How to Get PWD ID Card – Latest Requirements and Procedures

These are the requirements and procedures on how to get a PWD ID Card in the Philippines. There are many benefits given to PWD (Persons With Disabilities), including discounts, educational assistance, tax incentives, and many more, as you read the list below.

The Philippine government implemented the Magna Carta Law for disabled persons to support, protect, distinguish and recognize the rights of PWD by giving privileges and benefits.

Getting a PWD ID card is free and at no charge. Also, note that the PWD ID expires every three years, so you need to renew it after three years. The same requirements apply for the renewal, but recent and latest documents are required.

What is a PWD ID?

A PWD ID is a valid identification card issued for Persons With Disabilities in the Philippines. It provides government privileges to the PDW cardholder, including medical benefits, discounts, tax incentives, educational assistance, courtesy lanes in commercial and government establishments, and other social services.

how to get pwd id in the philippines

How to Get a PWD ID Card in the Philippines?

Step 1: Go to any participating government office that assists Persons With Disabilities

The caregiver or applicant can go to any of the following offices where he/she resides:

  • Office of the Mayor
  • Office of the Barangay Captain
  • National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) or its regional counterpart
  • DSWD Offices
  • Participating organizations with memorandum of agreements with the Department of Health

Step 2: Submit the following PWD ID Requirements:

  • Barangay Certificate (you can get this one from your Barangay Hall)
  • PWD Application form
  • Two 1×1 ID pictures of the disabled person (this is for the medicine booklet in availing discounts)
  • A duly signed clinical abstract and medical certificate signed by any licensed private, government clinic, or hospital-based physician

The application form is called Philippine Registry Form for Persons with Disability ver. 2.0. You can download the form in PDF format on the link found at the DSWD website.

Step 3: Wait for the Verification and Approval by the Department of Health

Once everything was verified and approved, the forms will be delivered to the Health Officer of the Main City or Municipal Health Center.

The Health Officer will then fill up a certification form, affix the control number and upload the information to the Philippine Registry for PWD that apparently can be downloaded from the Department of Health National Office website.

Step 4: Issuance of PWD ID Card

The applicant then must bring the duly approved application form and certificate of disability to the City or Municipal Social Welfare Office or DSWD or NCDA for issuance of the identification card.

How long is the process of getting a PWD ID?

It is very quick nowadays, especially if the doctors from the Health Office are there to issue your medical certificate. In just minutes, you will be able to get your PWD ID card like the one posted below.

pwd id requirements
PWD ID Card Sample

Persons With Disabilities (PWD) Benefits in the Philippines:

  • At least 20% discount in public railways, skyways and bus fare for the exclusive use or enjoyment of Persons with Disabilities
  • 20% discount for all services in hotels and similar lodging establishments, restaurants & recreation centers.
  • A minimum of 20% discount on admission fees on theaters, cinema houses, concert hall, circuses carnivals and other similar places of culture, leisure and amusement.
  • At least 20% discount for all purchase of medicines in all drugstores.
  • At least 20% discount on medical & dental services including (diagnostic and laboratory fees & professional fees of attending doctors in all private hospitals & medical facilities).
  • At least 20% discount on fare for domestic air and sea travel.
  • Educational assistance to pursue primary, secondary, tertiary, post tertiary, vocational or technical education in public & private schools thru scholarship grants, financial aids, subsidies and other incentives such as books, learning materials & uniform allowance(DEPED).
  • Continuation of benefits of GSIS, SSS & PAG-IBIG (previously employed) as the case may be necessary.
  • Special discounts (5%) in special programs for Persons With Disabilities on purchase of basic commodities (with guidelines from DTI & DA).
  • Provision of express lanes for Persons With Disabilities in all commercial and government establishments.

I want to thank my good friend Mark Alfonso from the DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development)  in sharing these information for my article here.

