Converge Air Internet Review and Postpaid Plans

I’m sharing here about Converge Air Internet review and postpaid plans. We have heard raves about Converge Fiberx and internet plans in the past months.

So we wanted to try Converge instead of PLDT Fiber because the latter had no coverage yet in our area at that time, which was somewhat ironic. After all, it’s also the hometown of the CEO of PLDT, Manny Pangilinan.

Converge ICT Solutions has acquired the internet provider in our area, Datelcom. They now offer better and fast internet connections for the people of Pampanga.

The best features of their plans that we like are bundled Internet with very affordable Cable plans. See the list of Postpaid Plans below.

Converge Air Internet Postpaid Plans

converge air internet review

My Experience Using Converge Air Internet with Cable Plan

I have chosen and opted for the bundle of P1,549 Plan, which includes Air Internet Postpaid Plan of 10 Mbps + Air 299 Cable Plan.

Air 299 Cable plan includes 18 HD (High Definition) channels + 58 SD (Standard Definition) channels. The plan requires 24 months contract, so it’s better than other ICTs and ISPs who require 36 months lock-in period.

I applied and submitted my application form and photocopies of my two valid IDs at the Datelcom office in our Area in the morning. Note that Converge acquired Datelcom, and I was an existing client, so I did not submit proof of billing statement anymore.

Converge Air Internet has installed my cable and internet in the afternoon that same day. Wow, they were so quick. I was impressed with that.

The cable channels were excellent, and I like the HD channels, although the SD is good, too. Videos are primarily on 16:9 and 1080i screen resolution.

My internet is faster now. No hassle so far using Air Internet and cable service. If you’re wondering about my internet speed for having a 10 Mbps plan, check it out below.

Converge 10 mbps Speed Test

converge air internet review postpaid plans

Converge Air Internet Application Requirements:

  1. Valid ID (any of the following)
    • Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Postal ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • PRC ID
    • SSS/GSIS UMID Card
    • Company ID
  2. Proof of Billing (any of the following)
    • Electric Bill
    • Water Bill
    • Telephone Bill
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Other Utility Bill
  3. Required initial payment (advanced payment equivalent to 1 month of the postpaid plan)

Air cable is available at the following locations:

  • Tarlac
  • Pampanga
  • Zambales
  • Bataan
  • Bulacan
  • Metro Manila
converge air internet cable bundle plans
This is what Air Internet Cable TV Box looks like

Converge Internet Channels List (SD and HD Channels)

  1. Pay Per View
  2. ABS CBN 2
  3. PEP TV
  4. PTV 4
  5. TV 5
  6. UFM 105.5
  7. GMA 7
  8. PBO (Pinoy Box Office)
  9. CNN Philippines
  10. UNTV
  11. GMA News TV
  12. knowledge Channel
  13. IBC 13
  14. Channel V
  15. ABS CBN Sports
  16. CineMax
  17. Net 25
  18. DZMM Teleradyo
  19. Cinema One
  20. EWTN
  21. BBC World News
  22. SONY Channel
  23. INC TV
  24. Channel News Asia
  25. NBA Premium TV
  26. MYX
  27. 2nd Avenue
  28. CNN
  29. ETC
  30. Fox Sports
  31. Nat Geo Channel
  32. HBO
  33. Jack TV
  34. Fox Sports 2
  35. CCTV 4
  36. Star Movies
  37. Cartoon Network
  38. Discovery Channel
  39. Viva Channel
  40. Star World
  41. Travel & Living
  42. History Channel
  43. ANC
  44. GNN
  45. Fashion TV
  46. Nickelodeon
  47. Disney Channel
  48. Diva Universa
  49. Lifestyle Network
  50. AXN
  51. Star Channel
  52. Fox News
  53. Animal Planet
  54. Basketball TV
  55. CI (Crime Investigation)
  56. Solar Sports
  57. Bloomberg TV
  58. ABS CBN Pampanga
  59. DWTV
  60. Phoenix Chinese
  61. Fujian TV
  62. CTV
  63. TTV
  64. Star Chinese Movies
  65. Xing Kong
  66. BS Premium
  67. BS1
  68. CTS
  69. TV 5 Monde Asie
  70. TVE
  71. CLTV 36
  72. YTN
  73. Star Utsav
  74. Kalaignar TV
  75. CCTV News
  76. Arirang
  77. Saudi Arabian TV
  78. Australia Plus TV
  79. Al Jazeera
  80. Pinoy Extreme
  81. Hero
  82. Hyper
  83. Universal Ch
  84. Jeepney TV
  85. FYI
  86. PBA Rush
  87. Disney Junior
  88. Fox Channel
  89. Tru TV
  90. Fox Action Movie
  91. Eurosport
  92. Sony Gem
  93. Baby First TV
  94. Warner TV
  95. Screen RED
  96. CT
  97. TMC
  98. Outdoor Channel
  99. Radio Maria
  100. TV Maria
  101. Animax
  102. E!
  103. Discovery World
  104. Lifetime Asia
  105. Comedy Channel
  106. History 2
  107. Aksyon TV
  108. Fox Filipino
  109. Nat Geo Wild
  110. Fuji TV
  111. NHK World
  112. Syly
  113. Nat Geo People
  114. RTL CBS Entertainment
  115. Light Network
  116. SMNI
  117. Thrill
  118. Channel M
  119. Kix
  120. AMC

