How to Sell Stocks Online using COL Financial

We already discussed when is the right time to sell stocks, now we are here to discuss how to sell stocks online using COL Financial as our online trading platform. There are also other options for online brokers and selling stock may apply the same.

When our stocks have reached our Target Price or Target Period, it is an alarm that we should sell them. We shouldn’t wait for anything else or follow our instincts or anticipation that the stock price would go higher than price the right now, we simply push the SELL button when we reached our Target.

Unless of course, there is a very reliable valuation reason the stock price would climb up more. More often, we sell anyway.

The only certain thing about the stock market is that prices change every now and then. As passive investors, we shouldn’t lose our focus on following our strategy no matter what. We are passive investors, we are not gambler, and we are not greedy. We stick to our plan because we have faith that we are reaping profit soon.

Often it takes only few months when we reach our Target Price especially if you use Fantastic 5 Stocks of DailyPik or their Flipping Method.

If you have Target Time rather than Target Price, you will be seeing much money you gained at some point. It would take few years to build that plenty of income. Nevertheless, it would take much discipline and patience.

So when our Target happened, it is the moment we’ve been waiting for.

How to Sell Stocks Online Using COL Financial?

  • Log in to your COL account and go to your Portfolio.
  • Choose the stocks you want to sell and tap the red SELL button. In this sample, I’m selling my 1,500 shares from LRI.
how to sell stocks online using col financial
  • Type in the Price you want to sell your stocks. You can bid for the highest amount among the values appeared from the BID column. Take note of the Ceiling Price coz we are not allowed to sell beyond that price. Type in the number of shares you want to sell.
how to sell stocks online pse
  • Tap Preview Order. You’re going to see here the information, amount and fees associated with your sell order. Place Sell Order by typing your password (see figure above).
  • You will receive a Confirmation about your order at the next screen like this:
profit selling stocks online
  • That’s it. You will see if your Sell Order has been executed by going to Trading History and typing the code of the stock you sold. In the screenshot below, my 1,500 shares have been sold successfully.
sell stocks col financial

Your income will be credited to your account when your sell order has been executed. It’s usually just after few seconds especially if you’ve chosen the price from the Bid board. In the screenshot below, the money was credited to my account and it reflected in my Cash Balance automatically. I can now use that money to buy other stocks.

cash balance col financial

What would you do with your profit? It’s up to you really. If you’re like me following Magic 10 strategy, I always use the money to buy other stocks that are included in Magic 10 stocks.

Want to learn more tips and easy guides?

To learn more about investing in the stock market, go to our Stock Tutorials Page and Complete Guide.

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50 thoughts on “How to Sell Stocks Online using COL Financial”

  1. Thanks for the information I got from you madam. I am new to this endeavor so I still have many things to learn. I am already an investor of COl under mutual funds but I would like to go to trading, my question is, in case I already don’t have the time, is it okey to just stop trading and focus sa mutual fund? salamat po.

  2. Hello Ms. Fehl
    Regarding my shares that I bought with COL financial, I just want to know how I can withdraw my money coming from that shares of stocks. Because of corona Virus, the balance amount in my stocks is decreasing drastically. I want to convert that shares into money and get the money of its equivalent value.

    This is my first time and had basic knowledge of stocks investing. Hope you can help me. Thanks

    • Hi 🙂 You can convert your stocks to cash if you sell. But do not sell on panic. You are seeing only un-realized losses on your account. Global markets crashed due to the corona virus. If you sell your stocks, you will incur real losses. But if you wait for the virus to be gone (it may take few months), you will avoid losing your money. Every company will recover when the virus is contained. Life in China is starting to be back to normal. I’m sure all the countries in the world will follow eventually.

  3. Hello Mam,

    I just came across your page and I’m so glad I did. I wonder what is the current Target price for SMPH?I want to know if its best to Sell or Hold these stocks at present. I hope you can help me ma’am. Thank you and God Bless!

  4. Hi ms. Fehl,

    I’m planning for a three-year investment at COL and I have blue chips stocks, but recently, even these stocks are falling down and the advice from techquide/investment guide from COL is to SELL. Shall I sell these stocks and find new one? (Though almost all the blue-chip stocks has a SELL advice too). Or shall I bear the pain of losing money day by day hoping that everything will be okay sooner or, later and I will still have a profit at the end of my investment plan.

    Thank you mam!

    Alexis O.

    • hi Alexis. If you’re into short term trading, you follow the technical guide. But if you’re into investing blue chip stocks, you’re most likely into long term investing. You need to follow the Investment Guide for this, not the tech guide or else, you’ll lose profit

  5. Hi,

    I’m still confuse when looking on the Stock Tables, is there any manuals or articles that can explain more or elaborate each columns. Much better if the whole COL Financial site.

    Please enlighten me. I’m still newbie 🙂

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Hi ask ko lang, paano ko mabebenta yung 7 shares, kuna ang minimum selling shares ay 10??? nag adjust kasi yung details nya sa market.