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  1. Hello po,I hope your good friend from DSWD can help me.
    I already applied before but due to lack of requirements I wasn’t able to finish it, due to work schedule. I just started again to fix the requirements that I read online yesterday.I already have the requirements –
    the form, the abstract and the pictures needed (1×1 and full body picture), Barangay cleraance however, here in Pasig, they are requiring Voters certificate instead of Barangay clearance. I had been inactive for the past election due to location,I am from Leyte and been here in Manila since 2006. I went this morning to Pasig Comelec and was told that last day of comelec application was yesterday Sept 30.

    Thank you po.


    • Same here. They add the Voter’s ID / Comelec Certificate. But if you asked the people on the DSWD office of Pasig the requirements are 1×1 picture, whole body picture and medical certificate only. And also when you check online only Brgy. Clearance or any Government ID with present address is the requirements.

  2. Do you know that there are some barangays who sells PWD ID to healthy people who just want to take advantage of the discounts?

    • i just hope that ncda, dswd and doh will revise the application for pwds. make a separate application for those with disabilities like autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, communication disorders, visual impairment, hearing impairment, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, adhd from those with other health impairments like stroke, diabetes, cancer and the likes.
      those with disabilities like autism and the likes their pwd cards need not be renewed every 3 years coz these conditions are lifetime. and its not curable compared with cancer or diabetes or stroke possible that u require for re assessment or eval of their conditions. at the same time pls learn to differentiate the terms disability from handicapped.
      thank y.

  3. Hi, ask ko lang po. If I am qualified to get PWD id. I have anxiety attack po for almost a year.

  4. Hi,

    Ask ko lang po if meron din ba benefit ang parents ng PWD?, coz i heard the one who took care of PWD’s can get benefits also, And why other stores need to have the book when you have the ID already?

  5. hello, my son was diagnosed with beta thalassemia when he was 10 years old, he is now 22, is he qualified to apply for a PWD card?

  6. Reading this now 2019.
    Tanong ko po sana sa friend nyo sa DSWD na, kung ako eh na diagnosed na may Herniated Disk eligible po ba ako to apply for PWD?

  7. Hello, how do I go about if puno na yung purchase and medicine booklets ko tapos need ko ng new one? Tapos what if may instance na expired na din po ang PWD card ko? Kailangan pa din ba ang requirements provided above po?

  8. Hi po, I am a physician and i am an insulin dependent diabetic, and hypertensive with cardiac complications. Sabi po, angchronic illnesse daw po ay di na kasama sa binibigyan ng pwd card, totoo po ba? Salamat po

    • same. i have type 1 diab, nagpunta ko sa dswd, sabi di naman daw po kasama ang diab. pero nakalagay sa list of sickness. 🙁

  9. hi po pwede po ako magapply ng pwd id malabo po mata ko 200 plus po grado ko then may stigmatism din po tpos po pag wla ako salamin na suot hnd ko n kita blurred na tingin ko po .thank you po sa reply.

    • Sa alam ko po (as a PWD myself), kapag legally blind or as in blind lang binibigyan ng PWD since hindi pa sobrang mataas ang 200 + astigmatism.

  10. Nasaan po yung application form link na sinasabi? Pakicomment naman po. Btw, qualified na po ba ako sa pwd id kahit 23 years old palang po ako? Nasa mahigit 500+ po grado ng dalawang mata ko. Thank you po.

    • Search mo yung Sponsor select mo ung “applying for disability” then may lalabas n PDF form tapos print mo nalang and fill up the form

  11. Hello, can you ask your friend from DSWD, how come Pasig city still uses the old form and requires a 1 whole body picture? Is the procedure different per city? I tried registering online but they still wanted me to use the old form. Thank you.

  12. I am an Australian, on a Disability Support Pension from Australia. Do I qualify for this card? or is it only available for citizens?

    • Hi!I last october 31;2018 ,naoperahan po diagnosis G2P2(2002)S/P Total abdominal Hysterectomy bilateral salpingo i qualify pwd i.d?

  13. Kaka approved lang po ng PWD ID ko. Pwede po bang magamit to sa ibang city within metro manila for medicine and grocery?


