How to Upgrade your Website to HTML5?

If you own a website, you must make it HTML5 ready because the current HTML4 and XHTML version of your website core will soon be outdated. We know already that internet won’t stop evolving. HTML5 is the new core technology of the internet. If you want your site to be future-proof and compatible with the latest web code and markup structure, level up to HTML5. How to upgrade to HTML5 and why should you?

This new release of this World Wide Web markup language is already adopted by search engines and social networks. In fact, majority from the top 100 websites in the world and some from the Fortune 500 companies already implemented HTML5 on their websites. Are you ready to upgrade and rank higher? First know the features and benefits of this new internet coding lingo.

HTML5 Features, Benefits, Advantages

  • It is the latest web markup language, meaning your website would be compatible with whatever that comes in the future.
  • It is a cleaner and smarter code structure – no more tons of div tags
  • It provides faster website and awesome load page speed
  • Easy audio, video, multimedia integration without using meaning you won’t need much plugins
  • Perfect for mobile and responsive designs
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Official HTML5 Logo by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

HTML5 Disadvantages

The only disadvantage I know for HTML5 is – only modern and latest browsers support it. So if people didn’t update to new version of browsers, your website or some of your site’s content might not load properly. Just think of this – you’re on HTML5 but are your readers’ devices compatible with HTML5? Perhaps they are if they bought them this 2013.

Since it is a new technology development, it takes time for everything in the tech world to adopt and implement HTML5 usage although one thing is for sure, HTML5 is the future web markup language. Eventually browsers, smartphones, tablets, and all tech devices will totally be in HTML5.

Upgrade Website to HTML5

Convert to HTML5

When should we upgrade to HTML5? If you want to convert your theme’s XHTML into HTML5 CSS, there are free online converters and tutorials available. You can try this tutorial here. It’s kinda tricky and risky since it involves tweaking your codes even though you can see the whole procedure in a video.

Fortunately, after the release of WordPress 3.6 and the latest version of Genesis framework, you can have HTML5 markup by just upgrading to Genesis 2.0. I can do it in a click but I personally want to wait for my desired child theme to be released. As of now, Genesis has just released 5 themes that work for HTML5. While my amazing hosting provider, Synthesis, is still upgrading for the latest Ubuntu processors, I think there is no rush for that now besides HTML5 itself is still waiting for the whole world to entirely be in HTML5. Hah.

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