Best Stocks in the Philippines in 2021 You Must Invest Right Now

What stocks should you buy right now if you are investing in the stock market? As promised, we’re sharing here the best stocks in the Philippines in 2021 you must invest right now.

These are the best stocks to buy this year and the great stocks to invest if you have a medium to long term capital growth target.

After in-depth and careful analysis, our stock analysts and banker friends finally sent us their update and outlook reports tackling about the best investments in the Philippines for 2021.

This is actually a million dollar info but since you’re an avid Philpad reader, we’re going to share what we’ve been rewarded as well.

Included in the report were equities, bonds, currencies, stocks global and local, GNP, GDP, GNI and a lot of figures and charts.

best stocks to invest philippines 2021

We won’t be discussing here the graphs and the curves, the charts and the pies and the technical and tactical strategies. We will just pin point the important results which are the recommended stocks investments for 2021.

According to COL Financial, the number online trading broker in the country, the PSE Index is expected to reach 18,000 in 2025.

2021 is also a year of recovery for most businesses and economies around the world. Many investors believe that the worst is over in terms of the pandemic outcome.

best stocks philippines in 2021

We don’t want to tickle your brains so much with the mentioned data but what does it all mean for us investors in the stock market? It means positive point of view and that we are all going to be happier in our goals.

Anyway, here are the conclusions from the data gathered:

Best Stock Investments in the Philippines in 2021

For long-term growth investment and easy stock classifications, follow BPPIH.

  • B – banks
  • P – power
  • P – property
  • I – infrastructure
  • H – Holding Firms
best stocks in the philippines 2021

Best Stocks in the Philippines in 2021:

  • Banks –  MBT, BDO, BPI
  • Power – MER, AP
  • Property – SMPH, ALI, AREIT, VLL
  • Infrastructure – MPI
  • Holding Firms – SM, AC, SMC, AEV

While our analysts and banker friends gave us the formula, we came up with the following stocks recommendations of best stocks in the Philippines or best stocks to buy in 2021.

You can also choose your own preferred stocks following the BPPIH categories provided you analyze the companies whether they are undervalued or overvalued or simply analyze their P/E and EPS. You can also use your stock broker’s Investment Guide reports.

If you have equity fund investments, expect your Mutual Fund manager to focus more on BPPIH allocating the investments. If you are reading and analyzing monthly portfolio analysis, performance and fund sheets of your investments, you are already familiar with this right now.

Below is an example of portfolio analysis allocating investments in a Mutual Fund. Of course using BPPIH will be different.

portfolio analysis

Equities and stock prices are lower this month so it’s really wise to buy more stocks and take advantage of this opportunity.

Do you want to invest in the stock market? Learn the easy ways by going at this page:

Stock Market Guide for Beginners:

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  1. Hi Mam Fehl,

    I invested in DDMPR this mar 2021 but stock price is going down…i am a bit worried…what do you see in store for dd reit in the near future…is it just temporary due to the pandemic? Thank you.


  3. Paki explain po kung ano ngyari sa shares ko with 7/11, last November I think first week I purchased sevn for 211/share at 20, so dun po sa price na yun nglaro until khapon november 22 nag closed sya sa 219. Tapos the following day nov 23 2017, nag open po sya sa 135, so nagulat po ako and when I investigate, yung history niya through other websites like Bloomberg na nag 200 sya e nawala yung history kahit saan na nasa 210 sya from first week of November until nov 22,2017 nung tiningnan ko po sa trading company ko May nkalagay na market surveillance , ano po kaya ibig sabihin nun and ano na po nangyari dun sa money ko? I will really appreciate your help! Thank you po

  4. Hello po. I’m just 18 years old lang po and I am planning to invest in stocks. Gusto ko lang po magtanong sainyo what will be your recommendations for it? How will I start and ano po yung mga okay na companies for beginners like me po ☺

  5. Hi Ms Fehl,

    I am new in Stock Market,… may i know how do you categorized a company when selecting for flipping & long term investment.

