How to Get a Bank Certificate in BDO for Visa Application

This is how to get a bank certificate in BDO for visa application. I always get my BDO bank certificate for my Japan, UK, Australia, Schengen, and Korea tourist visa application.

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Why Do You Need a Bank Certificate for Visa Application?

Bank Certificates are one of the primary requirements for visa applications by many embassies and consulate offices. These certificates add and support proof that the visa applicant has the financial capacity to afford their trip to a specific country they wish to travel and visit.

The Bank Certificate certifies that the applicant has a certain account on that bank with a remaining balance as of date. Usually, the more money you have on that account, the better.

Bank Certificate versus Bank Statement

A bank Certificate is different from a Bank Statement. The latter shows your Statement of Account in a certain period.

Embassies usually request the latest six months’ bank statement, although some visa applications like the Schengen visa require the latest three-month statement.

Bank Statement shows your account history and transactions. In other words, it shows the debits and credits of your account for a certain period.

BDO Bank Certificate Requirements:

  • BDO bank account
  • Valid IDs (for identification)
  • Certificate fee (P100 per certificate)
  • Purpose of request
  • Embassy address
how to get bdo bank certificate for visa application korean australian japan uk schengen

How to Get a Bank Certificate in BDO for Visa Application Purposes?

Step 1: Go to the BDO branch where you opened your account

You should request your bank certificate for visa application at the BDO branch that handles your account. Similarly, that is also where you will claim your certificate. Tell the banker you will request a Bank Certificate.

Step 2: Fill out a Request Form

The bank staff will then give you a form you need to fill out. You need to provide details like your Account Name, Account Number, Amount (if applicable), Addressee (e.g., Japan Embassy) Address, Date to be Certified, Purpose, and any additional information you want to provide.

Step 3: Fill out a Payment Form

BDO charges P100 for every bank certificate request. Some BDO Rewards cardholders can also get a complimentary free bank certificate. Check your card benefits if you got one.

Step 4: Double-check the details on the forms before you submit them to the banker

Before you sign and submit your request form and payment form, remember to double-check everything you have written. Ensure that every piece of information is accurately filled out.

Step 5: Claim your BDO Bank Certificate

BDO usually releases a bank certificate the next day after you applied for it. Check your certificate before you leave the bank premises.

Sample BDO Bank Certificate For Tourist Visa Application

BDO bank certificate is very simple, and I like it. Less is more. It is straightforward. It just shows the type of account, the account number, account balance as of date. There are times that the document also includes the date when the account was opened.

The certificate is addressed to the specific embassy you provided on the application form, and it is signed by both the BDO branch head and the marketing officer. There used to be a printed complete digit of your total money (as of date) at the side of the BDO Bank certificate. Nowadays, it doesn’t appear anymore.

Embassies usually prefer original bank certificates, not photocopy ones. No worries about this, for you can request another one any time you will need them or any time you will apply for another visa. BDO charges 1oo per certificate.

BDO bank certificate sample

I have requested a bank certificate from BDO many times already, and I noticed that the format is different for every country. Sometimes the date when the account has been opened is not included. There are times it is there. Perhaps, every embassy has a specific requirement. What do you think?

Today, BDO bank certificate now includes other accounts in the branch aside from the savings or current account. It may also show your time deposits, USD accounts, and investments like UITF if you have some. That is cool and very helpful for visa applications.

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  1. Hi there.. how can i change my name under my BDO account? From married to single.. My husband just died and im planning to change my name on my bank.. what will be the requirements? Thanks..

  2. Hi
    Okay lng ba ang sister ko magpunta ng branch ko para kumusta ng bank statement ko kasi nasa abroad ako?

    I need it kasi for visa purposes

  3. Yung bank certificate at bank statement magkaibang request po ba yun ? And do I need both of them for japan visa? Or kahit bank certificate na lang?

  4. Hello! In getting bank certificate or bank statement? Do they also include your credit card account that has a pending balance? Will they issue you one? The last time I applied was 2016 pa kasi, i dont have an idea how they do it now. Thanks!

  5. Atm account lang ako meron at wala passbook account..sakali kumuha ako ng bank certificate para sa japan embassy .
    Ok ba ito..or naka indicate sa certification if atm account or passbook account as savings?

  6. Can i request for a bank statement from any branch? My branch is in metro manila and i am currently in Cebu. Can i walk in any bank for my bank statement request.

    • No. You can get your certificate only from the branch where you open your account. If you can’t go personally to your branch account, you can still request the said document but you will need to provide an SPA and let your representative go instead of you together with the SPA.

  7. Hi po ask ko lang ang account ko kasi is kabayan savings in bdo. Ok lang po ba na yun ang gamitin ko sa pag apply ng visa for japan?

  8. Ang daming pinipirmahan sa BDO when filing for this Bank Certification and Bank Statement. Tapos you will get the document the next day. Compared to BPI, a simple one pager indicating your account number and the purpose (without indicating the country). In just 30 minutes, probably depends on the volume of customers, I got the same the Certificate and Bank Statement on one sitting.