  14. Is ARTERIOVENOUS MALFORMATION patient qualified for a PWD ID? The patient underwent open skull surgery . The skull is now kept in the abdomen..
    We’ve visited DSWS but was denied.
    Is this condition not considered a disability? If so , what are the parameters of a temporary disability.

    Thank you and God bless

    • This securing PWD ID can only be done by a pwd with family member or someone who can assist him or her. What about the pwd who lives alone and who doesn’t have anyone to help him or her? It cancels out the purpose of this whole pwd assistance scheme, don’t you think?

  15. Can I issue an authorization letter to my nephew/niece authorizing him/her to submit my application form and to pick-up the tPWD ID?

  16. I am in applying for my son and already have medical certificate issued by a doctor. Do we need to course through our application to the Municipal Health Officer or we can go straight to DSWD?

  17. Good evening. I have gone total abdominal hysterectomy. Am i considered pwd and can i apply for pwd id. Thanks for your reply.

  18. Gud eve po. My brother was diagnosed of having a chronic kidney desease stage 5.2 and he is under going twice a week na hemodialysis. We are applying for pwd but was desapproved by our municipal office kasi daw naglalakad pa yong patient namin. They oonly aprroved daw yong bulag, putol ang paa, di makalakad, cnt talk, dapat daw may physical weakness talaga.i have “browse” read the qualification on appplying for pwd. I was wondering lang why almost all of my client for hemodialysis have pwd’s and nakita ko silang lahat mga able din, physically they are ok, they still work at thier respective offices. Kaya nga takang taka ako kasi pinagtatawanan ako dahil indi kmi na approved. Ang sabi nalang sorry maam ganyan talaga kapag hindi kayo malakas sa munisipyo nyo, hindi ka kasi kilala. Ganyan ba talaga ang qualification for applying for pwd?

  19. Hi,
    My wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian cancer early this year. She underwent surgery – Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy last May. This include the removal of both her ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. Does this count as a disability? Is she eligible for the PWD ID?
    Also, she will undergo chemotheraphy starting August.
    Thank you.

  20. What if I don’t get a purchase booklet when my sister applied for my PWD ID? I am a breast cancer survivor and still undergoing a hormonal therapy. Can I still use the ID to buy medicines? Thank you

    • I believe you can ask or request for a booklet from the office where your PWD ID was provided. The booklet is included together with the PWD ID.

  21. Ilang percentage po ang changes na ma-approved ang Employed PWD? Im currently working on a BPO Industry and i have Polio since birth

    • 3. Identification Cards shall be issued to any bonafide PWD with permanent disabilities due to any one or more of the following conditions: psychosocial, chronic illness, learning, mental, visual, orthopedic, speech and hearing conditions. This includes persons suffering from disabling diseases resulting to the person’s limitations to do day to day activities as normally as possible such as but not limited to those undergoing dialysis, heart disorders, severe cancer cases and such other similar cases resulting to temporary or permanent disability.

  22. Last feb.2,2017 ko pa po naipasa ang mga dukomento ko para po marenew ang aking id. Pero gang ngayun po ala pa silang text sa akin, ito po kasi ang bilin nila na antayin ang text sa loob ng 2 linggo kung approve man o hindi. ako po ay survivor ng bihirang sakit na GBS- ggullain barre syndrome, nakarekober po ako peru nanatiling mahina ang mga binti at paa ko po. May karapatan po ba silang hindi na ako approbahan?

  23. Hello mgandang araw!
    Gaano po katagal bago marecieve ang ID.? Nag apply kc kmi ng PWD ID and tawagan nlang daw kami pag available na ang ID.Pero 1 month na is wal parin kaming narerecieve na update.
    Maraming salamt.

  24. If I already have senior citizen ID, do I still need to get PWD ID ? I am about to undergo dialysis in a few weeks time. Thank you.

    • There’s no need to apply for PWD because you are eligible for all the privilege that the senior citizens has. And also it’s the same privilege..

  25. Please add on the requirements, they need to get a medcert about their blood type. This is aside from the medical abstract from the doctor.


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