Datelcom DSL Internet Broadband Package Review

Datelcom DSL internet broadband packages come with unlimited fast and stable web connection. Their service comes with a wifi router modem. This is Datelcom DSL review so you’ll know if it’s better for you. Datelcom serves the areas of Pampanga – Apalit, Angeles, Arayat, Dau, Mabalacat, Colgante and Bulacan – Calumpit, Pulilan and many more.

After four years of using Smartbro internet broadband, I decided to end the deal. Smartbro used to be the fastest internet from the first two years of using it but after that, my connection went nuts. I had days of on and off or intermittent connection and even no-connection at all.

Recently, I called their customer support almost every other day just to ask assistance until I got sick of it and decided to just close my contract. Now, I’m using Datelcom DSL and their internet speed so far is amazingly good for me.

Datelcom DSL Internet Broadband in the Philippines

Before choosing Datelcom, I also applied and inquired to other DSL and broadband services like PLDT and Globe. Unfortunately, PLDT would give me feedback after a month and Globe doesn’t have services yet in my neighborhood so I had to choose Datelcom. Datelcom is a telecommunication company catering to areas of Pampanga like Apalit, Dau, Mabalacat, Angeles, Arayat and some areas in Bulacan like Calumpit and Pulilan.

How fast is Datelcom DSL Internet Connection?

Like any other broadband company, they offer DSL and landline bundle and packages. The user can choose his preferred internet speed. I chose mine as 1mbps and it only costs P999 per month. It is DSL with wifi modem and router only since we no longer need a landline phone at home.

It is smoothly fast because it’s DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) not a wireless canopy antenna like Smartbro and the others. It means, connection is stable and without interruptions, you can surely enjoy continuous surfing and browsing the web through wifi. Downloading videos and songs is really fast too.

Datelcom DSL Internet Speed Packages

DSL with wifi modem and router only

  • 384 kbps          P699
  • 512 kbps          P799
  • 768 kbps          P899
  • 1 mbps             P999
  • 1.5 mbps          P1399
  • 2 mbps             P1999

DSL + Landline

  • 384 kbps          P949
  • 512 kbps          P1099
  • 768 kbps          P1299
  • 1 mbps             P1399
  • 1.5 mbps          P1699
  • 2 mbps             P2299

datelcom dsl internet broadbandInternet is unlimited, meaning you can surf and browse the web as long as you want. You can download and upload stuff all you can. Internet speed is also smooth since connection is wired although every device runs wifi internet connection.

You can also connect other devices and gadgets like mobile phones and tablets. At home, we use laptop, ipad, iphone, Android smartphones and one Blackberry. Wifi is just great.

Datelcom DSL Internet Contract

They also have contract but compared to Smartbro, PLDT and Globe internet packages which have a 24-month lock-in period, Datelcom only provide a one-year contract. What is also cool about them is that the first 3 days of your DSL service is in a trial period – meaning, if you are not satisfied with their service, you can cancel the contract and refund your initial payment.

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  2. May installation fee po ba? Example po mag apply po ako today magkanu po cash-out ko? Home Based online shop lang naman po gamit ko yung 699 pwede na po. saka ilang days bago po malagay?

  3. how in barangay lara city of san fernando pampanga, is there pldt dsl available? it’s cltv 46, I saw a pldt box near the station, but I’m not sure if that’s for dsl, im currently using pldt ultera only but need to switch to dsl

  4. we have 1mbps for almost couple a year. P999 lang. pero hnd kami satisfied dahil napakabagal. sa unang month ay mabilis, magiging half ang speed pag dating ng 3months above.

  5. I’m looking for this kind of connection and this post really helps! We’ve been using Globe WiMax for around 2 years now and all I can say is it sucks and we have no other option. We’ve applied for PLDT connection 2 years ago and until now there’s still no connection. Now my question is will they charge me if there’s no near connection to our place and how long is their response time (installation)? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, in my experience, Datelcom connection is consistent and I had no headahes with intermittent connection just like I had before with Smartbro. Your monthly charge with datelcom will start if you’re satisfied with your connection in 3 days. If you’re not, you can cancel the connection and installation and get your money

  6. I’m wondering if I apply for 1mbps connection, then I used 3 different gadgets running youtube at the same time.. will they get 1mbps connection each or they will only share the 1mbps and cut it to 333kpbs each? Please help.

