How much is iphone 5 in the Philippines – Price and Release Date

How much is iphone 5 in the Philippines? When will it be released? The new iphone from Apple was launched on September 12 and it is making huge good impression already. Expected amazing features such as 4G LTE capability and latest iOS certainly come with it. Some tech and gadgets reviewers have shared about its bigger 4-inch touch screen and improved retina display, cool redesigned headphones and credit card-like features.

UPDATE September 2013: 2 new iphones were released.

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Updated iphone 5 price in the Philippines are listed below:

Colors available are black, white and silver.

P33,600 for the 16gb

P38,780 for the 32gb

P43,950 for the 64gb

Iphone 5 was released for sale on September 21 in the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and other wealthy countries by the end of September, 2012. Price of iphone 5 is like its predecessor, iphone 4s, which started at $649 iphone 5 without contract. (I updated the final selling price without contract or postpaid plan here on the 12th of this month. So check the updated info.)

Iphone 5 price in the Philippines is expected to be around P33,600 for the 16gb for the unit in cash without contract. Globe and Smart postpaid plans are expected to be offered before the holidays. The release date of iphone 5 in the Philippine market was on December 2012.

You think iphone 5 will be available to more colors other than black and white? Let’s see. I’m curious how much merchants will sell their factory-unlocked iphone 5 units to interested iphone lovers and buyers looking for cheaper price. I think factory unlocked units will be offered around P27,000.


iphone 5 is now available in the Philippines nationwide. See the updated price as of December 2012, below.

What’s new with iphone 5? Some of the amazing features include:

  • A6 Chip which is twice faster than the A5 chip.
  • iOS 6
  • 4G LTE capable
  • 4-inch bigger multi-touch screen
  • Apple EarPods which promise enhanced audio experience, unlike anything seen or heard before
  • iSight Camera
  • 8 mp camera
  • Panorama
  • Smaller Lightning connector (you can also connect this to the older connector by having a Lightning 30-pin adapter)
  • Maps designed by Apple

Iphone 5 price without contract or carrier plan is $649. Price released by Apple starts at

$199 for the 16gb

$299 for the 32gb

$399 for the 64gb

The above prices come with a two-year plan – means you will have a contract with phone carrier companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Price right now

Today, it starts at 33,600 at Prepaid. It went down from the P52,000 starting price to some merchants.

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    If you choose manufacturer open you will definately get reduce your limitations permanently
    that means you will have no requirement to re-open down the road even after
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  2. i still want to buy iphone 5. i think 5 is way better than 5c and 5s. lol… and btw, how much is the updated price of iphone 5? thanks!

    • Latest price of iphone 5 now is P31,000. Unfortunately, stocks are limited due to release of iphone 5c which is cheaper P29,000 offered in malls. I sell it P27,000 brand new if you’re interested

  3. hi..iPhone 5 has a nano sim right? we bought one here in Hawaii.My fren is scared she might not be able to buy a sim there with that size. What’s ur take?

  4. I sell iphone 5 16gb for only 29,000 for retail.

    I also sell it in wholesale/bulk

    iphone 5 16gb for delivery min. 100pcs 26,500 ang 26,000 for meet up in SM Sucat or MOA. (Transaction is inide the bank for your safety and for our safety too. Email me if you are interested.

  5. what if i want to trade my iphone4s 32gb to iphone 5 much will it cost? i’ve been using the phone less than a month

    • I suggest you just sell your iphone 4s and just buy a new iphone 5. Trading is not a wise choice unless you really know the person you are dealing with. If you sell it, you’ll get more the price of the amount they offer in Greenhills 🙂

    • in the price is around 46,000.. Whew! Good thing I stumbled upon the online store of one of the suppliers in Greenhills check out their online store but they only have limited iPhone5 offers
      you may contact them at their websites. I already bought the black iPhone5 from them and very happy with it! Btw, I bought my 16gb for 34,500 free shipping.

    • Yes the price lists above are the latest. I based the price from Smart Prepaid since they are cheaper than Globe. If you want to see the price comparison between Globe and Smart for the iphone 5, see the related article listed above. I’ve been to Greenhills recently and asked about their brand new iphone 5 price, it’s P32,000, you’ll save 1000 for that. 🙂

    • Yeah I know the feeling. Why did you not wait? You must have asked me when would they release iphone 5 ehehe Anywayz, to make you feel better iphone 4s features still are amazing. The new iphone just upgraded into A6 chip, 4G LTE, bigger screen and enhanced features. The EarPods are no big deal and the new connector. You can update to the iOS anytime. If you want to upgrade to iphone 5, better sell your unit to somebody or sell it in Greenhills 🙂

  6. On September 12 Apple will release it. I can’t wait to see how it looks. I wonder will the existing models come down in price, Fehl? I want to get an iPhone so much. LOL.

    Thank you for the great web page articles. This is starting to look better than Hub pages. Can I say that? 🙂

    • We will see it few hours from now 🙂 Yeah for sure iphone 4s price will drop when iphone 5 is available. Let’s see what makes iphone 5 better than iphone 4s so we know which one to buy hehe I hope it’s more than ipad 2 vs ipad 3 which is just 4G, iSight camera and microphone ahead haha

      Thank you for being the first to comment. Wanna kiss you now :p


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