to.. overdue na ako ala nmn bill na dumadting d ko lam ano kelangn pra magbyad neto bka soon putulan na ko help pls..

    • says

      ang bagal tlga nkaka.inis ano po ba dapat gawin dto una ang bilis tas may limit pa ung speed my bro 499 depende po ba to sa signal

      • says

        @cristine, the speed for P499 plan is 1mbps and it is consumable up to 3GB (last I checked), meaning the connection will cut off after 3GB usage per month. They have changed a lot with the existing plans (under the table and no subscribers was ever informed) so I may be wrong to say it is consumable.

        And sad to say, there is nothing you can do to speed that up since 90% of people under SmartBro/myBRO and a huge portion of PLDT myDSL are having issues as well for slow speeds. Look like they are aiming for Fibr lines more than the existing contracts.

        On my area, Globe is offering a much stable and faster Torque service for a few hundred cheaper than what PLDT offers using their Fibr offerings. I am already half on the migration to the new Torque service and was staying away from Smart/PLDT offers.

        I am by the way a Smartbro User for 7 years (8 days left to be exact) and this is far the worst service and offering the have for the past years.

      • says

        … ask ko lang po paano pag naubos na ung usgae na 3g dahil sa kabilisan nung speed ng smart… minsan 3days lang ubos na usage na 3g paano na sa next day ehh d wala na …. reply nman po kau :)

        • says

          paano kung 3days palng naka 3gb usage na ko paano next day ehh d ko na magagamit ung internet connection ko

          • says

            yes, hindi mo na magagamit dahil consumable yan. hindi nila nilagay inform sa users ung part na yan. Next month naman ulit pero me ibang subscriber napilit nila ang smart na bigyan sila at least 0.10mbps access sa mga naka plan P499.

        • says

          I am not recommending this pero if you like an account na plan 999 DSL. punta ka lang sa PLDT offices wag sa satellite nila dahil myBro lang ang nasa satellite offices.

          Hindi flat na P999 ang babayaran mo dahil sa myDSL, need mo din ng phone line at me VAT pa un.. guess it is the fine print.

          • star says

            hi, nag avail ako knina ng my bro.. 499 for 2 months, unlimited cya tapos 1k na daw after 2 months.. may free modem na binigay ung may sungay.

  9. says

    … ehh ung 0.10mbps mabilis na yun ilang mb ang nacoconsume nun a day….. ung 3g ba talaga ay sulit na para sa isang buwan , baka nman po mabagal un dahil 3g lang ung usage value ang kailangan

    • says

      3G is signal type.
      3GB is yung data limit.
      0.10mpbs is way slow, ang dial up speed ay at least 0.640.10mpbs

      Sa 0.10mbps, ang facebook ay magoopen in around 4-5mins or hindi na mag open pa.
      3GB usage sa isang buwan ay hindi sulit kung sa computer mo sya gagamitin pero medyo sulit sa cellphone. Kung madalas kang mag browse, possible maubos mo ung 3GB in 3days..

      • Jan says

        Sir tanong q lang po,
        yung mybro 1mbps plan 999 na naka promo po ng 499
        unlimited internet po ba syan?

        • star says

          yan yung ina vail ako kanina.. unlimited daw.. up to 2 mbps pa nga.. 499 for the next 2 months tas 999 na daw after nun.

    • says

      Apply at the nearest Smart Service Center in your place in Leyte so you’ll know if the service is active in your area. Remember Plan 499 is consumable. If you are a heavy internet user, I recommend Plan 999 unlimited

      • KHENDIE says

        Maam yung mybro 999 ko po khpon k lng na avail,bkit until now wla p po ciang ip4 internet access,pero yung modem connected n sa laptop ko po

  10. Robi says

    pansin ko ur not answering some comments asking if they could use ipad (wifi gadgets)? i have my ipad mini, the impression of pocket modem to me is parang pwede ang ipad ko, tama po bko? please answer some questions asking about if this pocket modem is capable for wifi gadgets.
    Jemrie nicolle cuyugan
    May 6, 2013 at 10:14 am
    Pwede po ba to sa ipad? Db for single user lang? Is this a pocket wifi? Reply pls tnx
    May 17, 2013 at 10:15 am
    May wifi po ba ang plan 999 na wimax?

    • says

      I was not sure about the answer so I went to Smart this morning. They said the Plan 499 is not applicable for ipad and other wifi devices. It’s only recommended for laptop and pc. If you are using ipad, I assume you are a heavy-internet user. I recommend use the Plan 999 instead and use a wifi router so you can connect your other devices like ipad, cellphones etc..

  11. Jan says

    yung my bro 999 1mbps plan na naka promo ngaun ng 50% unlimited internet po ba sya wala po ba syang USAGE? pls reply po balak q po kasi mag apply tnx

    • says

      Unlimited with a cap, so expect na from time to time babagsak to 0.20mbps ang speed mo or a litle lower to 0.15mbps. I don’t recommend Wimax since mabilis nga sya but affected ng heavy rain, microwav signal kasi yan meaning na umandar yan ng optimal pag hindi malamig ang paligid

  12. rosanna says

    Hello. What are the requirements pagchange ng service address? I have been using my mybro Wimax since April 12 but this June 26, I will be relocating . I just want to know what dapat kong isubmit sa smart office para d ako pabalik balik, how much i will be paying for changing of service add and how long it would take para ma reconnect yung services ko after application of changing service add…

    • says

      Requirements change on case to case basis but you need to pay a relocation fee.. The relocation fee is not also fixed and varies on case to case basis. What to expect, the relocation fee is between P1,500 to P3,000 so be sure to prepare that amount even if they will say a value less than that since they never seem to have a centralized system. Demand a receipt and keep that safe as long as you are subscribed to myBRO, they have a very bad record keeping system and even have 3 different copies of it that was being manually updated by different group of people. Call *1888 and ask for relocation requirements.

