Top 15 Best Credit Cards in the Philippines in 2022

The updated list of the Top 15 Best Credit Cards in the Philippines in 2022 are here! We compiled the best credit cards according to different categories, such as the best credit cards for beginners and starters, best credit cards with no annual fee, best credit cards for travelers, and the most expensive credit cards in the Philippines.

Why Should You Get a Credit Card?

Having a credit card is very helpful and convenient for everyone. Nowadays, cashless transactions are growing in numbers. Whether you are shopping, booking a flight, or having your favorite cappuccino, credit cards are lifesavers. That being said, anything we want to purchase, use, or avail online now requires credit cards.

Top 15 Best Credit Cards in the Philippines:

  1. Blue from American Express
  2. PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard
  3. BDO Visa Platinum
  4. BPI Visa Signature Card
  5. Citi Rewards Mastercard
  6. Metrobank World Mastercard
  7. RCBC Black Card Platinum Mastercard
  8. BDO Diners Club Premiere
  9. HSBC Red Mastercard
  10. Security Bank Complete Cashback
  11. Eastwest Everyday Titanium Mastercard
  12. Unionbank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card
  13. American Express Cashback Card
  14. Chinabank World Mastercard
  15. BDO Visa Classic Card

Best Credit Cards in the Philippines in 2022

The following are the best credit cards in the Philippines in 2022. We gathered the list according to criteria, including amazing perks and benefits, international acceptance, easy payment schemes, cool rewards points system, fast approval, waived annual fees, simple miles conversion, and awesome customer support.

1. Blue from American Express

Blue from American Express is the first transparent credit card in the Philippines. Ranked as the number one spot, it gives prestige and incredible perks even though it is a beginner card in line with the AMEX credit cards available in the Philippines. You can get this card in BDO or read my post: How I Got My First AMEX?

best credit cards philippines
photo credit: American Express

Benefits of Blue American Express Credit Card:

  • Hassle-free online shopping
  • A special selection of year-round savings and offers in dining, shopping, and accommodations worldwide
  • Annual fee waiver once you hit P15,000 monthly spend
  • Easy installment programs that provide 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 and 36 monthly installments for a minimum single purchase amount of P3,000
  • 0% interest installment services
  • Occasional treats and freebies
  • Exclusive offers from American Express credit cardholders
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Membership rewards points that never expire

How to Apply for Blue AMEX?

You must be at least 21 years of age, Filipino citizen or Philippine resident and must have a minimum annual income of P180,000. Submit the requirements. For instance, submit a proof of income, valid ID, existing credit card statement if any) at any BDO branch.

2. PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard

PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard is one of the most prestigious and most rewarding credit cards in the Philippines. A fascinating advantage of having it is its low point miles conversion (1 point = 1 mile). Yes, that will reward you with free flights and non-flights treats. Other awesome benefits include the following:

pnb pal mabuhay miles world mastercard application
photo credit: Philippine National Bank

Benefits of PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard:

  • Free 2,000 Mabuhay Miles welcome gift when you activate your card (for new and first-time principal cardholder)
  • Additional free 10,000 Mabuhay Miles when you spend at PAL
  • Priority Check-in at PAL Business Class Counters
  • Exclusive year-round PAL online discount
  • World-class concierge services
  • Free travel insurance
  • Cash advance
  • Global acceptance
  • Zero % installment programs
  • Convert your credit limit into cash
  • 24/7 customer service hotline
  • Free annual fee for life for all your Supplementary Credit Cards

How to Apply for PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles Credit Card?

You are qualified if you are at least 21 years old with an annual income of at least 2.4 million pesos. Just download the application form and submit it at any PNB branch together with your valid ID. It would help if you have an existing credit card with a decent credit limit.

3. BDO Visa Platinum

BDO Visa Platinum is one of the most prominent Visa platinum cards in the Philippines. It boosts with high-class privileges such as free Priority Pass membership, comprehensive travel insurance, and free annual fee waived in the first year.

bdo visa platinum credit card
Photo Credit: BDO

Benefits of BDO Visa Platinum Card:

  • Credit card points redemption program
  • Free Priority Pass membership
  • Dual currency billing option
  • Visa Concierge services include air travel arrangements, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, car rentals, passport, and visa assistance
  • Visa exclusive access globally, including access to unique travel experiences, airport meet and greet assistance, and benefits at selected airport duty-free outlets
  • Easy installment programs
  • Treats and freebies for cardholders
  • 24-hour customer service

How to Apply for BDO Visa Platinum Card?

