Top 30 Companies of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEI)

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If you have stock investments in the Philippines, it is important to know the updated list of companies on the Philippine Stock Exchange Index in 2023.

Whether you’re trading in the stock market, investing in mutual funds, or you’re into exchange-traded funds, knowing the latest list will guide your investing journey.

But before that, we will share a brief information about the PSE index series.

PSE Index Series:

The Philippine Stock Exchange has 3 Index Series used to measure and analyze the stock market as a whole. It includes:

  1. PSEI – composed of the top 30 companies selected by the Philippine Stock Exchange
  2. Sectors Indices – composed of 6 sectors (Financial, Industrial, Holding Firms, Property, Service, Mining & Oil)
  3. All Shares Index – complements everything and it includes all the common stocks of companies listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

PSEI, the 6 sectors, and All Shares index are used to determine the stock market capitalization, growth, and stability of the most significant companies in the Philippines.

top 30 companies of psei

What is PSEI?

PSEI is an acronym referring to the Philippine Stock Exchange Index. It was also known as the Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index and “Phisix” many years ago. The index is composed of the Top 30 companies listed on the Philippine stock exchange. It is often used as a barometer of the performance of the Philippine stock market.

The companies of the PSE index are carefully selected to represent and analyze the general movement and performance of the stock market in the Philippines.

In a nutshell, PSEI is the benchmark used to measure and scale the performance of the Philippine stock market together with its specific industry sectors and all shares index.

Top 30 Components of PSEI in 2023

The Philippine Stock Exchange carefully selects 30 companies for the PSE Index following strict and expert criteria. It goes through regular adjustments so the composition may change, and a company may enter or exit.

Right as of this date, in alphabetical order, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEI) constituents are the following:

  1. Ayala Corporation (AC)
  2. AC Energy Corporation (ACEN)
  3. Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV)
  4. Alliance Global Group, Inc. (AGI)
  5. Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI)
  6. Aboitiz Power Corporation (AP)
  7. BDO Unibank, Inc. (BDO)
  8. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  9. Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions, Inc. (CNVRG)
  10. Emperador Inc. (EMI)
  11. Globe Telecom, Inc. (GLO)
  12. GT Capital Holdings, Inc. (GTCAP)
  13. International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICT)
  14. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)
  15. JG Summit Holdings, Inc. (JGS)
  16. LT Group, Inc. (LTG)
  17. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (MBT)
  18. Megaworld Corporation (MEG)
  19. Manila Electric Company (MER)
  20. Monde Nissin Corporation (MONDE)
  21. Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPI)
  22. Puregold Price Club Inc. (PGOLD)
  23. Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC)
  24. Semirara Mining and Power Corp. (SCC)
  25. SM Investments Corp. (SM)
  26. San Miguel Corp. (SMC)
  27. SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH)
  28. PLDT, Inc. (TEL)
  29. Universal Robina Corporation (URC)
  30. Wilcon Depot, Inc. (WLCON)

The Philippine Stock Exchange conducts a semi-annual review of the PSE indices. Any company can be added or removed from the 30 according to the PSE’s comprehensive assessment. The computation and management of PSEI can be seen on this page. The top 30 must comply with the PSE listing requirements.

How many from your stock portfolio are included in the PSE index? Tell us in the comment below.

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  1. Good Morning po. I’m a student po and I am interested about stocks. Ano po marerecommend yung stocks para makapag invest, kunware po I have 10,000 pesos (kunware lang) ano pong best choice? Thank you

    • Hi Cris 🙂 For newbies, I recommend starting with small amount investing monthly with the top blue chips stocks in the Philippines. Number 1 reason is to minimize risk, number 2, blue chips are well established companies and won’t likely go bankrupt or de-listed. So if you have 10K monthly for example, you can divide that to buy 2-3 companies. For instance if you like to invest in property sector, financial sector, and conglomerates, ALI, BDO, and SM are great! Invest in 2 companies this month, then alternatively the other stock next month if di kasya budget.

      You may check out our recommended blue-chips stocks in the Philippines here:

  2. I have my bpi account and still reading and thinking what step to do ..I’m interested in stock market and I think it’s the best time to invest while the price is down but my bpi account holder says they will discuss me about it..but isn’t bpi is not a good choice.why I read here that col is better and the bpi has delays…

  3. hi.gusto ko sanang sumali or gumawa ng stock investing club. baka you can help me recruit members. said club meets at regular intervals to talk shop (investing,trading journals/logs, podcasts, etc)

  4. Hi Maam!.. im a newbie in Stock Market and yesterday is my 1st time to buy stocks. I bought shares from PCOR (Petron Corporation) cause i know that this oil crisis is only temporary and its the best time to buy oil companies cause the prices are low and i predict that for the years to come oil price will going high.. im using COL. what can you say about my action?.. thank you

  5. Hi!

    I just started investing last November – 1st stock is ALI (wished I started earlier) But I did have a UITF with BDO 1 yr ago & had it for 3 years yielding profit when I ended it.