  13. aj clet says

    Hi I’m actually interested with Mybro plan 499,however Im not sure if we will have a good connection on our location.Our location got a very rare/slow connection with tattoo/Globe and that makes me pissed of.
    I wanna Ask if it can have a good connection in a very devastate compound.I can consider our location as in the Lower Ground of the building though,Need Help and I will Appreciate all info I will gather here :)
    Thanks !
    you can PM me @ my FB
    just in case I was’nt able to check my e-mail.

    Aira Jerelle Clet

  14. aj clet says

    ****One more thing Since it’s Pocket Modem is It like pocket wi-fi offered by Sun Broadband in w/c can carry/bring somewher else,even outside the house,Just refering to the physical setup not to other feature.

  15. Mae says

    Ask q lng po,. if ndi aq satisfied sa internet connection q den i want 2 terminate it do i really have to pay 3thou? I was not satisfied nman with the connection. 1 month using it I filed 5 complaints pero same lng cnsabi,. encountering same problem as always nkakapagod ng tumawag sa help line nla sme lng rn responses and i think scripted lhat. I did encountered pa n sabi ng operator “wala po kaming magagawa jan ma’am”. hayyyy nid some help or advice po pls on actions n ped q gwin,,

        • says

          The canopy used to be excellent but now I don’t know coz I closed my account and choose Datelcom instead

        • says

          The canopy used to be stable and fast unlike now. Issues started piling since July 2012 and gets worse this year specially with FUP and a very unstable connection speed.

          Globe is picky with granting internet connections since they monitor the min and max number of users. They also have consumable and unlimited connections for wireless and they have a very fast and stable connection for wired DSL for those areas that have already been upgraded (currently at 90% as of this time), people do complain with Globe’s performance specially those torrent users on a consumable plan.

        • says

          You need to pay all remaining months in the locked in period but you can get a formal written complain from NTC plus a letter for termination from them so you can get out of the locked in period and terminate your account without paying a single cent. PLDT/Smart will also forced you to migrate to PLDT myDSL account if you don’t want to pay the termination fee and they call it as “Upgrade plan”

          • says

            The major reason why on some areas now seems to have fast connection and unlimited is that almost half of the users left. That is the “promo” period to attrack more subscribers. On my area, I am getting 1.20-1.89 speed since last week of May but they messed up a lot by giving 7mbps speed with 0.01mbps upload, useless when that you type on your browser wont even reach the intented website.

            Though they fix it after 4 days, they messed up again on 9 out of 11 people I know on smartbro since June 27 by giving unstable speeds and a high upload of 0.80.. high upload is useless if your down load fluactuates heavily from 0.07 to 1.89mbps every minute.

            PS. They are turning off a lot of base station due to lack of subscribers..

          • Kaye Violante says

            How can I get a written complaint and letter of termination from NTC? thru website lang ba? and also the upgrade plan it was offered to me by a smart CSR pero when I go to the PLDT office wala naman sila maprovide na details masyado. are you aware of this process? nakakainis yang FUP na yan, it’s so unfair. also is the plan 999 ngpldt mydsl also capped na rin ba? thanks in advnace!

          • vhortex says

            Go to NTC regional offices and file that complain as a walk-in complain with OSPAC. It is useless to complain online, they don’t check emails and the forms for complain are being sent to their email addresses

          • bea says

            mag bayad ka ng penalty charge na 2,500 at last bills mo pwd na po mag magpa closed kahit d na tapos ang lock in. kasi may penalty ka na bayaran yun 2,500 at last month billing.

  16. she says

    im not happy with what happen to ,my internet connection, coz until now i dont a connection yet, its been 5 days since i purchase the wimax modem…

    • says

      Wimax is a microwave device, it is greatly affected by a rapid decrease in heat in your area (AKA rainy season)

  17. CID says

    Im a new customer and just got my service today, during the 1st hour its smootly fast, then after that. even the 1min video on youtube takes more than 10mins to load. my service is mybro. the rep said that for the 1st 2months i will only pay 499php then on the 3rd month onwards, it will be 999php well, thats ok! but what irritates me is the speed. they said its 1mbps. and w/ the speed im getting. i doubt its 1mbps. now im thinking of cancelling my service if the speed wont change.

    • says

      You can’t cancel now. In reality, you are just one of the thousands who was tricked buy free 2 months bill, free grocery, free movie tickets or rebates for 2 months just to open up new accounts. Honestly, every single person on the service have issues. Mine is going terrible again since June 27 up to now with a very unstable speed. I am a 7 years user with 2mbps speed.

      6-7 of people out of 10 that I know have issues with their Smartbro (for those who are using the connection with their work and got FUP semi lifted) since June 27 – 29, 2012

  18. Myla Pangilinan says

    I applied for my bro 499 last May, so i pay 499. When the bill come I was confused it written there smart bro plan 999. Is that mean by next month I will be paying 999 na if thats the case can I change it to 499.

