How to Fix Hostgator Invalid cPanel Login

How to Fix Hostgator Invalid cPanel Login? Recently, I started my new website using the amazing WordPress platform. To be so sure of my website’s hosting and SEO future, I decided to match it with Hostgator. With that, I registered with their ‘baby’ account hosting package which is by the way so awesome and very affordable.

Of course I got twenty-five percent discount off the original price with that for using a friend’s referral link. If you want to get another 25% discount in hosting, you can use my coupon code “blessing25” to give you a sweet discount plus I will be so happy for that. Win-Win! Better yet, sign up using their platform.

Back to creating my new website, it was so easy buying the domain name directly at Hostgator with my Hosting package without the need to get one at Go Daddy which I find so time consuming since almost the domain names I fancy were all taken if not available for very expensive price. Duh!

After few seconds, Hostgator emailed me about the registration and sent me my Control Panel Admin username and password. With that, I easily installed WordPress through their software services.

It’s so incredible to be advanced now as using Hostgator for my hosting and domain name service, I didn’t have to install Fantastico Deluxe which is so so cool. Yup, all I had to do was tap the WordPress icon, presto!

After two seconds, WordPress was successfully installed and they gave me my WordPress admin username and password for that. But then I knew I had to wait for 3 hours or so to see my website live and active.

how to fix hostgator cpanel login

So I had my snack and did a bit of Facebooking and Tweeting and came back again in my Hostgator Cpanel. I checked the URL of my new website and was surprised to see it’s not yet working. Hmmmm What was causing that?

I immediately logged out to my Cpanel and logged in again and was surprised to see this message: “Invalid Cpanel Login” I typed my username and password again and double checked them but still that crappy message appeared.

Common causes of invalid cPanel Login username and password:

  • first time user
  • user outside the USA
  • more identification requirements

How I fixed and solved my Hostgator invalid cPanel login?

Keeping myself calm, I checked my Gmail inbox and found out Hostgator message. Turned out I had to verify my account with them. Since I am a new member and I live outside the United States, I think they need more info about my account, my identification and my billing stuff.

Hostgator was requesting a scanned copy of my valid ID and the credit card I used in paying for the hosting services. Which I did send immediately.

After an hour, Hostgator activated my account back. Now, I can log in to my Hostgator Cpanel again.

Update: This is an old post. I no longer use Hostgator for my WordPress hosting. I decided to upgrade to cloud hosting and rely on Managed WordPress hosting instead. One of the reasons why I switched to managed hosting is security, back ups, fast and scalable WordPress. The web is evolving so we have to go with the flow and upgrade servers and hosting to stay in the game.

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