    1. I am currently using BPI Trade but really want to got o COL since it takes too long for BPI to process anything (especially when I want to add money to the account) is it advisable to also get COL while I have BPI? I plan on getting COL but will leave my shares that are already in BPI as is & just continue to invest montly

    2. While I am investing monthly in stocks is it also advisable to get a UITF? ( I think this is a mid term investment if Im not mistaken)

    3. I am looking at a second share (Fitz V. said to diversify) since I have already ALI what’s the next stock that I can buy based on your advise?

    4. The market is on a down trend this past few months is it okey to keep on buying stocks as long as they are below buy price?

    • Hi. 1. Yes, if it’s more convenient for you to open COL. I have COL and so far it is fast in funding account.
      2. Yes, especially if you can afford it. Diversification always works
      3. Depending on your personal choice and objective but if you ask me, my second choice is BDO. It’s the number 1 bank and it gives dividends quarterly 🙂
      4. Yes, it’s an opportunity to buy more blue chip stocks

      • Hi i am really interested starting to invest on stock market….. I can you help me learn it more pls do reply i want to buy as soon as possible.. 🙂

          • hi….. im very interested to invest the share of stocks and how much i will invest? it is good for initial invest capital 10,000.00

          • depends on what stocks you will buy. Yes, you can buy using that 10K. I suggest buying blue chip stocks and doing it monthly using PCA method

      • Hi Ms Fehl, do know the difference between investing through COL and directly with the Bank(Ex. BDO, Metrobank and BPI) and which is best and why?

        Thank you so much.

        I’m just new, any learning info would be appreciated

  6. Hi,

    Do you have an article explaining IPO’s? What’s the meaning of listing date ( actually I forgot the term )? I just read this article from COL regarding an upcoming IPO. There was a date duration when the stocks will be offered and then there was a “listing” date a few weeks after.

    • Under po sya ng Alliance Global Group Inc. AGI’s subsidiaries include Emperador Inc.; Megaworld Corporation; Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc.; and Golden Arches Development Corporation (eto po yung Mc Do).

  7. maam, good day .. ask ko lang po if may list po kayo ng lahat ng companies sa NCR ? especially ung mga bago lang po . need lang po sa work for research . salamat 🙂

    • Get to know and learn about the type of investment you want to open, assess your risk appetite and know your financial goal

  8. Hi,

    San po ba makikita yung list ng companies na natangal or under probation sa PSE?
    Maganda kasi malaman yung mga ganitong companies in case na makabalik sila sa merkado and do regular trading.

    Another query po. How does the PSEi affects the price of the other stocks. Madami kasi nagsasabi na “Uy PSEi reached 8000 na, or bumaba ang PSEi sa 7400..” Pero in laymans term, ano po ang implication nito sa price ng ibang stocks that are not listed sa PSEi top 30 companies.

    Thank you po! 🙂

    • They are usually available at the PSE website. PSEI is the benchmark or tool used by investors to analyze the stock market here as it is a composition of majority of the best known stocks we invest with. So it’s easier to track your stocks performance if you also copy PSEI stocks. The implication on other stocks has obvious impact because investors are sensitive to PSEI’s standing as they believe the market is significantly affected by it.

  9. Hi =) ask ko lang po, I really want JGS in my portfolio. can u give me guide on their performance or tips for investing in it? or in short, if it is possible to be included in the dailypik?
    Thanks in Advance. more power to you =)

  10. Hi Ms. Fehl, here I go again your no. 1 follower =). I was looking around the internet about this question but I don’t seemed to find the right anwer, perhaps you can help me. I am about to find the best companies who are good paying dividend. It is very essential to us investors to look for a good company who are not just have the potential of growing consistently, but also are willing to share their blessings in a form of dividend.

    I hope you can assist us on this, as you are the only one we can rely on this kind of stuff. You are very reliable indeed.

    Thanks and looking forward to your response.

  11. Nag eenjoy akong basahin po itong article nyo. at Naeexcite na po ako mag start sa pag iinvest 🙂

    Maraming Salamat po!

    Reserved ko po muna mga tanong ko ngayon… hehe

    God bless po!

    • Hi. Ma’am fhel, thank u for ur very informative reply. Reading all comments helps me a lot in understanding a bit w/ regards to investing. I’m 47 yrs. old I just started investing at high devidend fund this week. Ang tanong ko kang po paano ko mkikita kung Mgkano na ang kinita ng funds at paano ko rin I redeem. Di po kc naipaliwng masyado ping open ako ng ATM at pde ko dw po sa ATM mg wiithdraw. 1st time ko lang po. Sana po masagot nyo to. Thank u and god bless u po.

      • Hi. If you opened UITF, you can monitor your fund and its performance via online banking. It’s the most secured way

  12. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Is there a way or website to view stocks annual revenues in graph? I’m also new with Investing and very thankful to found your blog. Very helpful and informative. Thanks for your advices and generous deed.

    Thanks again and have a great day!


  13. Hi Fhel,

    I want to try MF. Inaalok ako ng BPI sa investment nila parang 50k annual for 10 years okay po ba yun? Or can you suggest kung ano maganda beginner ako sa ganitong process as in newbie. Gusto ko lang malaman kaniano at ano ako dapat magstart. Any help will be appreciated very much.