Apply to any BDO branch with your valid ID and latest ITR or existing credit cards. The annual fee for BDO Visa Platinum Card is P4,500 per year (first year is waived).

4. BPI Visa Signature Card

BPI Visa Signature Card is also one of the best credit cards in the Philippines. One of my favorite perks is its lower foreign exchange conversion of 1.85% compared to other credit cards you use abroad. It rewards cardholders the following advantages:

bpi visa signature card requirements
Photo Credit: BPI

Benefits of BPI Visa Signature Card:

  • One (1) Real Thrills Rewards Premium Point for every P20 spend, which you can use to redeem shopping credits, your dream vacation, or your most desired gift at My BPI Rewards
  • Book and buy your airline tickets, hotel stays, and car rentals via our travel portal, BPI myVoyage
  • Lower foreign exchange conversion of 1.85% compared to other credit cards when purchasing abroad
  • Special exchange rates when you buy foreign currencies at any BPI branch by showing your BPI Visa Signature Card
  • Travel Insurance of up to P20 Million
  • 24/7 worldwide visa concierge
  • Complimentary access to Pacific Club lounge in NAIA 3 for you and your companion
  • Visa luxury hotel collection
  • 50% off deals on dining, hotels, resorts, fitness studios, and wellness centers

How to Apply for BPI Visa Signature Card?

The requirements to open BPI Visa Signature Card online is a proof of ID and proof of income or a copy of your credit card statement form another bank. Fill out the online application form at the BPI website and wait for the confirmation of your application. BPI will contact you after that.

5. Citi Rewards Mastercard

Citibank is giving you a gift of “No Annual Fee Forever” with their Citi Rewards Mastercard when you meet the spend requirement of 20,000 (single or accumulated).

This is one of the best credit cards in the Philippines because of its generous rewarding system. You will earn 1 point for every P30 spend. Additionally, your points will never expire. Citi’s mobile app is also very convenient for card amazing features and services.

citibank credit card no annual fee
Photo Credit: Citibank Philippines

Benefits of Citi Rewards Mastercard:

  • Faster reward system
  • Flights, hotel, shopping points redemption
  • Citi Thank You Rewards
  • No expiration of reward points
  • Citi World Privileges exclusive for cardholders
  • Citi Mobile App features

How to Apply for Citibank Rewards Credit Card?

For first-time applicants, submit 1 valid government-issued ID, proof of income (ITR, payslip, or certificate of employment and bank statement). Applicants must be at least 21 years old and must have a minimum annual income of P180,000 (for existing credit cardholders), or P250,000 (for applicants with no existing credit card).

6. Metrobank World Mastercard

One of the best credit cards for Metrobank clients, this World Mastercard offers a credit limit that almost sets no borders giving you the benefit of additional buying power, anytime you need it.

It boosts with luxury privileges and premium perks such as automatic purchase protection, traveler rewards, and free 2-supplementary cards. Wow!

metrobank credit card requirements
Photo Credit: Metrobank

Benefits of Metrobank World Mastercard:

  • Instant access, discounts, and deals at over 1,000 airports and 500 airport lounges worldwide
  • MasterCard traveler rewards
  • Contactless card feature
  • Chip card security feature
  • First 2 supplementary cards without annual fees
  • Automatic purchase protection
  • 0% installment program
  • 24-hour VIP customer service
  • M Here exclusive deals
  • Free travel insurance coverage up to 5 million

How to Apply for Metrobank World Mastercard?

You can apply online for your chosen credit card by filling out the application form. Requirements include proof of identification and proof of income. Once approved, your card will be delivered to your chosen address.

7. RCBC Black Card Platinum Mastercard

RCBC Black Card Platinum is one of the best black cards in the Philippines. As we know, the Black Card is a superior world card that signifies elite status, power, and elegance.

The RCBC Black Card Platinum credit card has all the fantastic benefits you could ask for. The annual fee for this black card is P3,600 per year. I think that is the cheapest annual fee rate for a black card in the country right now.

Considering the amazing perks you’ll be entitled with this black card, it’s a must-have black card by high-net-worth individuals.

rcbc black card platinum credit card
Photo Credit: RCBC Bankard

Benefits of RCBC Black Card Platinum:

  • Airmiles
  • Cash rebates
  • International travel privileges
  • Free-for-life supplementary card (up to 5)
  • Non-expiring rewards points
  • Free travel insurance up to 1 million
  • Worldwide coverage of up to $200 for international and local purchases
  • Flexible rewards program
  • 0% installment plans
  • Free access to Skyview Airport Lounge and Club Manila Lounge with one travel companion

How to Apply for RCBC Black Card?

