Android O+ 8.5 – O Plus 8.5 Philippines Price

The Android O+ 8.5 or O Plus 8.5 is becoming one of the favorites Android smartphones in the Philippines since its release date recently because well it’s so cheap and it has some features amazing enough to suit your internet and mobile function necessities. “It moves without touch” as the teaser says. Read the features below.

How much for the new O+ 8.5?

For only P5,995, you can have a 4-inch Android O Plus phone you want plus the great features it has:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • With Air Shuffle – it moves without Touch
  • 4-inch touch screen
  • 5 mp camera
  • Quadband with wifi functions and Bluetooth
  • 1 GHz Processsor
  • Expandable memory up to 32gb (comes with 4gb free memory card)
  • Dual Sim
  • Noise Reduction
android o plus 8.5 philippines

You can buy your Android O+ 8.5 to any mall nationwide. Let’s expect for Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular plans for this amazing phone.

This phone is so cool in the hand, so handy, so cheap, and boy it runs the latest Android Operating System, Ice Cream Sandwich. 3G internet is working just fine too. In case you’re having a problem with your O Plus device, let your APN and internet browsing settings configured by your Smart, Globe or Sun Cellular service. The 5 megapixel camera is an awesome treat, too. I say you won’t cry so much in case you lost it or something…

If you loved this gadget, check out Android O+ 8.12 too coz it’s amazing! You can also read my review about the latest Android  O+ 8.15 which is in Jelly Bean.

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113 thoughts on “Android O+ 8.5 – O Plus 8.5 Philippines Price”

  1. hi, ask ko lang po nabasag kasi screen ng o plus ko pero ok pa naman lahat ung screen lang nya my crack how po ang pareplace ng screen? thanks

  2. Hi! Just wanna ask if pano maresolve ang data problems?
    I already checked the configuration of my provider, tried
    Globe, Smart Sun..still, nothing works.. I’m not sure if it’s the
    phone or what.. This is a good phone with great features..
    Sana lang mapagana ko ang data 🙁

  3. ask ko lng kung saan po yung service center sa cubao area daw… nagloloko kasi 0+8.12 ko… then ipapa upgrade ko na din sa jellybean… pls help… tnx alot

  4. How do u know that it is fully charge? coz parang nagka decrease ang # of percentage na information na nagsasabi na recharge or low battery na cya. pls. give me insights regarding this problem. thanks

  5. panu poh ba iset ang mobile data or internet setting ng O+…hindi ko kase mgamit kahit inus ko na ung seting at apn..hnahnap paren ung nman poh..pls..thnks..

  6. can this phone be used outside Phillippines? DO I have to have it openline?
    i am planning to buy this phone and bring it to lebanon and use it while there with lebanon’s local SIm cards

  7. bat ganian??? halos lahat ng O+ 8.31 walang signal sa globe and tm.??

    balak ko pa man ding bumili ng O+ 8.15.. nakaka disapoint nga lang. 5days na akong walang signal.!! plss.. paki ayos naman ung network..

  8. gud day bakit nung ne re-boot ko ung phone ko hindi ko na magamit ung data connection or hindi naku makagamit ng internet kapag nagloload ako, panu ba ang tamang setting pra mkapag internet akong…

    • Jelly Bean is the latest Operating System used for Android devices. Ice Cream Sandwich was the former one. Of course the latest one is better since you are updated and your system would run better and fast since apps are updated and in sync with the new OS too. Some gadgets running in the Ice Cream Sandwich can be upgraded to Jelly Bean. Just check your gadget and ask your manufacturer if the upgrade is available for your device.

      Android has sweet terms for its OS – Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean etc. while Apple gadgets just use iOS 6, iOS 6.1 etc. for their terms. I hope you got it 🙂

  9. hi po, anu mas maganda pag nakacharge sya, naka open o naka close yung phone? kung naka close paano mu malalaman kung fully charged na?

  10. I have my O+ 8.5 I’m hear in haiti even sa mahirap n bansa mganda ang performance, lakas sumagap ng signal, ibang mahal n andrion phone hirap sa wifi, I used skype to communicate my family sa pinas at ok tlga,, sa battery lng ngktalo 4hrs lng f 2loy ang internet

  11. How do you turn off the vibration on the 8.5 oPlus when you are typing in the fb, and some sorta things?
    do I have to dl something or jailbreak something??
    I did not use it wid sim pa because of it. I am jst using it for browsing wid wifi areas.
    I did turn Vibration off on its settings but it has still – if you type it vibes. specially when chatting on fb and i tried it on sms – it has too . =( i wanna turn the whole vibe thing off!
    Please help.

  12. Hi i have an o+ 8.5 android phone pero di ako makagamit ng mobile internet kahit na install kona yung settings ng globe 🙁 pano po ba inconfigure to? pagod na pagod na ko Y_Y

  13. so if may problems ako sa APN or other network settings, pwedeng pumunta nalang sa Globe? I mean they configure settings for O+?

  14. hmm…sabi s Eat Bulaga O+ 8.5 has 8MegaPixel cam and it only costs 3999?…isn’t Deceiving..kasi it 5999 pala and 5 megapix lang…

  15. .. 5995 pa po ba yan ngayong 2013 ? baka sale sa December ee magmura pa ..
    pero tanong ko lang po kung 5999 paren yan ? kase sabe ng classmate ko 11 000 daw yan wee.

    • I’m pretty sure it will be much cheaper on December of course. Gadgets always go on sale every December. Sales always start on October. Yes, the price is still the same as of now. The 11,000 is O+ unit

  16. bibili po sana ako sa December magiipon ako 5995 pa bo yan ngayong 2013 ? baka sale sa December ee magmura pa 🙂
    pero tanong ko lang po kung 5999 paren yan ? THANKS @!

  17. panu po maalis ung vibrate nya while texting tanx po gusto ko kxe alisin kxe parang maaksaya po ata sa battery pag gnun

  18. lahat po ng nagtatanung about apps to be installed on O+ 8.5, i can assure you that all the apps found in the market can be installed in this Phone..

  19. so excited to have O plus phone!!!!!!!!…..galing ng features nito….may O plus ang ofismate ko, nung ginamit ko,,ganda talaga,,tama nga,,,,cheap but elegant ang phone na ito…. ^_^

  20. use the Arrow Down key with un underline beneath it at the bottom right of the message keyboard. i use the 5.3 version of the O+.

  21. hi.. help me pls.. about the enter key when creating a message,, i dont know where to find that,, so far,, i really like this phone but its just that i dont know the enter key,, but in the internet there is an enter key.. pls help me thanks..

  22. I think Android is going to become like all other Google things, Fehl. Bigger than everyone else’s stuff. LOL. I can see it happening. The O plus sounds an interesting mobile phone. Even Cassy said she doubts that the iPhone will remain the top smart phone. there are just too many other good phone makers out there competing and they are in more price ranges.

    Oh, and I have just activated my new web page today. My poetry site is up. Next thing on my bucket list is getting my poetry book published. Have a sweet day today, Fehl. Hugs and so much more from Cathy. XOXO

    • Isn’t it amazing I couldn’t even buy a Nokia phone before with P5000 now I can have the latest Android with that price. Wow, everything goes cheaper hehe Well except for Apple gadgets. I didn’t buy the iphone 5 yet because I am waiting for you to have one too. You’re the reason why I am buying one (to connect with you). O+ 8.5 is cool enough for those who wants the latest Android, a smartphone with clear camera and a handy one which is cheap. It’s worth the price I must say.

      Congrats and cheers to your new website. I am so proud of all the things you do. I am so excited for your upcoming book. I love you so much. Have a sweet day too. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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