      • CID says

        yeah, thats what they offered me. 499php for thr 1st 2 months, then 999 after nun. i only have the service for less than a week. icalledtheir cx service twice and theyre charging me 23k for the termination fee. ang sabi sakin nung rep nanag install ng service q eh i have 30days to return the equipment and cancel the service. walap ngang 1 week qng gamit to eh bumagal n agad ung net then what makes me more upset eh ung misinfo sla sa customer.

  19. zaida samaniego says

    We applied for a smart bro wimax last Saturday July 6, 2013, after we pay for the advance payment they installed the modem wifi but until now we don’t have an internet connection yet. I keep on calling the agent but I got no response.

    • says

      Good luck with that since I am also having issues with them. Base on the CSR and the engineering team from *888 (the person calling you back sometimes are engineers), 0.22mbps speed if acceptable for a 2mbps plan. Meaning, base on their criteria, if you have 10% of the promised speed.. it is fine.

  20. says

    new user kme ng wimax !!!!! bka pweng ausin nyo grbe 100mpbs ang speed ! napaka bagal ! pwd ba icancel 2 .. png 1day plng nya ngaun ..

    • pyro says

      hi cindy,

      sinabi mo pa. ako nga two months na ngayon ung wimax ko pero hindi ko nagagamit eversince. Buti ka 100 mbps ka ako ng .25 pinakamataas sa Isuli mo na yan habang maaga pa.

  21. che1188 says

    can u suggest a more suitable plan with a good connection? i’m planning to apply yesterday on pldt mybro the one with 50% off, but now i’m thinking if im going for it as I have read all comments here

    • says

      I no longer use Smartbro because I was not satisfied with their service. For my two years of using it, it was fine and had no problem but after that, connection was too slow and there were days of no connection at all so I closed my account. Try PLDT MyDsl. in my case I got Datelcom. Globe is another option.

  22. pyro says

    very disappointed ako sa mybro wimax, pangit ng connection. I’m aying for my 2nd month pero hindi ko naman nagagamit. Ilang beses na akong tumawag customer service pero paulit-ulit lang ang sagot. Relocation daw ng wimax, pina relocate ko naman pero wala din. Walang kwenta talaga ang mybro wimax. I don’t recommend this kind of internet connection sayang lang bayad nyo.

    • bea says

      ganun din sa akin as in isang buwan na wala ako internet. tinawag ko hotline at sabi nila may inaayos na antena. sabi nila revert naman daw ang bills ko sa mga araw na wala ako internet wala daw ako bayaran. pero may binarayan pa rin halos 200 lng ang binawas nila sa isang buwan na wala ako internet kasi daw d namn full month na wala ako bayaran… ang mas nakakainis pa kasi ang 1st 2mnth ko na 500 lng ang bayaran ko dahil d ba pag nagpakabit unang dalawang buwan 499 lng pero unang buwan lang na avail ko at 999 na kaagad. na ulit pa yung wala namn ako internet ng around 24days pero d na nila na approve ang revert d ba talo ako dahil full 999binayaran ko 24days na wala ako internet as in ang CINR at RSSI ay very weak ang signal strengh.

  23. mitch says

    gud am!ask ko lng yung mybro plan 999 may antenna po b to sa lbas or modem lng?thanks

    • says

      Canopy kung canopy plan pero kung wimax kunin mo.. it will be either an outdoor wimax modem or an indoor wimax modem.. motorola canopy is still the one that provides steady signal and not wimax.. regarding max speed, wimax have a higher max speed but why bother getting wimax with higher speed kun 2mbps lang max na bibigay ng Smart and most of the time, below 50% ng advertised speed ang makukuha mo?

        • pyro says


          kung nag mybro ka dapat pina check mo muna kung available ung wimax sa area nyo. Katulad ko, kumuha ako ng wimax pero for two months na ngayon hindi ko nagagamit at wala akong magawa dahil sa paulit-ulit na na ginagagawa ng customer service ng smart. Be sure muna bago ka mag apply kasi may lock-in period yan for two years baka mag sisi sa pagkuha mo.

  24. jhen says

    tanong ko lang po ahh, hindi ko maconnect ung dlink router namen sa myBro na yan paano ba un??, pero as of now stable naman ang connection ko pero im a little bit confused kxe my limit pala ang plan 499 ,affordable pero feeling ko di ako bagay jan kxe im heavy intrnet user ayoko naman ng my landline, ummmm magswitch na lang kaya ako sa PLDT Fibr.. ummmmm???

  25. Jen says

    mbagal ang connection ng canopy, i went to the nearest smart wireless center to terminate it, but they say, its not allowed to terminate, because it has 2 years contract . .i left the house when the canopy stalled and renting again in another area, but untill now still the smart agent, sending me a message to pay remaining months.what i do? never used that canopy

    • says

      Yes it’s a 2-year contract so you really must read the agreement before you sign and seal the deal unless you wanna be obliged to pay them in years

  26. KLEIN says

    Paano mag open ng wife sa wimax eh kasi naman ayaw mag open ng wife…naka block kasi eh….

