How much is ipad Mini in the Philippines? – Price and Release

If you are a fan of ipad, this would surely be your next gadget – the ipad mini. It’s smaller than the ipad and it’s so comfy in the hands. Actually, you can hold it in one hand. So how much is the new ipad mini in the Philippines? Is it cheaper than ipad 3? When will it be released and available here? ipad 3 vs ipad mini – which one you must get this holiday season? Well I will discuss the comparison to another page here tomorrow.

ipad mini philippines
so awesome, so ipad!

In the mean time let’s see ipad mini’s awesome features and specs:

  • Dual Core A5 Chip
  • iOS 6
  • 7.9 – inch diagonal LED backlit, Multitouch display with IPS Technology
  • 1024X768 resolution at 163 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • 5MP iSight Camera
  • 720p HD Video Camera
  • 1080p HD vdeo recording
  • Wifi + Cellular Functions
  • Siri

Ipad Mini Price as of released date, October 26, 2012

16gb wifi         $329                wifi + Cellular $459

32gb wifi         $429                wifi + Cellular $559

64gb wifi         $529                wifi + Cellular $659

Ipad Mini Price in the Philippines

Expected prices here are:

16gb wifi         P13,890           wifi + Cellular P23,890

32gb wifi         P18,890           wifi + Cellular P25,890

64gb wifi         P23,890           wifi + Cellular P28,990

Official prices from Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular will be updated soon at the date of announcement. Ipad Mini will be available around December in the Philippines. Subscribe to us to be the first one to know. 🙂

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