  7. hi good eve.. ask ko lang po nalilito ako.. supposedly bumili ako ng share na 10 worth 100 that means 1000, then dumating ung time na sell ko siya.. panu ko malalaman kung ung price sa bid na nakalagay ay hindi ako lugi sa 1000 na pinuhunan ko sa stock na un? o automatic lahat ng isesell mo ay sure na hindi ka lugi sa pinuhunan mo. thanks

    • Depende yan sa present value ng stock mo, lilitaw naman sa portfolio mo how much is the value of your chosen stocks, lilitaw din doon automatically yung amount ng gains or losses mo

  8. Hi Ms.Fehl,

    Question lang po. nagsell kasi ako ng stocks ko. 115 po yung shares ko pero ang board lot kasi is 100 so may uncomitted shares pa po ako na 15. D ko po masell yung buong 115 shares kaya 100 nalang po yung sinell ko. possible pa po ba na mabenta ko yung uncomitted shares na 15? Thanks po!

    • yes, pde pa mabenta yan , tawag jan oddlot.
      kapag nagsell ka, meron doon option na oddlot.. .
      oddlot usually iba ang price sa actual price ng stocks, madalas mas mababa and BID ang makikita mo. depende sau kung ibebenta or not..

  9. Fehl,
    Good day!
    So far what’s the best trading platform? We say simple to handle and not complicated? I have col but don’t know others like bpi trade and meteosec?


  10. Hi Fehl,

    Question po, Nag sell ako ng 600 shares, then natapos ang araw di ako sure pero parang hindi nabili ang stock ko dahil the next day yung uncommited shares ko from zero ay bumalik to 600 then ang nakkadisplay sa trading History ay Order accepted>posted>cancelled. ibig sabihin po ba noon ay nageexpire ang pagpopost nila ng shares ko?

    Maraming salamat 🙂

  11. Hi Ms. Fehl. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for almost a week now and thanks to you because I learned a lot! I’m just have one question though regarding your Magic 10 strategy coz still not clear to me how it is being executed..
    Correct me if I’m wrong but is the concept of it is to use the “fantastic 5” for flipping strategy while the “Big 5” for peso cost averaging? So basically it is a combination of flipping and peso cost averaging method? Sorry for the question if it seems pointless since I’m still in the process of learning.. 🙂

  12. Hi Fehl

    Almost 3 years narin ako sa stock trading sa etoro. Im planning to open an account sa COL, ty pla sa informative post. Im planning a 10% gain this year 🙂

  13. Hi Ms Fehl! I have a question about COL Starter as I don’t have an account on it yet. On opening the starter account it needs P5,000 minimum investment for opening account. Does it mean that I have to maintain P5,000? For example, I opened and deposited P5,000. And then I buy shares and let’s say my balance is now P400. My balance would be less now and I would like to buy shares again. Do I need to deposit at least P5,000 again or can I deposit P4,600 to maintain the P5,000 or can I just deposit any amount like P2,000 or higher than P5,000? Thanks.

  14. Hi Fehl,

    Thanks a lot for helping out in educating us with your knowledge and experience. I’ve learned a lot just reading your blogs for the past 2 days. My question is, since COL has a number of seminars in teaching about stocks, do you suggest that I participate in them? Or can I handle starting to invest using your blog and other resources, i.e. Marvin Germo’s books?

    Thanks and God bless!

    • Hi. If you live in Manila area, I suggest you attend their seminars. If you live faraway, our guides can help you. go to STOCKS menu and you’re on. Investing needs continuous learning. Seminars only teach basics concepts but the real deal will be on real experience of it. 🙂

  15. Hi Ms. Fehl, I’m planning to open an account with COL. My question is, “Will I be able to have both the sell/buy options in COL Financial if I only invest with a minimum of 5000 pesos?” Or should I go with 25,000?

    • Yes, you’ll be able to buy and sell and enjoy the features COL give to you associated with the type of account you choose

  16. Good day Ms.Fehl, i am planning to sell stocks when it reaches 10%, my question is can i sell “only” the amount i “gained”,
    is it possible in that way or if i bought 100 of shares & sell only 30-40 with a board lot of 10, is it possible?? thank you in advance..God bless

  17. Hello i need a help i’m still a newbies of Col EIP
    regarding what you said here, should i SELL my investment in a particular company? Example is I invested in EDC through EIP and i should buy a share every month, after one month can i sell it.?

    Thank you for any reply.

  18. Ms. Fehl, how much did you invest with your example the gross is P15,660. How much did you earn? How long did it take for you to sell from the time of investing? About the Bid and Ceiling price what will be the effect if the price to chose is not in the bid price but not over ceiling price? For example, it is shown in the Bid 10.44 as the highest and ceiling is 15.60. What if I say I chose 13 or 14? is that really possible?

    • Hi. I only bought 500 shares every month and stopped after 3 months. I earned around 1,079. I decided to sell my LRI shares coz I wanted to flip the profit to buy other well performing stocks. I always choose the first amount in the Bid column because I want my stocks to be sold right away. You can offer other amount following the ceiling price but it won’t be certain they’ll be sold within the day. You may use GTC if you want that option and your order will be valid for 60 days

  19. i will keep buying shares on companies with below the price and will wait until it reached the target. currently mbt is a good chnace to buy shares 🙂
    just like you, once i sell my profit, i will buy again shares on under priced companies. its a basic cycle hehe buy and sell and buy and sell etc…

    i am just waiting for ur post regarding ur personal strategy,,,


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