  27. Radiel says

    why not have an alternative DSL like bayantel?? it is reliable naman, i am currently subscribed to 512kbps with 599 monthly, pero ok siya

    • says

      I agree with you. If I’m looking for a new broadband, I’d try the others like Bayantel since their networks are not that congested :)

  28. Jake Tipones says

    Grabe smart bro.buti nbsa ko to.ngdadalawang isip na tuloy ako mgpakabit.bka hndi sulit ung 2yrs cntract eh.
    helpless :| microwave device ksi.

  29. I have not paid for many months and still connected! says

    last february 2, some promo girls went to our vicinity here in cebu and offered me a smart bro wimax for only 499 spot cash. i presented a valid i.d and walla! they gave me a small white gadget smartbro wimax instantly. then i tested the service for a day seems fine. then all of a sudden the speed went downhill. i decided to pay the first month thinking someday the speed might improve. it didn’t. i stopped paying ever since that day and i keep on receiving text and calls from smart bro call center notifying me to pay. i never paid after my first payment due frustration. BUT! it is now august 18, 2013 and my smart bro wimax is still connected hahaha! i’m satisfied without paying though. speed is around 1mb max. pero ok lang libre naman.

  30. Nico says

    Hanggang 10 am lang ang magandang serbisyo ng myBRO, after that, parang naka 3g network ka na lang, ang bagal and ang taas ng latency. Di magamit ng maayos.

  31. Alan says

    pano po ung 799 na monthly can i know what is the bandwith? naka plan 999 ako dati then

    nag ka promo sila ng 799 monthly nlng, dati na po ung account namin sa smartbro since 2008 pa.

  32. tari says

    pag nag pakabit kaba ny my bro babayaran mo na ba ung modem kahit hindi pa activate ung internet?

    • Milyn ondoy says

      Nagpakabit din ako even once Hindi ako naka bayad ng bill kahit diko ginagagamit at Hindi na naka active ang connection pero diko pa napa disconnect magbayad pa rin ba ako sa remaining bills ko?

  33. regine says

    sir, 499 plan po yung gamit namin tapos nung february plang po kami ngpakabit, ask ko lang po kung panu magbayad nun. thank you

    • says

      Use your account number and reference number and pay at any Smart accredited payment centers like SM and Smart Centers

      • janine says

        hi.. can i ask is it ok na icancell ko ang contract ko sa mybro 499 offer nila? di ko kasi nabasa masyado yung contract .. so the next 2 months pala 999 na babayaran ko? plsss helpp pwd ko ba icancell ito anytime? tnxx

        • says

          I know once you signed the contract, it’s already active. If you’re not satisfied perhaps you can complain but I doubt it would be easy. Call *1888 to know more

          • janine says

            thank you… it was their agent fault din kasi na hindi complete info ang sinabi saakin na 2 months promo lang pala sya kung di pa ko pumunta sa website nila di ko pa malalaman,. 6 days palang sya naka install dito samin at sana maging madali ang pag process at di ako pag bayarin ng 2 years contract na di ko naituloy at alisin na nila yung anthena dto samin. still praying coz i don’t want them to obiigate me to pay 999 per month as i can’t really afford it.

    • Norton16 says

      tingin ko., babayaran mo iyong buong 2 years sa kontrata., nabiktima din kami nyan., wala kami magawa kung di magdusa sa bagal ng internet until May 2014 :(

      • bea says

        ang alam ko d pwd mag pa cancel pero pwd mag pa closed kahit d natapos ang contract magbayad ka ng penalty charge na 2,500 plus last month billing.

  34. patrick says

    Nakaka buwisit naman ang smart internet lagi nlng conection……….d d manlang nag papadala ng billing kya tapos cjaka kayo tatawag ng ser kailangan n po mabayaran un internet nyo…….ano b naman yan serbisyo ng mart sa umpisa lng maganda…..pag tumagal na ng isang buwan mabagal n un internet………

  35. jess says

    pa ki puntahan po yung bagong my bro ko ayaw pong gumana kasi wla signal sa amin f hindi talaga pwde canacel ko na lang contract ko agad agad pls

    • Norton16 says

      di mo basta makakacancel yan., nakakontrata ng 2 years yan., kung baga., kapag pinakansel mo., babayaran mo ang the rest of months ng smart bro., example., nakaone year ka na., balak mo magpaputol, yung another one year., babayaran mo iyon so almost 12000.,

  36. ninay says

    I am a subscriber of smart my bro plan 499. I have not received any billing statement yet. I went to smart center to inquire and they told me to just wait for the bill. It has been already 2mos since then. I am just afraid that our bill will turn out to be costly and with surcharges. Do i need to wait for the billing statement?

    • Norton16 says

      actually nangyari sa amin yan., umabot ng 2000 ang nabayaran namin., kung ako sa iyo., magreklamo ka??? kaso ang suplado naman ng mga tauhan sa smart service center

  37. rose says

    pwdi po bang pakipuntahan nyo nalang ang my bro ko ilang buwan na akong walang connection,nagbabayad ako ng tama hindi ko nman nagagamit ang internet ko,walang kwenta ang smartbro nyo..ipatigil kn lng yan…npagod n ako skakatawag wala nman aksyon…

  38. Nash says

    my bro green packet nakaka stress sobrang bagal! hindi man lang makapasok sa, ganito ba ang 2mbps nila? sakit ng ulo, paputol putol pa connection!!!

