Australian Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipinos

Now that traveling abroad is back to normal, it is helpful to know the Australian tourist visa requirements for Filipinos and Philippine passport holders if you dream to visit Australia soon.

We also included the list of documents required if you want to get a tourist visa to visit Australia, you must submit and attach the following requirements below.

Why Should You Travel and Visit Australia?

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries and continents in the world. I’m sure it is among your bucket lists to travel. For instance, if you plan to see the amazing Great Barrier Reef, the 12 Apostles, the Gold Coast, and the sacred Uluru, you should not wait any longer once the world lifted travel restrictions.

There are so many wonderful places to explore in Australia really. If you are a Filipino citizen like me, getting a visa is the first step before planning your itinerary. Fortunately, it is not a difficult process as long as you submit the correct documents.

We also shared the step-by-step guide on how to upload documents for the online tourist visa application for Australia. Submitting the complete papers required by the embassy and Australia Home Affairs is one of the most important part of successful visa processing.

australia tourist visa requirements in the philippines application guide

Australian Tourist Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Passport-size 45mm x 35mm photo (soft copy, with your signature at the back)
  3. Passport info page
  4. Evidence of previous travel (visa documentation and entry or exit stamped pages of current or old passport)
  5. Family Composition Form (Form 54, PSA birth certificate)
  6. Evidence of planned tourism activities in Australia (itinerary or planned activities)
  7. Proof of financial status and funding for visit (personal bank statement, bank certificate, ITR, credit card statement, title deed, retirement pension book, tax document)
  8. Evidence of employment or self-employment (certificate of employment, payslip, evidence of leave, DTI Permit, Mayor’s Permit)

Australian Tourist Visa Requirements in the Philippines (Detailed Guide)

1. Online Application Form

The application form is the 19 pages you need to accomplish on your IMMI account. You are required to answer and accomplish each section of the pages.

Answer truthfully and accurately. Most importantly, your answers must also be consistent with the information on your supporting documents for Australian tourist visa.

You can check out the guide in filing out the application form for Australian tourist visa in the Philippines here: “How to Get Australian Tourist Visa in the Philippines.”

tourist visa australia requirements

2. Passport-size photo 45mm x 35mm (soft copy, with your signature at the back)

Scan the front and back of your photo. Prepare a recent (latest) passport-size photo of you in a neat background. You can get one at any photo centers or shops at malls. Tell the staff the photo is for your Australian tourist visa requirements. After that, they will know the size and resolution for your photo already.

passport size photo visa
scan the front on a separate page and the back with signature on another page

Upon saving your photo in a memory card or USB drive, make sure you ask the photo staff to put the information (as seen in the photo above) at the back of your photo. Additionally, do not forget to write your name and put your signature on it as well. See the format of photo above.

3. Passport info page

Scan a clear photo of your passport info page (bio page) and save it on a file. I recommend JPEG or PDF format. Name the filename as “passport info page of (your name).”

passport info page philippines

4. Evidence of previous travel (visa documentation and entry or exit stamped pages of current or old passport)

This section requires travel history. Therefore, you must scan the pages of your old or new passport that have travel stamps on them. In addition, upload any page that has a visa. If you have visa notices or visa documents, save them on your file as well and attach them too.

australia tourist visa requirements philippines

5. Family Composition Form (Form 54, PSA birth certificate)

Another important supporting document is the Form 54. You can download the latest format of the form from the IMMI website. Save it to your computer and input the details of your family. You can use Adobe PDF editor or any PDF editor on Mac or Windows.

family composition australia tourist visa

Edit the English section of the Form 54. The Chinese section will automatically be filled out after you edited the English section. Most importantly, provide only true details of your family in the Form 54.

Another form I uploaded in this requirement is my PSA Birth Certificate. You can scan yours and attach it under the OTHERS category. Name the file name as “PSA Birth Certificate.”

6. Evidence of planned tourism activities in Australia (itinerary or planned activities)

This part of the supporting documents required for Australian tourist visa in the Philippines includes itinerary, planned activities and other proof of your planned travel in Australia. In addition, you can also upload hotel reservations and flight itinerary if you have them already. However, flight bookings are not required.

7. Proof of financial status and funding for visit

This section of requirements for Australian tourist visa includes:

  • personal bank statement (for the last 3 months)
  • bank certificate (issued in the last 3 months)
  • ITR (Income Tax Return)
  • credit card statement
  • title deed
  • retirement pension book
  • tax document

Remember your answers in the tourist visa application form will support the documents you will attach in this section.

Anything that is a proof of your financial capacity, attach it here. This will tell the embassy how well you can afford your trip in Australia. If someone will sponsor your trip or the expenses on your trip, attach the necessary documents here too.

8. Evidence of employment or self-employment

Supporting documents in this section include certificate of employment, payslip, evidence of leave, DTI Permit and Mayor’s Permit if you are self-employed.

How to Upload Documents for Australian Tourist Visa?

All documents with the status of REQUIRED must be attached:

  • Attach the REQUIRED documents first
  • Next, attach the RECOMMENDED documents
  • Upload high quality scanned documents
  • Scan the original copies of documents
  • Scan each document separately and include both sides
  • If the document is two pages or more, make sure the document is saved in one file
  • Attach files up to 5MB in size with the following extensions: bmp, dcm, doc, docx, dot, gif, jpg, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, rtf, txt, xls, xlsx.

Attaching and uploading complete documents will help you to process your tourist visa faster. Moreover, it will also help the embassy and consulate to evaluate your visa application better. Perhaps, resulting in a visa approval. Yay!

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  1. Hi is there a specific minimum amount that your bank accnt or bank statement ? Can we have a sample expenses and as well as a sample itenerary for australia’s tour

  2. Thanks for the informative blog! I am coming to Australia with my mother as my guarantor, do I still need to send them an ITR? Thanks!

    • Hi, yes you still need to upload ITR to prove you’re earning income here and you have a job. There is a field in the application where you’ll be asked who will shoulder your trip. Put there your mom’s details and then upload her bank certificate and bank statement under the requirements.

  3. Hi, Thank you for the Helpful information. But I have a question regarding the Form Family composition, i noticed that they only provided a limited Space for each details, i have 5 siblings how could write down all my siblings informations if they only give you 2 Spaces for bro/ sisters?

    • Hi 🙂 You may do a second page for the other family members. What I’ve done is I screenshot the page 1 after I entered the details, save the page as a JPEG. Then I made another page for the other family members na hindi kasya, screenshot it as a JPEG. Then I converted the 2 pages as PDF and combined them in 1 page. I used this converter


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