    Thanks and good luck.

    Stello Alvarado

  6. Hi Mam Fehl, newbie here po. Im currently based in abroad and always wanted to do stocks. Ive just send me application to COL Financial and wanted to start investing, trial lang po muna for Php5000 starter po 🙂 Any recommendation which stocks should I buy for long term mam? thank you in advance po 🙂

    • Hi, Gilbert. If you’re into long term, I recommend blue chip stocks like ALI, BDO, SMPH, SM, AC or those listed on the best blue chip stocks sa

      Those companies are well established already. I’m confident of their growth and potential 🙂 Cheers!

  7. Hi Miss Fehl

    I’m planning to open an account in Col Financial. Buy stocks maybe quarterly and then sell it maybe after five or ten years. May I know your thoughts about this?

    Looking forward to your advice.

  8. Hi miss fehl Im going to buy for ALI, is it a good idea for me to continue the transaction? what are the advantage for me if im going to hold this for several years? thanks so much! 😀

    • ALI is a nice choice of blue chip stock. It has a good source of recurring income. The company is stable and has a good balance sheet. It’s good for long term of 5 years or more as it will build generous profit in the long run. Do PCA method and keep it for several years. God bless!

  9. hi ms. fehl I just bought now my first stck URC @ 179.6 for 20 shares. I plan to stick to it for 10yrs using PCA @5000monthly. Is it a good bye? market closed today @179.5 its BBP is 190. its now on HOLD. Still my question, did i make a sound decision for it? Please help guys. thanks a lot.

    • Hi, you can check out Magic 10 stocks at The stocks I recommend for long term or short term are listed there. Thanks

      • Hi, I have come across several listings of highly recommended stocks for long-term investment. But just like your own list, it does not include SMC even if it qualifies as a blue-chip stock based on your definition in (quoted below). Why is that?

        “Blue-chip stocks are stocks from large corporations or well-established companies that have operated for many years already. These companies are well-known, well-established and well-recognized as “Giants” because they usually come profitable and stable in spite of economic challenges thus making them not too volatile.”

        Nevertheless, I have SMC stocks and I see that their price is appreciating. In fact, it’s the stock that’s giving me gains to date. Would you advise me to continue buying SMC stocks?

        I’m happy to note though that you have in your list the three banks I have investments in.☺

  10. hi fehl
    i already have 3 companies on my portfolio
    is MPI a good choice for long term investment?

    more power
    been following your articles for quite some time now

  11. Hi Miss Fehl!

    I’m a newbie in this stock market thing ma’am,.. I just want to ask your opinion about petroleum company like philex if its good to invest on them. Thank you so much for creating this site. such a big help for a starter like me. More power and God bless you!

    • being an active trader, it entails a lot of analysis and research. most of traders today studied many2x years or months.

  12. Hi! Maam Pehl,
    My Boss, wants to invest additional stocks , currently we have an account at COL but all stocks he BUY ALWAYS DEFICIT. Please recommend the name of stocks at least six (6) good for one (1) month or short term only. By the way Maam Pehl, where we can see the data of stocks at least six (6) months.

    Your reply very much appreciated.
    Very truly yours,

  13. Hi Ms. Fehl! May question pala ko regarding sa EIP ng colfinacial. Dun sa recommendations nila, ito ung mga gusto kong i-consider: AC, ALI, EDC, JFC, SMPH, URC. Kung kayo po ng tatanungin alin po dito ang pipiliin nyo? Thank you po. =D

  14. Hi mam Fehl
    I’m a student right now and our subject required as to invest in the stock market and I’m looking for good company to invest right now can you give me at least 5 company so that I can study that company if it is good.

  15. Hi ms.fehl, thank you for all of these information, madami po akong natututunan sa inyo! 🙂
    Ask ko lng po
    Smph or ali? Which is better for long term po? Thank you very much!
    Godbless always!


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