  39. baby james reyes says

    Bkit ganun tuwing madaling araw ko lng sya nggamit tpos kahit malakas ang signal strength hndi k p din mgamit kci hndi nagbblink ung antenna kit..then vice versa nman sya kpag nagbblink ung mga ilaw at malaks signal strength nia dun sa portal, ung earth sign na makikita mo sa portal wla kulay..kaya 95%hndi ko sya nggamit

  40. girly mag-aso says

    magandang umaga po,ngpapakabit po kse kami ng mybro canopy,kahapon po pumonta yong mgkukunik sa amin,pgkababa nya ng sasakyan agad nyang snabi na;ay sir hindi kayo pwding makabitan ksi wlang signal dto sa inyo,at pinapeperma nya yong asawa ko kse wala nha raw,hindi pomerma young asawa ko kse nga,ni hindi man lng nla sinubokan kung miron man o wala,at pano nangyari na wla? mga kapitbahay nmin mybro ang gamit diba?tinawagan ko yong connector yong tao na mgkabit sana,sinabi ko sa kanya na how comes na wlang signal eh yong mga kapit blay mybro gmit nla,bumalik cla ng 4pm,snubokan nlang ikabit,unang tray mirong siganal,tpos binunut nla ,pangalawang tray nwala daw,agad nmang ngsabi sir wla tbaga reskid nlang ka nmin sir,ang concern ko lng po don is,kng pwdi bang palitan ng wimax outdoor kung hindi pupwide ang canopy o mahina ang signal sa as min,tnx po

    • vhortex says

      Maraming area na dating maganda ang signal ang pangit na ngayon dahil nag patay ng mga base station and PLDT at Smart. Ung ibang area naman ay inilihis nila ang mga pagkatutok ng mga base station. Ganito ang nangyari sa connection namin, para hindi ka na mag reklamo ay sinasabihan ka na agad nila na hindi pwede. Kung mataas ang Ping/Jitter at mahina ang power level -70 and lower.. hindi ka din nila kakabitan pero me connection ang computer mo, sobrang bagal nga lang at madalas madisconnect.

      Pasalamat ka na lang at tinapat ka ng mga contractor.

      • Girly mag-aso says

        karamihan na po kase sa amin sir eh mybro yong gamit nla napakalinaw po ng signal,kse nga po din sir eh malapitlng po kame sa smart tower.

        • vhortex says

          Honestly, hindi indication na malapit ka sa tower ay maganda na ang reception. Sa amin, kahit kayakap mo na ung tower, panget pa din ang signal. Kelangan din naka tutok sayo ung device sa tower nila para maganda ang connection mo. Kahit na full bar ang signal bar mo ay hindi ibig sabihin maganda at mabilis ang connection.

          1 year ago, maganda ang signal at malapit sa tower = mabilis at stable na internet.

  41. Natasha says

    Im wasting my money spending this stupid connection …. I cant play time and time cause of this stupid connection.. Can you please make this More Interesting ? Its a waste of cash and time … STFU!

  42. Paul Espina says

    naka plan po kami ng 999. for over 2 years maganda connection nya plus kapitbahay lang namin ung tower. pumapalo sya ng 3mb minsan. kadalasan mga nasa 1mbps. were very happy kasi ok ung connection, wlang lag and walang buffer sa mga videos. ganun din sa downloads.

    pero this past few months parang 3g lang ang bilis. mababa pa minsan sa 512kbps. weve ask many times sa center nila and kung gusto daw namin i upgrade na lang daw and we will pay 2k for that upgrade.

    ang nakakainis lang bakit pa kami magpapa upgrade e nakaplan kami ng unlimited. and base sa experience namin dati na mabilis ang connection, umaasa kami na maibabalik pa sana un. nakakainis lang at pinag uupgrade ka pa at kailangan mo pang bayaran ung walang kwentang service nila.

    till now naghahanap na kami ng alternative plans whether kahit anong company pa yan basta mabilis at maaasahan. or better yet i hacked na lang kaya para quits!

    • vhortex says

      Been a user for more than 7 years.

      First year is at 1.5mbps,
      2nd year with a few problems (3 to be exact but gets resolve less than 26 hours) 1.7mbps download / 1mbps upload
      3rd-5th year with minor issues Download was 1.8mbps – 2.5mbps and upload is 0.50mbps
      6th first half upload is 2.3mbps – 2.8mbps / 0.40mbps – 0.80mbps upload
      6th second onwards 0.04mbps – 1.20mbps download (more curve on the lower value) / 1mbps average upload

      When they introduced FUP, I get slamped with a FUP speed 1 hour after they fix my connection for 3 1/2 weeks. Meaning 3 1/2 weeks akong walang internet. They said I was using above the recommended usage for this 3 weeks without connection.

  43. Lloyd says

    People becareful with the adapter or the power supply of the beacon… its china made and ive’d replaced mine for 6 times already until it became so hot and it almost burned my house. i have escalated my concern to the company and they allow me to terminate my contract. and now i’m using PLDT DSL.

    • Marifel Dungo says

      Yup the adapter gets so hot easily especially for unlimited broadband user. But never had it burned thankfully hehe

    • vhortex says

      My adapter never gets so hot but it i around 60C all the time. Wala din itong patayan. I asked for a replacement when the adapter becomes loose but it was granted only after 1 1/2 years. The technicians give me heavy duty one without lights but with 2 RJ ports on the adapter. Now I plug my LAN cable directly to the adapter and the other RJ slot was for my canopy.