You can apply online at RCBC Bankard. Choose your card and fill out the online form and attach your documentary requirements and verify yourself digitally. RCBC will also contact you for additional verification of your profile and your application. You’ll get a notification when your card is approved and on its way to you.

8. BDO Diners Club Premiere

This credit card lets you earn one mile for every P30 charged to your card. That means you will be able to earn miles you can redeem for exciting trips abroad. You will also get exclusive access (2 per year) to Diners Club airport lounges across the globe. BDO Diners Club Premiere credit card also rewards a free global wifi access in over 200 countries, with zero roaming fees, and zero data limits.

bdo diners club credit card philippines
Photo Credit: BDO

Benefits of BDO Diners Club Premiere:

  • Earn miles for every P30
  • Double miles on dining
  • Diners Club airport lounges access
  • Free travel insurance coverage up to 20 million
  • Diners Club exclusive privileges
  • Dual currency billing option
  • Easy installment plans
  • Free Global Wifi access

How to Apply for BDO Diners Club Credit Card?

The catch, BDO requirement for applicants of this credit card is P1 million gross income. Apply at BDO together with valid ID and existing credit card statement or proof of income.

9. HSBC Red Mastercard

This remarkable credit card, HSBC Red Mastercard, will give you 4 times bonus points on local and overseas purchases and transactions. It’s one of the most favorite credit cards by HSBC clients. Interested cardholders can also apply for this brilliant card. See the requirements on how to apply for this credit card, listed below.

hsbc red mastercard benefits
Photo Credit: HSBC

Benefits of HSBC Red Mastercard:

  • Accelerated rewards and treats
  • Points redemption
  • HSBC exclusive global Privilege Programme
  • Fuel savings and rebate
  • Free annual fee waived on the first year
  • Installment plan
  • Cash Advance and balance transfer
  • Exclusive travel deals

How to Apply for HSBC Red Mastercard?

If you want to get an HSBC Red Mastercard credit card, visit the HSBC credit card application page on their website. Then, fill out the online application form and comply with the following requirements: you must have an existing locally-issued primary credit card owned for at least 12 months and a minimum annual income of P200,000.

10. Security Bank Complete Cashback

If you are someone who enjoys earning cashback every time you swipe your credit card, the Security Bank Complete Cashback credit card is perfect for you. You will earn 5% cashback up to P12,000 annually if you use your credit card on groceries, gas, utilities, dining, and shopping transactions. Credit card benefits are listed below.

security bank credit card philippines
Photo Credit: Security Bank Philippines

Benefits of Security Bank Complete Cashback Card:

  • Year-round cashback
  • 5-tiered rebates
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Exclusive promos
  • SeaOil Rebate
  • Free annual fee waived on the first year
  • Marhaba Lounge Access at NAIA T1 and T3 (subject to fees per visit)

How to Apply for Security Bank Cashback Card?

Get this credit card by applying online at the Security bank website. Your gross annual income must be at least P360,000, and you should be an existing primary cardholder for at least 1 year. Furthermore, a Government-issued ID is also needed together with your proof of income.

11. Eastwest Everyday Titanium Mastercard

Eastwest Everyday Mastercard will give you up to 5% cash rebates every time you spend. Cash rebates will automatically be credited to your account once you accumulate P200 worth of cash. That means the more you spend, the more money you will earn back to your account. Another awesome benefit of this card is 1.70% low currency conversion fee for international purchases.

eastwest everyday titanium credit card 2022
Photo Credit: EastWest Bank

Benefits of Eastwest Everyday Titanium Mastercard:

  • Cash benefits features
  • Credit card perks and promos
  • Global acceptance
  • 0% installment plan
  • 3D secure technology
  • Cash advance and balance transfer
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Lost card protection
  • Lower Foreign Currency conversion fee (1.70%)

How to Apply for Eastwest Everyday Titanium Card:

Fill out an online application form or at any EastWest bank branch and submit a copy of your valid ID and a proof of income. The online application form can be accessed at EastWest Credit Card application page.

12. UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card

One of the best credit cards for travelers in the Philippines, the Unionbank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card, will reward you 1 point for every P25 everyday spend, and 1.5 points for every P25 travel-related spend. You’ll also get unlimited airport lounge access at Club Manila Lounge (NAIA T1), and Pacific Lounge (NAIA T3). How cool!

unionbank miles platinum visa card
Photo credit: UnionBank

Benefits of UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Credit Card:

  • Earn Miles+ points (points don’t expire)
  • Unlimited pre-departure airport lounge access
  • Free travel insurance of up to P10 million
  • Visa payWave
  • 0% installment plan
  • Rewards program
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Cash advance facility
  • Credit card security and protection
  • Credit life insurance

How to Apply for UnionBank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card?