  9. Pano po pag ipapadala s US dahil s work? Sagot ng company lahat ng expense. Den 5k nlng natira kc need to withdraw pra s bills. Not required naba malaking amount s bank dahil sagot nmn ng company lahat ng expense? Thanks

  10. Ok lang ba na payroll account ang gamitin to get bank cert and statement for visa application? Reason is, mas gumagalaw yung pero ko dun kaso nauubos din yung laman since nililipat ko siya sa savings account ko. ang plan ko sana is pagdumating yung bonus, di ko ittransfer sa savings ko, dun lang muna sa payroll then saka ako mag request ng bank cert and statement.
    Will I encounter any issue on my visa application if ganito ang gagawin ko? Thanks.

  11. Hi,

    Is the electronic bank statement downloded from BDO site together with the orginal bank certificate suffice? I am applying for Chinese Visa.


    • Hi, if you’re applying for a visa, you can also request for Statement of Account (SOA) with the purpose of “visa application” from BDO. It is different from the SOA being downloaded online by account holders. The SOA for visa application has BDO logo and signed by the authorized BDO branch head

    • Hi 🙂 3 days before I apply my visa, that is when I always get bank certificate and bank statement para latest talaga. Make sure the same ang balance ng bank certificate and bank statement

  12. Hi there. May i ask something regarding the ” Addressee (eg: Japan Embassy) Address“。If i apply UK visa, so what should i fill here po? UK embassy? and what the address is? Pls help me. Thank you!·

  13. Aside of addressee? Like Australian embassy, yung sa address po ba ang ilalagay ay address kung saan locate ang Aus. Embassy? Or address ng sponsor ko na dun sa Australia?

  14. Hi,kumuha po akong bank certificate sa Unionbank and they printed it on short bond paper,okay lng po yun?at hindi nila nilagay yung address ng Japan Embassy

  15. Hi! The BDO branch I went to printed it on Letter (Short Bond) instead of A4 for Japan Visa, and addressed it to the Japanese Embassy (not Japan Embassy). Is this okay?

    • Hi, last time I got bank certificate from BDO 2 weeks ago, wala na yung ADB. But it was for Australian visa. Maybe ganon din for Japan

  16. Hello! Is it possible to ask another person to apply for my bank statement/cert? Im not in the country currently but i will be needing the bank cert/statement soon and i dont think na makaka-uwi ako sa Pinas anytime soon. Thanks for your reply!

  17. Can I ask from you, for tourist Visa in USA, which do they need, bank certificate or bank statement? How about Australia? Thanks

  18. Hi, I recently applied for a Tourist Visa and I had 74k on my bank certificate, however, I had to withdraw some money and it now only has 71k. WIll that affect my application?

  19. Hello, would you know if the BDO bank certificate also includes BDO Nomura stocks or a separate certificate is needed? Thank you.

    • BDO Nomura recently added “Other BDO Investments” not sure if BDO will add stocks on the bank certificate but I think it’s a separate request. I will let you know about it when I get a bank cert. Planning to request one soon 🙂

  20. Hi. Im applying for a japan tourist visa and im getting a bank certificate from bdo. Nakalagay po ba ang transaction histories sa bank certificate?

  21. Hello! Is it possible to ask another person to apply for my bank statement/cert? Im not in the country currently but i will be needing the bank cert/statement soon and i dont think na makaka-uwi ako sa Pinas anytime soon. Thanks for your reply!

  22. Hi. Paano kung kakaopen lang ng bank account? Pwede na ba ‘yun hingan for bank certificate and okay lang ba for japan visa’ yun? Thank you!

    • Hi, Daryl. I have requested bank certificates from BDO for visa applications and they usually include the ADB, date opened and balance as of date requested. If you just opened your account recently, it might appear on the bank cert.

      • Sa bank certificate ko sa BDO, walang nakalagay na ADB. Rather naka-table ito. Yung nakalagay sa first row ay account no., type of account (savings, current, etc), tapos amount. 2nd row ay for USD/foreign account and yung 3rd ay for stocks account(I don’t remember it kung tama ba yun).

        • HI, JML 🙂 Iba na ang format as of 2019. Yes, they now include other accounts sa BDO branch naten like time deposits, USD accounts and investments if meron which are helpful 🙂 I noticed wala nadin ADB

  23. May nirequest ako bank certificate from bdo, and yun format na binigay sakin walang acct number nakalagay. Only what type of acct that i have with them (php or usd) and the amount. Naexperience mo na ba to?

    Pansin ko iba ang format if im requesting bank cert for korean visa at iba din format nila if for australia visa

  24. i have only 30,000 in my bank account, will i have my bank certificate , and this amount is
    sufficient to get a schengen visa ?
    My sponsor will shoulder all my travel expenses and accomodation

    • If you have a sponsor for your trip, you need to attach their bank certificate or proof of financial capacity. Your bank account may be irrelevant if you have a sponsor. Having a sponsor requires other documents such as their proof of citizenship, job, address etc.

    • I did not try it yet but the signatories on the certificate are the bank branch head and marketing officer so I think it is best to just go directly at your branch 🙂

  25. Paano po kung 1week pa lang ako nag open an acc tapos i need asap ang bank certificate maaprobahaan po agad or ilan days po?


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