Bicol Express PNR Train Fare Schedules and Review

After I have published about the PNR Station Schedules and Fares, I am now here, as promised, to blog and review about the famous Bicol Express journey. It’s not about the famous spicy dish, Bicol Express, it’s about the awesome voyage of PNR train going to Bicol and Naga City.

UPDATE: Manila Bicol Trips are currently not in service. We will wait for further announcement for the trips to be available.

PNR and its famous fleet, the Bicol Express route, is active again since the successful test last June 2011. It is now serving passengers to its maiden voyage with new trains donated by Japan. Though the trains are not totally brand new, they are good enough to give comfort and convenient ride home. Bicol express train stations and complete list of terminals were discussed on my article highlighted on the first paragraph if you wanna take a peek.

To have a bit of experience of the new sleeper train, I have uploaded some Bicol express train photos and pictures for you to see. A friend of mine couldn’t wait enough to ride the new train and experience Bicol. She went with her family, saw the perfect cone volcano peak,  Mt. Mayon and visited Naga City…then Camarines Sur.

I admit, it’s a perfect travel adventure for backpackers and travel addicts who prefer cheaper tours and fantastic journey.  Inside the sleeper train, this is what it’s gonna look like and it’s gonna be…

pnr bicol express train fare schedule
Family Sleeper – inside PNR Train

PNR Sleeper Train and Coaches

Looks comfy and nice enough to sleep in for the long train-ride from Manila to Bicol. The only thing that lacks is a wifi enabled zone. I wish PNR would make it possible soon as it’s kinda nakaka-inip…Thank God if you’re using internet plans on your phone, you can surf the web and Facebook anytime. lol I suggest you bring your extra food and water too so you won’t be hungry to wait for the next stopover. And oh, a cologne to spray your cabin.

This is suitable for groups of travelers or families. Your friends could like a Bicol Express trip. You just have to plan it well and prepare your budget. Know the train stations, schedules and plan your itinerary. Know your stops, departure and arrival.

pnr reclining seats rate
Reclining Seats – PNR

PNR Reclining seats

Feels like just a bus and a plane. I wish there are no Volde’s creatures here or else I’ll bring my wand. Ok, I kid there.  I’m still not so over with Harry Potter, I’m sorry. The reclining seats are okayish and thank goodness it’s air-conditioned.

PNR Bicol Express Schedule

  • Manila to Ligao
  • Ligao to Manila
bicol express train schedule 2014
source: PNR

It will take about 12 hours to reach your destination. Though at some situations, it takes shorter or longer. You can buy a ticket from the main station of the trip at Tutuban Center in Manila. Tutuban is in Divisoria.

PNR Bicol Express Fares and Price List

Bicol express Rates up to Naga are as follows:

Reclining seats            P548.00

Sleeper train                P950    (P665:00 for the promo)

Executive sleepers       P1,425 (P998.00 for the promo)

bicol express price fare 2014
source: PNR

Fares and prices may change from time to time. No worries, I’ll try to go here to update this post whenever the price changes.

You can also check the official website of PNR as it is available already; you can book in advance and have your reservations via phone at +63.2.319.0041 ext. 122.

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  1. Hello po Sir/Ma’m, Ask ko lang po kung hanggang saan yung biyahe niyo papaunta kasi ako ng tacloban on May 3, gusto ko lang po sana malaman kung may sasakyan ba na bus or barko papuntang Brgy. Alang-Alang Leyte kung sasakay ako sa PNR sa last station.

    Thanks and God bless you.


  2. Hi, I’ve checked the website and it says the trips are suspended. 🙁
    Have any idea why or when will it be up and running again?

    • PNR currently stopped some trips and services. Please wait for further announcement. Major repairs are currently done.

      • i will go next month from pak to manila.then i need to go gnrl santos city.pls much ticket price from mNila to gsc??and how much long???

  3. PNR remains suspended as rehabilitation of the line from manila to legaspi is still on-going. the current rehabilitation includes bridges between northern and southern terminus. I too am longing to take the train as I grew up riding them every school breaks during my primary and secondary schooling. I was supposed to ride the train the day after the accident in 2012. so for the meantime, i just reminisce my childhood days, whenever i pass old train stations on my way to bicol.

  4. Hi. I didn’t know that Bicol Express was operational again. I just got back in Manila from Ligao, Bicol. Would love to try this when I go back to Bicol.

  5. Hello! I would just like to ask, since when did PNR put Bicol Express back in service? I heard that there was an accident back in 2012 that lead to the suspension of Bicol Express trips (and external safety audits of CPCS Transacom of Canada).

    I would just want to know, because I haven’t heard of any announcement from PNR that the trips are back and operational. Thanks!

  6. Hi,
    Jut want to ask if nag ooperate naba ulet yung pnr going to bicol? And how much yung fare? Also pwede ba yung advance booking. Thank u so much in advance

  7. That is crazy that the train takes 11 hours just to go those 376 km from Manila to Naga. In Germany train goes about 100 km per hour. Does the Philippine train have extremely long stops in each city? And why?

      • The german “bullet train” ICE goes up to 320 km/h. Nope, I am really not expecting that here in the Philippines. But Bicol Express making 376 km in 11 hours is like the speed of riding a pedal bicycle. No bad intentions, but this is not a express. Why is it so slow? If the train is rather new from Japan, then maybe the track is very bad? I am just curious.

      • The german train that I was talking about in my first post is just a normal train with stops in every larger town. So quite similar to PNR, as I see on the schedule.

    • Hi Daniel, yes it really takes 11hrs to reach naga from manila. My worst experience was 21hrs and its just closer to manila than naga city. before the rehabilitation, the train normally runs at 30kph . My brother and I timed it during my college days. Recently (almost 3years ago), PNR used trains from korea and japan and was able to reach 80kph on certain straight segments and lessen travel time to 8-9hrs. The problem with PNR is that they did rehabilitate the rails and tracks but not the bridges and embankments of which some are from world war 2.

      • Yeah I think the government must resume the train system improvement. Transportation is very important to economy growth. Thanks for sharing your experience about PNR

  8. Can I go on this with you some day, Fehl? Have you been on this? It sounds nice and I love the photos. Your Volde jokes are awesome. I don’t think Voldemort will ever be on this Express… Harry Potter made sure of that. LOL. I love your awesome blogs and features. The Philippines is more amazing cos of your cool blog and articles, Fehl. It sounds lovely to be on this train…

    Cathy XOX

    • I am looking forward to have a train ride with you honey… :p I haven’t been on this one yet but a friend of mine tried the Bicol Express with her family and it sounds amazing. LOL I think I was watching too much Harry Potter when I made this post LOL I’m always happy to see you here my London editor. Mwaaaaah! Excited of your guest blog here. xoxo


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