You can apply online via the Unionbank website. Fill out and complete the online application form with your details, attach your documents and requirements for your credit card application. You’ll be contacted for verification of your credit card application.

13. American Express Cashback Card

Save and earn cash backs both for local and overseas purchases anytime with the American Express Cashback credit card. As an AMEX cardholder, you will also have the privilege of having American Express exclusive perks and services offered only to card-members.

american express cashback card
Photo Credit: American Express

Benefits of AMEX Express Cashback Card:

  • 1% cashback for local purchases
  • 2% cashback for overseas spend
  • First-year annual fee waiver
  • Easy installment program
  • Cash advance and balance transfer
  • American Express exclusive treats
  • Accepted worldwide
  • Comprehensive travel insurance of up to P10 million
  • Exclusive discounts and privileges

How to Apply for AMEX Cashback Card?

Visit BDO and bring your valid government-issued ID together with proof of income. You can also bring the latest Statement of Account of your existing credit card if you have any. There is a minimum annual income requirement of P420,000 for applicants of AMEX Express Cashback card. The annual fee for this credit card is P3,000 per year.

14. Chinabank World Mastercard

Enjoy world-class and concierge benefits with Chinabank World Mastercard credit card. This card can also give you complimentary SM Prestige membership, thus giving you the features and benefits of its loyalty program. Other benefits of Chinabank World Mastercard includes:

chinabank world mastercard 2021
Photo Credit: Chinabank Philippines

Benefits of Chinabank World Mastercard:

  • Global acceptance
  • World concierge assistance
  • Exclusive premium offers
  • Complimentary SM Prestige membership
  • Credit card rewards
  • Security features
  • Installment program
  • Flexible payment options
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Airport lounge access (subject to terms)

How to Apply for Chinabank Credit Card?

Chinabank World Mastercard requires an applicant to be at least 21 years old. You must have an existing active principal credit card to apply. You may apply online at Chinabank. Submit your application form and documentary requirements.

15. BDO Visa Classic Card

BDO Visa Classic Card is one of the most popular credit cards in the Philippines. This classic Visa credit card charges only P150 per month or a P1,800 annual fee. Enjoy all the marvelous advantages of having a Visa because it comes with the following benefits:

bdo visa classic credit card
Photo Credit: BDO

Benefits of BDO Visa Classic Card:

  • Earn 2 peso points for every P1,000 qualified spend
  • Free membership fee for the first year
  • Visa perks and discounts
  • Secure online shopping
  • Easy installment plans
  • Balance transfer and EasyPay options
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • 24-hour customer support
  • 0% interest installment
  • BDO deals, discounts, and freebies

How to Apply for BDO Visa Credit Card?

Apply at any BDO branch near you and bring the necessary requirements such as proof of income and valid IDs. It its also required that the cardholder applicant has a minimum gross fixed annual income of 260,000 pesos.

Best Credit Cards for Starters, Beginners, and First-Timers

The best credit cards in the Philippines for starters, beginners, or first-time users. If you are looking for credit cards that are easy to open, you may apply for these cards. In addition, they are also known for fast approval.

  • Metrobank Classic Card
  • PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles NOW Mastercard
  • Blue from AMEX
  • Security Bank Fast Track Secured Credit Card
  • BPI Family Savings Credit Card

If you are a beginner in using a credit card, we recommend the cards listed above because of their outstanding features, wonderful benefits, and low annual fees. Above all, these cards are perfect for both first-timers and experienced users.

Best Credit Cards with No Annual Fee in the Philippines

The following are the best credit cards in the Philippines with no annual fee. Yes, that means you won’t need to pay annual fees ever and for life. Having a bank account with the card issuer is a helpful and convenient way to get these credit cards.

  • Metrobank M Free Mastercard
  • PS Bank Credit Mastercard
  • Citi Simplicity+ Card
  • BPI eCredit Card

Best Credit Cards for Travelers

These are the best credit cards for travelers, globetrotters, and jet setters, accepted abroad and worldwide. Similarly, these cards have astonishing low point-mile system conversion, airport lounge access, free travel insurance coverage, premium concierge assistance, priority check-in, and most importantly, exclusive travel deals.

  • PNB-PAL Mabuhay Miles World Mastercard
  • Unionbank Miles+ Platinum Visa Card
  • Cathay Pacific American Express Elite
  • HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card
  • BDO Diners Club Premiere
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