      Other people around the area are also complaining with the newer adapters that was being distributed that gets up to 90C-110C compare to the old adapters that gets to 60C-70C. This adapter temperature issue may be not isolated to a certain device instead PLDT was using the cheapest possible parts for their subscribers.

  44. KLEIN says

    paki cancel na lang po ako my bro dito tayo @ home…ayaw ko na yan…di maganda…kasi mahina lang connection at mabagal din…wlang kwenta ng Pldt…

    • jenie oli cribe says

      bakit ambagal ng smart bro? bayad na aq ng november pero bakit 1958 pa rin bayaran q for december?

  45. says

    . ang saya gamitin ang MyBro, kasi mbilis ang connection . at di putol.2 . kaso ask ko lang sana . san pwede mag bayad ng Bill ? .kasi sarado dito ung plan bank , san pa kaya pwede magbayad ? . Answer po agad , asap :)) tnx .

    #i<3MyBrO :)

  46. jemn says

    mabillis sa unang buwan… putol-pulol ang connection pero ang pagbabayad namin di naman ganon… buong buo naming binibigay…. in other words “not fair” even na may contract pero kung ganyan naman ang service sino ba ang lugi? nagdecide kami na kami din pala ang mahihirapan. costumer satisfaction naman sana hindi smart satisfaction., sakit sa ulo…

  47. schaiyageyaj says

    hays pwede ko p b pacancel ung mybro wimax 999 q??kahit wala p 24 hours na nagagmit,,sayang naman ung ibabayad ko,,wala p 24 hours ang bagal n agad,,

  48. schaiyageyaj says

    hmp nag speed test po kami ng bro ko 2mbps pero bakit ganun nasa 0.08 lang ung test at bumababa pa ng 0.04,,anu b yan

  49. emerzon panis says

    hi.. pwd po ba maknow kung bakit na deactivate ung koneksyon sa leyte??? bat wala na po signal ng net… pakisagot poo.. tnxx

  50. michael miranda says

    hello.. nagpakabit ako ng smart outdoor wimax. 2mbps yung speed nya at unlimited yung usage pero sobrang bagal nung connection ko.. ask ko lang pwede kaya ako magpapalt ng internet provider from smart to pldt? yung may cable po.

  51. maya says

    sir ako po nong una my ng offer sa akin smartbro ung 499 tapos ng mgpakabit ako 2 days bgo na activate then 2days korin nagamit after that wala na. naiinis ako kc kailangang kailangan ko ng inernet ngkataon namang my dumating na agent ng ooffer naman sa akin ung 999 inaply ko un kahit nga hindi naman maganda ang servisyo ito na ang binabayaran ko ngaun. pero sinisingil naman ako nong una kong ipinakabit kahit hindi ko naman nagamit kc lugi pa nga ako nung initial payment ko na 499.

  52. mark says

    kailangan po bang mag bayad muna bago ikabit ang my bro.. binigyan kc ko xerox copy ng my bro reciept tapos sinulatan nia lang…

  53. dg says

    Sir, yun po bang mga ibinebentang globe wimax with one-time fee at no monthly internet bills, ay reliable at legal? May kakilala ako na yun ang gamit at it looks like satisfied sya. Lite user
    lang for fb, etc. Badly needed good signal for uninterrupted skype with family.

  54. bernie bellen says

    Mam, bale im using that PLDT My Bro wireless the problem is paano siya bayaran kase wala po kaming reference number…paano ko po malaman if how much na po yung bills namin para mabayaran ko na po.ty so much wish you reply asap mam. kindly send on my email.

  55. merlita v quindo says

    pwede po ba e pa cancel ko nlng yong mybro @home plan 999 kc ang bgal ng internet minsan nawawala pa ng ilang araw.. nka 3 months na ako ..nkakainis tlga khit skyp hndi mabuksan….

  56. Erik says

    Wag kayo mgpapaloko sa home bro o wimax n yan nag avail ako nyan taga dto ako sa pasig putol putol at mabagal ang connection kng mnsan pa hindi ka maka connect almost a week p lng di ko na sya ginamit ngpa install ulit ako ng pldt my dsl ayon ok n sya tas tinawag ko s *1888 na kng pwede ko ba ipaputol na ung home bro o wimax na plan 499 ang sabe kelangan ko daw bayaran ung remaining na 24 months sa bill ko hahahaha natawa lng ako dun kung pano sila manloko ng tao at oo pag may concern ka at tatawag ka sa *1888 eh araw araw paulit ulit lng ang ipapagawa sayo bakit di tyo magreklamo sa gobyerno o iparating natin sa media tong hinaing natin. Sayang ang oras at pera natin sa home bro wimax plan 999 na yan! Ipa media na natin yan!

  57. Najh says

    I have myBro 499 1mbps. and wala pang 1 week sobrang bagal na . ngayun gusto namin ipacancel ang mybro sabi bawal daw kahit i pa upgrade into a pldt myDsl plan 999 ayaw pa din… so napag disesyunan nmin na i pa putol nalang sia. na apply ulit kami ng plan 999 plus landline na cost 16oo plus 3mbps. kasi kaya kami nag papa internet ay para makapa nuod kami ng mga movies. kaya di pwede my bro samin dahil may FAIR USAGE POLICY. ask ko lang po kung meron yung mydsl plan 999 plus landline 3mbps na FUP kasi kung meron di na kami kukuha asap po pls tnxx

    • Vhortex says

      Meron silang FUP sa 3mbps but it is not working. 3mbps now is the old 1mbps, 1.5mbs and 2mbps ng DSL dati, all subject to FUP. The good news is that for 1 year, they can’t fix the throttle system without crippling the 5mbps and up plans kaya hindi sya na enforce. Bad news is, pag naseparate na nila ung 5mbps up, magkaka FUP na yan.

