How to Earn Money Using Xtranormal Videos

Recently, I have published a hub page about the best and easiest free animation maker software in today’s technology. How these animation and movie maker programs run in one’s computer and what’s the future of animation videos. I have mentioned from the article that lots of animated videos have gone viral so the creators have made some unbelievable profits. You’re here because you want to learn the tips and ways on how to earn money using xtranormal videos. Xtranormal is just one from the two modern animation makers I have listed. The other one is also discussed on the related article mentioned.

How to earn money using xtranormal animated videos?

By uploading the video using xtranormal movie maker for youtube

What you’ll need:

  •  youtube account (required first)
  • xtranormal account (later)
  • Adsense Account (later)

Log in to your youtube account and create your video using xtranormal movie maker for youtube. After you have created your own animated clip, preview it and play it again to see if it needs editing. Decide if you are not gonna add any characters, scripts or scenes anymore. Finalize everything and revise it if you must. If you’re too sure it’s polished perfectly the way you want it to be, hit the publish button.

Wait for few days and see if it received thousands of pageviews. Some videos receive hundred thousand views or millions of views in a day. If you’re lucky and your video was a hit, youtube will contact you if you’re interested to participate in their revenue sharing program with them out of the page views and impressions from your animated video.

That way, you can display Google ads in your youtube channel. The more people view your animation, the more income you will receive. If you’re familiar with Google Adsense and the youtube Partner Program, you definitely understand what I’m saying. If not, just go to youtube and watch about it.

how to earn money using xtranormal video

By the way, you’ll need an account in Xtranormal to contact their support about youtube’s offer regarding revenue sharing. Ask xtranormal support to grant you permission statement to use the video to monetize commercially.

Oftentimes, satirical and parody animations are the most watched in youtube. If your video became a big hit, passive income will come your way. Means, you’ll gonna earn money from it in a long time. If your topic is evergreen, expect continuous and longer time passive income. Plus, you’ll be an instant youtube celebrity.

Also remember, your videos must comply and meet youtube’s requirements and policies before you publish a video with them. You can’t just make a video. Your videos must be always decent and original.

How to make an animation video using xtranormal in youtube?

To explain it better, I have watch their official video on how to use xtranormal movie maker in youtube. Creating animated films have never been this easy. Did I say all stuffs are free? Indeed it’s the easiest and best free animation software today.

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