Converge Internet HD Channels

  • 200 Fox Sports 3 HD
  • 201 HBO HD
  • 202 FFM HD
  • 203 NBA HD
  • 204 FMP HD
  • 205 NGC HD
  • 206 Nat Geo Wild HD
  • 207 Nat Geo People HD
  • 208 Outdoor HD
  • 209 Fox Crime HD
  • 210 FX HD
  • 211 Baby TV HD
  • 212 Mororvision
  • 213 HBO Hits HD
  • 214 HBO Sig HD
  • 215 HBO Family HD
  • 216 DW HD
  • 217 Boolberg HD
  • 218 FYI HD
  • 219 CI HD
  • 220 History HD
  • 221 RTL: CBS 1 HD
  • 222 RTL CBS 2 HD
  • 223 Fight Sports HD
  • 224 FAM HD
  • 225 Cinemax HD
  • 226 Red HD
  • 227 CNN HD
  • 228 Warner TV HD
  • 229 Tru TV HD
  • 230 CC HD
  • 231 Colours HD
  • 232 Animal Planet HD
  • 233 Hyper HD
  • 234 FTV HD
  • 235 Kix HD
  • 236 PCC HD
  • 237 NHK World HD
  • 238 Hits HD
  • 239 PBA Rush HD
  • 240 Eurosport HD

Fehl is the founder of Philpad. She has a degree in Accountancy and a background in Finance. She is a licensed Career Service Professional and author of a poetry book at Barnes & Noble. In her spare time, she likes to travel and vlog.

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    • This depends per make and model of your router. Mine was Cisco DPC 3825. Here are the steps for you to change the default admin username and/or password:

      1. Open up a browser and browse your default gateway, mine was (Google out how you can determine your default gateway’s IP address or the IP address of your router).

      2. You will be asked to fill in the admin username and password (if you have forgotten your set password, you may try poking and holding the reset button at the back of your router to factory reset it. The default credentials are sometimes underneath the router itself.)

      3.Once logged in, click Administration Tab then Management. Under the said tab, there is a form that needs to be re-filled if you want to make some changes for the username and password.

      4. Once the said form is filled up with necessary data, hit save and you’re done.

  1. My plan is 10mbps for 1250 but when i test it its only 2mbps.1 week n kming ngtitiis and wlang respond pg ng reklamo k.can you fix this? I swith from another network because of the same issue.but parang mas ok p ung sad.

  2. My next-door-neighbour, who paid for a fibre connexion in December 2017 is still [July 2018] waiting for it to be hooked up.

  3. meron na po ba sa may caysio sta. maria, bulacan. st. mary vill (pabahay)? kung pwede na po magapply paki message po ako. thanks!

  4. Good day. I am planning to switch sa air internet nila or air cable. But reading the awful after sales and non existing customer service bk mag stay ako sa Globe kahit May capping consistent yun Lte speed at madaling tumawag sa customer service at follow pag problems. Previously using com lark everyday may downtown time or no internet. Way back 2005 till 2009. Kaya pina putol. Topak din yun signal nun cable nila. WALA SILANG HOTLINE FOR CENTRAL LUZON FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Only SALES. Kung tatawag k at mag follow up sa Facebook or email. Wala Lang aasahan.
    Sa simula ok few months after nun lugi k in the long ran. Waiting for PLDT kaso manibaug libutad porac lang meron. I ask the agent May existing fiber x internet along porac pati sa area namin sa Planas kaso di daw activated siguro mababa yun demand. Walang masyadong option sa pinas sa internet.