      Just visit PLDT’s facebook page at makikita mo na almost PLDT DSL subscribers are being throttled then aayos at mathrottle ulit. They are trying to make FUP throttle for PLDT DSL to work.

  58. Gianleri Nor says

    hanggang ngayon meron pa din ba silang FUP? kasi kanina galing ako sa office nila kasi were planning na magpakabit ng WIFI and then nagtanong ako tungkol sa FUP na yan. and sabi nya wla naman daw FUP eh.

    • Vhortex says

      Hanggang ngayon meron pa din silang FUP, wag kang magpapaloko unless 5mbps and up ang kukunin mong plan sa DSL nila which is immune sa FUP. Kahit naman walang FUP ang connection mo, mass throttle ang ginagawa nila. Tamaan, pasensya na lang.

  59. Gianleri Nor says

    ahhh ganun ba? nalilito na tuloy ako wala pa kasi linya ang PLDT DSL dito sa street namin pero nasa city naman ako. xD

  60. Cloe says

    Sana makarating sa NTC or DTI itong panget na serbisyo ng smartbro, sobrang unfair na hindi mo naman nagagamit dahil laging nawawala ang connection, eh pag babayarin ka pa rin at kung gusto mo nang pa cut or discontinue,kailangan mo pa bayaran remaining months,dahil sa contract.Ano ba ito PDA, gusto kumita lang.

  61. Vhortex says

    Nasa inyo yan kung irereklamo nyo. sa side ko, mediation na namin ng PLDT next week. Take note, hindi na Smart ang me hawak nyan kundi PLDT.

  62. Joan says

    Gud day guyz….. ipaterminate yung contract sa mybro home broadband 9 days na kc kaming wlng connection ilang beses na kaming nagreklamo wla nman.clang ginagawa tawag kmi ng tawag sa *1888 ang damung tinatanong pag ka input bigla nlng nawawala nakakaasar laging putol ang net

    • Vhortex says

      Punta ka ng NTC, icomplain mo for termination. Kuha ka ng copy ng complain mo at sabihin mo na wlaang connection at panget ang support. Hindi nila inaayos. Papaterminate ka kamo W/O PAYING TERMINATION FEE kasi hindi nila binibigyan ng connection.

      Skin, kinasuhan ko na ang PLDT since nasa PLDT na lahat ng accounts ng SmartBro

  63. hazelle says

    this my bro is useless,isang buwan pa lang akong gumagamit pero wala nang kwenta.tawag lang aq ng tawag sa hotline nila yet paulit2 lang yong sinasabi nila,just this may 6 they replace my wimax pero ganun pa din wala2 yong signal.sana bago cla mg recruit ng costumer,sana inexplain nila ang mga posibilidad o dapat mangyariat dapat mangyayari para hindi aq mukhang tanga na aasa na sa tuwing buksan q yong computer q eh my signal na agad!!just a waste of time and money!!sa mga nakakaalam jan kung paano mg unsubscribe dito plz paki share kasi i am very much disappointed with this!!!

  64. hinda P. Gasatan says

    Gusto ko pong malaman ang Account number ko baka po maputulan ako gusto ko pong magbayad di ko alam account number ko thanks

  65. erica says

    hi nagbayad na po kami ng internet pero hindi parin siya nacoconnect sa internet.
    kailan pa po ba ulit kami makakagamit ng internet?
    ilang araw na kaming walang connection at nagtxt na ako sa *6888 pero walang reply

  66. anabel says

    umulan lng kanina nawalan kaagad linya wimax. super bagal at paputol putol n nga nawala pa.nagtityaga lng ako at 2 years contract grrrrr

  67. ShaidE says

    anu ba? nagbabayad naman ako ng tama.. tapos 1 mb na lang ang speed ko? anu yun? aksyonan nyu kasi ang hack para hindi kami bumabagal.. hina ng net eh.. sakit sa ulo.. napaka unfair saaming mga nagbabayad kasi hindi umaabot ang speed sa tamang speed na dapat naming makuha..

  68. Mark says

    PLDT Home Bro offers an UNLIMITED INTERNET access up to 2mbps for only Php.999.00 a month, you will choose either *CANOPY or *WIMAX, it will be installed within 48 hrs. after you apply at the nearest PLDT SALES OFFICE in your area.

    *I apply this PLDT promo last June this year, it was installed just two days after I applied exactly 9:48 pm (night) The first time I use it the connection was very good; Youtube videos load fast, Downloading Time is also good, BUT several days later the connection got slow so I decided to call their hotline which is *1888 they made a report about my problem then told me to wait for anything changes within 24 hrs. but on the next day nothing happens the connection got more slower.

    Q: Paano po ma CLOSED yung CONTRACT with PLDT para po maka-lipat ako sa GLOBE kasi marami ang nagsasabi sa akin na kakilala ko na mas mabilis pa daw yung Globe connection kesa PLDT dito sa CEBU CITY.