    Thank you.

    • Yes, BPI’s ALFM Funds are great. It’s advisable to invest for long term 3-5 years or more to earn more profit. I recommend Mutual Funds for everyone even not beginners 🙂

  14. Hello mam Fehl…
    good day,I am very interested about the stock market but dont have an experience,can you suggest me what will i do about this?
    How much naman po ang puwedeng ma invest sa isang stocks?affrordable po ba?is it ok kahit walang experience?but i really want to invest in the stock market…
    Hoping your reply….

    Thank you…..

  15. hi.. my first stock was MBT.. nghahanap pa ako ng ibang company na pwedeng pglagyan ng stocks… can you suggest some? ok lng po kahit hindi kayo sure… ^^ i was thinking of URC and ALI…

    • for 2015, MBT and BDO are great picks for banking sector. Big consumers like URC is my pick too. AC, EDC, CEB are also on my list with Target Price

  16. Hi ms.fehl! I want to invest in stocks, may i know the requirements needed and the process to start with? Any insight po regarding this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • I’ve made an easy guide and tutorials for the step-by-step guide investing in the stock market. It’s in the related article above. Or juts go to the STOCK tab

  17. Hi fehl I always check mail for your posts and updates about investing. First, I want to thank u for being an inspiration and big help for us who wants to save for the future. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Looking forward for your thoughts about the market in 2015.. More power and God bless!!

  18. As a newbie, long term po ang horizon ko (10-15years). Saan po ako dpat mag focus na company? 15 years po kc retired npo ako. Mraming slamat

    • I suggest you select 4-5 companies and invest on them monthly regularly and stick to your plan for long term investing. Can’t tell which companies are great right now coz my answers would change every now and then. 🙂 If you want my complete stock picks, you’ll get access to it soon coz I’m making it available, to launch on 2015

  19. Hi, I love your blog and it really get me interested in investing in stocks. Is peso cost averaging method is the best way in investing my money on stocks? Or is there any ways in investing in stock other than this one? Thank you!

  20. maam pano po kumuha ng static ? hindi po kc tinatanggap ung email ko eh.pwede po bang ibibigay ko sau about my info tapos kau nlang po kumuha ng static ko ?

  21. yong philippine stock index fund ba ng ALFM mutual fund dyan ba nag be base sa top 30 companies kung tataas yong price ng share or bababa?paano ba ang pagpatakbo nito miss fehl?

    • Yes, ALFM Phil. Stock Index Fund replicates the components comprising the stocks on PSEi. The fund’s asset is allocated in the same weight as to PSEi so if the latter is not performing well, ALFM PSIF will also mirror that performance substancially

    • It’s in real estate and development. It could be great if you what you speculate turns real. Get to know it more and the upcoming projects and ventures

  22. Hi gud afternoon…
    Paanu po b nmin malalaman kung ang isang broker ng mutual fund ay legal na ngooperate jan sa pinas? …halimbawa yung ayala land corp. My broker po b to join in mutual fund? At san ko po mkikita na legal po tlga..thank you for looking forward to hear from you..

  23. I think people should about the companies involved in PSEi so that people would know where they go for services and where they buy to help increase the shares. They would also help improving our economic status.
    I did not know what companies contribute to the Philippines Stock. So as a consumer, I just buy goods or foods without knowing where my money would go. For example, ever since, my family is like an avid costumer of mcdonalds and now, reading this information made me realize that all those money we pay did not help to increase the Philippines Stock. Therefore, it is better to let the people aware of this matter.

  24. Hi fehl, do you have any ideas about BPI UITF? can you share something about it? i open an account in BPI since i saw in the internet that you can involve in stock market if you have an account with them without minimum, i also check their UITF and i’m quite interested. Likewise, I did some research about that and I think its good however, i just want to gather second comments. hehehehe

    • Hi Arnie 🙂 BPI, like other major banks in the Philippines, also has investment products. I like their ALFM Mutual Funds. For UITFs, I prefer BDO, PNB and Security Bank due to performance. For BPI, I like their Mutual Funds. If you want be involved in the stock market directly, you can buy or sell stocks via BPI Trade. BPI Trade is the online trading platform of BPI. And yes, you don’t need minimum initial fund because you can already open BPI Trade account if you already have existing BPI express online account. It is your responsibility however to have enough funds in your BPI Trade whenever you wish to buy stocks.

      • Hi fehl, thanks for timely response, okay, i get it. I’ll go ahead and check their mutual funds so that i’ll be able to choose the one that best suits me. hehehe. basically, if i wanted to invest in stocks using my BPI account, i just need to ensure that it has the funds, right? do i still need to go to any BPI branch and fill-out something for that? thanks

        • There are 2 ways to invest on stocks: via Equity Funds from Mutual Funds or UITF and via Direct Stock Market investing. If you choose the latter, you need a broker. Since you’re banking with BPI, you can use BPI Trade as your online broker. Your BPI Trade must have funds and you can fund it using your BPI online banking. You don’t need to go to the branch. That’s the power of online banking 🙂


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