  7. Fehl, aabot ba connection nila hanggamg Pulung Cacutud? cable connection or Antenna ba ilalagay nila sa Pulung cacutud? kase sa EPZA Pulung Cacutud ako eh..

    • My neighbors and I aren’t not so very happy of your connection though. Connection isn’t consistent and once problem occured, it usually takes whole day- 6 days before it gets totally fixed.

      • There has been intermittent connection in the past few days. We also experienced it here. I guess it was because of the power interruption caused by typhoon

  8. If i apply for datelcom dsl line is there a dedicated ip address that they can provide? How is ever? I need to run a cctv camera online why i am asking? I need to know before i will apply. Thanks and more power.

  9. hi mam. hows your connection so far? is it stable 1mbps? can you post a screenshot of ur speedtest. im planning on availing their dsl but im afraid that i cant get the speed that i wanted. thank u in advance.

    • Honestly it’s usually just 54 and 89 on some days. But compared to Smartbro and other DSL, there is no intermittent connection so no headaches

  10. hello po ate,,dito ako sa magalang near angeles po nahihirapan kami magpalagay ng internet connection dito,,sobrang bagal..i want to try dsl po,,need pa po ba ng landline?at magkano po lahat2 ng magagastos ko kung kailangan ng landline at internet conection?:)tnx

    • You don’t need a landline. Datelcom offers a DSL internet connection package for 999/month. This includes 1mbps unlimited internet usage and wifi router. If you want to avail landline with DSL, you can also select that offer. See the prices above.

      • When I applied, they installed my DSL and wifi settings after 2 days. I applied Friday so maybe they would install a day after your application

    • I recommend 1mbps if you love Skype-ing, video calling or watching and downloading videos. 1mpbs is fast enough for my internet browsing needs. It’s faster and consistent than I had with Smartbro in the past.

    • You can easily find the Datelcom office once you are in SM Savemore Apalit. Cross the street in front of Savemore and you’ll find Deeco. Walk inside the vicinity and you’ll find Datelcom. You can just ask someone once you’re in Savemore 🙂

  11. good morning,kailan poh ba ikakabit ung internet connection ko,nag apply poh ako lastweek hindi pa kau pumunta ditto sa bahay ko naghintay ako

  12. Hi maam

    ano po ang requirements nung nagapply kayo? and magkano po ang initial payment? may installation fee po ba? ehe pasensya na po ang daming tanong. 🙂

    • 2 valid IDs, proof of billing and installation fee of 500 (refundable if you show Statement of account from your previous Broadband provider). You will also be charged for the wifi modem. There is a trial period of 3 days which means if you are not satisfied with Datelcom Service, you can refund the initial feels.

  13. I am looking for datelcom official website because I need the exact details of their Internet packages and I haven’t found one.Thanks for the review.

    • I was searching the same and looks like they don’t have one in the moment so I shared this. 🙂 They must give me discount for doing this LOL

      • pwedi po ba aabot sa san pablo propio san simon? mag lalagay po kasi ng internet need po namin now any conectivity..plss po pa reply sa no. owner ng comp. shop 09084541363..or sa email add po or here din po…:) wait po namin reply as soon s posible we are looking for god and nice service network connection.

    • sana meron din sa Sta. Monica, San Isidro, San Pablo Propio, San Pablo Libutad at Dela Paz, yan ay barrio nang San Simon..

  14. Maam, May i know where did you apply your application in Datelcom? because right know i will be putting up a small internet cafe in arayat pampanga, Do you know their office location in arayat pampanga?


    Jomar Billan

    • I applied at Datelcom office in Apalit. I don’t know their office in Arayat or if they have one there. Just call the operator. If you want to put up internet cafe, I suggest use PLDT DSL coz I heard they have an offer for those who are up to internet shops and cafes. Just go to PLDT office in San Fernando, Pampanga

      • Hello po mag kano po talaga yung monthly ng pldt home, malapit LaNG po ako sa may Santa Lucia mall.
        Thanks po and have a good day


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