    As of April 18, 2018 11:30 am ko nk usap yun agent ng converge.

    Madami ng warnings at red flag. Take it at your own risk. Heavy user can avail of the advertised speed sa madaling araw 1am til 4am. Good luck kung gising k araw araw ng ganun Ora’s.

    Ang binabayaran nyo plan ay yun guaranteed 30% speed di tunay 256kbps minimum 80% service reliability. Joke mas mababa p soon.

  5. 10 mbps dl /1mbps ul user here
    Converge Air Internet 6-11 PM mabagal from 10mbps to 1mbps umaabot pa nga ng .5
    12 AM pa magiging 10 mbps just get fiber and stay away from this

    • Sir,mam, Diba PO coaxial cable ung gamit nilA sa converge air internet Bataan? Ung matabang cable. Ung linya Ng TV cable? Tama po ba. Balak ko Kasi magpakabit Ng plan 1299 na 5mbps with mga cable TV channels. Kaso puro bad reviews nmn nabasa q d2.tas. 1k installation fee +2month deposit dw nid q kc I’m a tenant..please reply po kahit Sino.

  6. My next-door neighbour paid the connexion fee to Converge in Angeles early in December 2017. Here we are in early March, and he is still waiting for the connexion to be made.
    [The fibre cables were installed in our area around September time.]
    The sooner some competition comes along the better!

  7. Dont avail air internet. It’s totally not worth it! Mas ok ang Fiber less problem. Pag air internet parang ginagago ung speed nyo. 20 mbps user ako. Since day 1 problema agad ayaw mag up ng speed. Magagamit mo lang sya sa games like mobile legends around 1 am-4 am ng maayos pero may request time out pa din. Tapos whole day na puro request time out and speed ko halos 6-12 mbps lang. nagagamit ko n lng halos sa utube and viber. Be warned!

  8. Walang kwenta tong Air Internet, Fourmonths na akong reklamo ng reklamo, walang nangyayari. 20mbps plan pero laging less than 3mbps and download. Nawawala pa ang upload. Minsan maski chat ayaw mag send, goodluck na lang sa gaming.

  9. My problema b nagyon internet nyo …kahapon kc nwala tpos ngkaron nng hapon mabagal naman hanggang ngayon mbagal p din d mgamit maayos e ..tumatwag kme s opis nyo s baliwag area ayaw naman sumagot ..ano b dapat gawin ko

  10. Stay away from Air Internet. Sa umpisa lang sila maayos. Nagpakabit ako ng Plan 3500. Sa unang 3 buwan maayos pagkatapos nun puro problema na. Tuwing Peak hours (Mon to Fri ng 5PM to 11PM, Sat & Sun, Holidays) sobrang bagal. 2 to 3mbps na lang sya from 97mbps. Goodluck sa mag aavail. You’ve been warned.

  11. They have no website to get information from. good thing you posted the channels included in the plan.. did you get the fiberx or just dsl?

  12. My connection was upgraded in July and for the first month or so the internet was pretty good. However, it has declined markedly since then.
    According to Speedtest I’m getting 5mbps download (I’m paying for 20mbps), and my upload speed is around 6mbps – faster than the download speed!
    On the tv side, I don’ seem able to get any of the HD channels.

    • Hi,

      I am having the same problem with the HD channels, my plan included it not even a single HD channel was available. Have you reported this?

      • I have reported it, but dealing with Converge is like trying to get blood from a stone. They said I have to take the cable box back to their office on Macarthur Hwy.
        Anywhere else in the world the service provider would go to the customer!
        I’m considering a switch to Globe, but I don’t know if they’d be any better. Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether Globe Internet is any good?

        • same problem as mine.. im having a hard time playing online games due to high ping. planning to switch to globe but looking for a good feedback.

      • I took my set-top box into Converge on 9 February, and they replaced it [at a cost of P500}.
        The new one does display the HD channels.

    • Their fine print specifies minimum 30% so with a 20mbps they are guatanteeing ypu will get at least 20×30% = about 6mbps,

  13. Hello.. Sa AirCable din ba ito ng Converge/ComClark? Anyway, wala kami macontact sa mga customer services e. Kahapon kasi bigla (not broadcasting) mga higher channels namin dito. Chan204-205 lang ang meron at lower channels. Pwede niyo ba kami tawagan? O email me? Thanks


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