  69. Kimmy says

    Meron stall ng pldt sa lugar namin, naengganyo ako sa 50% off ng pldtmybro for 2 mos, kasi walang idodown for the gadget, i ended up paying 499 to them. Pero before I sign up the form, nag-ask ako dun sa sales representative if my lock in period ba yung pldtmybro. She said wala daw, tinanong ko din “What if kunwari hindi po ako makabayad ng 3rd & 4th month, pero magbabyad ako ng 5th month, ung 3rd and 4th ba na bill masasama sa 5th month na bill ko?” Sabe nung sales rep, hindi daw, basta kung kelan lang daw ako gagamit ng internet, bayad daw ako. Hindi daw masasama yun sa bill ko. Wala naman din akong pinirmahan na contract sa lock in period at hindi ko alam na may lock in period pala. Ask ko lang, pag nakamiss ba ako ng kunwari 2 months na hindi pagbayad ichachrge pa rn nila ung bill? And yung 2 years na lock in period, kailngan ko bayaran ung 22 months? I bought it last July 15,2014 and okay na okay ang signal. Super bilis!

    • Vhortex says

      Usually mabilis ang connection mo for 2 months and then babagal yan. You need to pay the remaining locked in months kapag gusto mo ng magpadisconnect. Support is as slow as hell. There is no such things as excemption sa bills, kahit hindi mo ginagamit ay babayaran mo.. that sales rep is fooling you.

      • Kimmy says

        Pwede ba ireklamo yung sales rep na yun? Grabe! 5x ko pa pinaulit ulit sa kanya. Tsk tsk

  70. jovie says

    elow po ask k lng po papayag po ba silang ipadisconnect khit my contract n 2years?

  71. Vhortex says

    Yes they will as long as babayaran mo ang remaining months.

    Other methods to disconnect:
    1. Tawag ka sa hotline at magpapunta ka ng contractor, kausapin mo sila para ma “mafailed case” ang connection mo. Pwede mo ng ipaterminate after that ang connection mo
    2. Punta ka sa NTC and sabihin mo na hindi nila binibigay sau ang correct speed. Magreklamo ka doon personally sa pinakamalapit na branch ng NTC sa inyo. Irequest mo na termination without settling the remaining months sa locked-in period dahil panget ang service

  72. Jzone says

    Plan 999 CANOPY ay may CAP the first 5 days of the month maganda ang internet mga 150kbps ung speed pero pagdating ng 2nd week hangang sa kataposan ng month eh hangang 5 kbps lang, worst internet….

  73. reynaldo huna says

    paano ba magbayad ng pldt home bro wimax hinahanapan kmi ng Reference no. wala

    kaming ma maibiga saka sobrang bagal ng net nyo tinawag na

    namin yun pero walang nag pupunta pls!! reply

  74. Rose Dizon says

    Experiencing the same. Mabagal na internet kung hindi man wala talagang connection. Worst is that kapag nag-request ka ng technical support para matignan personally ang problema, darating sila na wala ka sa house even if you specifically provided yung time na available ka. Tama, sayang yung binayaran. You’re not getting what you are paying for. 2MBPS is a joke. Kapag nag-speed test ako upload is .18MBPS at yun ang usual na bagal. I would like to cancel my service sa My Bro na yan. Do you have also reviews or suggestions kung ano mabilis na connnection? Thanks.

    • Fehl says

      Mybro 499 has been the worst product of PLDT. It’s ruining their company name for many complaints

      • richard hernandez says

        your right. pldt ayusin nyo connection nyo. sirang sira n kayo sa customer nyo.

  75. Frustrated Sole says

    same here… UL: 0.02mbps; DL:0.02mbps… really a headache :P the comments here says it all.

  76. Jayvan says

    Sir…ilang araw po ba ung installation ng SmartBro Canopy…akala ko po 48 hours, pero 3 months na since ng apply ako pero hanggang ngayon wala pa…sabi ng technical department ng smart wala pa daw yung device..pwede ba yun sa loob ng 3 months wala pang device, labo naman yata un…paki explain po sir ano po ba yung real problem, kasi yung 3 months is unreliable naman yata yun na walang device pa…

    • Fehl says

      If I were you, look for other Broadband providers. There are still fast service internet providers other than Smartbro. Try Globe.

  77. April says


  78. kagero says

    Almost 3 weeks kami walang connection,nagreport na kami pang-3rd day palang na wala kami connection
    ang sabi yun week daw na yun pupunta ang team nila pero umabot na ng 3 weeks wala pa rin pumupunta…ang bagal pa ng connection..hayss!!ano ba yan…

  79. janet harth says

    pwde po magtanung ,,kasi po gusto san magpakabit ng Internet with telephone ,ang kaso wlang poste s Lugar nmin ,s pilipinas ,s quezon City ,califrnia village,ewan ko ba s Lugar n un ,,s wireless and iwifi sana,,pwde po kaya ,na ang pagbayad eh ,thru bank to bank ,,nas ibang bansa kc ako,,gust k san ,,derets bayd na dun s bank ng pldt,,pwde po b un ?thank u po,,pra san di na mamroblema nanay ko s pagpunta dun s pagbayad…thank u po…

  80. jon says

    magbabayad kami ng 999 for 2mbps bakit 0.09 mbps lang ang pa poproduce ng connection nyo? nagbabayad naman kami ng tama. bakit ganito sebisyo nyo??